See The Return Of Worf In Preview Of IDW’s ‘Star Trek’ #2

The second issue of IDW’s new ongoing flagship Star Trek series arrives tomorrow, continuing the adventure of Benjamin Sisko’s return on a mission from the gods. The series is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the leads behind IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five series, with art by Ramon Rosanas (Marvel’s Star WarsAnt-Man). Our recent interview with the writers offered more detail on their plans for the series and how it will tie into both legacy Star Trek and the new Star Trek shows. And today we have a 5-page preview of the issue two.

Star Trek #2


Tasked with a mission from the Prophets, Benjamin Sisko enlists the help of an old friend from Qo’noS to track the ship and persons responsible for slaying the gods.


Star Trek #2 cover A by Ramon Rosanas

Cover B by Malachi Ward

Cover C by J. K. Woodward

Five-page preview: 

Star Trek arrives on Wednesday

Star Trek #1 arrives on November 30. You can order individual copies at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

More Worf to come

The new issue features Sisko seeking help from Worf, who looks to be an important part of the story. Last month IDW announced Star Trek: Defiant, a spinoff comic series led by Worf. Defiant debuts in March.

Defiant #1 cover A by Angel Unzueta

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wait…is that the cloned Kahless? I don’t buy that Worf would be saying this iteration of Kahless was there or that he (Kahless) would even remember. The clone had all his memories implanted by the priests. Weird, but I’ll be here for the complete volume when finished.