Watch: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo Introduces Uhura And Reveals More From Series

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives in May and Paramount Plus is ramping up the hype by releasing a character-focused promo taking a closer look at Cadet Uhura, which also reveals more about the show.

Meet Uhura… and more

Joining Captain Pike (Anson Mount), Spock (Ethan Peck), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) for the new series will be a collection of new and familiar characters onboard the USS Enterprise. This includes Nyota Uhura as a cadet, played by Celia Rose Gooding.

NOTE: this Instagram version should be viewable to all

Uhura and the Enterprise launch in May

The series debuts on May 5th. Paramount+ has provided the following synopsis:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The series will feature fan favorites from season two of Star Trek: Discovery, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

And in case you missed it, here is the teaser trailer…

And the teaser poster…

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My goodness that opening shot feels like TMP…. in a good way…

If I was really really excited for this before, I’m Species 10-C level excited now.

This will be a great series. I, for one, will be glad to watch an episodic series again. I miss that time in Trek when we had all those shows. We could pick & choose our favorite episodes! This trailer about Uhura was a nice intro for her. The teaser trailer about Pike was interesting. Is that a glimpse of what we will see over the season? I like the shot of Pike in his cabin, long hair and the beard. It harkens back to Anson on Hell on Wheels he starred in. That was a great series! When he was at Star Trek- Vegas a few years back. I spent more time talking about HoW than S2 of Disco with when I was getting his autograph.

it also made the idea of “morals, meanings, and messages” a lot easier to discuss on an episode by episode basis. You can kind of get there with new Trek but almost have to approach it on a holistic by season basis because the new shows are essentially 10 hour films each season


[Sarcasm] The monitors on the wall are actual screens and not cheap stickers like they were in The Original Series. I already hate it. [/sarcasm]

That woman looks nothing like Uhura. FAIL!!!….Damn it, where are the mini-skirts !@$$#!????
White corridors??? What the hell is this, a g**d**m Apple store???

Well, there *should* be mini-skirts!

Sarcasm. It is a most difficult concept. It is not logical.

False, the correct line from Savik is “Humor, It is a most difficult…”

(I’m being sarcastic by the way).

The correct line doesn’t have the word “most” in it.

What’s the deal with the huge ship crashed on the ice planet?

Reminds me of this from the game Star Trek: New Worlds back in 2000.

comment image

It looks like a ship. That crashed on a planet. That held together pretty well, actually…..

The ship on the planet is a Constitution class from TOS. Look at the impulse engines compared to Pike’s Enterprise impulse engines!

I don’t think it’s crashed on the planet. I think they’re on an asteroid and that is the Enterprise nearby.

Looks crashed to me. There is stuff dangling from the nacelle cap, and it looks like the crew is searching the crashed ship for survivors in the next sequence of clips.

Yeah, I just saw that when I looked again. You’re right. I take it back.

I think it is whatever Constitution class we get in this series unfortunately, it has a bank of windows on the saucer that matches the Enterprise in the trailers.

didn’t we see pretty much that exact same stuff in ST 2009?
I want to like this. I will really try, honest.


Well, if we are going to split hairs, we’ve seen this exact same stuff in ten previous movies prior to Trek 09, and ENT, VOY, DS9, and TNG. And TOS.

Double huh?!

WTF? Huh?

They have a fantastic cast to work with, and it looks like they’ve figured out the style so it’s not retro cornball. But did you see Spock’s sideburns…those look weird don’t they?

Yes they did!

They look like something that the Italian Footballer, Del Piero would have sported in the late 90’s.

Spock wants to be the Ambrose Burnside of Starfleet.

Yup, in fact I was just about to post something similar. Spock is looking weirder than how we saw him in Discovery and with the Starfleet uniform when they first boarded the Discovery. What happened to the bowl cut? Not cool anymore?

Yes… They were bizarrely long.

Shouldn’t there be two gold shirt crewman at the helm and navigation instead of two red shirts?

There have been red shirts in those positions many times in TOS.

We saw people with red shirts at those stations many times on TOS.

comment image?w=468&h=351

I see red shirt people! ;)

It seems as though ‘Capt. Cristopher Pike’ needs to be sent back to the Academy for a refresher course.


No, it’s a little concept known as humor, homeboy.

You need to go back and do a refresher watch of TOS, my friend as this was frequently not the case.

In the very first screen shot with the Big E coming out of space dock, was that an NX-01 class behind it?

No I think that’s a Sheppard class from Discovery.

I don’t think so. If you look closely it has a NX type navigational deflector dish on the front of the saucer.

So does the Sheppard

Thats what it looks like to me also.

Maybe Engle class from Discovery.

Stupendous! This already looks like it will be one of the better IP reboots of the 21st century.

So far so good….fingers crossed!

5 Nu-trek shows now including this, 3 of which have been brilliant, good odds that this will follow suit!

I wonder which one you don’t like? I like all the new ones except Discovery.

It’s definitely Discovery lol. He’s been very vocal about it for a long time.

Well… I would say one has been above average. The rest… Let’s just say they have been below average at best.

‘Lower Decks’ is the one?

Of course not. Prodigy is the one.

A good kid’s show.

Better than being a bad kids show. Which is how I see Lower Decks.

While I was unhappy to see Uhura in the cast, she is there and I would hope that between this assignment and coming back under Kirk that she goes somewhere else in the interim. I still think it sad that she be on the Bridge citing hailing frequencies being open for 30 years.

why sad? If that’s what she enjoys doing and is good at it. No reason to ‘Peter Principle’ out of your best life. Same for Kirk, he gave up the center seat and was miserable.

Yeah nothing wrong with that. Some people just enjoy what they do and stay there in their positions. This is pretty common in real life with a lot of careers. If you’re a pilot, you’re a pilot you can’t really ‘advance’ beyond flying something bigger I guess. Communication officer can only do so many things outside of teaching. And even in Star Trek, not everyone wants to be a commander.

Fair point. If she is fine with that then good for her. It’s just from a different perspective the first thought is her being stuck in the same place for 30 years. But your point is a valid one I did not consider straight off.

How is it sad that she does something she likes?

I assume she would be more like Hoshi or Kelvin Universe Uhura for her job. The old show didn’t use her how she could be used in a modern show.

Jeez, that comes across as so elitist, no offense.

And you’ve also unintentionally just insulted every comm officer in the militaries of the world.

Good lord. Hyperbole much? Cool your jets. I think I only unintentionally insulted you.

Less than two months! Exciting!

Wow. So excited to see Uhura again. This looks amazing. What a great time to be a Trekie.



Wow, looks AMAZING!!

It’s really incredible what they can do on a TV show budget these days (of course they are pretty big budgets for TV, but still!).

And I always loved how Uhura went from a simple communication officer on the show to a master linguist lol.

Anyway, First Contact day is around the corner now and I’m smelling when the next trailer drops.

I can’t wait for this to come out in May. Star Trek going by self-contained episodes on a weekly basis is a throwback freshness.

Her voice is awful could they not hire someone with a decent voice as the character is supposed to be all about comms……….!!

She is a Broadway singer. She has a voice. 

I swear people nit pick the smallest things on the internet.

Oh, for #$%^’s sake.

There are a bunch of guys on Twitter adamant that Uhura never served on the Enterprise before Kirk took command. There is nothing in any episode or film to suggest that, yet they insist it’s well established. Maybe they’re talking about the books and comics, but those don’t matter to the shows’ continuity. Fans can be so weird.

Maybe because she wasn’t in Where Man Has Gone Before? But, she could have easily been on leave that day. It makes more sense than Chekov knowing Khan.

i remember her being in ‘enterprise the first adventure’ published in 1988

I been seeing this weird idea with fans suggesting Kirk hand picked his crew and everyone was supposedly new to his Enterprise when he started minus Spock for some reason. I always thought that was a ridiculous idea since A. we never seen such a trade off like that before when a Captain leaves their post and B. why would you get rid of people who have become familiar with running the ship for years just for newbies to replace them. Sure some trade off but not the entire crew.

In fact I always imagined the opposite and that most of the crew was there when Kirk took over since the ship is much older. It would certainly be a lot of people transferring over the years but a lot of seasoned people would still be on it already as we are seeing with Uhura, Spock and Chapel.

My heart’s pumping and my corpuscles are jumping! (quote from former Gopher coach Jim Wacker, but it applies well here!).

TrekMovie, when do we get our shot by shot analysis?

Alright here come my gripes:

-That shot of the big E leaving drydock…is this a video game? Why does it look god awful…
-Spock’s sideburns are uuuuuugly
-“That’s not how linguistics works” – gotta have corny, unfunny jokes or it isn’t NuTrek is it?

Please let this series be good, please…we’re desperate here

Disappointed to see that they’re using the alternate Uhura character instead of the prime one. Prime Uhura was not a polyglot. She was more of an engineer. She fixed her console herself when it blew up and Spock told her that there was no one else better suited to doing it. She was never supposed to speak multiple languages, that’s why she couldn’t speak even basic Klingon in the movies. She didn’t need to with the universal translator. Along with Standard, she spoke Swahili as it was her native language but that was it. She also sits in the captain’s chair at one point in TOS.

For some reason everyone seems to not be aware of any of this and sees the alternate Uhura as an upgrade when it’s actually not. Prime Uhura had better representation (female engineer of colour) and higher ranking on the ship. She just wasn’t used enough on the show.

I really hope they don’t have Uhura and Spock flirting because that was literally only one scene in one episode when she teased him while singing.

To be fair the the Klingon language thing in TUC was done more for comedic purposes. Obviously they could easily get the translations without physical books. I do see your point and it’s a fair one, however. But being a master linguist in theory could be a useful skill that would include her in more landing party situations.

Also Uhura was forced to take over the ship in The Loreli Signal of TAS.

True, it’s a useful skill. I just hope they don’t completely ignore the engineering aspect of her character and don’t make her Hoshi 2.0. Female interpreters aren’t exactly groundbreaking either.

We saw her in ONE episode where she fixed her console. No offense that’s a huge stretch to call her an ‘engineer’. I don’t remember a single episode outside of that one where she gave any engineering advice (or was asked it) when the ship was down or needed repairs. Let’s not overstate it. Uhura is suppose to be smart (they are all if you’re serving in Starfleet) but she wasn’t some mechanical engineer either.

But I do agree, it is kind of a stretch for her to be like Hoshi or KU Uhura. They just want to develop her more but she wasn’t a linguist either. I don’t think it’s a huge deal but it is definitely a retcon for a character that I don’t think ever spoke a different language outside of a few words in both the show and films. Now she suddenly knows 3 dozen languages lol.

Dear God, PLEASE don’t do the Uhura/Spock romance!