‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers Urge Fans To Be Patient Waiting For Season 2 On Netflix

Last fall, when Netflix announced they were picking up the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy after it had been removed from Paramount+, fans were elated. They also celebrated the worldwide streaming re-release of the first season on Christmas Day. Netflix confirmed they would release the second season in 2024. As the wait continues, producers are urging fans to remain patient.

Season 2 is “worth the wait”

It has now been around five months since the Netflix re-release of the first season of Prodigy, which originally wrapped up on Paramount+ in December 2022. Work on the second season wrapped up at the beginning of 2024. Now fans are starting to wonder how much longer they have to wait. The frustration is understandable, especially after the unexpected early release of season 2 on French TV (dubbed in French) in March.

Executive producers and showrunners Dan and Kevin Hageman took to Twitter/X this week to let fans know they understand. Responding to a fan asking about season 2, they said they were “holding tight like everyone else,” but also promised the second season is “worth the wait.”

Last week, co-executive producer Aaron Waltke also expressed a similar sentiment, posting a clip from Star Trek: Picard quoting Krinn saying “Patience brings great rewards,” adding “Words to live by.”

Season 2 is not coming in June

Even though Netflix and Paramount+ are separate streaming services, there may be coordination to avoid any overlap with the release of Star Trek content, all of which is produced by CBS Studios. The fifth season of Discovery wraps up on Paramount+ next week, on May 30th. The fifth and final season of the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks is expected later this year. Typically, new seasons of Lower Decks have arrived at the end of summer, but last year’s SAG strike delayed some of the voice acting and that might have had an impact on their release timing. Netflix just announced its lineup for June 2024 and Prodigy season 2 is not listed, so the wait will continue into the summer and possibly beyond.

The Doctor (Robert Picardo) gives the provisional cadets a briefing in image from season 2

Watching season 1 on Netflix helps

Hopefully, when the time comes, Netflix will make an effort to promote the second season of Prodigy with a publicity campaign. So far all we have is a clip released by CBS last summer (before the Netflix deal was announced). The producers have all made it clear that Netflix could commission a third season if the show performs well on its new streaming home.

One way fans can show support for the show is by watching the first season on Netflix. One of the fans behind last year’s #SaveStarTrekProdigy campaign is rallying fellow fans around celebrating the show by watching it on Netflix this Sunday, May 26th, in an effort to show the algorithm how much love there is for the series.


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Netflix just released its June line-up. No Prodigy.

I’m *hoping* that Netflix made some handshake deal with Paramount not to draw attention away from Disco S5, and that’s why we haven’t heard anything yet.

Can’t wait for this! Have enjoyed enjoy most of the modern shows with my fave being Lower Decks, but I think the writing on Prodigy has been the best.

I’m trying to maintain my patience, even though it’s gotten tougher since the French release. Even if we don’t get a June release, I did have the thought that we could at least hear something then, since that’s when they usually have their Tudum event which seems like the perfect place to show it off. Here’s hoping.

My hope is that Netflix are biding their time and working with Paramount to launch Prodigy effectively and properly, in a way it should have always been done; branded and marketed to a younger demographic and families around the world. Much in the same way the 2009 movie was launched with a barrage of campaigns and merchandising – Playmates Toys, where are you with the Prodigy toys… hopefully this break gives Netflix the chance to get Playmates Toys onboard, and actually make a go of this new series which will be the key to introducing Star Trek to kids. It has to succeed if Star Trek is to live in the minds of those who are going to shape the future. Prodigy needs to work for Star Trek to remain relevant

I hope you’re right. No one in my family are kids and we all love it, tho, so I hope EVERYONE watches it. Esp the second half of season one was excellent. I keep thinking the biggest mistake Paramount and the writers made was keeping real Janeway a surprise. I’m remember reading Kate would be back…but for a hologram with a bunch of kids and just being like, oh. Deflated. It’s not must-see for Voy fans. And then it WAS, and I enjoyed the twists and all and b/c I always give any new Trek a try I was literally there for it, but it felt like maybe people checked out before then, when not only Janeway appeared but the show got much more complex and Trek-y. I hope they can find the balance of getting the kids in there but also letting adults know this is vital, exciting Trek storytelling.

So what Happens, when a fan loses patience? Not watching it? I doubt that.

They rant on the internet

Literally two comments down someone saying they won’t watch it b/c it’s been so long. So, yes. Streamers and networks very much do lose viewers for having shows on long breaks. People forget what happened previously, people feel like the “buzz” is gone, they lose interest despite reporting having “loved” the previous season, etc.. I have actually seen multiple threads of people talking about wanting to go back to life with 22 episode per season shows on network simply b/c they want to watch the same show every week where the same thing happens every week and there are only a couple breaks in the year. Not breaks that TAKE years.
I’m not talking Trek fans specifically here, but we need casuals to tune into things for them to survive. I think people are lazy, tasteless, and full of it wanting to go back to crap network tv, but it’s still a reality right now.

Kid watched season 1 and liked it. The wait between part 1-2 was too long for what they said was a kids show.
Prolly why they cancelled it

I made my 4 nephews watch it. They found it boring and ‘tame’. So they all went back to playing their violent computer games.

They better still release season 2 on blu-ray as it will be the only way I can see it as I do not have netflix and never have had it and never will have it they are on my permanent boycot list for multiple reasons one for not canceling and removing all of the homophobic and transphobic stand up comedian’s crap from the service and for getting rid of password sharing and being far to expensive compared to other streaming services
Plus Netflix has never had enough content I would want to watch that I don’t have on physical media or on other services

They’ve done releases of some of their shows, like Sandman (which is so good.) But not everything, ob. Fingers crossed they’ll feel like Trek has enough of a fanbase to justify producing some discs.

I have a feeling paramount home video will the ones to release it like they do with other releases and I know the dubbedPokémon anime seasons and movies that are on netflix first end up not being released by Netflix but the Pokémon company who owns and makes the show as Netflix is just the international distributor for it

Alright, I think this means I’m going to mordre la balle and watch this sucker in French.

Why? Because they politely asked you not to?

The show is zombie at this point. I doubt I’m going to even bother watching.

By all accounts, the second season is excellent and wraps up the story in a compelling way, with the possibility for more if it does well.

Did you say the same thing when TNG, DS9 or TOS were announced to be in their final seasons?

I can’t wait for S2. Prodigy and LDS are the only trek I watch now. I’m looking forward to it! Prodigy rocks!

Funny I asked about this the other day and a bit frustrating but not the end of the world. But this is the definitely the show I’m looking forward to and hopefully we will hear something soon.

And really do think it will be worth the wait! 😊

All I got from this is that “Rory The Nerd” needs to get outside and get some air. And perhaps a girlfriend?

It’s a TV show. It’ll come back. Just relax.

It’ll be canceled without passionate fans, so have a little respect.

I’m starting to feel a bit of despair, tbh. I love this show but it feels like Netflix doesn’t. When will they promote it? Give us some kind of REAL update? I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait and I’m glad they didn’t just drop it with no fanfare b/c of the French mistake…but still. I rewatched season one as soon as it came out on Netflix and it feels like forever ago.

Netflix rarely promotes their shows until the month it premieres, because they need to keep the hype going.

Season one came out on Netflix over Christmas, it hasn’t been that long.

I’d love to have the “patience” they’re asking us to have, but it’s almost 3 months since the release in France. Also I looked up the shows/movies Netflix has bothered to give us dates for, ang all the way through to the end of 2024, Prodigy is nowhere on said list. Instead it’s on a seperate list on the same web page that says shows with no date. All it says is 2024. Yeah well where halfway through 2024 and nothing. I also heard that someone said something about it being released in Spring 2024. Well…Spring is ending, and it’s not being released in June, so that was obviously either a guess, or Netflix actually said this somewhere and I haven’t been able to find it, which would mean they lied, but wouldn’t surprise me. Now, if Netflix would have at the very least shown us a 10 second clip with the logo of the show and the words “Coming Soon” like they do with pretty much most of their own productions, then i’d have been happy with that. But they didn’t, and instead have given us silence. So this “patience” they want us to have? Sorry but for me that “patience” left the building, went to Kennedy Space Center, blasted off on one of the SpaceX rockets, and then from there left for outer space (AKA it’s gone, obviously, but I figured the space reference was appropriate). Will I still watch it when it finally does drop? Yes. Will I hold my breath and still be patient? Definitely not. Instead I will be giving my attention to The Acolyte on Disney+ in June. I’d watch Prodigy Season 2 first, but of course they wont let us see it so, The Acolyte it is.