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Put on some velour for the preview of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” January 11, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Preview,Uncategorized , trackback

StarTrek.com have put up a preview for "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Remastered. This shows off the incredible new galactic barrier CGI.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

Remember, this episode airs next weekend. This weekend is "Wink of An Eye" 


1. Skippy 2k - January 11, 2007

Woooohoooo! Another awesome preview ( I guess checking back here hourly is worth it after all :-) Very good episode with looks like some cool new shots, can’t wait!

2. Scott Gammans - January 11, 2007

Holy crap, the barrier effects look absolutely amazing. This should be a treat!

3. Duane Boda - January 11, 2007

GOD……Now after seeing that how in the world could they not include Gary Mitchell in the remake of the new film? That episode had such tremendous impact that it easily could have been made into its own series. In some respects the characters and everything involved in this episode was truly much better then we all came to know – its seemed so crisp and vibrant!

4. Josh - January 11, 2007

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That’s pretty!! It took me years to finally see this episode, even then I only saw if first about a year ago, and as a foremost The Next Generation fan — this is still one of my favorite episodes of the franchise, of all time. I will definitely look forward to this, as I have been since I first saw it listed on the schedule.

5. Matt Wright - January 11, 2007

This is an episode I have definitely been looking forward to, I can’t wait!

6. Rick - January 11, 2007

Hmmm cool now will they fix that grave stone?;) Fun stuff. Love the early retro ST stuff!!! I hope this new movie takes some of the mood of the early episodes with the use of color, light and especially music. They were fun, eerie, creepy and very cool! The first 10 episodes especially really had a certain feel to them. It is so interesting to see after just 2 seaons how different the last season shows felt and looked compared to the first seaons shows. Of all the TREKS shows I always felt this was opposite. It started out strong and got weaker whereas the other series always started out weaker and got stronger in the end. Funny how that all worked out.

7. Al - January 11, 2007

Fix the Headstone!

8. Anthony Pascale - January 11, 2007

checking back hourly?
wow. do you set your alarm or something…doesnt your wife or gf get upset when you have to get out of bed to see if Shatner said something new or there is a new preview for TOSR up?

we have had 4 updates today…should we go for 5?

what do you boys think of the ‘late night comedy’ vids…maybe I should do more of those, but there is only so much stuff out there.

9. Anthony Pascale - January 11, 2007

regarding the headstone. it was a big debate but in the end it was not changed, however that was due to other things (like the galactic barrier) taking up all the time and reserouces.

so it is James R. Kirk, unless they get inspired for the DVD releases…but dont count on it

10. Scott Gammans - January 11, 2007

Anthony, I think you should definitely do more of the humor stuff. When I saw the “hair” piece (pun intended) it reminded me of those hilarious interstitials for Star Trek on Spike TV… too bad there were only a handful of those made.

11. Anthony Pascale - January 11, 2007

well you do realise that i didnt ‘do’ the vid, just found it on youtube.

I did it at the time becasue i felt it was a ‘lighten up’ moment for the talk around here…that and all the talk about Shats rug.

but I will think about it….I dont want to be spamming my own site

12. cransy - January 11, 2007

Holy Freak’n Crap!

13. Aphelion - January 11, 2007

Considering the first thing that sprung to every Trekker’s mind about enhancing this episode was the headstone, it’s a colossal letdown that it won’t be changed.

14. Stanky McFibberich - January 11, 2007

Headstone or not, I am really looking forward to this one.

15. Michael Hall - January 11, 2007

Damn. Wish I could agree with the sentiments above, but considering how much I was looking forward to seeing what would be done with this show I can’t say I’m impressed with what I’ve seen here at all. After some really excellent recent work CBS Digital’s effects for this seminal episode strike me as garish and cartoony–particularly disappointing is the new version of the galactic barrier, which instead of a lethal zone of hellish radiation now looks as though the Enterprise had gotten itself stranded inside a ball of cotton candy. The CG model fails to convey the sense of mass or scale acheived in “The Corbomite Maneuver” or even last week’s “Friday’s Child,” and even Delta-Vega’s clouds look fake and painted-on. Maybe in the end this will turn out okay–I hope so, because after 42 years “Where No Man Has Gone Before” sure deserves a better facelift than this appears to be so far.

16. darendoc - January 11, 2007

Thanks Michael… I thought I was gonna be the fly in the ointment here…

I think the effects seen in this preview look awful… over done… and way too CG.


17. Anthony Pascale - January 11, 2007

one thing I wonder is if some of the shots of the enterprise are sped up for the preview.

oh and hi Daren! you are never a fly in our ointment

18. Al - January 11, 2007

Well, we can rationalise that maybe Mitchell didn’t know Kirk’s middle name… Shame it wasn’t done though.

By the way, do you know if the CBS guys are consulting various nitpicker’s guides to the OT – ideal source of things needing digital clean-up in terms of continuity, etc.

19. Michael Hall - January 11, 2007

I just don’t get it–they were on a friggin’ roll, and they go and blow it on this, of all episodes? As an effects professional yourself, Darren, do you have any notion as to how the hell that could happen?!

Man, I hate to be a naysayer, but my enthusiasm for this project just took a nosedive.

20. Nelson - January 11, 2007

While I would agree that the CGI barrier sequences seen in the preview does look a tad dodgey, I am going to wait till we see the actual broadcast. The ship and Delta Vega does look a bit cartoon-ish. What I liked was how they handled the barrier. In a way, it feels a little contemporary, somewhat like the Badlands in Voyager’s Pilot.

Regarding the discussion about hair. Take a look at the DVD of What are Little Girls Made Of. Look closely when Kirk is on the table right before he says “Mind your own business Mr. Spock…”

21. New Horizon - January 11, 2007

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking the effects for this preview are a complete let down. Come on CBS, what is going on here? This is a step way back to the beginning. This is the pilot episode, it deserves far better treatment than this.

22. Demode - January 11, 2007

It is looking a little cartoony. I hope it looks better on TV, but I’m feeling a little nervous about this one.

23. T Negative - January 11, 2007

Hmmm. I think the new galactic barrier looks great . The Enterprise looks a little like the E in Balance of Terror, but still acceptable. I appluad CBS digital for really going all out here, this episode certainly deserves a little extra effort and I will wait until I see it on the tube before I pass full judgment.

24. Adam Cohen - January 11, 2007

I’m happy to see CBS-D “let her fly” with this episode. “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is more epic in scale than the average Trek episode. I think being ambitious with the effects is a good thing. And yes, I do think they sped up the FX shots for the preview. At normal speed, they will look much better.

25. Xai - January 11, 2007

#19 and #16….
Daren, I know this IS your business, but I completely disagree with your view. The preview is slightly sped up, I agree…. but this is sooooo nice.
#15…. Hellish radiation?…. describe that please. You want the “bolts” seen in the V’ger cloud? This look is structured a lot like what you see from Hubble telescope shots. Highly energized particles can look like this.
… and the old girl Flys! I love the second fly-over into the barrier shot. She actually looks like a starship moving through this zone. A very non-trad shot for this series and I like it. Very graceful.

26. Kevin - January 11, 2007

They couldn’t afford to do the headstone? That’s insane! They can fix Sulu’s chronometer but something like painting out an R and putting on a T is too costly. How did we go from Star Trek getting over a million dollars to do one episode to just a few years later CBS sayin’ – “here’s twenty bucks. Make it work”?

Meh, just paint out the whole letter and don’t put any T in there. That ought to be cheaper.

27. Trek Defense League - January 11, 2007

It’s such a solid, human Trek adventure that J.J. Abrams should literally just remake the same story for the big screen. With Affleck as Gary Mitchell.

28. Mark 2000 - January 11, 2007

I’m going to sign up on the disappointed list here. Airbrushy, CG looking effects. Especially since the sets and costumes are even more spartan than future episodes to so totally go over the top here is kind of disrespectful.

29. Captain Pike - January 11, 2007

I’m disappointed the head stone was not fixed. I hope it is fixed in a future “do-over”. I’m really looking forward to this show. WNMHGB and The Cage set the bar pretty high and very few Trek episodes exceeded them.

30. Jim J - January 11, 2007

And there you have it…exactly why the new movie makers oughta do whatever they god-damned please. No matter what someone does to try to pay tribute, some people are gonna bitch and say how awful it is. Just look at some of the comments above. Heck, I think it looks great! Anyone who think it looks like cotton candy oughta try to eat it more often, because they are way off. This is much more believable than that worthless barrier in the original that looks like half painted pink sunset. Oh, and “Gary, forgive them” for not changing it to a T on the headstone. I’m sure that Trek purists are so upset because they WANT you to change everything-HUH? Come on people…you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Plus, I think it is great that they are using the Enterprise with the spiked nacelles and bigger “dish” on it. Very appropriate. Hang in there CBS Digital. With people, you just can’t win.

PS-This IS my favorite Trek episode and if I really thought they’d messed it up, I’d be the first one bitching. They DID mess up Balance of Terror (my 2nd favorite episode). Hopefully that will be fixed for the dvd. Can’t wait to hear the bitchers about my third favorite episode, The Doomsday Machine. Thank God most were ok with “The Corbomite Manuever”, my 4th favorite episode.

31. Mark 2000 - January 11, 2007

Jim J, making a new movie and doing anything you want with it is fine. Redoing part of a 40 year old program with effects that look identical to the work done in a modern show is another thing.

And I say modern with a grain of salt. The barrier looks the same as the effects used in Voyager’s badlands 15 years ago. I’m surprised that if their going to do something inappropriate it can’t at least look good.

32. New Horizon - January 11, 2007

I wish people could understand that the criticism of what we’re seeing in the preview, is being compared to the previously ‘outstanding work’ of CBS Digital. It’s disappointing. The lighting looks like it has taken several steps back. Look at Space Seed and the Menagerie for great work. It’s not just a matter of the shots being sped up for the ad…the results are below the standard they finally managed to set for themselves over the last few weeks. I’m saddened. I hope that these were unfinished shots that got shoved into the preview for some reason.

Damn you CBS…give these guys time and a budget.

33. foobar - January 11, 2007

That’s the “old” Enterprise – it has red nacelle caps + pointy thingys on them.

34. Ron Jon - January 11, 2007

Hard to tell from the quick preview shots, but the energy barrier looked pretty good to me. Roiling, turbulent, dangerous energy.

35. Norbert Steinert - January 11, 2007

Please re-do Balance of Terror with this dynamic kind of f/x. Pleeeease!

36. Jim J - January 11, 2007

Wow, you better rewatch Voyager if you think that looks like the badlands. I hate Voyager and I even remember that they loom different than this. Frankly, I don’t see the same thing you are looking at, apparently. I just think people are getting way too worked up, probably myself included. Can we just, for once, stop the whining and bitching and moaning? It’s no wonder Paramount execs kinda think we are a bit “whacky!” By our behavior on these boards, we are!!!! (Sorry, but this just makes me cranky-the old effects…God love ’em…are crap compared to this stuff). IMO

37. Jim J - January 11, 2007

Loom? I must be tired, make that “look”

38. Skippy 2k - January 12, 2007

Fix the headstone…what if I say please? Well, darn. That was one of the things I was particuarly watching for, Gary not knowing kirks middle name seems odd since they were apparently friends since the academy. So while I am let down a bit please don’t take it the wrong way. I think they are doing a very good job I just would have like to seen this corrected.

Still the barrier looks cool! :)

39. Skippy 2k - January 12, 2007

Forgot to add the question. Other than the space shots what else was needing an update? Other than the old exteriors I can’t think of anything other than the headstone. Other than the matte being reused later it seemed fine for the ep (from what I can remember). Just curious.

40. Ron Jon - January 12, 2007

On the other hand I just CAN”T BELIEVE they’re not fixing the ^%$^%#$!!! tombstone. I am SOOOO disappointed.

I still like the energy barrier, though.

41. Doc Horror - January 12, 2007

To be honest, I’m a little underwhelmed by the Barrier…….mainly because what we’re shown looks more like a cloud or nebula than a barrier. I first saw this ep as a very young child in the early 70’s, and the Enterprise approaching the Barrier (the edge of everything), is a very powerful image for me. Hell the whole Barrier scene is. I expected something a little more difficult to pass through……not just a cloud. So I’m underwhelmed with the ship approaching the Barrier as it appears in the clip.

Also, some of the angles on the ship are….interesting. Tho the lighting on on the ship as it approaches the Barrier seems to be a throwback to the old model.

I’ve been awed by the work the team has done recently, so I’ll reserve judgement until I see the ep on the screen. It doesn’t look bad, just not what I expected from them.

42. John N. - January 12, 2007

I think that it looks good, but as usual, you have the regulars out with knives to based on the preview and not the actual episode.

And where are the canonistas? No begging to leave Kirk’s real middle initial in there? I mean… it’s as clear as day on screen… James R. Kirk.

C’mon… we can’t mess with canon, can we? ;)

43. Skippy 2k - January 12, 2007

I remember a thread on the trekbbs debating the T. or R. I couldn’t find it now but someone did a photoshop of it which would have been perfect. There was a version also that just had “James Kirk” which could have let people choose which they wan’t to go with.

44. Adam Cohen - January 12, 2007

Re: “T” v. “R”

I fall in the not-caring too much camp on that issue. I’d rather CBS-D focus on the bigger elements. WNMHGB is an FX-heavy show and it probably pushed the team to the max throughout. A measily headstone is a throwaway when compared to what they had to accomplish. Remember what our fearless leader stated on SNL back in ’86. I don’t think I even need to repeat it, y’all know what he said!

As for early gripes about the barrier, etc. All I can say is sit tight and wait to see what they look like at normal speed. I have a feeling there will be joyous reveling after it airs.

45. Al - January 12, 2007

I liked the barrier and I liked the sped up zooming along shots of the E. I’m fed up with the stately galleon style that has come to dominate. Let her zoom, especially when she was young.

46. Doc Horror - January 12, 2007

^^ “stately galleon style that has come to dominate”? Sorry, but that’s the style the original was filmed in for like…..always. Large ships that zoom like X-Wings are a trademark of the newer shows who were desperate to ditch one of Treks filming signatures to be more like other franchises. The sad part is, it never worked. They never came up with a newer, unique to Trek , style. Just a style that screamed “We’re trying to look “hip and cool” by making Trek ships move like other popular franchises!!”

The stately galleon look, as far as I know, was done first on Trek, and it, better than anything else, gives these ships a sense of size and mass. I mean….they are large ships! They should do everything in their power to convey that to the audience.

47. Dom - January 12, 2007

I want more shots looking down on the ship. I’m bored of the whole looking up at the ship business. Let’s see more angles the way we did in the TOS movies!

48. Stanky McFibberich - January 12, 2007

re: ” 16. darendoc – January 11, 2007

Thanks Michael… I thought I was gonna be the fly in the ointment here…

I think the effects seen in this preview look awful… over done… and way too CG.


One would think as a person in the same line of business as CBS digital, you could at least wait until seeing the whole episode before dishing out your dirt.

49. Lao3D - January 12, 2007

Those of you with iTunes capability should check out that preview over there. They are available at a much larger size. When you look at the barrier shots at closer to normal speed and full size it is seriously breathtaking. When this airs there wil be a lot of backtracking on people’s comments.

Fantastic job! I can’t believe I have to sit through “Wink of an Eye” before seeing this one!!

50. diabolik - January 12, 2007

I’m excited by what I’ve seen. The barrier sequence was always an exciting part and I’m betting this only amps up the drama and excitement.

It looks awesome. Can’t wait for it. I wonder if they’ll re-use the barrier breach they made here in “By Any Other Name” and “Is There Is Truth No Beauty” as the original shows did, or will they re-do them with different shots?

51. darendoc - January 12, 2007

note I say “I think the effects IN THIS PREVIEW look awful.” I wasn’t aware that opinions were regarded as “dirt”.

This was not a “stolen” sneak preview of preliminary effects. This is a released preview of the show. It is completely fair to comment on official released images and clips.

That said, it is true that for some reason effects seen in the final episodes are sometimes much better than those we have seen in the previews… for some reason. But I also know that these shots look far too finished to be preliminary.

They look fine for a modern Trek presentation… but they are TOTALLY WRONG, in my opinion, for a project that was touted as only bringing up the quality of effects to make them look reasonable on HD. For all the lip service of matching the precise starfield movement in the first couple episodes, it sure looks like that kind of thought is out the window.

And I’m sorry… it does look like a nebula. Not an “energy barrier”… there are certainly ways to update the very cool barrier from the original… while still showing restraint and stifling the urge to be “showy”.

If I see the final episode and it works well within the context of the show, I will certainly say so.

52. JON - January 12, 2007

Wow.Those space shots look motion picture quality.More dynamicism than was ever shown on the TV.This is the kind of stuff I always imagined Trek could be when I was a kid before ST;TMP re-wrote Trek’s visual language.

53. jonboc - January 12, 2007

Nice job….although from their past track record, I never know what to believe when I see the previews. IF these shots are actually in the show, and these are so specific to this episode I think they probably are, I will have to get my friend to download this on Xbox and check it out in HD for sure. It looks great, looking forward to this one for sure.

54. Big Bill Cox - January 12, 2007

Where No Man Has Gone Before remains one of my favorite episodes, and the trailer looks great. I can’t wait to see this. Shame that they’re not changing the tombstone, though.

55. John N. - January 12, 2007

#51 – darendoc

I recognize that you qualified your remarks by limiting them to the effects seen in the preview, but IMHO, you then directed your criticism to the wrong group. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m betting that the group that is creating the new effects is NOT the same group that are editing together the previews!

If you handed your final effects in, and them some editor decided to create a preview with all of your effects played at double time, I’m betting that your effects would look a little too CG as well.

Some goes to the rest of you criticizing the “too CG” look or the “X-Wing figher” feel to the shots… what the heck to you expect at a ramped up frame rate?

56. CmdrR - January 12, 2007

I think change can be good. Yes, this is a BIG step beyond the baby-steps shown in Balance of Terror. But, CBS-D has been ramping it up on us. I think that’s a good thing. The order of the episodes remastered largely appears chosen to take them from fx light to fx heavy, such as this one. I HOPE Doomsday Machine blows off all our pointy black boots. If the light and weight are a little trick with more dynamic shots, that’s a growth issue. CBS-D has already shown they’re not quitting at the early levels of quality.
In short… cool effort. I’m looking forward to watching the episode.

57. Jim J - January 12, 2007

Once again our expectations show up. We show ownership of the show and think if it isn’t done in the way we believe it should be, it MUST be wrong. Baloney!!!! Check the episode over and see exactly what they say about the “barrier”/leaving the galaxy. Then, go see if that is violated in some way by CBS Digital and their effects. If so, shame on them. If not, shame on all the complainers!!!!!

It’s kinda like Apollo’s hand. If it looks a lot different when that episode comes out, some will whine and complain. Others will love it. However, if it is a foot, then we have something to gripe about! LOL

58. John N. - January 12, 2007

#57 – Jim J

“The eons have passed, and what has been written has come about. You are most welcome, my beloved children – now smell my feet!”

– Apollo

59. Nelson - January 12, 2007

Two other items just occurred to me that they might enhance. This is a very, very long shot, but the probe they beam on board looks pretty crude, they could update that. Or more likely, they could add a reflection to the tabletop of the screen in the rec room that Kirk and Spock look at as Kelso calls Kirk.

60. Dennis Bailey - January 12, 2007

I’m glad that the headstone wasn’t changed, because it wasn’t a mistake. It was a (very minor) element of the show’s evolution, not completely dissimilar from the different versions of the ship and the uniforms.

The trailer looks good – if nothing else, the barrier effect addresses a popular question about this one: why didn’t they just go above or under it? :lol:

61. Rick - January 12, 2007

Wow this preview has generated quite the opinions already.;) Hey it is cool that we are talking about these classics. Hey for the head stone maybe go old Mitchell still had his sense of humor and R stood for a little dig at his buddy Kirk. ;) Hey that is the beauty of creative stories where the viewer or reader can add his or her two cents.

I also like Mr. Bailey’s comment about why they have the barrier looking like it is. Okay now everyone be happy.;) Live long and properous!

62. hitch1969© - January 12, 2007

THIS is the Sally Kellerman episode. CBS-D, you know what needs to be done…



63. John N. - January 12, 2007

#60 – Dennis

First off… don’t get me wrong, I could care less about the headstone.

However… it wasn’t evolution in the sense of the ship design or uniform. Those can be ‘explained’ through rational changes in design.

What it IS, is the start of a continuity error that was finally confirmed in Trek VI. It’s an example of Trek re-writing it’s own canon.

It’s not my intent to pick a fight with you, but rather to not let the canonites in this group get away with fluffing off changes in canon when it doesn’t suit their needs, but then turn around and complain if the “lights under the hanger decks” are in the wrong location, or heavens forbid that “the colour of the railings aren’t the exact right shade of orange”…

And as for going over or under it? You took the words out of my mouth… :)

I find it humourous that people are already complaining about the look of the energy barrier when the original was hardly believable. If it’s an energy barrier that you can’t pass, shouldn’t it completely enclose the galaxy so that there was no way around it?

It’s called dramatic license… and if you can accept it for TOS, then you can accept it for TOSR.

64. diabolik - January 12, 2007

As much as I like the new barrier shots, I wish they had improved the phaser rifle efects, if only by putting a hotter center into it, to make it look more powerful. Maybe they ran out of time.

65. Rick - January 12, 2007

Man I am honored to have =H= post right below me. ;) No poppypants on my watch mister. Fun stuff. Aaaaa Sally you make me think of a certain movie that became a series.;) Dig it…and better.


66. diabolik - January 12, 2007

Re: the question of how you would see a galactic-wide barrier as only a red band in the distance, that looks as if you could go over or under it…. I am of the theory that it’s an optical illusion, that the radiation is only visible in the distance as you look straight at it. Kind of like a wide-screen projection TV. :)

67. DaggerMind - January 12, 2007

Really cinematic, can’t wait to see it sped-down.

68. Dennis Bailey - January 12, 2007

#63: “However… it wasn’t evolution in the sense of the ship design or uniform. Those can be ‘explained’ through rational changes in design.”

Yes it is, but I should have been clearer: it’s part of the evolution of the series as a *production*, not an evolution of the internal “universe.” It’s not a matter of whether or not it can be explained, but of why it happened.

The ship changed due to production requirements. So did the uniforms. There’s no evidence that those changes were made with an eye to whether they could be explained in-continuity. They simply changed as part of the effort to improve the production. “Rational” explanations for the changes were supplied much later, usually by fans rather than the producers.

I’m not aware, from the scripts or memos that are available, that Kirk’s full name including middle initial had been settled on during the shooting of the pilot. The set designers made up an initial on the tombstone as a little pooh-bah, and the detail got contradicted in a later script. However, the “R” wasn’t an error at the time it appeared.

69. Dennis Bailey - January 12, 2007

Addendum to above: The hows and whys and history of Trek as a production have always fascinated me and quite often moreso than the content. As another example, the lighting on the Bridge set took a *long* time to settle down – Matt Jefferies once was quoted as saying that he didn’t think they got the key lighting the way he liked it until well into the second year – but even if it were possible I wouldn’t want to see the lighting of the set in “The Corbomite Manuever” adjusted to match that of “The Doomsday Machine” – even if one thinks the latter is better.

70. hitch1969© - January 12, 2007

Rick, I am honored in kind and want to say that I checked out your site. Very mac in thepants™ kinda stuff you got going there. Excellent work my friend.



71. SithMenace - January 12, 2007

I love that shot that shows the Enterprise coming out of the energy barrier, very Wrath of Khan.

72. John N. - January 12, 2007

#68 and 69 – Dennis

I couldn’t agree with you more… on all accounts. First off, I LOVE to learn about the production of the projects I’m interested in. When I first got my Alien Quadrilogy box set, I didn’t watch the movies… I went straight for the 9 hours of extras!

Sadly, unlike you, me and a few other rational souls, there are a significant number of people on this board who will scream bloody murder if the new film changes any of their beloved canon in the interest of improving production values.

Maybe they blindly believe that people will flock to the theatres for a sci-fi adventure that has a retro-60s look to it. I on the other hand believe that audiences… particularly the coveted new blood, won’t go for that kind of kitschy, nostalgic look. Can you imagine kids today… with their iPods and iPhones buying into the toggle switches on the bridge? Or static cardboard display screens? It would be laughable…

73. SithMenace - January 12, 2007

#72, I agree. The Enterprise and the look of TOS in general can be vastly modernized and improved, without sacrificing the look and feel of Star Trek. I personally am looking forward to going to the theater and seeing a modern version of a series I loved as a kid. As long as the character dynamic is there and the story is good, who cares if there are toggle switches on the bridge. This is supposed to be happening in the future, so they should make it look like the future.

74. Dr. Image - January 12, 2007

Let’s hope Abrams took a serious look at The Cage as well as this ep, lest he perpetrate the same sins that ENT did.
SOME respect for continuity and canon would be nice to look forward to.
So spike those nacelles, please!

75. ZtoA - January 12, 2007

Holy Joseph and virgin merry christmas!!! That looks awesome!! The ship movements look great… the inner barrier looks amazing… these new effects may end up looking better than some of the STTNG episodes.

CBS digital gets my vote! Keep it up… Doomesday Machine will be your ultimate test… I suggest you pull out ALL the stops for it.

76. Gp - January 12, 2007

I forgot that Dr. Polaski was in this episode, abeit younger and sexier.

77. Al - January 12, 2007

There is a fine line between what the ship looked like in the OT by design and by default, due to the antique tech.

I choose to think that if the original SFX artists could have shown the E moving faster and ducking and diving they would have. It troubles me not if CBS digital choose to show the ship travelling at high warp and not in a straight line.

I doubt that Sally Kellerman’s particular problem will be digitally removed…

78. Xai - January 12, 2007

I need all of your cooperation please. I don’t know any of you, so I request that you all wear nametags with your trekmovie “handle” to the new movie.. so I don’t sit next to you. I have the feeling that may of you would take notes and mutter as you saw things that you disagreed with.

Energy barrier… you expected a brick wall?
T or R… does it make THAT big of difference?
and just because the ships interiors look plain does that mean the universe outside needs to look plain as well?

CBS… for what I see here..you did fine.

79. An olde timey fan - January 12, 2007

So when are the Canon Queens going to complain about the horribly obsolete “Q Signals” from the space recorder?? (They were used wiht, you know, Morse Code!)


80. Sean4000 - January 12, 2007

I feel so embarrassed to ask this but, what is Sally Kellerman’s mistake in this episode?

81. Andoriano - January 12, 2007

impresionantes los efectos especiales de la nave enterprise.

82. Jeff Bond - January 12, 2007

Diana Muldaur (Dr. Polaski) is not in this episode–she’s in “Return to Tomorrow” and “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”…

83. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2007

Jeff Bond, proving once again he is king of the geeks

by the way over 80 posts for a preview vid…this is a record. I have a feeling that the talkback on this episode is goign to be big.

84. Al - January 12, 2007

Sally Kellerman was unhappy with the Star Trek uniform pants. She felt the cloth “gathered” too much in front, thus revealing the outline of her ladybits too obviously. Hence she spent much of the episode either holding a clipboard or standing behind people and props. True – it’s in Solow and Justman’s book.

85. T Negative - January 12, 2007

This is my favorite Star Trek episode. I remember it took my brother and I years to track it down. When we finally saw it we were blown away. I am impressed with the preview and am thrilled that CBS digital is giving this episode the attention it deserves. I am looking forward to seeing the Lithium Cracking station matte that CBS comes up with.

The “R” not being changed is a little upsetting but if they spent all of their resources on the space shots and other special effects where it belongs it’s not that big of a deal to me.

Trek remastered is the best thing that has happened to Trek in a long time. I would put it up there with ST:TMP being announced in 1978.

86. Kevin - January 12, 2007

yup. If I sit down and watch an episode TOSR and then watch an episode of early TNG, it’s amazing how much I think the TNG effects look like crap.

I wonder how the ratings for this show look. If they improve, I wonder if CBS will give them a little more money.

87. jonboc - January 12, 2007

#72…not a thing wrong with toggle switches..or buttons for that matter. Try closing your eyes and programing that sleek smooth interface on your microwave oven sometime. It’s just not practical.
And as far as futuristic Ipod- like controls for the kiddies, it doesn’t get much more efficient and practical that Spock’s one handed, wheel-within a wheel, one handed control of his viewer. The way that was so brilliantly designed it had to come from the brilliant mind of Matt Jefferies, who made everything not only look geat, but also very simplistic and functional. No EL touch screens required OR desired from this fan!

88. John N. - January 12, 2007

#87 – jonboc

Some good points regarding the tactile use of buttons, but you’re dreaming if you think that kids will buy into those sets exactly the way they were in the 60’s, which is the primary point that is being made.

If people still want to believe that, then go ahead… but even CBS digital is realizing that the 60’s chronometers wouldn’t fly with a more modern audience.

My beef isn’t with the moderate rational thinkers… it’s with the over-zealous canon purists… :)

89. diabolik - January 12, 2007

Rats… now I’ll spend the episode looking at Sally Kellerman’s crotch. I wish you all hadn’t said that. Not that there’s anything wrong with it… but I never thought about a camel-toe being a problem on ST.

90. Donald G - January 12, 2007

Re: The headstone and R vs T.

This isn’t canon but anyone is free to adopt this idea. Kirk actually has two middle names. His full name is James Tiberius Roddenberry Kirk. Prior to “Where No Man…” when he was younger, he was embarrassed by the middle name Tiberius, so he went by James R. Kirk. After the the events of “Where No Man…”, realizing that Roddenberry didn’t sound that great as a middle name either, he dropped the Roddenberry and readopted the Tiberius and was thenceforth the James T. Kirk we all know and love.

Problem? Problem solved. :-)

91. Skippy 2k - January 12, 2007

I don’t have a problem with the bridge as far as being a set from the 60’s. I wasn’t around when the original trek was first broadcast, grew up in the time of TNG. I still like the old bridge and even though I usually here “shoestring budget and plywood sets” I think it looks good. I loved seeing it again, updated but not so much to notice. Don’t know if the bright colors win out as I used to prefer the greys of “The Cage” but I would be very glad to see it in either version on the big screen!

As for the T. vs R…as I said above I would have prefered to see it changed to “T”. Even so I don’t completely disagree to those say that it should be left “R” as far as changing canon/history but in that case many of the changes in Remeastered would be out.

As been said though, not a big deal. Loving these remastered episodes!

92. kaygee68 - January 12, 2007

The tight pants plagued both genders. Just check out Lee Kelso when he gets clotheslined with the cable. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Talk about macinthepants™ …

93. hitch1969© - January 12, 2007

I was totally unaware of Sally Kellerman’s CAMELtoe® issue in this episode. um, note to CBS-D: please disregard my previous requests and leave as-is.

or maybe just fix her obnoxious voice and put a better head on her.

We’re gonna be fine from the neck down.



94. Gp - January 12, 2007

82 You’re right. This woman is Thorton Mellon’s (Rodney Dangerfield) love interest in Back to School. I knew she looked familiar.

95. diabolik - January 12, 2007

Hey, the pants in WNM and other TOS shows were nothing compared to the embarrassing suits in ST:TMP. Poor Decker and other couple of bridge dudes that had to wear those one-piece jumpsuits had no privacy at all. It made me cringe seeing all their stuff.

96. diabolik - January 12, 2007

BTW, wasn’t there an explanation given for the “R” in Kirk’s name, in one of the books that chronicled the Mitchell/Kirk pre-Enterprise days? There was a joke between them and Mitchell gave him a new nickname for the middle initial. I forget what it was, but Mitchell was always giving Kirk a hard time. Some friend.

97. diabolik - January 12, 2007

“My Brother’s Keeper” was the name of the series of books. I’ll have to lok it up. But when he put the “R” on the tombstone, it was a concious jab at Kirk that referred to their old days together. Made sense.

98. tronnei - January 12, 2007

“R” was originally supposed to stand for “Rice.” Roddenberry always put a character named Rice in each show he did, a tribute to an old pal of his. However, when the TOS went into production, another writer gave Kirk the middle inital “T,” and Gene forgot to change it back to R before it was filmed. Once it was T, it stayed T.

Source: “Star Trek Creator”, the authorized biography of Gene Roddenberry.

99. THEETrekMaster - January 12, 2007

Ok, what’s with “macinthepants™” ?

100. hitch1969© - January 12, 2007

Yo diggety check yo selves before you wreck yo selves, aaiiiiiight? Listen up, because Ize been talkin wif me main geezah Trannei™ and what he be talkin bout is dis interweb techMology, and he be settin da record straight about camel toes and star trek wif all dem ears and all dat.

SO big up yo self, and listen to me main geeezah Trannei™ when he be talkin bout dis techMology wif da sources and all dat.



101. THETrekMaster - January 12, 2007



hitch1969 scares me. I do not find him macinthepants….whatever that means. Frightening…truly…truly…frightening.

102. John N. - January 12, 2007


Hitch is nothing BUT macinthepants™


103. THETrekMaster - January 12, 2007

John, can you please explain what that stupid word means? LOL

104. Al - January 12, 2007

mac is slang for The Man, so it means an abundant sexuality.

105. hitch1969© - January 12, 2007

Allow myself to introduce….. myself. Then I will explain the entire macinthepants™ concept.

me name be hitch1969©, me be barely housebroken BUT still me be the site mascot AND as many many many people have noted, a gentle soul.

What is macinthepants™ all about? Let me tell you what it is NOT. It is not windows vista capable in the pants. macinthepants™ IS a way of life. How ya livin? I’m macinthepants, thank you very much. And then what is understood need not be discussed.

It’s like when something is cool and capable. Tyler Durden is macinthepants. Brad Pitt however is not. I mean really, what kind of idiot dumps Jen for Angelina. That chick’s got some mileage on her and she’s not even as good lookin.

Also, please do not confuse with Shatner in the pants, which Shatner is… or TrekMovie in the pants, which BIG DAWG AP is. These are pretty much exclusively for them but there are exceptions.

and the ONLY thing better than macinthepants™ IS mac-mercedes of macinthepants®. And only flappo himself holds this distinction.



106. hitch1969© - January 12, 2007

this mashup that i made might explain it better:


I made it for flappo on JesterStar’s debut album. You can read more here:


107. John N. - January 12, 2007

Can I say that I infinitely prefer hitch’s posts to the vast majority? He kind of grows on ya… :)

Hitch… just don’t ever turn canonista on me.


108. Old School Trek Nerd - January 12, 2007

RE: Pants.

I agree about the ST:TMP uniforms. There’s the scene where Kirk gets lost in the corridor and turns to see Commander Pecker… er.. Decker watching him with some very visible pokeage.

109. Nelson - January 12, 2007

Will be interesting to see the matte painting for the Delta Vega Lithium cracking station.

110. Al - January 12, 2007

Re TMP Pants – also when Kirk first enters the bridge. Some guy is on some sort of hover platform with half his body in some sort of equipment void – meaning that the camera pans past his manly bulges.

111. Scott Gammans - January 12, 2007

Nelson, I’m wondering whether they changed that matte painting *at all*. The fact that it wasn’t featured in the preview (or that we haven’t seen any still shots) is telling.

112. Old School Trek Nerd - January 12, 2007

Chicks dig when we cruise in our tight slacks, they can see our bulges.

113. Old School Trek Nerd - January 12, 2007

Re: Painting.

Well, they didn’t feature the Scalos city in the previous preview.

114. Al - January 12, 2007

By the way, can someone settle the canon chronology for me – is this episode set before the 5 year mission? If not, when did they upgrade the nacelles and the saucer?

115. John N - January 12, 2007

#112 – Old School Trek Nerd

You are one wild and CRAZY guy! ;)

116. Nelson - January 12, 2007


Cool blog, really nice effort on Doomsday Machine!

117. THEETrekMaster - January 12, 2007

I agree with Daren…WAY TOO CG!!! Some of the shots definitely look like computer game animations. One shot looked like it was trying to be a “barrell roll” LOL!!!

118. Adam Cohen - January 12, 2007

Hitch baby!

Sorry I wasn’t around to save you from having to explain yourself, but you did it beautifully. Hitchzilla is our mascot indeed. We love him like a fat kid like cake, ya dig what I’m sayin?


119. Stanky McFibberich - January 12, 2007

Have just been watching Where No Man Has Gone Before. Great, great, episode. Lockwood did a great job with that role. Has been quite awhile since I last watched it, so brought back some of the feeling of originally watching it years ago.
I must apologize to DarenDoc if he took my comment above too harshly. I merely wanted to point out that waiting to criticize until viewing the completed remastered episode was advisable and I did a very poor job of wording that.
Both of the Star Trek pilots were excellent, each in their own way. Adding Shatner to the mix really gave the second pilot a boost of energy. Hunter was all right, but Shatner really excelled in the captain’s role.
I don’t usually try to suggest what they should do with these remastered episodes, but I think it would be fun if they could restore Where No Man Has Gone Before to its original pilot form, in addition to the series broadcast version, maybe as an extra on the DVD release. Parts of this original can be found on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xe5SUxq25I), with a different beginning and theme, as well as each act being labeled “Act I”, etc. Not sure exactly what other original footage was cut for the broadcast version.
Good stuff.

120. Justin RC - January 12, 2007

Man, this place needs a forum. I hate sorting through all these posts for information relevant to my interests. I have a lot of probs with the trailer, and I’d like to chat with the people who are into 3D animation and such, like me, and bat back and forth about the things they should be doing, what they did right, and where they went wrong. Instead, I have to read about 20 posts of people griping about people griping. While I’m all for freedom of speech I don’t want an argument about it to take up half of the posts I’m trying to read about what people thought of CBS digitals work on this episode. So, basically what I’m asking is: When, if ever, can we expect a forum for this site so we can chat about the different relevant topics of our own personal interests.

121. Matt Wright - January 12, 2007

Anthony, being the site owner, is best qualified to speak on the plans, but it is on our “to do” list. We intend to move the site to a new content managment system and eventually integrate forums into the mix.

122. Justin RC - January 12, 2007

Any planned time frame or is that just to much for right now?

123. Matt Wright - January 13, 2007

again, Tony could say more, I don’t really know for sure.

124. Anthony Pascale - January 13, 2007

i wish i could snap my fingers and we would migrate to a new cms with a forum bridge on a new host

hold on *snap*

…shit didnt work

i hope to start this this month

but to be honest I need help. there are a lot of great contributors with us on Trekmovie.com, but none are really internet geniuses

so if you are a cms, mysql, html, etc expert and want to help make TrekMovie.com everything it can be….let me know

otherwise every minute I spend monkeying with the site is a minute I am not out there writing and editing great content. That is what this site is about more than anything…the best trek content


but we will get there…i have set it as a goal that trekmovie.com will move to 2.0 by our 6 month birthday 

125. Al - January 13, 2007

I like the free for all style of these threads myself.

Forums are sterile, unpopulated things and often just breed flames from the few who do contribute to each. This thread style just freewheels along and things are gone up the page before people can gripe. I don’t think I’ve seen one real flame war on this site as a result. The other thing it does is encourages people to check back frequently. Me, I’d leave it alone. It is refreshingly open and even primitive.

126. Mammalian Verisimilitude - January 13, 2007

> This look is structured a lot like what you see from Hubble telescope shots.

Which are FALSE-COLOUR….

127. John N - January 13, 2007

#125 – Al

Agreed… it’s more community oriented this way. There are tons of CG forums out there if you want to learn specifics.

128. John N - January 13, 2007

#126 – Mammalian

Your point being…? That you would prefer a more sterile use of colour for Trek?

129. Leonidas - January 13, 2007

I am shocked and appalled at the ‘artistic’ decision to keep the hideous red, painted wood engine nacelles, which existed not for any reason of Star Trek mythology, but because the footage was shot with an inferior U.S.S. Enterprise miniature. Later, they created the concept of the “spinning” engine nacelle caps.

While not as harsh as Daren Doc, I agree that the effects leave much to be desired; why not consider the beautiful lighting Trumbull realized in the first film? Instead, they have created a bastard hybrid of ILM flat bluescreen and Bran Ferren Star Trek V’s monstrous handiwork!

I suspect if a miniature artist like Greg Jean, and Brian Johnson were hired to do the visual effects conventionally, the results would have been far superior.

Of course, since it is CGI, CBS Digital can redo the work.

Finally, as a matter of honor, to not employ Daren Doc, who initiated the entire concept, is deplorable, but consistent with our “real” world universe.

130. Al - January 13, 2007

# 129 And as I asked above, using the spiky nacelles begs a question of continuity

131. Kevin - January 13, 2007

The spiked nacelles don’t hurt continuity at all. It’s obvious that somewhere between WNMHGB and “The Man Trap” that the Enterprise underwent a refit. The bridge is different and the ship’s interior is much more colorful (to further justify filming the show in color). So it makes sense that the ship’s exterior would more closely match the way it looked in “The Cage.”

132. Al - January 13, 2007

A refit out in the middle of space nowhere, while on the five year mission? Long way to come home and odd to refit a ship after it starts on its expedition, rather than before

133. James Heaney - January 13, 2007

Beautiful, beautiful galactic barrier. Wow.

134. jonboc - January 13, 2007

#132 ..like it or not, somewhere between the cage and WNMHGB it happened…then it happened again, to a larger degree, sometime between WNMHGB and the TV series. Unless the crew took it upon themselves to totally revamp the interior, the nacelles, the uniforms and the ship’s doctor, we just have to accept that they pulled into some starbase for few months and enjoyed some much deserved R&R. The spiked nacelles fit in perfectly with the earlier time frame of this episode…no complaints here.

135. Ron Jon - January 13, 2007

Daren Doc is hardly the first person to suggest redoing the special EFX in the original Trek. Many other fan and professional groups have proposed it as well. Some of these go back over a decade. It’s interesting to see how the style of the proposed EFX have changed over the years. Daren D’s EFX, for example, are far cleaner than those proposed a few years ago by Digital Stream. On the other hand, with due respect to Mr. D’s excellent work, I think that CBS-D’s more restrained approach is generally truer to the style of the original series.

136. Stanky McFibberich - January 13, 2007

I think it is fine to have the spikes. With the quality of picture I was viewing for over 30 years I didn’t even notice there were spiked nacelles. It doesn’t change the contiuity at all since that’s the way this episode originally was.
What would bother me is if somehow Kirk and Spock changed in appearance, which is apparently what will happen with the new movie. I do not understand how anyone can want to see that, despite the comments of the many who apparently do.

137. T Negative - January 13, 2007


There is no choice in the matter. For Star Trek to live (especially in TOS form) we have to accept that new people will be playing these beloved characters. I would prefer Nimoy and Shatner as well but I am fine with it as long as they are re-cast properly. Who knows, Abrams might be able to pull it off.

138. exodus2310 - January 13, 2007

Oh wow! This looks fantastic! It’s a shame we can’t see more redone FX such as phasers and such but it looks alot cleaner too.

139. THEETrekMaster - January 13, 2007

“While not as harsh as Daren Doc, I agree that the effects leave much to be desired; why not consider the beautiful lighting Trumbull realized in the first film? Instead, they have created a bastard hybrid of ILM flat bluescreen and Bran Ferren Star Trek V’s monstrous handiwork!”

Nothing is as bad as Bran Ferren’s FX for Star Trek V….LOL

Nothing. Except maybe Plan 9 From Outer Space.

140. Stanky McFibberich - January 13, 2007


“There is no choice in the matter. For Star Trek to live (especially in TOS form) we have to accept that new people will be playing these beloved characters.”

There IS a choice in the matter. One can choose to not watch the movie.

It really doesn’t matter to me who is making the movie or who they cast in the roles. It’s NOT FOR ME.

141. Xai - January 13, 2007

#140 Stanky… WE KNOW!… You’ve said over and over that if you don’t get your way… you will stomp your foot and refuse to go to the movie. No one here will make you.

#126 Mammilian…
Fine, false color. You win… perhaps sky blue pink instead?
But, I’d ask… what color is it then?…. And since the Great Barrier is fictional, what color should we see?… what structures should replace this shot?
Brick? a Giant Wall with graffitti?
Perhaps add a stone bridge over the barrier with a troll beneath asking 3 questions.

142. Josh T. (Not R. ) Kirk Esquire' - January 14, 2007

One thing that MUST be pointed out, I’ve noticed these Youtubesque’ video previews absolutely, positively DO NOT do the new effects justice.
Everytime something looks questionable or flakey on the video previews, it stuns spectacularly on the actualy episode blown up to visible proportions.

Nitpicking the video captures in no way shape or form reflects on the quality of the actual effects.

143. Josh T. (Not R. ) Kirk Esquire' - January 14, 2007


The still photograph of the Fesarius recently was touch and go at best, but when the actual episode aired, it was stunning and brilliant.

144. Josh T. (Not R. ) Kirk Esquire' - January 14, 2007

And finally, regarding the appearance of the Enterprise, if memory serves WNMHGB occurs one year after the launch of the Enterprise, then another year passes before the regular episodes occur. This would allow for ample oppurtunity to conduct a refit on Enterprise.

145. Stanky McFibberich - January 14, 2007


So you DO understand then that I am against the movie? I just want to be sure on that. For the record, yes, I AM against them making any movie with the roles recast, even if some of the original actors participate in some way. (Foot Stomp) And furthermore, I am against having a troll at the galaxy barrier. A gnome or perhaps a cigar chomping kangaroo, but no troll (Hissy Fit). Now I am going to take my ball and go home (Pout).

146. Josh T. (Not R. ) Kirk Esquire' - January 14, 2007

I like how the center of the galaxy is Bran Ferrin blue and the edge of the galaxy is CBS pink, who knew the universe could be so colorful.
Then again, Im fairly easy to please. Ohhhhhh bright dayglow colors. Nice. Shiny.

Has the Enterprise ever encountered a quantum singularity in any episodes?

I had a sharp pain in my left posterior cheek , I think an errant sub-atomic black hole passed through my ass and consumed several atoms before succumbing to Hawkings radiation, then again, it could have been attributed to reading some of the posts in this thread.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA soundstage planetary backgrounds
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “Cotton candy” interstellar nebula effects
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA They arent making the film I want them to make

If I was Paramount, Dave Rossi, Micheal Okuda, or anyone involved in an official capacity with Star Trek, I would eternally TERMINATE anything pertaining to Star Trek. Permanently.

Some of you people don’t DESERVE Star Trek. Crying like spoiled toddlers isn’t being a fan and demonstrating love or not desiring mediocrity, it’s feigned ENTITLEMENT – and anyone not working for CBS/Paramount is NOT entitled to anything pertaining to Star Trek.
I don’t care how much money you have forked out over the years or how many episodes you can recite verbatim, or how many hours have been spent watching the programs, Star Trek is an intellectual property of CBS/Paramount and isn’t owned by collective fan commitee and doesn’t owe any allegiance to anyone save Paramount’s shareholders.

I didn’t cry incessantly for 15 years while suffering through Berman era Trek by visiting forums and posting venom disguised as constructive criticism, resulting in ruining the mood for everyone. No, I politely and quietly tuned out and didn’t expose myself to the filth.

Star Trek is entering a new phase. For those that can’t embrace or accept that reality and come along for the ride, bite the bullet and take it like a man and tune out.
Star Trek will NEVER be all things to all people and that’s as it should be, but don’t presume to delude yourself into thinking by constantly pointing out what is WRONG , or rather what is PERCIEVED to be wrong, that a service is being done in the name of “support.”

147. Leonidas - January 14, 2007

# 146, Josh T. you clearly have no comprehension of the word \’laconic\’.

Not only is The U.S.S. Enterprise design they chose is truly ugly, but the energy barrier in the original was far better than the \’pink lady\’ clouds.

An aurora would have been far more effective, in my opinion. I cannot believe CBS Paramount, as a business, is less well served by mindless servility.

You can choose to buy the product, I may choose otherwise.

148. Stanky McFibberich - January 14, 2007


149. James Heaney - January 14, 2007

I demand an Enterprise Movie! NOW! WHAAAAAAAA!

150. Xai - January 14, 2007

I fell into an alternate, bizarro universe I think.
I agree with #146 Josh T’s comments, (except for his second to last paragraph). Josh and usually conflict on many things Trek, but not on this.
The crying over the items he mentioned is getting old.

It’s fine to critique while realizing that it is for conversation purposes. Please remember you have no say in how anything happens. (Don’t expect JJ to read your special post and call you for pointers.)

If you dislike something to the point (example: the movie) of not going…. don’t go. Neither Josh nor I or anyone else here will beg you to go, or give rides.

151. Canonista - January 15, 2007

Ask yourselves why so many TNG, DS9, and VOY fans also enjoyed (or started off with) TOS…..? Perhaps the spirit of TOS isn’t exactly what you have identified it as.

I mean, for us to to like something you absolutely hate while at the same time we also like something you love….bzzt..bzzt. ERROR ERROR Landrieu…help me…help me…ERRRROR….bzzzt…

If Mr. Abrams winds up making a fine vintage of TOS Star Trek after all, I expect many of you will be the ones that are disappointed. Many of you being the ones that constantly spit nothing but vitriol towards those of us that don’t hate TNG and would also just so happen to want a TOS era film to be something of an homage instead of a complete overwrite. That doesn’t mean bridge replicas or Shatner-clones…it does mean staying true to the spirit of Star Trek…the spirit that so many TNG fans appreciated also in TOS.

BTW…no problem here with the new TOS-R..most of it has been good. But I will say that its certainly strange that after 40 years, there’s apparently NOW some kind of damned rush that isn’t allowing enough time for quality control. Honestly, CBS corporate should put some of you on their Public Relations payroll….so you can get paid for making excuses…

152. Commodore Z - January 15, 2007

Anthony –

Did they redo Gary Mitchell’s computer screen? The one where he’s reading a book at superspeed.

They redid the scanning screen in “Fridays’ Child”, so I figure they must do this one too. Mitchell’s original screen was so lame – just typewritten pages.

153. Batts - January 22, 2007

I saw the episode last night. I am very mixed about what I saw. The galactic barrier looked great. But the ship looks very cartoonish!! It goes from one extreme to another, a little consistency, please! The Corbomite Maneuver really showed us a perfect vessel. What happened? The exterior shots of the ship approaching the barrier and delta vega were not flowing at all. A good episode that really needed TLC…but was rushed!!

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