Paramount Developing Second Star Trek Movie In Parallel With ‘Star Trek 4’

News broke this afternoon that Paramount Pictures is looking to expand the Star Trek universe on the big screen, putting another film into development with a new director and writer hired.

Another Star Trek movie!

According to Deadline (later confirmed by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter), Paramount Pictures has another Star Trek feature film in development. Reports say the film “expands on the Star Trek universe.” J.J. Abrams is producing, and to direct they tapped Toby Haynes, who is nominated for an Emmy for Andor and is a Hugo winner for his work on Doctor Who. Deadline reports the Haynes Star Trek movie is “an origin story that takes place decades before” the 2009 Star Trek movie, so presumably also set in the Kelvin Universe, assuming it is set after the attack on the Kelvin. Seth Grahame-Smith (The Lego Batman Movie, Beetlejuice 2) is writing the script.

For more on Haynes, see our follow-up: New Star Trek Movie Director Is A Fan And Directed The ‘Black Mirror’ Trek Episode “USS Callister”

Toby Haynes and Seth Grahame-Smith (Getty/Deadline)

Star Trek will be “final chapter”

According to both reports, the “Star Trek 4” follow-up to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond remains in “active development.” That film was originally set for a Christmas 2023 release but delays and disagreements over the script led to director Matt Shakman exiting the project in 2022. Deadline is now describing the Star Trek 4 project as “the final chapter in the main series.”

Deadline offers this background on the development of the new movie:

Though there hasn’t been a film since 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, the brand is still strong as its ever been with popular Paramount+ shows like Picard and Strange New Worlds, earning strong reviews and big ratings in the time since the last film bowed in theaters. Brian Robbins led-regime, saw an opportunity to build on that popularity with multiple films in development the same way the streamer had multiple shows going at once.

No details on production or a release date have been reported for the new movie or for Star Trek 4. It is unknown if this new Toby Haynes-helmed Star Trek movie has anything to do with the movie script Patrick Stewart talked about in a November 2023 interview released last week. However, a movie featuring Jean-Luc Picard (last seen in the 25th century of the Prime Universe) does not appear to fit with one set in the 23rd century of the Kelvin Universe.

This is a development story so stay tuned for updates.

Find more news on all the upcoming Trek movies at

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Oh, Paramount, when will you learn that Star Trek is neither Marvel nor Star Wars? Make a little movie that’s mostly about the characters, make it with only a medium budget, and you might succeed.

IMO, Disney and Marvel Studios should be following your advice too since the MCU isn’t doing so well now either.

Honestly, the problem is Avengers: Endgame was aptly named. They had no where interesting to go after that which anyone cared about beyond Loki.

there are decades of marvel stories still to be told on screen and now they have mutants, FF, galactus and Dr doom to put in play

But they haven’t yet. We can see how Deadpool goes but the problem specifically in the movies is that X-men has already been done and they can’t get over losing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. And X-men from FOX has never been nearly as successful as the MCU.

Even without adjusting for inflation, Logan and Days of Future Past rival a lot of Disney Marvel box office performances. There’s a huge audience for that franchise (and anecdotally, boy did I see a lot of film fans tossing aside concerns about the Disney-Fox merger just because it meant Kevin Feige could get X-Men back). Deadpool being such a big hit on its own complicates things, but now that they’ve embraced the messiness of a multiverse, who knows what will happen?

I feel like Logan sort of closed the book on the X-Men and I really don’t need to see anymore — and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

It doesn’t matter – they’re going to reboot it sooner than later, and hope the characters are more Batman than Superman with audiences. Deadpool 3 will be a big hit, but Marvel’s larger woes are as big an issue going forward as any waning interest in X-Men.

I agree with him — Kind of lost interest now myself

I agree about Endgame. I, personally, haven’t cared about a Marvel film since and have only watched a handful of them afterward.

Although, I will see Deadpool 3 just for the return of Wolverine.

Yep agreed. Deadpool is the first movie I will care about since endgame. Frankly losing Iron Man and Cap is like losing Kirk and Picard. Once they are gone, so is your franchise.


“dr strange and the multiverse of bad VFX and scarlet moron” was enough for me.

I agree 100%. Deadpool’s a different animal. It’s a comedy thing I like so I’ll still see that one — but that has nothing to do with me needing more from marvel… And I really don’t care all that much about seeing the wolverine again either — except for the comedy interaction with Deadpool

Avengers: Endgame didn’t feature Steed or Mrs. Peel so I passed.

People say this yet post Endgame Wandavision was a huge success, as was Loki and falcon and the winter soldier. Secret Invasion? spiderman No way home did over a billion dollars, dr strange performed very well as did GOTG3 and Blackpanther…. Thor performed modestly, only really Antman and The Marvels flopped


Ditching JJ would help with the movie. He’s the villain ruining franchises.

He produced Beyond and that was fine. When he doesn’t direct, it’s a different story.

That’s the thing tho, Beyond was “fine”. Compared to Into Darkness it looks like a brilliant movie but that wasn’t exactly hard given the competition. I liked Beyond for the way it honored Leonard Nimoy and the TOS crew but part that frankly I found the movie meh at best.

the problem isn’t direction it’s writing.

  1. ”Lens flares”
  2. Abrams had no idea how to direct a Star Trek movie because he has no knowledge of it and he purposely let whatever happen *happen* because he didn’t care. He wasn’t just the director he was the producer and had a hand in everything,

I actually liked Beyond because it at least felt like a TOS movie and not Star Wars. But I’ve only watched it three times to this day. The story just felt like a bigger budget Insurrection but at least it was decent.

That’s the thing. It felt like a TOS episode to me and not like a real movie. Just IMHO of course. And stop destroying the Enterprise for the love of *********

It isn’t a case of him becoming the villain, he always was.

JJ’s name attached to these alone means I am not interested.

That’s sort of good for Trek fans in a weird way.

We’ve been saying Trek has a hard time in the market competing with the bigger franchises, but now the bigger franchises are having trouble competing with themselves.

I think that leaves an opening for Trek, assuming they can finally get their act together and get something to the production stage in time.


That’s the problem IMHO, with Abrams at the helm I have a hard time believing that will happen.

Just my opinion…..

The problem is that they won’t be making Star Trek. It will be action adventure but nothing more. Pass on both.




(Is that a word? Whatever)

Agreed. The very best Star Trek films are always character-driven. Hopefully this announcement has nothing to do with the reported script Patrick Stewart mentioned.

Agreed and I doubt it does. I bet anything the Stewart project is a P+ direct to streaming project. And nothing to do with Abrams

From your lips to the prophets’ ears …

Yuppers! Abrams hasn’t ever seemed like he was ever interested in anything TNG related anyways. I remember b4 ST 09 came out and he was asked which generation his movie would be and he said something like, there is only one that matters and that’s Kirks or something. I am misquoting but it was something like that,

I mean, he was making a TOS reboot at the time, so what’s he going to say? That he prefers TNG?

Well, I’m surer Paramount would have given him his choice of any crew to use. How do we know he didn’t just choose to use the TOS crew.

We don’t. Do we even know if the idea to reboot TOS came from Bad Robot or Paramount?
Being much older than TNG, TOS certainly gave them an opportunity to radically upgrade stuff and make it “cool” for new audiences.
Maybe, someone at Paramount was also still considering a TNG reunion so didn’t want to reboot that (yet).

To be fair…that could clearly be what they’re doing with this. Nothing about it says spectacle.

So agreed my friend

While I totally agree, they have recognized this to a degree. Section 31 and likely the Picard movie I’ll be mid budget movies direct to streaming.

For theatrical releases, it does make some sense to invest more money and make a bigger spectacle.

In what way has Paramount been treating Star Trek like its Marvel or Disney? Are we getting 3 Star Trek films a year, every year since JJ’s STAR TREK in 2009?

No. Paramount seems to be able to do one Star Trek film every 4-6 years on average; and it’s going on 8 years since the last one. hardly a Disney MARVEL style release schedule to date.

And as for Budget being the issue – the only Star Trek feature film to really bomb at the Box Office was Star Trek Nemesis, which had a mid-sized (for it’s day) $60 million budget.

So no the Budget isn’t the real issue here its first and foremost the writing, the fact that Paramount does have a system that can put a movie out when the interest is at its peak (they took 4 years to get a sequel out the ST2009 when 2 years would have been better); and oftentimes Paramount’s marketing department screws the pooch too.

I never get this argument, spend less to earn more right? But who goes to a movie theater to see a small low budget Star Trek movie, especially when there is tons of it on TV right now?

I go back and forth on whether any of the movies from TWOK through INS would have made much more money if they’d had slightly bigger budgets. Does spending a million more on the space battle for Generations get you that many more tickets or DVDs sold? Does a better VFX company and the Rock Man sequence make the difference in getting TFF to no longer be disappointment at the box office? I have no idea.

I do know that a cleanish slate (and a fun enough script and good casting) but especially the $150 million dollars in production value is what enticed millions more people to see the 2009 film than had seen any one of the previous films. We’ve established that $190 million is ridiculous as a budget for these films, but even with top quality VFX being cheaper now and clever scripting and production tricks you’d be hard pressed to argue the franchise should go back to sub-$100 million budgets. It’s not practical and it undermines the jobs of the marketing department by giving them less spectacle to promote.

Make a little movie that’s mostly about the characters, make it with only a medium budget

Instant fail.

Wrath of Khan disagrees with you but OK

I don’t know — Picard season 3 was kind of produced as you are recommending and that didn’t prevent it from being like Star Wars.

You could also say it stole from The Wrath of Kahn big time also. So what if the last two episodes stole from Star Wars, the previous eight were way too talky to be Star Wars.
We could also go down the road that the Abrams movies felt more like Guardians of the Galaxy than Trek. The were 3 action movies with a lot of comedy.

Andor was great. If Toby Haynes can deliver a movie half the quality of that TV show we could be in for a treat.

Andor was very good, easily the best Disney live-action Star Wars series. But great? Nah. It meandered too much in the second half of the season. And it really should have been called “Resistance” or “Rise of the Rebellion” or something. There were whole episodes Andor himself was hardly in.

The second half of the season is when it hit its stride for me. Right when Haynes’ episodes started.

Andor was my favourite Star War followed by Rogue One.

Yay more prequels!

Exactly. Although I would like to see a movie or series about the Federation-Romulan Wars post-NX-01 pre-NCC-1701.

I’d love an animated show set in that time. A semi follow up to Enterprise with new and old characters. That’s my #1 fanfic Trek dream.

SAME. It would be amazing.

Omigosh that would be awesome!

Weird that I had just written a comment to that effect on a Facebook Trek site a couple of hours before the news broke!

It can’t be “set in the Kelvin universe” if it happens before Nero/Trek 2009. That’s a shared history before the divergence of the prime/kelvin universes. “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.” :)

It could theoretically take place between 2233 and 2258.

True. I stand corrected. :)

After Kelvin but before the main events of 2009’s film.

Kinda vague. I’m assuming this would be a young Pike or a Young Spock movie. Not sure where else there is to go with this.

I’m of the belief that Kelvin universe existed before Nero arrived and that it’s not a shared past. It’s just another alternate universe like the mirror one. I believe this because things were already different when Nero arrived:

The USS Kelvin is HUGE and has different technology.
Khan, who was born hundreds of years before the Kelvin incident, is a white, British guy.
I think there are more but I’d need to research it.


Wait I’m confused wasn’t it just always an alternative universe like the Mirror universe? How could white Khan be floating around for 300 years of it didn’t exist before then?

And why would the Kelvin just be there when the black hole formed? It’s JJ verse, trying to make sense of it is like trying to understand how cats think but this should just be a given it was always there.

Hi My friend. Yes it is an alternate universe. Both Bob Orci and Simon Pegg defined this. Although the red matter black whole created the Kelvin universe, the Kelvin Universe existed in its own reality since its own big bang. Than means before the Kelvin incident. It’s based on the idea of quantum mechanics or at least Orci’s understanding of it.

The whole concept of the Kelvin-verse is confusing. I see many articles calling it an altered timeline and others calling it an alternate universe. If it is confusing to fans, imagine how it is for the casual person who calls it “Star Track” and mentions “Dr. Spock” when the subject comes up.

Yep it is totally confusing and I can’t blame anyone. The thing I try to point out as an example is the mirror universe. It has existed since its own big bang. Some people like to point out the moment when Cochrane shot the Vulcans at first contact as the moment it “verged” but even that isn’t true if you look at the opening credits of the 2 part Enterprise Mirror episodes.

Kelvin is the same way. Sure the Universe was created in the Prime 24th century from the black hole, but people forget in different universes time works differently. And that’s a real life theory. Just because it is the 24th century in one universe does not mean you are creating that in the second. The Kelvin universe was born the moment in Prime universe the black hole was created but within it’s own time it started at the Big Bang and lasted from then till the 23rd century when Nero and Spock showed up. It could even be because in the time it took them to travel through the wormhole, that much time in the Kelvin-verse had past.

The casual person most likely doesn’t care how exactly Kelvin relates to what came before. To most people who’re not hardcore fans it’s probably simply a high-budget, slick reboot of an old entertainment property.

And unfortunately it’s the casual person’s money the studio is chasing now.

At least the fans still have the streaming productions and the past stuff that was created with them in mind as the primary demographic.

The movies could never succeed on Trek fans alone. They have always chased general audiences.

Completely agree.

It also throws everything streaming into a gray area (even PIC S03).

Agreed. I do believe that the black hole sent Nero and Spock back in time to the same parallel dimension, at two different points within that dimension. It never made sense to me that it would send Nero back in time within the same Prime ST Universe, and Spock back in time to a splinter timeline.

Also, the story of the USS Franklin just doesn’t quite fit with ST: Enterprise.

I think at one point in time, JJ, or someone on ST Beyond, said that Nero’s incursion changed the timeline going forward and backward (explaining the USS Franklin), which makes no sense at all.

according to the the writers and directors of beyond the kelvin timeline was always seperate and different from the prime verse and only certain personal histories were altered by the destruction of the kelvin and more was altered due to the destruction of Vulcan
that is way Edison exists and the Franklin exists and was a maco ship to start with prior to the federation and there was a xindi war non of which happened or existed in the prime verse

I somewhat wonder if this will be a Franklin movie.

Yuppers exactly. Ther red matter black whole did create the Kelvin Universe but it existed since its own big bang. It is not an alternate skewed timeline of Prime. If it were ST Picard and Discovery S3 on would not be a thing.

Yes it can. The Kelvin universe is a universe, as you state, not an alternate timeline. It existed since its own big bang. It’s true it was created when Nero/Spock entered the black hole, but that black hole created an entirely new universe that existed from beginning to end. They had their own version of events that were not the same necessarily as the prime universe events prior to the Kelvin events.

Agreed! 👍

Yuppity yup yup yup my friend!!! :)

Also, not holding my breath. Wolf has been cried many times. Like, many, many times at this point. When shooting begins, I’ll believe it.

I read that as “Worf” has been cried many times for some reason.

I agree we have been here many times now, but I still can’t help but to feel excited about the news.

I wish I had written that. :) Better turn of phrase. I am excited for any new Trek. I just have lost a lot of respect for the corporate cubicle climbing milquetoast talents at Paramount that come and go from the various executive roles since the canceling of Prodigy. It’s all temp execs at just another job that they will likely underwhelm in making calls that disrespect the cultural value that Trek has earned over the decades. They come and go, but Star Trek, and its connection the audiences’ hopes and aspirations, remains.

Paramount has a Trek movie in development could be a drinking game…..


Looks like mini-Phil also agrees

Star Trek movie false starts, how come Picard’s son has zero resemblance and what awards has LDS won — I think we have lots of fun material for that game! Lol

We’d all have alcohol poisoning by now

Sadly, I have to agree with you.

I agree completely. But 2 things are giving me pause. Giving the news as of late I have a sneaking suspicion there is already a merger deal in place with something like WBD that is a financial backer. 2, like the article says, the success of Trek on streaming gives them added incentive unlike the last attempts.

Don’t people get tired of entertainment vaporware? Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf?

I understand the cynicism but eventually one of these films will get made. It’s not a curse or anything, it’s just a series of bad luck. Something will punch through.

But the wolf eventually showed up

A white male director?! Awesome. It’s good that that group of people is not being disproportionately represented at all – and I’m one of them. All film directors have been men. Only one has not been a white guy. Seems odd that only white men have talent. Hmmmmm. No obvious, glaring bias here at all. Just a “coincidence” that’s not evidence of anything. Move along. This is not continued male and white supremacy at work creating a vision of the future that is supposed to represent the whole of humanity… but served up by white men almost exclusively on the big screen and with only recent small screen improvements.

Well maybe there would be more diversity if the current forced diversity was working (it’s not) you can’t force people to do something and then be surprised when it’s not that good.

I really don’t care who writes or directs as long as they truly care enough about what they are doing to write a smart story with good characters (aka the exact opposite of Discovery and Picard S1-2)

Oh, Americans and your identity politics. You lot won’t be happy till you have a 2nd civil war.

We don’t have it all figured out like the model UK has.

We already have one in case you haven’t noticed.

Oh, please, this is nothing like a civil war. It was far, far worse in the Vietnam era than it is now, and no one calls the late ’60s a “civil war”.

Jan 6th was nothing short of an attack by the American people on the United States Government. Whether it happened during Vietnam does not negate that.

But I haven’t seen the National Guard murdering protesters on college campuses lately.

Like I said, I am not comparing better or worse. Just that it was BAD and a literal attack by US citizens on the government of the United States. That’s Civil War, or at least the attempted start of one in my book.

I grew up on the ’70s — this is worse than that period for sure

The sclerotic thinking behind these projects also points to the global deterioration of the white male imagination. Navel-gazing rehashes of things their fathers and grandfathers built and they can only think to duplicate without heart or soul.

Appointing a Star Trek movie director is “white supremacy.” Gotcha.

Yeah, that was nutty

13 films. All male directors. Only one wasn’t a white guy. Seems odd that only one ethnicity/gender would get to direct… unless there was some sort of systemic racism/sexism giving white men a child’s booster seat at the table or a head start. Speaking of society at large. This is just a symptom. (Haven’t some of you actually watched Trek with its messages of social equality, or do you just think it’s about spaceships that go vroom in space?)

Who would you nominate to direct instead?

Lots of female and non-white directors are being given opportunities on the TV side, with Olatunde Osunsanmi being the top director for Disco and now Section 31. Hopefully some get to make the jump to theatrical features sooner than later, but the talent pool for diverse filmmakers with a good track record for helming big budget tentpoles is still shallow – it needs time to fill up. The most likely diverse and proven directors have very full dancecards now. Also, in Paramount’s defense, for every Jonathan Frakes and Leonard Nimoy they entrust with those responsibilities, there’s a William Shatner or Roberto Orci giving them second thoughts.

Knowing Paramount got as far as actually hiring S.J. Clarkson to direct a Kelvin film and the last director was an Asian man, perhaps we could tone down the accusatory tone a little. They’re obviously trying to do better, so it doesn’t really help to come in so hot. Haynes is talented as hell, that’s worth mentioning before lamenting his race and gender.

S. J. Clarkson

Pay attention!

Didn’t direct.

Too bad tho

Not because of anything she did. They did hire her, the project died in development hell.

Yeah exactly — they had her hired as the first female director for a Star Trek movie and the project died in development hell.

But they had hired her, so on this dude’s whiney point I am calling BS on — especially since we don’t even know if this new white guy will even direct a real movie anyway.

Like you know, this new guy’s actually going to direct a real Trek movie???

Not sure if you’re taking a stab a dry humor or sarcasm here. They did hire SJ Clarkson for one of the previous false starts. I have no idea if Jordon Peele or Greta Gerwig are available or not, but the reality in Hollywood is that if you put all the available directors in a room and threw in a rock, you’re going to hit a white male. I completely agree the industry needs more diversity, but it’s going to take time.

Well said

If it takes place decades before Star Trek (2009), could it be an Enterprise movie?

I’d love it if it were a Romulan Wars movie. But then I would want it to be the Prime universe.

I wonder if this is an attempt to get a movie made with Chris Hemsworth starring as George Kirk?

It’s possible, although we are about 15 years later in real time so I’m not sure if they want to do a movie where they have to de-age the lead for the whole movie.

What in the ever lasting HELL is Star Trek doing? “Set decades before the 2009 movie.” Do you know how time travel works? You bunch of morons. Unless it is AFTER the incursion that destroyed the Kelvin, its not a Kelvinverse movie because anything before it would be Prime. 

And you SAY you’re still developing number 4 at the same time as whatever the hell this other one is? Whatever. Believe it when I see it.

Let me guess. Sir Patrick got a scripts the other day. Said scripts is gonna have Picard interact with Kelvin folks and either make it where that timeline never happened or………….oooooooo I got it. Because we can never drop the Borg. People from the Kelvinverse will go seek out Picard after the Kelvinborg are discovered.

They’ll go recruit Picard from his timeline to fight the Borg. Oh, and this time the Borg queen will be a hottie with a big bust cuz Kelvinverse. 

Halfway through your post you just started yelling at people for your own bad fanfic.

Calm down, kid.

Whoever’s writing these pieces isn’t going to be fully familiar with Star Trek lore inside out. ST09 is the most popular recent reference point for most casual audiences.

Do YOU know how time travel works? Nero’s incursion was in 2233, the bulk of the 2009 film took place in 2258. That’s 25 years later (two and a half decades). So a film taking place decades before the 2009 movie is likely to be set right after the incursion, literally the origin point of the Kevin Universe. Seems like the perfect time to set an origin story. I’m not going to argue about whether or not a film that hasn’t been made yet and we know next to nothing about is going to be good or bad, but you’re so desperate to have something to complain about that you can’t even get the facts in your own argument straight.

Do you know what you are talking about? Both Bob Orci and Simon Pegg confirmed YEARS AGO that Kelvin is it’s own universe and not its own timeline. Yes, the red matter created Kelvin but it is NOT an alternate timeline. If it were Star Trek Picard and Discovery Season 3 and Beyond would not have happened in the PRIME UNIVERSE!

I think Pegg stated it was a different universe (bc of all the hoo-hah about kelvin sulu being gay but takei saying his version of sulu wasnt gay), Orci had previously said it was a new separate timeline (obviously existing in parallel to the prime timeline) created due to the Narada incursion and anything before that was the Primeverse.

Orci’s is the correct explanation

IIRC both had stated different universe due to quantum mechanics of a wormhole creating a new universe when matter goes through it which is actually a real scientific theory which obv no one can prove of course.

Switch to decaf, Raun, you sound like a shouty old man/nerd.
Not saying I entirely disagree, but do calm down.

Borg Queen will be 7/9 then :D

It would kind of make sense for there to be a movie crossover (for 60th) with Picard/TNG and kelvin cast (Generations II) as it would mirror the end of TNG/Generations in 1994.. bringing together the biggest Trek crews/casts probably taking on the kelvin borg for maximum box office potential (250m ww.. j/k) and the multiverse/legacy movies with old actors all trendy now (except The Flash)

Alternate headline: “Paramount announces another Star Trek movie that it will never make; hires director and screenwriter to develop it to movie hell”

I would follow Toby Haynes into a sleazy Klingon pub. Fight me. Because Andor was real.

Haynes also helmed 5 of my favorite Doctor Who episodes and the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror. Great talent.

Great!!! They’ll send someone back in time to before Star Trek: Enterprise. Wipe away the entire franchise so they can start “fresh”!!! SMFH!!!

So how can this film take place in the Kelvin universe if the events that triggered the Kelvin universe haven’t happened yet? 😁

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again right now: Their dogged insistence on time travel being the creator of the Kelvin timeline only leads to MORE having to explain things away.

Kelvin/prequel personal thoughts aside…if this comes out in 2024 (which it won’t) 8 years after Beyond, can we expect the same elevated level of visual improvement and bombasity we saw from Nemesis (2002) to Star Trek (2009)? Radom thought for discussion

Considering that post-production for a movie like this takes upwards of a year and they haven’t even started writing it, a 2026 release is much more likely, assuming it happens at all, which it won’t.

Agreed. I have no faith in any Trek project outside of P+

I wasn’t aware it was April’s fools day. Its Jan 10th 2024.

I am of three minds on this. 1) I would like them to get a real finale for the Kelvin-verse so we can finally say good bye to it. 2) I am tired of them not developing something in the Prime universe. 3) I am really tired of them announcing movies that never go anywhere.

From what I have read so far, here and other sites, it isn’t clear if this movie is in the Prime or Kelvin universe. Only that it takes place decades before the 2009 movie. If it is before the Nero incursion then it should be in the Prime timeline.

Well they are developing in the prime universe, just not in the movies. Nemesis screwed everything up so bad that they gave up on it except for streaming. But I was hoping the success of Picard and SNW would put Prime back in the movies. I guess not. Frankly I don’t even need an end to Kelvin. Just let it die already.

This is adorable.

Not to be a naysayer, but I’m taking this with a grain of salt at the present time. And, another prequel, super.

This project sounds suspiciously like a revival of the Jendresen movie about the Romulan war.

That’s not the *worst* idea for a prequel — it’s probably more interesting than what we got with Discovery. But at the end of the day, do we really need yet another prequel?

Nope. Prequels (with the exception of SNW) suck

While SNW is technically a prequel, I view it more as a reboot.

Well I guess ever since that 2024 Khan ep it kinda is,

Enterprise could have been a great show, though. The premise of “birth of the Federation” had a huge amount of potential. What we got instead was two seasons of mostly rejected Voyager scripts and then a season-long 9/11-inspired war arc, and then finally some ‘birth of the Federation’ stuff in the last season when about 47 people were still watching.

I agree with you. But I didn’t want a retread of yet another ship with yet another crew. I wish we had gotten much more of a “For all mankind” kind of show where we see the birth of Starfleet by Humanity struggling to make it out into the galaxy with the first WARP drive and failing at first.

The original premise of Enterprise did have the whole first season on earth about the politics and such.

The Star Trek brand is popular as ever? It absolutely is… Largely among us old timer fans that is.
Many casual TV audiences, especially those who only have Netflix, are still not even aware of the current shows out there.
Seriously, just chat with any non-Trek fan who is a TV watcher and find out how much they actually know/care about the franchise or any of the new shows on the go.
I also haven’t seen the expected deluge of new fans praising the shows and recommending that their friends jump on board too.

I said this before as well and recently a week ago in another thread. No one I know knows any of these shows exist, mostly because none of them have Paramount+ or care about Star Trek.

I’m on Facebook every week discussing Picard, SNW, Discovery and so on and almost every single member in that group have all been fans since the 90s. Some even since the 7Os and 80s. Not a single one became a fan due to any of the new shows. One became a fan due to JJ verse at least but that’s because his dad was already a Trekkie growing up on TNG and took him to see it when he was 12.

It’s very weird to me because I didn’t become a fan until Voyager started and was around 18 at the time but met other people like me who was green on Trek until the 90s when they became teenagers or of age too. I don’t see any teenagers talking about these new Trek shows today.

That’s why I’ve decided Prodigy being on Netflix is a good thing. P+ is way too weak of a service to carry a franchise like Star Trek.

I love Prodigy, but I suspect it’s mostly popular with old Voyager fans like me and not the demographic it was created for.

I wish all of the shows would return to Netflix.

Definitely agree. Prodigy has way more exposure now no matter what. P+ is becoming the UPN of streaming and probably won’t last half as long if they sell it.

old time (but young) fan here. Very big fan and I know of the new series, I’ve watched most of them and found them very lackluster… I have no reason to praise or pass on the new shows, I do still talk about and recommend the older ones.

Sure, Jan.

Sweet! Another couple of movies to add to:

Woooaah now Paramount is not developing one but TWO Star Trek movies at the same time??

Amazing, this is 2018 all over again! 😂😂😂

Bruh what is WRONG with these people? Of course we are all so positive about it since we saw how great the last movie that was released a month ago.

Oh wait. 😆🙄

And more JJ verse and prequels? Eh, really don’t care. Buuut if one of them involves Picard from the script Stewart mentioned then I can pretend to care?

Whatever we can’t go a year without another movie ‘announcement’.Was JJ there to reveal it at another shareholder event too?

Totally dude. Kelvin? No thanks. I’ll stay home. And I’m not even sure I’d be interested on P+ at this point. Let it die already.

I don’t know why they just won’t let it die?? And look I’ll play fair and be nice and say I understand there are people that like those movies and want more. But at some point when you keep cancelling and delaying the same movie over and over for seven years now, Paramount is making it clear they have no faith in this movie or they would’ve made it already. 🙄

And what’s hilarious when I saw the headline they got a new director for the Star Trek movie I thought it was for that one. You know the one they announced three years ago and keep saying they want to make but haven’t replaced the last director who bounced over a year ago? Now they got this new guy for another movie entirely. That’s probably the one Stewart is tied to if he’s really in it.

I guess it’s announced it’s the final one because they already know the next movie, if it ever gets made is probably not going to be a huge hit. They probably just hope it does better than Beyond but I bet it’s going to do worse since only Trekkies even care about them at this point and half them don’t even care anymore.

I gotta be honest with you. I gave up with this idea when I saw “JJ”. He buried Star Trek into the ground, Then he got Star Wars. He nearly buried that into the ground too. The only thing that saved both franchises was when they went to tv and were out of his hands. And how Paramount is SO STUPID they are putting it back in his hands again?

Abrams does not get Trek. Nor does he care. He is ON RECORD as saying as much when Tarantino was possibly attached to Trek for 5 minutes and said he doesn’t get “Pine Trek” and Abrams said, “I don’t either, just do whatever you want”. Screw you dude. Normally I am a very nice person. But in this case? Seriously, screw you Abrams.

I do think it’s funny that you hate those movies more than I do? 😂

But I agree, Abrams doesn’t care about Star Trek just how much money he can make from it. I’m not naive I understand who makes it wants to make money off of it. You can do that and still care about it. Abrams just saw it as a way to push his new directing career that got him Star Wars and he did that franchise even dirtier in the end. What’s ‘great’ about JJ verse is that you can totally ignore it and not have it touch the real Trek IMO or the Trek I’m deeply devoted to and care about. Those movies are isolated from the bigger universe.

Definitely not the same with the Sequel Trilogy. Those movies are tied in to everything now.

And everyone seems to know Abrams is poison because no one is remotely suggesting that he should direct any of these movies. The guy hasn’t directed in 5 years and his other projects just keep dying so now is the shot to get back on the saddle but no one seems to be in a rush to have him direct anything these days.

I’m OK if he produces but stay far away from writing or directing or we get much worse schlock than STID or TROS as scary as that sounds. 🤮

I guess if he is just collecting a paycheck as a producer but stays as far away from creative control that would be ok lol.

And ya I agree with everything you said as per usual. But you mention the best thing about the kelvin movies was that they were completely separate from the Prime Universe. I agree 100%. But here’s the thing. That was Orci, not Abrams. By his own admission to Tarantino, he doesn’t even get it.

My feelings on Abrams, is he comes up with 4 or 5 “key” exciting scenes he wants to happen, puts them onto the writing staff and says I dont care how we get here, but I need to see these epic scenes.. plot be dam make it happen cappt’en!!

I’d like to see a Star Trek movie along the lines of “Prelude to Axanar” which was good for a fan-made film.

It’s a real stretch to call the Axanar a fan film. It was an unauthorized professional production.

For Spock’s sake! Not another bloody prequel, this is getting ridiculous now.

It is. But it also seems like the sequels belong to P+ more than the movies. More than anything else they need to end the Kelvin universe. Not with one last movie, just stop already. IMHO this movie will hysterically fail like Beyond did.

The chances of this (or probably any other Trek movie by JJ Abrams) getting made are zero, so you can relax.

I feel like they want to get these two movies out for the 60th anniversary of the franchise. Could this be the story of Captain Robau of the USS Kelvin before his eventual encounter with Nero’s ship. I remember hearing about them wanting to do a Robau show back when ST09 first came out.

That might be tough considering Chris Helmsworth would be hysterically out of reach for them.

And way too old at this point as well.

Yuppers that too lol

I don’t see nothing wrong with any of the reboot films. It was JJ who refused new blood into this fifty off yrs old franchise. There only misstep was into darkness. But it was vastly improved with Beyond..

They could do a SNW movie, it would be amazing.

Honestly I am down for more exploring of the Kelvin timeline/universe. Yes it is highly contested, but it does give us amazing visuals (I still absolutely love the Kelvin-prise design) as well as a non-prime universe to play in (new stories, new or familiar yet somewhat different characters).

I do still wish one day we’d get a deeper look at the TOS-movie era universe (TMP-VI), but aside from the occasional comic book or beta-canon novel, I don’t see it happening.

Hey to each their own. But I loathe the Kelvin-Prise design. Those nacelles were ridiculously large. And the fact that it was built on Earth and not in space makes it even less believable because that ship by design should have collapsed due to the weight of the nacelles and the pylons being no where near strong enough to support them.

I’m always amused that I read about people believing the starship Enterprise, in any configuration, is “believable”. It’s an artistic design, nothing more. While I’ve enjoyed it as such over the years, I can say with 100% certainty that if we ever do get out of our solar system someday, none of those ships will even remotely resemble the Enterprise.

Here is why I think it is believable. One, Roddenberry IIRC spoke with futurists when creating Star Trek and the enterprise. 2. The Enterprise has a very thoughtful design. People live in the saucer section of the ship. Engineering is in the, well, engineering hull of the ship. The nacelles which might create radiation are purposely placed as far away as possible from both.

The Enterprise was never designed to fly in an atmosphere of a planet (even if it did in TOS and Kelvin Trek). It was designed to be built and function solely in space.

Without it’s structural shields up, it’s design can not take the gravity of a planet pulling it apart due to it’s design.

In fact, NASA in real life hired Mike Okuda to design theoretical designs for a real life starship. And I know Okuda didn’t invent the OG Enterprise but that speaks to Trek’s starship design language.

Everything you mention in your first paragraph about the general design is still valid for the Kelvin redesign.
You acknowledge in your second paragraph that the Enterprise was shown entering an atmosphere even in TOS. We’ve also seen other Federation starships enter atmospheres, e.g. Voyager.
So that basically leaves your objection that the ship shouldn’t be built on the surface because the structures couldn’t support their weight. Two points to that: 1) “anti-gravity technology” and “structural integrity fields” exist in Trek canon. 2) The 2009 movie actually shows scaffolding supporting the ship under construction. Once construction is finished (and the scaffolding is removed) the ship should very well be able to support and lift off on its own. Starships may normally operate under no-gravity or low-gravity conditions but we’ve also often seen starships withstand much stronger gravitational forces than those on Earth’s surface. In fact, each time the ship accelerates or decelerates it experiences forces much stronger than Earth’s gravity.

I still think the worst design is the Kelvin A. Or at least as rendered looked too dreamlike and whispy. Maybe if we had a better look at her.

Very excited about Toby Haynes.

Much, much less excited about ‘expanding the Kelvinverse’. That part feels like a deliberate effort to finally wipe out TOS&TNG.

Paramount needs to upgrade and future-prood DS9&VOY.

Who cares about movies, give me Star Trek: Legacy!

I want a gritty, dark Star Trek movie with nudity. The more the better.

You want to see Picard naked? To each his own…

Star Trek: Nudity

Maybe we’ll get a p0rn star academy award – a stiffy?

Cause that went over SO WELL with Into Darkness.

Into Darkness is my favorite Trek movie.

I’ve only seen Into Dumbness once…in the theater and never again. There is so much wrong with it, you could write a thesis on it . It’s my second worst movie in the franchise after Nemesis.

But I’m not judging, I don’t think The Final Frontier is as bad as people say, but it’s pretty bad lol.

expanding on the universe is good idea at this point if staying in the Kelvin-verse. They’ve squandered that cast to the point where they are too expensive / busy to use so might as well branch out

Would love to see a STAR TREK origin movie about Captain Robert April, his wife, and crew at the start of the 1701 voyages.

I’d love to see a film or set of films based around the Earth Romulan war

I think it’s pre the opening scene of ST09. It’s gonna be a Romulan war movie. You could bring back Idris Elba and Scott Bakula and deage / age them up.

Oh good an origin story set before the origin story.

For Star Trek 4 they should do something special for the 60th Anniversary. It will be the last Kelvin Movie. Make it special. Have fun with it. Have a good entertaining story. Use some Legacy characters. If we are fortunate enough to have any of the TOS stars available for the 60th just do it. Paramount should market the history of the franchise this time.

How would they get Walter, Bill and George into the movie though, Deepfake?

Would have to be some cgi deaging magic. I just think they should do a better job than they did for the 50th anniversary. If they are able to do it i think it would be a nice touch.

Yeah thats what should be done (like Dr Who’s 50th), a big multiverse ‘Generations’ style movie for the 60th featuring the kelvin cast, deepfake ToS actors, even some TNG cast if possible with tons if ships from all eras (like Picard s3). Kind of what 50th anniversary movie should’ve been instead of attack of the robotic bee ships on some random space station

Absolutely. The Final Movie with the Kelvin cast could truly be epic. Paramount just doesn’t get it. I did enjoy Beyond however it totally failed to be the grand story they should have had for the 50th anniversary.

Exclusive: Paramount Executive meeting discussing the new Star Trek movie announcement

Head Studio Guy : We’re all on a sinking ship and Redstone wants us to pump up the stock and get a buyer fast before all of you start driving for Uber. So I got a great idea to get everybody excited to invest in the future of this studio!

Executive #1: Whatever it is sir we know we’re all going to love it!

(Executives 2-5 agrees): The rest of us agrees!

Head Studio Guy: I been thinking about this for hours and one idea I think we should do to get some juicy headlines is announce a new Star Trek movie!


Executive #3: Um sir… didn’t we already announce a new Star Trek movie… like three years ago? And one before that one? And the another before that one? And the one before…?

Head Studio Guy: Yeah…and now we’re announcing another one! Think of all the nerds out there and how excited they will be that we will yet announce another movie! And maybe we will get an offer from Elon Musk to buy the company. Look how amazing he’s done with Twitter!

(All executives claps in unison): Brilliant sir!

Executive #4: What will this one be about?

Head Studio Guy: I was thinking we should have a clean slate. Start from the beginning and this time it will be an origin story! The fans love prequels! Can’t get enough of them. It can be a story about the origins of Star Trek! Huh???????

Executive #1: Didn’t we already do that with Enterprise?

Executive #2: What’s Enterprise?

Head Studio Guy: Don’t worry about it! Maybe it could be an origin story of Kirk and Dr. Spock then.

Executive #4: Um I think the other movies already did that. And isn’t Strange New Worlds kind of doing that too?

Executive #2: Is that one with the kids on the ship with the hologram lady?

Head Studio Guy: No. And we don’t talk about that show ever again. Do you hear me? NEVER AGAIN! But OK, fine it won’t be Kirk and pointy ears guy, we’ll come up with another origin story then. We’ll hire some writer and director and let them come up with something.

Executive #5: Maybe we can see if Tarantino is interested again?

(Room bursts into laughter)

Head Studio Guy (wipes tear): Ah good one Executive #5. We trolled the nerds hard with that one. Harder than the Shareholder event thing with Abrams. That announcement trended for months though. No way would that dumpster fire ever get a greenlight. Good times. Anyway I have a title too. We’re going to call it, you ready.. ..Star Trek: Origins!

(All executives clapping): “Brilliant! Very original! You the man sir!!!”

Executive #1: Actually didn’t a Wolverine movie already have that title 15 years ago? We don’t want to confuse our audience. They might think it’s related.

Head Studio Guy: Great point #1! Yeah horrible title. Whoever came up with it should be fired.

Executives: Yeah bad! Very bad! Boo!

Head Studio Guy: We’ll leave that to the new writer and director then. But it looks like we have a game plan now! We’re off and running now boys!

Executive #4: Um…sir? Are we going to actually MAKE this one this time?

Head Studio Guy (hard shrug): Who the bleep knows? But the nerds will be stoked over the announcement. That should keep them happy for six months at least until we sell this puppy. Make it so!

Executives: (High fives and chest bumps!)

ANOTHER prequel?

But this time it’s a prequel of a prequel. They are really spoiling us.

I’ve generally enjoyed the Kelvin movies.But It is hard to get excited about the repots of a new one with all previous reporting going nowhere.