Evan Evagora Confirms When ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Will Start Production, Wants Elnor To Spar With Worf

One Star Trek Universe show we haven’t heard much about lately is Star Trek: Picard. The pandemic got in the way of the series returning to production in the summer of 2020, but now Australian actor Evan Evagora is talking about when season two will get underway, and what he hopes for Elnor, his Romulan warrior monk bound to Sir Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard.

Evagora excited to reunite with the “motley crew” in January

In September, TrekMovie’s interview with Jonathan Frakes revealed production on Star Trek: Picard’s second season was being planned for January of 2021. In a new interview with the Australian podcast Pod Syndicate, Even Evagora confirmed the plan:

Yeah, January we will be filming. I don’t know if they have posted the date. All I know is everyone’s saying January, January, January. So we’ll start season two there and in my opinion it cannot come quicker. I’m so excited, not just to get back to work, but to get back to the motley crew and hang out with everyone… in California.

Evagora shared this image on Instagram of him hanging out with his Picard family after the season one finale.


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Evan has some suggestions for season two

As for who he would like to see show up in season two of Picard, Evagora had some thoughts:

I would like to see [longtime friend of Patrick Stewart] Sir Ian [McKellen] in the show… It’s got to happen. Whether it’s a villain, or a commander, or something. He needs to be in it.

Evagora is a bit of a Star Trek fan, and after some of the guest roles in season one, he has suggestions for other Star Trek: The Next Generation characters he wants to see turn up in season two, including one character he feels has a kinship with his Qowat Milat warrior monk:

I’d like to see Geordi. I’d love a sparring session with Worf… It was Klingons who were viewed as enemies and we get given Worf and that is a different perspective on Klingons. Not everyone is the same. And I think it is the same with Elnor. It’s a different view with Romulans that we haven’t seen before. He’s so different than most Romulans are. Most Romulans are very secretive and not trusting and scheming. And you’ve got this Romulan kid—the sister/boy—and he’s completely different. He speaks his mind and in protecting and helping people.

Evagora may get his wish when it comes to Geordi; earlier this year LeVar Burton confirmed he had been in talks with producers of the show to reprise his role. However, there has been no reporting yet regarding Michael Dorn bringing Worf to Picard. But there is some hope, as Patrick Stewart—who is also an executive producer on the show—said in May he was “very hopeful” more of his TNG co-stars would appear in Picard.

Evan Evagora as Elnor and Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard in “The Impossible Box”

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Make it so!

IIRC Dorn is on record as saying he’d be willing to come back but only if it’s a meaningful role (read: more involved than a cameo). Don’t remember where I read that, though.

I think if he gets something like what Riker and Troi got in Nepenthe he will come back. I think he just doesn’t want it to be something like what Icheb got and just thrown in for a scene (and hopefully not to just get killed off ;)).

Icheb was a minor character who was given a very powerful conclusion to his Voyager arc, one that many recurring characters in the franchise would be privileged to receive. It was not senseless or arbitrary, and clearly the Worf character, who was in many hundreds of episodes over two series is in a different class then Icheb.

I know all of that. I was only making the point he wants to be in more than a scene, which Icheb got. And I don’t think they would do that. He probably would get a story line of some kind like Riker, Troi and Hugh got. I imagine most of the main TNG characters would.

Worf needs to be recurring and if not needs to have the most honorable and glorious death in battle to save Picard. I was really glad yet sad for the closure with Data’s story arc in Picard but again more than made up for how he died in nemesis

Klingons return!

I think that was more about a Discovery cameo. Completely new show. Picard is more of an continuation of TNG with Patrick Stewart. It might be a different matter.

Meaningful role = Lots of money

Hopefully, Dorn hasn’t burned bridges with his years of Captain Worf talk.

Why would it? He didn’t do anything wrong, he just campaigned for a show which I’m guessing is a pretty common thing actors do.

Only desperate actors do that.

Like your sex life? Go away troll.

I don’t swing that way tiger.

That doesn’t even make sense. How would advocating for Worf have burned bridges?

Great to hear!

And unlike all the Kelvin movie actors constantly shouting another movie is coming any day now, this one actually sounds legit. ;)

Was very excited about Picard in season one only to feel completely let down by the end of it. But I’m hoping with all the extra time the writers and producers got with the delayed production, they really have a much improved story going into the season!

And can’t wait to hear what former TNG (and maybe DS9 and VOY) cast members will officially show up! I say as many as possible. ;)

I only remember the Kelvin actors stating that they’d be willing to come back if Paramount decided to do another one. Have any of them suggested recently that a movie is actually on the way?

I was mostly joking. But they said it quite a few times in the past, mostly Peg and Quinto.

Elnor is the best part of Picard. Where he leads, I will follow.

I’m trying to work out what a January start for Picard will mean for scheduling and prioritization of post.

Discovery is set to wrap it’s longer season in June. SNW is scheduled to start in February and wrap in July.

So it sounds like Picard will wrap in June/July also.

It’ll be interesting to see how Paramount+ sequences this.

SNW will start in February? Wow nice! I thought it would be much later in the year.

I assume they will want to release Picard next, DIS season 4 and then SNW. Just my feeling of course but I think it would be nice every new season will be a different show. I suspect though we may only see 1-2 of these shows next year when you also add in Prodigy and LDS, which both of those sound much farther along. But we may still get up to 4 Trek shows next year. If so, that would be crazy! And all different time periods from the 23rd to the 32nd century.

Star Trek is going places.

It is!

And I love the fact four of the five shows are NOT prequels anymore. In fact I remember saying when Picard got announced that it was going to open the door to a lot more post-Voyager/Nemesis shows and I was definitely right on that. I just had no clue HOW right I was lol.

But looking to SNW of course. I hope that ends up being a lot of fun which Discovery has been this season so far. And at least it can be a proper prequel to TOS that Discovery never was on day one and why they moved it 900 years, give or take. ;)

Technically they’re all now prequels to Discovery ;)

That is true. Of course we could all just move away from the concept of shows set in the future having a “present” and prequels and sequels to each other.

I don’t disagree with that t0ni.

TG47 are you an insider or this is all speculation on your part? Picard is starting production soon. Discovery is already doing it. Not sure about SNW tho.

Paramount+ will be interesting to watch.

Streaming is already a lot for me but Paramount+ would be something I could try to watch a new Star Trek show.

I’m not speculating, but rather looking at the guild sheets for Toronto film and television production. They are moderately public.

I wouldn’t call these rumours because CBS Studios has given some kind of notice to the guilds, but they’re not formally announced either. (Rumours appear on guild sheets in a separate section.)

SNW has been showing in Guild preproduction listings for months, with production forecast for February through to July. Work is definitely happening to prepare for shooting.

SNW has to be in the guild forecasts pretty much the way that Discovery season four was on the summer listings as scheduled to start in October.

Discovery’s start slipped a bit, and that’s not unusual, but it gives a sense of the plan.

Make it so! Season 2 is going to be splendid.

Or it will sich….

Picard was a major letdown… Get it together guys

That much we agree on! It truly takes some “special” talent to screw up a huge opportunity to develop a show based on the beloved TNG and Picard. Arguably, the writing was on the wall ever since Stewart mandated what the show had to be and not to be…

The finale was dreadful. The build up to it was great but they ran out of time and the payoff just *sucked*. If they pull back on the grimdark atmosphere and let the story breathe instead of rushing the conclusion, then I’ll be on board.

Also more Raffi! I *love* her.

Georgiou’s Sass, my recommendation is to watch the two-part finale on its own, at least a couple of months apart from the rest of the season.

My spouse had missed the finale and so I watched it with them in the summer. Their reaction was “That was really excellent,” and I found it hard to disagree.

It stood very well on its own but really seemed disconnected from the rest of the season, and left some key storylines and characters hanging.

So, a couple of thoughts on this that I’ve been musing on here:

1). The writers and EPs had too many different ideas going on that they never sorted out in the writers room.

2). The finale was edited to stand on its own so it could be sent out for Emmy consideration, but this was to the detriment of the finale providing a coherent conclusion to what was built up.

3). Kurtzman does a final cut very long after production, and doesn’t do an entire season of a show continuously. The finale vfx were only finalized the week before the Covid lockdown. Kurtzman has said that it can be difficult to recall the decisions and threads when one comes back at after a long hiatus, and I think that this was the situation for Picard.

I have absolutely zero expectations for season 2 so I guess they can only surprise me positively at this point (safe for more eyeballs!)

Speaking of Klingons as former enemies though, if they want to do contemporary allegory they should do an allegory how you people can come to terms with your worst enemies, not from without but within (those 73 million Americans). That would be classic Star Trek – how to create a peaceful existence with those who you can’t but disagree with.

But since all writers the Colonel hired so far seemed to be so thoroughly caught up in their own echo chambers, so convinced of their self-righteousness and so devoid of self-awareness, I doubt it would happen!

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. TOS-ENT streams 24/7 on Netflix.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Comment-less reviews stream 24/7 on IndieWire.

I think we all want Picard to improve significantly for S2. I myself found bits and pieces to appreciate in S1 but the overall product was just disappointing, IMO.

Elnor was such a non-character. I’d be happy with losing him entirely.

I disagree, Elnor is important. Keep him around a little longer.

and I disagree… I’m perfectly fine w/ losing ‘Space Legolas’.

Completely agree, such a completely worthless character. I’m sad Narek is gone.

I really liked the character in concept but he (the character and actor) turned out to be quite a disappointment, to my surprise. Particularly once he sort of just became the contractor guy who chops off people’s heads for the benefit of the gang, all acquitted with a self-righteous smirk by Stewart-Picard (which of course perfectly captures the attitude of his FL cult which zealously opposes the death penalty at home yet smirks off brown people’s heads being blown off at wedding parties in far away lands…)

If I recall, he yelled at Elnor when he cut that guy’s head off, and told him not to do it again.

Yes! The first time. Then he kept doing it again, and it wasn’t an issue anymore ;)

Once the dam of moral hazard is broken, the killings by our heroes are proceeding quite smoothly (I notice something quite similiar happening on Discovery as well; you are only exempted if you are Space Hitler and like Michael!)

The writing is to blame on that not the portrayal IMO.

I hope some good writers appear. That’s what I hope.

Hire professional writers for a change

Faze Ninja…. i thought season 2 will already be splendid.


Ninja, if there was a problem with Picard it seems as though it was because there were to many high status professional writers in the room, each with their own very different idea of what to do with the season, and an actor/EP who also set a lot of constraints on what the story could be.

Bryant, you must believe in miracles :)

The most worthless character in Star Trek rivalling that of Jake Sisko.

Trek Trivia: any Jake ‘n’ Nog episode is superior to any episode of Picard or Discovery. This isn’t science fiction, this is science fact.

That was a remarkably silly statement, not only because Jake is a much beloved character, but also because “that of” makes no sense at all where you used it in that sentence.

Oh great. Are we going to have Star Trek which comments intelligently – and with some originality -on the problems of the world, or one that has engaging and stimulating science fiction concepts, or one where this guy gets to fight that guy? More of the first two please. And fungus powered spaceships don’t count.

because fungus-powered spaceships aren’t science fiction? How about spaceships that depend on navigators who can bend time and space by consuming a narcotic ‘spice’? Sigh. I guess we’ll have to stick with spaceships that can travel FTL by warping the space-time continuum using a crystal that you can dig out of the ground in any one of a number of planets.

Warp drive etc was conceived as means to end, a way to get the characters to other planets so they could tell thought-provoking stories relevant to this one, which to me is the heart of Star Trek and what sets it apart from most screen science fiction. Spore drive is just “oh cool, fungus powered spaceships that go faster.”

No, the spore drive was also conceived to challenge our ideas about boundaries between physics and biology.

Which is a totally Star Trek concept going back to TOS.

“ideas about boundaries between physics and biology.’

Only that it is BS (sorry). Biology is based on physics and not the other way round. Challenging this is the same level as embracing flat Earth theory and the likes – pseudo-science.

The difference between science fiction and fantasy is that the former is still supposed to be rooted in science and thr scientific method. As you yourself have pointed out several times, the Warp drive is at least not theoretically impossible.

Now, Trek has often overstretched believability with its science concepts, but Discovery consistently veers too far into fantasy magic territory with ‘spore drives’ and ‘time crystals’. That they coopt real science and scientists that have absolutely nothing to do with this only adds insult to injury!

Elnor is my favorite character. Never thought I would love a Romulan so much. I want to adopt him.

The first season totally destroyed one of the most beloved characters in Star Trek history, while also being the worst written SF series I can recall. No idea what they could do for an encore, and no desire to find out. (Also, this series lost over half its audience over the course of its first season. Who exactly do they think will want to watch another?

For me Picard is the best trek series after DS9.

I want to see him kick Worf’s butt.

I read that Elnor would like to battle Worf, which is not a bad idea. However to make a better fight sequence, wouldn’t it be better to work out a way for Elnor to fight Worf’s Alexander. Age wise its a better fight, plus Alexander could be on his way to being a warrior since adult Alexander traveled back in time to save Worf. Just curious what anyone thinks of this.

It will be great that in the last frame of season 2 Guinan is saying goodbye to Picard and good luck, and them somebody in the back says “he is going to need it”, and out comes Q for 5 seconds.