See Kirk Reminisce For His Final Captain’s Log In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #400 Special Comic

This is a big week for IDW as they celebrate 15 years with Star Trek with their 400th issue, an extended one-shot featuring a number of different stories from a variety of artists and writers. Also, the Mirror War series wraps up even more with a special one-shot focused on Troi. And we have 5-page previews for both.

Star Trek #400


Celebrate IDW’s 400th issue of Star Trek comics with this monumental issue highlighting fan-favorite eras of the acclaimed series. This collection of minis brings together Star Trek comics veterans in an equal celebration of IDW’s Star Trek comics past and future. Join little Keyla Detmer—as seen in Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #3—on a new expedition, visit the Kelvin Universe, witness a heartfelt tale by TNG’s very own Wil Wheaton, and more by Chris Eliopoulos, Declan Shalvey, Rich Handley, and Mike Johnson, with art by Luke Sparrow, Seth Damoose, Megan Levens, Angel Hernandez, and Joe Eisma!

Cover A:

A cover by Louie de Martinis

NOTE: There are four additional covers by JK Woodward, Megan Levens, Angel Hernandez, and Chris Fenoglio. [CLICK HERE to preview]

Five-page preview: 

Star Trek: The Mirror War–Troi

Also out this week from IDW is one last one-shot tied into the Mirror War mini-series which wrapped up last month. This new entry focused on Troi was written by Marieke Nijkamp with art by Megan Levens.


The spotlight turns to Deanna Troi in this one-shot set in the Mirror Universe of The Next Generation. Expand upon the world of The Mirror War! At the turn of a new dawn for the Terran Empire, having achieved victory over the Cardassian-Klingon Armada, Deanna Troi reflects on just how far her ambition has driven her on her calculating quest to seek power and escape among the stars.

Cover A:

A cover by Megan Levens

There will be two other covers from Ejiwa Enenebe and Tom Ralston as well.

Five-page preview: 

New Star Trek comics on Wednesday

Star Trek #400 and Star Trek: Mirror Wars – Troi will arrive on September 7. You can order and pre-order individual copies at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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Beautiful artwork, and a great lineup of creators. I look forward to reading this one, and I’m just glad I’ve not seen any indication it contains any TNG mirror universe stories. That tired storyline needs to end already.

That shot on the transporter pad would make a beautiful stained glass window.

I really really like that 5 page preview. What a great summation of the original Star Trek. Just really sweet.

Bones and Chekov look like fat monkeys.

That panel of Kirk punching Gorn is sick!

I was good with the writing on that 5-page preview of #400, but… how does art like that actually find it’s way to being approved? If it was someone’s fan art or something, hey, cool. But… I mean, we’re all seeing those faces, right? Am I going mad?

EDIT: Some of the non-human face stuff looks nice, stylized. And the transporter group shot IS pretty nice. Credit where it’s due.

I had an idea that Kirk decided to drag his feet getting back to Earth, and it took a few months rather than a few days; along the way he had the crew fix up the Enterprise so it was good as new. (He wasn’t about to drag *two* damaged Enterprises into Spacedock for their decommissioning.) Think of it as a training mission, he figured, and a farewell cruise for his crew. Starfleet figured out what he was doing but winked at it out of respect for them.

Of course, as they were about to launch the Enterprise-B, they had a problem on their hands, and so A was never quite decommissioned and put in a museum, joined decades later by B.

About 110 years later, a resurrected Kirk liberates the A and goes on various adventures, and we have a new series to replace Picard. :-)