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Star Trek Trailer Spawns Parodies [UPDATE 3: even more Videos] November 19, 2008

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The new Star Trek trailer has been premiered, bootlegged, dubbed, subtitled, praised, pilloried, scrutinized, and analyzed. So it is too soon for it to be parodied? Apparently not —  as you will see below from a collection of fun and creative ‘fan edits’ 



New Trailer edits
What does the trailer remind you of? Is it a a return to a classic, a teen drama or a coming of age military movie from the 80s? Or maybe another franchise from another galaxy. And some may wonder A number YouTubers have ‘reinvisioned’ JJ Abrams new vision.

UPDATED: Top Trek embed fixed plus added two more (see ‘UPDATE’ notes)

TOS redux  (gommiL)

[UPDATE] Another TOS Edit (VentureJl)

[UPDATE 2] A TOS ‘canon’ edit from the other way around (VentureJl)


Smallville Trek (Kelvington)

[UPDATE 3] Another Smallville Trek (GeneralGrin),
The yin to Kelvington’s yang

Star Trek 90210 (Tmustaine)

Anakin T. Kirk? (GeneralGrin)

The latest Shatner Project vBlog (tvTrequer)

[FIXED] Top Trek (pyxlboy)

 [UPDATE] The A-Trek (minitrapper)

 [UPDATE 2] Alternate using new score (PeteFX)
NOTE: this one uses a score created by Trek fan and composer Mike Verta (featured on TrekMovie earlier this year)

All very creative work, especially our old friends GeneralGrin and Kelvington. If you find more ‘fan edits’ of the new trailer, let us know.



1. AdamTrek - November 19, 2008

Star Trek Smallville by Kelvington was awesome.

2. DaiMonRon - November 19, 2008

Ha! Pretty inventive!

3. Marshall McMellon - November 19, 2008

I can’t get YouTube at work. DANGIT! Guess I’ll have to wait until I get home.

4. agentm31 - November 19, 2008

I’M CAPTAIN KIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. thorsten - November 19, 2008

haha, great job GeneralGrin!

6. Midnight Oil - November 19, 2008

The Shatner Blog is priceless!

7. DJ Neelix - November 19, 2008

LOL @ “The latest Shatner Project vBlog”!

8. Fansince9 - November 19, 2008

I actually like the Smallville version. I can absolutely see similarities in the personal conflicts within characters like Spock and Clark Kent.

9. devon Richards - November 19, 2008

Redux was pretty good! The syncing on the Annakin one is spot on!
I’m sure the atmosphere around Bill Shatner’s house these days is pretty close to the Shatner reaction one.

10. Spockalicious - November 19, 2008

the new Scotty does kinda sound like Jar-Jar. Fascinating.

11. Pete - November 19, 2008

Yeah, definitely loved the Smallville redux…

12. Fansince9 - November 19, 2008

The new Scotty is portrayed by someone who is brittish, he’s probably a whole lot closer to a Scottish accent than any American would have been.

13. Lancelot Narayan - November 19, 2008

All terrific stuff! The Smallville made me laugh big time!

14. shat hands - November 19, 2008

Gotta love that Smallville

15. Star Trek XI - November 19, 2008

Beverly Hill 90210. Excelent

16. Blowback - November 19, 2008

BOOBS in Star Trek…. I like that…

17. Mike T. - November 19, 2008

The Anakin and Smallville ones were great. Thank you.

18. Cobalt 1365 - November 19, 2008


Great! I almost died over that one

19. Ziptick - November 19, 2008

Shatner vBlog ftw. When the trailer audio stops as he smacks the display off its base, I LOL’ed.

20. The Last Maquis - November 19, 2008

God these Parodies are Just what I needed today, F’ing Brilliant, Cheers.

21. MI-6 - November 19, 2008

OH MY GOD!!!!! The Shatner project was INSANE!!! sooooo funny……

You have to just KNOW that “Bill” is looking at this and going “yes it’s true- I AM Captain Kirk!”

Loved the Anakin T. Kirk one- the similarities between this movie and “Sith” are amazing………………..yet “Sith” was a great movie so
Trek XI should be as well………….

22. quacks5 - November 19, 2008

Anyone do a James Dean version?

23. Scott - November 19, 2008

The singer in the TOS redux is too loud. ;-)

The Star Wars parody was absolutely hilarious. Well played, sir!

The one I’m calling “Enemy WIthin/Enemy Mine” was also very, very clever, even though I saw it coming. Still good.

Hats off to all!

Scott B. out.

24. sean - November 19, 2008

God, these are hilarious.

FYI, the last one is just the 90210 one again, not Top Gun.

25. StevenPDX - November 19, 2008

Great job, everyone! I am continually amazed at how creative this community can be!

Regarding the trailer and the volumes that have been written about continuity, canon, and “old vs. new,” I kept thinking as I watched it, “Wow. It doesn’t look the same as the Trek I’m used to–but it’s still rooted in the Trek I love.”

It reminded me of the adjustments I’ve made over the years: the TMP Enterprise, the Ent D and E, and pylons in Voyager that folded up like atrick car.

Though change ain’t easy, as they say, I’ll take new Trek (especially backed by real dollars from Paramount) over no Trek at all–even if it’s a little strange and unfamiliar.

26. Jean - November 19, 2008

LMFAO Jar Jar Binks really IS Scotty !!

27. haissemguy - November 19, 2008

the The latest Shatner Project vBlog is perfect.

28. Catie - November 19, 2008

I loved the Star Wars one. It was really funny and the dubbing was fantastic. Great Job!

29. captain_neill - November 19, 2008

I loved the latest Shatner Project sketch that was hilarious.

The other ones while fun showcase what I feel JJ Abrams is trying to turn Star Trek into.

These were fun

The trailer still confirms that JJ Abrams has screwed up Star Trek canon. It doesn’t matter anymore as the film is not canon.

30. Akaranger - November 19, 2008

Ok I have to say this are great I really like the Smallville one for some reason it worked so well with Star Trek. who knows one day Woners and Paramount may team up to do a crossover with Superman and Star Trek comic it happend before (X-men and Star Trek Marval)

31. hitch1969© say The OrcSter™ aint yella. - November 19, 2008

sincerest form of flattery.



32. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 19, 2008

Captain Neill,

You are very mistaken. The movie is canon.

33. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 19, 2008

You guys can expect the best parodies to come out within the next couple of weeks. I know youtubers:)

34. Captmike of the Terran Empire - November 19, 2008

Hey this was fantastic. I guess you can call it TrekVille staring Capt Kirk as Clark Kent. Ok thats so crazy and very funney. Love the paradies. Ok Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

35. Chris M - November 19, 2008

Awesome clips!

The first one with the TOS music was my favourite!

Not a huge fan of the Star Wars one though. It was interesting I suppose but how about we not compare James T Kirk to Darth Vader?!

36. Dr. Image - November 19, 2008

GeneralGrin- BRILLIANT! (And oh so obvious!) LMFAO!!!

37. Anthony Pascale - November 19, 2008

sorry about code on top trek

On my iphone now…Will fix when I get back from jj abrams LA event

38. DaiMonRon - November 19, 2008

Have fun, Anthony!! I’m feeling very jealous of you right now!!

39. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 19, 2008

There is a way better Tp Gun Trek with the erlin and Loggins music

Dead on funny

40. Richard Daystrom - November 19, 2008

I loved The latest Shatner Project vBlog !!! Kudos to ever thought that one up. Very Funny.

41. Corv - November 19, 2008

The latest Shatner Project vBlog (tvTrequer)
was the best by FAR


42. SPB - November 19, 2008


I was cracking up and smiling through all of them. The “Shatner Project” one is absolute, sheer genius.

43. spiked canon - November 19, 2008

Anikan gets my vote

44. Xplodin' Nacelle - November 19, 2008

That The Enemy Within clip never ceases to crack me up.

45. Sogh Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr - November 19, 2008

The Shatner vBlog was the best. “I’M KKKIRRRKKKK!”

In Top Trek, it is Spock in “Star Trek” Not Syler. Syler is in Heros. This is an insult to Trek.

46. Rastaman - November 19, 2008

HAHAHA … those put a smile on my face. What talent with so little footage to work with you’d think these guys were the professionals!

gommiL’s spot hit every beat of the original theme. Made me more excited perhaps than the actual trailer. I wish they’d incorporate the Shats original monologue somehow (even if it’s Nimoy delivering it a la Star Trek II)

The Uhura sequence in 90210 Trek was a riot. Not sure yet how I feel about them sexing up Trek. I still cringe when I think about how they treated T’pol.

And the Shatner Project … classic! Hits right at the heart of Shatner’s ego-complex.

Great work! Thanks for the laughs…

47. Steve H - November 19, 2008

wow .. that 1st one was pretty good … !… r u sure that that will not become the unofficial fan’s favorite !

48. Brett Campbell - November 19, 2008

Hmm… didn’t laugh once at any of ’em. Was always under the impression that parodies are supposed to be funny. I’ve got a good sense of humor, but didn’t find anything funny at all in these.

The Shatner clip from “Enemy Within” was used to much funnier effect a year or so ago when he saw an article about the rumor about Matt Damon purported to play on his cabin view screen.

49. S. John Ross - November 19, 2008

Brilliantly funny, and Anakin for the special “So True It Hurts” prize.

50. David (Flaming Wings Forever) - November 19, 2008

well, I thought they were a hoot.

51. Kayla Iacovino - November 19, 2008

All awesome!

52. Enterprise - November 19, 2008

Wow, lots of grainy footage. Nice.

53. Lousy_Canadian - November 19, 2008

TOS redux was amazing. I even got goosebumps while watching it.

54. Aaron R. - November 19, 2008

scotty = jar jar… yuck

55. Jason - November 19, 2008

Watching the TOS remix, it just hit me how much Trek is back with this. Sure, I thought the trailer was cool, but now that just makes it seem like classic Trek. But how did they replace Simon Pegg with Jar Jar, sure his part (as much of a Simon Pegg fan that I am) seems a bit awkward from what we’ve seen.

56. Weerd1 - November 19, 2008

Much MUCH fun, and yet the Smallville and Anakin versions actually seem to sum up my fears about this movie… Hmmm. I hope I am wrong.

57. trfnotos - November 19, 2008

Ha Haaaaa That Shatner Blog was some funny S***!!!

58. fred - November 19, 2008

That first one reminded me.. if we don’t hear the actual theme from Star Trek somewhere in this movie, it won’t really BE Star Trek! And I don’t mean just the Enterprise fanfare… the song… WITH the soprano!

Maybe at the end as the E flies away!

59. Spocko - November 19, 2008

The funniest one is the shatnerproject one. I couldn’t help but laugh when he starts yelling “I AM CAPTAIN KIRK!!!”

60. VOODOO - November 19, 2008

Star Trek 90210 was great.

The Shatner project was good as well.

Both make an argument for Shatner being in this film in their own way.

61. Soarez - November 19, 2008

So little footage, so little time, SO MUCH TALENT.
Mr. Abrams, watch and cry! That’s how your $100Mil movie sounds: PARODY!

62. Sparks Brain - November 19, 2008

Starring: James T Kirk
Starring: Sylar… LMAO!!!

63. Darth Ballz - November 19, 2008

Watched the “Smallville” video, guess that some people have ALOT of free time. I have to work and get stuff done during the day! LOL!

Darth “Free Time” Ballz

64. Kelvington - November 19, 2008

Thanks for all the kind words, personally I laughed hardest at “The latest Shatner Project vBlog” by tvTrequer. On the Smallville video, one hour and twenty-two minutes edit time. And yes I do have a lot of free time, so if you need a video edited, and you have the cash, I’m your guy. :)

65. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 19, 2008

This illustrates completely why it may not be safe for Star Trek to be a big screen movie without strict respect for the original material.

The “I am Captiain Kirk is still the best and most dramatic.

A troubled Trek fan here indeed.

Are we all becoming just too cynical anymore for a new interpertation of Star Trek.

66. LostonNCC1701 - November 19, 2008

The Smallville one is the best.

67. HMS Enterprise - November 19, 2008


‘The new Scotty is portrayed by someone who is brittish, he’s probably a whole lot closer to a Scottish accent than any American would have been.’

You’re quite right, Pegg is British. But so is the character of Scotty. Pegg just happens to be from England where as Scotty was from Scotland. Perhaps you meant English? Sorry to be pedantic, its just this thing I have. But yes, he’ll be a hell of a lot closer to a Scottish accent that an American or anyone else who isn’t from the British Isles. I believe his wife is Scottish also so that must help enormously.

68. oztrek - November 19, 2008

The star wars was a great parody and very cleverly dubbed.

I take comfort that Kirk and Spock were around before Annakin Skywalker (going by our earth timeline ) so as pointed as the similarities in the plot might be .. Trek 1 Star Wars 0

69. Jeff - November 19, 2008

The Shatner Project one was hilarious. I had a good belly laugh at that one.

70. diggin up bones - November 19, 2008

Hey.. Hey, I like that neo-trek a lot better with the original music by, who? Alexander Courage or someone. It brought a tear to me eye. Also, I loves me some blue jedi woman.

71. charlie - November 19, 2008

YUP! That’s just aboot how the ol’ Shat-ster is feelin’ right aboot now!!!

72. Minitrap - November 19, 2008

I made my own video. Star Trek with a little A-Team-Style

It’s my first try, so I hope you like it.
PS: Please apologise my bad english.

73. LostonNCC1701 - November 19, 2008

I just realized that the new Scotty has too many fingers! NOT CANNON!

74. Third Remata'Klan - November 19, 2008

The Smallville one is very well done.

I couldn’t help it; I laughed my @$$ off during the 90210 video…!

And the Star Wars vid? Wow, that’s really well edited. Kudos!

Jar Jar Binks as Scotty? LMAO! I love it!

75. Kelvington - November 19, 2008

A-Team was very funny. Nice sight gags. That should be added to the videos above.

#73. That’s so wrong, on so many levels, but funny as hell.

76. Jesustrek - November 19, 2008

The latest Shatner Project vBlog , and Smallville trek ,,,funny.

77. WallDoctor - November 19, 2008

I loved the Star Wars one.

78. Ashley - November 19, 2008

ahaha the A-Team one is great! …and I actually kinda liked the Top Gun one.. :3

79. Sallah - November 19, 2008

All fantastic…the 90210 one cracked me up…

80. Julio - November 19, 2008

That A-Team one was so great… I want that in HD on the BIG SCREEN!

81. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - November 19, 2008

The A Team was funny as hell. Especialy Rosie O Donnel As the Hungry Monstar. Hey I guess she had a small cameo as her self. Lol. The rest were great as well. Can’t wait to see more.

82. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - November 19, 2008

Im Capt Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. IM Capt Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Shat we all feel for ya.

83. Emotionally logical - November 19, 2008

did anyone else notice that the star trek trailer came on during terminator on Monday, right after Brian Austin Green’s scene? Star Trek 90210 LOL.. Sorry, I had too lol

84. Xplodin' Nacelle - November 19, 2008

The A Team one was pretty cool too.

I cracked up at the “Dennis The Menace” title.


85. Spocks BRAIN - November 19, 2008

there is a reason for all these parodies…

Star trek 11 is everything else, except star trek!

Especially the one with anakin… sheeeshhh

Yes Shatner is the real Kirk…. and still will be it seems after this movie.

86. Iowagirl - November 20, 2008


87. Sid - November 20, 2008

A-Trek ftw. Gold from start to finish.

88. Jack - November 20, 2008

What’s wrong with Trek having state of the art special effects, a future that actually looks like the future and amazing action… make it more like Star Wars, I say… as long as you don’t lose the Star Trek spirit… which at it’s best was about action and struggle. Just my opinion.

89. Jack - November 20, 2008

and… these were awesome. smallville = amazing. is that after effects?

90. Geoffers - November 20, 2008

#48….. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez, !! not enough that folks on here slag off the films, the new film, Enterprise, oh and bits of TNG – ah and mix in a bit Voyager and DS9 for goodluck, oh and of course the trailer… now it’s the parodies that get slagged… ‘

Grow up you sulky child.. or maybe better still, try being creative yourself, instead of picking holes in others people effors.

Well done to those involved in Trek, past, present, new, oh yeah and parody! We thankyou (well, I do)…

91. Jote - November 20, 2008

“The latest Shatner Project vBlog” – laughed my ass off. Hilarious.

90210 great as well with all those car/motorbike scenes

92. Digginjim - November 20, 2008

The 90210 parody cracks me up, but also loved the Shatner vBlog and the A-Team parody – just fun to hear the theme tune…. Rosie O’Donnell and ‘hungry monster’… hilarious….

93. Tom - November 20, 2008

And no one has done a (modern) Battlestar Galactica opening parody yet???

94. cinemadeus - November 20, 2008

Although the TOS Redux-Clip was kinda cool I got the feeling that these boys have too much spare time… get a job!

95. Kelvington - November 20, 2008

#89. Totally Sony Vegas Video. After Effect while amazing, is evil EVIL I TELL YOU. At least until I figure it out. Spockboy swears by it, I swear at it.

96. Charles Root - November 20, 2008

The “Top Trek” is great, cause the first time I saw the trailer, I turned to my wife and said, the opening is just like that scene in Top Gun. I was waiting for a shuttle to take off next to Pine.

Great work!

97. Ricci - November 20, 2008

I wonder if people will still love the Abrams star trek movie in 40 plus years?

98. steve - November 20, 2008

#10 -“the new Scotty does kinda sound like Jar-Jar. Fascinating.”

I literally laughed out loud at Jar-Jar.

99. Jan - November 20, 2008

@ tvTrequer:
great idea!

100. mike - November 20, 2008

loved the atrek one i knew that hungry monster looked familiar

101. Trek Nerd Central - November 20, 2008

These are hilarious. Thanks for posting them, Anthony. That shat-bashing one’s a keeper.

102. Pete - November 20, 2008

I just posted another alternate trailer. I was inspired by the TOS variants posted above, and remembered that there was an article here at Trek Movie about a fellow that had seen footage from the film and went home and wrote his own take on what the main title score could sound like, so I did a re cut of the new trailer with that score and done as if it were the opening credits to a TV show.

Here is the link:

103. Pete - November 20, 2008

Higher res version on VEOH as well:

104. Paul B. - November 20, 2008

All of these are great, but I think “UPDATE 2 A TOS ‘canon’ edit from the other way around (VentureJl) is my favorite because it showed that the trailer’s content would work just fine with our old TOS folks in the mix. I love it!

105. Scott Gammans - November 20, 2008

Wow, that Mike Verta score was something!

106. ucdom - November 20, 2008

Hell yeah, the Mike Verta music is GREAT. Where can I buy that????

Jar Jar Binks as Scotty…. I nearly shatnered my pants laughing.

These new trailers are brilliant. Well done guys. The perfect antidote to all the CRAP about canon and whatnot.

107. Scott Gammans - November 20, 2008

I could easily see Mike’s score playing over the main end credits of next summer’s movie… in fact, I played it about six times just now, imagining myself making my way out of the theater while his score blasts over the theater speakers. Ahhhhh.

108. James - November 20, 2008


109. Andy S - November 20, 2008

I actually liked the “TOS redux (gommiL)” trailer better than the official one!

110. badboy1230 - November 20, 2008

Found another good parody:

111. steve - November 20, 2008

#97 – “I wonder if people will still love the Abrams star trek movie in 40 plus years?”


People will say, “look at those miniskirts. They look so mid-20th century.”

112. Trek Nerd Central - November 20, 2008


Ha! And the pointy sideburns. Though I gotta say, they’ve worn well over the years.

At least no one in the new cast wears a Beatles wig or a beehive, eh?

113. Adam Cohen - November 20, 2008

My vote is for the A-TEAM one!

114. tvTrequer - November 20, 2008

The “TOS canon edit from the other way around” is not from VentureJl, its from Edmo85

115. tvTrequer - November 20, 2008

Thanks for all the kind words!

116. Anthony Thompson - November 20, 2008

Anakin is absolutely brilliant!

117. rob - November 20, 2008

“The latest Shatner Project vBlog”
absolutley brilliant!!!!

i only wish it could go on longer

118. Anthony Brooks Fellows - November 20, 2008


Despite being Canadian, James Doohan managed to stumble his way through and bury himself in the part–somehow.

119. snoopytrek - November 20, 2008

Ok…I see the Smallville one and think, that’s the audience the studio wants Abrams to go after with this project. Then I see the one for Star Wars/Anakin and start to agree with the fans that the plot is a ripoff of SWs. I end up watching the all even to the last that shows the clips with Mike Verta’s take on Courage’s Classic score. And, as I watch, my heart skips a beat or two as it usually does every time I hear those opening notes and I start to think to myself…Eh, why don’t we all just shut up and give the Abrams a chance. Like some of us have said before…Hell, it’s a Trek project back in the theaters!

Great job on all of these. Positive responses or not….”I’m Captain Kirrrrk!”…classic.

120. ThePhaige - November 20, 2008

Star Wars Anakin was the shiz. When they had JarJar in place of Simon Pegg I about fell out of my chair. I know, Im sorry, it wasnt really funny .

121. Shaun - November 20, 2008

honestly, i do not get the comparison to teen melodrama. 90210, really? most of the actors playing the classic trek characters are close to my age.

Chris Pine: 28
Zachary Quinto: 31
Karl Urban: 36
Simon Pegg: 38
Zoe Saldana: 30
John Cho: 36
Anton Yelchin: 19
Bruce Greenwood: 52
Eric Bana: 30
Winona Ryder: 37
Ben Cross: 60
Leonard Nimoy: 77

except for anton, it is not quite the cast of your typical nighttime teen soap opera. :)

122. Andy Patterson - November 20, 2008

All very good. It’s very exciting to see the old show with the new music and slightly fresher attitude. That’s really the treatment I’d have preferred. Just me.

I’m also reminded what a cool freakin’ theme song the A-team was. Great era. Perhaps the last great era of theme songs before their decline, now that I think about it. Someone ought to do a study on that.

123. bdrcarter - November 21, 2008

I continue to be surprised and delighted by my fellow Star Trek fans. What a creative and funny bunch of people! Those mainstream critics that dismiss our community just don’t know us very well.

Well Done!!!!

(Where did the score come from for the video from PeteFX? It was outstanding.)

124. Tom - November 21, 2008

GeneralGrin made another parody of the trailer

125. ster julie - November 22, 2008

These are very creative, but the A-Team paraody has my vote!

126. Scott Gammans - November 22, 2008


The composer is Mike Verta, and you can hear a much higher-quality MP3 on his website:

127. digital garbage » New Star Trek trailer - November 22, 2008

[…] a list of spoofs and parodies of the new Trek trailer (such as Smallville Trek, etc.), go to TrekMovie. swfobject.embedSWF(“″, “vvq492843053c23f”, […]

128. Christine - November 22, 2008

The Shatner vBlog was hysterical. xD

And I had just finished re-watching that episode yesterday, hehe! x3

Looks like ’60’s Kirk needs to be a little more tolerant of Mr. Pine.

…And cut back on the eyeliner. *hysterical giggling*

129. Sylars Brain - November 22, 2008

#118 despite being Canadian? Shat was Canadian also… and you’re a shop vac.

130. Bloons - November 22, 2008



131. Aaron Jackson - November 22, 2008


Check IMDB, Eric Bana is 40 not 30

132. Edgar - November 23, 2008

133. Warp - November 23, 2008

Few funny pics :D :

134. Warp - November 23, 2008

Anthony, please put this:

135. scotty's toolchest - November 23, 2008

these parodies are clear indications by the theme songs that they are swipes at the sophomoric integrity and nose-diving that JJ has led Trek! Really, I have lost my appetite for trek now that I’ve seen this crotch-shot Kevin-smith audience trailer.

136. Elaan_of_Troyius - November 24, 2008

#12 – I’m Scottish, and no, he’s not! ;-))

137. SmartRemarks » The new Star Trek trailer: boldly going awry? - November 27, 2008

[…] these days, it was released online this week, for all the world to see. And comment upon. (And satirize. And annotate shot-by-shot. Yes, while I would never deny my own geek status, there are people in […]

138. James A. Good - February 4, 2009

Shatner thoughts is a classic, in the A-Team Leonard “He’s dead Jim” McCoy. is inventive as well.

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