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Star Trek Wraps March 27, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

141 days after he declared ‘action’ for the first time, JJ Abrams has wrapped principal photography for his Star Trek movie. This comes in pretty much on the original schedule (although a couple of weeks earlier than the revised schedule). The 20-week shoot is long, but actually comes in 2nd place for the franchise behind the 24 week shoot of the last ‘epic’ scale Trek film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In his recent interview with, produer Damon Lindelof stated that shooting would go until mid April. asked co-writer and executive producer Bob Orci how it is already finished and he replied

Well we always add a few weeks for the studio, just in case. This is a lesson we learned from Scotty…this way we can appear like miracle workers.

At closing of shooting today on the Paramount lot JJ Abrams gave out gifts to the cast and crew and made speech thanking everyone.

Although ‘wrapped’ there is still some shooting going on. There are some 2nd unit shots (scenes without Abrams and principal cast) to go. Next week JJ Abrams is off to Tokyo for the Japanese premiere of Cloverfield and when he comes back there will be some ‘pick-up shots’ with some of the actors (stuff they missed, different angles, etc).

On to post production
Of course due to the move of the release date to May 2009, Star Trek’s 407 days will be the longest post-production period for any Trek film. The next big step for the film is in the hands of the two editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey. ILM are already at work on the visual effects, but they will now be increasing their efforts. Even though the film’s release was moved back 4 1/2 months, plans are for the film to stick with the original schedule for the most part, with some ‘padding.’ This means the film could be completed months before the release…so Paramount better lock up that vault tight.

“Star Trek” time line
Believe it or not, it has been 23 months since the first word that there would be a Star Trek film made by JJ Abrams. Here is a time line of the major events.

April 20, 2006   Variety reports JJ Abrams in talks to produce Star Trek film (stating film to be about Kirk & Spock at academy)
July 15, 2006   Paramount announce multi-pic production deal with JJ Abrams / Bad Robot
July 22, 2006   Comic Con: Paramount release first teaser poster (showing blue & gold uniforms, hinting TOS era), indicated ‘2008’ release
January 2006   Script completed / Paramount give green light, begin discussions on director
February 27, 2007   Paramount announce green light, Abrams as director, Christmas ’08 release date
April 2007   Abrams first confirms Kirk storyline for Star Trek
July 27, 2007   Comic Con: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy announced as ‘two Spocks’, release new teaser poster showing "Star Trek" as title
Aug-Oct 2007   Casting rest of main ‘crew’ and cast
November 11, 2007   Principal photography begins
January 18, 2008   First teaser trailer released (w/ Cloverfield) + official movie site & ‘viral’ site go online same week
February 13, 2008   Release date changed to May 8th, 2009
March 27, 2008   Principal photography wraps



1. Locutus of Alberni - March 27, 2008

Congrats on the film!!!

Now the wait continues….

2. catchupwiththesun - March 27, 2008

over a year of post….jeez

3. New Horizon - March 27, 2008

Brilliant. Now the wait!

4. Blake pkwers - March 27, 2008

lonely. Need trek.

5. CanuckLou - March 27, 2008

Woot! Wonder what kind of gifts JJ handed out? Mystery boxes perhaps!

The adventure continues…

6. Tom - March 27, 2008

why do we have to wait so long?

7. Thomas - March 27, 2008

Knowing that shooting has finished only makes me wish that Trek was still opening Christmas Day.

8. DEMODE - March 27, 2008

Great! That leaves them plenty of time to film all of Shatner’s scenes now!


9. Me - March 27, 2008

Brlliant. Now the prolonged marketing!

10. prologic9 - March 27, 2008

No more spy pics. I’m sure that makes someone happy.

And there won’t be “over a year of post.” They’ve already said the film will still be finished in time for December. If they were taking extra time (that they needed) that would be cool, but the movie is going to be done and just sit in a can for six months until release.

11. Michael Hall - March 27, 2008

Any chance that we might see something new, in honor of the film wrapping-up?

12. Garovorkin - March 27, 2008

They finished principle photography already? wow that was quick, maybe they will start showing us a clip or two of film, that would be nice

13. CmdrR - March 27, 2008

So, it wrapped 2 weeks early. That means it comes out this Christmas, afterall, right?/////


14. Scott - March 27, 2008

They’re finished? Already? Really? What happened to an April wrap date?

This may be the longest year in Trek history coming up.

Scott B. out.

15. Beck - March 27, 2008

I was excited when I read this, and then I was very, very sad.
The wait, oh the endless wait… *croak*

16. ensign joe - March 27, 2008

Heh this time next year we’ll still be waiting..

17. Sean4000 - March 27, 2008

Lol. there is no excuse for any green spill or ADR mess ups in this film!

Good luck to the editors. I wish I could join them.

18. TrekOfficial - March 27, 2008

they better have a GOOD ship battle on the lines of TWOK thats the last decent one we saw…its been wayyy too long..

19. Wes - March 27, 2008

Great! Now we can wait another year and hope it is a great film as some of the actors have said.

My prediction for box office:
$250 million to $275.1 million in the United States.
$145 million to $165 million overseas.

20. Cyberghost - March 27, 2008

now the loooooooooooooong wait, what r we going to talk about when it comes to trek 11?

21. demon barber of starfleet - March 27, 2008

More than a freaking year to wait now. Times like this I wish more than ever that the visual effects career I dream of was underway already. To work on Trek’s VFX would be the ultimate dream come true.

22. Garovorkin - March 27, 2008

#20 Think of this way its only 407 days till premier, t I seem to recall that a 365 day year has 500,000 plus minutes in it. if you think about that way its not quite so bad really.

23. MORN SPEAKS - March 27, 2008

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, but I think the movie will be worth the wait!

24. Sebastian - March 27, 2008

They’re finished with principal photography; if they rushed post just a little bit, they could easily meet the original December schedule! Damn shame. Oh well, the sneaked photos looked great and it’s exciting to have a new Trek in the pipeline! And I agree with #17; with ALL the post production time, there best not be any sub-par visuals on this one. The only times (to me, anyway) that Trek visuals were really disappointing were Trek V and Insurrection (V looked cheap and amateurish; while Insurrection looked too “digital” and unreal). Well, use the time wisely, guys, and best of luck on this one. Now, start sneaking out more shots of the big ‘E’ !

25. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008

A Bad Robot Production
In Association with Red Shirt Films


A light-hearted dramedy about a group of lifelong Star Trek fans who agree to have one last adventure before their cancer-stricken friend passes into the final frontier. Join the fellas as they trek to 5555 Melrose, Los Angeles, California, and attempt to break into the AVID suite of Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey to see J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK feature film, before their companion’s passing.

There are always possibilities…

They have been, and always shall be friends…But they will forever be…


Coming soon to a theater near you.
(Unless Darth Weinstein stops me also!!!)

Red Shirt out!

26. Jeyl - March 27, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen of the cast and crew of 2009’s Star Trek, this is for you.


I want everyone who was on this production, whether it’d be a set decorator, an actor or the person who just sits outside the studio watching the door to know that no matter how small you may think your role in the making of this movie might be, your efforts made everything work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how your work turned out!

To the Miracle Workers all across the world working on the post-production stage of this film, I can’t wait to see and hear what you have in store for us in 2009.

And I would also like to extend a very warm welcome back to Industrial Light & Magic, who after more then 12 years of absence from the Star Trek family has now returned to deliver what I can only predict will be the most perfect looking Star Trek project ever created. Your magic has been sorely missed and “homecoming” doesn’t even begin to describe how satisfied I am with your return.

27. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008

Didn’t ILM do the effects for Nemesis? That hasn’t been 12 years, has it?

28. James Cawley - March 27, 2008

I had the both The Honor and Pleasure of being on the Set at Paramount today to witness the last day of principle photography. J.J. continues to amaze me!! This movie is going to absolutely rock!!!!!
Star Trek Lives and next Summer we all go back to the Final Frontier!
James Cawley

29. CANON - March 27, 2008

“they better have a GOOD ship battle” Whooo, Star Trek is not about good or bad ship battles. Its about character driven stories with brain power resolutions not bullets or lasers. Or at least it used to be about those things. Rest assured # 18, you’ll get your GOOD ship battle.

30. MikeG - March 27, 2008

Hat’s off to JJ, cast and crew!!! I can’t think of another film that has been so highly anticipated, nor one that has so much riding on it. I think there’s enough evidence to bear out that Mr. Abrams is a talented, clever film-maker, and has surrounded himself with equally talented people. It seems like ages since Trek fans have had something to really get excited about. Congrats to all!

31. KJTrek - March 27, 2008

I WANT PICTURES. NOT SPY, UNDERGROUND PICTURES, BUT ACTUAL PICTURES RELEASED BY JJ. PLEASE!!!!! but still congrats on the finish, even though it scares me when I look at the countdown and there are more than 400 days until release.

32. Sean4000 - March 27, 2008

27 Red Shirt:

ILM was NOT the company responsible for the fabulous FX in Nemesis, Digital Domain was.

The film was released in 2002

33. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008

Oh no! Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Paramount has delayed Star Trek until CHRISTMAS 2008!!!

34. Negotiator - March 27, 2008

Hey Paramount honchos, how about adding the Star Trek sets to your VIP studio tour. I’d even be willing to pay an extra buck or two. No cameras or cell phones of course. How about it?

35. Garovorkin - March 27, 2008

My prediction , this movie is going to top all the trek movies that came before it at the box office and will reignite the franchise in a way never seen before, and this one will reach a far greater audience then all of the previous movies combined. #19 Wes 250to 275 million? far more , were talking Lord of the Rings Box office all the way $400 million domestic and god knows how much more world wide. This film might even crack the top ten box office, anything possible because Abrams and Paramount are shooting for the moon with this thing.

36. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008

Just kidding! Hope no one wet themselves!

37. Negotiator - March 27, 2008

Too late Red Shirt.

38. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008


You are correct! And yes, those FX were great. Did DD do that establishing shot of the Romulan Senate exterior, or was that one of the subcontracting FX houses?

39. Tox Uthat - March 27, 2008

If a Trek movie finishes on time and under budget is it canon?

40. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008


Do what I do, wear Depends while surfing this site. Like last night, when I got to see the spy pix. Soak-a-rama. After that, my pants were removed at the request of Paramount…

41. trekkie1415 - March 27, 2008

#4, I so totally understand… Congrats on the finish J.J. and company. Give us the best trek we’ve ever seen!

42. Sean4000 - March 27, 2008

That shot was the only one subcontracted out. It was completed by EdenFX, the company I am plan on working for after my graduate studies.

43. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008

IMDB lists these for Nemesis:

Digital Domain (special visual effects and digital animation)
CIS Hollywood (special visual effects)
Digiscope (additional optical effects)
EFilm (additional optical effects) (as E-Film)
Howard Anderson Company, The (additional optical effects)
Illusion Arts (special visual effects)
Pacific Title Digital (additional optical effects)
RAG Inc. (title design: opening titles)
Steve Johnson’s XFX Inc. (Animatronix data effects) (as Steve Johnson’s XFX Group)
Tigar Hare Studios (title design: opening titles)

44. Commodore Lurker - March 27, 2008

Decloaking . . .

Captain Cawley we are honored by your presence here among the legions of mere mortal Trekkers — oh great spirit of Trek’s New Voyages and Phase II. And thank you for all you’ve done to keep Trek alive.


45. Sean4000 - March 27, 2008

Eden FX lists the shot on their website. Strange. It was in their demo reel. I’ll investigate this further.

46. jeffv88 - March 27, 2008

it sucks the anouncement of moving the film back till may happened on my birthday thanx paramount

47. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008

Reverend Cawley!

I would love to see you go the Phase II route, only really using some of concepts of Roddenberry’s Phase II. I do like what you are currently doing, but wish the whole dang webhosting/video thing would be easier to view.

Two cents…


48. Red Shirt - March 27, 2008


Not saying they didn’t do it, just wonder why no credit for such an amazing shot. For me, it might be the most photo-realistic FX in any Trek feature.

49. watermelon - March 27, 2008

I hope that Michael Giacchino can now take quite a bit of time with the music. As a composer I know what a big help a 4 month deadline delay can be, because there’s always some pesky little bit that can be improved…

50. Smike van Dyke - March 27, 2008

#19+35: You aren’t being serious, are you? There is NO freakin’ WAY this movie will make more than 200 million domestically and another 50 million internationally. If that would take a major miracle!

Of course it’ll do far better than any of the NextGen installments (43-92 million domestically). It has to gross at least 120 million to be taken seriously but more than 150 million is almost impossible.

Internationally, there’s even a bigger problem. TOS movies have never been popular outside the inner fandom circle! In contrast to the US, the NG movies did far better than most TOS installments! The numbers are far worse: 18 million for TWOK, 23 million for TVH, 20 million for TUC against 65 million for GEN, 54 million for FC and 43 million for INS!!!

So you can virtually neglect the international market for any TOS reincarnation. Like the Chipmunks, TOS-Trek is an American icon with almost no international appeal outside its hardcore fanbase.

That said, the movie can still become a success. 150 – 180 million dom. plus an extra 45 million int. and we’ll break even!

BTW: None of the LOTR movies made 400 million domestically (377 million for ROTK is still the record).

51. Pete359 - March 27, 2008

Sweet! This means it’ll be out in time for Christmas this year right…? RIGHT?!?!

Kidding! But that line about Scotty’s tactic was gold, Trek fans through and through.

52. Garovorkin - March 27, 2008

#50 Smike Im being very serious I think this one is going to be special. Its possible you might be right but, this one will strike a cord with a much broader audience.

53. Hat Rick - March 27, 2008

Now JJ can start planning the sequel!

54. MattJC - March 27, 2008

28. Speak for yourself James.

55. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 27, 2008

Congrats on finishing principle photography on the Star Trek film. I’m looking forward to seeing it – A YEAR FROM NOW!! Hopefully this is the beginning of a renewed bright future for Star Trek.

The “Nemesis” battle wasn’t too bad, and the Ent-E finally had all around phaser coverage. Prior to “Nemesis” I always wondered why the Ent-E (the Sovereign Class is my favorite class of starship ever designed in Star Trek) didn’t have phaser strips on the nacelle pylons like the Ent-D, Voyager, Nebula Class, Nova Class, etc. had. I think they cleared that oversight in “Nemesis” and the battle was pretty good in “Nemesis.” (I didn’t see a need to add new torpedo launchers however since the Sovereign Class already had good torpedo coverage and more launchers than any other vessel.) I believe that ILM did do the special effects of “Nemesis” which were excellent. I can easily find out either at or TrekCore has a great screencap collection. Some of my computer backgrounds come from TrekCore (i.e. SFHQ, SFA, Klingon Great Hall, Romulan Hall of State, etc.) Anyway looking forward to the new film.

56. Pragmaticus - March 27, 2008

Paramount, move it back up to Christmas. Please!!!

57. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 27, 2008

28, I certainly hope so. Looking forward to it.

58. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 27, 2008

56, Paramount wants to make as much money as possible on this new film and feel that the May 2009 date will get them more money. From a business perspective, the decision makes good sense.

59. Garovorkin - March 27, 2008

#58 this movie is going to make a killing at the box office.

60. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 27, 2008

Congrats JJ and the Gang!

And everybody rest easy. As the time line above shows we have already waited two years. One + more won’t kill us. :)

61. Tanner Waterbury - March 27, 2008

WELCOME TO THE BOARD HERE James, glad you could drop by. Now its time to wait and wait for the movie to come out. Kinda annoying how it wrapped up so early but will take forever to come out. Well until it does, Im just gonna watch my other ten movies, and watch Phase II online, seeing as how it goes. By the way, James, are you using the Phase II enterprise that was being built before it was scrapped to make way for the movie version?

62. Joel - March 27, 2008

Reading James Cawley’s post makes the anticipation that much greater. AHHHH, 400 more days guys, can we make it without going crazy?

63. Xai - March 27, 2008

#61 Tanner

James Cawley has been here many times..

64. diabolk - March 27, 2008

James, let me ask you this…. when you saw the crew in their uniforms, acting out their roles, how did you feel? Did you really see them as the characters, albeit younger? Or was it a stretch of the imagination?

65. diabolk - March 27, 2008

I hate having to wait past December, when it’s really ready to view. The world could end in that time, and then we’d never see it. :)

66. pizza - March 27, 2008

No doubt, there will be less news to report about the film. So now the dog days begin. 400+ days seems like such a long time.

67. Data_Lives_in_B4 - March 27, 2008

i hope Paramount releases it this year.

Or if it HAS to be 2009 then release it early. Like they did for “Transformers.”

68. Garovorkin - March 27, 2008

Hey its only 525,000 plus minutes till may 9th of 09 that doesn’t make it seem quite so long a time now does it. May 9th will get here sooner then you think but in the mean time there all kinds of other exciting movies coming down the pipe before then to tide us all over remember this may we get a new Indiana Jones movie that is little more then a month away.

69. hitch1969© - March 27, 2008


Great job on the timeline…. it really helps to keep this all in perspective, the time spent here, the wanting, the waiting… etc. Sir JJ, my hopes are high!

JC, glad you were there. Turned some of my extended family units onto some PHASE II over the weekend. We had everyone over for Easter so I burned some dvds. Had several calls Sunday evening… just blown away, had no clue that it was even out there or so good. I went into TOLD YA SO mode. It’s one thing to explain… as I did the entire time they were here…. but seeing is BILLieving.

I put the STXI teaser trailer at the beginning of World Enough and Time, all in one title. I hope you don’t mind.

I did another title with Farragut – Want of A Nail

Another title with Intrepid – Orphans O’ War.

It was cool sharing some of the diehard stuff with those with an appreciation but not necessarily the interwebbings that I have.



70. THX-1138 - March 27, 2008

Thanks, Garovorkin, that makes the time seem to fly by.

Two years? Really? It’s been two years since I first found out there was to be a new Star Trek movie? And it’s going to be over another year til I see it?

My friends, I predict a gradual build up of bounce off the walls as this next year goes on. By April of next year I bet most of the posts won’t have cohesion.

71. hitch1969© - March 27, 2008

“My friends, I predict a gradual build up of bounce off the walls as this next year goes on. By April of next year I bet most of the posts won’t have cohesion.”



72. Crewman Darnell - March 27, 2008

Summer of 2009 can’t arrive soon enough…
I wish there was some way of fast-forwarding to the opening week. -An added bonus would be skipping next years’ cold & flu season.

73. Harry Ballz - March 27, 2008

I’ve already come apart at the seams! Kablooie!!

74. Amazing Bizarro - March 27, 2008

I just got back from the future — STAR TREK HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK TO JULY 4TH WEEKEND!!!!

75. Amazing Bizarro - March 27, 2008

Surely, I jest.

76. Q - March 27, 2008

Well, good, they need to release pics. now or soon, when TMP came out in ’79 they had already released various posters with pictures of the crew and a phase II looking Enterprise on it in 1978, I have it hanging on the wall and did those little pics. of the crew to make us excited about the movie hurt the trek franchise? NO! 10 movies have followed and 4 spinoffs. Now, the problem is, in regards to Trek 11 is that it will either be a big hit or a big flop and this could be the new beggining or the end of the franchise all together, I have friends who are in the targeted younger 18-30 range who have said that they will never go and see a trek movie regardless of who and what it is about, I think, because of Berman/Braga/Piller Trek has oversaturated the market and has become cliche and the common people, non trek fans, think it is nerdy or something crazy like that, I think that they should have waited until 2010 or 2015 until a new trek movie were made, that would be 10 years after Enterprise just like TMP was 10 years after the original or 2016 for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary (YIKES!) and in that time, they could have made lower budget t.v. movies/miniseries with all of our favorite characters. Also, I think that they should have stuck with the orig. release date because, that is what they had commited to in all the promo. Playmates probably hoped that they would have come out with the movie at Christmas so, people would buy the toys, they are probably pissed off! Because playmates has been going down for years in regards to the wide kid buying market+ the economy. I hope it makes it and is very successful, I think it will be, but, there is alot of pressure, because, when you make a movie this expensive, you have to make alot of money to just pay for it.

77. hitch1969© - March 27, 2008


very negative, very much a downer post there, pal.



78. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 27, 2008

This had better mean they don’t skimp one iota on post-production. It had better be glorious CGI, and nothing less…

79. Tanner Waterbury - March 27, 2008

@ 63

OH YEAH! Wow, i had a senior moment, and im only 20

80. The Vulcanista - March 27, 2008


You been hangin’ with The Keeper, son? Gimme the car keys.


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

81. AJ - March 27, 2008

I’m happy it’s wrapped.

Now we’ll hear crickets chirping for 400 days.

Mr. Cawley, hopefully the next Phase II ep. will keep us occupied ’til then! Render that new crew transport from the spy photos for a cameo flyby and watch us all go nuts.

82. The Bova Effect - March 27, 2008

And now we boldly wait, like no man (one) has waited before.

83. James Cawley - March 27, 2008

The New Actors are really Terrific, and they all inhabit their roles perfectly!
Chris, Simon, Karl, John, Zach, Anton and Zoe are the Nicest people and really do care very passionately about their work. It has been a dream come true to meet them, and watch them work and to call them Friends.
I feel like I have been granted a front row seat to History being made.
I really want to see this film, and I am sure it is going to be Great.
I really do not have the words to describe my experience on the set, and what it has meant to me.
James Cawley

84. The Vulcanista - March 27, 2008


I. Am. So. Jealous. Of. You.


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

85. The Vulcanista - March 27, 2008

#83: “I really do not have the words to describe my experience on the set, and what it has meant to me.”

Well, Cap’n James, you’ve got until May ’09 to think long and hard about those words. And you’ll have the gratitude of a bunch of Trek fans if you’ll share when the time finally comes that you can write about your experience in glorious, gory detail. :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

86. hitch1969© - March 27, 2008

JC, I’m with you.

Well, maybe not “on the set” with you… but dude don’t sell yourself short by any means. I would GLADLY be the James Cawley to your JJ Abrams, “on the set”. Probably more excited, too. Probably because it would never happen, because yours did.

But we gotta keep on, keepin’ on. Old h69 out in the roughs of Windsor Colorado… where nothing happens, ‘cept the various child support payments.

Cherry Cordials,


87. Sean - March 27, 2008

Way too much time for post. The movie will probably be sitting around gathering dust for months and months before it gets released due to the pushed back release date. A May 2009 release date still bugs the crap out of me. This better be the best Star Trek movie ever.

88. AJ - March 27, 2008


You sound quite inspired. Many of us are now, too, because of some spy photos, and the commentaries left by you and JJ’s team in the last few months.

I just hope we can all keep it up. A year is a long time. and we all love this show to pieces. And you have been a great cheerleader for us on the inside.

And you must by now be talking to the new cast about cameos on Phase II. Just get Cho and Yelchin to sit in at navigation and tactical on the nightshift during standard orbit for 30 seconds. Cho gives a look back, and you’ve got a tribute to classic Trek stock footage..;-)

89. Captain Robert April - March 27, 2008

How ’bout words that answer the musical question, “What the hell have they done to my ship?”

90. Bob Loblaw - March 27, 2008

I hope the new ship has inflatable pontoons for water landings. It only makes sense.

91. Mike - March 27, 2008

#90 That would be pretty sweet. I think it should transform into something… like a really big truck or maybe a dinosaur.

92. Bob Lowlaw - March 27, 2008

#91 That would be awesome. I wish they would, but star trek always does the same old thing. Booooring.

Ah well, I’ve got no social life… so I’ll probably see it anyways… just for something to do.

93. CaptainDave - March 27, 2008

I think it should do that thing that voyager did, y’know with the engines folding before it went to warp?

Like that, except have them flap while the big E is at warp.

That would be totally sweet.

94. Bob Loblaw - March 27, 2008

#93 Yeah man. But y’know those guys won’t think outta the box… just shovel out the same old, same old.

95. Q - March 27, 2008

Man, those 407 days will seems like minutes! I can’t wait that long…..Aughh! *Rolls around on floor*

Well, congrats on finishing early. Now We’ll just have to wait…..

96. jabba the hut - March 28, 2008

I hope someone post the star trek warp party pics…..


97. TomBobSam - March 28, 2008


Wicked Idea! I’d see that! Trucks rock!

98. TomBobSam - March 28, 2008


Wicked Idea! I’d see that! Trucks rock!

99. Anthony Thompson - March 28, 2008

Agreed. New Voyages/Phase 2 need to make their shows available on DVD (at cost) like other fan productions do. Their current system is a major hassle. How about it, Mr. Cawley?

100. Felix Darklighter the Third - March 28, 2008

It’s great that the crew get gifts with the wrap of filming. I wonder what gift the fans will get for having stayed with Star Trek over the past 23 months …? Perhaps a shot of the Enterprise or a Cast photo (in uniform)?

101. jabba the hut - March 28, 2008

according to the site Screen Rant the new star trek trailer will appear in the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie.

May 22 2008 ,folks!

102. Battletrek - March 28, 2008

Whether this film is a giant hit or not I’m sure it will still be incredibly entertaining, and that’s all that matters to me.

103. SD - March 28, 2008

Love that quote *G*

Now, there’s hoping!

*wants to see the movie ASAP*

104. MattJC - March 28, 2008

Somewhat good news for me.
I don’t have to waste gas or money to drive to the theatre to see Indy 4 if that trailer for this movie is attached.
However, I’ll have to wait for the DVD.

105. Enc - March 28, 2008

you know the funny thing. the cast photo shoot is already done :)

damn, didnt hink of that :)

well in the can for al those months. you know what that means? by the time May ’09 finaly arives the film will degrade and fade and they will be forced to push it back and release a special edition in X-Mas ’09 :(

good question, why dont you ask our host :)

good idea. why dont you ask to have that counter up there to be changed to look like sulus chronometer. :)

you lucky dawg you.

oh great.
then what? a years wait till the movie with no further trailers?

106. Cheve - March 28, 2008

Congratulations cast and crew!

I really hope you took the time to get a good picture in HD of everyone in his/her costume together on the bridge of the Enterprise that we can buy to put in our walls.

107. Tanner Waterbury - March 28, 2008

@ 83

Wow, I remember when I heard you say that you had your doubts about a few months back, before you were cast. It sounds as though you believe that this movie will bring back the Spirit of Trek after all. Well if you say its gonna be good, then I guess ill believe you.

108. Jon C - March 28, 2008

Maybe they should start shooting the sequel to get a jump on things.

109. Jon C - March 28, 2008

Maybe they should start doing the sequel to get a jump on things

110. Jon C - March 28, 2008


111. nero36 - March 28, 2008

Hey, i had to wait two years for every new star wars movie betwen end of principal photography and release in cinemas, so, its nothing new for me, aniway, the best part o delaying the release to 2009 is that will be more time to negotiate shatner´s appearance.

One last thing, i think if we keep the pressure on james cawley he eventually will share what he saw on the set, including shatner´s appearance on the movie or not.

Saludos , from Canary Islands.

112. star trackie - March 28, 2008

Damn. Principal photoagraphy is over so no more spy pics. That means we have to wait for official pics….official pics that probably won’t surface until 2009.

Once the actors stop attending press junkets for current releases, the Star Trek 09 well is going to get mighty dry.

At least Trek remastered season two is headed my way this summer, that will help ease the cravings.

113. That One Guy - March 28, 2008

Always exaggerate your estimates.

I, too, use this rule often. Oh how it works… I’m not even that great, yet people think I really AM a miracle worker.

114. reed catron - March 28, 2008

I agree with #8

115. nyxtreme - March 28, 2008

With over 400 days left to go, you know what would really be great? Imagine if JJ Abrams could do a 2 minute preview on the theaters with the remaining original cast doing a flashback that would connect to the “new” cast every month? That would be nice…

116. KevinA Melbourne Australia - March 28, 2008

Lets just hope you are proved wrong. I know many young people who will are really keen to see the new movie because it’s BIG! The vibe around is one of anticipation.

“non trek fans, think it is nerdy or something crazy like that” Star trek fans have always been called “nerdy or something crazy”…so what’s new?

Roll on 2009!

117. Ryan - March 28, 2008


I know that many people have heard the rumor about the new teaser with Indiana Jones. Are you working with your connections to confirm/deny this? I trust you man!

118. Kirk, James T. - March 28, 2008

Yeah apparently a new teaser for Star Trek is 100% guaranteed to show before Indiana Jones this May???

119. james7007 - March 28, 2008

Paramount can Bite the big one as far as I am concerned. By the time this film is released, we all could build a real Enterprise.

If they think that they can get Star Trek to appeal to other audiences like women and childred, get real.

This is not Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives.

This is not a Disney or Pixar movie. Star Trek fans deserve respect and should be accepted for who they are. They are SCI-FI fans.

I have no doubt that JJ is making a great Star Trek film.

It will not save the franchise however because Paramount wants this to be like Indiana Jones or have the mass appeal as a summer blockbuster. It aint gonna happpen. I just don’t see the Hanna Montana crowd, or women , or children wanting to see this.

Paramount needs to seel off the franchise to someone that cares about Trek and not just the box office draw. Get your heads out of your asses and realize that.

120. SirBroiler - March 28, 2008

I have a feeling that before Trek went into production, Paramount wasn’t entirely behind this movie. But as they began to appreicate the amount of buzz and online chatter…the success of Cloverfield….dailies….sets and costumes…ealy F/X….etc….they realized that they had a major pictture on their hands and pushed the release to summer to develop a worthy marketing and promotional campaign.

I hope this film has the mass appeal to keep the franchise alive and going strong into sequels, etc. The haters are just going to hate it, no matter what. So all of you open-minded fans keep the faith – it’s going to be a great movie.

121. james7007 - March 28, 2008

I meant to say Sell, not seel

122. james7007 - March 28, 2008

My point was that Paramount was not worthy and should sell off the franchise. They suck period. That is not going to change. Noone there respects Star Trek. They moved the release because they want back their investment.

Good Luck.

123. Cervantes - March 28, 2008

Good news if a new Trek teaser is attached to the upcoming Indy Movie, as it guarantees one of the biggest viewings in cinemas this year.

So then, about a years worth of ‘will he?…won’t he?’ Shatner threads to endure first… AAARRRGGG!!!

Still wish it had been organised in time for a Christmas release, rather than perhaps being lost amongst some other ‘biggies’ that will no doubt be also scheduled for around next May. Oh well, quality will win out…

124. Woulfe - March 28, 2008

New teaser w/ Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull ?

Well, I was going to see that film anyway, so there ;)

– W –
* Hibernation sounds good about now, set the timer for 400 days *

125. Ryan - March 28, 2008

#123 – Good news if a new Trek teaser is attached to the upcoming Indy Movie, as it guarantees one of the biggest viewings in cinemas this year.

Indeed. And hopefully we won’t get as much of the “Star Trek is lame/gay/ stupid/retarded” mumbling from the theater crowd as was the case with Cloverfield.

126. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - March 28, 2008

#119—-If the movie flops, you may indeed get your wish, although the most you will probably see then, is a Sci-fi channel series or made for tv movie.

However, I think you are underselling the the potential of this film at the box-office. The “Lost” boys have their own following, and will likely bring some of that to the table. This is not the same old tired cast, either. These are names which young people know and will pay to see. With the box-office success of Transformers and Cloverfield, this film will get a lot of mainstream hype leading up to its release. I think we will see more of the campaign to erase public preconceptions about Star Trek as that date draws nearer as well. This is where the slogan of, “This is not your father’s Star Trek” comes into play for real. As long as it continues to be presented to the mainstream media with a sly wink to us here at, I’m okay with it.

Star Trek has always had big time potential, yet not since TMP has it really had the confidence of the suits. Finally, our beloved Trek gets its due, with a prime release date and a suitable budget. It’s now or never. This is where Trek makes its stand!

So, if it’s good (and I am confident it will be), buy your ticket, watch the film, get back in line, and watch it again. I may see it in every theater in the city by the end of opening weekend!

127. Irish Trekki - March 28, 2008

Soon my pretties………

128. Chris M - March 28, 2008

WOW! I can’t believe its been almost two whole years since talk of a new Star Trek film first began!

And we’re still 407 days away. I’ll start to get more excited again once we get under the one year mark (again) and hopefully byt then we’ll be getting a few more pics etc!

129. Irish Terran - March 28, 2008


130. Irish Terran - March 28, 2008

Nothing can stop it now……….
Except, of course the apocalypse……………..

131. Steve Short - March 28, 2008

With over a year till May 2009 JJ could make the next Star Trek movie then release it christmas 2009.

132. AJ - March 28, 2008

Mr. Poopey Face:

I do not think TMP had 100% confidence upstairs either. And TWOK was done on a TV budget because of it. That should have done it.

BUT, TWOK also had the execs think “If we can make TWOK on the cheap, Let’s do all of ’em that way! Look at the margins!” And they did.

STXI is quite a risk, but Paramount needs those tentpoles, and they are finally investing, and not milking. Indy4 will also most likely lead to a group of sequels with a new Indy. Hopefully we’ll get quality.

133. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - March 28, 2008

#132—“I do not think TMP had 100% confidence upstairs either”

Certainly not THIS type of confidence, but with the success of Star Wars on their minds, they were at least willing to spend the money necessary to make an epic Star Trek film.

I think your assessment of their take on TWOK’s success is right on the money. The problem was, the quality was not often there in the successive films, as it was in TWOK.

What this film has in common with TWOK is the potential for mass appeal. TWOK was what brought out the Star Trek fan in JJ Abrams. People I know, even those who are not the classic geek fans, remember TWOK rather fondly. Unfortunately, there has been so much substandard Trek in theaters since the early 80’s, that the general public often forgets all about what it was like to see TWOK in theaters, and were folded into the tent of the “Star Trek is uncool” camp.

This is why I believe that this type of team is perfect for the return of TOS-era Star Trek to the big screen. A hot Hollywood name like Abrams is going to create a buzz, and I think the casting was done very strategically in attracting diverse interest among mainstream fans. I don’t expect to hear a “mainstream buzz” this early in the promotion process, but I do expect it to happen as May 2009 approaches.

All I want is for the general moviegoer to give STXI a chance, and I expect that they will. I look forward to a big budget ST movie every few years for a while, and eventually a return of the classic characters (in some form) to the small screen, with a first class television treatment—a decent budget, prominent guest stars, and a good time slot. I think what happens in May of 2009 will go a long way towards determining the probability of the latter ever taking place the way I hope it will.

After all, they even got me (and a whole lot of other people) to go and see a movie based on a toy and a cheesy 1980’s cartoon. Imagine what they can do with Star Trek!!!

134. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 28, 2008

123. Cervantes – March 28, 2008

“So then, about a years worth of ‘will he?…won’t he?’ Shatner threads to endure first… AAARRRGGG!!!”

Ya know, you could always ignore them. :)

135. Gustavo - March 28, 2008

…..and now we wait……wait……..wait…….wait……wait…..

think I’m gonna scream:


136. Captain Hackett - March 28, 2008

I have a suggestion about marketing this movie to wider audience below.

Right after the start or before the end of trailer, they have to make sure that it mentions like this:


It will bring LOST and HEROES fans aboard because the popular TV shows will help the movie alot to bring in new fans.

137. Captain Hackett - March 28, 2008

We got one more year to wait for the release of movie. I hate waiting too long!

138. Garovorkin - March 28, 2008

#137 I am sure that all of us will have plenty of things to argue about to pass the time away .

139. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 28, 2008

139. Garovorkin: “I am sure that all of us will have plenty of things to argue about to pass the time away .”

No we won’t!

140. 7 of 5 - March 28, 2008

I want a 3- 3.5 hour epic that keeps my attention, my suspension [of disbelief] and my tension.

If Kevin Costner, of all people! can accomplish all of that, why can’t Star Trek?

Or am I hoping for a bit too much?

141. Captain Otter - March 28, 2008

#141- I just want a 110-130 minute thrill ride with great characters, a sophisticated plot, and a real sense of being pulled into a Trek film like never before. Given JC’s excitement, I trust I will see all of the above.

142. star trackie - March 28, 2008

140 “139. Garovorkin: “I am sure that all of us will have plenty of things to argue about to pass the time away .”

No we won’t!”

Yes we WILL!!!

143. Blowback - March 28, 2008

Mr Cawley,

After spending time with JJ and Company did you pick any new techniques that you want to incorporate into your own franchise?

144. Enc - March 28, 2008

didnt exatly help Serenity.

are you crazed
costner lost it

talking to yourself :)
110 min? not my first choice. 130-140min

145. EFFeX - March 28, 2008

I’m sorry, but now that I’m thinking about it… It’s only March of ’08… Doesn’t May of 2009 seem like a LOOONG time away and almost a little crazy. At first I bought into them delaying the film, but now I’m not so sure.

146. star trackie - March 28, 2008

Please…no 3 hour epics. No need to make an audience squirm in their seats. Give me a lean, tightly edited well paced film that builds to ONE climax, then end it. Leave the audience wanting more, not complaining about how much their butts hurt.

Besides, we’ll probably get the extended 4 hour directors cut on DVD anyway.

147. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 28, 2008

Tsk tsk. Wimp. If all of the 3 hours are good, then how can you have too much of a good thing? And since when is sitting hard on a person?

148. DesiluTrek - March 28, 2008

Captain Cawley, thanks for your part in keeping the real Star Trek (the original) alive!

Although you are taking your terrific New Voyages in the Phase II direction, knowing what you know now, perhaps you could make a New Voyage that fills in part of the gap (and continuity) between Abrams’ movie and the original series. Now, would such a film take place before the events of “The Cage,” or in the time between that and “Where No Man …”? I’m sure you know, but can’t tell us for 407 days.

I’ve loved what you’ve been doing. I hope to be able to volunteer as a gofer up there in the Adirondacks and help to make the original Trek come alive some more.

149. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - March 28, 2008

#147—3 hour epics do not usually do so well at the modern day box-office.

If you are already a fan of Star Trek, that’s one thing, but for the general moviegoer of the age in which we live, that does not work.

You also limit the number of “families” who will see the movie together on opening weekend if you go that route.

It is simply better business to keep it “attention-span friendly”.

150. Andy Patterson - March 28, 2008

Msnbc is reporting Tom Cruise is in the new Trek movie.

151. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 28, 2008

149. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) – March 28, 2008:

Bah humblebug! As far as I am concerned it can last for hours, days, weeks, months, years! Just hook me up to a feeding tube and down in front. LOL

Besides…the whole length issue is relative. I have always maintained so and it was proven to me once again recently. I watched a very short film that I didn’t care for at all and was as antsy as can be and ready for it to be over before it was halfway done. But when watching ‘The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (look! even the title is long! :)) I was mesmerized and never noticed how long it was. Its all mental as well as physical. And I mean that from experience. Despite my jest to good ol’ star trackie, I am disbabled with a back problem. So sitting CAN hurt, trust me. :) But I don’t tend to mind as much when the entertainment is excellent.

That all said, TOS manages to do that to this day with less than an hour. So long or short or just right, as long as it is half as good as that its all good. :)

152. Captain Hackett - March 28, 2008

3 hours-long movie? No way! I do not want to see my bladder explode!


My bladder got so hurt badly when the Spiderman 3 went on too long.

153. Captain Hackett - March 28, 2008


Oh hell no! I did not want to see him in the movie. :(

154. Andy Patterson - March 28, 2008

Yeah,…I just read the headline. The headline shouldn’t state something emphatically that isn’t necessarily true. I won’t rush to get the scoop so quickly next time.

155. star trackie - March 28, 2008

It’s very true that a short film can seem like an eternity if it’s done poorly. And a long film can breeze by if it’s done right. But I’ve seen more long films AND short films where every minute seemed like 5.

It’s a toss of the dice to be sure, and more often than not, with my amazing luck, I crap out. For something like Trek, which I prefer to watch again and again, I’d rather the director not gamble at all.

And our poor Trek is in a precarious position anyway. Don’t risk the future of the franchise by being too self indulgent. Save it for the Star Trek: The Extended Final Cut Edition…. due in stores 2011.

156. Krik Semaj - March 28, 2008

Star Trek Wraps.
I thought it was a new sandwich. I’m hungry.

157. Thomas - March 28, 2008

The Tom Cruise thing is old news anyway. As long as we’re on the subject of movie that felt longer than they were. I submit “Bicentennial Man”, a two and a half hour movie that was two hours long. Very boring, but I didn’t have to pay to see it, so that was okay.

158. Greg2600 - March 28, 2008

Call me in about 14 months……..if I still care by then.

159. Irish Trekki - March 28, 2008

I shall enter a meditative trance until the film arrives…….. That or I’ll hibernate……. haven’t decided yet!

160. Scifigirl - March 28, 2008

# 119 –

“If they think that they can get Star Trek to appeal to other audiences like women and childred, get real.”

Well… I don’t know if I should feel insulted by this comment or just see it as an uninformed statement (and I’m really trying to be polite here)… FYI, most of my “women” friends love sci-fi as much as I do. And what exactly are “childred”? Some sort of new human hybrid, maybe?

161. Xai - March 28, 2008

Now they can get to the business of editing in the secretly-filmed footage of Shatner, done at the infamous undisclosed location.

162. The Vulcanista - March 28, 2008


But didn’t you know? Our XX chromosomal structure precludes us from enjoying scifi and fantasy.

I can hardly wait for Denise to get a load of that post.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

163. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it because I’m too lazy to read everything, but did anyone else look at this headline and think Taco Bell was coming out with a new movie tie-in menu item?

164. The Vulcanista - March 28, 2008


I’ll have two Trek Tacos with Starfleet Salsa and a side of Bones’s Refried Beans and Bourbon, please.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

165. Garovorkin - March 28, 2008

#163 THX-1138 somehow I wouldn’t be surprised it Taco bell did do that. When ever a bigg event movie like a trek or Raisers ot Lord of the rings comes out usually one of the big food chains gets involved with the film. When Star trek the Motion picture came out in 1979, McDonalds had a Comercail with a Actor in a Klingon getup speaking Klingonese, trust me this one add i have never been able to forget.

166. Steve Short - March 29, 2008

UPDATE 131 With over a year till May 2009 JJ could make his next Star Trek movie. Release the first one on this Christmas 2008 again and the second on May 2009.

167. Go Spock! - March 29, 2008

now for post-production…

168. Go Spock! - March 29, 2008


169. The Vulcanista - March 29, 2008


Except that almost no one from cast & crew will be available to make the next Trek movie in the time frame you’re suggesting.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

170. Steve Short - March 30, 2008

Maybe Tom Cruise is a Valcan in the crowd with no lines

171. Steve Short - March 30, 2008


That’s live long and prosper and just wait a year (May 2009)

172. james7007 - March 31, 2008

Please, the majority of SCI-FI fans are male. Women fans are few and far between. Let’s take a poll here to prove the point.

173. Xai - March 31, 2008

172. james7007 – March 31, 2008
“Please, the majority of SCI-FI fans are male. Women fans are few and far between. Let’s take a poll here to prove the point.”

… you have an agenda or what?

174. The Vulcanista - March 31, 2008

No, he just doesn’t know the *right* women, poor baby.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

175. THX-1138 - April 1, 2008

James, you need to get some, dude. Turn off the computer, get out of the house, go to a club, and ask a girl to dance. Ask her what her interests are. Tell her yours. Remember to put forth the best parts of your personality, not all the negative parts that you share with us. Who knows, she may just like sci-fi.

Speaking from experience, I have found many attractive, intelligent women who like science fiction. I am married to one. And it was kind of something I looked for in the women I dated along with an appreciation for good music, good food, and the ability to think positively. My first wife did not share these attributes and that was a disaster.

176. mweflen - April 2, 2008


If anything, I’d reverse those numbers for your prediction. The world is a pretty big place compared to the US, and they have a lot of movie-goers, DVD purchaser, video gamers, etc. Almost every medium has seen much bigger sales Globally compared to the US.

I would guess:
$175m US
$125m EU
$150m Asia/AU

177. Mrl - April 19, 2008

Attended the wrap party tonight! Fabulous!

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