See Grudge Be A Queen In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century’ #1

For the second week in a row, IDW kicks off a new Star Trek comic miniseries. This time the focus is on some of the characters of Star Trek: Discovery who don’t always get the focus. And the first issue is all about Grudge the cat. The series is written by Star Trek comics vet Mike Johnson along with Star Trek author and Discovery consulting producer Kirsten Beyer. And we have a five-page preview for the issue that arrives tomorrow.

Star Trek: DiscoveryAdventures in the 32nd Century #1


Travel to the far future of STAR TREK in this all-new miniseries spotlighting the cast of the hit television series! Up first is the secret history of the queen herself: GRUDGE THE CAT! Discover how she met Book and claimed her place as the greatest feline spacefarer of all!

Cover A:

A cover by Angel Hernadez

Artwork for variant cover by Aaron Harvey

Five-page preview: 

The 32nd Century Arrive Wednesday

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #1 will be released on March 2nd at a retail price of $3.99. You can pre-order with a 20% discount at TFAW. Or pick up the digital edition at Amazon/comiXology.

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So excited about this one!

I absolutely love Grudge the Cat ❤️!!! I think she’s so adorable!!! The writers wrote her just the way I imagine all cats talk about humans. I had a cat named Salem that I used to imagine was thinking all this sarcastic stuff just by looking at the expressions on her face and by her reactions to what my Mom and I would say to her.

I used to come up with some funny stuff that made my Mom burst out laughing, just like it looks like Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson have done because I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this preview 😆🤣. I cannot wait to get this comic 🖖!!!!

I am very tired of this Queen stuff. Either she’s a cat or she’s not. Just tell us. They almost got killed by the butterfly people over this stuff.

Female cats are called Queens. Males are Toms. Deal with it.