Star Trek Merch: TNG And ‘Lower Decks’ CCGs Announced, Dr. Bashir 12″ Figure Revealed, And More

This week’s Star Trek merchandise update has a brand new licensee announcing card games and a favorite licensee revealing cool figures. There are also new comic collections to pick up and some action figure bargains to be had.

Star Trek joins UniVersus CCG

UVS Games announced they have added the Star Trek franchise to their UniVersus collectible card game. The first release will be Star Trek: Lower Decks Challenger Series. There will be four Challenger Series each with unique character cards. Players can expect to see characters such as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Ensign Brad Broimler, Ensign D’Vana Tendi, and Ensign Sam Rutherford. The Lower Decks CCG will be released later this year.

UVS is also partnering with Wise Wizards Games to bring Star Trek into their popular Star Realms spaceship combat deckbuilding game. Star Trek Star Realms is a 2-4 player game featuring starships from Star Trek: Next Generation and it will be fully compatible with other Star Realms games and expansions. Star Trek Star Realms will be available in Q3 this year.

Star Trek is joining the UniVersus CCG

EXO-6 Dr. Bashir pre-order

The latest release to join the impressive line of 1:6 scale Star Trek figures from EXO-6 is Dr. Julan Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Standing 12″ the articulated figure includes several accessories and is dressed in his Starfleet Duty Uniform. The figure is expected to arrive in Q3 and is available for pre-order at for $195 until April 2. The figure is also available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

EXO-6 Dr. Bashir figure

Bashir joins previously released DS9 figures of Sisko, Quark, and the just-released Kira. Coming up next will be Odo with Jadzia Dax also being teased for a later release.

EXO-6 line of DS9 figures

At ST-SF last weekend Todd Stashwick got a special preview of a prototype for the EXO-6 Star Trek: Picard Captain Shaw figure (not yet available for pre-order) which apparently will come with a wine glass accessory. Watch the moment below…

March Comic Collections

This week IDW released a collection of their Day of Blood crossover event from their Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant ongoing series. Star Trek: Day of Blood is available now at Amazon in hardcover and Kindle eBook.

Day of Blood collection

And arriving on March 26 is the Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes collection in paperback and Kindle eBook. You can pre-order now at Amazon.

TMP – Echoes collection

Bargains of the Week: 1/2 off action figures

There are a couple of good deals out there now for new Star Trek figures. Entertainment Earth has a 50% off outlet deal for the Playmates 5″ Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk figure, now priced at just $7.50.

Playmates STII Kirk

And Amazon also has a couple of 50% figure deals from the Super 7 Star Trek: The Next Geneation ReAction line, with both Commander Riker and Dr. Beverly Crusher available for just $10. More TNG figures are available for 30%.


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The Bashir looks like one of Exo’s better sculpts. I’ve been pleased with Locutus, Data, and TMP SPOCK, but I’ve gotta cool my jets before I go broke ;-)

Really? I was thinking he looked a little paunchy. Maybe it’s just the fit of the uniform. I wasn’t impressed. But to each their own.

I’m in the middle. There are flaws. As you say, the cheeks look a little puffy, but, overall, I absolutely know who he is by looking. The mouth is spot-on.

That Kira is still stunningly bad.

Yeah, the Kira is awful! Like, how could you do that to such a beautiful person!

Agreed, Nana Visitor is stunning, and so is Kira Nerys! ✨️ Yet her figure looks like it had an even harder life than what we know the character went through.

And according to exo6’s site, the actors DO get a say in approving their likenesses… so what gives? 😧

Mainly going by the head sculpt, I think it’s pretty spot on. Some folks think the TMP Spock sculpt is bad, so (shrug) definitely subjective. I agree about the fit of the uniform though, that has much to be desired.

I already said this further down, but repeating won’t hurt: The First Contact uniforms shouldn’t be “onesie” jumpsuits like the initial DS9 uniforms were, right?!?

Was Bashir’s different from the rest because it worked better for medical staff, or something? If so, I never noticed.


Bashir looks like he was out drinking with his buddy Miles.

haha he always looked a bit … sleepy though. Didn’t he?

Looks like Bashir’s developed a beer gut though?

Oh yeah, that! Agree

The portrait is nice, but that outfit needs taking it. Hopefully final product will be more streamlined.

Julian’s body looks a bit off, but great face sculpt.

it’s like he’s wearing a uniform he picked up off a Bolian – that thing is a tent

Yeah, the problem that I see is: THOSE uniforms shouldn’t be “onesies,” should they??? 🤔

DS9’s first uniforms were basically jumpsuits. But ever since they converted to the First Contact uniforms, the jackets were always separate, right?!? 🫲😦🫱

I don’t recall them ever looking like THAT…

Ooh. Now if only they could make DS9 ReAction figures so more people could actually afford them.

Hiya Toys is probably our last hope for Star Trek figures because nobody seemed to step up for either Super7 or Playmates Toys action figures. Of course we’re going to be at the mercy of high priced niche lines because lately it seems Star Trek collectors are overly demanding and very unsupportive of any company’s attempts to get products out there. I know that’s going to probably offend some but it’s the truth they need to hear. Star Trek is not the merchandising power house that Star Wars is/was. Snubbing a line because it’s first wave isn’t Star Wars Black Series quality, without realizing the many years of successful product sales leading up to it is just self defeating. You have to give these companies a reason to want to produce these things and that is financial gain. They are not making this stuff to sale to you for a bargain.

Gotta respectfully disagree. Dollars are votes in the marketplace and I use my dollars to tell manufacturers what products I like and what products I don’t care for. And since when is being discriminating in what you shell out your hard-earned cash for a bad thing? Overly demanding? If I pay $200 for a Julian Bashir figure, he’d better look like a miniature Alexander Siddig.

I’m referring back to an interview Todd McFarlane gave when he had a license for Star Trek talking about how making a product for fans. He alluded to how Star Trek fans do tend to express their opinions. I agree that $200 collectibles better have all the details. I can overlook a missing phaser ring on a $30 starship because I know that line is something I can get for my kids. It’s not going to break the bank. I am certainly going to collect all that Hiya Toys does but I don’t feel like those are for kids. A kids line is needed to keep Star Trek relevant.

Gritizens My reply wasn’t directed to you. I don’t want to come off as hostile or as if I am shilling for Playmates Toys. We do need to as a collective force need to get behind a company and give them some kind of financial incentive to get the kinds of action figures we want. Star Trek needs a line with the kids in mind because they are the collectors of tomorrow.

The main way I see to get them to make more DS9 figures is to buy the EXO-6 ones and we just don’t have 150+ dollars for that.

If it means buying the TNG figures. Nah. Maybe if they had made Deanna in her actual uniform or Reginald Barclay or TNG Miles O’Brien. Otherwise the other Super7 figures we’re getting is stuff from their Transformers line.

I honestly don’t think it’s the fans holding the current playmates line or the Super7 one back from shows past TNG. I think it’s on the Trek merchandise team just assuming that only TOS and TNG would get merchandise that would sell.

I’m hoping that Playmates will maybe do something bold and do something with an online only line for Star Trek. They announced today a TMNT exclusive set using retro styling and scale but with modern articulation. The picture looked pretty cool. It’s a Walmart exclusive unfortunately but hopefully if the product is successful they might expand on the concept and make it more widely available. Hopefully that could also carry over to a continuation of the 90s Star Trek figures as well.

Isn’t this what Playmates did with Star Trek recently and then abandoned: “Retro”-look, more points of articulation?

I guess I don’t see Playmates investing more, unfortunately, since those apparently did not sell to their satisfaction.

Playmates 2022 relaunch was all new sculpts that were noticeably taller than the 90s figures. If they would have done like Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Origins and just duplicated the sculpts of the 90s with remastered articulation but gave us figures from the new material first and filled in holes with characters that weren’t done like Weyoun, Founder Leader, Archer, T’Pol, etc we would probably instead be discussing what we wanted to see in Waves 7 and 8. They clearly have no sense of direction in their leadership and marketing.

I do happen to think that Playmates erred in reintroducing figures for characters they’ve already done before. A lot of the 90s figures can be found unopened on eBay for about the same price as the new ones. Frankly, the older sculpts were better too for Riker, Data, Kirk, and Spock, and Khan looks nearly identical, so why buy them? They should have gone with Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, and Prodigy as those are all new shows without previous Playmates releases.

Huh? It’s $195. Try being a Hot Toys collector. A lot are $300+ (of course they’re way way higher quality but still…) This already IS the bargain bin of 1:6 scale. I don’t think you can ask for lower right now unless you want to drop down in scale or lose detail.

That he comes with a wineglass is just perfect.

The TMP “Echoes” cover is reversed. The uniform deltas are on the wrong sides. The part in Kirk and Chekov’s hair is on the wrong side…Oi…

Isn’t it their reflection in the space suit helmet? Which would make everything reversed.

You’ve forgotten how mirrors work

There is already a Star Trek CCG, it was called Star Trek CCG and it was produced by Decipher. Print new cards for that.