Star Trek Coffees Launching In May With Several Blends

This week’s Star Trek merchandise update is focused on a brand new product designed to perk you up. We also have a couple of other updates on new and upcoming releases for the week.

Star Trek Coffee

Pop Culture Coffee has announced the launch of a collection of limited-edition Star Trek-branded coffees. They are promising a “flavorful array of carefully curated coffee blends” inspired by iconic Star Trek characters, cultures, and starships. Each bag of Star Trek coffee features unique artwork for the 100% organic Arabica beans, and small-batch craft roasted. The line will start with two blends of ground coffee inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain’s Choice is a smooth medium roast featuring James T. Kirk. And Vulcan Vanilla is a full-flavored Madagascar vanilla roast featuring Mr. Spock. Both are priced at $17.99 for a 12 oz (340g) bag and are due to arrive on May 12th. You can pre-order at

Upcoming releases that will be available for pre-order later in April and May include:

  • Klingon Raktajino: brown sugar roast, featuring The Next Generation’s Worf
  • Federation French Roast: featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Borg Blend: light roast highlighting the Borg Queen

Naturally, a coffee inspired by Captain Janeway (Janeway’s Java Jolt) is also being planned for soon after.

Picard Season 2 & 3 collector’s cards

This week Rittenhouse released their latest set of Star Trek collectible cards, featuring seasons 2 and 3 of Star Trek: Picard. The base set includes 60 cards (3 cards for each episode in both seasons). These have photos and synopses for each episode. There are also several bonus cards including cards signed by the series stars. The base set is $29.99. For more details and a complete checklist or just to buy, visit

Coming April 16: Lower Decks Season 4 on DVD/Blu-ray

Season 4 of the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, April 16. The set comes complete with exclusive special features including audio commentaries with the cast and Mike McMahan on half of the 10-episode season. You can pre-order Lower Decks Season 4 now at Amazon on Blu-ray for $25.36 and $19.98 on DVD. Season 4 was released on digital in February on Amazon and other digital platforms.

Bargains of the Week: Half off 7-season DVD box sets

If you are still a fan of DVDs then you can pick up some bargains now at The three Star Trek TNG-era series box sets are priced around half off. This includes Star Trek: The Next Generation for $69.60, Voyager, for $62.99, and Deep Space Nine for $59.99.

Find more news and reviews of Star Trek merchandise.

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Jean-Luc Picard drinks Earl Grey tea! Coffee is for barbarians!

I dunno, Spock doesn’t strike me as a “flavored coffee” type of person.

I think of him as a tea man, myself.


“I think of [Spock] as a tea man, myself.”

He does have T-negative blood.


On the topic of merchandise Strange New Worlds Season 2 disc release finally has a date for Australia of May 15.

A new Star Trek coffee line! Where is “Janeway Juice”?

Captain Janeway should have been called “Captain Coffee”, always holding a mug! Even Hologram Janeway drinks coffee. Kathryn will not be happy, being the number one coffee drinker in Starfleet, if she doesn’t get her own elixir of life!

Yes. Janeway Coffee has to be item #1.

Yes! I just said the same thing haha. I think everyone is thinking it.

BTW I haven’t seen Prodigy yet but does she still drinks coffee on that show?

Actually she drinks more tea now when she was on the Dauntless. I think her doctor advised it. But hologram Janeway did. 🙂

Oh I see thank you dear! I’m actually more of a tea drinker as well but that’s due to my upbringing.

I’m very excited to see Janeway again! 😊

Brings back memories of House of Kharn Dark Roast, and Andorian Ice blend

May I suggest Bones Romulan Ale Birthday Blend

Talk about unforced errors. Janeway should’ve been in the first coffee batch. And yes, Vulcans do not drink flavored coffee. And Rhaktajino (sp?) seems like another no-brainer to me.

That said, I wish them well, and hope they exist long enough to do the other proposed blends.


Only Colombian Coffee. Ortegas Colombian Blend. Will buy it if available! :D

Would not call myself “still a fan of DVDs,” but since that’s the best physical format available for DS9 and VOY I do own those sets. Thanks for reopening that old wound! lol

Wake me up when they get to the breakfast cereal with a big ol box of Cheeri-Ol-mox!

Oo-Mox dang IPhone killed my joke!

It’s OK, we got it!

Does anyone else remember the trek coffees and hot chocolates sold in the late 90s by They were awesome, I’m hoping these will be as good.

I want to try Raktajino. I’ve always wondered what it tastes like.

Oh yes same!!!

Oh wow that coffee sounds fantastic. I would buy them all but it seems like a crime against the Federation not to have a Janeway brew.

Does Worf even drink those? It should be Jadzia or Sisko on that bag.

I drink coffee with my Janeway cup all the time, so this would be a nice addition. 😎👍

Once in awhile I’ll see the Carlo Giannini cups used on TNG-Enterprise (but mostly Voyager). They’re tempting.

Saenger Pottery still sells the wild creations that Picard would serve tea out in later seasons.