Watch: Star Trek’s Captain Pike And Mariner Team Up With Sylvester Stallone For Paramount+ Super Bowl Ad

Paramount+ is continuing its “mountain of entertainment” series of promos with a new commercial set to air during Super Bowl LVII. They released the ad today which features some familiar Star Trek faces.

Star Trek and Stallone

The Paramount+ Super Bowl spot focuses on Sylvester Stallone, but it also features Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Tawny Newsome voicing Ensign Beckett Mariner from Star Trek: Lower Decks. Check “Stallone Face” out.

Seeing Pike and Mariner together is a sort of preview of the upcoming Strange New Worlds season 2 crossover episode featuring Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome from Lower Decks in live-action on the USS Enterprise.

Sylvester Stallone stars in Tulsa King, part of a growing universe of shows from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan on Paramount+. It was recently picked up for a second season and just today Paramount+ announced a reality show called The Family Stallone featuring Sylvester Stallone along with his wife and three daughters, who appear with him in the promo. The ad also features Dora The Explorer, Reno 911’s Lt. Dangle, and Beavis and Butt-Head.

Anson Mount shared the spot on Twitter saying he had “a blast” shooting it with Thomas Lennon (Lt. Dingle) and the Stallone family.

Lower Decks showrunner Mike McMahan also shared the promo and pitched an unlikely crossover.

Super Bowl LVII will be broadcast on Fox on Sunday, February 12.

New Picard campaign

Paramount+ is also rolling out a new promotional campaign around the launch of the final season of Star Trek: Picard. In addition to the commercial ran during the AFC game last weekend (a condensed version of the new trailer), there is also an outdoor campaign running. Today, Gates McFadden shared an example from the campaign on Twitter.

You can also see an example of one of the online promo images below.

2023 promo

As reported earlier this week, Paramount+ is merging with Showtime in the USA. The two services are currently available as a bundle, but later this year Showtime will be folded into the premium tier for all subscribers. There is another new promo today promoting what’s coming to Paramount+ with Showtime this year, including Picard.



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These commercials are so weird lol, but fun! And it won’t be the last time we’ll see Mariner and Pike together! ;D

Jeez, My non-Trek friends who I’m going to a super Bowl party with know I love Star Trek, but I can already hear the cracks and ribbing about what in the heck is this silly and annoying animated character all about. It’s going to be embarrassing.

You need better friends.

Or friends with bad taste and who like loud and obnoxious cartoons.

You think loud and obnoxious cartoons are a sign of bad taste? I guess you are not a fan of Tex Avery then.

Those classics are certainly not obnoxious. I’ll grant you they are loud, but I said, cartoons that are loud AND obnoxious. Also, it’s not a one-size fits all proposition — there are always exceptions.

Ok, well then we agree. There is no sense to argue about taste anyway. I’m not a fan of Lower Decks myself. I think it could be great, but what I saw I found just mediocre.

Of all the things that will never happen, this is most never happening.

Unless you visibly grimace and sigh and then invite them to ask for your opinion, I seriously doubt that’s going to happen, based on her totally middle of the road reading of one innocuous line in an OTT tv spot.

Actually, interestingly, my friends and family who can’t stand Trek like Lower Decks and Mariner in particular.

I’ve been finding with several people who recently started watching Trek it was Lower Decks that got them started.

And I’ve got a new product, Camp Lejeune Mineral Water, that’s going to be the next big thing.

Based on one rather quiet and decidedly not obnoxious line? Your friends confuse me.

Who are the three plastic-looking women? I don’t recognize them.

They are the real life daughters of Sylvester Stallone.

Are they in his new show?

I don’t think they are in Tulsa King, but they are going to be in a new reality series about the family’s life.

I don’t have any issues with them at all — they would be most welcome at my Super Bowl party.

Criticising a woman’s appearance is gross.

It is extremely normal to criticise anyone you find unattractive. Women are not a protected species from criticism.

Got Misogynism?

Your silly labels are meaningless. It is offensive to think women are forbidden from being critiqued. You are saying that men are inferior.

I know a lot of people think it’s fair game to critique appearances once they deduce cosmetic surgery is involved, male or female, but it’s still impolite.

It’s impolite, misogynistic and likely untrue that their similar looks are likely due to surgery.

(Although I can agree that they, and even the male actors had their makeup done by someone with a heavy hand for ‘sculpting’)

Like many actors, Stallone is not only good looking himself, he married models.

His three daughters (Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet) are from his last (on and off again) marriage to model Jennifer Flavin.

They are full siblings and take after their parents. This is unsurprising.

No one comes on here to say nasty things about Ethan Peck having the look of his grandfather Gregory, or Jack Quaid being a visual mashup of his parents Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.

I was today years old when I learned who Jack Quaid’s parents were.

I would love for either of them to voice a character on Lower Decks, would be quite a coup. Meg Ryan in particular is such a good voice actor.

It’s impolite, misogynistic and likely untrue that their similar looks are likely due to surgery.

Exactly. I mean, here’s a thought for the mean dudes here — they are between 20 and 26 years old, and that’s why they look so youthful — because they are freaking young — do you get that, “Einsteins?” LOL

The are all from 20 to 26 years old, so I don’t even see why that deduction would make sense anyway? They are simply young.

Perhaps some men…lol


One of them calling him “Dad” didn’t give it away? 🤷‍♂️

Well now I need a Strange New Worlds/Reno 911 crossover, so thanks for that.

AS far as ads go, it was funny.

MARINER!!!!! 😀

The ads are clever but TBH they don’t do much for me. Kudo’s on getting Stalone tho. It would have been really cool if they got Harrison Ford and captain pike in the same commerical with a quick wink to each other lol

Well…didn’t work for me, super cringe.

Yep. Super cringe, with a helping of Fremdschämen drizzled on top! 🥴

I think they should get Stallone for Trek.

If we ever get the Tarrantino Trek movie take on A Piece of the Action, they absolutely need to get Stallone.

Given the movie franchise is so up in the air now, I don’t think revisiting QT-Trek is such a bad idea. That movie would have tremendous buzz, and knowing QT, it’s probably more story driven than special effects driven, so that would save cost versus the JJ approach.

My opinion is that if a filmmaker like Tarantino wants to make a film for your franchise, you need to make it happen because it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and it will make the masses talk about your franchise. You may not like his films or you may not find them “appropriate” for Trek but sometimes these notions need to take a backstage.

Yeah, I agree completely.

There are rumours that David Cronenberg will be making a limited streaming series in Toronto (he wouldn’t do it elsewhere anyway).

Which makes people wonder if he’s going to do his own take on Trek given that he’s already a recurring character on Discovery.

He may be moving beyond body horror after his last film, which seemed to be for body horror to be what Unforgiven was to Westerns.

All to say, as Tiger2 says, we may be more likely to see ‘auteur Trek’ on television than in a cinematic release.

But Stallone in a Cronenberg piece is something I don’t think I want to imagine.

How about Jeff Goldblum in Trem instead?

he was never going to actually do it.
it was a pipe dream, like his plan to do ‘casino royale’ with pierce brosnan

Agreed. That was never a serious project.

i know people have opinions on the pplus showtime thing but it sounds as though it’s more showtime mergin into pplus than the other way around and it might make trek available on cable systems which would be nice

nice to see snw and LD and picard stuff going on… and i know they are still in post with disco but wish there was more with that. im thinking we might not get disco until fall. picard then snw then summer lower decks…

DSC was the last live action series to go into production, so it makes sense it would come after SNW and LDS.

Basic. Embarrassing. Made by committee. Not compelling.

What happened to your sense of humor?

Ha ha ha ha. These ads are so hilarious they must be made by the team behind the new gut-busting Night Court available on rival service [——-].

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not but is the new Night Court good?

I’ll get dragged for saying It’s about as good as the original. Half the jokes are bad but there’s just something compelling about the Dan Fielding character.

I don’t find it as funny as the original, but I agree with you on Dan Fielding. Keeps me watching, and hopefully it will find its footing. Also strange to hear Melissa Rauch’s normal voice.

Thanks for that! I loved the original as a kid but I have not had an inkling to even watch the new show. But I will probably watch a few episodes and decide on my own. But I guess it’s a huge hit though because hour after I made my post I saw it’s already been renewed for season 2.

With Picard The (Possible) Final Season poised to be the biggest streaming hit yet from Paramount Global, and the bold new synergy promised by Paramount+ with Showtime, Paramount Global is about to put the “peak” in “peak TV.”

Best snark I’ve seen ’round these parts (at least today, anyway)

you’re. not. gonna. fall……

Now I Stallone and Cage in Star Trek.

wow, I am surprised they actually filmed together and didn’t just greenscreen everyone separately

They did the green screen thing last year during COVID.

This seems a bit less stilted.

Pike’s badge is crooked.

Stallone did a Movie called Cliffhanger. This was a little homage to his earlier Movie

There is something fundamentally wrong with those Paramount Mountain commercials.

For some reason I love the completely absurd nature of these commercials. They shouldn’t be effective, they’re corny and dumb, and yet I laugh at pretty much all of them… So I guess someone at Paramount know what they’re doing! ;p

I mean, the purpose of these ads is to get attention….

Is this Canon?

Can we please stop producing Cringe Trek??? This stuff is so embarrassing, even the afterthought ads are on par with the writing in modern Trek 🤮

Silly question but are those ads technically part of the canon?