Watch: Final ‘Star Trek: very Short Treks’ Gets Musically Meta To Celebrate Trek Animation In “Walk, Don’t Run”

The fifth and final episode of the new Star Trek: very Short Treks’ series of comedic (and very non-canon) promotional shorts is now online. This one leans into the goal of the series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

“Walk, Don’t Run”

The fourth episode (titled “Walk, Don’t Run”) breaks the fourth wall as Tendi from Lower Decks (voiced by Noël Wells) runs into a bit of trouble when she tries to honor The Animated Series. The tagline is “When the old guard meets the new, sensitivities flare!“ The final episode of very Short Treks, features Star Trek vets George Takei as Sulu and Jonathan Frakes as Riker, along with Carlos Alazraqui as Scotty and Cristina Milizia as M’Ress. 

ICYMI: Episodes 1-4

Episode 1 launched on Star Trek Day, with Ethan Peck as Spock. Set on the original USS Enterprise with characters from Star Trek: The Animated Series, “Skin a Cat” features comedian Pete Holmes as the captain.

Episode 2 also features Ethan Peck, but this time he’s on Pike’s Enterprise, joined by Strange New Worlds stars Bruce Horak as Hemmer, Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura, and Gia Sandhu as T’Pring. Discovery star Doug Jones also makes a surprise appearance as Saru.

Episode 3 is set in the 24 century with Star Trek: The Next Generation stars Jonathan Frakes and Gates McFadden.

Episode 4 was written by Prodigy’s Aaron Waltke and it uses the holodeck for a cameo-fest from across the TV franchise.

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Easily the best one of the bunch. I actually laughed out loud at the jokes this time.

All right, two good ones in a row!

Oh My! Awful. I see what happens when AI writes scripts.

exactly. why?

Ok, that one was wonderful. Saved the best for last (well, the only one worth watching)

Very retro, loved the song, and showed real love for the franchise — really liked this one.

Loved the stiffness of the animation being called an artistic choice.

And Tindi just brings joy to everything.

Oh, my!

Better than the last one, that’s for sure. This one was about as good as “Worst Contact”. The first two were easily the best. More like that, please!

But, a decent way to wrap these up. Enjoyable but that closing number was, meh.

Best line..

“I have three legs. I’m great at running.”

My opinion was all over the place with this one. First I was excited seeing Tendi and the characters from TAS. Then I though “Oh God, not again,” when they got into the same type of humor as the first one. But finally, I really started to like it once Riker and Sulu came on and intervened. That song, as weird as it was, really worked as a celebration of both Star Trek as an ever-evolving franchise, and the ideals it represents. I’d still say last week’s was *easily* my favorite, but this wasn’t a bad not to end on IMO.

Oh My !

I didn’t want to like it. But, I did….that song is in my head now….I hope they release a single.

These were all….. something.

I love how subjective comedy is. :) There seems to be broad agreement, sort of, that most of these aren’t very good, or even actively bad. But then nobody can agree on *which* ones are good or bad.

Two people agree that there are only two good episodes. The first one says that the last two are fantastic, the second one says it’s actually the first two. They never talk to each other again. Lol.

For what it’s worth, I’ve mostly enjoyed all of them. Star Trek (until recently) has always been so self-serious, and these little mini-episodes do a good job of lampshading that.

The comedy didn’t bother me.. and doesn’t bother me if someone thought it was good, while I didn’t. I just scratch my head in yet another product from this creative braintrust that show their understanding of Star Trek is surface level, at best. Whether live action, animation, or even a silly side product, it’s all so reductive.

They have all been good. They should do this a full time show using the Adult Swim 11 minute format.

Not a great one imo. Sorry but these very short Treks haven’t been very good and to be honest i find them a waste of time and not worth a future re-watch. If they make more in future hopefully they get better ideas.

That was funny, clever, and heart warming. Two good ones in a row!

This one I liked… not nearly as bad as the first three. Last week was okay, this one was actually quite good. Loved Takei’s singing… Oh my!

was this an outgrowth of the strikes because of animation? I don’t see a reason for it otherwise. It doesn’t celebrate anything IMO. A real celebration would have been making a real animated short in the actual spirit of the animated series. As somebody else said, whoever is making these does not understand Trek. Having enough knowledge of the material and fandom to make fun of things isn’t love, it’s left-handed pandering in the vein of Big Bang Theory.

I liked it. At least it wasn’t disgusting.

Hey, Paramount, this better get a 4k special edition steelbook release!

Baffled. How did that even get made??

Eww… this was not my cup of tea. i don’t see how this is honoring TAS. Have they seen TAS. I mean an episode and not just some bits of the Animation.

TAS Takes itself very much serious. Sure, its silly but not because of silly sex jokes.
It always hast a solid, serious premise.

The hologram one was a delight to me … it told a nice little, era connecting story.

the others not that much, all of them came along with very dumb jokes, they never did in TAS.

Not as great as last weeks but I generally liked it. It was whacky like the others but a more positive tone overall and like last week it felt like it was actually honoring TAS and not making fun of it. And the mix of LDS, TNG and TAS characters all interacting together was a bit surreal. Of course Riker had to be there lol.

Overall though this series has been pretty mixed for me. Although I loved the last two, I thought the first one was just OK, really didn’t like the second one and absolutely loath the third one. I can see why they have such a mixed response and the fourth one seems to be the most liked IMO.

Ok, that one got a couple of chuckles out of me, especially by the guy who voiced Scotty. Easily the best of the bunch for me, and if I were to ever watch any of these again (doubtful), it would be this one. A little repetitive on the “Oh My,” but whatever. All in good fun.

Well… that was…. um… it was…. uh…

four minutes and fifty-five seconds? (I’m turning over a new leaf and saying only nice things)

Anytime Tendi is on something automatically means (in Tendi voice) I LOVE IT!!!!!

The taking offense bit in the beginning is tiring but loved everything else. And Tendi, Sulu, Riker and Scotty jamming out to a song together made my day. And Tendi has such an amazing voice she could’ve been in the SNW musical. Missed opportunity I guess.

Anyway the last two were great. Will never watch the first three again though.

Oh my, they keep the worst for last, I don’t even have the words to describe this .. thing