‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Teases Musical Episode; ‘Lower Decks’ Crossover Dropping Today On Paramount+

Not to be left out, Strange New Worlds was represented during the Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Not only did fans in attendance get to see the much anticipated seventh episode of the second season that features a Lower Decks/Strange New Worlds crossover, Paramount then surprised the audience by announcing that the episode will be released today for everyone to see. They also teased the rumored musical episode by revealing a trailer and details on the original soundtrack.

Lower Decks crossover available today

The Lower Decks/Strange New Worlds crossover episode (titled “Those Old Scientists”) originally scheduled to be released next Thursday will be available to stream today, starting at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Paramount+ in the U.S. and all Paramount+ international markets. Keep an eye out for a TrekMovie recap and review arriving at the same time as the episode is being released. Tony and Laurie will also be discussing the episode in a special episode of the All Access Star Trek podcast arriving Sunday morning.

Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, and Anson Mount in Strange New Worlds “Those Old Scientists”

Sneak peek of musical episode

Also shown at Comic-Con is a trailer and poster for the very special ninth episode of the season, the (often rumored) musical episode, aptly titled “Subspace Rhapsody.”  This must certainly be one of those “big swings” of the season, that the cast and crew have teased in past interviews.


Here’s an alternate link to trailer on StarTrek.com for international readers


“Subspace Rhapsody” Soundtrack

The special musical episode “Subspace Rhapsody” will feature 10 original songs, plus a “Subspace Rhapsody” version of the series’ main title, with music and lyrics by Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo) and Tom Polce (Letters to Cleo, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Please click HERE to pre-save the “Subspace Rhapsody” soundtrack on all available digital music streaming platforms.

Updated season 2 episode release schedule

With the early release of episode seven, the updated Strange New Worlds season-two global release schedule for Paramount+ is now:

  • Saturday, July 22 – Episode 207, “Those Old Scientists”
  • Thursday, July 27 – Episode 208, “Under the Cloak of War”
  • Thursday, August 3 – Episode 209, “Subspace Rhapsody”
  • Thursday, August 10 – Episode 210 (Season Finale), “Hegemony”

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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I may not like this personally, but what I see here is going to get huge public buzz.

The general public doesn’t give a rats about the gimmick lower decks crossover thing (because they don’t watch that show), but I predict that this gimmick is going to generate huge International buzz and bring new fans to the show


I’m gonna remember this when it gets the huge buzz I am predicting in serval weeks and I will then call you out here. But when I do that I predict you will be nowhere to be found here….LMFAO

You’re a strange one, randomly assuming things in the future and then laughing at it.
The wont be huge buzz about the musical episode at all.

Sorry Doc…whoops, I meant to say, “wer”


I’m sure they’ll both generate buzz.

LDS will get some Internet fanboy buzz, but the musical ep is going to get apeshit global buzz.

And consider that the LDS crossover app its coming out in an hour and there hasn’t been that big of a P+ build up to it, yet P+ is going full-bore marketing on this 2 weeks out and at comicon.

Lower Decks is just too much inside baseball. I agree that the musical episode is more likely to generate “buzz.”

Well said!

TOS generated MAJOR buzz for being so awesome! 😎

I still don’t know about this musical but I’ll stay positive. TOS could’ve sucked too.

Oh give it a rest. Your obsession with trashing LDS at every available opportunity isn’t funny any more. It’s honestly disturbing. You really need to get some help but this hatred isn’t normal

Nah, I’m fine and just having fun. If my comments on LDS actually ruins your day, then I would argue you are the one who needs to consider adjusting some of your traits — this is the second time in the last week that you have tried to bully me on this. Just relax, dude, honestly, it’s all going to be OK! :-)

Regardless, please just ignore my comments and move on if you don’t like them — there is no reason either of us need to get personal about this.

Besides, I wasn’t even criticizing LDS in this post — I was correctly saying that the general public isn’t generally aware of the show, which is factual…it’s hit with many Trek fans and some internet fanboys, but it’s not translated much beyond that. Hence, P+ is making a much bigger marketing push with the musical ep…also true.

“Just ignore and move on” please take your own advice dude. You aren’t funny and this behavior borders on pathetic.

Are you guys all the same dude? Because this is bizarre that four people are giving me the same comments within 30 minutes of each other. I mean what are the freaking chances of that?

;-). ;-)

It says more about you spamming the site than it does about anyone else

Your post to me says more about why you are here than it does about Star Trek.

You may not like my posts or my views, but I’m talking about Star Trek; and you’re not!

Agreed. Fantastic marketing move.

Thanks!. At least someone’s actually reading my comments which I thought I explained pretty well. I appreciate it

I don’t know how SNW can get more popular than it already is, but if Trek finally breaks through internationally in a way it never has, I guess none of us should be surprised. Strange New Worlds is simply the greatest TV show ever made.

I won’t go that far just yet, but If we get a couple more seasons like the first two it’s certainly going to begin to approach that level.

Too bad the strike may cancel it.

Which top performing series in their 2nd seasons were cancelled by industrial actions? Would be good to get some historical context so we can be on the same page about this sort of conjecture.

During the last strike a few shows and movies had to be canceled. The same happened during the Covid shutdown. You just can’t keep spending thousands or millions of dollars on sets that aren’t being used.

SNW is Paramount+’s top show and in only its second season. I simply am curious which cancelled shows are a fitting comparison. GLOW doesn’t fit the bill and I don’t recall any shows outright canned by the 2007-2008 strike.

Well I’m no expert. I don’t want the show cancelled either. I hope you’re correct.

I can only assume you are from north America, because otherwise I cannot explain the implicit and false assumption that Trek didn’t have a break through inernationally so far.

I can attest you under oath that TOs was big over here in the 70s and TNG and Voy were vitually everywhere in the 90s, with it being hugely popular TV shows back then with lots and lots of marketing buzz and side events.
And from what I heard this not only pertained to my country but also to many others, from the UK to Japan.

I have accepted the premise from modern audiences that old = bad and therefore irrelevant. Sounds like other countries had an even worse time with crusty old Star Trek that has zero value.

He is a troll. Don’t bother.

You’re right. ST needs new blood. If it wasn’t for shows like DIS and SNW, ST would be dying right now.

I totally agree

The comments will be appointment viewing.

I’m sure some will like the musical episode but from that clip to be it looks silly and really corny lol. Heck maybe the full episode will be better hopefully.

The clip looks wonderful. I’ve been waiting for a Star Trek musical episode since the glory days of Xena and Buffy… Always envied those shows for getting there first. Now it’s finally, finally upon us. Trek’s true final frontier… So delighted!

Feeling exactly… the opposite

I get what they’re doing here, sure–they’re trying to do what Buffy did with “Once More With Feeling,” including the old-style theater poster–but this seems less a “big swing” and more a “wild pitch.” I hope it works and will keep an open mind, but that trailer didn’t work for me.

Believe it or not, TV and musicals existed before Buffy as did musical episodes.

Believe it or not, I am well aware of that since I work in the television industry, and I never said Buffy did it first. I clearly said they’re trying to recapture the magic of “Once More With Feeling,” which is not remotely what you just said. So take your smarm and shove— er, never mind.

Everything this show touches is perfect. This will be better than Buffy’s. Also, it sounds a lot more like The Greatest Showman

I won’t go quite that far, but I would agree with the general jist of your remark given that certainly this season is hitting on all cylinders, on top of an already fantastic season 1.

I hope the music isn’t like The Greatest Showman’s. Something about the very contemporary style drew me out, especially with Hugh Jackman singing them. The man looks at home singing older style showtimes, not very modern arrangements.

Community, Scrubs, Buffy and Chicago Hope to me had rock solid takes on musical episode.

Not a fan of musicals. I hope the episode isn’t a dud.

I’m ok with some silly nonsense, but the seasons are really too short for such episodes.

Yes. I literally hate musicals. I’m hoping to get through the episode. Thin chance of that.

I’ve always hoped Trek would do a musical with existing songs in a different context, like ‘byebye life / i think i’m gonna die’ from ALL THAT JAZZ, but with McCoy singing about the transporter, or somebody singing about the sillyass way Shatner runs during the bombing scenes in ARENA by doing ‘Walk like a man.’ Chapel singing, ‘i don’t know how to love him’ from JC Superstar might also work. The theme from SHAFT’s BIG SCORE is called ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? which could work for Uhura, or in counterpoint for the rather unmanly nuKirk.

Of course I’m also the guy who wishes somebody would do an sf musical version of DON QUIXOTE, just so I could hear “SpaceMan of LaMancha.”

The trailer looks like a lot of “silly nonsense.”

Personally, I would rather they simply to an out-of-canon musical episode, one that is “inspired by Star Trek” but isn’t part of the historical record. I think that approach would lower the temperature all around. THE WEST WING did this with “Isaac and Ishmael,” which used the West Wing characters but took place outside the show’s continuity.

I’m scared, I’m sensitive to cringe, but SNW hasn’t let me down yet so I have faith…faith of the heart. I am a little concerned they didn’t really show actual signing clips from the episode, just background music and dancing. I realize musical numbers work best in context so I don’t blame them in that regard.

scared lol

OMG the LDS crossover tonight????? Oh yeah!!!!!!

The musical clip looks about what I thought it would be. Looks interesting but this is probably going to be a love or hate episode down the line. It’s nice to see Kirk dancing again though.

I hope the crossover episode makes sense to those of us who have not watched LDS. I might have questions.

And we’ll be here to answer them for you Trellium G! :)

I feel like it is Christmas in July! Can’t wait to watch the LDS episode early. The musical looks interesting. It would appear it has some sort of sci-fi induced reason for it so that it doesn’t break the fourth wall… if nothing else it will be unique!

I know! I’m super excited now. I have absolutely NOTHING to do today so I’m going to wait for it to come on, make some popcorn and hopefully feel giddy for a full hour. And then read and watch all the reviews about it. I guess they feel they have a big hit on their hands if they are releasing it 5 days early.

I went on YT to read the comments so far about the musical episode and yeah it’s pretty divided lol. Not unexpected obviously but I’m staying positive about it for now!

Well, I think that’s lovely on both counts!

Musical episode. Musical episode. I can’t wait for August 3rd.

Oy. I’m really not feeling this.

You’re not alone.

But you’re also not, not alone.

Awesome news on both counts.

They shelved Prodigy, and lost my subscription. No deal.


One of them better sing the theme from Star Trek. It does have lyrics that Roddenberry wrote himself.

The rim of the star-light
My love
Is wand’ring in star-flight
I know
He’ll find in star-clustered reaches
Strange love a star woman teaches.
I know
His journey ends never
His star trek
Will go on forever.
But tell him
While he wanders his starry sea
Remember, remember me.

Wait, those are the roddenlyrics?

Yeah, lol. I Googled them. There’s a video on Youtube with someone singing them. I’d post it, but links like that tend to get flagged here and take a long time to show up until the admins review them.

I have been waiting all my life to hear somebody sing that (a mix of dread and excitement.) There was some event on TV that was advertised that way, but it was just a woman humming like second/third season opening credits, not doing the lyrics.

Composer Alex Courage was so PO’d about those lyrics, not just that they didn’t really track, but because it cost him half the royalties in perpetuity.


There’s a video on Youtube with someone singing the theme. I’d post it, but links like that tend to get flagged here and take a long time to show up until the admins review them.

Any time I watch WAYNE’S WORLD (which is only about once every fifteen years), I wish they’d done the actual TOS words when humming the song as planes fly overhead. But the audience might have hurled.

I say hurl. If you blow chunks and she comes back, she’s yours. But if you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be.

Hey! Kmart, get it together, man. ‘Cause if you hurl, and I catch a whiff of it, man… I’m gonna spew. And if I blow chunks, chances are someone else is gonna honk, alright? And that’s gonna set off a parastolic reaction, alright?

Great word usage at the end there, even if it sounds like something Barclay and LaForge would be discussing. Do they really say that in the movie?

Lol, I had the same thought! Maybe they can do an expanded version for the SNW theme.

Indeed, heh.

I’m out. I am not the target audience. The creative decisions of this season are obviously designed to bring in people outside the fandom. And it looks like they succeeded. The show will endure and have many spinoffs, probably movies too.

But, in my opinion, I don’t recognize Star Trek in this show anymore. Big ideas are replaced by blabbing about trauma, crying about trauma, musicals, rom-coms, cheap laughs, punching, kicking, juvenile dialogue, and if that is what audiences want, then P+ is a business and I understand.

At least SNW is being honest and direct about it, unlike Picard S3, which was Star Wars under the guise of Star Trek, and unlike Lower Decks, which we must except is Canon when it’s really a juvenile, cartoon sitcom. And I’ll go back to Enterprise as well, which pretended to be a prequel to TOS, but failed in that goal in so many ways.

SNW, DSC and Prodigy are not at least pretending to be something they are not.

By the way you should go back and watch the original series again – many of your critiques apply, and SNW is an update of the blueprint for that show. For example watch And the children shall lead again and compare it to your criteria above.

I am so goddamn sick of your pissing and moaning and gatekeeping and just sour attitude. Find another place to haunt – you’re ruining the community here!!!

I see nothing in my post above that warranted your emotional outburst. I explained my POV. If you disagree with it, fine, then state why please. I am here to discuss Star Trek.


you’re ruining the community here!!!

Oh, please. As if the poor quality of NuTrek has nothing to do with it.

Thanks, dude. This is getting ridiculous – four different posters within 30 minutes are trying to bully me off the board… Within minutes of each other.

What a remarkable and astounding coincidence…lol

Time out.


Gatekeepers are the worst.

Except for the Gatekeeper of Forever. ‘Since before your ass burned hot from chili overdose, I have awaited a bowel movement.’


Does it not bother you that so many people find you disruptive, distracting, and rude? I’m not asking if YOU think you are, I’m asking if it matters to you that everyone else thinks you are. Because it should. There’s not caring what people think, and then there’s being a pest. You’re being a pest.

I’m asking if it matters to you that everyone else thinks you are

See, dude you say this when clearly, if you had even bothered to read the response above, you would see that two people supported me. So your BS use of “everyone” here is grossly exaggerated to the extreme — you are making that up.

Let me ask you this — does your comically gross exaggeration of the negative response to my posts, followed up by your condescension and name-call — which amounts to piling on, bullying-like behavior, bother you? It should.

I talk Star Trek, share my opinions on it. My advice to you would be to have more confidence in your own views such that you don’t have to reduce yourself to posting personal BS like this.

Let’s stick to Star Trek, be less defensive, not name call, and be truthful.

Repeat after me: bringing in new fans. Is. A. godd**m. GOOD THING.


Not if they’re undiscerning fans. There are already enough sycophants as is that if you skinned them, you would probably have enough material to make a ringworld, or maybe even a dyson sphere (no that is not a vacuum cleaner joke.)

The beauty of Star Trek to me is that it has been many things over the years. But everything you’ve touched on has been explored in other Trek shows to varying degrees.

Crying about trauma? I give you “Family,” “Emissary,” “The Visitor,” “Ensign Ro,” “Generations” and any number of episodes of Discovery. Musicals? Vic Fontaine says hello. Rom-coms? Done proud by “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “His Way.” Cheap laughs by way of falling tribbles, Data’s misunderstandings, Robin Hood, pregnant men, and Ferengi hijinks. Punching and kicking? I believe we are all acquainted with Captains Kirk and Sisko, and episodes like “The Way of the Warrior,” “To the Death,” “Tsunkatse” and “Zero Hour.” And everyone’s mileage for dialogue may vary, but just because it’s stylized and formal and has technobabble that doesn’t make everything from Berman Era Trek a Tom Stoppard play, nor is TOS so elevated we can’t wince a little at some of the lines everyone was given from time to time.

Trek has been cerebral, it’s been low-brow, it’s been funny, deathly serious, and explored genres within genres. There is my interpretation of what good Star Trek is, and it’s not definitive or resoundingly sunny (lord knows I’ve complained about certain aspects of shows and movies), but I don’t watch SNW and find it to be unrecognizable. It’s different and broader, but it’s also swinging for the fences creatively at times and I admire that. All the shows have done that at times, all to capture a wider audience. Cliffhangers, sex appeal, action stories, romance, stunt casting, exotic locations, holodeck adventures… All done to keep things interesting, appealing and fresh, often at great risk.

A lot of what SNW tries to do still connects for me and the cast and characters are strong enough to carry things even when it doesn’t work for me. I’m sorry it’s not appealing to you, but I think Trek has been all about a diversity of storytelling for decades and I’m not phased by what SNW is doing.

Crying about trauma? I give you “Family,” “Emissary,” “The Visitor,” “Ensign Ro,” “Generations” and any number of episodes of Discovery. 

Personally, I don’t remember a whole lot of crying in those, save for “Family” and GENERATIONS. (I especially don’t remember a lot of crying in “Ensign Ro.”) But set that aside.
“Family” and “The Visitor” took place in civilian contexts.

No one faults people for having emotions. The issue is that there’re a time and place for them — and that time and place is rarely the workplace, much less the military or other high-pressure jobs, and much less those high-pressure jobs in the heat of a crisis, where lives can depend on setting your emotions aside to get decisions right. Picard told Data off for getting too emotional in GENERATIONS. I recall scenes in DS9 where Sisko cancelled receipt of casualty lists until the crisis at hand was over.

As others have written in recent weeks, one of the joys of Berman-era STAR TREK was that we say highly professional, competent leadership under which we might ourselves want to serve. (The same is true of shows like MASH and THE WEST WING.) That is precisely what’s missing from much of NuTrek.

I love the film 13 DAYS because it shows the pressure that the Kennedy administration, and its ExCom, were under during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They were the epitome of grace under pressure. One reason international crises are so dangerous is because policymakers have to take decisions under tremendous pressure, often on little sleep, with poor information, and they’re susceptible to overly emotional decisions. I can think of numerous international crises that were indeed exacerbated by emotional decisionmaking: the Spanish-American War is a classic example.

Finally, every single one of those TNG/DS9 examples dealt with crewmembers reacting to the death of a close relative. The crying on NuTrek involves significantly lower-stakes triggers.

Rom-coms? Done proud by “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “His Way.” 

Those episodes aren’t exactly the high-water mark of the franchise, though. And even there, the Berman-era comedies (particularly on DS9) came in the context of a lot of intense drama; on DS9, they were comic relief after 20-plus episodes of wartime gloom. On SNW, they seem to be about half the series.

“Someone to Watch Over Me” may well be Voyager’s best episode, I say that in complete seriousness. It makes excellent use of two of the franchise’s best characters, has a delightful and genuinely funny script built on character, has great direction, and a bittersweet heartfelt ending. Romantic comedies are incredibly difficult to pull off in any circumstances and are unfairly derided. Voyager of all shows knocked one right out of the park.

The formality of Berman Era Trek is not present in these shows, apart from some vestiges in Prodigy and Picard. That doesn’t really bother me if the material is engaging, because frankly sometimes those shows were too stiff. The dialogue I’ve often felt was too stylized. It didn’t need 20th century idioms, but on more than a few occasions it was a bit of a leap as a model for how people, even idealized people, would talk. And when a character like Bones, Trip, Seven, Quark or Ro would come in and throw things off balance by not being so formal and/or “professional” it wasn’t just a fun contrast, it was what their respective shows desperately needed. Professional grace under pressure is admirable and works well on these shows, but variety is the spice of life and I seem to recall by the time of Enterprise people were feeling like a lot of things were getting stale. Is it a coincidence the reviews got better when the crew loosened up in season 3?

And as for SNW having a lighter tone and shifting it wildly from episode to episode? Fine by me. Discovery is a very serious show, Lower Decks is a comedy. Add in that there are way way more examples of experimentation and shifting tones in the other shows than I offered, and I just don’t see what the fuss is about. SNW can straddle the line with courtroom dramas, rom-come and musical episodes all it likes, so long as it can find the way through to be entertaining. It’s still managing to do that more than not for me.

Continue to live in the past at your own detriment.


Oh god… NO.

Oh Q… YES!

Subspace Rhapsody….. I’m in!!!

Lol so many fans are clutching their pearls. I love the chances they are taking, whether I like the results or not. Keep on trekking, inglorious of course.

Anyone here old enough to remember when Fonzie jumped the shark?



Hard Pass. I hate music

“I hate music” is such a bizarre and antisocial hill to die on. LOL.

I hate stepping in crap, but it happens. Hating music is … one of the weirdest statements I’ve ever read, like hating to breathe. And that’s coming from somebody who really digs most movies with the guts to go without a musical underscore, like many excellent Lumet flicks plus THE CHINA SYNDROME.

I’m very antisocial. I currently have no friends, and I really don’t mind.

This is from the heart. I wish things change for you in the future. There are very few things in the universe more uplifting and positive than friendship and music.

A really bad fart?

You’re kidding, right?

I am not a big fan of musicals. It always bothered me that the music came from nowhere and everyone knew the lyrics, that rhymed, and could synchronize their dance moves. That being said…
If there is an even half decent explanation on how they can do this, it will work for me. Hopefully it will be better than that forced fairy tale episode.
I thought a good reason to have a musical episode of Star Trek was if they go to a planet where the inhabitants just don’t get the communication unless it is sung. I’d like to see the crew have to adjust to that. It looks like they will find a different way to get a musical episode. With what we have seen with Trek lately, including sometimes this series, there could be worse things than a musical. Turn off my brain and listen to the pretty music.

A planet where singing was how they communicate would make way more sense. This show is about going to strange new worlds after all.

I have to admit, as an old legacy fan who watched TOS in the late 1960s, the musical episode is intriguing. I may not be a big fan of LDs, but everything I hear is that the crossover was fantastic, so hope the SNW musical will also be a homerun!
Btw, with awesome character performances by Chong, Gooding and Peck this season and the SNW characters being very likeable, I think that has warmed the audience up to be more receptive of a musical episode. Also, we know Celia is a broadway trained singer, so I can’t wait to hear Uhura sing!
Also, I can’t wait for this Thursday!!

Good God that looks awful.

The Star Trek Khan! musical was great so… here I am…. hating musicals but looking forward to what will amuse us.

(I realize on a serious SF note, I always wanted a story where the crew communicates with a vastly different species via sound and song, and this is probably not it…. please log my dissent on this point).

I’m fine with a Trek musical episode. I just wish Lower Decks had gotten there first, but I’ve got to give SNW credit where credit’s due.

I thought the trailer for this looked intriguing but figured the LD crossover would be another missed opportunity. Turns out the LD show was terrific — don’t think I’ve used that word too often about Trek this century — so I don’t know what to expect with the musical one, though this one good show was enough for me to keep P+ through to the end of the season when I was about ready to throw in the towel for good (mainly because I want to rewatch this one a couple of times, plus I still don’t have DS9 s5 on dvd yet and love to rewatch Eddington episodes.)

Musicals are renowned for their ravenous production budgets. Larger casts, more costuming, more crew, more rehearsal, additional pay for composers, choreographers and musical artists, bigger sets, greater set-up and coverage for camera work, vastly extended shooting schedules and so on. With a series already so costly that they can only afford a mere 10 episodes per season, why would they just chew through precious resources like this?

Standing sets and existing costumes by the looks of things. The argument against spending more on this kind of an event would also apply to episodes that were big swings like “Time’s Arrow,” “Trials and Tribbleations,” “Year of Hell,” “Far Beyond the Stars,” “One Little Ship,” “Beide of Chaotica!” or “North Star.” Is a big space battle or lavish alien set a better expense because it’s more familiar? SNW has made this season all about taking familiar Star Trek tropes and giving them a fresh spin. I am all for the creativity and Paramount supporting their artistic experimentation.

Is that James Kirk in another episode already? They are giving him more screen time than his brother and Ortegas.


Musical seems like a waste of an episode when you only get 10 episodes a season.

30% of the season is “just having fun” — Teen Spock, Cartoon crossover, and a musical episode. This is what the people want their Star Trek to be: a goofy self-reference machine where we’re watching just to see other people “have a ball!”

I don’t know if “Subspace Rhapsody” is going to be to my liking (I’m kind of picky about my musical theatre as it is) but you know what, I’m glad that it’s going to exist. In nearly 900 episodes and movies we’ve had all sorts of wild shenanigans. Time travel to rescue whales. Transdimensional beings forcing people to play Robin Hood. Holograms inside holograms inside holograms. We’ve yet to have a proper musical, and it’s about time. Kudos to them for giving it a shot. Seeking out strange new worlds has been baked in since the very first, and this might be one of the strangest yet.

There’s really only one comparison in my book, and that’s “The Way to Eden”. No matter how crazy or campy the other 900 episodes might have been, I don’t think anything has felt nearly as cringy and way off base in regards to a concept than having Spock join in rocking out with Space Hippies. Based on what I’m seeing for “Subspace Rhapsody”, I think it’s in the same ballpark, even though the production value is 100 times better. I have a feeling as a stand-alone production, it may be good. But considering it as part of the franchise as a whole, I think it just won’t fit. But, to be frank, in just about any type of dramatic context, I’m not a fan of musicals. Comedic musicals work for me, but I just don’t think Star Trek should be in that category.

Kudos to the cast for doing it – they’re much braver than I!

the Lower Decks thing was fun but this might be jumping the shark

Might be? I think it depends on context.

If you take Star Trek as a whole by including all 57 years of content, then there’s no question it’s jumping the shark.

But if you take it in context of SNW with what they’ve done in less than 20 episodes, no, not really.

More and more I’m having to just isolate SNW from everything else to enjoy it. It’s not really Star Trek to me in terms of the 57 year history (even in comparison to contemporary creations such as DIS or PIC). It’s in a league of its own. And given that designation, than I think “Subspace Rhapsody” is just par for the course…

This looks terrible. Absolutely terrible.

tell me your writing staff was 12 and loved Buffy without telling me your writing staff was 12 and loved Buffy….