See Cadet Jean-Luc Tangle With Professor Spock In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’s Academy’ #2

On Wednesday IDW continues the brand new series about young Jean-Luc Picard and his time at Starfleet Academy. Picard’s Academy is written by New York Times best-selling author Sam Maggs (Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars and Marvel Action: Captain Marvel) with art by Ornella Greco and colors by Charlie Kirchoff. TrekMovie’s review of the first issue concluded the new series “offers a fresh blend of familiar and new characters with a compelling storyline and dynamic artwork.” And now we have a preview of the second issue.

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #2


Class. Homework. Sleep. Repeat! Such is the life for Starfleet Academy star pupil Jean-Luc Picard. But if he’s to achieve his dream of an early graduation and his own crew, he’ll need to face his worst fear head on: making friends. But this doesn’t come easy for Jean-Luc, not when he’s got a bully like the Betazoid Resh calling out all his mistakes and a really cute girl named Marty making him nervous… and certainly not with guest professor Spock analyzing every step he takes!


Cover A by Sweeney Boo (also available in B&W variant)

Cover B by Megan Huang

RI Cover by Megan Levens


Five-page preview: 

Picard’s Academy continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #2 arrives on November 8. You can order issue 2 and upcoming issues at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology. You can see previews for covers of issues 3-5 coming in December and January below.


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Not to be that guy but this doesn’t really match canon does it.

Edit : I got mixed up Picard met Sarek once at Spock’s wedding. So Picard would have to know Spock well to get invited to that event.

It’s all a little iffy. Close enough to be at Spock’s wedding but not super tight by the time of Unification. There’s wiggle room.

True. I’d have to rewatch it again. Haven’t watched it in awhile.

He could have been part of a delegation of federation representatives to the wedding of an important Federation figure.

Hey the Franklin is on the retailer’s cover thats neat.

Oh yeah. Didn’t notice. Pretty sweet.

This looks TERRIBLE!!! 😂😂😂

Wow, the artist made Spock look weird and ugly. Why do that to one of Star Trek’s most beloved characters?

I really don’t understand why all these Starfleet Academy treatments insist on depicting the place as a glorified high school, rather than an elite university like USAFA or Harvard.

I’ve zero optimism that the upcoming show, which pointedly said that the admission age was 16, will be any different.

I suppose they’re taking their cues from JK Rowling, Buffy, etc. Admittedly, it started with “Shore Leave” and Finnegan.

I wish they would clarify what happens with people who already have qualifications in their field, like McCoy. Did they really make him go through 4 years at the academy with 16 year olds? What about Uhura? Are we supposed to believe she became fluent in several alien languages and dialects after only a couple of years at the academy (going by ST 2009) with no prior advanced study? Ignoring that TOS Uhura also had electrical engineering knowledge as well (putting to bed the “glorified phone switch operator” misconception).