Star Trek Teaser Coming With Cloverfield

Earlier this month reported that the first teaser trailer for the Star Trek movie was in the works and it could possibly end up in front of the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield in January. Earlier today Screenrant cited a source saying that the trailer will indeed be seen with Cloverfield and has just confirmed this report.

Apparently the trailer is complete, which was possible because work on the trailer began well before principal photography for the film commenced earlier this month. Indications are the trailer will show the construction of the Enterprise. Apparently there was even talk about the trailer showing with Paramount’s big Christmas movie for this year, Sweeney Todd. It is possible that Cloverfield was chosen for the Abrams connection or maybe even to help that film’s ticket sales with all the rabid Trekkies flocking to catch their first glimpse.

Cloverfield and the Star Trek trailer hit movie screens on January 18th, 2008. Get in line now to avoid the rush. The trailer should show up (officially) a few days later at the usual locations (Apple Trailers, Yahoo Movies, etc). As soon as it is available, will let you know.

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The Teaser
While we wait for the real teaser…lets take one last look at the one made by

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UPDATE: Our old pal Rick Kelvington has taken a crack at a Trek trailer…picking up on all the latest rumors.

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