‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Blu-Ray And DVD Now Available For Pre-Order

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up on CBS All Access (now Paramount+) in January, and coming up next you will be able to bring it home on DVD and Blu-ray. Pre-order links have now gone live at Amazon. We don’t have all the details on the releases yet, but CBS Home Entertainment has given us the box art.  The release date has not yet been announced, but it will likely arrive this summer.

Bring Star Trek: Discovery season 3 home

You can pre-order the Blu-ray set for $44.99 at Amazon. (They also guarantee if they lower the price by the release date you will get the lower price). The release date has not yet been announced, but it will likely arrive this summer.

Here is the Blu-ray box art.

You can also pre-order the DVD set for $39.99 at Amazon. (With the same guarantee).

Here is the DVD box art.

TrekMovie will report when the set details are revealed, including Steelbook release.

To get a sense of what you can expect from the season three home release for Discovery check out our review of the season two release.

Reminder: Lower Decks season 1 arrives home in May

The first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks arrives on home media on May 18th. You can pre-order Blu-ray edition at Amazon for $24.99. The limited-edition Steelbook Blu-ray set can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $29.99. And the DVD edition can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $25.99.

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Are you guys still going to do an analysis on the Discovery season 4 trailer? Still waiting for that.

Yes. Tuesday. Blame overworked team and post-Vax naps.

Tuesday :-)

Possibly Wednesday

The medical staff… Doesn’t arrive until Tuesday

Looking forward to having Lower Decks and Discovery Season 3 on DVD.

I haven’t bought a new DVD in years. Do they still have special features on them, or is that business model gone now?

Follow the link above to the season 2 review for specifics on what the extras are for that. I have Season 1 and 2 on blu ray and they had a ton of extras on them.

I really hope they announce a Steelbook variant. I have a complete collection of Steelbooks for every Star Trek show and movie, so I’d really hate if they suddenly abandoned that. Given this announcement is the first in recent years to not come with a release date, I presume it will be announced at that time.

Well, I’ve got every other season of Star Trek, so I’ll get this one, too. Not sure I’ll ever watch anything but the bonus features, though. There’ve been, what?, 35 seasons overall? This would be in my bottom two or three, easily.

Yep, this season of Discovery would go right at the bottom for me to. For the first time I’m even considering not watching it from the beginning and I might even just start watching season 4 when it’s complete. Discovery really tires me out.

I want to love it; I really do. But apart from a couple of episodes and the stray moment here and there, I just can’t manage to even *like* it most of the time, much less love it. It bums me out.

It’s the writing, it bums me out too. The concepts are good, the sfx, the acting is good to decent, the actors are all decent, but the melodrama is overdone. Nothing feels authentic because every situation is a treated as a moment for Sonequa to be overly dramatic. I’ve seen her acting- she’s top shelf, just in this she is asked to do the same shtick over and over and it is tiresome.

Easily the weakest season of the show. And like you, I truly want to like it, also. The show is just all over the place and this season was the best example of that. Too many characters, too many unrelated stories, resulting in a total lack of focus. Characters and plot elements are barely even set up and then are suddenly brought to the forefront as being insanely important. Other elements. that are introduced as important are then just either resolved offscreen or with a hand wave.

Detmer, who has been Discovery’s pilot since day one, has received exactly zero character development. She had a great opportunity for it this season with her PTSD plot, but, the series considers that plot resolved the moment she goes to Culber for help.

The show frustrates the living hell out of me because there really are flashes of greatness.

Hey guys,

I loved series 1 and 2, so don’t think me a DISCO hater, but series 3 (in my opinion) was really disappointing. Does anyone else think that?

I really enjoyed most of season three. Unfortunately that train wreck of a season finale really left a bad taste in my mouth. Why do they insist on overbearing mindless action scenes that defy logic and ruin the experience?They are NOT attracting new viewers, just the opposite – they are chasing viewers away.

It’s a shame they won’t release these in UHD (I realise they’re only 1080p), with HDR.

Based on the available information which to be honest could be wrong, the Digital Intermediate and workflow for Discovery and Picard are both 2K. And neither is shot in 4K. Disco season 1 was at 2.8K and Picard is 3.4K. They would be very nice in UHD but would be upscaled.