See Sisko Meet His Plain, Simple Cardassian Advocate In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #8

Wednesday brings the eighth issue of IDW’s ongoing flagship Star Trek series. This is the second issue of the second volume (titled “The Red Path”) for the series continuing the adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko after his return from the Bajoran Wormhole on a mission from the gods. The series is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the leads behind IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five series, with art by Ramon Rosanas (Marvel’s Star WarsAnt-Man). We have a 5-page preview of issue 8.

Star Trek #8


The newly established Obsidian Council of Cardassia Prime has spoken: The time has come for Benjamin Sisko to stand trial for the atrocities he ordered and for his contributions to war crimes by the Federation during the Dominion War. Arc two of the critically acclaimed Star Trek flagship comic series continues here!


Cover A by Mike Feehan (also available in black and white)

Cover B by Caspar Wijngaard

Cover C by Rod Reis

RI Cover by Malachi Ward (also available without lettering)


Five-page preview: 

Star Trek #8 arrives on Wednesday

Star Trek #7 arrives on May 17. You can order issue 8 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

Volume 1 collection arrives in July

IDW’s first collection from the Star Trek series will be released on July 18. Volume 1 (titled ‘Godshock”) collects the first six issues from the series. You can pre-order Volume 1 in hardcover from Amazon for $24.99.

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I like the less cartoony version of Shaks.

the art is so rough. The cover art Garak has a lazy eye. Using TMP era typeface in TNG era – so many odd choices. I will get this in omnibus form for sure, and the art if certainly beyond anything I could even contemplate doing myself, but it’s sometimes quite jolting.