‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Mobile Game In Development… Featuring Badgey

The crew of the USS Cerritos is headed to your mobile device with the announcement of a new Star Trek: Lower Decks game in development.

Star Trek: Lower Decks The Badgey Directive

A free-to-play mobile game tied to Star Trek: Lower Decks is currently being developed for a worldwide launch later in 2022 on iOS and Android. Titled Star Trek: Lower Decks TBD (or Star Trek: Lower Decks The Badgey Directive), the game promises to feature the humor and style of Lower Decks. In addition to the storylines and characters from Star Trek: Lower Decks, the mobile game will include characters and stories from across the franchise, “reimagining them for fans through the lens of Star Trek: Lower Decks.” Players will “join Mariner, Boimler and the USS Cerritos crew as they take on a rogue AI Badgey in their attempt to return to the real world!”

Announcement graphic

The new Lower Decks game is being developed by East Side Games, Canada’s leading free-to-play mobile game group. Australian-based video game company Mighty Kingdom Limited will be co-developing the game.

“The Star Trek franchise has had an unmistakable influence on adults and children alike for over 50 years. Being able to bring such a storied franchise to mobile in our trademark idle-game style is an honor for us here at ESGG,” said Darcy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of ESGG. “We’re looking forward to sharing this new experience in the Star Trek franchise with everyone from new audiences to Star Trek super fans. This new mobile game is another top-tier IP franchise that will only add to an already exciting launch slate in 2022.”

ESG has developed a number of licensed mobile games, including Archer: Danger Phone, The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s, It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile and The Office: Somehow We Manage.

You can pre-register for the game at startreklowerdecksmobilegame.com.

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We definitely need to see more of Badgey on the show. Why not have him take over another starhip? Battle in a Mutara Class Nebula included?

Before we found out it was a Klingon, I was hoping that Badgey was the puppet-master behind the Pakleds.

Yes, more Badgey!

Looking forward to trying it out!

I’m not convinced Star Trek needs another “free-to-play” game, but I am keen to experience Lower Decks-based gameplay. Signed up!

Agreed. I really dislike “free-to-play” games but I’ll give this one a shot.

And of course, CBS policy forces us to accept that “Sponge Badgey Square Pants” is a canon character, right along with Kirk, Spock, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, etc.


Canon status should be reserved for serious established characters, like the talking rabbit from “Shore Leave” with a petticoat and no pants.


Thanks — my point exactly! We must accept that too as Star Trek canon even though it’s so lame.

Dude you have to read the room better. First of all you said ‘force us’ in your statement. Don’t speak for the rest of us please. If this thread tells you anything is that no one here has an issue about it except you, correct? I never had a single issue with it. Not one.

But if you don’t like it no one is telling you to feel differently. But again you keep saying ‘we’ as if there is a large contingent of fans bothered by this. There isn’t. Certainly not on these boards at least. Again read the room, right?

The show has been on two seasons now and will probably go 5-6 years at this point. If anyone did have issues with it has just moved on but I never seen anyone really have a big issue with it. If you know somewhere point me to it please. Again why it’s highly misleading to say ‘we’. So the only advice is if YOU don’t like the show, simply ignore as another poster here suggested, problem solved.

They are just TV shows, canon, not canon all that matters is are you actually enjoying it? Right? If you’re not you have three, soon to be four shows you do hopefully enjoy. Focus on those. That’s literally the point of having so many on now.

I hear you and apologize for any misunderstanding — I did not intend to come across as speaking for all of fandom.

To better explain, I am not forcing anyone or claiming “we” at all. The definition of canon though does insist on that: “The body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding in a field or art form”. See, it says “universally binding” so the freaking definition is saying that fans must accept. I personally am not saying that. Feel free to reject canon — no worries by me. But it’s definition is what it is, and that is surely not my fault, right?

I do think this thread points though to how the level of defensiveness on Lower Decks on Trek sites is a bit overdone, and people are way too sensitive to anyone having a negative opinion on even a small aspect of the show like this comment I made. I mean, big deal, I state an opinion of character on Lower Decks and reference the definition canon. So what?

No worries!

To me though, it’s very simple, canon is whatever Paramount/CBS says it is. If they said it wasn’t, I would be fine with that too. But you have think about this logically. They are only telling you to accept it from a story POV because if Riker shows up in season 2 of Picard and reminisces to him about the time there were two Boimler’s on the Titan, how exactly are you suppose to pick and choose if that is considered canon or not? That’s all it means in terms of how ‘binding’ it is because its part of the same universe as everything else and most likely will be referenced like everything else is as well in time. It’s just more about story consistency and how it all flows together. That’s all canon really is, right?

It’s the same thing with the Kelvin movies, fans wanted that excised from canon because the Enterprise is too big, Khan sucked and too much lens flares. But do you just pretend Romulus didn’t blow up after all just because some fans have an issue with those films? So how do you do it without it being ‘universal binding’?

And I understand there are a segment of fans who wants all of the Abrams/Kurtzman Trek gone or pretend it just doesn’t exist because it doesn’t fit in with their perceived notions of how closely it sticks to Star Trek, which includes LDS.

But eveyone has gripes about something right? I personally felt Discovery fit into the TOS era about as well the Christopher Nolan Batman movies would fit into the Batman and Robin universe. But you remind yourself it’s all just make believe and it’s just suppose to be part of the same universe even your eyes and ears tell you (very) differently. Maybe you can except Discovery as it was, but many others couldn’t and some still can’t. So what do you do? Every time a fan has a grievance a show doesn’t feel ‘Star Trek’ enough, should Paramount take that into account? You have issues with LDS, but listening to the fanbase since 2009, it would all be into question, wouldn’t it?

Because if some fans are irritated they are forced to look at Lower Decks as canon, then what stops people about making the same arguments Discovery, Picard, the Kelvin movies or anything they feel is out of place? Aren’t those fans also ‘being forced’ to view all that as canon as well?

So I think that’s all it means. Same time, if you personally don’t want to think it’s canon, no one is stopping you right? But it all has to ebb and flow on the screen, especially considering how big Star Trek is now

As far as your last point, but sorry I disagree. For one thing, I think people felt a little irritated because you were trying to make an argument in a thread that has nothing to do with it being ‘canon’ or not. The topic is about it being a video game, but you ignored that completely just to gripe about the canon issue, right? It’s not just your opinion, it’s the need to air it everywhere when it’s not even close to the appropriate topic being discussed. But that’s done a lot of time on these boards. We all been guilty of it at times, certainly me lol.

And people always defend the stuff they like, that’s just human nature. I’ve seen just as many people vigilantly defend every Trek show here if they like it enough.I defend the shows I like all the time, but have no issue with people who disagree of course. That’s how its suppose to work. Discovery for example gets defended by everyone here who likes it.I even defend it a lot and I don’t even like it all that much lol. It just depends on what is being discussed mostly. The only difference may be that more people just like LDS more than they do other shows and why it feels that way.

LDS also just seems to be more popular in general WHEN compared to some of the other newer shows IMO; but yes it definitely has its critics here too like every show does.

If it really bothers you, you don’t *have* to; you can imagine whatever movies and shows you like are the only ones that matter in your personal headcanon.

Personally, given the established capabilities (and tendencies) of holodecks in this franchise, I have zero problems buying into a character like Badgey, but you do you.

Fair enough. It’s funny though, and I am not referring to you personally, but it seems here that some fans seem more bothered here with just me stating my personal opinion than the level of bother I actually have with this?

It’s so weird how overly defensive people get on Star Trek sites when anyone posts any sort of negative opinion of Lower Decks? Go to any Trek web site and look at fans who post anything critical of this series, and 9 times out of 10 you will see multiple overly-defensive posts in response.

I think this is mostly an issue of tone—if you talk about CBS “forcing” you to do things, you sound actually irate, not just critical. Just some friendly feedback. :)

Hmm, but the definition of canon is:

“The body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding in a field or art form”

So when CBS labels a part of Star Trek are canon, sure, we are all forced to accept whatever we see there as universally binding in Star Trek. That’s the definition of canon.

So with my post, I was simply stating the obvious. So “shooting the messenger” here certainly comes across as unnecessarily defensive. It’s not my fault that CBS is essentially telling us that some of the juvenile, silly cartoonish characters we are seeing on Lower Decks, holodeck or not, are part of the future history of the Star Trek universe. That’s on CBS, not me.

Since you are literally the only one here bothered by it and two years on now, I think it’s more your personal gripes what you consider should be canon than about CBS at this point. And not a single fan run site has seen remotely bothered by it including this one. They all seem to accept it just fine. Or am I wrong on that?

This seems more your personal hang up and it’s totally OK to have. But please stop speaking as if this is an overall fandom issue. It really isn’t.

What I was trying to say, obviously imperfectly, is that the definition of canon in and of itself requires anyone to accept it…not me personally.

But if anyone thought I was trying to speak for all fandom, I apologize for not better conveying my thoughts. It’s like the definition itself of canon is getting me in trouble here…lol, bad dictionary! :-)


OK, no worries. I get your point now!

Surrender to the love of Badgey!

Well it is a Holodeck character akin to several of Barclay’s creations.

You do realize it’s based on Clippy, right, not Spongebob? Because it’s obvious yet you seem oblivious..

I have no idea who Clippy is, so props to you for your superior knowledge on animated avatars from the past.

Lol, congrats, dude! :-)

Clippy was the default “assistant” from Microsoft Office, circa 1998.

Nobody’s acting superior. But if you’re going to show your disdain for something by creating a snippy nickname, it might help if that nickname didn’t make it look like you were spectacularly missing the joke.

Ah, yea, I remember that now — thank you!

However, that looks nothing like Badgey. And in fact, Badgey has those two thin arms that he waves around, the two thin legs and a solid form — pretty much exactly like Sponge Bob Square Pants — but Clippy had no arms, hands or legs, and no solid form?

It sounds like I obviously missed a background story that Badgey might be partially based on Clippy, but Badgey looks much closer to Sponge Bob than Clippy. Anyone’s objective eye test can validate that.

So if this was supposed to be a “gotcha” on me, well I am not really all that impressed. “Sponge Clippy Square Pants” is what this moronic, juvenile character looks like.

No less a canon character than Moriarty, Vic Fontaine, or the Doctor. All of which are sentient holodeck characters (and also not to forget Haley, the sentient assistant to Doctor Lewis Zimmerman).

To each his own, but not only did I never really like holodeck eps, but the sentient holodeck characters I found ever more unnecessary — just lazy writing that avoided them having to do a real story in the universe. My opinion.

Not a gamer but would give it a shot. Just happy to see this show being expanded through other media and merchandise now. I can’t wait for season 3!

Hopefully Badgey makes another appearance there too!

Been playing it on early access. It’s ok. Defintely falls into the common mobile game trope of tap a few buttons, wait a few hours and then come back to tap a few more. Hunour is largely on point though.