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First Spy Shots Of Pine as Kirk + Orion Slave Girl December 10, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Those amazing paparazzi at JFX have done it again with new spy shots from a location shoot of Star Trek, taken just this weekend. They nabbed Chris Pine as Kirk (in a uniform) plus a girl who was a very distinctive shade of green. JFX have provided with a couple of images, with more at their site (see below)

Here we have Chris Pine as Kirk:

And here we have a lovely green Orion Slave Girl (unfortunately she is mostly covered up)

Many more images of Kirk and the Slave Girl available exclusively at JFX Online.

Graduation Ceremony + Kirk in Red? UPDATED
According to a source, the shoot was in Orange County at a very large hangar. Apparently the scene was a cadet graduation and both Quinto and Pine were there. However, it appears that Spock (Quinto) and Kirk (Pine) were not graduating, as they were not in the same costumes as all the cadet extras. [UPDATE: has got conflicting stories on whether or not this was the cadet uniform]. Apparently Quinto was wearing the same red outfit as Pine (as were others). It would be jumping to conclusions that these red uniforms are the new uniform that will be seen on the Enterprise. They might be cadet uniforms, instructor uniforms or some other specialty uniform. Not sure how the Orion girl worked into the graduation. Either she was a cadet, or maybe for another scene. Or maybe it was for a graduation party!


1. Devon - December 10, 2007

Awesome! Hmmm, interesting uniform (if that is what it is?) And an orion? Cool!

Thanks Anthony!

2. Flake - December 10, 2007


Red? Uniform?

3. DRE - December 10, 2007

May I be the first Trek fan to welcome the new James Tiberius Kirk to Star Trek. Looking good Chris, make us proud and honor the man who lead the way for you.

4. DRE - December 10, 2007

Oops, not first, sorry. (Not related to that first mumbo jumbo.)

5. DJT - December 10, 2007

What? They were in OC? WTF? That hangar is right down the street, too.

6. Jeff - December 10, 2007

All he’s missing is the hat and he’s a perfect bell hop.

Is that what they were going for? Bell hops in space?

7. Scarecrow - December 10, 2007

Interesting! It looks like it could be a dress uniform rather than a duty uniform.

8. robin - December 10, 2007

thank god no jumpsuits!

i like to see more black though

9. tholianhata - December 10, 2007

The costuming so far makes me very nervous. What’s with the odd stripes on the pants?

10. T2 - December 10, 2007

looking good, don’t really care what the clothing looks like at this point, too early to make assumptions

11. Gary Seven - December 10, 2007

#9- It’s not an odd stripe, I thought that at first too. It’s a pole in the foreground of the pic, it is not on the actor. So we can all relax.

12. Blake powers - December 10, 2007

The red uniform could be academy related. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they are going to the tng color scheme. I have to admit though, that uniform looks pretty cool. If that is academy garb I can’t wait to see what the new uniforms look like. The ones from ToS sucked to me, they looked too much like pajamas. Movies 2-6 had the best uniforms by far!

13. tholianhata - December 10, 2007

Thanks, Gary Seven. That does help put my mind at ease. :-D

14. Ensign Lexington - December 10, 2007

That’s a rather interesting uniform that Pine has there…

15. Ensign Lexington - December 10, 2007

…but it’s very bland

16. Prologic9 - December 10, 2007

Well the only thing I’d say you can really gather is that his boots are more traditional than the ones they wore in the previous spy photos (which were very “contemporary/futuristicy”). Leading me to believe that whatever they were wearing in those photos under their ponchos it wasn’t starfleet uniforms.

17. mada101 - December 10, 2007

Hmmm. I like the overall look, but I’m not going to be happy if they’re using red as the Command department, instead of the correct green/gold. I’m also not keen on the ranks being worn on the collar – that’s for the TNG-era. Where are the cuff stripes?

However, I’m holding my judgement for now. We really don’t know enough about what the pictures are showing us. If I was to speculate, though, I would say that this is cementing the obvious – the film is not going to be set within the existing Trek canon. I also think that O&K are trying to squeeze TNG references into where they’re not supposed to be (like using red as Command and collar-based rank insignia).

My two pence :-)

18. jon1701 - December 10, 2007

Take a closer look at the collar rank.

On the second pic at JFX. Is that a tiny arrowhead logo on the collar?

19. Mütze - December 10, 2007

I think the red uniform is supposed to foreshadow ST7.

20. Ali - December 10, 2007

Yep, looks like a re-boot that ignores STC uniforms to me

21. mada101 - December 10, 2007

Actually, I had a thought – wasn’t it established in ‘Obsession’ that Kirk was in the tactical/security department when he was a junior officer? If so, red would fit.

I’m still hoping that these are just the new versions of those jumpsuits that the lower-ranking folk wore in TOS, and that we’ll be seeing officer uniforms that look more like the real TOS ones later on (with rank stripes on the sleeves!).

22. Paul - December 10, 2007

Now if only we could find the new Enterprise hanging around out back smoking a cigarette….

23. Cheve - December 10, 2007

Everybody seems to be forgetting that he is not the captain for most of the movie. He may very well be a redshirt comander (or even liutenant) for most of the movie and don the Mustard/gold Command uniform at the end (or even in part two or three)

24. Devon - December 10, 2007

I just figured this was a cadet jumpsuit. I do see an arrowhead on the color though in one of the JFX pics.

25. YARN - December 10, 2007

“Now if only we could find the new Enterprise hanging around out back smoking a cigarette…. ”


Don’t worry someone will post a picture of Gabe K’s Enterprise as a “spy” pic again sometime within the next 7 minutes.

26. elmachocombo - December 10, 2007

Thanks Cheve, you took the words right outta my mouth. This isn’t CAPTAIN Kirk. It’s ensign Kirk, or whatever. Naturally, he’s not in the gold shirt. He looks like a 23rd century bellhop though.

27. toonloon - December 10, 2007

I like the look of his hair. Looks like you would imagine Kirks earlier hair.

I love the idea that the Orion could be part of the entertainment and not a cadet. That would rock. Star Trek in the 90’s became a bit too bland and nicey nice. A bit more 60’s raunch would be a great re-introduction and totally in line with what GR was in to.

28. ME - December 10, 2007

Always with the dumb next gen shoulder stripes and collar pips. I wish they’s get over that stupis look already. Have we not seen it enough in enterprise, tng, later tng and so on….JEEZ!

29. mada101 - December 10, 2007

I hope that that is not an arrowhead insignia, unless Kirk is an Enterprise crewmember at this point – remember, in TOS, each starship had its own logo. The arrowhead was the Enterprise’s. Starfleet didn’t start using it generally until the TWOK-era.

30. Cheve - December 10, 2007

Exactly. he is not the Captain Kirk that kicked Gorn’s *ss he’s the Cadet Kirk that cheated the Kobayashi test.

31. Giuseppe - December 10, 2007

Considering this movie is supposed to be an ‘origin story’, so it’s placed a some years before TOS, I don’t see why the uniforms should be like those in TOS. Starfleet has a thing for changing uniforms all the time.

As for Kirk wearing a red uniform – I doubt it has anything to do with TNG. He’s not going to be CAPTAIN Kirk in this movie, so red fits with anything in the ops division.

32. Paul B. - December 10, 2007

To me, the uniform looks like it might be a retro version of the maroon/burgundy/red uniforms of ST II onward. Not exactly, but more than any kind of new duty uniform. I think we’re going to be amazed to find that JJ and crew have recreated the brightly colored uniforms, though perhaps toned down.

And it does kind of look like an arrowhead insignia on the collar. If it’s more damn collar pips, I’ll leave the theater. ;)

33. Vulcan Soul - December 10, 2007

That’s a uniform? It looks like the local garbage men! ;)

34. Stanky McFibberich - December 10, 2007

Big news. Blurry photos with speculative descriptions. Wow.

35. Jim Smith - December 10, 2007

29# That’s not entirely true. There are some non-Enterprise crew in Court Martial who wear the arrowhead on their uniforms, so there’s some wriggle room/inconsistency there. Also, don’t forget that every constitution class ship has the arrowhead on the outside in TOS.

36. jonboc - December 10, 2007

Cool pics. He looks great as Kirk. The uniform looks pretty sharp. No pointed sideburns yet so it’s probably an academy uniform. I hate the pips but hopefylly those will disappear when they graduate from the academy. But with that collar and the shirt and pants ensemle, I can easily see an evolution to the familiar color coded shirts and black pants of the series that will, no doubt, show up at some point in the film.

37. doubleofive - December 10, 2007

I love it. Any word from Roberto on the legitimacy of our theories?

38. CanuckLou - December 10, 2007

I’m thinking its an Academy related uniform. And welcome aboard Chris!

39. C.M. - December 10, 2007

You guys like to beat the crap out of every little detail! Who cares about
the uniform? So long as it doesn’t look like it did in ST:TMP. Oh, I guess that I might care a little as well. I am looking forward to something quite different from which I am familiar.

40. Dom - December 10, 2007

Can’t we all just wait and see what everything looks like when it’s formally announced. A few blurry paparazzi images don’t really show much at all!

41. mada101 - December 10, 2007

#35. Jim Smith – December 10, 2007

Actually, that’s not true. The other Constitution-class ships seen in TOS all had the USS Defiant assignment patch on the hull ;-)

42. Cervantes - December 10, 2007

First impressions?
I will try not to get too worried about the costume designs…yet. Still, I wasn’t expecting ( a hopefully pre-Captain ) Kirk, or any other main crewmembers to be clad in ALL-red outfit, ending up looking like ‘Red Adair’…

43. trekgeezer - December 10, 2007

Some of you guys really need to chill. No one should be getting to worked up over anything. A picture with no context means nothing.

44. FREAKAZOID - December 10, 2007

it could be Pine is wearing something that covers up the real costume because they KNOW the pansi-nazis are out there trying to take spy pics.

45. Randall - December 10, 2007

That doesn’t look like Chris Pine to me, even through the blur. I suspect an over-eager photographer.

46. Pragmaticus - December 10, 2007

That’s Chris Pine all right.

47. Pizza - December 10, 2007


Red shirt?

Naw…… they wouldn’t?!

381 dtST

48. Snake - December 10, 2007

36 – the sideburns look pointed to me:

Looks to be foreshadowing TWOK uniforms?

49. Cervantes - December 10, 2007

On top of the actual good bit of news here…that we may be getting an ‘Orion slave girl’ thrown into the mix…is this piece of OFF TOPIC news today that I am personally happy about, and which just may be of interest to someone here.

As better, more ‘complete’ Soundtrack C.D.s seem to be released whenever ‘Director’s Cuts’ or some ‘reinterest’ in certain Movies/Shows occur, then I hope this will hold true because of the upcoming ‘TOS-era’ Movie and ‘remastering’ of the Original Series, and that some more of the ‘TOS series’ music may end up being pressed in the future…
In the meantime, like the ‘Jaws’, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, ‘Superman’, and ‘Star Trek The Motion Picture’ soundtracks, among others, I am pleased to say that the ‘BLADERUNNER’ Music is being re-release TODAY with 12 additional, originally missing tracks by Vangelis, who has ADDED an additional 12 tracks of music ‘inspired’ by ‘Bladerunner’s’ 25th anniversary… I love Movie music, and look forward to the soundtrack of this new Trek Movie with great interest.

Here are the details for the’Bladerunner’ 3-C.D. release:

50. David A.M. Wilensky - December 10, 2007

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but that girl doesn’t look green enought to even be orion to me.

51. Iowagirl - December 10, 2007


It’s a different timeline – I have faith in him; he will surely make it as Captain of the garbage men!

52. Scott - December 10, 2007

Looks like Bigfoot to me.

Scott B. out.

53. ZoomZoom - December 10, 2007

was he going for a sneaky slash out back as the Enterprise STILL has no rest rooms?

54. Diabolik - December 10, 2007

“Paint ‘er greener!”

But she doesn’t seem to have the curves you would expect.

55. Scott Xavier - December 10, 2007

And here I am traveling the world performing at corporate events, hoping and praying that they wont be using tacky 60’s jump suits.

Goodness gracious, my prayer were answered. ;0)

56. Lyle - December 10, 2007

Interesting pics, if a bit blurry…

But way too soon to draw any significant conclusions from them IMO.

Green Orion slave girls – yay!

57. cd - December 10, 2007

Different ship emblems could have been a brief flirtation during TOS, definitely gone by TMP. If this is a cadet uniform, it could look like just anything and still be OK continuity wise, although something closer to the uniform would be better, IMO.
That appears to be Chris Pine. They blonded his hair up a bit, but it is still not very Kirk-like. Oh well.

58. Daoud - December 10, 2007

#41 Hahahah, very funny. Of course, unless someone is familiar with that most excellent retcon by the ENT crew when producing In a Mirror Darkly, they might miss the joke that the USS Defiant logo created for IaMD was based on the outer “pennant mark” on the NCC 1701 TOS version :) Good one!

Seriously though, I always thought the best arrowhead explanation was that it was the “standard” badge, and that it was Captain April or Captain Pike who decided that instead of choosing the “commander’s option” of having a unique logo, they chose to go with the “common man” generic Starfleet logo.

That would be a better explanation of why it ended up being used by everyone from the TMP era (I know, with a couple exceptions like Epsilon, etc.) forward…

Interesting outfit on Pine though. I was kind of hoping that he’d wear a CHiPs uniform as a disguise though! ;)

Might be the job of a gaffer to apply pins and rank insignia once he gets to set. That might be why the overall uniform is non-descript. Maybe a sash or something… or better yet, a good old Klingon baldrick…. heh.

59. cd - December 10, 2007

Back in a previous millenium, I drew emblems for the Constitution class ships in the Technical Manual. A lot of the ship names were easy, Hornet, Beagle, etc., but how do you draw an Enterprise? >;>}

60. cd - December 10, 2007

Excuse me, millennium. (ended December 31,2000, btw) >;>}

61. FlyingTigress - December 10, 2007


She’s supposed to be from the “Icelandic” (heh. worked that location shoot into this!) part of the Orion’s homeworld, perhaps?

62. Admiral_Bumblebee - December 10, 2007

I am still waiting for the first spy pics of William Shatner as old Kirk. And I won’t be disappointed, won’t I???

63. cd - December 10, 2007

I would imagine the Orion slave girls are from a warmer climated planet, but if there are jungles on Vulcan, anything is possible.

64. Irishtrekkie - December 10, 2007

hmm could be different to the other cadets uniforms cause they are in
Red Squad (Cadet Training Squadron 47), lol well its just a guess.

Red Squad hence all the red , and logo is an arrowhead on its side

the problem with this is that red squad was new idea in the 24th century , so i dont know ,

maybe they are in Nova Squadron ?lol o.k. now i am pushing it

65. Noleuser - December 10, 2007

Man, I wish there were Orion slave girls at my graduation party!

66. Dennis Bailey - December 10, 2007

It’s just nice to see James Kirk as a young, fit and handsome guy again. Been thirty years. :)

67. Smike van Dyke - December 10, 2007

The red uniform isn’t a problem at all. This is James T. Kirk before his commanding career! It isn’t CAPTAIN Kirk. He may be a security officer at this point. No big deal…

68. Steve Hill - December 10, 2007

This looks like it could be a dress uniform from the Classic Star Trek but the pants are the same color as the jacket, not the black pants we are custom to.

69. CaptainRickover - December 10, 2007

Look very much like the ENT-uniform, just in red. I try to imagine how this type of uniform would look like in gold or blue? Gold shirt, gold pants? AAHH!!!

70. Smike van Dyke - December 10, 2007

Right…so without any black elements we may actually see even more colorful uniforms than the 60s had…weird…

71. bill hiro - December 10, 2007

hmmmmm … the highest praise i can give this is “i know what i hate, and i don’t hate this”. seems like going out on a limb to say she’s an Orion slave girl though just because she’s green.

72. Jared White - December 10, 2007

come on give them some privesy i mean come on they have to deal w/ that
s*** on a day 2 day bases. so the more u leave them alone the faster they can get the movie done. then a star trek fan boy like me will be content w/ a new star trek movie. SO JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LET THEM GET THERE JOB DONE!!!!

73. mada101 - December 10, 2007

#57. cd – December 10, 2007

Ship emblems were also in use during the ENT-era (Enterprise, Columbia, Intrepid, Starfleet Command, Cold Station 12 and the NX-Project all had different badges). Logically, they were used from when Starfleet was created up until the TWoK timeframe (they still used them during TMP).

The Enterprise, Defiant, Lexington, Constellation, Antares, Outpost 4, Outpost Cestus III, Station Epsilon XI and Starfleet Command were all shown to have different and unique assignment patches. It would be difficult to ignore all of those, assuming this film is set in the same continuity :-)

74. Dennis Bailey - December 10, 2007

#71: “hmmmmm … the highest praise i can give this is “i know what i hate, and i don’t hate this”.”

I think that’s a great attitude and evaluation, myself. :)

75. newman - December 10, 2007

in terms of the arrowhead insignia, I think they should just ignore canon in this movie and give it to everyone in starfleet, not just Enterprise crew members. Myself, I always that it was lame how every ship had a different goofy looking insignia.

76. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 10, 2007

Well that’s how the Starfleet hierarchy works. You start off as garbageman. Then work your way up to bell-hop. And if you handle all the Commodores’ bags properly …… Captain!

77. Josh - December 10, 2007

What if this red jumpsuit is something they make all the major characters wear outside so it covers up their actual costume, to throw us off.

78. Duncan MacLeod - December 10, 2007

Josh (77) – Thats an interesting point… Everything is very tight lipped on this project, even actors do not have scripts!

79. mada101 - December 10, 2007

#75. newman – December 10, 2007

I think having their own insignia is really cool. It gives each ship and crew a sense of identity. Not to mention the fact that real-life navy ships all have their own insignia, as do NASA spacecraft :-)

80. Viking - December 10, 2007

Give him a big ol’ wide-brimmed Fedora with a peacock feather sticking out of the band, and he’d look like the mac daddy of all 23rd century pimps. LOL ;-D

81. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

His hair looks funny……is that meant as a tribute or slight toward Shatner? :)

82. star trackie - December 10, 2007

I read somewhere once, around the time of TMP that, all the other ships in Starfleet adopted the famous arrow design after the orignal Enterprise, under Jim Kirk, became the first starship to successfully return from it’s 5 year mission. Truth or BS…knowing Roddenberry, could be a little of both.

The uniform is good looking enough, perhaps a cadet uniform or his uniform while serving aboard the Farragut. Looks little TOO nice though, to be rolling in the dirt with Gorns while ripping sleeves off.

Maybe he is attending a cadet graduation, in formal attire.

So many possibilities. But I agree, he is looking good as Kirk.

83. cd - December 10, 2007

#73 – things change. Assuming ENT counts >:>;>} Until we see actually duty uniforms, I won’t be SO picky.

BTW, In TMP, Epsilon Nine or whatever had a different uniform and insignia: not necessarily part of Starfleet, or at least Starfleet proper, so I don’t count that as another SF emblem.
The Starfleet members at SF Command had the arrowhead symbol. Was there another instance I can explain away? >;>}

84. Nelson - December 10, 2007

Maybe there will be an image of a stack of books with legs.

85. What is it with you? - December 10, 2007

It’s his dress uniform, and both he and Spock are attending Chekov’s (and maybe Sulu’s? and Uhura’s??) graduation.

86. Jason L - December 10, 2007

I honestly wouldn’t put it past JJ and the gang to gussy Pine up in this red outfit and send him out there knowing full well that somebody would get a shot of him. If you want to keep the fires of publicity burning then you have to stoke ’em every now and then. Which is not to say the costume isn’t real; it very well might be.

87. Doorchime - December 10, 2007


It all could be wore:

88. Doorchime - December 10, 2007

Edit: worse

89. Awdraper - December 10, 2007

Actually, the photo is from the new 2 hour telemovie remake of “Land of the Giants”. Uniform looks pretty spot on for that…


90. Cheve - December 10, 2007

Thinking of it and looking at the pictures, doesn’t it look a bit like “Hey, we saw some paparazzis out there, Chris! Go have a run around the block! We’ll have the fans entertained for a week or two!

I mean… He’s the only one leaving the building and having a run? If he ends up entering the same building through another door it would be hysterical!


91. Commodore - December 10, 2007

My friends, I don’t think that we’ll be getting a ‘Star Trek’ movie next Christmas, I think we’ll just be getting a new sci-fi movie that bears the name.

Every image that I’ve seen so far, every story that I’ve read has made this thought even stronger in my mind. They say they will be following Star Trek cannon, yet they apparently will have Captain Kirk meet Captain Pike before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, possibly even being a member of his crew. That is not cannon. Kirk’s first assignment after the Academy was on the Farragut, under Captain Garrovick. Kirk, as said in The Menagerie, only briefly met Pike when he was promoted to Fleet Captain. McCoy is not the first cheif medical officer under Captain Kirk.

The feeling that I get from this movie is that somehow, this Nero is going to attack Kirk and cause everyone to come together earlier than they were supposed to. With that logic, that gives the movie makers free reign to walk all over Star Trek cannon. It means that nothing is safe(They’ve already changed the Enterprise!). How, if they are brought together early, is that supposed to be played out? Will it just wind up being a fluke that’s never talked about again, or will they turn it into a Pre-destination paradox that was supposed to happen so they’d form the legendary crew? And if that’s the case, then there’s barely an ounce of cannon in any of that.

Isn’t the Enterprise and her design part of the cannon as well? I mean we’ve seen the sets and the ship herself brought back in TNG, DS9 and ENT(that was the Defiant, I know, but still Constitution Class) and that was totally normal to the characters. That would be cannon wouldn’t it?

I’m not sayin that I won’t go see the movie, or even that I won’t enjoy it, but I simply won’t consider it a part of the Star Trek legacy, unless they somehow work in an explanation on how all of these loose threads they seem to have hanging in the wind, wind up to be the tapestry that is the Star Trek we know and love.

92. David (Enterprise should have wings AND flames on the hull) - December 10, 2007

#90 just got my vote.

“lets mess with the bloggers”

93. Captain Hackett - December 10, 2007

According to JFXonline, there will be another set of pictures from the Star Trek set coming next day which means today or tomorrow.

The last sentence in the story stated:

“Also, be sure to check back in the next day or so where we’ll be posting another set of pictures from the Star Trek set.”

94. CW - December 10, 2007

Oooohhhh… stalker photos.

95. Chaka Kahn - December 10, 2007

All Orion slave girls should be played by Asian hotties.

Awwwwww yeeeahhh.

96. Imrahil - December 10, 2007

Okay, this makes me really unhappy. REALLY unhappy.

97. CW - December 10, 2007

IMO, we haven’t seen enough to be happy or unhappy yet.

Just try and block Starscream and Megatron from your mind…

98. Bono Luthor - December 10, 2007

Erm, that looks horrible to me. Obviously it could be very different given the context in which it will apear in the movie, but erm, yuck.

99. Captain Presley - December 10, 2007

I can’t wait to see Chris Pine in his blue police uniform for “TJ Hooker: The Next Generation”

100. T Negative - December 10, 2007

This is all being staged by this JFX outfit. This is just some dude they told to run around a building that happens to resemble Pine from a hundred feet away with the lens slightly blurry. Why is it blurry? Why is the “Orion slave girl” walking out to the parking lot in full make up?? This reeks of being staged.

This whole thing is a hoax IMO.

101. Tripper - December 10, 2007

Perhaps it’s Hemsworth?

102. Andy Patterson - December 10, 2007

The Orions. A race and concept (along with the Andorians) that was sadly never fully explored on the original show. Good to see we’re going to be seeing more of them.

Also…where’s Kirk’s groovy Beatles boots? I don’t care what anyone says…I’ve always loved those.

and 89
That’s funny now that you mention it.

103. cd - December 10, 2007

#100 – If JFX can find someone that match Pine that closely, maybe they can find someone who at least slightly resembles William Shatner to play Kirk!

104. Jupiter1701 - December 10, 2007

It’s the end of civlization as we know it, Kirk’s not wearing the right uniform. OMG, what will we be having next? Cats sleeping with dogs?!

It’s just a movie. Don’t sweat the details. Just hope for a good plot, acting, and special effects.

I really need to stop reading the comment below these stories. Some people are taking all of this MUCH too seriously. This is supposed to be entertainment — FUN!

105. Dennis Bailey - December 10, 2007

#91:”My friends, I don’t think that we’ll be getting a ‘Star Trek’ movie next Christmas, I think we’ll just be getting a new sci-fi movie that bears the name.”

So far it looks and sounds like a real good production, and they’re calling it “Star Trek.”

If it’s “not really ‘Star Trek'” it’s a hell of a lot more like Trek than anything else that anyone is ever going to do. So it’s all good. :)

106. Imran - December 10, 2007


107. Orbitalic - December 10, 2007

Quit assuming. It’s an actor in costume… we know next to nothing about this. It may be a 23rd century leisure suit for all we know.

108. Pragmaticus - December 10, 2007

82 – My thought has always been that Starfleet adopted the Enterprise’s insignia because that’s what most of the galaxy ended up associating with the Federation, as the Enterprise was the one primarily dealing with everyone else.

109. ZoomZoom - December 10, 2007

#106 {laugh out loud!) :)

110. Kev-1 - December 10, 2007

Looks a lot like Gary Conway in Land of the Giants. Other than that, i can’t tell much from the photo.

111. cd - December 10, 2007


112. RoboDude - December 10, 2007

His hair color clashes WAY TOO MUCH with that of his uniform.
Can you imagine seeing this on the screen or in HD? Yow my eyes!
I can only hope that this uniform color is a mere phase and goes
onward and upward quick. Even the outfits that the crew while standing
on the bridge for a group picture for the first film was better then this.

113. Trekee - December 10, 2007

I like it, and I didn’t think I’d be saying that.

I think I know what I was most concerned about… I’d had a bit of dread about what it could be, and that was Enterprise: TNG.

So, red jump suits? Emm, well, that’s like blue jump suits but with less pockets?

Maybe it was the pockets I never liked. That’s it… Enterprise sucked because they had pockets.

If this is indeed Science Cadet Kirk’s suit, then I guess it does bridge that gap…. and yet I’m not minding. Must be the thought of Orion Slave girls, and who says we’ve not progressed in the last 40 years?

Oh well, next up is the NX-01 with a seconday hull I suppose…

Resistance may in fact be futile after all…

114. Lostrod - December 10, 2007

Somebody posted picture of full cast in costume at:

115. Myrth - December 10, 2007

It really does look like an updated red version of the Enterprise uniform, which I would be fine with as I really liked Enterprise, and it makes sense that that old style uniform might still be seeing use in a technical or cadet field. And lets not forget, he served as a tactical officer, which means that our beloved Captain was once a red shirt.

116. Devon - December 10, 2007

#91 – You’re worrying a little too much and assuming a little more than you should probably. Just relax. You’ll know or sure what’s going on Christmas of 2008.

117. Trekee - December 10, 2007

Oh God… I’ve just realised…

Enterprise is canon too….

We’re sooooooooooooooooooo screwed…

Please… let’s not bridge a gap that doesn’t require bridging. I’m happy if we leave a huge crevasse between Enterprise and Trek XI. Or a moat filled with alligators and ferrets.

“I really liked Enterprise”

And that is your perogative. You are, of course, simply mad, but that’s OK too. Trek is quite inclusive that way. I’m not sure about the tactical officer being a redshirt though. In TOS was a tactical officer the same as security? I don’t think I recall a tactical officer as such. Chekov was tactical but only in TMP, so I don’t recall seeing a redshirt in a bridge position. Hmmm.

I think you may be closer with cadet.

Would be funny though if Kirk was the redshirt in the new film… maybe ‘Ensign Ricky’ will survive after all….

118. mada101 - December 10, 2007

#91. Commodore – December 10, 2007

I generally agree with this. I don’t want to, but there you go. The chances are that I’m not going to enjoy this movie. However, whether or not it will be ‘Trek in name only’ is something we won’t know until it comes out…

I want to look forward to this film. But I can’t. So, instead, I’m looking forward to the new Indiana Jones flick. I hear they’re making a film that actually fits, visually and otherwise, into the rest of its series :-)

119. Cheve - December 10, 2007

And then again, of course, star trek is sooooo consecuent with everything, with diferent uniforms from the cage to TOS, the enterprise having balls or holes in the rear of the nacells in diferent shots of the same episodes or redshirts being alive in episodes later than the ones they died in…

Please give the actual story of the movie an oportunity…

120. TrekNerd - December 10, 2007

“114. Lostrod – December 10, 2007
Somebody posted picture of full cast in costume at:




121. Gary - December 10, 2007

Ugly… I get the feeling they are going to screw this up big time… C’mon people… Star Trek is DEAD… Long live repeats….

122. Sam Belil - December 10, 2007

The new duds — suck!!!

123. norm - December 10, 2007

“To me, the uniform looks like it might be a retro version of the maroon/burgundy/red uniforms of ST II onward”

I HATE those designs. You can’t even see the insignia on those crappy brown uniforms.

124. Stringfellow Hawke - December 10, 2007

Hey, I think they’re a decent and reasonable grafting point between the Enterprise and TOS threads. We all know in canon that ship refits and fashion trends updates are the norm every few years. Why not Pike’s and early TOS Enterprise? Who’s to say April’s ship and uni’s weren’t closer to the NX-01 than what we say in ‘The Cage’?

Every political generation has different ideas in reality, so why not the shift from cramped human-based submarine military look to the multi-species explorative – and bland – look in the fictional future? The way I see it, this movie is going to do just that – explain the shift in design and evolution towards what is seen in TOS. Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

125. DarkMatter - December 10, 2007

WTF is up with the picture links?! I can’t seem to access them!! :mad:

126. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 10, 2007

#110 I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!!

I liked the uniforms in Land of the Giants, BTW. But, with regard to this, I am undecided. I really wanted to see some kind of one-piece upgrade of TOS uniforms.

Oh, and I happened to LIKE the TMP uniforms. I just didn’t like the colors they used. They were bland…just as the sets were.

I never really cared for the TWOK and onward uniforms. I prefer TOS, TMP and the Next Gen uniforms.

Those look more futuristic to me.

127. Dennis Bailey - December 10, 2007

“I really liked Enterprise”

And that is your perogative. You are, of course, simply mad,”

You’re wrong.

I really liked “Enterprise” too, BTW. :)

128. norm - December 10, 2007

I can’t believe they figured a way to recycle those crappy Brown uniforms from the movies! Go back to the 60s look!

129. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 10, 2007

I agree these costumes could be a…uhhhhh….red herring! lol

130. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 10, 2007

Forgot to say… I don’t think that’s an Orion slave girl…

Besides, Orions are not members of Starfleet! Starfleet wouldn’t have slaveholders as members! Duh!!!!


131. Ivory - December 10, 2007

Dennis Bailey #66

“It nice to see Kirk again as a young, fit and handsome guy again. Been thirty years”

Dennis hates William Shatner but loves Enterprise. I don’t get it?

Would you make the same comment about Mr. Nimoy not being as fit as he was 30 years ago?

Dennis keep in mind that the only mainstream press this film has gotten has been about Shatner not being in the film. Nobody in the mainstream seems to care about the “young/fit” Kirk you are talking about.

Shatner not being in this film is not a good thing for the franchise. People love Shatner as Kirk. Nobody knows or cares who Chris Pine is.

132. Myrth - December 10, 2007

Thanks #127. There was a good point made earlier that i would like to second. Just TOS alone is very inconsistent as far as continuity from episode to episode, not to mention when we throw in TNG, VOY, and DS9. Enterprise was just following on this already well tread path, and the movies are even worse. So even if a little continuity bending / breaking things make their way into the new movie, it will ultimately be keeping up a tried and true Trek tradition.

133. ShawnP - December 10, 2007

Very little is confirmed about plot. We rely on grainy spy shots of actors we’re barely able to make out. Yet peoples’ worlds are falling apart over things that are not confirmed and where much of what we “know” about this movie is speculation or conjecture. I, for one, am waiting for confirmed details and aspects of this movie before I get my underwear in a knot because I disagree with something about this production. And even then, I welcome a new take on Trek that is not the technobabble ad nauseam that much of it seemed to become.

That being said, I can’t even begin to form an opinion on the uniform because it’s so grainy and there’s little detail. I do like the color, for what it’s worth!

134. Dennis Bailey - December 10, 2007

#131: “Dennis hates William Shatner …”

Dennis doesn’t care one way or another about William Shatner, but finds the uproar about him by turns funny and pathetic.

135. Aragorn189 - December 10, 2007

Knowing the basic gist of the plot that we know thus far, I would have to say that the uniform is a cadet uniform of some kind. Considering that we did not really see Cadet uniforms in the Original Series (unless you count Finnegan in the Original Series episode “Shore Leave”), this could be the precursor to the Cadet uniforms seen in TWOK and even the later TNG Era cadet uniforms.

136. Joel - December 10, 2007

#131, “Nobody knows or cares who Chris Pine is.”

Shatner was only known for his work on other TV programs before Star Trek. That catapulted him to fame. Just because no one knows who Pine is now, doesn’t mean that won’t be the case after next year.

137. GOMA DE MASCAR! :: round-up de links nerds de cinema :: December :: 2007 - December 10, 2007

[…] – Chris Pine fotografado de Kirk fora do set de STAR TREK do JJ Abrams. […]

138. Dennis Bailey - December 10, 2007

“Nobody knows or cares who Chris Pine is.”

Fortunately, this doesn’t have a thing to do with whether he or the film will be good. :)

139. Trekee - December 10, 2007


Joking aside, I liked *some* bits of Enterprise, but overall it just wasn’t Star Trek, it was like a pastiche of Star Trek, but not as faithful as say, Galaxy Quest, where you could feel the love they had of the source material….

Enterprise was cynical and more like a spin off than part of the lore.

Mostly and there were great moments hidden away in there I am happy to admit.

What worries me though is that Enterprise could be seen as more relevant to ST XI than TOS… now that should run the chill fingers of the Salt Vampire down anyone’s spine…

It would be quite a seductive thing for filmakers to do… the designs, the effects, the way the ship suddenly has intertial dampers and seat belts. All more ‘real’ to 21C audiences than gogo skirts and dayglow bridge handles.

If I were designing a new film by committee and statistics, I know I’d want to use the most contemporary Trek as my guide, not some hokey 60’s show…

What Enterprise did was overturn years of back (or is it fore) story about how people behave in the future, how Vulcans are, how unwarlike we become and how we’re so secure in our future, we will go onto alien planets wearing just our pajamas…

It *really* isn’t a good template for the new film.

140. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - December 10, 2007

Boy Dirty Dennis is extra snarkey today – It must be the holidays!!!!
Not sure how I feel anout the lipstick colored uniform but Pine sure looks young Shatnery!!

141. Woulfe - December 10, 2007

Let’s hope Pike doesn’t have cadet Kirk beam down to the planet ;)

– W –
* Smirks *

142. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - December 10, 2007

And he does look like alot like a Col. Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure in the red.

143. Lostrod - December 10, 2007

#125 Darkmatter

Were you having trouble accessing the fullcast crew in uniform? If you clicked on the original link in #114 it works:

The followup in #120 had an extra character at end that prevented link from working.

144. Myrth - December 10, 2007

#139 I disagree. While i loved all the Trek series, it was the changes and grounding of the things you mentioned that made me love Enterprise. I would watch Star Trek and love most of it, but was very turned off by the convenience factor and the lack of survival equipment, and completely impractical uniforms, etc. Enterprise came along and fixed some of it. I was a big supporter of JMS’s reboot idea a few years back that would have updated and re-imaged the original series in some really interesting ways. Check it out, its some really good ideas that i wish Paramount had run with.

145. AJ - December 10, 2007

Can we imagine if we were all here discussing Klingon ridges in 1979?

Any discrepancies can be explained away with with humor (DS9), a new backstory (ENT), or both. Any uniforms worn before any scene we have witnessed in the Cage are simply “old” uniforms. TMP was gray, and endless Trek features, and TNG, featured the red, braided ones (TNG historically) before TNG/DS9/VOY went to THREE new ones in during its entire run.

What “genetic engineering” turned Kirstie Allie into Robin Curtis? Or created clones who looked like Mark Lenard or Lawrence Montaigne on Vulcan AND Romulus? Well, the Romulans created Shinzon, so they must have had a secret cloning lab deep under Vulcan’s crust…

I worry about the ship, because I have loved it since I first saw it in the early 1970’s, but I’d like primarily to see some key characters come together for some fun, adventure, and commentary on life today.
Maybe Kirk was dressed like someone else to get the green girl. We don’t know, so let’s WAIT & SEE. Also, remember how great Spock looked?

Deep breaths…

146. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 10, 2007

“Dennis doesn’t care one way or another about William Shatner, but finds the uproar about him by turns funny and pathetic.”

I wouldn’t be so quick to call showing love and support for something or someone pathetic. Using up a multitude of posts trying to bash, on the other hand…

147. Pragmaticus - December 10, 2007

Are we sure that’s an Orion Slave Girl? She doesn’t look that green to me.

148. Closettrekker - December 10, 2007

I think the uniforms should be an evolution from the end of ENT (remember that ENT takes place before the UFP is established) towards those seen in “The Cage”.
As for the continued fuss about the “galactic mood” around the ENT series, remember that the original Federation member races had to evolve in order to reach the “utopian” state of the Federation that we were all introduced to in TOS. Are humans and Vulcans, for example, just supposed to suddenly and abruptly change into the people we know from TOS, or is it a long process of cultural evolution? I would bet on the latter. I have no problem with ENT’s continuity. No Star Trek series was more inconsistent than TOS!!! Sometimes, characters would make statements about the past that put events 100 years off the timeline! I think ENT is a good representation of what an Earth exploration vessel and her crew would be facing circa 2151-2155.
The film, however, unhampered by the limited availability of the UPN, will be much more crucial to the survival or death of the franchise. Please don’t screw it up.

149. Bart - December 10, 2007

YES, TNG style uniforms!!!

Great, you can easily recognize the shoulder strip like the TNG uniforms had in black. And I hope they will take the colors of the TNG uniforma as well (red for command).

150. Stanky McFibberich - December 10, 2007

re: 123. norm – December 10, 2007
“To me, the uniform looks like it might be a retro version of the maroon/burgundy/red uniforms of ST II onward”
I HATE those designs. You can’t even see the insignia on those crappy brown uniforms.”

Agreed. I even like the Motion Picture uniforms more than those.

re: 91. Commodore – December 10, 2007
“My friends, I don’t think that we’ll be getting a ‘Star Trek’ movie next Christmas, I think we’ll just be getting a new sci-fi movie that bears the name.”


151. GaryP - December 10, 2007

#71 is that a Montgomery Burns reference?

152. Captain "You Can't Go Home Again" Pike - December 10, 2007

Details like the uniforms and ship designs are what make TOS my favorite Star Trek. Without them it just isn’t my Star Trek. That having been said none of the features, even those with the original crew, had any design continuity with TOS – unless you count Uhura’s eye-piece in TMP!

I had hoped for something like TOS. At least have black or charcoal (The Cage) pants with a colored tunic. Apparently that’s too much to ask…

We’ll see soon enough I guess.

153. Xai - December 10, 2007

#131 Ivory, others..
Must we get into the Shatner thing again? He doesn’t appear to be in it and I know that bothers you, but what can you do?
If this flops, you can be on here forever telling us “I told you so…”

In the meantime…

I don’t think the costume is bad and I doubt it’s the main uniform. My evidence?…. Look at the original poster that was released (also used as the masthead above. Look familiar?

154. jonboc - December 10, 2007

#139 “If I were designing a new film by committee and statistics, I know I’d want to use the most contemporary Trek as my guide, not some hokey 60’s show”

Why on earth would anyone use contemporary Trek as their guide when no one cared enough abvout it or wanted to see it or support it in the theaters or on television?

Society, in general, was spoon fed contempoary Trek for 20 years and now every one is flat out tired of it. Why on earth would anyone use that tired look as the basis for designs on a new movie that is supposed to re-awaken the franchise?

155. T Negative - December 10, 2007

Agree, You’d think they could find a girl with just a little more curves than her. I’m not even sure it’s a girl??

These are fake.

156. T Negative - December 10, 2007


This movie isn’t about contemporary Trek. Further, Enterprise, Voyager, DS9 should have very little if any to do with this movie IMO.

157. Dr. Image - December 10, 2007

#91 Commodore- I must agree. What is shaping up seems to be an alt-universe reboot which will leave many pining (NO pun intended) away for what might have been.
I too prefer the TMP uniforms. Futuristic, comfortable, what one would expect to wear aboard the controlled environment of a starship of the future. Plus, there were many variations. The TWOK uniforms were FAR too formal for day to day wear. Besides, they made everyone look like doormen.
The TNG uniforms, with a zipper up the BACK, were so impractical as to be absurd. Style-wise, the FC uniforms were better, but again seemed too thick and heavy for realistic everyday wear. Oddly enough, the ENT jumpsuits and early DS9 uniforms make the most sense.
Guess that’s where they’re aiming.
(Still, I hope for SOME semblence of CONTINUITY, gentlemen.)

158. Devon - December 10, 2007

#157, you’re talking about continuity.. so what continuity is the uniform in the picture going against?

159. mntrekfan - December 10, 2007

Hey, don’t forget that the traditional uniforms weren’t even used yet per “WNMHGB” and The Cage. They were more like a soft blue, pale yellow and a pale orange color.

160. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 10, 2007

I got an Idea!

How about making a Star Trek MOVIE, about the original STAR TREK TV Series (that aired in the 1960s). It stared a dynamic cast led by a remarkable character named…Kirk. Yeah. James T. Kirk was is name. And HE WAS A MAN’S MAN! He was in command of the STARSHIP ENTERPRISE and he travelled the GALAXY visiting new worlds wit a crew of over 400! All with futuristic tales of exploration and wonder.

And. I don’t believe he ever had to stoop so low as to have sex with a green SLAVE woman.

The new ‘pics’ did not move me at all. If that is Chris Pine that looks bad. Like a high-schooler late for lunch. WOW. BAD! And what’s up with that Uniform? What’s the context? At least if you “officially respond” that will give us a chance to understand and make helpful comments and suggestions.

But, see! You did’nt show us anything.

This new enterprise could be a good thing. But NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Everything has to be a suprise huh? Well, I hope you like the suprise, if we don’t like it.


Note to PARAMONT!!!!

So far we as fans have been pretty supportive (so far). And for what?
What have you shown us so far? Not STAR TREK!

PLEASE PUT OUT A CAST PHOTO AND AN IMAGE OF THE ENTERPISE! Preferably, a cast photo that is taken on the Bridge of the Enterprise. We do deserve it. And we are REALLY STARTING TO GET ANXIOUS about this project!!!

PLEASE show us SOMETHING other than the 2 bit poster design!!!
Can anyone point to anything official on this movie?

Sorry all.. I think it had to be said.

161. Xai - December 10, 2007

154. jonboc – December 10, 2007

“Society, in general, was spoon fed contempoary Trek for 20 years and now every one is flat out tired of it. Why on earth would anyone use that tired look as the basis for designs on a new movie that is supposed to re-awaken the franchise?”

You are saying that TPTB won’t use a uniform similar to one of the newer series based on that?

Oh please…. that’s not a reason and you know it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a TOS-similar design show up soon. Nobody but the producers know what the costume pictured above represents… Cadet, Captain or Cook. You are allowing your dislike of non-TOS to color your opinion.

162. Thomas - December 10, 2007

I just finished reading Straczynski and Zabel’s proposal linked at #144; it had some interesting ideas, but I honestly think that the fans as a whole would have HATED it. Trekkers are still divided over the recast idea for this movie; forget about recasting for an ongoing series. I don’t think the fans would’ve accepted as big an alteration to canon, nay, outright reboot, as this series would have called for. Plus the basic premise of the series, for those who didn’t follow the link, would have just taken the TNG episode “The Chase” and make it play out over five seasons rather than one episode, so even the ongoing plot was not that original.

163. Xai - December 10, 2007

160. TrekMadeMeWonder – December 10, 2007
I got an Idea!

Here’s mine…

Rule #1. they aren’t obligated to show you a thing.

No one said anything about Kirk having sex with green slave women. Where’d that come from?
The pics look BAD because the are from a telephoto lens of an unauthorized spy camera… not Paramount.

What’s the context of the uniform? Who knows… see line #1.
Didn’t show us a thing… again, see line #1.
New Enterprise… see the line above.
Demands, demands…. sure I’d love to see a cast pic and the Enterprise and the plot and guess what? I have to wait, just like you.
They don’t have to prove a thing to us… EVEN IF YOU ARE A STAR TREK fan. They don’t have to ask for our advice or permission… we don’t own it.

i sympathize with your pain… but please calm down. Christmas is coming in about 381 days from….. now.

164. Spock's Brain - December 10, 2007

RE SIDEBURNS: It’s hard to tell from the photos, but they have to be pointed even if he’s still a cadet, otherwise he’s out of uniform.

165. Spock's Brain - December 10, 2007

RE: #160 TrekMadeMeWonder

Dude! NOBODY said anything about the Orion girl and Kirk. But what’s “low” about making love to a “green SLAVE woman”. Are you racist?

166. Ty Webb - December 10, 2007

I’m glad they’ve decided to go with the Space 1999/TMP style clothes…

167. Dr. Image - December 10, 2007

# 158 Devon- I didn’t SAY that the uniform in the picture was going against continuity. I said I’m HOPING they make it all make SENSE within the forty year context which cannot, and SHOULD not, be ignored.
Isn’t that the least those who have supported their “franchise” over DECADES deserve??
Hasn’t that become painfully obvious enough in recent years??

168. Litenbug - December 10, 2007

I change clothes daily and sometimes I don’t have continuity. Clothes change… and we STILL don’t know what the context of the scene was. Someone called it a 23rd century leisure suit… that’s a possibility. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

and frankly TREK isn’t all good either.

169. star trackie - December 10, 2007

Wonder why AICN pulled their story with these pictures?

Their talkbacks are so whacked they’re great fun to read. But the story is gone now.

170. Lostrod - December 10, 2007

Over the 20 years of my military career, my uniform has changed 3 times – so I would not be surprised that uniforms in this period depicted could be different than period depicted in TOS.

Military uniforms do not magically get dispursed to everyone at the same time. At this moment, in my unit, there are soldiers wearing each of the three uniforms. As the older uniforms wear out they are replaced by the newer ones.

Could be the same in the movie.

171. Kigs - December 10, 2007

Nice- more pics. Can’t wait till Tuesday when Nimoy steps on set!:)

172. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 10, 2007

My point was that the makers are way behind in showing usa publicity shot. All we have so far is out of focus images a few plot detail (if any are true) and a whole lot of unproductive conjecture.

Just give us something! I believe even the Spider-man and more recently Iron-Man movies have show us a heck of a lot more up front.
Is it all greenscreen or what?

This movie is supposed to reach a new market. Many people that do not hunt for the latest news still get alot of information second hand. Allowing a few amateur photos leak before an official release cannot help.

I am sure that alot of people have associated Kirk with the Orioan slave girl. I understand that was Pike’s fantasy. Making love to a slave is not one of mine (Spock’s Brain – post #165.) No matter what race the slave may be.

C’mon. ust show us a pic of the Enterprise or a cast photo – please!

173. Bubba Hotep - December 10, 2007

Are you folks all blind crack-whores? Did anyone read this from the story on the JFX website:

“Could this be the first shot of James Tiberius Kirk? Could be. We’re not 100% sure but our inside sources are saying this is indeed Kirk but until we get an official confirmation, we can’t say for sure.”


All that can be CLEARLY discerned from the photos is that:

1.) The clothes are red.
2.) The shoes/boots are black.
3.) The costume appears to be two-piece, with the top possibly being a jacket.

That is all folks. Nothing more, nothing less. Now chill out.

174. roberto Orci - December 10, 2007

37. doubleofive – December 10, 2007
“I love it. Any word from Roberto on the legitimacy of our theories?”

Very well reasoned theories. Trek fans are the smartest of any franchise.

175. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

I think Roberto is blowing smoke up our skirt because we’re close…..yeah, that’s the ticket……..we’re closer than we think……yeah….I can almost smell it………… :)

176. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

Oh, wait…………that’s the SMOKE!!!

177. roberto Orci - December 10, 2007


Thanks for your service. Sincerely.

178. TrekkyStar - December 10, 2007

#121 Give the movie a chance, i mean you can’t judge it with 2 pictures.

179. J.D. Lee - December 10, 2007

I had no idea kirk worked as a bellhop when he was younger..

180. roberto Orci - December 10, 2007

Having gone through these kind of leaks on Transformers, let me just say that judging anything from a blurry, badly lit telephoto without context is like judging Star Wars from a blurry, badly lit telephoto pic of Darth Vader sitting on the toilet.

181. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

Thank you, Roberto….and I sincerely appreciate how you “engage” us in conversation while putting up with our mild ribbing…’s a great pleasure! :)

182. T Negative - December 10, 2007

Mr. Orci,

Is that indeed Mr. Pine at a recent location shoot??

Who do you think was the best TOS writer, Coon or Roddenberry?? While I think Coon was the better story teller, Roddenberry always polished every script to make it work to perfection on screen as Star Trek. Did you take ideas from their writing when preparing this script?

183. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

“Darth Vader sitting on the toilet”

Boy, he’d really have to lose the cape and gloves for a bowel movement, wouldn’t he?

“Use the two-ply, Luke!”

What, too much information?? :)

184. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 10, 2007

Our conversations here often end up in the toilet. Usually not this literally though! :)

185. steve adams - December 10, 2007

Pine looks like Stanley Tweedle from Lexx.

186. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

Who gives a crap where our conversations end up?

Oh, wait….question asked, question answered! :)

187. Alex Rosenzweig - December 10, 2007

#115, #117, #127…

Count another vote in favor of “Enterprise”. It’s my third favorite Trek series overall, and the final season, as a stand-alone entity, is my favorite season of all of Modern Trek. :)

188. Litenbug - December 10, 2007

#182 T Negative

You really think he’s gonna answer questions?

189. Alex Rosenzweig - December 10, 2007

#160, 172…

I’m sure we’ll be seeing things over the next few weeks to a month. For example, if the early word is correct, we’ll get a peek at the Enterprise in January in the teaser trailer for the film.

I think part of the problem is that we really have only the barest hints of what’s going on, and we’re doing a whole lot of extrapolating from minimal data. I, too, appreciate that Roberto is reading and occasionally commenting on what we’re speculating, but I do think it’s fair to say that we don’t have much to go on yet. And I have this feeling that for those in the know, some of our wilder conjectures must be rather amusing. ;)

Finally, #144…

I also read the Straczynski/Zabel proposal. I find it an interesting concept for a free-standing Trek series following another ship and crew, but unacceptable as a TOS reboot. (Then again, a TOS reboot in any sense of the word other than the computer sense, when you’re simply starting up again and not recreating your whole system as something new, is unacceptable, period.) ‘Course, there’s already a Star Trek series exploring some very similar concepts: “Star Trek: Vanguard”. And it rocks!

190. Anthony Pascale - December 10, 2007


I have made an update to the story. The original said that the red uniforms were not the cadet uniforms, but now I am not so sure.

I have got one source saying it is and one saying it isnt and so I will go with…I dunno for now. I do know that there were about 3 different outfits seen and that pine and quinto were in the red ones

191. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2007

Sure, young Kirk looks like a bellhop
And one dressed in red is likely to drop
But, we’ll have to wait and see
If it’s good, I’ll watch with glee
As the new crew take it over the top!

192. roberto Orci - December 10, 2007

I think that’s Pine’s normal clothes before he gets into costume, actually. Probably on his way home after a long day.

193. Anthony Pascale - December 10, 2007


are you saying you have a blurry, badly lit, pic of the Dark Lord taking a Sith?

if so please submit it!

194. Petey - December 10, 2007

Orions are ALWAYS a good thing. Nothing says TOS like an Orion. =D

I’m loving this little nod to “The Cage”.

195. Robert Walsh - December 10, 2007

I hope that isn’t the cadet uniform. We know exactly what those are suppose to look like, thanks to Kirk’s old enemy Finnigan.

196. MichaelJohn - December 10, 2007

I personally think paparzzi are the scum of the earth! I think their profession ranks right up there with drug dealers, common theives and prostitutes.

Can’t a studio make a film these days without everything being leaked out (and sneaked out) ahead of time?

Sites that carry these photos just encourage these paparazzi to continue their sleazy trade…

I’m all for discussing official news and images that have been released by the studio regarding the next Trek movie, but sorry I’m not interested in commenting on tabloid spy photos.

Mike :o

197. ArtfulDodger - December 10, 2007

Who says the Red Outfit is a costume? Maybe Pine’s just going for that retro Dr Pepper look.

198. TJ Trek - December 10, 2007

I would not be surprised if this did turn out to be graduationmfrom starfleet acadmy. A possible first scene of the movie….

199. Obsessed With Film » Kirk all red? - December 11, 2007

[…] But then Trek Movie have heard that Zachary Quinto was spotted on the set wearing the same kind of uniform and we know for a fact that Quinto’s Spock will begin the movie on the Enterprise under the command of Bruce Greenwood’s Captain Pike. […]

200. Scot Penslar - December 11, 2007

It’s much too early at this point to speculate about uniform designs, insignia, or the presence of Orion slave girls in the new Trek movie. They don’t have to be the only race with green skin, you know.

And to Daoud, post number 58 : You’re thinking of costumers or wardrobe people. A gaffer is a set electrician who rigs lights and such.

201. ME - December 11, 2007

And during Pike’s era and the first episode of Trek…WE SAW NO RED SHIRTS!

202. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 11, 2007

69. CaptainRickoverLook very much like the ENT-uniform, just in red. I try to imagine how this type of uniform would look like in gold or blue? Gold shirt, gold pants? AAHH!!!

My thought as well. The cut and fabric of the uniform, even at the distance the spy shots are taken, are definitely reminiscent of the Enterprise TV show uniforms. Perhaps they’re tracing an evolution from that era’s uniforms to a later era uniform that is some kind of hybrid between ENT and TOS styles.

I am assuming the monochrome nature of the uniform is partly due to this “legacy” consideration, but also partly to do with this outfit being ceremonial in nature. I’m hoping they’re going to go with a two-tone top versus pants arrangement in order to bridge the gap to TOS.

203. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 11, 2007

But I bet the pants are going to be full length, not exposing the boots like in TOS. That would offend modern sensibilities too much — too “retro-futuristic”.

204. J.D. Lee - December 11, 2007

I have an idea …lets all pretend the enterprise tv show did not exist ..and was never canon…now lets get the designer to go back to the drawing board and give kirk a kick-ass uniform .

205. trekee - December 11, 2007

#154, #156

‘designed by commitee’ wasn’t intended as a stamp of approval. :-)

I think if they went with what is safe, it would be Enterprise which was grounded and frankly bland*. If they went with what most of us here seem to want, it would be TOS updated with new hotness.

The suit does seem somewhat cadetish, but I can imagine worse.

(* my opinion, your one differs. That’s cool, glad you enjoyed it).

206. Jim Smith - December 11, 2007

# 91 and #157. Kirk’s statments in The Menagerie are that he met Pike ‘when he was promoted to Fleet Captain’ that he [Kirk] ‘too over the Enterprise from him’ and that Spock served with him for [11 years, four months, five days]’.

These statements, while sequential in dialogue, aren’t neccesarily contingent. Kirk could have met Pike ‘when he was promoted to Fleet Captain’ but that doesn’t demand that it was the only time they met. That’s not neccesarily what those words mean. They’ve been interpreted that way many times but that doesn’t mean that’s all they can mean,

You could, in interpreting those words, give equal wait to the familiar way that Kirk addresses the crippled Captain Pike as ‘Chris’ that they knew each other well.

As to re-boot, lets face it, if the people making this movie wanted to ignore continuity they wouldn’t muck about with characters like Chris Pike who, much as I like ’em, are superfluous to a mainstream cultural grasp of Star Trek. The easiest thing in the world to do would be to ignore things like Pike, Spock being on the Enterprise before Kirk and all that and go for a page one re-start with what people think is the ‘eternal’ version of TOS, Kirk/Spock/Bones/Scotty/Uhura/Chekov/Sulu even though there are a very limited number of TOS episodes that ft that description at all.

Things like using Pike and Nimoy indicate to me a great deal of care over this sort of thing. I think we all, as TOS fans – something I unequivocally am – have far, far more reasons to optimistic than pessimistic.

My two cents.

207. Jim Smith - December 11, 2007

#204. Whether you or I like Enterprise or not isn’t really the issue. It’s a part of ‘Star Trek’, end of. To ignore it because we don’t like it is to commit the exact same ‘crime’ we’ve accused B&B of, ignoring things established onscreen because we don’t like them/don’t know about them.

#41, 58. Vis the “mission patches” (something I love about TOS) and continuity, I think Enterprise supplies us with a solution, believe it or not.. (I know, who’da thunk it?) The UESPA emblem seen in ENT resembles the TOS Enterprise mission patch quite closely. I can easily believe that the NCC 1701 Enterprise gets a mission patch that resembles the logo of the 22nd century UESPA because it’s named after the first Warp 5 vessel, which was also operated by UESPA.

(This might also be why Kirk occasionally names the 1701 as being operated under UESPA jurisdiction, it is for historical reasons – like the way there’s a pub in London which is technically in Cambridge for legal purposes). Then the UESPA symbol/1701 mission patch is adopted across starfleet because of the historic value when UESPA is disposed of *and* in honour of Kirk and Archer’s Enterprises too.

Okay, that’s a retcon a mile wide, but it it fits if you’re playing the ‘It’s All True’ game. : )

208. Iowagirl - December 11, 2007

– The easiest thing in the world to do would be to ignore things like Pike, Spock being on the Enterprise before Kirk and all that and go for a page one re-start with what people think is the ‘eternal’ version of TOS, Kirk/Spock/Bones/Scotty/Uhura/Chekov/Sulu even though there are a very limited number of TOS episodes that ft that description at all. –

Are you saying that Pike due to what we know about him from a pilot and The Menagerie is equally or even more canon than Kirk/Spock/Bones/Scotty/Uhura/Chekov/Sulu because the consistency of the latter combination is backed by only a limited number of TOS episodes or am I misinterpreting you?

209. Luke - December 11, 2007

Doesn’t anyone find it strange that in the Universe of Star Trek, where they have teleportation “Beam ME Up Scotty” they have cars, and trucks? Seams a little strange anyone would ever want to drive in a car with wheels, when they can just get beamed around the entire world in a split second…but thats just what i think.

210. ACR - December 11, 2007

Re: 139

“and how we’re so secure in our future, we will go onto alien planets wearing just our pajamas…”

What a great turn of phrase! I think that may sum up the hope-filled aim of Star Trek better than anything else I’ve ever read.

Very well put.

211. Jim Smith - December 11, 2007

# 208. Sorry, Iowagirl, I explained myself badly. I meant that if a new producer wanted to re-boot TOS they wouldn’t include things like Chris Pike and Spock’s service under him because it would be much easier to ignore them, as it doesn’t fit in with what people think TOS is. People think TOS is Kirk/Spock/Bones/Scotty/Sulu/Chekov and Uhura. Most people (not fans, viewers) if you made a film in which Captain James T Kirk took command of the brand new USS Enterprise and handpicked those six people to be his senior officers on it from day one, wouldn’t notice that it violated canon. It would horrify me, sure, but most people wouldn’t notice. My Mom, who likes Star Trek enough to see the movies in the cinema, wouldn’t notice.

So my point after that is the fact that they are including things like Pike, makes me very hopeful for their attitude to continuity and canon, as it would be so much easier to ignore them. Does that make sense?

The second point was that although most people think of TOS as the above, there’s very few episodes of the show that have all of the ‘big seven’ in together, although that wasn’t really connected to the previous point, although it is true.

Have I expressed that better this time?

212. Dierna - December 11, 2007

OMG! OMG! It’s a blurry image of a green woman and some blonde guy in red!!

For all we know this could be pics from the set of the Incredible Hulk and that green woman is really She Hulk. :P

213. cd - December 11, 2007

# 207 – B&B were responsible for creatively continuing Star Trek. They ignored the parts that were obviously popular with fans, and filled it with garbage like temporal cold wars and unheard-of aliens terraforming Florida in a lame attempt to mimic 9/11.
As far as the arrowhead emblem, you can just look at the NASA meatball and see the origins of the arrowhead: they did do good on the transitional UESPA logo in ENT. (BTW, I never really had any problems with designers on ENT, except for Akiraprise, the rest looked good.)

214. cd - December 11, 2007

#212 – Remember that X-Men/Star Trek crossover? Maybe startrek will have a She-Hulk crossover! Maybe the Orion planet has a high level of gamma radiation and as a result…. oh, never mind.

215. Jim Smith - December 11, 2007

# 213 – I never said I liked it, I just said that my attitude to ‘canon’ means I have to accept it happened in ‘Star Trek’. Others can, of course, take a different tac’ : )

216. First images of Chris Pine as Kirk for new Trek film. at BlackGeekdom - Science-Fiction from a Different Perspective - December 11, 2007

[…] […]

217. Dennis Bailey - December 11, 2007

#180: “Having gone through these kind of leaks on Transformers, let me just say that judging anything from a blurry, badly lit telephoto without context is like judging Star Wars from a blurry, badly lit telephoto pic of Darth Vader sitting on the toilet.”

VADER (as per Prowse): “Hemorrhoids do not concern me, Admiral. I want to shi*!”

218. cd - December 11, 2007

#215 – For me, the definition of canon changed once Paris and Janeway were turned back into humans from Warp 10 salamanders, or was it when marshmellons appeared? >;>}

219. Jim Smith - December 11, 2007

#218 : ) I understant the impulse, believe me, but I’m an all inclusive kind of guy. Though, man, ‘Threshold’ is just *awful* isn’t it? I mean brain-meltingly so.

220. Dr. Image - December 11, 2007

#168 Are you people actually that stupid or do you just not listen? Or are you incapable of grasping a point? (“I change clothes daily and sometimes I dont have continuity.”- HUH??)
At least Ocri seems to be listening.
We’ll see.

221. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - December 11, 2007

Orion Slave chicks wear Bebe loungewear??? Hmmm who knew?? My ex-girlfriend wore the same outfits and even the socks were expensive.

222. AJ - December 11, 2007

Come on, guys. All th flicks do it. STV and Sybok and his Vulcan Princess. How about the Starfleet and the So’na in Insurrection? Anathema. Hell, the new NCC1701 in TMP and the ridged Klingons (as well as the planet’s name, Chronos, which was established in TNG as Kling) are all violations. We will adjust.

223. Litenbug - December 11, 2007

220. Dr. Image – December 11, 2007
#168 Are you people actually that stupid or do you just not listen? Or are you incapable of grasping a point?”

Oh get over it… it was an attempt at a joke…. good grief. I don’t remember insulting you.. calm down

224. Kirk's Girdle - December 11, 2007

Re: Dennis Bailey.

Beat me to it. A great quote from Darth Farmer himself.

225. Iowagirl - December 11, 2007


Jim Smith, thanks for the clarification. Although I don’t share your hopes regarding continuity and canon, your line of argument makes much sense to me and I appreciate your explanation of your views.

I’ll make it brief – much better this time! ;-)

226. Dave in RI - December 11, 2007

“It’s just nice to see James Kirk as a young, fit and handsome guy again. Been thirty years. ”

:cough: James Cawley :cough:


227. Superman - December 11, 2007

Okay, how about a pic of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. An official one, none of this spy crap.

Or even better, the U.S.S. Enterprise.


228. Superman - December 11, 2007


Ah, my TrekBBS Luthor.

Not so nice to see you.


229. Captain Robert April - December 11, 2007

Until we see someone else dressed the same, it’s kinda tough to call it a “uniform.”

Looks more like a jogging outfit.

230. Captain Robert April - December 11, 2007

Also, the division colors for the Cage-WNMHGB period were greenish-gold for command, blue for science, and tan for services. Since the avocado and tan shirts had a tendency to look too much alike at times, the tan was changed to red.

This also means that the folks on Enterprise missed another class in their canon homework.

231. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 11, 2007

Note to New Voyages and Exeter production teams.

I Paramont decides to go in a new direction with this latest Trek, and moves aways from the BRANDING we know so well. Perhaps that would leave an open LEGAL door to make BIG MONEY on the TOS BRAND that they appear to have abandoned.

Legally it makes sense.
Proper copywirght treatment must ALWAYS be maintained.

232. COMPASSIONATE GOD - December 11, 2007

Re: 229. Captain Robert April – December 11, 2007
“Until we see someone else dressed the same, it’s kinda tough to call it a “uniform.”

Looks more like a jogging outfit. ”

I was thinking along the same lines–it looks like the sleazy terry cloth type popular in the late 1970’s…and that’s not too cool, either.

233. Jim Smith - December 11, 2007

#225 – my pleasure. J

234. Sam Belil - December 11, 2007

Looks like the leisure suits that Lee Majors wore when he played the Six Million Dollar Man in the 70s. And in that pic, young Kirk is attending a costume party with a “retro-TV” theme — and he is playing Steve Austin!!!!

235. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 11, 2007

You wouldn’t have Orions in Starfleet!

Must be She-Hulk.

236. Dennis Bailey - December 11, 2007

#231: “Note to New Voyages and Exeter production teams.

I Paramont decides to go in a new direction with this latest Trek, and moves aways from the BRANDING we know so well. Perhaps that would leave an open LEGAL door to make BIG MONEY on the TOS BRAND that they appear to have abandoned.

Legally it makes sense.
Proper copywirght treatment must ALWAYS be maintained.”

You’re wrong. You’ve confused copyright with trademark.

Just because James Kirk may wear a red shirt instead of a gold one the next time you see him, or the nacelles on the Enterprise are different, doesn’t imply any “abandonment” of the property whatever.

In any event, it will never be legal for us to profit from our fan films unless Paramount were to license us in such a way as to permit it, and that remains extraordinarily unlikely.

237. Dennis Bailey - December 11, 2007

#228: “#217:

Ah, my TrekBBS Luthor.

Not so nice to see you. ”

Don’t flatter yourself; you’re a bore both here and there.

#230: “This also means that the folks on Enterprise missed another class in their canon homework.”

No, it means they sensibly ignored meaningless trivia. And trekkies don’t get to do the grading this time. :)

238. Alex Rosenzweig - December 11, 2007

I don’t know if I’d call the trivia meaningless, but by the same token I didn’t get bent out of shape when they didn’t match every decision made at a time when what we’d come to know as Trek was very much in the formative stages. e.g., I think the reason that they changed the engineering/support services color when they went to production on TOS was no less valid 35 years later on ENT. Ditto phase weapons vs. lasers. And so on.

(Anyway, why should they feel bound by a uniform style from 100 years later than the period they were showing when uniform styles seem to change every few years? ;) )

And for every bit of trivia they didn’t follow, there was another they managed to work in quite neatly, like establishing that the Earth Starfleet was a part of UESPA. :)


239. Captain Robert April - December 11, 2007

Working in UESPA was thanks to the art department, not the Bragaberman.

240. trektacular - December 12, 2007

I’d like to see UESPA mentioned, weren’t there other early names for Starfleet?

241. Cervantes - December 12, 2007

Bring back the black, pocketless, shortened, flared-ended pants, complete with long, shiny black boots!

Seriously, I’m being serious.

Red is dead. Literally…

242. Alex Rosenzweig - December 12, 2007

239 – Agreed! Though it’s also possible that Coto would have been aware of that bit of trivia and endorsed the logoage, and I’m sure the Reeves-Stevenses would have known it, too.

Nonetheless, whether it came from the Art Department or the producers does not change the fact that the show used that bit of trivia to good advantage. :) That’s the nce thing about large staffs involved in a creative project; this sort of material can come from many sources.

243. Michael Foote - December 12, 2007

They do look similar to the jumpsuit that Kyle wore when manning the Transporter. Maybe they are that.

244. Michael Foote - December 12, 2007

It looks to me like the Engineering jumpsuit Kyle wore when manning the Transporter.

245. Michael Foote - December 12, 2007

I hate it when it looks like your post didn’t go through so you post again and then both show up.

246. Dennis Bailey - December 12, 2007

jfxonline posted more pictures of another uniform today, but sort of buried ’em:

247. I AM THX-1138 - December 12, 2007

Excellent pick-up, Dennis. What do you think is with the hat?

And speaking of hats, mine is off to the spies at JFX. Now we need the bridge and the Enterprise (although the E might be tough as it doesn’t exist in the real world. Maquette?)

248. Dennis Bailey - December 12, 2007

I guess they just figure the hat is a reasonable part of some variations of the uniform. Pike had a uniform hat sitting on the TV in his quarters in “The Cage” and the folks in Starfleet in the 22nd century wore caps with bills as well.

Looks better with a dark grey uniform than it would with a red one, though. ;)

249. Harry Ballz - December 12, 2007

Dennis, I’ve been reviewing your last few posts and, may I ask, are you a Vulcan? :)

250. cd - December 12, 2007

Holy cow! I never noticed the cap in “The Cage” before! (
Not sure what to make of the gray Gestapo, err, Starfleet uniform in #246.

251. Dennis Bailey - December 13, 2007

#249: “Dennis, I’ve been reviewing your last few posts and, may I ask, are you a Vulcan? ”

Nah, they wouldn’t let me in the union – something about “perpetual pissed-offedness is not logical.”

252. cd - December 13, 2007

#251 – so the bitter beer face Vulcans in Enterprise aren’t in the union either? >;>}

253. Dennis Bailey - December 13, 2007

They were grandfathered in.

254. Michael Foote - December 13, 2007

If Shatner had had the Hat in TOS he wouldn’t have needed the Shatner Turbo 2000 hair piece.

255. Seneschal - January 27, 2008

Execellent shots! Though considering even the teaser poster has the blue & gold, I would hope that they keep with that standard and not have everyone running around in red. Regardless, it’s JJ Abram’s baby now. Best of luck!

256. - March 27, 2008

I wonder if the Orion Slave Girls will be as dangerously seductive as on Enterprise? They’d better be smoking hot! I can’t wait :)

257. Chris - August 5, 2008

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