See Worf’s Crew Take On Mind-Controlling Space Bugs In ‘Star Trek: Defiant’ #13 Preview

This week the ongoing Star Trek: Defiant series from IDW moves into the second issue of the sci-fi horror “Hell is only a Word” arc. The Defiant series is written by Chris Cantwell with art by Ángel Unzueta. We have a preview and the covers for issue 12.

Star Trek: Defiant #13


Starbase 99 has been compromised. Worf and the Defiant crew are quarantined within, desperately trying to evade the infected as their parasitic counterparts flood the floors of the base. To make matters worse, one of the crew’s bounties is dead, another missing. Can the crew survive this raging parasitic invasion on the desolate starbase?


Cover A by Angel Unzueta

Cover B by Elizabeth Beals

RI cover by Rachael Stott


Five-page preview: 

Defiant continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Defiant #13 arrives on Wednesday, March 27. You can order issue 13 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

“Hell is Only a Word” wraps up in June with issue 16. You can see the covers for the next three issues below…

Defiant collections

The first volume of the series collecting the first five issues is available at Amazon in hardcover for $23.99 and Kindle ebook for $7.70. The “Day of Blood” crossover event with Defiant and the ongoing Star Trek series was released earlier this month and is available at Amazon in hardcover for $27.99 and Kindle ebook for $9.40. The “A Piece of the Action” arc will be collected in volume 2, which will be released in June 2024. You can pre-order it at Amazon in hardcover for $24.99.

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