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Great Links: Rosario Trek, Political Trek, Sports Trek + more September 26, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links , trackback

The Great Links took a week off, but Star Trek never takes a week off so we have a lot to catch up with. We have Rosario Dawson expressing her Trek love, Trek getting into politics, Trek getting into sports, new Trek video and art, lots of Trek on the Lists, and much more…check it out. 


Rosario Dawson wanted in to Abrams Trek
Last year TrekMovie highlighted a segment from the Conan O’Brien Show where Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Clerks II) talked about what a huge Trekkie she was and she even spoke a little Klingon (unfortunately NBC removed that video from YouTube and it isn’t online at or anywhere else we can find). Now our buds over at UGO have an interview up with Dawson where she talks about the post-Conan Trekkie surge she has enjoyed and how she really wants to be in a JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Ironically she has a role in the new Eagle Eye (opening today), produced by Orci and Kurtzman…come on Bob and Alex, get Rosario into a Trek movie!

Trek The Vote
The US is in the midst of an active election season. The fine folks at Comedy Central have put forward Ten Tips for the Trekkie Voter:

  1. Federation club "rank" will not get you any special treatment at the polling place.
  2. You may not sign in with the registrar in Klingon.
  3. Comparing Barack Obama to Mr. Tuvok makes you an intergalactic racist.
  4. Do not ask the voting official to make the "swoosh" sound when you enter the booth.
  5. The chances of being split in two due to a "voting booth accident" are extremely slim.
  6. Scott Bakula is not a good write-in for any spot on any ticket.
  7. Joe Biden is running for Vice President, not "Number One."
  8. Sarah Palin is the Borg Queen.
  9. You cannot vote to allow Vulcans to mate more often.
  10. Do not say "Make it so!" out loud when you’re done voting.

The Great links looked around to see if there were any organized Trek voting groups and actually found a "Trekkies for Obama" group, but can’t find one for McCain (but if you know of one send in a link so we can show both sides). There is also a Trekkies for Obama button. Again if there is any Trek/GOP merchandise out there, let us know.


Speaking of Politics, Steven Colbert has issued a new John McCain green screen challenge and again, Star Trek is there…here is the best of the lot.

If you want a real political debate Trekkies can get into, how about picking between these two campaigns…

Lists lists lists
Our pals at the fun io9 site just love lists, and they seem to put Star Trek into every one of them…here are some from the last couple of weeks.

Kirk’s death…after 14 years it is still pissing people off

Trek Art of the Week
Psychadelic artist Astralzoology has recently uploaded a couple of Trippy Star Trek themed items to his Flickr page…it might help if you are on something to appreciate them.

"Acid Ship"

Quote of the week – dude that’s harsh

Scoring was so rare you might have thought you were at a Star Trek convention.

– Analysis of Auburn v Mississippi State football game
 [Scripps News]

Video of the week: a preview of a Who/Trek Xmas miracle
Our friend Kelvington is at it again. This Christmas he will be releasing a special short Doctor Who / Star Trek mashup movie. Here is the trailer.


Help a sick child’s Trek Dream come true
Lastly, the Great Links is often light hearted, but some things should be taken seriously. The Northern Scot reports that the Dreams4U charity is trying to help 11 year-old Grant Alderton fulfill his Star Trek dream. Grant, who suffers from a number of ailments and has ‘died twice,’ spends much of his time in his room and the charity is trying to raise money to give him a Trek-themed ‘extreme bedroom makeover.’ TrekMovie can think of no better people to help out than his fellow Trekkies. See the Northern Scot article for details on how you can help.


1. John from Cincinnati - September 26, 2008

Yes, Kirk’s death still pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Palin, the Borg Queen. HILARIOUS!

2. Steve - September 26, 2008

Paramount may be a little slow on promoting the movie, but I really feel like the movie has led to a resurgence in Trek anyway. Seems like lots of TOS and Trek references in general have been floating around out there lately.

3. Capt. Gerico - September 26, 2008



4. Anthony Pascale - September 26, 2008


Final warning…stop with the all caps. What you have to say is no more important than anyone else. It is just rude and a major pet peeve.

5. Richard Daystrom - September 26, 2008

God, the other death scene of Kirk would have really sucked! Hardly any diologue. Wait a minute, the other death scene did’nt have much diologue either other than “Oh my!”. Wonder what the musical score would have sounded like for that one. And don’t get me wrong, the death of Kirk was senseless as it didn’t add anything to the story either way. Other than allowing Kirk and Picard to ride around on horses wearing panty hose!

6. naHQun - September 26, 2008

You want political Trek?

Pike/Number One ’08

(This is one of the few places that will understand what I mean)

7. SPOCKBOY - September 26, 2008

8. The Enterprise - September 26, 2008

Rosairo Dawson – stuck in the same Kevin Smith movie for 200 years.

9. Charles Trotter - September 26, 2008

She was in Eagle Eye??? Whoa, didn’t know that. Was she the voice on the phone? ‘Cause I know I’ve heard that voice before.

10. Charles Trotter - September 26, 2008

Wait, I’m thinking Roxann Dawson. I’m an idiot. Ignore me.

11. Marcus Johnson - September 26, 2008

I hope Rosario Dawson will be playing Star Trek: Online when it comes out.

12. The Enterprise - September 26, 2008

The voice on the phone in Eagle Eye is Julianne Moore.

13. I am not Herbert - September 26, 2008

HAH! YES!! Al Davis IS the Evil Emperor!

…come on Al, let Kiffin do his job!!

14. Lou - September 26, 2008

lol Palin isn’t the borg queen.
Palin has hair… and is pretty hot for being 43 or whatever she is.

15. Trekkie 16 - September 26, 2008

I would vote for Picard/Riker over the current options.

Picard has a strong background in diplomacy and foreign and “alien” policy. He loves archeology and history, is cool under pressure and can command and lead troops into battle. He has earned the respect of his crew and knows how to surround himself with bright and intelligent people. He doesn’t have an ego and believes in everyone working together to reach a common goal. He rewards those that perform and he holds those that don’t accountable.

In order to run for President, I think it should be required that they be a graduate of Star Fleet Academy and have been the captain of a starship.

16. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

I would imagine that Trek politics are in line with most of the country.

Traditionally, voters who make less than $150,000 a year in taxable income are more likely to vote “one way” (except for certain religious groups), and those who make more than that in taxable income (outside of Hollywood and the labor unions) will “generally” vote the other way. I don’t see why Trek fans would represent any differently. No matter what people say, it usually comes down to which candidate is going to do the most for me and my family, or you and yours, etc.

Either way, some of the loudest voices on the internet and elsewhere will likely be those who won’t even show up to vote when it counts…

Oh, my choice is definitely Kirk/Spock ’08!

“Scoring was so rare you might have thought you were at a Star Trek convention.”

That’s pretty good….

The first time I saw a sign at Best Buy for “Geek Squad”, I thought it was a signup booth for security personnel at the same convention!!!

17. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#13—Al will always be Al…

18. sean - September 26, 2008


Huh? Rosario Dawson was in 1 Kevin Smith movie last I checked, and has done plenty since.

19. The Enterprise - September 26, 2008

Rosairo Dawson has already been in Trek.

20. Andy Patterson - September 26, 2008

“Kirk’s death…after 14 years it is still pissing people off”

Yes, it does. But more importantly I deny or don’t acknowledge it.

And I loves me some Rosario.

I don’t make light of it but I think Anthony’s hatred of all caps is funny. I could name any number of things that drive me crazy. I hate the mall and McDonalds…to name a few. My list is very long. It’s just interesting what bothers each of us.

21. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#20—“Yes, it does. But more importantly I deny or don’t acknowledge it.”

That’s the great thing about fiction. If you don’t like it, you can just ignore it.

“Canon” is an intangible, and very imaginary thing when all is said and done…

22. Commodore Lurker - September 26, 2008

Rosario Dawson AND Jennifer Gardner as Klingon babes! Whoa, I wanna be their Tellerite sex slave.

23. DirectorVFX - September 26, 2008

Did anyone else notice in ‘Eagle Eye’ during a scene where the fire alarms went off they had also the enterprise ‘red alert’ claxxon mixed in with the rest of the sound??!! I thought that was a nice touch;)

24. sean - September 26, 2008


No. Roxanne Biggs-Dawson was in Voyager. Rosario Dawson is a different person, and hasn’t been in Trek before.

25. DarthDogg - September 26, 2008

MMMMMMMM. Rosario Dawson. Yum!

26. Craptain Amerika - September 26, 2008

I’m voting for Ben Sisko for president. The coolest, toughest, and most badass of all the captains. *ducks to avoid flying objects*

27. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#27—(throws flying object at Caraptain Amerika, but low, so that “ducking” won’t help)…

Nope. It’s all about James T. Kirk. Sisko was right to be in reverence of him in “Trials And Tribbilations”…He should be shining Kirk’s boots (and if he wants to find them, they’re probably under Cassidy’s bed).

Just Kidding, C.A. Kind of.


28. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 26, 2008

It’s official.

Rosario Dawson rocks. And Lou, dude, really. You would choose Palin over that scrumptious,example of beautiful Trek intelligence? Time for the old eye exam, boy-o.

“Scoring was so rare you might have thought you were at a Star Trek convention.”

– Analysis of Auburn v Mississippi State football game

I got laid at the last convention in Vegas. (She’s my wife. Does that count?)

29. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#28—-“She’s my wife. Does that count?”

It better. If it doesn’t, I’m in a lonnnngggg slump.

30. SPB - September 26, 2008


Hottest. Trekkie. EVER.

Why aren’t there more like her running around at conventions…?

31. DirectorVFX - September 26, 2008

yea so just ignor my comment then..

32. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#31—Sorry. I haven’t seen the movie yet.

33. The Underpants Monster - September 26, 2008

OK, let’s make everyone happy and make the next movie all girls. Girl Captain, girl crew, fighting a bunch of Klingon girls in chainmal Daisy Dukes.

34. The Underpants Monster - September 26, 2008

(I keed, I keed, of course.)

35. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#33—There’s probably a movie just like that on Cinemax right now!

Where’s the remote?


36. The Enterprise - September 26, 2008

Or the lame sci fi channel

37. boJac - September 26, 2008

Kirk/Spock ’08!

Who would you rather have answer the phone at 3 in the morning? Some flute playing, tea drinking french guy, or an all American, ass kicking no nonsense capitan? Kirk takes crap from no one! And with his logical VP there is no situation we can’t get out of! Spock doesn’t need a hologram machine to solve his problems, unlike Riker.

So America, when you go to pull that lever on election day, think to yourself: The Klingons are attacking. Shall you entrust “Let’s talk about our feelings” Picard, or “Is there a phaser level higher than incinerate?” Kirk to defend your children? I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Kirk/Spock ’08!!!

38. SPOCKBOY - September 26, 2008

Borg queen Hillary

39. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#36—If they played stuff like that on the sci-fi channel (in pure Skinemax form, of course), it would get better ratings…J/K

Bikini Trek III: The Search For $%@k.


40. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 26, 2008

Now you’re talkin’, Closet.

Shag Trek: First Contact-Resistance is Impossible (and it kinda burns)

And #31-

Easy Tiger. Lot’s of us haven’t seen the movie yet. But most of us get ignored. Except me at conventions.

41. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

Shag Trek III: The Search For Penicilin

42. Jorg Sacul - September 26, 2008

Hottest Trekkie ever? Megan Fox. She could be my yeoman (or Captain) any day!

“I’m a Star Wars fan. I’m a Star Trek fan. I’m a big nerd. I’m a big, giant comic book nerd.”

– Transformers hottie Megan Fox [IGN]

43. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#42—-Can’t argue that.

44. Buckaroohawk - September 26, 2008

I’m gonna say this knowing full well that I’m about to get a full photon torpedo spread to the face for it, but…

I liked Shatner’s death scene in Generations. I found it to be heartfelt, noble, and affecting. I did not see Kirk’s death as empty or a simple story gimmick. It may not have had the grandeur many fans would have liked, but he died stopping a madman from obliterating an entire planet full of people. His final line, “Oh, my…”, is tremendously powerful. Kirk had seen so many astonishing things in his life, yet whatever he experienced in those final moments filled him, not with pain, regret, or despair, but with wonder. He faced his death the same way he faced life, always ready for that next great adventure.

Generations, as a film, has some serious flaws, but in my opinion, Kirk’s death was handled with reverence and grace quite befitting the character. That’s it. I’ve outed myself as someone who doesn’t despise “The Death of Captain Kirk.” Now, release your hate upon me!

45. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

It’s a good thing Rick Berman was impeached and removed.

Kirk/Spock ’08!

46. Capt. Gerico - September 26, 2008



47. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

Rodario Dawson. A big Star Trek geek?


48. ShawnP - September 26, 2008

#46 – Capt. Gerico, I think you just sealed your fate, lol.

Also, I think Rosario Dawson is hot, and I don’t even swing that way!

49. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 26, 2008

Hey Gerico, you do know that #4 runs this site, right? It might be a free country but if you dissed me like that in my house you would be gone.


It’s been nice knowing you.

50. DJT - September 26, 2008

Rosario has got my vote for super duper hot babe.

Wish she would show up to my costume party!


51. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

R.I.P. Nexus Kirk.

52. The Enterprise - September 26, 2008

If she’s good looking, I think I’m going blind.

53. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 27, 2008


Then you better get your prescription checked. Or continue on with the girls with a nice personality.

54. King Anthony - September 27, 2008

Rosario Dawson.

This just gets better all the time.

55. Paulaner - September 27, 2008


The whole Generations is weak as hell. After seven years of struggling and research, Data decides that the only way to understanding humans is through a chip? What a lame end to his fascinating voyage into human feelings. And, by the way, throwing Crusher in the water for an expected bath is so dramatic and grave? Come on, LaForge and co. are in need of an emotional chip! :) Surely, that movie was a total disaster.

56. Paulaner - September 27, 2008


it was “unexpected bath”, sorry.

57. King Anthony - September 27, 2008


To answer an earlier question, “Why?”…

1. Because I can.
2. Because I can afford it.
3. All of the above.

The best reasons.

58. Dom - September 27, 2008

The ultimate Dream Tickets:

Kirk and Spock for the Republicans, Picard and Riker for the Democrats!

Spock would keep Kirk’s brasher side in check and Riker would stop Picard from being too cautious.

Tough decision, but I’d go for Kirk and Spock!

59. CmdrR - September 27, 2008

If only that face melting technology could be applied to butt-melting… say, Shat’s? Then, he could be in a JJ movie.
Weakest deaths in Sci-Fi? Lord, there are piles of corpses in the movies. How about Khan’s bridge crew, most of whom fell victim to falling I-beams and plaster dust poisoning. ANY of the main character deaths in Blake 7 — especially the olympic-sized pool of blood in the conclusion. Or Princess/Senator Ramalama Ding Dong’s mysterious “I’ve just broken up with my evil Emo boyfriend and had his twins, so now I must die” scene?

Yep, Sci-Fi is always classy and sensical… not.

60. Dom - September 27, 2008

CmdrR (59) Blakes’ 7’s characters’ deaths were weak?!! That’s the first time I’ve heard that one. I reckon an entire generation of schoolkids were scarred by the conclusion of Blakes’ 7! Certainly everyone I’ve ever know who watched the show has never forgotten it! Blakes’ 7 is like an expose revealing the truth about the Maquis in the Star Trek TNG universe and what the Federation of that era is truly like!

Khan’s bridge crew died in a ship under fire. Chances are you’d be burned, crushed suffocated or electrocuted if you had missiles thrown at your ship! Khan seemed to be exceptionally strong, perhaps because his strength increased, the older he got.

Padme’s death was idiotic. I’m sure I remember Leia talking about her mother and remembering her from her childhood!

61. vorta23492392932939230 - September 27, 2008

why don’t we add the NCC-1701-D to this list.

I mean, Lursa and B’Etor? PLEASE! The Enterprise D deserved a better murderer.

62. SPOCKBOY - September 27, 2008

I have to agree Buckaroohawk, the “Oh my” was fantastic.
The idea that Kirk finally faced his own demise in that moment was powerful.
I’ve actually seen people pass and the way they used a still of Shatner (after Picard’s reaction shot) to exemplify how motionless someone is after they die REALLY made it seem like Kirk was gone, not just lying there waiting to hear the word “CUT!”
My only problem was the little preamble before that; “did we do it?” “did we make a difference?”which seemed a little cheesy to me.
Apparently the “oh my ” was Shatner’s idea as well.


63. DaveO - September 27, 2008

24. sean – September 26, 2008

No. Roxanne Biggs-Dawson was in Voyager. Rosario Dawson is a different person, and hasn’t been in Trek before.

Well, Rosario Dawson did play a character named Roxanne (in 2004’s Alexander).

That’s probably as close as she’s gonna get. :)


64. Trek Nerd Central - September 27, 2008

#49 This is probably moot, but all-caps are hard to read, anyway. I never understood folks who use them for emphasis when it just means the eye will scan right past.

I love the McGorn video. Man, that sequence has been so thoroughly excerpted, referenced, adapted and mocked, it has entered a higher realm in the pop-cultural universe. I think probably more people have seen that Gorn clip than watched the original Star Trek! (On YouTube it’s repeatedly cited as “The Worst Fight Scene Ever.” Which, you know, it kinda is.)

65. Brett Campbell - September 27, 2008

65 – Plenty of fight scenes on the old ABC 60’s “Batman” series upon which the Gorn pours scorn.

66. DaveO - September 27, 2008

(leans through open window, looks waaaay down to where #46 landed..)

Wow, lucky that fruit cart was there!



67. Bill Peters - September 27, 2008

Picard-Riker all the way, Love the video from Colbert….Borg Queen Hillary would be funny…that also would explane a few things…and wow trek is having a surge!!! Hope this makes people want to see the movie!!1

68. Kaicho - September 27, 2008

What is the youTube URL for the McCain/Capt Kirk video?

69. Mr. Bob Dobalina - September 27, 2008

Dawson was great in Eagle Eye. And by the way, that movie was a trp! Good stuff Bob Orci! You and your partners should take a well deserved bow.

It’s amazing Dawson didn’t try out for the part of Uhua, she would have been great.

70. Brett Campbell - September 27, 2008

My #65 post was meant for #64.

71. Boborci - September 27, 2008

69 Thanks

72. lostrod - September 27, 2008


Well stated, and long overdue.


73. Boborci - September 27, 2008


Brave words indeed. Kudos,

74. Third Remata'Klan - September 27, 2008

Rosario would make an awesome Klingon.

75. Third Remata'Klan - September 27, 2008


That was harsh. :P

76. BND - September 27, 2008

Checkin’ oot that Northern Scot webbysite- it doesn’t seem ye’ can make a monetary donation unless ye’ directly contact tha’ organisers. Which be no problem via email. Or did I miss somethin’?

Or ye’ could mail off one o’ yer spare phazors away ta’ tha’ lad.


77. Jeffries Tuber - September 27, 2008

Rosario Dawson fits the image of a 2nd generation Klingon, but we shouldn’t see them in this film series.

I’d argue that a 1st generation Klingon woman is more like Angelina Jolie or Dita VonTeese.

$9.8M on Friday for EE. Twice as much Rodanthe. Huge drop off for Lakeview Terrace. Extremely happy for Travis & John [the writers] and KO.

78. Buckaroohawk - September 27, 2008

Spockboy, lostrod, boborci…

Thank you all for the support. Shatner may harbor some regrets now about agreeing to kill off Kirk, but at the time it was obvious that he considered that scene to be very, very important. His often ham-handed acting style vanished, replaced with a very touching, very real performance. I believed Kirk died when I saw that scene. Yes, some of the dialog leading up to it was a bit cheesy, but death scenes often are to a certain extent. Spocks lines at the end of TWOK are cheesy, but the line “I have been, and ever shall be, your friend” still hits like a sledgehammer.

Again, I appreciate your support of my viewpoint. Generations gets an undue amount of criticism and I felt it necessary to set some things straight. Looking forward to Trek’s big screen return in 2009!

79. OM - September 27, 2008

…Yeah, Kirk’s death at the hands of Alex w/o his Droogs may still piss us all off, but you have to admit it gave us one of the best Trek puns ever:

“Captain on the Bridge? Looks like the Bridge is on the Captain!”

80. NoRez - September 27, 2008

Wow. Shepherd Book and James T. Kirk in the same picture; if they weren’t DEAD I would have it as my wallpaper. Grrr.

81. Anthony Pascale - September 27, 2008

people please resist the urge of turning this into a partisan political debate. This site does not advocate a side…as noted in the article there were the links we could find…any other links we will do next time, let us know

I will now state my position

I voted for Sisko!

82. King Anthony - September 27, 2008


There’s nothing graceful or reverential about death, especially regarding Kirk’s death scene in “Generations”–nor, I hasten to add, anything particularly courageous regarding your stance thereof.

He [Shatner] agreed to it. It happened. He changed his mind. The rest is history. Too late now. It’s done.

As a First Generationer, I didn’t particularly care that it happened, much less how poorly and sloppily it was portrayed, but I didn’t sign the contract. Bill did. Case closed.

I’ve also never believed of the need for him to appear in the upcoming Trek film either, but I have little tolerance for all of the hyperbole and posturing from certain sides attempting to cloud the issue regarding his possible participation even less than I have for him complaining about how he isn’t in it.

Bill needs to get over it already and move on. He’ll be fine, which more than I can say for that film. It isn’t happening.

It is what it is…

83. Closettrekker - September 27, 2008

#81—So the White House will be serving gumbo, etouffe, and jambalaya on a regular basis?

My mother would be pleased…

But me? Nah….Kirk/Spock ’08!

84. Closettrekker - September 27, 2008

#82—You almost made sense in that post, right up until the time you (once again) drew the unsupported and baseless conclusion that a movie which has yet to even be promoted, much less screened by any critics or moviegoers, will fail.

5 of the original 6 films did well. Three of them showed that Kirk/Spock/McCoy stories can have adequate “crossover” appeal. Adding a popular and successful star on the rise like Abrams to the equation makes that potential even more significant.

If the film fails, it won’t be (as you have often suggested) because it has the name “Star Trek” attached to it, but because it wasn’t a good movie.

A “good” movie is a good movie. Period. People will always be drawn to remarkable special effects and the promise of impressive action sequences.

You cannot (credibly anyway) make such assumptions about the film 8 months before its release, and 2.5 months before its promotion campaign has even begun.

85. Buckaroohawk - September 28, 2008

King Anthony (#82),

I understand your stance, but as I interpret your post, I believe you may have missed my point. I’m not part of the “Bring Back (Shatner as) Kirk” camp. My position is, the character as Shatner portrayed him is dead. Period. I’m also not a member of the “Put Shatner In The New Movie” camp either. To be honest, I think it’ll be better without him.

My first post was a reaction against the long-standing argument that Kirk’s death in Generations was somehow unworthy of the character and that it was handled poorly. I disagree and feel all involved did a fine job depicting the demise of an iconic sci-fi hero. I was personally moved by those scenes in the film and felt it was time for a supportive voice to be heard. I don’t believe my opinion of it to be particularly courageous either. Defending a scene in a science fiction film requires no courage at all; merely an opinion and the ability to state it. I do appreciate that others chose to agree with me, however. And, just to be clear, I’m certain that Mr. Orci had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he opted to use the word “brave” to describe my stance. Rest assured, I suffer no delusions that I’m any kind of martyr. All I was attempting to do was state my case regarding the handling of Kirk’s death.

I said nothing about the issue of whether Shatner is or isn’t, or should or shouldn’t be, in the new film until this post, and then only in response to your post about my comments. I’m not sure how you surmised that my opinion of Kirk’s death scene in Generations somehow connects to this subject, but I wanted to make clear that was not my intention.

Finally, regarding your comment “There’s nothing graceful or reverential about death..”. I’m not sure if you’re talking about death in our real-life world or death as it applies to fictional characters. They can be two vastly different things, so I feel that responding without fully understanding your intention would be unproductive to the conversation. Hopefully, though, I’ve cleared up any misperceptions that my opinion of Kirk’s death was somehow another call for that incident to be “fixed” in the new film.

86. King Anthony - September 28, 2008


If you’re going to brownnose, curry favor with those above your pay grade, at least do it with material gain in mind; otherwise, leave the PR to the professionals who actually get paid money for being underworked and overpaid, just like their employers,. and folks who actually do this for a living, and stick to what you know best, whatever that might be.

General audiences won’t touch Trek in numbers great enough to justify the budget–because they think it’s for geeks.

Of course, if your history with Trek is as extensive as you claim–you’d know that already, given Trek’s history over the years, now wouldn’t you? Any old-timer’s never been deluded about Trek being a box office powerhouse on the order of a Batman or SW.

No, you smell like a Next Gen newbie to me, a recent Classic Trek convert born of expediency. Easy enough to spot. How? The moment you started talking….

Dismissed, private.

87. King Anthony - September 28, 2008


I never said you were a BBKer. I’m not one either. As for kirk, oh, he’s dead all right. There’s no denying that. As for how it was handled, I thought it ill-conceived and sloppily portrayed; but, as stated before, Shatner inked the paper and collected the money, not me. Had I written it, it would’ve been quite different, but that’s another story and a moot point anyway.

As for the film being better without Bill, one could argue it pro or con, but I won’t.

Death. Real life and fictionalized. Nothing graceful or dignified about it.

All in all, a good dialogue. Reminds me of the good old days. If you’re ever on MySpace, look me up. You’d be a welcome addition to the Eternal Empire of the Endless Horizon.

88. ByGeorge - September 28, 2008

I was never sure why they felt they had to kill Kirk off at all. Never understood their logic. Didn’t anyone ever consider the possibility of recasting with younger actors back then and, if so, didn’t they think that killing Kirk off might have a detrimental effect on that possibility?

89. Dom - September 28, 2008

Kirk’s death scene isn’t bad (ie the bit where he lies under the bridge and talks to Picard.) It’s how he got there that was garbage! He dies ‘saving a pre-industrial’ society on a neighbouring planet that goes unnamed and unseen and affects nothing else in the plot. Maybe if we’d spent time on that planet, included a couple of characters from that world about whom we can care, things might have been different.

But no, instead, we get the gormless Russell T Davies/nu-Doctor Who-style approach: galactic tinsel and fairy dust!

And no Shatner can’t appear in the new film, because the older Kirk, by the end, would need to be played by Chris Pine! The new film should give the character of James T Kirk a fighting chance to live (based on Bob Orci’s past remarks) but William Shatner’s portrayal, sadly, is over.

Generations is an embarrassing piece of garbage that would be better ignored as apocryphal! Killing Kirk off in a spin-off was deeply stupid: you wouldn’t kill off Buffy in an episode of Angel or the Six Million Dollar Man in an episode of The Bionic Woman! Taken out of their context and their world, these characters don’t work. Kirk wasn’t enjoyable as Kirk in Generations and Spock, without Kirk and McCoy was boring in Unification.

90. Mr. Bob Dobalina - September 28, 2008

#89 ” Kirk wasn’t enjoyable as Kirk in Generations and Spock, without Kirk and McCoy was boring in Unification.”

Yep, it takes at least two to tango, TOS style.

91. Closettrekker - September 28, 2008

#86—-Closettrekker a Next Gen newbie?

“Easy enough to spot. How? The moment you started talking….”

As usual, you’re so far off it isn’t even funny…well, it is kind of funny.”


I don’t think so! TNG lost me at “Farpoint”. I have always been a 23rd Century Trek guy (even before it was decided that the TOS-era was the 23rd Century)……always.

“…and stick to what you know best, whatever that might be.”

People? Consumer marketing? Sales? I’m pretty sure that’s what I was doing.

And I never put Trek in the same ballpark of general interest as Batman. Where would you even get that? Star Trek doesn’t have to do over $900 million. That’s ridiculous. Nor does it have to have Star Wars numbers.

Don’t confuse my thoughts about potential success with a prediction that STXI will topple industry giants.

My point is that STXI will have plenty to offer fans of movies in general….first class effects and action sequences, a charismatic cast, an enormously popular director and creative team, and a story-telling style which is distinctly modern.

Yes…there are preconceived notions about Trek. So what? They are not asking the average moviegoer to change their religious beliefs, or even to switch banks. You are overestimating that as an obstacle to making money with a movie. Plenty of people will be convinced to spend $20 and a couple of hours of their time. I have no doubt of that.

‘Wolverine’ is coming off of a weak review of X-Men3, and doesn’t bring any “punch” with its choice of director. It will debut at numer one, but the following week will belong to JJ Abrams Star Trek. It doesn’t matter that it probably won’t hold the #1 spot beyond that week. With the kind of turnout at the box-office prevalent in May, one week is all it takes.

One week. That’s it, followed by a top 3 showing in the following two weeks to close out the month.

No amount of sarcasm or negativity on your part is actually going to make that a bigger obstacle, nor will it make ‘Wolverine’ into a great movie that will carry the number one spot for two weeks.

92. JWM - September 28, 2008

#16: “it usually comes down to which candidate is going to do the most for me and my family, or you and yours, etc.”

My experience has been completely different than yours. Reading between the lines, you’re advancing a voting stereotype that is patently untrue as well.

As for Trek politics, it’s always been interesting to me — and it’s often overlooked by the fan base — that GR felt that the Trek movies were too militaristic and that Starfleet should have been less formal. As I recall, his final notes on Star Trek VI included a request to cut the briefing scene.

93. JWM - September 28, 2008

#91: “nor will it make ‘Wolverine’ into a great movie that will carry the number one spot for two weeks.”

And to toss in here, I’m a lifelong comic book fan who read the X-Men title for years and was a devoted Wolverine fanatic. I won’t even go see Wolverine, because I KNOW it will be a waste of my time.

94. Closettrekker - September 28, 2008

#92—-“you’re advancing a voting stereotype that is patently untrue as well.”

I thought I made it quite clear that was a “generalization”. Still, it is what drives the voting habits of many people on both sides who wish to “protect” what is the fruit of their hard work. My own family is divided politically, but definitively along economic lines—according to their own household income.

There are issues which get people riled up around the dinner table and on the internet, and issues which get people in the voting booths. Despite much of the rhetoric, money (and particularly, who should be taxed in what manner) does more of the latter than you seem to acknowledge.

#93—I enjoyed the first X-Men movie. My appreciation started to wane from there. I still think ‘Wolverine’ will do well, just not well enough to prevent STXI (or Zero, whatever) from taking over the number one spot the following week.

95. Dom - September 28, 2008

Hi Closettrekker.

Good points. I think any half decent film can blow away any ‘geek’ view of Trek. Like you say, three of the TOS movies had definite crossover appeal. A new film with an A-lister up-and-comer director, the Asian guy from American Pie and Sylar from Heroes will garner even casual attention. And let’s not forget the marketing campaign will be much more brash and less geeky than past trailers.

JWM (92) ‘It’s often overlooked by the fan base — that GR felt that the Trek movies were too militaristic and that Starfleet should have been less formal. As I recall, his final notes on Star Trek VI included a request to cut the briefing scene’

But you have to remember that Roddenberry’s own foray into Trek movies was an embarrassment that was arguably far more rigid and formal than the later films with their miltary outlook.

In TMP, the characters were so dehumanised that they were virtually machines. Roddenberry’s ‘pure’ view of Trek was a failure, compared with that of the committee that made Trek in the 60s (Coon, Meredyth Lucas, Solow, Fontana, Ellison, Bloch, Sturgeon . . .) and also portrayed Starfleet as a military organisation.

Thing is, people like militaristic stuff in movies: it’s cool! In the 80s, my generation was brought up on action adventure series mostly populated by badass Viet Nam vets. It’s my generation that’s now coming into its own in this business. very few of us liked the vacuous, touchy-feely ‘dramas’ that proliferated after the 80s shows ended.

Rodders may have become anti-military in his later days, but the more militaristic portrayal of Trek worked well with cinema audiences, giving them something ore recognisable to latch on to than some sort of weird, informal spacefaring cult that doesn’t get paid! Not to mention, in action-orientated films, that militarism and efficiency ratchets up the tension to almost unbearable levels.

Is there anything in Trek cooler than Horner’s music kicking off and the cadets banding together, loading photon torpedoes and preparing to kick Singh butt?

96. Denise de Arman - September 28, 2008

Boborci#73- Why the Kudos for #44, Mr. Bob? I hope it is because he was brave enough to speak his thoughts on the forum, not because you LIKED KIRK’S DEATH IN GENERATIONS!

Sorry for the caps Anthony (bows head contritely, mumbling under her breath…).

97. Closettrekker - September 28, 2008

Ataully, I don’t think the fact that GR disapproved of the militaristic turns that Meyer/Bennett’s interpretation of Starfleet is lost on fans as much as JWM implied in #92. In fact, it did not beign with TUC. GR disapproved of
the militaristic look of TWOK as well.

The truth is, much of what GR said in his later years was ripe with some rather revisionist outlooks on many issues. He even hinted, at one point, that not only did he not consider the post TMP feature films as canon, but the 3rd season of TOS as well!

It should be remembered that the way he envisioned his Federation in the 1960’s (TOS) was much different than the way he imagined it 20 years later (TNG). It ultimately moved from the vision of a future in which mankind did not (as feared in the mid-60’s) destroy itself, but instead—united to conquer hunger and the social ills which plagued the mid-20th Century, as well as to explore the “final frontier”—to one in which Roddenberry’s personal view of a “utopia” was actually a reality.

I choose to take his later comments with the proverbial “grain of salt”.

#95—Dom, while I share your affinity for TWOK (my personal favorite), I have to disagree with your assessment of TMP.

I think it was the best science fiction story of any of the Trek films. I also feel that the character interaction (particularly between Kirk, McCoy, and Decker) was more “classic Trek” than you give it credit for. And Spock’s journey in TMP towards discovery of who he is and what his place in the Universe should be is a wonderful story, IMO, and Spock’s “close encounter” with V’Ger is the defining moment in which he finally becomes comfortable in his own half-human skin. The result is the Spock which we would come to know in later films. TMP was also the beginning of an arc for James Kirk, one which would not be resolved until the end of TVH, when Kirk is once again given the task of commanding a starship and her crew.

I think that TMP is a great film, particularly when viewed in director’s cut form. Although I acknowledge that mainstream moviegoers did not appreciate it as I do, it is still my second favorite Star Trek film. It wasn’t the ideal formula for a big budget production, I suppose—not enough action, I guess.

Only a Star Trek fan could appreciate its cerebral plot and its timeless theme. John and Suzie Public want “blood and guts” drama…and that was the more medicore budgeted TWOK.

98. Dom - September 29, 2008

Hi Closettrekker (97)

I understand where you’re coming from with the director’s edition of TMP. Belatedly adding TOS sound FX and toning down the cold-shouldering animosity between the main characters really helps make it feel more like Star Trek.

I think for me, I’ll always remember it as I first saw it when I was a child: pompous, self-righteous Goldsmith score, endless music and exterior shots, really ropey voice audio – it still sounds like there’s something wrong with the voice recordings.

But, for me, TOS was a blood and thunder series that teetered on melodrama, full of energy, action, sex and romance. TMP is just so cold and is clearly a template for the coldness of the TNG characters. Unquestionably, TMP demonstrates an aspect of TOS, but it lacks many elements that to me feel like ‘proper’ Star Trek!

Sorry to see you get called a TNG fan, by the way. That’s like a fan of Frank Herbert’s novels being accused of being a fan of Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson’s books!

99. Closettrekker - September 29, 2008


100. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 1, 2008

Your still AMAZING Rosario!

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