Watch: Jonathan Frakes Goes Beyond Belief To Explore Unknown Mysteries… For A Video Game

Beyond being a star of Star Trek: The Next Generation and active director, Jonathan Frakes is also known as a host of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, the source of many popular Frakes memes. This week the actor returned to the role of mystery hunter, for a popular video game series.

Frakes looks for Unknown mysteries

It was just a week ago that Jonathan Frakes appeared in a promotion for a video game. That time it was tied to his work on TNG for Star Trek Fleet Command, but this week he is bringing back another role from the ’90s. On Tuesday the team behind the battle royale massive multiplayer game PlayerUnkown’s: Battleground released an episode-length mockumentary video styled like classic unsolved mystery shows. Jonathan Frakes plays “himself” as host of a show titled Mysteries Unkown “to unravel the darkest secrets behind the birth of the Battlegrounds.” Check it out.

PUBG’s “Mysteries Unkown” series actually started in 2020 with two short videos, with Frakes only providing narration.

Frakes is Beyond Belief

This whole promotion is built on emulating the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which Frakes hosted from 1998-2002. Two decades later the show lives on in memes and mashups, explaining why Frakes was brought back for a promotion aimed at young gamers. Perhaps the most popular mashup is a collection of clips from Beyond Belief of Frakes telling you you’re wrong.

Another favorite is Jonathan Frakes asking you questions.

Mysteries Unknown” isn’t the first time Frakes has returned to mystery hunting. In 2019 he appeared in the German Netflix series How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) to explore the mysteries of the Darknet.

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This made my day

LOL, these videos are ingenious!

Frakes is the man! Can’t wait to see him back on LDS and hopefully Picard again!

Are these really true stories or is it a format that just claims them to be true? The characters giving the interviews look so fake… even if they are real people, they don’t come off like that. Honestly I’ve never watched any show like that so maybe I’m just having a hard time getting this right.

That said… if that “Battlegrounds” story is real, I cannot say I’m surprised. We’ve seen far worse in movies and it was only a matter of time for something like that to actually happen. As long as it is just convicts and not innocent civilians let alone children like in The Hunger Games, I’m surprisingly fine with it…

Dude its a parody. The article makes it clear they are just promoting a video game and having some fun imitating Frake’s old Beyond Belief show to do it. Why its so great, the lengths they went to do it pretty crazy.