REVIEW: Spock Is A Welcome Addition To Hallmark’s “Mirror, Mirror” Storyteller Ornament Collection

It’s Christmas in July, at least for fans and collectors of Hallmark ornaments. This weekend Hallmark releases a new electronic Mirror Spock ornament, which adds to the magic that began last year with their Keepsake Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Storyteller Collection (see TrekMovie review). We got our hands on the Terran First Officer to see how well he fits in with the fantastic 2020 collection.

One ornament can change your presents

Hallmark’s “Mirror, Mirror” Collection debuted last year with a USS Enterprise tree topper and three character ornaments (Kirk, Uhura, and Sulu) from the classic Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror.” Using the Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately), you can create different story combinations with various ornaments. Each character’s pedestal has a button on it. When depressed, the ship activates, playing the theme song and voiceover, and then the story begins. You can also start the story with the delta shield remote that is included with the starship. Each character lights up and speaks lines from “Mirror, Mirror” and the Enterprise base plays sound effects and music. Each ornament that you connect unlocks more content.

Spock fits in nicely with the rest of the set

Veteran Hallmark artist Jake Angell has once again outdone himself with the design of “Mirror, Mirror” Spock.  Standing with his arms crossed, Spock is a handsome figure. The details—from his trademark beard to his medals and Terran Empire badge—are precise for such a small model. His gold sash hangs neatly over his left thigh and his dagger is at his right hip.

Hallmark’s 2021 Mirror Spock

First Officer Spock from the “Mirror, Mirror” collection measures 2.49″ W x 5.68″ H x 2.37″ D. Overall, the 2021 ornament nicely resembles the character first seen on TV in 1967.

A closer look at Hallmark’s 2021 Mirror Spock

Spock’s pedestal lights up in science blue and the dialogue is taken directly from the “Mirror, Mirror.” The sound quality is good, and the integration with the other characters and the ship and its base is truly artistic, as can be seen in the video below.

The ornament retails for $34.99 ($44.99 in Canada) and is available starting Saturday, July 10th in Hallmark stores and at If you missed out on the U.S.S. Enterprise tree topper, Uhura, Sulu, or Kirk, they are also available again starting on July 10th. 

Packaging for Hallmark’s 2021 Mirror Spock

More Trek from Hallmark in 2021

Another addition to the Mirror, Mirror Storyteller Collection, Ensign Pavel Chekov, will be available this October, also priced at $34.99. The Keepsake Power Cord allows for seven ornaments, so we should expect one more at a future date.

Chekov fills out the set in October

And Hallmark is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home with a metal Keepsake PopMinded ornament of the “HMS Bounty” Bird of Prey from the film. The limited-edition ornament is priced at $35 and will be sold online only in conjunction with Comic-Con@Home (July 23-25) and New York Comic Con (October 7-10). They will be sold on a first-come basis starting at Noon Eastern time (9 a.m. Pacific time) on the first day of each convention. For details on how to purchase exclusives, visit

Hallmark 2021 convention exclusive Star Trek IV Bird of Prey

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Thanks for the review! Mirror Spock looks quite good.

I notice that the line in the video you gave us is actually from regular Spock, not the Mirror version. What other lines are included?

It will have pretty much most of the lines from the episode.

I noticed that too Corylea.

MattR is correct. I did not record the entire story, but when all of the characters are connected it will basically be the script of the episode. I only gave a sample, and you hear that it is the authentic Nimoy voice!

I love how his sash forms the Delta shield.