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Shatner on Raw Nerve, TOS-R, new ‘Star Trek’ and more December 12, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Shatner , trackback had a brief moment to chat with William Shatner on the green carpet at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival on Sunday, where Shatner received a lifetime achievement award. Shat talked to TrekMovie about his new talk show ‘Raw Nerve’ and about talking to Nimoy now that he is in town to shoot Star Trek. The video below also shows a couple of questions from another reporter (with thanks) about TOS-R and Trek references on Boston Legal.

Shatner on green carpet at JVAFF

Shat denies cameo again
Shatner also talked to IESB at the JVAFF about rumors he has a cameo in Trek…see it here.

Shat on watching himself, Star Trek 2008 and Nimoy’s book
ShatnerVision was also at the JVAFF, but have not yet put up their video yet. However they do have an interview from his recent book signing where he again expresses sadness over not being in the new Star Trek movie.

Remember: You Watch Shat’s Live Chat Thursday 1PM Eastern at PalTalk (details)


1. Gerry Alanguilan - December 12, 2007

If anyone asks William Shatner one more time about not being in the movie, I think it’s best that he tells them that he has already given his answer elsewhere. Because if he keeps on answering it, it gives the impression that he continues on bellyaching about it, which doesn’t look good at this point.

2. Gerry Alanguilan - December 12, 2007

Wow, can’t believe it. FIRST! I had to post that quickly just to check. Doesn’t matter anyway though. Just something curious.

To elaborate… it doesn’t do William Shatner any good to be seen always seeming to complain that he isn’t in it. And the reason he gives for that is he is always being asked the question, so it’s only right that he answers.

It’s hard to imagine that Shatner as Kirk won’t be involved in future movies somehow. After all, there is more than one, as far as I know.

3. The Vulcanista - December 12, 2007

Why’s it taking so long to load?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

4. Greg Stamper - December 12, 2007

#2 Gerry- “It’s hard to imagine that Shatner as Kirk won’t be involved in future movies somehow. After all, there is more than one, as far as I know.”

An interesting point which many have not considered.

Enjoyed this page from your site:
Thought it showed class – – –

5. Admiraldeem - December 12, 2007

Well #2, how stupid do you feel now, being #2? Enough with this first stuff, please!

I wish he was in it but Shat needs to get past it. He cashed his check from Generations–not being in this one is the pay stub.

6. Dave Roberts - December 12, 2007

“He’s got pictures, I got words”….. Priceless!

7. VOODOO - December 12, 2007

It really sucks that they don’t want Shatner involved.

8. The Vulcanista - December 12, 2007

Seriously, this Veoh thing won’t quit loading. Are there some settings I need to change on my end? The Shatner acceptance speech played just fine the other day.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

9. Dr. Mike Stivic - December 12, 2007

#5, how stupid do you feel pointing out to #2 that he wasn’t #1, when he actually was?

10. VulcanBabe - December 12, 2007

No hard feelings Shatner, I would be jealous too if my best friend got into Star Trek..and never frickin told me about it!…

and then I found out a while later and, despite my greater quantity of awards, was turned away from the new movie. >_> Peace and long life, Mr. Shatner.

11. Anthony Pascale - December 12, 2007

anyone else have issues with the vid

try reloading


12. Jupiter1701 - December 12, 2007

I feel really stupid that I thought that I was #12, but then I thought I wasn’t, until I realized that somene didn’t point out that I really was #12 after all . . .

On a more serious note, William Shatner is probably getting tired of being asked the question. He ought to just have some fun with it and say that HE IS the movie. Then he can sit back and have a big laugh watching all us geeks come walking out of movie theaters all dumbfounded — trying to figure out how we missed him in the movie.

That would be funny, seeing some people all out of sorts about it, lol.

13. Jabob Slatter - December 12, 2007

I agree with Jupiter1701. Shatner SHOULD start having some fun. It’s getting tiring hearing him say the same old thing. Of course, if web sites would stop posting these parts of the videos, maybe he wouldn’t look like such a whiner, and we wouldn’t be so tired of him. I do understand his sadness, and if I look at it through his eyes, I feel bad too.

But you have to admire Abram’s resistance to pandering. I truly believe if they hadn’t given Kirk that pathetic death in Generations, he’d be in the new movie. I’m personally grateful that J.J. didn’t write up some ridiculous way for Kirk to come back. The whole Deus Ex Machina senario has been way overdone in Trek. It’s bad enough they’re doing a time travel storyline again.

I am excited, however, so see Nimoy play Spock again. He’s always been overshadowed by Shatner, so maybe this is his time to really shine. This will probably be his last chance to play Spock.

14. Lendorien - December 12, 2007

Ugh. Shatner needs to stop beating this dead horse. #1 is right. He should politely demure when he gets that question.

15. steve adams - December 12, 2007

Its really great that shats not involved.

16. CmdrR - December 12, 2007

Love the Shat. Always will. REALLY TIRED of this line of questioning.

WANNA see the E.

17. The Vulcanista - December 12, 2007

#11 Anthony


Reload after reload didn’t work. Had to download VEOH, but it’s free, I have the memory, and it worked fine!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

18. Greg2600 - December 12, 2007

I wonder if the strike is preventing Raw Nerve from happening?

19. ZoomZoom - December 12, 2007

#15 i think its really great that perverse posts just come off looking like childish nonsense.

20. Harry Ballz - December 12, 2007

Boy, considering Shatner loves horses, he sure doesn’t seem to mind beating a dead one! :)

21. Non-belligerancy Confirmed - December 12, 2007

this guy looks nothing like chris pine. i refuse to see the film until he does.
and the nacelle caps are all wrong.
they’re raping my childhood.

22. Robert April - December 12, 2007

Is this the thread where I am supposed to post my “Bring Back Shatner as Kirk” comments?

23. Robbie Redshirt - December 12, 2007

Speaking as a Trek fan who was there right from the beginning of TOS’s original network run, I gotta tell ya, it ain’t right, it just ain’t right…it just won’t be Star Trek without the Shat as Captain Kirk. One has to wonder if Mr. Shatner doth protest too much and that his assertion that he’s not in the movie is just so much disinformation.

24. Oregon Trek Geek - December 12, 2007

Ok then. He’s not it in. I get it. How about the next one? :D

25. trektacular - December 12, 2007

Its a big mistake to not include Kirk? Why the hell didn’t he bitch and moan when TNG were making movies?

26. trektacular - December 12, 2007

Why am I so threatened by him?

27. JGreen - December 12, 2007

#7 voodoo. i dont want him involved either. i hate cheap escapes. James Tiberious Kirk died saving Varidian III. Thanks, Bill Shatner for accepting that role fifteen years ago. A heroes death suites you, oh original captain of captains. If JJ somehow brings Kirk back to life, I for one will be very very angry. I love James T. Kirk, but don’t Efff with canon or continuity. My hero is dead. Do not cheapen it by somehow magically bringing him back from the dead. No matter what these so called fans say, he must remain dead, unless his resurrection is unrelated to his death in st vii. I am officially starting a counterpoint to the bring back kirk movement: KKD: Keep Kirk Dead!

28. Will Decker - December 12, 2007

#27 Kirk’s death was cheap no matter how you look at it. I thought he deserved a better death than that ughfest known as Generations. I say let Kirk be dead, but I thought he could have gone down a lot better.

29. Jabob Slatter - December 12, 2007

It won’t be Star Trek without Shatner?

Oh, please! Then I hope you don’t go to the movie.


30. JGreen - December 12, 2007

Ok. Final comment here ever. fed up. I realized just now (finally!) that i am separate from you all. I love Trek so much, but i must love it for different reasons. I’m one of the dorks that you all make fun of for loving all trek: tmp, tff, ds9, enterprise, all of it. Yes, i’m undiscriminating. I love it all. But you purists, although i respect your devotion to TOS, alienate me with your insane willingness to destroy continuity by magically bringing back Kirk from his heroic death. What kills me is that the same purist crowd screaming for Shat’s appearance in JJs trek are the same people that will cry foul by discongruent canon. I hope for your sake that jj and co. don’t take your advice. Enjoy it for what it is, not for whether or not it has your egotistical hero from forty years ago in it.

31. FYI: "First" is LAME. - December 12, 2007

Love the Shat.

I welcome his expressing all of the opinions and criticisms that feels like expressing when asked.

He’s earned it.

In twenty years, he’ll most likely have shuffled off and we’ll be nostalgically revisiting his impromptu witticisms in such interviews as these.

32. D Britzman - December 13, 2007

My kids are 3rd generation TREKIES!!!! Believe it or not kids ages 16 thru 21 are looking forward to this new movie. They want to see Shatner in this movie. Its these kids, in this age group, who go to the movies, it’s something to do on a Friday. Hate to say it, but I’ll wait for it to come to DVD or buy a boot leg, if Shatner aint in it. Why dont these idiots making this movie go to a Trek convention and take a poll, see how many want to see Shatner in this new film, also see how many teens and young adults attend, ask them!! They are the ones who spend money to see a movie. My kids would like to see Patrick Stewart (forgive me if I spelled it wrong), also. Matter of fact cameos for all main Characters, Of Star Trek.

33. trektacular - December 13, 2007

Shatners death was a stupid decision especially now in hindsight, but really Shatner helped kill him, was he forced to die in the first place?
This is just freakin’ ego speaking, the bad kind that we’ve heard from the supporting players of TOS finally on view for all to see.

34. trektacular - December 13, 2007

Meant ‘Kirks death’ or did I?

35. Snake - December 13, 2007

Anthony – was that you talking with Shatner? is that the 1st time you met him?

36. Iowagirl - December 13, 2007

Well, the accompanying text to the vids says they will include references to the cameo rumour – thus, if you read that and still play the vids and after that complain about Shatner’s whining…it’s you who do the whining.

Liked that one, too.

Because Kirk is a TOS character and STXI will be a TOS based movie.

No matter what these so called fans say, he must remain dead, unless his resurrection is unrelated to his death in st vii. –

Although I refuse to tolerate being called “so called”, I appreciate the paradoxical quality of your remaining sentence.


37. Sam Belil - December 13, 2007

#32-You could not have stated in any better. Yes (pardon the pun) the “new” generation of ST fans TOTALLY identifiy Shatner with TOS. This is science fiction who says Kirk “needs to remain dead”???

38. Jay - December 13, 2007

Still think he’ll appear in it somewhere :P!!!

39. Ro-Dan - December 13, 2007

Many of you may see Shatner as bellyaching. I don’t. I see it as a genuine love for Star Trek and a yearning to still be involved with it. I think it’s wonderful that after all these years Shatner still has a fondness and passion for both Star Trek and Captain Kirk. He’s never turned his back on the franchise or its fans.

40. Admiral_Bumblebee - December 13, 2007

I still don’t understand why TPTB wouldn’t want Shatner in the movie? He is Captain Kirk! A new Star Trek movie with him in it would be much better and would draw much more people to the cinema… I don’t get it, sorry.

If someone is now saying: But he is dead…! – WHO CARES???

41. Trek Nerd Central - December 13, 2007

Groannnnn. . . you know what I think? I think that it ain’t THE SHAT beating the dead horse, it’s EVERYONE ELSE. He’s just answering the question, people.

I also think that I would like to be so globally, cosmically, universally, incontrovertibly revered and admired in my chosen field that unseen millions were clamoring for my involvement in the next big project. I would like to be the lucky stiff fielding the same old questions all the time. Having people jab microphones into your face and then posting your exhausted replies online has GOT to be a mark of success.

Also. . . JGreen in # 30 makes a good point here: . . “the same purist crowd screaming for Shat’s appearance in JJs trek are the same people that will cry foul by discongruent canon. . . ”

Touche. Though I DO think the Kirkner is more than an “egotistical hero from forty years ago.”

42. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 13, 2007

#13 “But you have to admire Abram’s resistance to pandering.”

I really don’t. I tihnk it would’ve been just as gutsy, and please a lot more people in the end, if he’d resist Generations and have Shatner alongside Nimoy where he belongs. Screw “canon”. Canon Shmanon! As has been stated here too many times, Kirk’s status as a living, breathing being could be easily explained in a freakin’ novel. And only a handful of geeks would care anyway; Joe and Jane public don’t remember Generations (it’s what happens to mediocre films, they fade from memory).

“This will probably be his last chance to play Spock.”

Same goes for Shatner. What a waste.

43. RJO - December 13, 2007


44. Sean - December 13, 2007

Even though I’m still looking foward to seeing Leonard Nimoy far more than William Shatner, I can understand the gripes people have about him not being there. I just wish said fans would wait to actually see the story Abrams & Co have created. Maybe we’ll watch it and realize there’s a huge, gaping hole where William should have been and we’ll leave the theatre thinking someone just unleashed a little shock n’ awe on our childhood.

OR maybe, just maybe, we’ll leave the theatre saying ‘OH…that’s why’ and wondering if he’ll reappear in Trek 12. After all, didn’t Quinto indicate he had a contract for multiple films?

45. Chris Peterson - December 13, 2007

How do we know that this is really a time travel story? How do we know it isn’t just one big flash-back sequence being relived by an older Spock? The Guardian of Forever part turned out to be false after all…

46. Greg2600 - December 13, 2007

I want to say something…..If Kirk had not died in Generations, but had either returned to the Enterprise-B or not appeared in the movie at all…..Would William Shatner definitely be in this new movie? It’s a question no one has asked before. If the script called for Spock’s pursuits after Unification, which was a boring TNG episode unfortunately, how could Kirk have appeared? McCoy was like a ghost several years before that. He’d be ancient. The only way would have been through time travel, or going against TNG canon for Spock. So in that way, Generations, via some sort of resurrection of Kirk, was the only way you could get him in a movie like this, no? Therefore, William Shatner accepted that role in Generations was technically good?

Let’s face it, if Kirk doesn’t die in Generations, we still would never have seen him or Spock until a movie like this. Rick Berman (I know I am beating the dead horse) just didn’t care for TOS or its actors. J.J. had a giant opportunity and appears to have missed that.

47. star trackie - December 13, 2007

#41 “Groannnnn. . . you know what I think? I think that it ain’t THE SHAT beating the dead horse, it’s EVERYONE ELSE. He’s just answering the question, people. ”

Thank you.

48. Lt. Green... but not JGreen...although he makes some good points - December 13, 2007

#30- Spot on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. ALMOST any attempt to bring Kirk back would just seem contrived.


What I kind of really hope happens is this:
Let’s think about this, people; assuming that time travel really is involved in the plot of this movie, I really don’t think it would be hard to come up with a way to use that to bring him back from the dead without messing up The Canon. You can do anything with time-travel! He could have died on Veridian III AND still be alive for more adventures. Kind of like how Miles O’Brien and Harry Kim were both actually killed off in our Precious Timeline, but oh, what’s this?… We get to keep virtually identical copies of them from a virtually identical timeline, so it’s really kind of like those fellows we were so fond of a few minutes ago aren’t really dead?! How splendid! Canon remains intact and His Royal Shatness lives to kick butt, take names, and shag as many exotic alien women as possible for another day! Live Long and Prosper, Big Guy- You’ve Earned it!

Despite that lengthy hunk-o-text, that’s not even really why I’m posting.

Anthony- I can’t seem to get this site’s Contact button to work, so I’ll just add it here.

One year ago today there was a story about the prospect of some New Animated Trek set in the 26th century. My heart rejoiced. . . and then I heard the sound of frickin’ mosquitoes and crickets and stuff. Nothing. I know you refuse to report news that doesn’t exist- for which we are all grateful- YOU ROCK- but could I possibly persuade you to use some of your mad investigative journalistic skills to revisit this story and see if there is anything to report?

Once again, thank you Anthony for doing everything you do- you da man.

[Oh yes, and whooptee-doo, there is a number next to my name.]

49. Bono Luthor - December 13, 2007

Shatner is awesome.

Lost a lot of interest in the new movie lately, but my interest in Shatner remains.

Hoping for Trek remastered and Boston Legal dvd’s for Christmas.

50. jonboc - December 13, 2007

#9- Good one! lol.

Shat looks great by the way.

The new audience that the producers are trying to attract to this film don’t give a rat’s ass about “canon”. But they do like William Shatner. Just get him in it.

51. Lt. Green - December 13, 2007

Oh yes, and I forgot, I hope The Shat doesn’t make his appearance until the very end of the movie, and no one sees it coming, and it’s a huge cliff-hanger which is so exciting and wonderful that all of Trekdom gasps and maybe pees a little bit.

[#48, baby, oh yeah. That’s like hitting #1 48 times, all at once. In your face.]

52. Snake - December 13, 2007

shatner has been nominated for another GG:

Best supporting actor in a mini-series or film made for television
Ted Danson – Damages
Kevin Dillon – Entourage
Jeremy Piven – Entourage
Andy Serkis – Longford
William Shatner – Boston Legal
Donald Sutherland – Dirty Sexy Money

53. Garstanglerton - December 13, 2007

Im sick of hearing about shatner to be honest, he’s not in this film, whatever.

54. DEMODE - December 13, 2007

Please GOD! Let Shatner be in the new movie! I love Nimoy, and am thrilled he is in it, but without Shatner, its not going to be as thrilling to watch on the big screen. I want both my heroes on the screen!

55. Lendorien - December 13, 2007

Seriously, can we get off the “Shatner must be in this movie” stuff? He keeps telling us he’s not in it. Other people confirm he’s not in it. Maybe that means he’s not in it?

Months and months of debate on these comments pages have changed nothing. This dead horse is getting so tired that it wants to come back to life just to get away from all the incessant beating.

Can we please move on now?

56. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 13, 2007

Once again everyone…

Bill cannot give away the end of the movie (his cameo).

Plus, I am sure Paramont is ramping up to “afford” Mr. Shatner in ST XII.


57. Dr. Whom - December 13, 2007


Shat could be in it, and I wish it were so.

It could be done with two simple lines:

Spock: “I’ve been dead.”
Kirk: “Yeah,. me too, but they revived me.”

Then some humor:
“Thank goodness for 24th centry medicine. And Picard thought he could bury me….”

*POOF* He’s back…

58. Batts - December 13, 2007

We all must wait and see the film. I think they should go back and re-do the way Kirk was finished off. I said this before that Stallone was allowed to go back and finish Rocky the way he was supposed to.Shatner should be allowed if canon and storyline permits to give Kirk the proper send off if needed. In Generations Kirk mentions “If Spock were here, he’d say I was an illogical…” The 2 cant be separated!!

But if so we just have to deal with it. It’s amazing that a movie is generating so much buzz…The Roddenberry family is just sitting back and raking in the MILLIONS!!

59. Batts - December 13, 2007

I dont know that Generations Story always confused me!! Did not the Enterprise crew die when the ship crashed!! Picard went and relived the whole incident, again?? My point is did Kirk die in that Nexus??! Can someone please answer that question and explain how he could be brought back with that in mind…

60. The Vulcanista - December 13, 2007


One would think that Kirk died for real when the engineering section of Ent-B blew up.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

61. Closettrekker - December 13, 2007

How could he be in the movie, if not as a different character? First of all, he agreed to kill off his character in Generations. He is too old to play a James Kirk younger than the one who died, and resurrection has already been done. Plus, he is too old and fat to fist-fight and fornicate, so let the young guy play the part. Give the new cast a chance! Nimoy will be the link to the old TOS. Be thankful for that. If Superman can be recast, so can J.T. Kirk. The Shat will always be the “Sean Connery” of Star Trek, but is the original 007 still doing Bond movies? Hell no, he’s too old to fist-fight and fornicate w/o prescription drugs! Let it go. James Kirk is Captain of the Enterprise, not Bill Shatner. I have seen him barely fit into his uniform for about twenty years. Sooner or later, he’s going to give 23rd Century human health and fitness a bad name. Please, they already did Space Cowboys!

62. Iowagirl - December 13, 2007


Do feel free to move on now.

63. Classic trek - December 13, 2007

if reporters keep asking bill the same question-you cant really knock bill for giving the same answer can you.

besides hes right- he should be in this movie and jj needs to have a think about this-might not be too late. shatners contribution to star trek is huge. he obviously wants to be in it. hes a very funny guy too as this interview demonstrates.
way to go bill…your a legend and we love you in Great Britain!!

64. Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente - December 13, 2007

I think I have a solution to this problem. I recall reading that there is a scene in Star Trek 11 of young Lt. Kirk taking the Kobayashi Maru test on the bridge simulator. If that is true then JJ Abrams could cast Bill Shatner in a cameo role as a Starfleet Admiral initially rebuking the young Lt. Kirk for cheating on the test. Then later have Admiral Shatner giving Lt. Kirk a commendation for original thinking for reprogramming the simulator so that he rescued the crew and passengers of the Kobayashi Maru ship, winning the “No Win” scenario. We would get to see Bill Shatner in a TOS Starfleet Uniform one last time, not as Kirk, but as another character. This would please the fans without violating canon.

Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente

65. Classic trek - December 13, 2007

nice idea but i want the shat in it as CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK . anything else would be weird! id be happy if they filmed some kind of brief ‘flashback’ sequence which they could use in the images displayed in the Guardian of forever.

i want the new crew to have the best possible launch they could wish for and to have bill and leonard wave them off would be heaven. it can be done. as Uhura said in star trek 3 ‘ this isnt reality, this is fantasy’.

mkae it so.

66. Xai - December 13, 2007

7. VOODOO , D Britzman- and others with similar comments…
“It really sucks that they don’t want Shatner involved.”

Who said they didn’t WANT him? Where’s the quote?
And the answer of “they’d find a way, blah, blah, blah…”, doesn’t count. There’s no real evidence either way to account for his non-participation. If there is, please post it… I’d love to have it settled.

We’ll find out what happened in negotiations and conversations AFTER the movie is out. In the meantime… let’s enjoy the build up to the show.

67. star trackie - December 13, 2007

Of course Shatner could play Kirk again. How sad and how telling that so many are afraid of this.

68. Litenbug - December 13, 2007

This ship has sailed, like it or not.
While some fans continue to dream up their ultimate solution to bringing back the actor as either therapy for their wounded hopes or the love of debate, this “return” won’t happen.

I salute your creativity and your loyality. You have my condolences as well.

69. Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente - December 13, 2007

68. Litenbug – December 13, 2007

This ship has sailed, like it or not.
While some fans continue to dream up their ultimate solution to bringing back the actor as either therapy for their wounded hopes or the love of debate, this “return” won’t happen.

I salute your creativity and your loyality. You have my condolences as well.

Personally, it does not matter to me whether Shatner, Nimoy, or any of the other TOS actors appear in Star Trek 11 or not. I was just offering a solution to fans who wanted to see Bill Shatner in the film.

Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente

70. jonboc - December 13, 2007

68-“This ship has sailed, like it or not.”

Wrong. Three more months of filming. 12 months until we see what was filmed.

Nothing has sailed, except your assertion that the ship has indeed left the dock.

71. Non-belligerancy Confirmed - December 13, 2007

too bad they didn’t go the way of “apocalypse now”…

spock is hired to travel ‘up galaxy’ and find the renegade captain who is now a fat, drunken insane demigod living high in the briarpatch, who has a couple of orion slave wenches for breakfast (oh yeah, shatner doing brando!) and rants on about piles of “little romulan arms”. picture “kirk the hut”

the dennis hopper character would of course be george takei on meth (“he’s a great man, i’m a little man…”)

i’d’ve paid good money to see this.

72. Harry Ballz - December 13, 2007

Yeah, and when Shatner takes off his shirt we all cry, “the horror, the horror!” :)

73. Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente - December 13, 2007

This is the end, my beautiful friend the end…

…This is the EEENNNDDD.

Romulans don’t Surf! Son you either fight or surf.

I love the smell of nuetrons in the morning, that nuetrino smell, smells like victory. Some day this war is going to end.

We would cut people in half with phasers and then give them a band aid.

This may have been my mission but it sure as shit was the chief shuttlecraft. We were going up quadrant to Ceti Alpha.

Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente

74. VOODOO - December 13, 2007

Xai: #66

I have no proof, and I think you know that, but I think it is safe to say that these very creative people could think up a plausible way to get Shatner in the film. Especially if the film is indeed about time travel.

I don’t pretend to be a writer, but I could come up with scenarios that are at least as believable as Spock’s “katra” being stuck in McCoy’s body + his casket that was shot from deep space just happens to soft land on a planet….Give me a break that they can’t find something as believable as that.

Nearly every major character in the Star Trek universe has been killed off at one point or another. As Shatner himself said this is science fiction. Anything could happen.

If they wanted William Shatner (along with Nimoy the iconic faces of Star Trek) in the film THEY WOULD HAVE FOUND A WAY. All that talk about “desperately trying to find a way to get him in” was total nonsense.They never wanted him imho.

I also totally understand their desire to make Star Trek accessible to everyone, not just long time fans. It makes good business sense as Shatner + Nimoy are clearly not the long term future for the franchise. I have absolutely no issue with that. As a matter of fact I wish all involved good luck in what is sure to be a daunting task of trying to compete with a legend.

But, what about the long time fans of the series who have made it into what it is? This is the one chance to give the Kirk character a dignified end.

Kirk is a boyhood hero to many people (I know I sound like a dork) he represents something to many people. Many of those same people feel shortchanged by the ending that Kirk was given. I was hoping that if these guys are the S.T. fans they claim to be (and I do believe them when they say that) they would recognize this and fix it.

The argument that people die in real life doesn’t really hold water with me for the simple reason this isn’t real life. Kirk, Spock + the others have been lifelong distractions to take my mind of the harsh realities of this world.

Who knows? Maybe Shatner does show up for a cameo and his version of Kirk is alive and well at the end of the film. If that happens I apologize in advance, but for me the film will be little more than a tease.

Why just have Abbott in the film when Costello is begging to be involved? I just don’t get it. Shatner + Nimoy one last time would be a historic event that could send those characters out on a high note while at the same time introduce us to the future of S.T.

While it will be great to see Mr. Nimoy back in action again. It will also remind the viewer that something is missing. Something that could have easily been fixed.

Star Trek XI will simply not be complete without William Shatner.

75. Non-belligerancy Confirmed - December 13, 2007

“are you starfleet?”

“i’m a soldier”

“you’re neither. you’re just a ratings whore, sent by hollywood, to collect a bill shatner.”

76. trektacular - December 13, 2007

Shatners a dick, can’t someone else play ‘dynamic’?

77. Dennis Bailey - December 13, 2007

#74:”I don’t pretend to be a writer, but I could come up with scenarios that are at least as believable as Spock’s “katra” being stuck in McCoy’s body + his casket that was shot from deep space just happens to soft land on a planet….Give me a break that they can’t find something as believable as that.”

And that required an entire film devoted to the issue. This movie is not “The Search For Shatner.” It’s “Star Trek.”

78. jonboc - December 13, 2007

Thanks for the link Dennis, that was a good read.

Good to see the door is still open for Shatner, but whether or not he is in it doesn’t change the fact that these guys are breathing new life into something that had grown very VERY tired.

I love their whole attitude and approach and I’m extremely grateful to JJ and his team for getting me excited about TOS Trek…again. It’s been a long long LONG time.

79. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 13, 2007

76 “Shatners a dick”

Well, you would know.

80. Scott G. - December 13, 2007

As I read along this sites news, I’m just not sure any longer about whether my own enthusiasm will be there about this film without Shatner in it at all. For all anyone knows, Quinto’s portrayal could end up being absolutely horrible. The Enterprise might come out looking like some Transformer die-cast, and quite frankly the worst case for myself would be to see them all on the screen and think I’m back, watching a convention fan made flick of some kind with a lot of strange faces, somewhat familiar tunics and odd looking ears.

I think whats hitting me right now is the entire lack of commitment (if thats what is happening, and I don’t mean to say that I take it as a definite) by Mr. Abrams to bring Shatner on board has me feeling somewhat theater shy. After the entire Berman/Generations experience of 1994, I’ll be damned if I’ll pay money to have Mr. Abrams and Company ruin what I have left of Star Trek. Sorry for any lack of faith J.J., but right now to some of the veterans out here, the burden of proof is on your abilities to not screw this up, not on we the fans who’ve been here a lot longer than you.

I will have my fingers crossed until this whole charade is done and printed until I stop being skeptical. Right now in my mind Bill Shatner is out, and the rest remains to be proven to me.

81. Yay! Shatner's Not In It! HURRAY! - December 13, 2007

So because Abrams doesn’t bring Shatner back, the whole thing will rot? Face it, some of you just want all the old fossils back and that isn’t going to happen. If you’re really a fan you could try to support this new effort. Good Lord, it’s getting pathetic! I’m excited to see new blood make a go at ST. We don’t need a bunch of old blood. Nimoy is enough. Let go of the freaking past and let the future happen! SHEESH!

82. Harry Ballz - December 13, 2007

Let the future happen
Don’t let your mood dampen
Ignore the past
Don’t be aghast
So, please, stop yer yappin’!

83. Iowagirl - December 14, 2007

– It’s “Star Trek.” –

So far, the only proof is a couple of blurred pictures.

– Let go of the freaking past and let the future happen! –

The past you’re talking about is not only the past but the big bang. If it hadn’t been for TOS and the original actors, the universe STXI is dealing with would not exist. Sorry – no letting go.

84. TJ Trek - December 14, 2007


You almost hit on something here. There is going to be sequels to this movie. What if (as in Batman Begins), this movie is a set up for movie to come. and what if the Shat comes in in the next movie. He has a part, but it is so huge, that it can’t be said. For instance. His only reall appearance in the movie is a huge reveal at the end. And that would ruin the movie if they said he was in. wouldn’t it?

85. Dennis Bailey - December 14, 2007

– It’s “Star Trek.” –

So far, the only proof is a couple of blurred pictures.”

More than enough, considering that the only negative that most of the detractors can come up with so far is based in fetishistic devotion to a single actor.

86. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 14, 2007

Question for Anthony … was that you who was right up in Shatner’s grill?

87. Xai - December 14, 2007

74. VOODOO – December 13, 2007
I didn’t say something couldn’t be written. I am saying that something else likely happened. A disagreement over terms, billing or story. I’ll even entertain the possibilty that they did not want Shatner. I’ll admit I don’t know more than what I read on this site and what I hear from my local entertainment writer at work. But I won’t post an opinion that says “he didn’t want what they offered” or “they didn’t want him”. To say either is inaccurate and misleading.

88. Litenbug - December 14, 2007

70. jonboc – December 13, 2007
68-”This ship has sailed, like it or not.”

“Wrong. Three more months of filming. 12 months until we see what was filmed.
Nothing has sailed, except your assertion that the ship has indeed left the dock. ”

Unless you have inside info that I’ve not seen, he’s not in the cast at this time and has said “I’m not in the movie” or words to that effect. Are you now saying that Shatner is lying?

89. Litenbug - December 14, 2007

LOL, Dennis

90. J. Parker - December 14, 2007

I think it would be cool if James Cawley would produce a Director’s Edition Star Trek V HD-DVD with the DAVE School handling the visual effects, and D.C. Fontanna’s Yesteryear take on Spock filmed for his “pain”.

Probably a snowball’s chance in hell of happening.

At any rate, if Shatner cares about Trek, he could do a Voyages, but perhaps he’d want renumeration.

Good job, Anthony.

91. VOODOO - December 14, 2007


Perhaps you are correct. Maybe it’s just my disappointment speaking.

92. Iowagirl - December 14, 2007


For all you may say, but that actor can always be made out pretty clearly. Some concentrate on selected substance, on occasion mistaken for fetishism, some are content with the showcase.

93. Xai - December 14, 2007


You and I have had a few debates over the months, but let me tell you I understand it’s tough to not get what you believe is right. It may still happen.
Ultimately we are all Trek fans here and believe that it IS the superior modern legend we all enjoy. Right?

Here’s to the continuation of of the legends we love.

94. Robbie Redshirt - December 14, 2007

#29 Jabob Slatter: “It won’t be Star Trek without Shatner?

Oh, please! Then I hope you don’t go to the movie.


That’s not what I said, Jabob. I said, “it won’t be Star Trek without the Shat as Captain Kirk.”

I have enjoyed to varying degrees the many spinoffs of the Trek franchise (big fan of TNG; DS9, Voyager, et al…not so much), and they stand on their own in the Trek universe. But, let’s face it, the Kirk character is forever an integral part of Trek lore, and my point is that to many purists like myself, Mr. Shatner “has been, and always shall be…my Kirk”. To not include Mr. Shatner in telling the story of a character which he personally helped to create is a slap in his face.

95. Scott - December 14, 2007


“some are content with the showcase.”

Well spoken Iowagirl, as I see it, this is part of whats gone downhill with Trek over the past decade or so and I think hits on what could be a simple continuation if some minds have their way. Gene Roddenberry was fearful before his death regarding some shifts in Trek that he didn’t agree with and he clearly spoke on this issue. I think a lot of what you put into that statement is the source of the issue thats brought Trek to where it lays right now. As I said, in my mind, we’ll see.

96. Cosmo Kid - December 15, 2007

I think so!!!!

If you gave STAR TREK 5:The Final Frontier the proper Vfx enhancement , you may have have a contender for Cannes. Extra features showing Shatners struggle/mission to develop this concept would be much obliged !! It may be an odd ball (with all due respect) but she has some great moments, like so many episodes!

Cosmo kid X0

97. Jabob Slatter - December 15, 2007

ST5: The FInal Frontier was a travesty! It’s the only film I ever watched by myself where I was embarrassed to be viewing. The terrible story, the awful, degrading campfire scenes. I felt bad for the actors and what they had been reduced to. Personally, I think I’m just being a good fan with this reaction. We shouldn’t be letting them get away with crap like that. It was Shatner’s ego trip, and it failed miserably.

Are we really supposed to believe that Kirk is climbing that sheer rock wall? Come on, he looked like an overfed tick! Except when it was a thin, athletic stuntman, which was pretty obvious in a number of shots.

This is the reason Shatner shouldn’t be in the new movie – Kirk was a physical presence, a kinetic force, all the way through Wrath of Khan. Then, I’m sorry, he got old and out of shape and his Kirk was emasculated. Shatner had lost what made him Kirk, because Kirk was all about energy. Seeing him run and fight in Generations was just sad. I couldn’t see a real James Kirk letting himself go like that. So Shatner was no longer playing Kirk. He was just being William Shatner. He stopped acting.

Spock, on the other hand, was the intellectual presence of Trek. No matter how old and out of shape he gets, it is Spock’s mind that is his most important feature. Nimoy can still play Spock.

There are some fictional characters I don’t mind seeing get old. James Kirk is not one of them. Sorry.

Enough. Ban me or something so I can stop coming back here.

98. Voice of Reason - December 15, 2007

97. –

If you didn’t like Trek 5, you just don’t understand TOS, which is just has survied years of popularity without the understanding of those limited in that capacity, such as yourself.

Have fun in the soon to be forgotten 24th century, that’s where your mentaility is at home.

99. Jabob Slatter - December 15, 2007

Oh, because I didn’t like one Star Trek movie I don’t understand the whole TOS series? It’s pathetic fans like you who ruin a franchise by never criticizing it when it puts out crap. You take it all in like pablum and ask for more, and can’t even recognize mediocrity. Voice of Reason, my ass. You’re the worst kind of fan, stuck in the past and unable to grow and go forth.

100. Voice of Reason - December 15, 2007

99 –

No, it’s not because you “didn’t like” Trek’s because you don’t UNDERSTAND Trek 5. Read my post again…slowly.

The elements that make Trek 5 good are eveident throught the original series. You don’t seem to comprehend that, therefore how could you possibly understand TOS?

Clearly you don’t.

Go back to your Next Generation DVDs…the spinoff that wrote the book on “mediocrity” and stay out of the 23rd century. You’ll sleep much better at night.

101. VOODOO - December 15, 2007

Xai #93


It’s good to have healthy debates about things you are passionate about.

102. Jabob Slatter - December 15, 2007

Voice –

I don’t understand why you’re calling me a TNG fan. I don’t have them on DVD and never will. I prefer TOS. I also understand that Trek 5 had elements that are “eveident throught” (evident throughout?), but I also understand that they were done poorly. It was a ghastly movie! And I know a lot of TOS fans who feel the same way. How can you be so wrong here? It boggles the mind.

I won’t flog this horse anymore. I’ve obviously wounded something deeply fragile within you. Watch your TOS DVDs in the quiet dark of your mother’s basement and let it go, friend…

103. Closettrekker - December 15, 2007

#102- I couldn’t agree more. STV was an abomination! The whole Sybok character, the behavior and portrayal of the Romulan and Klingon ambassadors, the uncomfortable Scotty/Uhura romance, the rockclimbing, and oh my God–the image of Kirk, Spock, and Bones singing, “Row, row, row your boat…” Make it stop! This was not only the absolute worst of the Star trek movies, but one of the worst feature films ever made.
I love TOS, but I say without any guilt whatsoever, that I wish STV never happened…

104. Jabob Slatter - December 15, 2007


I couldn’t agree with you more. “Row Row Row Your Boat” was the lowest point in Trek history. I squirmed through that scene. I don’t remember the uncomfortable romance, I must have blocked that from my mind.

I only watched that turd once. I still am thinking of suing Paramount for those lost two hours of my life. Even if the new movie isn’t very good, it’ll never be the worst Trek movie thanks to ST5.

105. Lostrod - December 15, 2007


Star Trek V, one of the worst feature films ever?

You must be kidding. How about:

Howard the Duck
Leonard Part 6
I Spy
Glen and Glenda
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Smokey and the Bandit III

Are you seriously claiming that STV was worse than those? So much for credibility.

106. Jabob Slatter - December 15, 2007

I believe he said ONE of the worst. He wasn’t saying THE worst.

107. jonboc - December 16, 2007

104- Hmm. Sounds like you and “closet treker are your typical Shat-bashers. The Final Frontier was a fine film, and very good Star Trek. In fact, in terms of feeling like the TV show, I’d say it probably the best of all the Trek movies. The series was never about how many decks there were on the ship. It was about the characters relationships and how they dealt with the dangers and peril of exploring the unknown. It was never about the special FX, it was about Captain Kirk and his crew.

Also, the fim didn’t “fail miserably” as you contend. It performed less than previous Treks, but previous Treks weren’t up again 100 million plus blockbusters like Batman, Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Ghostbusters 2, etc. In the face of that kind of competition, the likes of which, no other Trek movie had faced before, I think Trek 5 performed admirably.

You’ve given very little reason to dislike Trek 5, while you take great pains, especially in your ranting in post 97, to TRY to and bring Shatner down with juvenille insults and “name calling”. Your method of debate might work on the playground, but it holds no water in this glass.

108. Jabob Slatter - December 16, 2007

Jonboc – if this were a debate there would be facts to argue. This is only a matter of opinion. I’m not disputing the box office or themes of Trek 5. I’m expressing (strongly, yes, sorry) that I felt the movie was horrendously bad. I’m bashing the whole effort, not William Shatner per se, but since the movie was his baby, he must take the blame. You won’t hear me criticize Shatner for other things, but this movie was a failure. TO ME. You can’t prove I’m wrong. Hell, look at it’s rating on Amazon, read the reviews from a lot of Trek fans.

I’m sorry Bill can’t do any wrong in your eyes. He ain’t perfect in mine, and FInal Frontier was a giant misstep. I don’t care if it made a billion dollars. Artistically it is nothing but a cinematic bucket of ego vomit.

109. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 16, 2007

I agree with jonboc, Star Trek V is the movie that reminds me most of a TOS episode. It wasn’t a great movie (if the script had gone through another re-write to strengthen the ending, and ILM were involved, it could’ve been great) … but it was a fun TOS episode!

As far as Kirk, Spock and McCoy singing around the campfire, it may have been corny, but that’s what families do! These guys had been best friends for over 20 years by that time. They felt comfortable around each other and, let’s not forget … they had been drinking. :)

110. jonboc - December 16, 2007

#108 ” I’m bashing the whole effort, not William Shatner per se,”


..from your previous post, 97-

“Are we really supposed to believe that Kirk is climbing that sheer rock wall? Come on, he looked like an overfed tick! Except when it was a thin, athletic stuntman, which was pretty obvious in a number of shots.”

Like I said. Arguments from Shatnerbashers are empty ones.

And I agree with Shatnerfan. It’s because these characters ARE each other’s family that they CAN sing row row your boat. I’d say the campfire scenes of Trek 5, without explosions, without Klingons, without spaceships, is some of the best TOS trek, if not THE best character moments of the big three that we’ve any of the movies.

111. Jabob Slatter - December 16, 2007

OK, you win.

In fact, I’ve changed my mind about Final Frontier due to your elucidating arguments. I now view it as the finest movie in the Star Trek series. In fact, I now view it as perhaps the finest movie ever to be released. The writing, the directing, the stunt work, the effects, all top notch stuff.

Thank you so much for setting me straight. I now see the folly in finding fault with anything related to TOS. I didn’t realize they could do no wrong, that William Shatner was pretty much perfect.

Man do I ever feel stupid. Ashamed, in fact. God bless you.

112. Harry Ballz - December 16, 2007

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