Star Trek Production Update, Paramount For Sale, And More News Roundup – All Access Star Trek

Anthony and Laurie catch up on Star Trek news this week, starting with the latest acquisition offer for Paramount Global from Skydance. They talk about a new interview with Elias Toufexis, one of the main villains of the upcoming final season of Discovery as well as Doug Jones’ comments about the finale. They check in on the latest Picard spin-off talk from its showrunner and stars, hear from the Prodigy producers about the upcoming Janeway-Chakotay reunion, and round up the other tidbits from Trek Talks 3, including a “Tuvix” debate and some behind-the-scenes insights about the Lower Decks/Strange New Worlds crossover. They wrap up with Paul Giamatti as a Klingon and a quiz about which Star Trek actor should give you a hug.