‘Stargazer’ Comic Mini-Series To Bridge The Gap Between Seasons 2 And 3 Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’

IDW Publishing has announced all their August 2022 comic books, and there will be three new Trek titles for the month. This includes the launch of a new Stargazer mini-series set between seasons two and three of Star Trek: Picard. And the series is being co-written by Picard co-creator and co-executive producer Kirsten Beyer. August will also see the final entry in the Mirror War series and another entry in the Alien Spotlight series. We have details and covers for all the Trek comics.

New August 2022 Star Trek comics

Star Trek: Picard—Stargazer #1 (of 3)
(36 pages • $4.99)

Written by Mike Johnson & Kirsten Beyer; art by Angel Hernandez

Embark on a never-before-seen journey set between seasons two and three of the Paramount+ hit series Star Trek: Picard! After a tantalizing offer to return among the stars arises, Captain Jean Luc-Picard takes to the bridge of the U.S.S. Stargazer. But when trouble rears its head on a once peaceful, pre-warp planet from his past, Picard enlists the help of an old friend.

There will be four covers: A cover by Angel Hernandez, B cover by Megan Levens, a retail incentive variant cover by Liana Kangas, and a final variant available only in the IDW store.

A cover by Angel Hernandez

B cover by Megan Levens

RI variant cover by Liana Kangas

Star Trek: The Mirror War #8 (of 8)
(32 pages • $3.99)

Written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton; art by Gavin Smith.

After splintering the Cardassian blockade with a bold, joint attack and help from old friends, the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise moves to end the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance once and for all. Enter the Mirror Universe and witness the fate of the Terran Empire in this explosive finale of The Mirror War!

There will be three covers: A cover by J.K. Woodward, B cover by Amanda Madriaga, and a retail incentive variant cover by Mark Alvarado.

A cover by J.K. Woodward

B cover by Amanda Madriaga

RI variant cover by Mark Alvarado

Star Trek: The Trill
(52 pages • $7.99)

Written by Jody Houser; art by Hendry Prasetya.

Someone is following Vanah, a research student and ex-applicant to the Trill Symbiont Initiate Program, after a life-changing event on a joint Trill-Federation science expedition. Delve into the world of the Trill in this suspenseful tale of tradition, independence, and survival.

There will be two covers: A cover Hendry Prasetya, and a retail incentive variant cover by Alexandra Beguez.

A cover Hendry Prasetya

RI variant cover by Alexandra Beguez

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The Picard limited series looks intriguing. I did notice in the solicitation that they’re calling Jean-Luc Picard “Captain” again and not “Admiral”. I wonder what happened and if it’ll be explained in the comic or in the TV show? The Trill comic looks good, too.

The Mirror War comic is good but I’m burned out on the Mirror Universe right now. It keeps showing up all the time now in the comics and the novels. It’s really starting to be not such a unique concept in Star Trek anymore. So, out of the 3 comics, the one I’m most excited for is the Picard: Stargazer one because I want to know why they’re calling him “Captain” again instead of “Admiral” and who the old friend is that shows up to lend him a hand.

My guess is the old friend is Riker. When I saw in the solicitation that there’s a problem with a pre-warp civilization that was once peaceful, immediately Mintaka III or Malcor III sprung in to my mind. The reason why I thought of Riker as being the old friend who comes to help out Picard is because he was the one whose cover was blown when he was on Malcor III in the episode First Contact. Mintaka III was personal to Captain Picard and that’s my reasoning for choosing that planet from Who Watches The Watchers?.

But, truthfully, it could be any planet from TNG that’s pre-warp. They did violate the Prime Directive a lot on there 🙂. I guess we won’t know until the comic comes out, right? Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

I’m thinking the “captain” Picard thing is a mistake, muscle memory.

Some of these covers look really good, others look like fan fiction.

Yeah, the Star Trek IDW covers, in my opinion, have never been that great unless they’re by J.K. Woodward. He has painted some of the most beautiful Star Trek covers and interiors that I have ever seen in a Star Trek comic. And, yeah, it might’ve been a mistake. I know solicitations for comics aren’t always right 🙂.

Live long and prosper, Obi5Kenobi 🖖.

While it certainly could, it also says he’ll take the bridge, and if this is a segue into Season 3, where he’s back with the crew of the Enterprise, it’s not a stretch to think he might pull a Kirk and take a Captaincy of his old ship. Which makes sense now that Rios is gone.

I’m still hoping that S3 opens with the christening of the next Enterprise, and that’s what brings them all back together — and then some crisis breaks out. Introduce a new Enterprise, a new crew, spin it off a year or two later.

The comic is called Stargazer for a reason, AlphaPredator. It’s quite obvious the ship that Jean-Luc Picard takes command of is the Stargazer. Admirals can’t just demote themselves. That’s not what Captain Kirk did at all.

He took command of the Enterprise in The Motion Picture because Decker turned the Enterprise over to him but he was still an Admiral. He took command of the Enterprise in The Wrath Of Khan because Spock turned the Enterprise over to him but he was still an Admiral. He was still Admiral Kirk in The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home until the end of The Voyage Home when he was demoted in rank for stealing the Enterprise. He didn’t demote himself, the Federation President did that.

So Jean-Luc Picard currently holds the rank of Admiral, not Captain. He can’t just magically wake up one day and say “Oh, I don’t feel like being an Admiral today. I want to be the Captain of the Enterprise again” and then, wham, he’s the Captain of the Enterprise again. It doesn’t work like that. Maybe, in Picard season 3, he does take command of the Enterprise again?

Who knows, right? I don’t think the Enterprise is going to show up, though, unless Worf is still in command of her, which, if you read the book The Last Best Hope, then you know that Picard turned the Enterprise over to him. But from the little bit I’ve heard about season 3, I’m not sure if Worf is even still in Starfleet in the early-2400s. We’ll see when season 3 comes out, right?

I think you’ve also forgotten that the majority of these characters from TNG are retired, with the exception of Riker and even he was retired himself until the end of season 1 of Picard. The most likely scenario is that Picard will have to go on a journey for some reason (maybe something connected to Laris🤔?) and he will need the help of his old friends to do it. This is not gonna be a “let’s get the band back together” season of Picard and Sir Patrick Stewart even said that himself. He also said that not everybody from TNG will be on the screen at the same time, like it was on TNG.

Beverly Crusher is in 6 episodes. She is the only character so far to be in the majority of next season. If next season is gonna have a lot of legacy characters in it, not just from TNG but DS9 and VOY too, then that limits the time spent on screen even more for the TNG characters. They’ll probably all show up on screen together one time and that won’t be until the series finale of Picard, the very last episode of the series.

But, hey, we’ll see, right 🙂? Live long and prosper, AlphaPredator 🖖.

Please re-read my comment and you’ll see I was well aware it’s set on the stargazer. I am not reading the rest of your book, after you got such a basic starting point incorrect.

I read your comment. I just want to know why Picard is a Captain again and not an Admiral. Even when Kirk took command of the Enterprise, he was still an Admiral. But this solicitation clearly says “Captain Picard takes command of the Stargazer”.

I am simply curious as to why he’s a Captain again. I’m the one who left the original response here. I’m simply responding back to you because you are the one who said “maybe he pulled a Kirk”. Pulled a Kirk how?

Because, in the solicitation, it clearly says that he’s Captain Picard again and not Admiral. If Picard just simply took command of the Stargazer, then he would still be an Admiral, just like Kirk was. But the solicitation clearly says that he’s Captain Picard again and I’m just curious as to what happened. If you don’t want to read my responses, that’s fine. Don’t respond back to me if you don’t want to hear my answers.

Seeing as how you don’t
want to read anything beyond a couple of paragraphs, I’ll close out my response now with live long and prosper, AlphaPredator 🖖.

My god, guys.

Johnny Diamond, if you don’t know the expression “drowning the fish”, please look it up.

Are you talking about me or are you talking about everybody that’s leaving responses here? Because I’m not “obfuscating” anything, alright? I made a response to an article and everybody wants to jump in and give their two cents. All I did was put down that I am intrigued to know why Picard is being called “Captain” again?

A simple enough question, right? Except now I’ve got people such as yourself trying to tell me that I’m hiding the truth. What truth am I trying to hide here, Silvereyes, huh? If you want to play smoke and mirrors, go find somebody else to do it with.

I’m a 42 year old grown man, I don’t have time to play games with you. Live long and prosper, Silvereyes 🖖.

A person who commands a ship, regardless of rank, is commonly referred to as Captain.

That doesn’t happen in Star Trek. I’ve been a full-on Trekkie for 31 years now and the ranks have always been differentiated from each other. When Commodore Decker took over the Enterprise during the episode The Doomsday Machine, the bridge crew still called him Commodore and not Captain. If you had read my replies, when Admiral Kirk took command of the Enterprise in the movies, he was always called Admiral and not Captain, until he was demoted, and then he was referred to as Captain again.

The only way to become a Captain in Star Trek is through either promotion, field commission, or the Captain makes somebody Acting Captain. If an Admiral is on the bridge of a ship with the Captain, the Admiral is still an Admiral and the Captain is still a Captain. Jean-Luc Picard has not been known as Captain Picard since Nemesis. In Picard season 1, Rios, who wasn’t in Starfleet at the time, even addresses Picard as Admiral.

For an Admiral to be called a Captain again after being promoted to an Admiralcy would be a sign of disrespect. But the solicitation clearly states that Captain Picard is back so I am inferring that something must’ve happened to Picard within the 2 year time gap that is coming up that had cause to lead to his demotion and I am hoping and wondering if that story will be explored, either in the upcoming comics or in season 3. Live long and prosper, Flodburg 🖖.

Nope. In TMP, he’s Captain once he’s in command.

Just because Admiral Kirk takes a field commission does not mean he’s an actual Captain. He is only Captain until the end of the mission and then he goes back to being an Admiral again. What this has to do with a comic book about the Picard series, I have no idea. I used Admiral Kirk as an example because he’s the only main character besides Picard that we get to see as an Admiral on screen (excluding Janeway’s return on Prodigy, which just started.) for any length of time.

But just because somebody takes a field commission does not mean that they stay in that position. Once the crisis is averted, they go back to their regular rank, which for James T. Kirk was Admiral. Live long and prosper, Jack 🖖🙂.

Well don’t forget in the beginning of PIC season 1, Picard was asking for a ship and crew and said flat out if needed he would accept a demotion to captain. Maybe that is what happened here? I hope not but…

I forgot about that, amirami. Maybe that’s what happened? I can see Jean-Luc Picard pulling a Captain Kirk and telling Starfleet that he doesn’t want to be anywhere else but on the bridge of a ship, specifically the Stargazer because that’s his first love, like Captain Kirk’s is the Enterprise. Picard was awestruck when he boarded the new Stargazer for the first time so I definitely can see that happening.

He never got awestruck with the Enterprise. He just kept wanting to blow her up in the movies 😄. But you can clearly see on Picard’s face in the season 2 premiere of Picard this look of like rediscovering his lost love. Live long and prosper, amirami 🖖.

Yeah. I mean if he does get voluntarily get demoted I can live with it. I just think it’s unnecessary that’s all. And it’s true that unlike Kirk, the Stargazer is Picard’s first love. I mean he said as much to Scotty in Relics.


Not that it matters, but I watched TMP twice this last weekend (the Wise re-issue and then, because I missed the goofy male computer voice, the original) — Kirk is called Captain once he assumes command (and Decker’s rank is temporarily reduced to commander).

Doesn’t happen in TWOK.

He was only a temporary Captain in TMP. Admiral Kirk was still Admiral Kirk as soon as they got back to Earth and all through the Enterprise’s second mission after V’Ger he was Admiral Kirk. He did not get demoted until Star Trek IV and then he was officially the Captain of the Enterprise again. All he did was take a temporary field commission back to the Captaincy so that he could get the Enterprise home safely and save the galaxy from V’Ger because Will Decker knew that he didn’t have enough experience to do it himself.

There are countless books and comic books detailing the Enterprise’s second mission after V’Ger and in every single one they call him Admiral Kirk until Star Trek IV and the Enterprise-A. Captain/Admiral Kirk is my favorite Captain/Admiral. I watch TOS every night and the movies on the weekends so I see the same thing you do. Just because he takes a field commission does not mean he’s permanently Captain of the Enterprise.

The above solicitation makes it sound like Captain Picard has been demoted, not given a field commission by Starfleet or the current Captain of the new Stargazer, like Will Decker did with Admiral Kirk. It clearly says “Captain Picard is back” with no clue given as to why they’re calling him Captain again and that was my point. I want to know, if Picard was demoted, what the story is behind that demotion. I’m not gonna argue a character’s history that I have been following since I was 12 years old 31 years ago.

If you’re still curious, I suggest you go and read up on Admiral Kirk’s bio on Memory Alpha. Live long and prosper, Jack 🖖🙂.

Someone probably finally demoted him for losing the Federation flagship on his watch to a century year old Bird of Prey and then on his watch building a failed evacuation fleet out of robots unnecessarily programmed to act as slaves

Hey, if you don’t like Picard, then don’t watch it. What do you get from spreading hate? I’m not here to talk trash about a fictional character. Picard’s made mistakes.

So have all the Captains. Captain Kirk is my favorite Captain and he blew up the flagship of the Federation himself on Genesis. Star Trek is all about second chances. Or did you not learn that after Picard was assimilated by the Borg in The Best Of Both Worlds.

If you don’t like Picard as a character, then don’t watch him or read about his exploits. That’s the power of choice, it’s as simple as that. No is forcing you to watch or read about Jean-Luc Picard. Live long and prosper, Cmd. Bremmon.

Bremmon’s comment in no way qualified as hate. Relax, kid. Not every comment has to agree with yours. That’s not the purpose of the board. Bremmon’s comments were completely fine. If you only want to read opinions you agree with, the Internet isn’t the place for you.

One, I’m not a kid, I’m a 42 year old man, I don’t appreciate you assuming that I’m a kid. That’s pretty rude!!!! Two, how do you know how Bremmon feels about the character of Jean-Luc Picard? He might hate the character or even dislike him, how would you know?

If he was being snarky or sarcastic, then he should definitely put an emoji next to his words that are supposed to be funny in his response. I do, so that people understand what I’m trying to convey. It’s not my job to read between the lines. I don’t know who Bremmon is and he doesn’t know who I am.

I’m just reading words on a screen. To me, his response sounded like he doesn’t like Picard. Maybe hate was too strong of a word? Maybe I should’ve used dislike?

Once again, I don’t know Bremmon and I don’t know you so I just read the words the way that I read them. If something’s meant to be a joke, then emphasize that it’s a joke because I’m not a mind reader. And I don’t need everyone to agree with my opinion. I don’t need to be told about the internet.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you go and say the same thing to Bremmon that you’re saying to me so that he knows in the immediate future that he needs to be more clearer in his responses. Live long and prosper, Lorna Dune 🖖.

OK. Breathe.

There would be no reason to say it to Bremmon. He didn’t say anything offensive. You, on the other hand, went ballistic for reasons that are not at all clear.

One, you called me “kid”. That gives me a reason to get mad. Would you like it if I called you “chick” or “babe”, I don’t think you would. I’m 42 , not 15.

I won’t calm down until you apologize for being rude, which you were. As for Bremmon, I wasn’t mad at him. I was just stating some simple facts. Reading his words, it comes across like he doesn’t like Jean-Luc Picard.

He talks about him losing the Verity and how the Synth attack on Mars was his fault, what am I supposed to infer from those words, huh? That certainly sounds like he dislikes Picard. He certainly has disdain for him. What offensive thing did I say, huh?

You know you’re one to talk. You’re the one being “offensive” here. You call me “kid” and I find that pretty disrespectful. Between the two of us, you’re the only one who’s writing offensive stuff here.

So why don’t you relax and take a chill pill, “babe”. Live long and prosper, Lorna Dune 🖖.

Yes you do “read words on a screen”, but maybe you should read “between” the words. That would give you a better understanding of the meaning, because you seem to be completely off-track in your responses. Perfect example, don’t assume that Lorna Dune is female… my eyes aren’t actually silver.

Hey, buddy, I’m not here to play games. I’m a 42 year old male dude. I don’t hide and play games. Lorna is a woman’s name. If a dude is hiding behind the name “Lorna”, well, that’s his business.

I don’t need to hide behind a false name because I am as real as it gets. When your name’s Johnny Diamond, you don’t have to hide behind any false identities. I am not here to figure out people’s identities. I don’t need to hide behind facets and masks and pretend to be someone I’m not.

And no, I don’t think you have “silver eyes”. How stupid do you think I am? Now you’ve just insulted my intelligence and you don’t even know me. I put a simple query on here about the solicitation for the Picard comic and a bunch of keyboard ninjas have turned it into something else.

If you don’t have anything better to do than come after a 42 year old man with medical disabilities, then how sad is that? I’m through with this entire conversation and this entire charade, period! Live long and prosper, Silvereyes 🖖.

Also, all I did was put down a simple query: I wonder how Captain Picard has become a Captain again? Somebody wrote back “Well, maybe he pulled a Kirk” and all I did was point out how that’s wrong to assume that because when Kirk took command of the Enterprise when he was an Admiral, he was still Admiral Kirk. So, if Picard did that, he would still be Admiral Picard, but, quite clearly, in the solicitation above, it says “Captain Picard is back” and I am wondering why that is. That’s it!

I haven’t “lost my point”. The responders to my message, such as yourself, have lost the point, not me. Live long and prosper, Silvereyes 🖖.

Ha. If Picard should be demoted for any reason it should be for letting Kirk die for no good reason :P

I hope the “old friend” isn’t a TNG crew member at all. I hope it’s like Nuria from Mintaka III or something weird like that

Yeah, I agree with you, amirami. It would be nice if the old friend was a more obscure character. But I doubt it will be because this leads into season 3 and we all know that the TNG crew factor heavily into next season and this comic is supposed to lead into that reunion that’s why I’ve got a funny feeling that the “old friend” is Riker. The solicit reads that Picard needs the help of an old friend because a pre-warp civilization is on the brink of war and I think that the pre-warp civilization that’s on the cusp of war belongs to the planet Malcor III from the episode First Contact.

In that episode, Riker’s identity was compromised so that’s why I’m speculating that he’s the “old friend”. It would be neat to see Nuria again. But they were way pre-warp on Mintaka III. They were running around with bows and arrows.

Whereas Malcor III actually had some level of technology to it because they discovered Riker’s identity, they just didn’t have warp capability yet. I seriously doubt that the Mintakans could’ve achieved anything resembling warp drive in 30 years. I just mentioned Mintaka III because that one and Malcor III were the first two planets that came to mind where Picard had to violate the Prime Directive on TNG. But, if I had to choose between the two, I think the planet that’s more likely to show up in the Stargazer comic is Malcor III rather than Mintaka III.

Live long and prosper, amirami 🖖.

Yeah, I’m sure it will be a TNG character too. I just think it’s an unoriginal Idea, even if it is meant to be a build up to S3. If it does have to be a TNg character tho I don’t want it to be Riker because that is even more unoriginal. We did Riker so much inn S1. I was Captain Worf of the Enterprise with Captain Picard of the Stargazer. Just like we had Captain Kirk and Sulu in ST VI.

The reason I bring up Nuria is because I can totally see that story. Starfleet sets up a new, better duck blind. They witness a new civil war brewing. 1 faction still believes in religion,, the other doesn’t because of the events of the Enterprise and faction A and waging war on faction B. Something that in a lot of ways parallels today.

That’s sounds good 👍! I’d read something like that. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what planet is going to show up in the Picard comic. I know that they violated the Prime Directive I think 8 times on TNG.

Any one of those planets could be the focus for the Stargazer comic. Your guess is as good as mine. But I am pretty sure that the “old friend” is not Worf. The remaining TNG characters that we haven’t seen are going to be saved for when they make their return during Picard season 3.

Plus, at this time in the Picard show itself, I don’t think Worf is in Starfleet anymore. I think he’s retired. I think they’re all retired and doing other stuff, like Riker was. Like Geordie is probably a professor at the Starfleet Corp of Engineers.

Worf I think might’ve gone home to Q’onoS. Beverly is the only one I’m unsure of because if she’s retired, then I can she her maybe doing some type of dancing school, like Gates McFadden does in real life. I don’t know but I am pretty sure that they’re all out of Starfleet. Remember we’re still in the era of Star Trek where there was a Synth attack on Mars so the other TNG characters probably got disillusioned with Starfleet, much like Picard did, because it changed so much from what they remembered of it.

That’s why I think Riker will be the one to show up in the comic because a) we’ve already seen him at this point in the timeline and b)this would be a way to bring Riker’s new ship, the U.S.S Zeng He, into the comics. Live long and prosper, amirami 🖖.


Hopefully, he’ll have a chance to say make it sew!

Why would he say “make it sew?” Is he a seamstress?

Naw he just needs a hobby for the winery,

Because “make it sow” suggests Picard has taken up riding a different farm animal.

Why do people keep calling these one-shots Alien Spotlight? That’s a different series from years ago. Not one of these covers say “Alien Spotlight” on them.

I’m just glad IDW is finally stepping away from the mirror universe. David and Scott Tipton are good writers and their older work is great. But this mirror storyline has gone on far too long and it’s getting very repetitive. IDW is only publishing a couple Star Trek titles per year these days and they’re wasting so much time on the mirror universe instead of telling stories about characters people actually care about.

Frankly, I have never found the comics themselves to be all that entertaining or well-produced. They have clever ideas and plots sometimes, and like here, they can be instructive as we speculate on future episodes/movies, but in and of themselves, not so much.

Frankly, i find it remarkable that it’s often the same people who call PIC or DSC poorly written who enjoy the comics.

“i find it remarkable that it’s often the same people who call PIC or DSC poorly written who enjoy the comics.”

That’s an absurdly over-generalized statement that is in no way supportable or based on reality. Star Trek comics have been published since 1967 and have a lot of fans, representing a very wide range of opinions about the TV shows. There is no correlation whatsoever between liking Trek comic fans and disliking PIC and DSC. Seriously, your comment is ridiculous.

I agree with your take on the Star Trek comics, Lorna Dune. I love them ❤️! They’re not all perfect but they’re fun to read because it’s Star Trek. One of the first comics I ever had was one of the Gold Key Star Trek comics, way back in the ’80s.

I was a very little kid when it came out so I can’t tell you what issue it was but it was near the end of Gold Key’s run with the license. As I got older, I collected the DC runs of TOS and TNG in the late-’80s and ’90s. I still have a lot of those comics and a good chunk of the IDW run so far. I enjoy the comics, just as much as I enjoy the novels.

I especially loved the Star Trek: New Visions comics/photo novels by John Byrne. Those were pretty cool👍!! Reading one of those stories was exactly like watching an episode of TOS. John Byrne did a fantastic job!

I love all of Star Trek because I’ve been a full-fledged Trekkie for 30 years now. I have grown to love the newer Star Trek shows the more I watch them. They’re not perfect but what is anymore. You can either move forward with the changes or allow the wheels of time to grind you into dust.

I’m not saying all the shows are perfect either. But I do understand that, in today’s TV, a lot of what goes on now is serialized so I let them tell their story and then I make a decision about it. And there are some stories that are rough to take and some that border on “canon breaking” but they’re the writers and it’s their Star Trek story that they’re telling so let them tell it, that’s how I feel. Live long and prosper, Lorna Dune 🖖.

I’ve never understood the need for somebody to comment on something they very clear dislike intensely. Surely there are more productive ways to spend your time that spreading negativity and judging others?

Not gonna lie, the Picard cover illustrations look…odd.

I was gonna ask. Who’s the bald guy on those covers?

I think he looks oddly more like Tom Hardy’s Shinzon than Stewart’s Picard.

Was thinking the same, at least about the first one. The second one looks the most lik Picard, but that’s probably due to the bald man looking old and having the dog there.

Picard looks way too young in the first one.

No thanks.

Regardless of rank, the commander of a ship is referred to as “Captain” in the Navy (and XOs can hold the rank of “Captain” as well.)

I feel as though this reply is supposed to be for me and my question above. It’s an interesting take but it still doesn’t answer my original question: why is Picard a Captain again and not an Admiral? My enquiry is about what happened, in story/canon, to Jean-Luc Picard for Starfleet to demote him back to being a Captain? Because that’s what the above solicitation makes it sound like, that he was demoted.

Your theory about the ranks has a flaw in it and that is that Star Trek has never played fast and loose with the ranks before, like apparently the Navy does. The only way to reach the Captaincy rank in Star Trek as far as I know, and I could be wrong about it for sure, is through promotion, field commission, or to be made an Acting Captain. The only way for an Admiral to become a Captain again in Star Trek is by demotion, just watch the TOS films. Admiral Kirk tried his hardest to get the Enterprise back, to be her Captain again, and Starfleet would not give her back to him until he was finally demoted.

In those movies and in the vast amount of TOS books and comics that follow those movies, Kirk is always referred to as an Admiral. They do not call him Captain again until he is demoted because that would be seen as a sign of disrespect. When Commodore Decker took over the Enterprise in The Doomsday Machine, the bridge crew didn’t call him Captain Decker, they still called him Commodore. So Star Trek doesn’t adhere to Navy rules when it comes to rank.

The Picard show and books and comics have consistently referred to Picard as either Admiral Picard or just Jean-Luc Picard, not Captain Picard. He has not been called Captain Picard since Nemesis. Even Rios called Picard Admiral in season 1 of Picard and he wasn’t in Starfleet at the time. So to be an Admiral is the highest honor in Starfleet and everyone recognizes that.

But for them to put in the solicitation that “Captain Picard is back”, then that means he must’ve been demoted somewhere along the line and that’s what I want to know. That’s the story I want to find out about. Live long and prosper, Herb Flynn 🖖.

I like the Kelvin comics but they died around the same time as the film series. There hasn’t been any post Beyond Enterprise A comics. Boldly go was a wasted opportunity.

The funny thing about the Kelvin comics was that they were set in the Prime universe and were supposed to be canon. But then Star Trek Picard came around and blew that idea out of the water.

Who is drawing those covers? Fans? None of the three look remotely like Picard.

I’m a little bothered Picard is being called Captain. One can be an Admiral and still command a Starship (see Riker in All good Things or Janeway in Prodigy). And something tells me this now means that Seven’s rank was only temporary.