Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ TV Spot And More Promotions

The premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives in less than two weeks, on May 5th. So Paramount+ is ramping up the promotion.

TV spots

On Sunday Paramount+ started running the following short TV spot promoting Strange New Worlds.


They have also been running a longer spot since March, which is an edit of the full trailer.

Social media things

Paramount+ has also been promoting this trippy promo on social media.

And this other one that is even stranger.

Outdoor campaign

Paramount+ is also running an outdoor campaign in multiple cities. They are giving special attention to the New York subway. Check out some of the images and videos from Union Square, shared by TrekMovie’s social media.


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It’s nice to see so much marketing behind the show, Paramount has been a much better outfit than CBS was with prior show premieres. My mom, who was a teenager when TOS came out, saw a TV spot with me the other day and she immediately recognized the show as being a part of the original era. Lots of happy vibes coming from this smartly done promotion of SNW.

cbs/viacom are still in charge they just rebranded the streaming service and most marking logos cause paramount name has more global reconition as well as acceptance by younger generations then cbs name does

That third trailer was fantastic. That looks like Star Trek of old! Let’s hope not every episode is dealing with a villain who wants vengeance against the Federation because reasons and it might be an interesting show!

Yup, I think most of us want to see a “planet of the week” type show with no super villains! T-minus 11 days and counting!

Indeed. Here’s hoping they get back to peacefully exploring, and to solving problems with ingenuity rather than brute force.

Wow. Can’t believe it debuts next week. Gone quick. Lets hope it delivers.

Looks great and i really hope we see L’rell in Strange New Worlds. She was great in Discovery and would like to see the character again.

Yeah I really hope L’Rell is back for SNW too! Klingon Chancellors are probably like Italian Prime Ministers and don’t last very long in the job (except for Gowron who probably ran the Klingon Empire longer than anyone thought since someone was always trying to kill him and all) but maybe L’Rell is also a tough breed and still around too.

It has only been a couple years in verse that she was last seen a chancellor remember snw takes place in 2259 and we last saw her in 2257

I just want to know when the UK can expect the show and how to watch it

Still nothing on international distribution. It’s amateur hour at paramount.

We know that they are releasing the show on Paramount+ internationally. The problem is that Paramount+ isn’t yet available broadly internationally.

Maybe there will be a miracle and they put in on PlutoTV, that would be nice.

Putting SNW on Pluto as a short term measure is what I’m hoping for as well.

To my knowledge, the UK is the biggest market for Star Trek outside of North America and yet we’ve no ability to see these new shows anytime soon.

There IS a way to watch SNW in the UK. Firstly, you need a VPN. (Virtual Private Network) I recommend Express VPN. Then you need a sub for Par+ If you want to watch weekly as it airs? It will cost you a little more. If you can be patient, wait for the 6 first eps to air. Then get express VPN. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you binge the eps out over the 4 weeks? You pay for a month of Par+ and get a refund on your Express VPN ($99.95 USD) Express VPN has a native app for pretty much any device you use for streaming. I use my Firestick when I’m in the UK. I use the Express VPN app while there. I make my stick look like it’s in Washington DC. I open Par+ and I’m watching Trek. If you want to watch while it airs weekly? Well, its the VPN cost of $99.95 USD (you can use the VPN service on 5 devices simultaneously,in different locations, so you could split that cost with 4 other Trek friends) You’d then need to pay for 3 months of Par+ for $6.00 or $10.00 for the commercial free option. If you split the cost with 4 other friends for the VPN and host *ahem* watch parties at the other 4 locations on different days? It would cost each of you less than $30.00 USD each to watch Trek with us North Americans.

Using a VPN service isn’t enough. According to their trouble shooting guide Paramount Plus does not accept international credit cards to pay for their service. You need to have a US-based credit card.

Or a friend in the US who has P+,like I do when I watch Netflix,as the US one has a MUCH better selection than where I live,lol!

I appreciate all the detail you’ve gone to the trouble of posting. Many thanks.

Yes it has been announced that it will be on paramount+ in Australia the nordics and Latin America and the USA and on crave tv in Canada

‘Star Trek Returns’ would’ve been a good title for this show too

That would be a pretty generic and boring title, though.

I can’t wait

Strange New Worlds has been getting the best promotion for a new Star Trek series, I think I’ve ever seen.

Man, this VFX stuff of making it seem like there is crap on the lens during the space shots owing to flaring from lights is so far beyond tiresome.I was PO’d when DS9’s TRIALS AND TRIBBLEATIONS didn’t emulate the sharp and contrasty TOS VFX look, but now that milquetoasty safe mild look seems epic compared to this intentional visual crudity.

Take a chill pill, Kev. Relaxxxxxxxx…

I’m just glad they aren’t doing the thing where they add a fake lens flair but for some reason they use a pentagon shaped one, making it seem like they used a cheap lens with only 5 blades. There was a trend of using that in scifi movies for a while, never understood it.

I think the only good use of lens flare I’ve seen this century was in BOOKSMART, which I just watched last night (and strongly recommend.) There’s an emotional moment near the end, and the lens flare appears over a lead’s eye almost like a tear coming down. It was downright ingenious and a nice callback to the famous crying rain shot from IN COLD BLOOD (youtube it if you don’t know — it is one of Conrad Hall’s most famous camera tricks.)

Short TV Spot was no joke. Am I daff? Was that 5 seconds long??

How about that, an actual promotional campaign.

Can’t wait for the original Enterprise 1701 to fly once more and the promotion is looking great.

Please Paramount, don’t screw this up

….I echo this sentiment.

I can’t believe that I’ve read this entire comments section and no one has pointed out that there is a Gorn in the promotional art. (Not to mention a Borg cube and the Guardian.)

Will we see a Gorn this season? I hope so!

Wonder if this will get an iTunes Season pass in the UK like Discovery does, much rather pay for the show than try to catch it on Pluto or subscribe to P+ when or if it arrives.

The TV spot was really interesting. In one scene it looks like Spock is fighting with his human half, literally. Can’t wait for May 5th!