Star Trek Teaser Coming With Cloverfield

Earlier this month reported that the first teaser trailer for the Star Trek movie was in the works and it could possibly end up in front of the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield in January. Earlier today Screenrant cited a source saying that the trailer will indeed be seen with Cloverfield and has just confirmed this report.

Apparently the trailer is complete, which was possible because work on the trailer began well before principal photography for the film commenced earlier this month. Indications are the trailer will show the construction of the Enterprise. Apparently there was even talk about the trailer showing with Paramount’s big Christmas movie for this year, Sweeney Todd. It is possible that Cloverfield was chosen for the Abrams connection or maybe even to help that film’s ticket sales with all the rabid Trekkies flocking to catch their first glimpse.

Cloverfield and the Star Trek trailer hit movie screens on January 18th, 2008. Get in line now to avoid the rush. The trailer should show up (officially) a few days later at the usual locations (Apple Trailers, Yahoo Movies, etc). As soon as it is available, will let you know.

VOTE: Cloverfield bound?
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The Teaser
While we wait for the real teaser…lets take one last look at the one made by

( LiveVideo  |  MOV   |   WMV  ) 

UPDATE: Our old pal Rick Kelvington has taken a crack at a Trek trailer…picking up on all the latest rumors.

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Give me clip NOW!!!!!!!!

Whew. Finally some concrete information on when we’ll see, presumably, *actual images* from the filmmakers. Fingers crossed that we’ll see the Enterprise….

its going to be great to see something besides hairsay and rumours…

and maybe William Shatner,,, maybe,,,,, just ,,,maybe

fingers crossed

toes crossed

eyes creeooyuieesesd

The downloads for this trailer could easily crash the internet :)

Isn’t this just the teaser that shows the enterprise being built?

ok,,,I just had 5 min to think about this,,

we wont see jack in the trailer,,

The trailer is finished,,and ready to go,, but,,they are still filming the movie!!

My bet is,, we will only see the Star Trek logo,,and,,, somthing like,,comming in 2008


im not building up my hopes too much

The trailer is complete?

Does it really matter what film it’s in front of nowadays? Most people (well, Star Trek fans anyway) will either download it in HD… or if they have HD cable or satellite, they can watch it on HDNet’s “Nothing But Trailers.”

Just release the damn thing!

A glimpse of the Guardian of Forever would be very interesting.

Knew it.


That is all.

Awesome, was pretty sure I was going to go see Cloverfield when it came out but this is definately a plus. Well i’m off to get in line! ;-)

Cos we may see the Enterprise under construction in the teaser, does it necessarily mean we will see her under construction in the movie? Me thinks not.

Cool. Most people probably don’t even know this film is coming. Its about time they those who don’t follow the internet and press chatter can start anticipating this film, too. Can’t wait to see it.

#12 yes your kinda right! More or less… Yep that’s it.

I hope there’s plenty of Quinto in this trailer, only 390 days until we see Quinto, Any more news on Quinto, please?????

Darth “Quintotastic” Ballz

ST trailer in front of Cloverfield? So that a lot of people are going to watch Cloverfield just because of the trailer? Well, if that isn’t a wise business decision…

The trailer should also be made available online, because “Cloverfield” looks about as interesting as a hangnail.

the trailer should just be a black screen with this written on it!

paramount pictures would like to apologize for the last four star trek movies!

however we will not be apologizing for star trek v as it is the template for galxy ques,t the last decent star trek movie!


The Teaser has been posted already… stop putting it up there… GOSH!

…. its even on the side of _every_ page….

Seeing the Enterprise built would be great but…

What’s the betting we don’t see it actually finished! This is a tease after all, it should leave us begging for more.

I hate being this easy…

Will the trailer be in front of “Cloverfield” in foreign markets too?

“its going to be great to see something besides hairsay and rumours…”
yes im sure everyone is really loking forehead to this, it should set tongues wigging in anticipation

It’ll be just like the STVI teaser (which was great): a bit of nostalgia, a title and a date. If they want to open the floodgates on new Enterprise design, doing so with a finished product like a teaser is NOT the way to go.

Of course they COULD show only bits of construction of the ship, but then we’ll all be nitpicking about how they got the San Francisco Fleet Yards spacedock all wrong, etc.

Better to leak a photo and quietly peruse our compliments and kind suggestions.

I doubt there’ll be any new FX in the trailer at all, save perhaps some generic flying “Star Trek” lettering. and “Xmas 2008”.

Perhaps a few shots of the leads in costume though

I keep seeing the Enterprise come together like at the beginning of Tron.

Will Stanky be appearing in the trailer?

@12 I like that thought. The film can’t cover that much ground can it? Pike is the second captain of the Enterprise so the ship has already been already for awhile.

Possibly the trailer will show the construction of the Enterprise for obvious marketing reasons but to set the stage that mankind is really ready to explore space when the Constitution class starships were built.


I don’t think there’s a part encoded “Voice of Reason” destined for the script.

#27 Gary Seven

Probably not, as that would make it seem a tad ‘fake’… ;)

It is difficult to predict just how much this initial ‘teaser’ trailer will give away, and I won’t hold my breath for a total reveal of whatever ‘Enterprise’ we end up with, but I am looking forward to seeing whatever glimpses of Production Design ( such as costumes and sets ) we DO see, and finally seeing the style of Cinematography and Lighting that is being used…

Ideally, I’d have liked to have seen something like this ‘E’ design on the big screen:
but hope any overall changes aren’t much more radical than this re-design, which is also a favourite of mine
Whatever, I just want those cylindrical nacelles and ‘swirling’ caps retained…unlike ST:TMP onwards.

And did everyone catch post #37 in the ‘Cloverfield’s Slusho On Heroes’ topic, about 8 topics back, which showed a link to what seems to be an ACTUAL Production Design of the ‘Cloverfield’ MONSTER (s)?…

For those that wanted / dared to peek, what did you think?

AICN has given Cloverfield it’s first review (kind of) and it is a positive one.

It will probably just be the E in dock and being “built”…. Seing as its being built all we may very well see is the frame of the ship with no hull plating on. That would be more distressing because then we will just know the basic shape (no wings of course) and not what it really looks like.

Aaron R.

P.S. Being built could also mean refitted and someone is just saying built because they are unaware.


#31 Ivory

Yeah, I caught that already, but it’s a bit of a ‘non-review’ and just someone’s uncoroborated supposed opinion, that was ‘overheard’, lol.

However, at least it was a very ‘positive’ remark, as you say, and perhaps Director Matt Reeves HAS delivered a classic…and LOTS of audience-goers will end up catching the Trek ‘teaser’. :)

Someone leak it on the net CBF going to see Cloverfield….that is all thankyou.

Has anyone actually gaged the true financial impact of the Trek fanbase? I mean, if they put this teaser in front of Cloverfield, what is the estimated impact on the film’s take from those of us who come for that?

Even if we leave between the teaser and opening credits, it’s still ka-ching! for Cloverfield’s box office.

I mean, there must be a fanbase calculation that says, if we make a new Trek flick, at least “X” will come and watch it. “X” is us.

I was going to see Cloverfield anyway, so this is an added bonus.

And “X” is…three to four million people in the U.S.

One frame! Just one frame! Me want ‘money shot’! :-D

I recall the film “Meet Joe Black”, which had the first trailer for Star Wars Episode I. At the time, there were many stories of packed theaters that emptied once they showed the trailer. I foresee this happening with Cloverfield, though on a lesser scale, as more people are going to want to actually watch the movie.

Dennis: That’s an interesting number. Is that current, or, say at the peak of TNG/DS9 popularity?

That’s the current and the dependable number of hard-core fans, going all the way back to the 1970s.

Basically, when all the casual viewers/movie goers get bored and drift away the studio can depend on a few million people (in America) to watch and to buy. I’ve no idea what the worldwide numbers are like, but they’re evidently not sufficient to support the Franchise.

#42 Dennis Bailey “get bored and drift away”

Some get bored and drift away
Others know they’re here to stay
But like it or not
Those 4 million are hot
To be at the theatre on opening day!

It would be interesting in a practical sense to see HOW the Enterprise is built as I don’t think there’s any sense in building an entire starship in the cold ,weightless vacumn of space away from suppliers etc.I hope Abrams & co. has figured out that they’re going to have to get away from ST;TMP depiction.As I recall,Ralph McQuarrie,the conceptual artist for Star Wars and ST;TMP envisioned a carved out asteriod .I’d like to see them come up with a vision that’s grander and more believable(even though its fantasy).

I wish that Gabe Koener-prise would go away…it’s clunky and it’s ugly.

The original and ST:TMP refit Enterprise was graceful…and a thing of beauty.

It some kind of sense that Paramount would make a decision to put the Trek teaser with Cloverfield. But while mildly interested in Cloverfield.
I’m not falling for this see the teaser with the movie crap!
It didn’t work with “Meet Joe Black”and the Episode One teaser.
And I’m not falling it here either,as much as I love Original Trek.
Plus I’ve got the net nowadays so I can wait. :winky:

P.S. somebody will leak long before then.

It makes some kind of sense that Paramount would make a decision to put the Trek teaser with Cloverfield. But while mildly interested in Cloverfield.
I’m not falling for this see the teaser with the movie crap!
It didn’t work with “Meet Joe Black”and the Episode One teaser.
And I’m not for falling it here either,as much as I love Original Trek.
Plus I’ve got the net nowadays so I can wait.

P.S. somebody will leak long before then.

Dennis et al:

I would think after the 1970s there must be more. There’s lots of newbies who value TNG/DS9/VOY over TOS simply due to the fact they were not alive during 1st run and syndication, and that they are more modern in appearance.

Also, we older fans are happily bringing our kids into the fold (with varying degrees of success).

The blurbs say that “Trek” is a 1 billion-dollar franchise. 3-4 million loyal consumers is a tiny niche in that regard. There must be more.

I live in Europe, and I know for a fact that Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Poland have an avid base. And I remember catching STIV in a full cinema in Barcelona back in the day.

Asia would be a great market to crack. No idea how we are doing there. Russia is also quite clueless. I lived there 10 years, and no-one knew what Trek was. 160m population.

Hopefully this retcon/reboot will give the franchise the global base it needs to justify its continued existence with better budgets. We need a good video game for the kids, happy meals world-wide, etc.

If the flick is good and well-marketed, it will bring our show back to us, that’s for sure.


Yeah, I agree. I am getting tired of people pimping this Gabe Koerner guy. Sure he has talent, but his design stinks.

Dennis, I have to think that there must be a larger fanbase in the U.S. than 3-4 million people. If that is the only market that has been able to sustain the franchise and all the merchandising, then a lot of businesses with marketing people allegedly in the know have made a big mistake. Companies like Diamond Select/Art Asylum, JL, Furuta and others have pumped money into a small niche that wouldn’t be able to support the product. Paramount would be taking a big gamble as well (but maybe they are anyway). I sense a tad bit of disdain for the fans of Star Trek coming from you, from your comments as of late.

3-4 million fans would translate into only 30 + million U.S. dollars at the box office. Hardly enough to merit a $100 + million dollar movie, I would think.

In regards to Cloverfield, I was going to see that flick no matter what. I loves me some movies with the Big Bugs in ’em. Trek trailer a bonus!