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Star Trek Teaser Coming With Cloverfield November 30, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: 1-18-08/Cloverfield,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Earlier this month reported that the first teaser trailer for the Star Trek movie was in the works and it could possibly end up in front of the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield in January. Earlier today Screenrant cited a source saying that the trailer will indeed be seen with Cloverfield and has just confirmed this report.

Apparently the trailer is complete, which was possible because work on the trailer began well before principal photography for the film commenced earlier this month. Indications are the trailer will show the construction of the Enterprise. Apparently there was even talk about the trailer showing with Paramount’s big Christmas movie for this year, Sweeney Todd. It is possible that Cloverfield was chosen for the Abrams connection or maybe even to help that film’s ticket sales with all the rabid Trekkies flocking to catch their first glimpse.

Cloverfield and the Star Trek trailer hit movie screens on January 18th, 2008. Get in line now to avoid the rush. The trailer should show up (officially) a few days later at the usual locations (Apple Trailers, Yahoo Movies, etc). As soon as it is available, will let you know.

VOTE: Cloverfield bound?
So are you going to see Cloverfield just to be the first to see the Trek trailer? Or will you wait? Vote in the latest poll (right column).

The Teaser
While we wait for the real teaser…lets take one last look at the one made by

( LiveVideo  |  MOV   |   WMV  ) 

UPDATE: Our old pal Rick Kelvington has taken a crack at a Trek trailer…picking up on all the latest rumors.

Star Trek The Movie Trailer – Fan Created


1. Harry Ballz - November 30, 2007

Give me clip NOW!!!!!!!!

2. Cranston - November 30, 2007

Whew. Finally some concrete information on when we’ll see, presumably, *actual images* from the filmmakers. Fingers crossed that we’ll see the Enterprise….

3. SirMartman - November 30, 2007

its going to be great to see something besides hairsay and rumours…

and maybe William Shatner,,, maybe,,,,, just ,,,maybe

fingers crossed

toes crossed

eyes creeooyuieesesd

4. Sean4000 - November 30, 2007

The downloads for this trailer could easily crash the internet :)

5. Ladon - November 30, 2007

Isn’t this just the teaser that shows the enterprise being built?

6. SirMartman - November 30, 2007

ok,,,I just had 5 min to think about this,,

we wont see jack in the trailer,,

The trailer is finished,,and ready to go,, but,,they are still filming the movie!!

My bet is,, we will only see the Star Trek logo,,and,,, somthing like,,comming in 2008


im not building up my hopes too much

7. Justin Olson - November 30, 2007

The trailer is complete?

Does it really matter what film it’s in front of nowadays? Most people (well, Star Trek fans anyway) will either download it in HD… or if they have HD cable or satellite, they can watch it on HDNet’s “Nothing But Trailers.”

Just release the damn thing!

8. TheGreatBird - November 30, 2007

A glimpse of the Guardian of Forever would be very interesting.

9. Pragmaticus - November 30, 2007

Knew it.

10. James Heaney - November 30, 2007


That is all.

11. Skippy 2k - November 30, 2007

Awesome, was pretty sure I was going to go see Cloverfield when it came out but this is definately a plus. Well i’m off to get in line! ;-)

12. ZoomZoom - November 30, 2007

Cos we may see the Enterprise under construction in the teaser, does it necessarily mean we will see her under construction in the movie? Me thinks not.

13. max - November 30, 2007

Cool. Most people probably don’t even know this film is coming. Its about time they those who don’t follow the internet and press chatter can start anticipating this film, too. Can’t wait to see it.

14. steve adams - December 1, 2007

#12 yes your kinda right! More or less… Yep that’s it.

15. Darth Ballz - December 1, 2007

I hope there’s plenty of Quinto in this trailer, only 390 days until we see Quinto, Any more news on Quinto, please?????

Darth “Quintotastic” Ballz

16. Iowagirl - December 1, 2007

ST trailer in front of Cloverfield? So that a lot of people are going to watch Cloverfield just because of the trailer? Well, if that isn’t a wise business decision…

17. TheGreatBird - December 1, 2007

The trailer should also be made available online, because “Cloverfield” looks about as interesting as a hangnail.

18. raulpetersen - December 1, 2007

the trailer should just be a black screen with this written on it!

paramount pictures would like to apologize for the last four star trek movies!

however we will not be apologizing for star trek v as it is the template for galxy ques,t the last decent star trek movie!


19. Sci-Fi Bri - December 1, 2007

The Teaser has been posted already… stop putting it up there… GOSH!

20. Sci-Fi Bri - December 1, 2007

…. its even on the side of _every_ page….

21. trekee - December 1, 2007

Seeing the Enterprise built would be great but…

What’s the betting we don’t see it actually finished! This is a tease after all, it should leave us begging for more.

I hate being this easy…

22. STFAN - December 1, 2007

Will the trailer be in front of “Cloverfield” in foreign markets too?

23. Warpler - December 1, 2007

“its going to be great to see something besides hairsay and rumours…”
yes im sure everyone is really loking forehead to this, it should set tongues wigging in anticipation

24. AJ - December 1, 2007

It’ll be just like the STVI teaser (which was great): a bit of nostalgia, a title and a date. If they want to open the floodgates on new Enterprise design, doing so with a finished product like a teaser is NOT the way to go.

Of course they COULD show only bits of construction of the ship, but then we’ll all be nitpicking about how they got the San Francisco Fleet Yards spacedock all wrong, etc.

Better to leak a photo and quietly peruse our compliments and kind suggestions.

25. Oceanhopper - December 1, 2007

I doubt there’ll be any new FX in the trailer at all, save perhaps some generic flying “Star Trek” lettering. and “Xmas 2008″.

Perhaps a few shots of the leads in costume though

26. trektacular - December 1, 2007

I keep seeing the Enterprise come together like at the beginning of Tron.

27. Gary Seven - December 1, 2007

Will Stanky be appearing in the trailer?

28. CanuckLou - December 1, 2007

@12 I like that thought. The film can’t cover that much ground can it? Pike is the second captain of the Enterprise so the ship has already been already for awhile.

Possibly the trailer will show the construction of the Enterprise for obvious marketing reasons but to set the stage that mankind is really ready to explore space when the Constitution class starships were built.

29. Iowagirl - December 1, 2007


I don’t think there’s a part encoded “Voice of Reason” destined for the script.

30. Cervantes - December 1, 2007

#27 Gary Seven

Probably not, as that would make it seem a tad ‘fake’… ;)

It is difficult to predict just how much this initial ‘teaser’ trailer will give away, and I won’t hold my breath for a total reveal of whatever ‘Enterprise’ we end up with, but I am looking forward to seeing whatever glimpses of Production Design ( such as costumes and sets ) we DO see, and finally seeing the style of Cinematography and Lighting that is being used…

Ideally, I’d have liked to have seen something like this ‘E’ design on the big screen:
but hope any overall changes aren’t much more radical than this re-design, which is also a favourite of mine
Whatever, I just want those cylindrical nacelles and ‘swirling’ caps retained…unlike ST:TMP onwards.

And did everyone catch post #37 in the ‘Cloverfield’s Slusho On Heroes’ topic, about 8 topics back, which showed a link to what seems to be an ACTUAL Production Design of the ‘Cloverfield’ MONSTER (s)?…

For those that wanted / dared to peek, what did you think?

31. Ivory - December 1, 2007

AICN has given Cloverfield it’s first review (kind of) and it is a positive one.

32. Aaron R. (Sisko wants trailer toooooo...) - December 1, 2007

It will probably just be the E in dock and being “built”…. Seing as its being built all we may very well see is the frame of the ship with no hull plating on. That would be more distressing because then we will just know the basic shape (no wings of course) and not what it really looks like.

Aaron R.

33. Aaron R. (Sisko wants trailer toooooo...) - December 1, 2007

P.S. Being built could also mean refitted and someone is just saying built because they are unaware.


34. Cervantes - December 1, 2007

#31 Ivory

Yeah, I caught that already, but it’s a bit of a ‘non-review’ and just someone’s uncoroborated supposed opinion, that was ‘overheard’, lol.

However, at least it was a very ‘positive’ remark, as you say, and perhaps Director Matt Reeves HAS delivered a classic…and LOTS of audience-goers will end up catching the Trek ‘teaser’. :)

35. Meh - December 1, 2007

Someone leak it on the net CBF going to see Cloverfield….that is all thankyou.

36. AJ - December 1, 2007

Has anyone actually gaged the true financial impact of the Trek fanbase? I mean, if they put this teaser in front of Cloverfield, what is the estimated impact on the film’s take from those of us who come for that?

Even if we leave between the teaser and opening credits, it’s still ka-ching! for Cloverfield’s box office.

I mean, there must be a fanbase calculation that says, if we make a new Trek flick, at least “X” will come and watch it. “X” is us.

37. Adam Cohen - December 1, 2007

I was going to see Cloverfield anyway, so this is an added bonus.

38. Dennis Bailey - December 1, 2007

And “X” is…three to four million people in the U.S.

39. Viking - December 1, 2007

One frame! Just one frame! Me want ‘money shot’! :-D

40. Pragmaticus - December 1, 2007

I recall the film “Meet Joe Black”, which had the first trailer for Star Wars Episode I. At the time, there were many stories of packed theaters that emptied once they showed the trailer. I foresee this happening with Cloverfield, though on a lesser scale, as more people are going to want to actually watch the movie.

41. AJ - December 1, 2007

Dennis: That’s an interesting number. Is that current, or, say at the peak of TNG/DS9 popularity?

42. Dennis Bailey - December 1, 2007

That’s the current and the dependable number of hard-core fans, going all the way back to the 1970s.

Basically, when all the casual viewers/movie goers get bored and drift away the studio can depend on a few million people (in America) to watch and to buy. I’ve no idea what the worldwide numbers are like, but they’re evidently not sufficient to support the Franchise.

43. Harry Ballz - December 1, 2007

#42 Dennis Bailey “get bored and drift away”

Some get bored and drift away
Others know they’re here to stay
But like it or not
Those 4 million are hot
To be at the theatre on opening day!

44. J C - December 1, 2007

It would be interesting in a practical sense to see HOW the Enterprise is built as I don’t think there’s any sense in building an entire starship in the cold ,weightless vacumn of space away from suppliers etc.I hope Abrams & co. has figured out that they’re going to have to get away from ST;TMP depiction.As I recall,Ralph McQuarrie,the conceptual artist for Star Wars and ST;TMP envisioned a carved out asteriod .I’d like to see them come up with a vision that’s grander and more believable(even though its fantasy).

45. Mister Snuffleupacus - December 1, 2007

I wish that Gabe Koener-prise would go away…it’s clunky and it’s ugly.

The original and ST:TMP refit Enterprise was graceful…and a thing of beauty.

46. Will Doe 68 - December 1, 2007

It some kind of sense that Paramount would make a decision to put the Trek teaser with Cloverfield. But while mildly interested in Cloverfield.
I’m not falling for this see the teaser with the movie crap!
It didn’t work with “Meet Joe Black”and the Episode One teaser.
And I’m not falling it here either,as much as I love Original Trek.
Plus I’ve got the net nowadays so I can wait. :winky:

P.S. somebody will leak long before then.

47. Will Doe 68 - December 1, 2007

It makes some kind of sense that Paramount would make a decision to put the Trek teaser with Cloverfield. But while mildly interested in Cloverfield.
I’m not falling for this see the teaser with the movie crap!
It didn’t work with “Meet Joe Black”and the Episode One teaser.
And I’m not for falling it here either,as much as I love Original Trek.
Plus I’ve got the net nowadays so I can wait.

P.S. somebody will leak long before then.

48. AJ - December 1, 2007

Dennis et al:

I would think after the 1970s there must be more. There’s lots of newbies who value TNG/DS9/VOY over TOS simply due to the fact they were not alive during 1st run and syndication, and that they are more modern in appearance.

Also, we older fans are happily bringing our kids into the fold (with varying degrees of success).

The blurbs say that “Trek” is a 1 billion-dollar franchise. 3-4 million loyal consumers is a tiny niche in that regard. There must be more.

I live in Europe, and I know for a fact that Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Poland have an avid base. And I remember catching STIV in a full cinema in Barcelona back in the day.

Asia would be a great market to crack. No idea how we are doing there. Russia is also quite clueless. I lived there 10 years, and no-one knew what Trek was. 160m population.

Hopefully this retcon/reboot will give the franchise the global base it needs to justify its continued existence with better budgets. We need a good video game for the kids, happy meals world-wide, etc.

If the flick is good and well-marketed, it will bring our show back to us, that’s for sure.

49. T Negative - December 1, 2007


Yeah, I agree. I am getting tired of people pimping this Gabe Koerner guy. Sure he has talent, but his design stinks.

50. I AM THX-1138 - December 1, 2007

Dennis, I have to think that there must be a larger fanbase in the U.S. than 3-4 million people. If that is the only market that has been able to sustain the franchise and all the merchandising, then a lot of businesses with marketing people allegedly in the know have made a big mistake. Companies like Diamond Select/Art Asylum, JL, Furuta and others have pumped money into a small niche that wouldn’t be able to support the product. Paramount would be taking a big gamble as well (but maybe they are anyway). I sense a tad bit of disdain for the fans of Star Trek coming from you, from your comments as of late.

3-4 million fans would translate into only 30 + million U.S. dollars at the box office. Hardly enough to merit a $100 + million dollar movie, I would think.

In regards to Cloverfield, I was going to see that flick no matter what. I loves me some movies with the Big Bugs in ’em. Trek trailer a bonus!

51. Harry Ballz - December 1, 2007

Big Bugs?? Me too! You must have loved the movie Them (1954) when you saw it as a kid??

52. AJ - December 1, 2007

3-4m is just too small IMHO today, especially after TNG and the later series and the TNG flicks. Trek is indeed a cultural icon, so many may see the new film as aware casual viewers, but may not be part of that number. The key is to attract totally new people to the franchise.

CBS/Paramount should look to energize and increase the young base if they want this to last. This means cool ships and gizmos, plus memorable characters who forge wholesome, but basic (and memorable), relationships with one another. CP30 and R2D2. Kirk, Spock, McCoy. Let the parents smile as the kids soak up the message.

I don’t know, but it would be great to look at the market research for Trek, and be a fly on the wall when they discuss it in the office.

53. I AM THX-1138 - December 1, 2007

Oh yess! I loved Tarantula (1959), The Deadly Mantis (1957), Gorgo (1961), One Million Years B.C. (1966-Racquel Welch yummy), and all the Kong and Godzilla movies (1933 to darn near present). In fact, I’m a sucker for the large beasties stomping on cities/individuals/army guys on screen. Knock over skyscrapers! Swat aircraft out of the air! Capture hot bodied actresses and cause mayhem! Yess! Yesss!!

Whew, that was good. Time to towel off.

54. Robert Saint John - December 1, 2007

To #30 Cervantes – Sorry, that’s not the Cloverfield beast. That’s a piece of fan art, albeit a very very cool design:

55. Rick - December 1, 2007

Nice bonus to CLOVERFIELD as I was probably going to see that film anyways. One thing I am hoping or wishing for is STAR TREK in 3D on IMAX. Last night I saw BEOWULF in 3D IMAX and DAMN if I was not blown away!

BEOWULF itself while not perfect in my book was quite fun and really had some intense scenes! The 3D was just amazing at times I really in some moments felt like I was in this world of BEOWULF. While the film was winding down I started to invision scenes in space with the Enterprise with this amazing 3D effect I was seeing on the screen! The great thing is no headache! Actually I have seen many types of 3D films over the last 10 years with no problems.

It probably won’t happen, but if it did it would be glorius! Or I would hope it would be.;) I just now want to see some space opera in 3D IMAX now! ;)

56. Jeffery Wright - December 1, 2007

i think i can live with those updates to the 1701. glowing intercoolers and self illumination… the rest of it looks pretty well preserved

57. MCDoctor - December 1, 2007

Sorry for this long post, but it’s my first…

I hope that the teaser DOES show the Enterprise.

That would be a good litmus test of the ship’s revised image in front of fans who really CARE about this kind of stuff.

That would permit the effect team time before release to revise the ship’s look (back to match TOS and TOS-R’s NCC1701).

I always share with others that the ship is another important member of the crew. We’re undergoing a real test of “suspension of belief” with the new cast in the old roles.

I was very aware of this as I watched the Menagerie and paid close attention to the nuances of Shatner’s and Nimoy’s acting. As a older fan who watched these shows when they were on the first time, I do get skeptical when the fans roll out platitudes of what great actors ST-cast members are.

But consider this: TOS was on television within the final edges of it’s Golden Age. Productions during this time relied on strong performances to capture the audience in the smaller format. Playhouse 90, Twilight Zone and Trek were more like theatrical productions that movie shoots.

Boy oh boy, am I concerned about this thing.

If you though Berman killed Star Trek with Nemesis, just watch how the general population will dismiss it if we get a too-slick, parody of what the original writers and actors can deliver.

Fingers are double crossed here…

58. steve adams - December 1, 2007

#44 from past Star Trek lore we know that the ships are also built near other planets, Mars and possibly the Moon (sec31). I would expect to see planets in this trailer as well not just the spacedock from STTMP.
#48 got to ask, how will this film bring Star Trek back? A new tv series with this different TOS crew?? You think Bruce Greenwood and Zac Quinto are up for this?? Not too mention the fans?? I don’t know sounds kinda iffy…and happy meals? Wtf? Get your kids some real food…mcds will kill ya..
Btw, Abrhams has found his young demo with the Cloverfield audience. Let’s see if it pays off….

59. TheGreatBird - December 1, 2007

The Gabe Koerner design is an appropriate update of the classic 1701. Hell would be seeing another horrible, ugly, “Akiraprise”-like ship.

I say JJ and company should take a hint from Gabe. And no, I don’t know him. Never even heard of him until I saw his design linked here. It’s beautiful.

‘Nuff said.

60. Closettrekker - December 1, 2007

#28- I have to point out that Pike is only the second Captain IF the filmmakers accept the animated adventures as canon. If I am not mistaken, Roddenberry did not, although there are some aspects of the animated series that have become canon through the other series. Please correct me if I am wrong, but Robert April (“Counter-Clock Incident”–TOS Animated) was never, to my knowledge, confirmed as a canon character by any of the live action series or movies (which is, I believe, the criteria for judging it to be canon or not).

Either way, I am so psyched about this movie. I have felt for the last ten years or so that this is what should be done for Star Trek, but I am now glad they waited (or finally came to that conclusion). This could evolve into the “Phase II” that should have been, and finally into the decades in between TOS and TNG. Maybe even Capt. Sulu (Excelsior adventures) can get his show, someday, but probably too far off for Takei to play the role. Maybe we can see an Enterprise-B series with Lt. Demorra Sulu, and a stronger Captain John Harriman. I would like to see a Pike series, a set of Jim Kirk/Gary Mitchell/Spock movies, a post TOS/pre TMG Kirk series (either on television or in a series of movies), an Excelsior and/or Enterprise-B series, and a Romulan War era mini-series on HBO (with Archer, T’pol, Shran, etc.). Just a Trekker’s pipe dream, I know, but “As your teacher, Mr. Spock, would say…I like to think that there always are…possibilities.”

61. DRE - December 1, 2007

If Trek fans are so arrogant as to believe that JJ/Paramount put this trailer in front of Cloverfield to boost box office, I’ve got news for you…we’re not the Star Wars fanbase. I think you know this already.

Cloverfield is gonna hit with or without that teaser, because it is just the thing today’s audiences love, explosions and s**t getting destroyed by big things (Monsters, robots in disguise, etc.) If anything, Star Trek 08 will get a boost from the teaser playing in front of this and the full trailer playing in front of Indy 4 (Which we know will happen), because it will be seen by people who wouldn’t normally choose to go a Trek film. Both trailers will have to kick major a** to grab them, and with everything we’ve discovered about the film thus far, it has all the elements to do so!

Oh, and #18, say what you will about those “last four films” but at least one of them (First Contact, forever TNG’s trump card) was able to grab mainstream moviegoers by the b***s and took them along for the ride, and all without one Mr. William Shatner.

Star Trek 08 will inevitably do the very same!

62. Stanky McFibberich - December 1, 2007

re: 27
” 27. Gary Seven – December 1, 2007
Will Stanky be appearing in the trailer?”

No, but I may soon be LIVING in one after spending all my hard-earned cash to buy advance tickets for Star Trek XI.

63. ensign joe - December 1, 2007

I tell you what… Having the teaser in Cloverfield will not make me see it (as I was going to see it anyway).. but if Cloverfield lives up to the hype, the teaser just might be enough to get me back to see it a second time yo… oh and btw, the Enterprise is the best trek character by far.. whoa! hey!

Does anybody remember that lame trailer for Trek V? Scotty banging his head like a stooge.. ugh..

Remember how the Trek VI trailer used the same Enterprise shot that was in TMP, and was in TWOK, … hated that..

oh and while we’re talking using the same shots… anybody catch how they reused that bird-of-prey explosion .. ugh..

I got alotta faith in this one though.. can’t wait :P

64. Viking - December 1, 2007

God DAMN. Rick’s trailer gave me goosebumps. That was hot. SHIT-HOT. Does anybody know the name of the music score he used?

65. Jay - December 1, 2007

So, yeah, looks like I was right. I’ve been saying the trailer will be with Cloverfield. Now it’s just become one of those films that I was probably going to see into a film that I’ve gotta see! Can’t wait. Now, I’m already will to bet anyone that the second teaser will be with Indy in May.

66. 1701 over Gotham City - December 1, 2007

I’ll say it now… I like Trek V. Why? Good character moments. That’s about it, but still… and it’s not Enterprise. :)

As for the teaser, I’m excited… dunno if I’ll sit through cloverfield, but I am geek enough to say I might just spend the money just for the teaser!
At this early, I’ll be surprised if it’s anything more than the title and maybe a voice over of the “Space… The Final Frontier” monologue. But it’s enough to get me excited!!

Now I’m curious as to what the music will be like!

67. Dennis Bailey - December 1, 2007

#48:”The blurbs say that “Trek” is a 1 billion-dollar franchise. 3-4 million loyal consumers is a tiny niche in that regard. There must be more.”

One billion dollars *over what period of time*? Remember that the Franchise has been going for forty years now.

At modern Trek’s zenith in the early nineties, the steady viewership for TNG was around twelve million people, peaking occasionally (for the pilot of DS9, I believe) at around eighteen million.

A lot of kids were fans in those days, and pumped a lot of money into the various Trek merchandising endeavors.

Devoted fans, of course, tend to be surrounded by friends and/or family members who are willing to pay *some* attention to Trek occasionally – like going to see a movie, for example.

Four million *hard core* fans in the U.S. may in fact be an overestimate.

68. Dierna - December 1, 2007

This won’t be the Trailer Trailer… just the TEASER Trailer. The full on Trailer’s probably won’t hit till mid Summer.

Still. Im gonna see Cloverfield cuz Im a major fan of monster movies. *hugs her Gojira and Gamera figures*

69. VulcanBabe - December 1, 2007

#48. 4 million may be an overestimate, but in reality, that’s only about 6 people per 100 in the U.S. that are “hard-core” fans. I have to disagree with this, but 6 in 100 “just” fans sounds reasonable, right?

I’m excited for the trailer, but I doubt it’ll be much more than computer effects and catchy music…judging by the trailer for Cloverfield I recently viewed. Abrams doesn’t seem one to opt for character development plots. Would anyone like to give me a general summary of his directing habits? I sincerely hope this movie ends on a more LOTR level as opposed to a Boewulf level.

70. Dennis Bailey - December 1, 2007

#:” 4 million may be an overestimate, but in reality, that’s only about 6 people per 100 in the U.S. that are “hard-core” fans. I have to disagree with this, but 6 in 100 “just” fans sounds reasonable, right?”

Or, what, 1 in 15 or 16? That does sound like an overestimate when you put it that way.

71. Noleuser - December 1, 2007

Star Trek trailer on Indiana Jones I hope!

72. Orbitalic - December 1, 2007

My vision for the teaser.

[blackness, becoming a familiar moving starscape, music begins to build]

“A unique man near the end of his life discovers what no one else can see…

[POV, over actor’s shoulder…A strong, but obviously old Spock standing at the threshold of the Guardian of Forever staring into the mist, music quickens becoming intense without overpowering, implying stress and evil. We only see his face in profile]

“… a plot by old enemies to erase his past, change the lives of people he holds dear and destroy the ideals that he served a lifetime.. and beyond… to build and defend.

[quick takes of life in the Federation, views of Iowa, Vulcan, the construction of Enterprise, etc…]

His dearest friend’s very existence is threatened and the fate of billions of people hangs in the balance because of it.”

[back to profile of Spock’s face with the obvious track of a tear flowing down the cheek of an otherwise stoic face, then fade to black]

[quiet fanfare and title]

Star Trek
Christmas 2008

73. Orbitalic - December 1, 2007

pardon my typo, should read “hang in the balance”


74. Harry Ballz - December 1, 2007

Me likey!:)

75. Buckaroohawk - December 1, 2007

Jeffrey Wright (#56)

That’s a screencap from the fan trailer posted at the top of this page. I’m glad you like the subtle updates made to the TOS Enterprise design, especially since I’m the one who made them (pats self on the back).

I have a feeling, though, that the reveal of the Enterprise for this new movie will really have Trek fans buzzing. I can’t wait to see it myself.

76. Orbitalic - December 1, 2007

Well, now I looked at Rick Kelvington’s work (above)… and the similarities are purely unintended. He does great work.

77. Dennis Bailey - December 1, 2007

I really think the assumption that the producers would change the design of the ship based on some Internet postings reacting to the trailer is mistaken.

78. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 1, 2007

Wow! I just realized it’s December!

12 months and counting!

79. Rich - December 1, 2007

My opinion…the Kelvington trailer is much less slick and has no impact compared to the one. Definitely did not get the blood pumping or present a true “tease.” The whole story is spelled out. I just spent time looking at lots of Kelvington’s work, and in my opinion it’s pretty amateuristic from start to finish. He does not quite grasp cinematic effect and timing.

Nothing compares to the Enterprise coming out of the sun in the version. They could add new effects and footage to this trailer and I would be happy to see it as the finished teaser.

80. jfh100970 - December 1, 2007

Kirk is already dead. Why am I supposed to care about the plot of this movie?

81. Xai - December 1, 2007

80. jfh100970 – December 1, 2007

Then don’t go. Simple.

82. Xai - December 1, 2007

72. Orbitalic – December 1, 2007

I liked it, even if no one else (besides Harry) did.

83. Buckaroohawk - December 1, 2007

jfh100970 (#80): For the same reason we care about the lives of other historical characters (both real and fictional) who have passed on. Their lives are (were) fascinating and we want to learn more as much about them as we can.

We want to know more about Kirk, Spock, and the other characters because their presence affected our lives. They mean something to us, and it will also be nice to see them again.

84. jfh100970 - December 1, 2007

I wasn’t trying to come off as confrontational. I’m really interested in the movie, but then I find it hard to get excited when I know that Kirk will be fine because he doesn’t meet his end until Generations. Unless I’m supposed to forget Generations perhaps?

85. steve adams - December 1, 2007

#72 very well done and written…!!!
However I’m not sure the Gaurdian of Forever plotline is the real deal.
#57 I’m right there with you (great post)!! If the
direction of this film isn’t perfect reguarding the execution of the characters, “kirk and spock” its going to be a trainwreck for old school fans…
Peace thru Landru…:)

86. Xai - December 1, 2007

84. jfh100970 – December 1, 2007

I don’t think there is anyone here that can fix that for you. Think of it this way…. we are all dead eventually and there’s a lot of Kirk’s life to fill with adventures.

87. Buckaroohawk - December 1, 2007

Correct, Xai.

There’s also another way to look at it, jfh. Everyone knows that Indiana Jones isn’t going to die in those dangerous movie adventures. The thrill for the audience is HOW he gets through them and WHAT will happen next.

Just because we’ve seen Kirk’s ultimate fate doesn’t mean we’ve seen all of his adventures. There’s still a lot of story that can be told.

88. Leonel - December 1, 2007


Well.. I wanted to be sure before stating this so I looked it up in the book, Star Trek Chronology. Captain April was not only mentioned in the animated series, but reportedly a suggestion from Gene Roddenberry himself. An editor’s note in that book states the following:

“Captain Robert April is not based on any direct evidence from any episode or film, but is included at Roddenberry’s suggestion. The character name is from Gene’s first proposal for the Star Trek series, back in 1964, which listed April as Enterprise captain and series lead.”

Based on that, just depends on how you want to look at it. We’ll just have to see if the movie addresses this. Either way.. I CAN’T WAIT!!

(btw did Rick Kelvington’s trailer bring chills to anyone?)

89. ZoomZoom - December 1, 2007

#61-“Oh, and #18, say what you will about those “last four films” but at least one of them (First Contact, forever TNG’s trump card) was able to grab mainstream moviegoers by the b***s and took them along for the ride, and all without one Mr. William Shatner.”

They had to fluke one eventually! As feared, it didn’t last! But then a hit rate of one good un every 4 episodes was better than they managed during its 7 year TV run.

90. Iowagirl - December 1, 2007


Buckaroohawk, I agree to what you said in para. 2.

However, Kirk is not that much of a historical, but first of all a future character. IMO, we shouldn’t see him singly in retrospect, but with an outlook, a vision in mind. When being shown his past without being shown a still open future, a “beyond“, half of his characterisation is gambled away.

91. trekee - December 2, 2007

I think regarding canon we can assume that April being the captain of the E is one fact that could be easily glossed over. The Enterprise being only 20 years old in ST3 did rather suggest it wasn’t all that old and the movies are “more” canon that TAS in most peoples minds.
I think they could quite easily show Pike taking control of the newly built 1701 without it upsetting us too much given the way we’ll be leaping decades anyway.

I do think we are more likely to see a First Contact style teaser though.

Black space

Trek fanfare.

Every legend has a beggining style tagline.

Stardate 12 25 2008

Sound of a million Trekkies trying not to cry…

much as I want to see something from the film, the fact the teaser is done already and the do the SFX in post production suggest we’ll still be in the dark post Cloverfield.

92. trekee - December 2, 2007

doh! CBS was an iPod induced autocorrect. It’ll be a (c) Disney 2008 tag obviously…

93. DRE - December 2, 2007

#89 I wouldn’t call it a fluke, I’d say that all the elements were in place for a hit, just as it were for Wrath of Khan, and just like it seems for Star Trek 08.

What happened with Generations and the other two that followed First Contact was the simple mismanagement of an incompetent producer. There is no evidence to say that the audience TNG had with First Contact wouldn’t have comeback were there a stronger story and better care taken with the overall film series, and every indication that they would have succeeded in the right hands.

94. AJ - December 2, 2007

#93: I have to agree.

The dark, gritty and exciting First Contact should have provided a clue as to what works in Trek when good characters are already present. Whether or not you like the Borg Queen or time travel, it appealed to Joe and Jane Six-Pack, and was a massive bit of canon for us (new Enterprise, and Cochrane’s first flight/first contact with Vulcans…holy crap!).

Insurrection said “let’s take everything that worked in the last film and bury it.” Let’s take some Amish hippies, and get the guy from Amadeus, and insert some Gilbert and Sullivan, and…WTF, dude?

And then Nemesis was a rehash of old ideas which were assembled in a corporate boardroom and handed to Stuart Baird, who could care less.

This time around, we have fans back in the mix, and I am hoping they get it right. The characters and their relationships are well-established, so we really need a good old story to tell, a nod to us, a great ship and FX, and the cash will roll in.

95. trektacular - December 2, 2007

Funnily enough wasn’t Insurrection supposed to be dark and gritty until someone at Paramount thought it would be a bad idea?

96. Chris M - December 2, 2007


I can’t wait to see what the ship looks like.

97. AJ - December 2, 2007

#95… Don’t recall. Was Insurrection supposed to be dark and gritty? It’s amazing that “someone at Paramount” would make such a decision. Whoever did it should be busted down to late-night Nickelodeon programming.

It is amazing how bluechip entertainment corporations can destroy their properties via focus groups and boardroom consensus. Trek took such a bad turn in its last years. No focus on current issues. Dilution of the Borg after ST8 into something manageable, and which appeared too often. It all smacked of too many people at the table.

In the good old days, GR would edit scripts while they were shooting. Trek needs someone who can honestly say “I am in charge, ” and there is nobody now. JJ Abrams will never step up, as he has too many projects, and probably does not want to be the next Rick Berman. We still have the Okudas and others who keep the flame alive, but no one is running the damn thing.

98. Harry Ballz - December 2, 2007

Don’t give GR too much credit…..from every story published about him, he’d criticize any pitch or script idea put forward by others, always acting like a petulant child if he didn’t get his own way, always PUSHING his own half-baked plotlines!

99. jonboc - December 2, 2007

I don’t think we’ll see much, I certainly don’t think they will tip their hand and show us the new design of the Enterprise, unless at the very end. But since we’re speculating, and I’m bored…

the signature slow moving star field…a narrators voice..

“Space…The final frontier….”.

The words also appear as text across the screen.

cue the fanfare…narration continues.

“ in danger of extinction.”

The “final frontier text slowly fades then the starfield fades to black.

“One legendary hero”

“One chance”

SLow reveal, with a quarter turn of head, from darkness into light…of Nimoy as Spock. One pointed ear in clear view.

Fades to black. the starfield re-appears.

Nimoy’s deep voice with slight reverb.

“Everything we know hangs in the balance. I cannot fail…”

Cut to fast paced montage of non-revealing ,action oriented images, new crew, explosions in space..accompanied by fast paced exciting music, with lots of percussion.

All the action and music stops and we see PIne as young Kirk with a girl by his side, lying in a field, staring into the stars of the night sky…his view becomes the signature starfield. but the stars are static.

he whispers…

“Everything will change”

Then, against the starfield, the signature swish of the fast and so blurry no details are revealed. As it zips across the screen the Title “STAR TREK, in the classic font is revealed,

Now the stars are moving as we are accustomed to seeing.

It’s immediately followed by a second swoosh revealing the date:


FAde to black.

But we’ll probably just see a starfield with font that says Star Trek:Christmas Day lol

100. Enterprisingguy - December 2, 2007

I’m thinking that the teaser trailer won’t show the ship. As I recall the trailer for First Contact showed the Enterprise-D in some battle scenes from the show because the new Enterprise-E model wasn’t finished. It still looks funny when I watch that trailer on the DVD! They may be CG-ing the ship scenes while primary filming is being done.

I think the audience would have come back after First Contact if they had kept up the quality. Instead it was decided to have a lighter story which was filled with retread plot lines….

Data malfunctions (yet again!)…..

Tricking a population with a holodeck to move them to another planet…

The Enterprise getting the crap beat out of it by an inferior ship and barely surviving the battle….

The whole movie was a disappointment. I never went to see Nemesis because of Insurrection.

101. ensign joe - December 2, 2007

How about this for a teaser:

Space, pieces of a starship coming together time-elapsed style in dock.. non-recognizable at first..

we start to see the enterprise take shape but not completely..

fade to black with enterprise logo and an elder spock saying: “Remember”


102. TJ Trek - December 2, 2007

It depends on when the CLOVERFIELD movies comes out. IF it is any time before March of next year, then I won’t be seeing it in theaters at all (DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT.) That’s because i’m a poor Navy sailor writing from Iraq, but, my vote is that I would watch the movie for the movie if I had the oppurtunity to. And that’s because It’s a JJ Abrams flick, and it looks prettty good anyways. I am a fan of the whole monster movie meets Blair witch. I mean think about it, half the reason Blair Witch was scary, is becuase it made you think it was all really happening.

103. MCDoctor - December 2, 2007

BTW – I recall reading several times in the 70’s that the Enterprise was built at the Starfleet shipyards above San Francisco.

I have to go back at look at ST-TMP at the surface of Earth and the stars to see if the “refit” yard is above North America.

Yes, they actually had visible star constellations in ST-TMP.

Spent time on that rather than editing the length of the V-Ger stuff down….

104. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - December 2, 2007

How’s this for a ST08 teaser?

[Black screen slowly fills with points of light; stars that become visible from the center of the screen and move toward the edge like trees by a speeding train.]

Music begins [C above C piz. harp and flute] in a descending pattern on the cycle of fifths, introducing a stately brass fanfare]

Voice over: “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her five year mission: to explore strange, new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Music builds to a shimmering crescendo and a soaring, nautical melody swells to fill the hall when

“Star Trek” zooms from the center of the star field to fill the screen in large, yellow-orange letters.

The USS Enterprise, traveling at great velocity and from the galactic distances of utter nothingness barrels past us, left to right, at astronomical speeds.

“Starring Christopher Pine as Captain Kirk”

Another swoosh of the mighty USS Enterprise, this time from the other direction.

“and Zachary Quinto as Mr Spock”

Music comes to a final arpeggiating crescendo on a glorious whole note with full orchestration

“Coming to a Starbase near you, Christmas 2008″.

Whaddya think? Something that’s never been tried before!!

105. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - December 2, 2007


Make that, “and move toward the edge like snowflakes in the headlights on a dark wintry road.”

106. Harry Ballz - December 2, 2007


What does it tell you when a couple of fans posting their own personal brand of movie outlines DO A BETTER JOB then some of the so called “professionals” working in Hollywood these days?

It’s outrageous that Hollywood is such a closed-door, incestuous community that they don’t allow, and refuse to look at, new screenplays by aspiring writers! Sheesh, no wonder the studios come up with crap like Nightmare On Elm Street Part XXVI (A NEW BEGINNING)!!!

107. Gorn - December 2, 2007

Alright…heres my trailer. It’s a teaser, it’s meant to tease, and I don’t think the audience should be sure of what they are seeing until the end.

Starts off on earth- a factory like thing is shown, and pieces of the hull are being built.
Cut to another location where robotic arms are putting together a nacelle.
Cut to another location (maybe not on earth) building another section of the ship.

Then, show a shuttle like ship taking off from earth and going into orbit. It’s carrying parts for the big E. Then, you see a shot from the window of this ship. You see the drydock with the big E under construction. Cue music. The ship is in the early stages of development, so only the basic shape can be seen. It looks just like the shape of the original, but any new details aren’t finished yet (perfect tease). The camera pans around different robotic arms putting pieces of the ship together.

Then, theres a closeup of the saucer section. You cans see the grittier hull plating. The name Enterprise is written on the saucer, and “NCC-1701″ is slowly painted on the hull.

Cut to black…Star Trek (in original font) Stardate : 12.25.08

108. Snake - December 2, 2007

sounds similar to the T2 teaser trailer with the construction of the Arnie bot (which was never seen in the film)

The main trailer (2-3) mins) will be attached to Paramounts Indy 4 i bet

109. Shat Happens - December 2, 2007

at the end of the trailer they should have:

‘Star Trek……stardate 12.25.08….A JJ Abrams film…..(then have the cast list – not everyone , just the main roles and big names) starring Chris Pine, Zachary Qunito, Karl Urban, Bruce Greenwood, Eric Bana, Winona Ryder….with Leonard Nimoy’….

screen fades to black…people think the trailer is over..but then the last credit comes up:

‘and William Shatner’

110. Xai - December 2, 2007

109. Shat Happens – December 2, 2007

must be a dream sequence.

111. Orbitalic - December 2, 2007

106. Harry Ballz – December 2, 2007

What does it tell you when a couple of fans posting their own personal brand of movie outlines DO A BETTER JOB then some of the so called “professionals” working in Hollywood these days?

Thanks Harry

112. Harry Ballz - December 2, 2007

I am only too happy to recognize talent WHEN I see it!!! :)

113. AJ - December 2, 2007

#103: It’s on the Enterprise’s ‘dedication plaque,’ or whatever it’s called. San Francisco Fleet Yards, I believe.

114. Iowagirl - December 3, 2007


Dreams sometimes do come true.

115. Cervantes - December 3, 2007

#54 Robert Saint John

Thank goodness for that! I didn’t know the source of those designs, and although the artist is clearly a professional, and it looked like actual Production Art, I didn’t think the main creature looked very scary, apart from it’s supposed size… And anyway, I like my ‘whale-monsters’ to have a SPERM whale-type ‘bull-head’ like ‘Moby Dick’ or Pinocchio’s ‘Monstro’, rather than a ‘flat-headed’ HUMPBACK’… :)

116. Cervantes - December 3, 2007

Newly leaked Cloverfield ‘Production Art’…

117. Harry Ballz - December 3, 2007


Hey, what the……SWEET!!!

118. Captain Fantastic - December 3, 2007

I’m not really sure how much we’re going to see in the teaser, but I’m certainly excited about it! Any opportunity to glimpse the technology, ships, aliens and uniforms which will be included in the film will be extremely welcome!

119. Myrth - December 3, 2007

To all you people who think that the Trek fan base is huge and infulential, keep this in mind. I am part of a science fiction / fantasy club at a good sized state colege and of the 40 or so members we have only about 5 of us knew this movie was comming out and in production, and of thoes 5, only i have been following the internet rumers and updates. 5 out of 40 in a crowd made up 100 percent of target demographics. I think, from the experiance of discussing with people, the 3 -4 million number is very generous. If you all want this to suceed, JJ has to make it most accessible to thoes that are not fans or not fans anymore. Which means an updated look including the Enterprise. Hell if that means putting flames on it, so be it. Oh and for the record I’m tossing my support for the Gab Enterprise. I think it is beautifull. Actualy I think it si way better than the original design.

120. star trackie - December 3, 2007

119- “If you all want this to suceed, JJ has to make it most accessible to thoes that are not fans or not fans anymore.”

With all due respect to those potential fans that aren’t fans…If making Trek “accessable” to a more mainstream modern audience means changing it so that it doesn’t resemble Star Trek anymore, what the hell do I care if they make it or not? If it’s totally revamped or rebooted just to get the youngsters involved and interested…and in doing so, it no longer represents what I liked…again, I have to ask, what the hell do I care if it continues or not?

If I love pumpkin pie, but you decide to get clever and make it with apples instead…you can call it pumpkin pie, but it won’t taste like it. Not saying it won’t be tasty or can’t be tasty with apples, it just won’t be pumpkin pie.

121. Myrth - December 3, 2007

#120 To quote Mr Dylan “the time they are a changin”. I understand the desire to want a new thing to be exactly like what you remember and love. But this is just not a resonable stance. Things change and no matter how hard we fight they will, and in my opinion, thats a good thing. If you don’t want to come along for a new and exciting ride, you don’t have to. There are many resources for the original material. But what you all must realize is that Trek is not yours, or your generation, alone. It belongs to many generations, and as such, it is subject to evolution of concept and design, just like comic books which are another multigenerational medium. You had your take on these characters and settings, now its time to pass the torch and let a new set of sensabilities take its shot at interpreting these icons. Please I implore you all to embrace the changes and updating as the natural evolution of a beloved story, and if you are not willing to do that, then let us have our turn and you can keep enjoying your familiar material.

122. JD - December 3, 2007

Those two video clips are so incredibly bad, especially the second one. Someone isnt very creative.

123. steve adams - December 3, 2007

#120-#121, you can have your cake and eat it too. But I don’t want any….I wanted a Ds9/voy cake but that was left out and now its hard as a rock,”paramount pun intended”….
The young fans out there now a days have a 5 second attention span, to capture them this new Trek is going to have to be fricken amazing and beyond belief,,!
Ship redisgn won’t do it..
Having a old Vulcan travel back thru time to save “whatever” isnt gonna do it….
If that is the storyline!?!??

124. Myrth - December 3, 2007

#123 I’m sorry to say that you are falling into the age trap by thinking that a younger age group is in some way less attentive or less of a connoisseur of film than you are. What made you radical and enlightened when your parents critisized you but our current young people are inatentive? The Lord of the Rings series (love them or hate them) disproves your theory soundly. Those movies are beloved by our current younger generation and are definatly not 5 second attention span movies (there definatly was alot of walking in thoes movies. Even the trees walked). What i will say is that our current younger generations are much more demanding as far as production value and visualy competancy. Eyes trained to spot details from years of video gaming and ever increasing graphics are going to demand better looking medium. that makes sense. And yes They may even demand a slightly faster pace movie, but just remember that our society as a whole is getting faster paced, as it was with you and your parents before you. Hell, i bet a good number of your parents thought tron and space invaders were fast paced garbage when they came out. but now they are classics. Try to keep up with youth, not put it down and you will age gracefully and healthy. Start insulting the youngins and you will age as most do into bitter people that feel the world has left them behind.

125. steve adams - December 3, 2007

We’ll Myrth I SEE YOUR POINT HOWEVER I hang around kids alot…
My brother owns a comic book store and I have recently been asking kids what they are looking forward too
in movies and on tv. When I ask 10 kids “highschool age” about Star Trek 7 out of 10 dont care the other 3 have heard of it.
I got the same answers back a few weeks when I asked the younglings about Beowulf, 9 out of 10 didn’t care or know about it… The hot Space related show on tv right now is BattleStar Galactica and half the kids arnt even aware of it….
These kids “OK,NOT ALL” but alot of them are into texting, online-games, World of Warcraft, Naruto and Magic CCG’s.
They occasionally go to movies but alot of them all know WEBsites where
they can download films before the release date.
I’m telling ya Myrth these kids got better things to do…some of the kids even refer to Star Trek as an old show their parents like.
I know one kid that has found ways to go outside the levels of Halo3 and defeat the game from the inside out. He’s 12 years old !!! Some of these kids never leave the house anymore there playing online games and drinking Redbull all weekend long.
Star Trek what’s that?? I hear what your saying Myrth but the kids are different now. Like the Borg, technology and soda are changing todays youth.

126. oddballuk - December 4, 2007

There putting this trailer in front of Cloverfield so the film will be seen as a box office smash. All us fan boys/girls flocking to see it.

127. star trackie - December 4, 2007

125- You’re right. Kids have a thousand other things to do. The best marketing for Trek would be trailers on a video game tie in and a page on myspace and facebook!

128. Myrth - December 4, 2007

#125 #127 Yes it is true that our younger generations are getting their media in different ways which is why I say so emfaticaly that the new Trek, to survive and grow anew, will have to change to keep up. That does mean as 127 said, that not only will the product itself have to evolve, but the packaging and marketing and delivery as well. As to how “kids these days” don’t go out side anymore or don;t leave their house, to that I quote Mr Shatner:

“There’s a whole world out there. When I was your age, I didn’t watch television, I lived. So move out of your parent’s basements, and get your own apartments, and grow up. I mean it’s just a TV show, damn it. It’s just a TV show”

He said this to a much older generation, possiblyh your generation. The means and the methods are different, but nothings really new under the sun. Your kids are you with a new packaging, don’t be too quick to judge.

129. steve adams - December 4, 2007

Well I’m just trying to say that the young kids aren’t hip to Star Trek like they used to be…
#127 makes a good point about video games. Unfortunitly Star Trek has yet to produce a video game that’s successfull. I play them and I know first hand that they could easliy be better but there constantly making these games and there ether frustating or too complicated to have fun with.
Star Trek Legacy for example has potential but save checkpoints are few and far between and the weapons targeting action is horrible. It seems like there’s allways some problem that take s the fun out of these Star Trek video games…
Paramount should hand Bungie the rights and let a real game company design a open ended GTA type game. The fans crave this type of game.

130. Cervantes - December 5, 2007

#127 star trackie & #129 steve adams

The kidss need a LEGO Star Trek game I tells ya.. ;)

131. William "Blissey" Raymer - December 12, 2007

How much does anyone wanna bet that a second, more detailed, teasrer comes with “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?”

132. William "Blissey" Raymer - December 12, 2007

^^TEASER, I mean…

133. tetsefly_99 - December 28, 2007

“God DAMN. Rick’s trailer gave me goosebumps. That was hot. SHIT-HOT. Does anybody know the name of the music score he used?”

134. tetsefly_99 - December 28, 2007

Sorry got ahead of myself it is “Requiem for a Tower”

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