At The Disco 4: “Choose Your Pain”

A trio of the shuttle pod crew (Kayla, Brian, and Matt) beamed in to discuss  the newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Choose Your Pain.”

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 5 – Debuted Sunday October 15th

Written by Kemp Powers
Directed by Lee Rose

The Shuttle Pod crew all felt like the the fifth episode was a strong entry, and one of the most satisfying as far as plot structure goes. We learn the fate of our new pal Ripper the tardigrade, follow Burnham as she fights the good fight on Ripper’s behalf, butts heads with acting captain Saru, and in the second plot line, we learn new facts about Lorca, and we get to meet Harry Mudd as brought to life by Rainn Wilson, who the Shuttle Pod crew all really liked. Also we speculate on what that creepy second Stamets in the mirror means.

Oh… Hi there Stamets reflection…

Listen in to hear our thoughts on the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise!

That’s Some Good Fan Service

We agreed that the fan service this week was nicely done, with an excellent look at the Klingon/Federation bordering areas on a map filled with goodies like Space Station K-7, Rura Penthe and even Khitomer (hiding at the top, partially cut off). 

The list of decorated Starfleet captains including not just the obvious captains who had their own shows, but also Matthew Decker (who would soon become Commodore, and we’ll see in TOS “The Doomsday Machine”), and it pulled Robert April out of the grey-area of canon to make him totally official.