See Sisko Face Cardassian Justice In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #10

This week IDW releases the tenth issue of their ongoing flagship Star Trek series, wrapping up “The Red Path” storyline. This is the final prelude to the “Day of Blood” crossover event which kicks off later this month. The series is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the leads behind IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five series, with art by Mike Feehan (Marvel’s Star WarsAnt-Man). We have a 5-page preview of issue 10.

Star Trek #10


Don´t miss out on this lead up to the highly anticipated DAY OF BLOOD crossover event between the Star Trek ongoing series and Defiant! Lieutenant Shaxs receives visions from the Bajoran Prophets. He sees his past and his future, and he sees the trial of Benjamin Sisko. The crew of the Theseus must fight their way back together after being separated across Cardassian space before their Captain’s fate is set in stone and Kahless can carry out his promise of more bloodshed…



Cover A by Mike Feehan (also available in black and white)

Cover B by Philip Murphy

Cover C by Justin Mason

RI Cover by Malachi Ward


Five-page preview: 

Star Trek #10 arrives on Wednesday

Star Trek #10 arrives on July 12. You can order issue 10 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

Volume 1 collection arrives next week

IDW’s first collection from the Star Trek series will be released on July 18. Volume 1 (titled ‘Godshock”) collects the first six issues from the series. You can pre-order Volume 1 in hardcover from Amazon for $24.99 or $7.49 for ebook/Kindle.

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Cardassian Space is still a thing?

Too soon, Amirami. Too soon.

The over the head shackle design is a nice touch…. Nice nod to “Chain of Command”.