Podcast: All Access Does A Double Feature For The ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Premiere Episodes

All Access Star Trek Podcast episode 155 - TrekMovie - Lower Decks 401 & 402

[Review starts at  15:03]

Anthony and Laurie start with an overview of Very Short Treks, the new animated shorts coming this fall, and do a quick review of the first one, “Skin a Cat.” They talk about the new disc set for Star Trek: Picard season 3 and a new book about Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Then they turn their attention to Lower Decks, reviewing the first two episodes of season 4, “Twovix” and “I Have No Bones But I Must Flee.” Moopsie!


Watch Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Very Short Treks’; Animated Shorts With Legacy Stars Debuts On Star Trek Day

Casper Kelly’s “Too Many Cooks” (YouTube)

Exclusive Clip: Marina Sirtis Talks TNG Cast Chemistry From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 DVD/Blu-ray

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Blu-ray/DVD Sets Have An Alternate Visual Effect That Has Fans Buzzing

Borg Cube promotion for Picard season 3 (Twitter)

Preview: ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan – The Making Of The Classic Film’ With Authors Interview

Homer in Hell from The Simpsons (YouTube)

Nibbler on Futurama (YouTube)

Blinking tubes prop in Airplane II (YouTube) Blinking tubes prop in Star Trek (Ex Astris Scientia)

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Thank you for another great podcast. Laurie since you love the debate on the Tuvix controversy, let me reiterate here what I wrote in a previous thread. Unfortunately this won’t be a debate because we agree…

There can’t be any mention of murder here. Letting Tuvix live would have been a travesty. It wasn’t killing a being just for the sake of others. It was restoring the existence of two beings whose lives were taken from them when Tuvix was created. Tuvix’s life didn’t belong to him. It wasn’t his to claim. Did Tuvok and Neelix not deserve to live? The principle of taking a life to save others being questionable is sound, but blindly applying a morality judgement without considering the context is misguided. The world is not black and white.

I’ll go further by saying that I found Tuvix’s insistence on staying alive incredibly selfish. I don’t think either Tuvok or Neelix would have had that attitude.

I don’t blame Tuvix for wanting to stay alive… I mean, wouldn’t you? But yes, we agree 100% on the rest. Neelix and Tuvok had their lives taken from them because of an accident, so they get priority. Screw Tuvix! Ha.

Yes it’s expected that he would want to stay alive, and I haven’t seen the episode in years so I don’t remember exactly, but seems to me he was conveniently ignoring the fact that he was taking the lives of two other beings. So in the end there was only one thing to do…

Exactly! I think all the people who are mad at Janeway are ignoring the fact that he was taking the lives of two other beings, too.

Tuvok and Neelix were already gone. Janeway killed one man to bring two men back from the dead. That is just not okay, however you look at it. Tuvok and Neelix didn’t deserve to be Tuvixed, but that was an accident. Janeway intentionally forced Tuvix to commit to a lethal medical procedure against his will.

I’ve always said they should have just Thomas Rikered Tuvix and then de-Tuvixed one of the duplicates.

They weren’t gone nor dead, since they were regenerated. But to do this Tuvix needed to be “terminated”. Tuvix should never have existed.

Whether or not he “should have” existed, he did exist. How he came into existence doesn’t matter. He did exist, and he had just as much of a right to exist as anyone else.

Tuvok and Neelix were clearly gone. That was the whole problem. For all intents and purposes, the transporter accident killed them. The Doctor found a way to bring them back to life, but only by murdering somebody else.

This is why the debate rages on so many decades later! These points are all good and yet I disagree… I would say they were not “clearly gone” because it was obvious they both existed inside Tuvix, still. In fact, they WERE Tuvix, so you could say he wasn’t actually killed, he was just restored to his former state as two people instead of one.

I really liked both these episodes, but especially the first one. Mike-written episodes are always the best!

I was disappointed that we didn’t get any T’Lyn in the second episode. I agree with Anthony and Laurie that the Ensign Gary character didn’t add much – T’Lyn could have been a much better substitute, playing the same “straight man” character, asking if Mariner and Ransom always have such dynamics, and she’s just a better character and it would help bond her to the main 4 lower deckers more. After waiting for her to really show up on the show for almost 2 years, it’s a little disappointing that she is only a reoccurring/guest character. She could shake up the character interactions much like Worf on DS9 or Seven on VOY. Maybe she will get “promoted” in the future.

I’m so glad Lower Decks is back and these episodes do not dissapoint. Unfortunately for some stupid reason they are not available on Prime (only season1 & 2 are) in Sweden and Sky showtime has never had them. So had to go by watching by other means which is a shame.


I watched half of that very short trek and turned it off. I’m not interested in this kind of humor. I feel like its making fun of Star Trek. Im worried Star Trek is de-evolving into a parody. I prefer comedy in moderation and only trust Mike McMahan, the Hagemann brothers, and Terry to do it.

These first two episodes of LDS were hilarious. I’m a VOY fan. I loved the premiere. I am one who does believe Janeway made the right choice. My favorite line was the Tuvix Meatball joke. Only Mike can make that work. I also thought T’Lyn was a great addition to the crew. And the salamander in the captains chair had me on the floor laughing.

I loved the second episode too. Moopsy was a great addition to the species of the Alpha Quandrant. I love how Mike and his crew adds strange new worlds and aliens to Trek lore. Animation gives them room for creativity.

My only complaint was that I wished they were taking Voyager to Athan Prime. That would have been cool.

What a great start to the season! Great Podcast too!

Great podcast as usual – thanks!!
There was some mention of another Moopsy-type character on the podcast. I did not know it, but I do recall (a long time ago) reading in David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek book in the part about the making of the Trouble with Tribbles script, was his original idea that there would be this really cute pet animal that anybody would love and take in, but it would later kill you slowly white looking at you all the while with this adorable face.
I thought that might have been Mike’e reference.

I am going to have dig out my copy of that book… I read it many times as a kid but it’s obviously time for a refresher. The character we talked about was Nibbler from Futurama, btw.