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New Clues In Star Trek Viral ARG [UPDATE: More Clues] April 15, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Games,Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek ARG , trackback

Over the weekend TrekMovie reported on a Viral ‘Alternative Reality Game’ for the new Star Trek movie with clues being left in images and on various websites. Although we think we solved one of the clues, it appears there is more to this game than originally thought. Today we have some more found clues, which only lead to more questions about the scope of the overall game.
[article updated with more clues found by TM community members]


More Star Trek ARG clues [UDPATED]
Over the weekend TrekMovie, with the help of some of the community members, tracked down the URL for a website, based on clues from other websites (see full story). Originally the clues indicated that this website ( would go live on Friday, but it is already live with some cryptic clues that have shown up over the last couple of days.

Here is what is there now (Wed. afternoon):

PHPChatUser1: テスト中、テスト中。誰かいる?僕が時間より早いのはわかってるんだけど、誰か応答もらえた?

____PHPChatUser1 has disconnected____

PHPChatUser2: Carrefour de la Rue de la Fédération et Rue de Presles

____PHPChatUser2 has disconnected____

The first bit is in Japanese and a translation (thanks to TM Twitter follower Ben Warren) is:

Testing, testing. Is anyone there? I know that I am early. Will someone answer?

The second ‘PHPChat’ message is in French an translates to identifying an intersection between two streets (Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles). Those are real streets in Paris and they do intersect, close to the Eiffel Tower. You can see the intersection at Google maps, including a ‘street view.’ The only thing really of note is a cafe ‘Les Presles.’ It isn’t’ clear if this is the clue, or if there is something on that corner. la Federation does translate into ‘Federation’ which has an obvious link to Star Trek, but Presles is just and onld French name and does not have an obvious Trek connection.

(TrekMovie has asked our friends at Unification France to send a man to the intersection tomorrow to see if there is anything there…we will report any findings)

French clue?

If anyone has any ideas what the above French and Japanese clues could lead to, type it into the comments below.

UPDATE: French clues leading to email address?
Many TM community members have noticed that the French intersection is showing up in a number of posts on various French websites, like this one at this one at All the posts are being left by a ‘Malak0′ who joined these sites on April 15th. The posts are notices that Malak0 found an electronic device. Here is a translation from Eric Saussine of Unification France:

I just put an announcement on Vivastreet for Appareil: rue-de-la-federation-et-rue-de-presles It looks like a PALM with a large digital screen – bigger than a phone but not really a laptop. I didn’t succeed in making it work but I will try again. All I get from it is a rather annoying buzz. I was sitting at the café at the intersection of rue de la Fédération and rue de Presles when a guy ran through. He fell by hitting the chairs and started shouted loudly at every people without reason who tried to help him. He was running so face I coudn’t see his face. Once on his feet, he ran towards the bank on the other side of the street. When the waityer came back to put the chairs in place I saw the funny machine. If you’re the one who lost it and if you’re no serial killer and if you’re not crazy, you can contact me by email. I think such an item deserves a reward!

Now the email address for Malak0 is  (notice the middle letters ‘klvn’ for USS Kelvin?). Emails sent to this address so far get no reply. [and I apologize to Malok0 if you are not part of this Star Trek ARG.]

UPDATE: New ‘stardate’ website
Also some Trek fans have found out that is the same website as the IP website ( It is worth noting that Stardates in the movie use that same format with the real year and then 42 would signify which day of the year (so that stardate would be for February 11th, 2387). This date seems to line up with the events of the "Star Trek Countdown" comic series, which is a prequel to the Star Trek movie.

Well done TM community, keep the clue search going!


From original article…

Sound clue?
Even though a URL was discovered from that first set of website clues, there may still be more clues to the game embedded. We still don’t know what the Roman numeral VI means that shows up on all the sties. Also TM reader Matt Wiley think he has found Star Trek effects sounds, when he slows down the audio from the flash movies that play on the various ‘binary’ sites. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Number clue on official site?
TM community member ‘WhatInBlueBlazes’ has been looking closely at the official site at and noticed that the number 680 pops up in a few places around the bridge panoramas. It could just be a coincidence, or it could be a clue. 

Does 680 mean anything?

What does it all mean?
Even if this is not a clue, it is possible there are other clues on the official site. The way these ARG things work, clues tend to be on multiple sites. Our last article was focused solely on clues found in pictures from Star Trek Dance Parties at, but that does not mean that is the only location for clues. 

If you think you have solved something or just are on to something, let people know in the comments below. Also if you think you are on to something, feel free to send it in an email to: tips at trekmovie dot com.


1. Jeyl - April 15, 2009

Hopefully it’s not an XboX promotion.

2. SweetLode - April 15, 2009


3. Kyle Cawley - April 15, 2009

Hmmm… well the fact that the message (in part) translates to “I know that I am early” might still indicate that something additional will happen on that URL friday!

4. admiral - April 15, 2009

Now for the commentary , who is this Viral for ? Whats the demographic? Me? The old time Trekker who’s sick of computers by the time he gets home from work ?

5. Sean - April 15, 2009

lol, I love viral marketing but not this late to release date….

6. fwise3 - April 15, 2009

Maybe someone needs to be at the intersection on FRIDAY since that was the date indicated before?

7. Ran - April 15, 2009

Obviously there is a…. pattern?

8. TomcatJosh - April 15, 2009

I cant open up the sound file

9. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

As for the audio clue… I’ve modified it to account for temperature, density and salinity factors to see what it would sound like underwater and it appears to be whale song. Just sayin’.

10. rm10019 - April 15, 2009

Humpbacked…people??? :)

11. ProperTrekkieUK - April 15, 2009

Wow this is cool! I will admit I have a massive soft spot for viral marketing! I often find it very poetic especially as the world is so small these days, what with globalisation and all! Very exciting stuff indeedie…no idea though, sorry!

12. KJ - April 15, 2009

On Tuesday April 14th, J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana and Eric Bana all came to the Hotel Parc Hyatt in one of upscale districts of Paris to talk to the press about Star Trek.

hm..maybe they drunk some romulan ale there

13. The Wild Man of Borneo - April 15, 2009

what’s the point of all this?

14. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

Off the deep end Mr. Scott!

15. dfinn - April 15, 2009

Thanks to all of you very smart people for digging these up for all of us (nearly as) smart people who just don’t have time to do all of this on our own!

Really, honestly, thanks. I get such a tickle out of all this…

16. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

You propose we go back in time, pick up some humpback whales, bring them forward in time and hope the hell they tell thing what to go do with itself?!

17. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

Not now Madeline!

18. NCC-73515 - April 15, 2009

089 is the telephone prefix for Munich…

19. Kirk, James T. - April 15, 2009

13> it’s a little thing that most people call FUN ;)

interesting sound, sounds like the bridge background noise and an engine starting up???

20. LoneStranger - April 15, 2009

If you do a view->source on the PHPChat page, you can see that there is a timer set to update the page every second, however, upon page load, it stops the timer.

Based on that and the rest of the source, it looks like a half-implemented web chat client, if the name PHPChat wasn’t obvious enough. If you removed the part of the page that stops the page load, and add a text box that posts back to the server, I would think you’d have your text chat client all set. There is an AJAX library used by the page and it’s really in depth.

I don’t know if there really are clues here. Someone could be testing something on the site before it or something else goes live.

My first thought is that perhaps the intersection is where the Federation HQ, Palais de la Concorde, is located at in the future, but that’s not right.

It’s possible it’s the location of the bar scene in the movie.

21. dfinn - April 15, 2009

Interesting — I just looked at the sourcce for the page, as well…

Glad to know there’s someone else on the same wavelength…

22. KJ - April 15, 2009

@ post18: there´s a nightclub in munich called 089 ;-)
but i think thats not a clue.

maybe the st crew went to cafe presles to get a drink or two yesterday. i dont think that there´s more on the google picture. only the beer name “kronenbourg”, barcleys bank and 279QDX75 on a car

23. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - April 15, 2009

Is it the bar that Lt. Paris created in the Holodeck? Or, at least the future location of Paris’ bar?

24. Pragmaticus - April 15, 2009

20 – that’s in Iowa.

25. Matt - April 15, 2009

All of this is WAY over my head, but I noticed something about that sound file that I can’t help but mention. I’m not hearing sound effects from the new movie (in part because I don’t know what that would sound like), I’m hearing another Trek tie-in — V’Ger. Does this not sound like that? At least parts of it, the “whoooping” sounds.

I’m sure that V’Ger doesn’t factor into anything… it would seem like a major detour from what they’ve already done. But that was my impression of the audio clue.

Oh… before I “say it!”… I’m convinced some of this is backwards too. I know this was talked about in the other thread, but some of this sounds clearly reversed.

26. Randy H. - April 15, 2009

This particular type of viral marketing is – in a word – stupid. The only people who are willing to spend the time to work it out, and enjoy the process of working it out, are people who are ALREADY going to see the movie. This approach will likely not put one more butt in a seat come May. I have no idea why anyone at Paramount would authorize such an ad campaign . . . but if you like puzzles have at it!

27. Charles Trotter - April 15, 2009

20. LoneStranger — the bar scene in the movie was in Iowa

28. spockatatic - April 15, 2009

Computer? Ah! Hello, Computer.

29. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

The french bar Lt. Paris created was in Marselles

30. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

I know he’s a Ruskie but he’s a retard or something!

31. luke montgomery - April 15, 2009

What did you say she’s got?

32. Paul B. - April 15, 2009

It all means, “Drink more Ovaltine.”

33. mikey_pikey (Ireland) - April 15, 2009

this all means diddly squat to me, overload overload! the only thing i can see on this site is spocks jelly fish, on the grey static, lol this a magic eye thing yeah?

34. DGill - April 15, 2009

I hate to say it, but these are the lamest viral games ever. I wasn’t a big viral game fanatic to begin with, but I remember following the viral campaigns for “The Dark Knight” and even “Cloverfield” (guess which movie let us down the most). This is just boring, even for “Star Trek”.

35. Matt - April 15, 2009

Although I still think that some of these sounds resemble V’Ger, I’m sure that’s not the direction they’re going. I reversed the .wav provided by Matt Wiley and what I hear is very distorted music (sorry, don’t have a way to post it). One of the sounds, loud and clear, is what sounds like somebody banging on industrial cables, but rhythmically. It’s almost a drum beat.

Perhaps someone with more audio processing savvy can dig in a bit more. Maybe a melody is discernible, and with that a new clue?

36. Publius - April 15, 2009

Sounds more like a turbolift if you ask me

37. DJT - April 15, 2009

What is the Latitude and Longitude for that intersection?

38. Seattle Trek Fan - April 15, 2009

If I recall correctly, the President of the Federation has their office in Paris. Maybe this site is what will become the headquarters of the Federation in the future…

39. robbysteve64 - April 15, 2009


40. charliebob - April 15, 2009

I am curious about this bit of the source for the website:
var sid = Math.random();
new Ajax.Updater(‘chat_box’, ‘index.php?sid=’ + sid , {asynchronous:true});

So it appends a random number to the end of the index page address. What is sid?
I’ve plenty experience with Java but not with JS.

41. Ian Watson - April 15, 2009

I can’t think of any solid connection offhand, but Romulans, Nero and the Roman numberal VI are all references to Rome.

42. Aaron R. - April 15, 2009

To frakking hard for me… I am enjoying watching what you guys are posting and following along…

43. Dances With Klingons - April 15, 2009

Seattle Trek Fan,
I think you may be on to something. The Federation Government is in Paris.
I still think that this is like the radio signals that travel through space, but we are getting them from the future.

What ever this is, it’s made this 41 year old excited about Star Trek again.

Long live Star Trek!

44. moonjewel - April 15, 2009

The Enterprise – E is 680 meters long

6 stands for internet protocol version 6

45. StarTrekkie - April 15, 2009

I played it backwards and didn’t hear anything special. =/

46. JB - April 15, 2009

32: “Drink more Ovaltine.”

Well played! Maybe they’ll give out leg lamps as prizes.

47. charliebob - April 15, 2009

VI could stand for Vancouver Island, Canada.

Or the British (or American) Virgin Islands.

Or it could stand for Vidi Infra which means “see Below”

Just throwing it out there. :)

48. Skagen - April 15, 2009

to me it sounds like various sounds used for the transporter throughout the series/movies/generations all mashed up together. especially the sound used for the transporter in ST II and III, just distorted. Or the new warp drive sound or something. I can’t see into it any further than that. :/ …fascinating…

49. Mateo - April 15, 2009

Where do we order those awesome T-shirts that some of the cool kidz in Paris are wearing in the Trek-themed dance party pictures?

~Please let me know as I want to order them from any vendor available!

50. Fallen_62 - April 15, 2009

@20 and 21 – I did the same thing as soon as I saw the page :P

51. Aaron R. - April 15, 2009

I seem to remember the stuff for the Dark Knight being cool and drawing me in way more than this… Anybody else think so?

52. Tanner Waterbury (HUGE PINK FLOYD FAN) - April 15, 2009

Well i just reversed the sound, and to be honest, it kinda sounds like some sort of music, i cant quite know what to make of it. For those more experienced with sound engineering, see if you can try and “clean it up”.

53. Fallen_62 - April 15, 2009

@40 – the index.php?sid=’+sid means that they (might) have php code in the document that handles the variable “sid”. The Math.Random() just assigns a random value to sid, then the “sid=” is the PHP way to pass values using the “GET” method instead of the “POST” method. So what that all means, I have no idea because we have no way of seeing the PHP code that they have on the page >.<

54. charliebob - April 15, 2009
if you go there, all you get is “No” lol

55. charliebob - April 15, 2009

@53 Cheers for letting me know. Guess we all just have to wait and see. Fun fun.

56. Fallen_62 - April 15, 2009

@54 – That’s just a document type definition. An effort to make all pages on the internet conform to a standard (XHTML Strict). That’s the strict one, meaning that your code has to be perfect for it to be validated as strict XHTML. There are 2 others i think… Transitional and Frameset… That really doesn’t point to anything spectacular, unfortunately :(

57. Captain Ituarte - April 15, 2009

Hey Anthony is it possible to add a time stamp to this site for every post? We all would find it helpful to know when new articles and replies are submitted. Just an idea for tracking purposes…

58. Lt. Ricky - April 15, 2009

From what I can tell, the sound is heard in blocks. Maybe if the noise can be removed from those blocks, something can be interpreted…

59. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 15, 2009

The Javascript at the top of the page is simply making an Ajax call to what is intended to appear as a scrolling chat window. The call to the Ajax.Updater to is simply a reference to the “index.php” page at the host site, while the ?SID= is simply a parameter being passed to the script on the server.

Right now, the value of SID is randomly generated and doesn’t affect the operation of the page. You can manually type the entire URL of the site ( (or any number other than 1 you wish) and you’ll get the same content you see just hitting the site directly.

I strongly suspect the Javascript code is intended to appear as a chat page that will be updated with new “messages” at various intervals that are of anyone’s guess. I think the intent of the “scrolltobottom” code is to give the website the illusion/animation of a “live” chat window.


60. fred - April 15, 2009

Here, fellow! Jump! Jump through the hoop!

Here’s you a treat… good boy!

61. Marv - April 15, 2009

I hope it’s not a cookbook. A ‘cookbook’.

62. Skeptic - April 15, 2009

There are many numbers present in the Google StreetView, including ones from street signs and ones on license plates. Could these be the clues to another website? Part of a license plate is “279”, which, backwards, could be the start of an IP address with “97.2….”? Stretching, I know.

63. Trekwebmaster - April 15, 2009


From Korean to English:

テスト中 and テスト中.誰かいる adequate parking 僕が時間より早いのはわかってるんだけど and 誰か応答もらえた adequate parking

From Tradition Chinese to English:

Thi ス ト ス ト, thi.DJ who か? が time よ? servant character early DJ? わ か は? which is more??,? he who か も ら (kana) – initial response for た?

From Simplified Chinese to English:

Thi ス ト ス ト, thi.DJ who か? が time よ? servant character early DJ? わ か は? which is more??,? he who か も ら (kana) – initial response for た?

From Japanese to English:

Test your being tested.That someone? though i know i earlier to the time of someone being response possible?

No other translations offered interpretations.

**scratches head**

64. Trekwebmaster - April 15, 2009

sounds like an universal translator gone mad…lol.

65. Trekwebmaster - April 15, 2009

Also when the above IP is validated, there are 5 errors on the page…funny since the page is Xhtml – strict…it shouldn’t have errors.

Refer to this URL:

66. maguwadra - April 15, 2009

I notice there is a store on the Paris street corner named Barclays with a cat poster on the window across from Le Presles. Clicking on the street view arrow into the red truck makes it more obvious. The cat looks similar to Lt. Barclay’s cat Neelix as seen in Voyager and memory-alpha. just an observation. its probably nothing.

67. Dr. M. Nichols - April 15, 2009

The number “7”, or possibly “7%”, also appears on the window in the same manner as the cat. A successor to “VI”?

68. Fallen_62 - April 15, 2009

@65 – Unfortunately Javascript doesn’t really let you have strict XHTML very easily. However, they’re at fault for using “language=’javscript'” instead of “type=’text/javascript'” in each of their javascript blocks.

@59 – I had a long response typed up, but I lost it by accident :( Suffice to say, I have run all the tests that I can think of and I believe you are quite correct. Show me the hoop so I can jump through it now :P

69. Trekkie88 - April 15, 2009

Maybe there even clues on TrekMovie! Perhaps clues were dropped in exclusive interviews or anything else that was provided by Paramount.

70. moonjewel - April 15, 2009

All the other pages have errors also

71. Trekkie88 - April 15, 2009

Don’t you think there is certainly a lot of code for such a sparse, plain text site? I am not an expert on code so, is there some kind code that does not create visible stuff on the page, but encrypts something, or something? Like I said, I am no expert, & just know a little bit about HTML code.

72. moonjewel - April 15, 2009

I have never come across a site that doesn’t have errors. It means nothing Look at It has 230 Errors, 102 warning(s)

73. Fallen_62 - April 15, 2009

@71 – Well, if there is any PHP code on the page (and the page is index.php, but that doesn’t mean they have php code on it) we can’t see it anyway and have no way of getting at it… The Web server processed the PHP and then renders the response as HTML before sending the page back to your computer/browser, so we can never see PHP code behind a page.

As for “hidden” things, it may not be visible on the page, but it would show up in the source somewhere. The encrypting thing may be, but that would take a packet sniffer/traffic watcher to determine, and I doubt that is what is happening.

74. Locke for President - April 15, 2009

If you write down every seventh letter in this article, you get another clue.

75. Trekwebmaster - April 15, 2009

6% 7%?

I wonder if that has anything to do with the audio?

There is something in that audio file…I just bet there is…compressed it sounds like the animated star trek signals…wish I knew more of how they altered the file to decode it.

I tried using 680, .680, 6.8, etc but will have to work on it more.

76. moonjewel - April 15, 2009

maybe the clue is at the cafe’s website

77. Trekwebmaster - April 15, 2009

wonder if that is kHz frequencies?

6800 680 68 6.8 .68??

any additional audiophiles willing to help test?

78. saskabush - April 15, 2009

In your screen capture that is titled “Does 680 mean anything?” The image on the right looks just like the province of Alberta. So are they finally getting the showing that they have been trying to get in Vulcan, Alberta?

79. Pragmaticus - April 15, 2009

Check out the new official-sponsored game on

80. AJ - April 15, 2009


Unfortunately it’s just some online brainteasers with the “Trek” theme and look.

81. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 15, 2009

FWIW, the “PHP chat site” is hosted on an Apache web server…

82. Pragmaticus - April 15, 2009

80 – Yeah, but the Star Trek page on Facebook is promoting it. It has a picture of Chekov in there I’ve never seen before.

83. Chingatchkook - April 15, 2009

I noticed by past posters that many of the alleged viral sites were registered through If one enters “http://” to prompt the page’s statistics, one is presented with a popup requesting a username and password. The popup mentions another website, “”. The various ‘whois’ sites didn’t have much information on this site that I could find, however if one navigates to, the same enigmatic ‘chat’ appears here.

I’m not familiar enough with the intricate minutiae of Star Trek, does 2387-42 mean anything to anyone?

84. LoneStranger - April 15, 2009

@40, @53, @59 – Usally when a webpage makes multiple requests back to the server using the same URL, a random variable is tacked onto the end of the requests to fool the browser and any proxy servers into thinking that it’s a unique request, therefore, it must actually make contact with the server to get new information. If it doesn’t do that, sometimes the browser or proxy servers will assume that whatever they have in the cache is still good and send that along instead. If that happens, you can’t be sure you’re getting the most recent version of the page.

So ‘sid’ isn’t a clue.

@24, @27 – yea, I realized that after I posted it. I’ve been avoiding reading much about the story, so I wasn’t thinking about Iowa at the time.

I’m not sure there are any clues on this page at all, at least not yet. We’ll see what happens on Friday when it goes live. Or maybe the clue is that it will go live on Paris’ Friday? I don’t know. Too much work for nothing right now.

85. CCT - April 15, 2009

#83 Maybe nothing, but it’s curious that 2387-42=2345.

BTW that’s the year Data graduates from Starfleet Academy. ;-)

86. Chingatchkook - April 15, 2009

#83….maybe I can partially answer my own question. Someone from mentions that the movie starts at the end of the comic cliffhanger, which occurs in the year 2387. I haven’t read any of the comics…is this true?

87. Trekkie88 - April 15, 2009

#83: 2387, according to Memory Alpha the Star Trek Wiki, is the year in which the Countdown comics take place. And just out of curiosity, I went to page 42 of the TPB. It is at the point in the story when Picard & Spock meet for the first time since Unification, Spock is only allowed back on Vulcan because of “an old captain’s prerogative.” Also, Data has to remind Picard that the Enterprise is no longer OUR ship, but is just his.
I don’t know if anyone can figure anything out from this or not.

88. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 15, 2009

@84: “So SID isn’t a clue”

Probably agree, but I’m not entirely convinced there isn’t at least the opportunity to backfill that site with some other content pretty easily, and differentiating what gets displayed by altering how that SID value is generated. Random today, but tomorrow….?

89. mr. mugato - April 15, 2009

I don’t know what any of that means but there are going to be people dressed up in Star Trek uniforms / costumes running around all the major cities with promos and give aways for two weeks before the picture comes out.

90. Trekkie88 - April 15, 2009

Re: my #87, well its not Memory Alpha, its Memory Beta, the “non-canon” Star Trek Wiki.

91. Odkin - April 15, 2009

I solved it!

When you put it all the IP addresses together, divide by the square roots of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42, and then add how many back-end points Abrams gets, all the clues spell out the urgent message:


92. Trekkie88 - April 15, 2009

#83 & #85: Maybe I’m reaching, but… Logically (at least to me), because Data graduated in 2345 “2387-42=2345″, & page 42 of Countdown has Data, then its about Data & Countdown. Maybe… I don’t know.

93. Thomas - April 15, 2009

Throughout the audio clip, you can hear what sounds like the transporter effect. I personally cannot discern every other particular Enterprise sound effects.

94. Thomas - April 15, 2009

I went to Memory Alpha to look up any potentially valuable events from the year 2342:

9 April – Jean-Luc Picard has a rendezvous with Jenice at the Café des Artistes in Paris, which he fails to keep. (TNG: “We’ll Always Have Paris”)

That’s all I could find that had anything to do with what we are looking at.

95. bob hitching - April 16, 2009

On the Google Maps Streetview of the Paris intersection, the van is transporting Kronen*borg* lager.

Maybe we will see some product placement of a Kronenborg tinnie in the movie, linked to a viral marketing campaign. Winner gets a lifetime supply of lager. “Star Trek powered by Kronenborg. Resistance is futile.”

Or maybe not.

96. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

I too noticed the change in the site with the “phpchat” mid-day today just before I left for work.
I kept on thinking about it all evening and when I got home tonight I had to check again.
I didn’t realize that this afternoon I was looking at a new “clue”, but it I knew felt odd.
“Rue de la Fédération” was something… it must be…
When I brought up this site I was pleased to see all this info on this thread.
I also looked at the source and page info tonight… nothing seems out of line. Or is it?
I assume this url will have something more on Friday.
I just can’t help but think there is something big in all this we are missing…
but where to look?
I guess I’ll go back and look over all the clues again and see if there are any other numbers that may be dates, coordinates, url addresses, zip codes, etc
I think I may be up a while…

97. BadBunnyMike - April 16, 2009

What if the messages are popping up in languages of where the World Tour is going…I mean weren’t they just in France? and before that didn’t they do Asia somewhere? MAybe the next clue is going to be in the language of the next stop?

98. New Clues In Star Trek Viral ARG | - April 16, 2009

[…] the rest here:  New Clues In Star Trek Viral ARG | Tags: accessed-at-epic, chris-pine, clue, council, freestyle-cruising, hotel-parc, lucky-enough, […]

99. Nico - April 16, 2009

I live in Paris.
I don’t really have time today to go to the given address but I searched it in and this story came up :

It has clearly a connection with the ST arg.
It says roughly that a man running there fell over and lost a weird electronic device. The person who found it is giving an email address if ones want to claim it back.

Might be worth a try. I can translate the all story if you want but I guess it will be easier than Japanese!

100. Seven Of Nine's Panties - April 16, 2009

I can hardly help suspecting….

101. Chingatchkook - April 16, 2009

re #83 & 86

I must have been more or less asleep yesterday when I posted these. If one does a ping to, it comes back with, our mystery website. So it would appear that is indeed a proper URL for this site, and as a couple of others here have pointed out, it is the year in which the comic series apparently ends and the movie begins. I’m not sure about the ’42’ however. Perhaps this is a day? 42nd anniversary of Star Trek?

102. Selor - April 16, 2009

42 is the answer to all questions and life ;)

So, the Comic Year plus the Answer to life… ^^ plus the interesting device from Paris… something will happen with those things…

103. ger - April 16, 2009

Who cares about this viral stuff? The movie will have nothing to do with that viral waste of money. We already know that.

104. Selor - April 16, 2009

@103 You want a simple answer? FUN! It makes fun, sittin’ in your room, collecting all hints and tips and putting them together to see something greater, an answer…

105. James - April 16, 2009

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… 42 is the meaning of life!


That was easy.! Next problem on the list… world peace… hmm… :-)

106. AJ - April 16, 2009

Here’s my take on the “article” mentioned by Nico in 99 in “Le”. Should be 99% accurate. French bits/English translation/French/English, etc. Please correct if you see an error!

Je viens d’afficher une petite-annonce sur Vivastreet pour un Appareil: rue-de-la-federation-et-rue-de-presles Ca ressemble à un PALM assez large avec écran digital – plus gros qu’un téléphone, mais pas vraiment un ordinateur portable. Je n’ai pas réussi à le faire fonctionner, mais je vais continuer d’essayer.

I just posted an announcement on Vivastreet for a device found on the corner of Rue de la Federation and Rue de Presles. It resembles a large PALM with a digital screen: larger than a telephone, but not really a laptop either. I could not get it to function,. but I’ll keep trying.

Tout ce que j’arrive à en sortir pour le moment, c’est un bourdonnement bizarre assez ennuyant. J’étais en fait assis à la terrasse du café au coin des rues de la Fédération et de Presles quand un gars est passé en courant. Il est tombé en se prenant les pieds dans une chaise de la terrasse et s’est mis à crier violemment, sans raison apparente, sur les gens qui venaient voir comment il allait. Il courait tellement vite (j’ai d’ailleurs rarement vu quelqu’un courir aussi vite) que je n’ai pas eu le temps de voir son visage, d’autant qu’il portait un chapeau.

All I could get out of it for the moment was a pretty annoying humming sound. I was actually seated on the terrace of a cafe on the corner of rues de la Federation and de Presles, when a guy ran past. He fell, tangling his legs in one of the terrace chairs, and then began screaming violently when people came to see if he was OK. He was runnning extremely fast (I’ve rarely seen someone run so fast), so fast that I didn’t have the chance to see his face, except that I could see he wore a hat.

Une fois relevé, il a continué sa route en direction de la banque de l’autre côté de la rue. Et c’est quand le serveur est revenu mettre les chaises à leur place que j’ai vu le drôle d’appareil. Si vous êtes la personne qui l’avez perdu et que vous n’êtes ni complètement fou ni un tueur en série, vous pouvez me contacter par mail. Je pense par contre qu’un tel objet mérite une petite récompense!

One he had hadden gotten up, he continued his run toward the bank across the street, and it was then while the server was putting the chairs back in place, that I saw this strange device. If you are the person who lost it, and are not completely crazy, or a serial killer, you can contact me via e-mail, I’d think such an object deserves a small reward!

107. James - April 16, 2009


This year is actually Trek’s 43rd.

42nd day of the year is 11th February… not sure whether this has any relevance?

108. James - April 16, 2009

@106: The device sounds like a TNG-era PADD.

109. James - April 16, 2009

There’s also a comment attached to the article, asking (in French) if it is a digital book?

The user on the website who posted the article is Malak0, and joined on 14th April – very new user. His e-mail address is given as

Quick search on Memory Alpha reveals nothing on Malak, Malako, or Malak0.

110. Chingatchkook - April 16, 2009

#105 – Whoa…by golly, that makes sense! I think that I might have even heard a few bars of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ in the viral sites. Oh wait, wrong show ;-)

#107 – I realized that too once I mentioned 42. Oh well!

111. James - April 16, 2009

Malako is derived from the Greek for ‘abnormal softening’… relevance is stretched at best!

112. RM10019 - April 16, 2009

Isn’t it ST VI where they establish that the Federation President is in France? Anything else in those scenes?

113. James - April 16, 2009

@112: Yes – the only other time the President’s office is seen is in DS9 episodes ‘Homefront’ and ‘Paradise Lost’.

114. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

Sounds like some bits of time travel where a tricorder from the “future” has made it into “contemporary” time…..warning of the “future” attack from Nero and changing all history…and Trek timelines..

115. steve2 - April 16, 2009

I am examining this sound file. But, I am not a sound tech. However, the wave form repeats twice and then another 2/3s of the original.

I have slowed it down. Sped it out. Changed the pitch.

But, I will keep playing with it.

116. steve2 - April 16, 2009

Compressed for length it sounds like music. Almost tribal. With distortions interspersed.

117. marvin - April 16, 2009


thats FREAKY!!!!

118. ceekay - April 16, 2009

I had a look at the street level view of the Crossing of Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles and noticed something out of place.

All of the vehicle registration plates had been blurred off, except for the BMW X5 which has the plate that reads:-

“279 QDX 75″

According to Wikipedia, a French plate bears a “number” of the following formats: either nnnn LL dd, or nnn LLL dd.
– nnn (or nnnn) is a 2-, 3- or 4-digit number.
– LL (or LLL) is a 2- or 3-letter group.
– dd is a 2-digit number indicating the département in which the car is registered.

The BMW is a car that is registered in the département of Paris. The plate is not of the 2009 series.

119. Karl - April 16, 2009

Is it me, or does at least the bottom part of the Eifflel Tower (which Rue de la Fédération leads to) look a little like the Delta Insignia? Or is it just me?

120. AJ - April 16, 2009


I would discount the Google street photo as simply their generic photo reference for that intersection, and not a possible clue source.

I tried staring at the map, and apart from Champs de Mars and a the French Military Academy at the sound end of the park, (not far from our intersection), I get nohing. Champs de Mars were once the Academy’s drill grounds.

121. marvin - April 16, 2009

so the address of the guy who recovered the device is people, start sending!

122. DIGINON - April 16, 2009

@ 118: Call me naive but I don’t think Paramount can just change the content of Google street view for this viral game.
It’s more likely that Google just forgot to blur out that license plate. When was this shot taken? I’ve never used street view but is it really updated often enough to be relevant?
Maybe I’m wrong.

123. marvin - April 16, 2009

diginon, you are right.

maybe the key is in tat 106 post, but nobody want to read it

124. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

Nico, AJ — thanks for the lead about the article in Le Post. I would agree that this is definitely connected to the ARG. The question is, how? I wonder if Malak0 will post an image of the device he allegedly found.

As for the number 680, I have also found it all over the overhead screens in the video clip that was released, in which Spock and Kirk get into an argument after Kirk and Scotty have beamed aboard. It’s also in a number of other places on the website. It’s definitely either a graphics department in-joke or a clue.

I get the feeling that tomorrow will only deepen the mystery.

125. Gary Neumann - April 16, 2009

If you reverse the sound and you increase the speed by a low percentage between all the noise you can hear the bridge sounds, specifically the main viewscreen

126. AJ - April 16, 2009

Check here for the “petite annonce on something called “”

Also, the “Vivastreet” classified is identical.

127. AJ - April 16, 2009

Hasn’t Spock always warn a hat when he visits paranoid pre-warp humanoid cultures? And I’ll bet he’s fast, too.

128. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

Has anybody tried e-mailing Malak0 yet?

129. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

127 — true. But would he have dropped something, or run into tables at a cafe?

130. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 16, 2009


Yes, I emailed it earlier today. No reply as of yet.

131. matthew m. barnes - April 16, 2009

i’m pretty sure the first sounds you hear are of a phaser. go to the article that reviews the new toys from the film and watch the video that demonstrates the phaser. the sounds are similar.

132. AJ - April 16, 2009

After the bank, did he turn down Rue de la Federation, or head towards the Champs de Mars? Hmmmm…

133. AJ - April 16, 2009

Those 4 middle letters almost spell something fishy.

134. James - April 16, 2009

@127: The hat over the ears thing occurred to me too – but screaming? I can’t imagine Spock screaming. Maybe this guy’s a Romulan – now I can imagine them squealing!

135. James - April 16, 2009

@133: Missed this one on my last post… hmm…

Malak0 is Capt. Robau!

136. James - April 16, 2009

Is it just me, or does the weird outline on the static sites look familiar? I’m sure it’s been in TNG/DS9 – some kind of subspace diagram of the Bajoran Wormhole, perhaps?

Or the time rift that Enterprise-C comes through?


137. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

133 —

Wow, I missed that too. I pulled my rusty french skills out of retirement to shoot an e-mail over to… it’ll be interesting to see if I get a reply.

I said that the device was not mine, but that it might belong to somebody I know (Spock?). I asked for an image so that I might show it to my acquaintance. If I get an image, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

138. Anthony Pascale - April 16, 2009

OK guys there is a lot of comments here. Can someone please summarize what they think are clues picked up?

139. Jamesintucson - April 16, 2009

OMg this is fun, I could totally see this being some viral back story to the movie. I’m TOTALLY digging this whoever’s behind this one.

140. Selor - April 16, 2009

I think the four middle Letters in the e-mail address could be:

K e LV i N

141. AJ - April 16, 2009


Anthony: Today it’s just speculation about that story. Some of us have e-mailed the French address, which may refer to the Kelvin. Speculation on as to how the ‘running guy’ story links to the Japanese and French messages posted earlier.

“Running guy:” Spock? Romulan? Robau?

Also, there is work being done to associated those odd sounds with an altered phaser sound or Bridge sound from ST09.

142. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

138. Anthony


On a number of different French language websites, including le poste,, and, there is an announcement by a recently-signed-up poster calling themselves Malak0 or MalakO.

They’re talking about an object, described as technologically sophisticated, with a screen and between the size of a laptop and a phone, that they found when a mysterious hat-wearing figure ran through the intersection of Federation and Presles. The figure dropped it when he stumbled.

There is an e-mail address,, where MalakO is asking for the owner to get in touch to recover the device.

There are bridge sound FX in the audio clip when it is reversed and slowed down slightly, specifically the viewscreen sound.

The number 680 appears very prominently on the real set of the bridge, specifically in the Spock vs. Kirk and Scotty clip recently released.

143. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

Here’s a link to the article on le poste:

144. Pragmaticus - April 16, 2009

138 – Anthony, gives the same website as the string of numbers previously found.

145. Selor - April 16, 2009

Did someone tried to address the Guy in the E-Mail with “Hello Captain Robau” or something like that? Maybe he just answers if someone picked the right Code Words, so that no innocent one interfere with the game?

146. AJ - April 16, 2009


Who else is getting a crack at this besides us at Trekmovie?

147. James - April 16, 2009

You know, if Malak0 is just some innocent French guy, he’s gonna wonder what the hell has just happened to his inbox!

A couple more comments have appeared on the story on the Le Poste site – someone asking in English if this is for real!

Someone identifying themselves as ‘L’Ecosse’ (which translates as ‘Scotland’) is also asking (in French) if Malak0 has a picture of said item.

It looks like this is starting to generate some Trek interest.

148. James - April 16, 2009–rue-de-la-federation-et-rue-de-presles/14202242

Similar thread on another French site. Asking pretty much the same thing.

149. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 16, 2009

147 — L’Ecosse was me. My first name is Scott, so that seemed to be a suitable Frenchification (Frenchation? Francism?) of the name.

150. Chingatchkook - April 16, 2009

Anthony, pings back to the same IP that is supposedly will go live on Friday. 2387…possibly the year that the comic series ends and the movie begins? Not sure about the 42 though.

151. n9n3 - April 16, 2009

Anthony: is the 2387-42 the same format as the new Stardates in the movie? You said that they were different and more like our current dates, and that it’d be more understandable to non Trek fans, so I’m guessing this might be the format. The year, then a number for the day, be it earth days or some standard for the whole Federation.

152. marvin - April 16, 2009


i was just about to post the same thing

153. Nico - April 16, 2009

The ad on Le Post website (which is owned by Le Monde and not usually a place to put this kind of ‘lost property’ stuff) is tagged with:

appareil, portable, vol, fuite, flics, Paris

Which translates:

device, mobile / laptop, theft, escape, cops, Paris (I bet you’d have guessed this one)

theft, escape and cops can be interesting
was the device stolen?

I don’t have time today but I’ll try to go on the spot tomorrow, it’s not too far from where I live

154. CCT - April 16, 2009

Just guessing…

If you take apart ‘KLVN’ (KELVIN) from, you get I don’t think this address is wat we are looking for. Indeed I think is another tip: M.D., that is, Doctor in Medicine.

Maybe the object is PADD ( from a medical student at one of the Federation facilities in Paris. McCoy? The doctor played by Sonita Henry in the upcoming movie?

155. eatshipp - April 16, 2009

I think I figured out the Roman numeral VI. I think it mean Nero. In the bible in revelation john refers to the number of the beats as 666. well all ancient langueges had number associated with letters like roman numerals. If you take Nero’s name (the real emperor of the Romans Nero) and spell his name in Hebrew it is nrwn qsr which when broken down into values equals 666. It could explain the 6’s or it could not just a thought

156. T2 - April 16, 2009

It’s times like these I wish I could drop everything and fly to Paris to just wait and see…because I had nothing better to do. Then again it’s also times like these I wish I had the time and skill to properly participate. Until I do, all I can do is keep listening to it…the sounds are strangely hypnotic, probably because my curiosity is getting the best of me. Hell, I’ll just wait til tomorrow.

157. Anthony Pascale - April 16, 2009

thanks to all those who are diving into this. I have updated the article with what look like the two new promising clues. Please send in any tips to tips at trekmovie dot com if you find anything else

158. dfinn - April 16, 2009

Hey, Anthony —

While I can’t dedicate the time that some are to this puzzle, I sure love checking in to see how the thought processes are proceeding, and you da man for providing the space to do it. Thanks for hosting this site!

159. Daoud - April 16, 2009

Since #155 suggests gematria…. here’s the coding
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b g d e w z h t :w (vav) also stands for u, v; t is (teth)
y k l m n s o p c :y (yodh) also stands for i,j; s is (samekh); c is (tsade)
q r S T :S is shin, T is taw.

n 50
r 200
w 6
n 50
q 100
s 60
r 200
= 666

So what adds to 680?
n 50
e 5
r 200
o 70
h 8
r 200
o 70
m 40
w 6
l 30
a 1
Nero H’Romula = 680

160. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

Malak0 reversed is Okalam
why is that sounding odd to me?

161. Admiral Crane - April 16, 2009

Has anyone else noticed that Google Maps displays the title “Star Trek ARG” for this location?

162. T2 - April 16, 2009


Its amazing whats in a number.

Excellent update.

163. Matt - April 16, 2009

@161 Admiral Crane

Wow… you’re right!

164. Geoffers - April 16, 2009

May already have been said, but the head office of the Federation is located in Paris, as per many Startrek books.

165. Megg - April 16, 2009


I feel pretty bad for that guy if he isn’t involved in this. That would be pretty frightening. Nothing like getting hundreds of emails from lots of Star Trek fans.

Sounds like he is though, so that’s good.

166. Dave - April 16, 2009

Analyze the audio under a spectrogram, that should do the trick.

167. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

re 161 Admiral Crane
“Has anyone else noticed that Google Maps displays the title “Star Trek ARG” for this location?”

…so maybe the info in the pic is a clue…
The Cafe, “Kronenbourg”, Barcleys Bank (where the stranger who dropped the device ran) and the readable tag “279QDX75″ on a BMW, Zone 30 signs, the numbers 130E18 on the right side window of the white truck, FNA 09/200(7?) on the back of the same truck over the cab.
Does anyone see any other numbers or potential clues in the location?

168. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

Just spitballing…..The Kelvin’s registry number is NCC-0514….any way 0514 works into any of this, perchance??

169. ni - April 16, 2009

161. Sure that isn’t because when you search for a location, you can title it and save it as ‘your’ map? Might’ve been added by whoever did the search.

170. AJ - April 16, 2009

I think the Google Maps file name is just a place holder so we can zero in on the intersection. I found the same intersection on Google Earth. At first glance, it’s the same photo.

171. Super Genius - April 16, 2009

Photos taken just a few hours ago — need a higher resolution of any of them? email me…

172. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

I have a feeling that everyone who has emailed Malak0 may get some sort of automated reply in the next few hours….

..Either that, or its an automated bot that reads the emails and is looking for a specific phrase or question, I’ll bet….no reason to to go the trouble of creating the email address and not doing anything with it.

173. Super Genius - April 16, 2009

Click my name (super genius) for the link to the photos. Oopsy.

174. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

someone named “Gary” posted a comment on the google map/star trek arg that asks: “Where is the Device?!”
Is this Gary 7 (another clue or hint)?
Or maybe someone from here trying to get more info?

175. Mark from Germany - April 16, 2009

about number 42…..

here is an answer…and a connection to lost

176. Mark from Germany - April 16, 2009


In Real Life:

* In the book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.
* 42nd Street in New York is a very main and popular street, including many landmarks such as the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library, and Times Square.
* 42 is a disastrous number in Japan; the pronunciation of the number sounds similar to “going to death” in Japanese.

177. Anthony Pascale - April 16, 2009

Thanks super genius

has anyone spotted anything in those photos that might be a new clue?

looks to me like there isn’t actually anything there, but the intersection was just a search word clue clue to use to find those sites via google

178. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

nothing in the pics from super genius as far as I can tell. I spent the last half hour going over them and the google maps image together.
I think we must look elsewhere…

179. Chingatchkook - April 16, 2009

Interesting about the number 42, thanks.

On another note, I know that Mr Orci periodically makes appearances here at TM, but has been conspicuously silent over this viral thing. I have this vision of him, Kurtzman and Abrams all cracking beers and laughing their heads off at watching us trying to figure this thing out. Well done, gentlemen. I may be in a straight jacket after all this is over, but well done ;-)

180. James - April 16, 2009

Ha… someone has put a nice comment on the Le Poste site!

‘NCC-73515′ has put ‘L’avenir est en marche?’ – literally – ‘the future begins?’


181. Star Trek - Dead Drop - Paris, France | ARG Deaddrop - April 16, 2009

[…] Via Unfiction, reports that there is an article on from someone who claims to have the device that was […]

182. marvin - April 16, 2009

GOT REPLY FORM THAT MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOT REPLY FORM THAT MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOT REPLY FORM THAT MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me
show details 10:32 PM (0 minutes ago)


You lost it? I will poste it! Je blagues. I dont belive your 3 phrase answer. Tell me more info and we talk- if not then good bye.

this is what i sent him:
i saw your post on vivastreet. i lost it there yesterday. unfortunately, i dont speak french at all.
hope you respond quickly!

183. James - April 16, 2009

@182: Cool. ‘I don’t believe your 3 phrase answer.’

Hmmm… ask him if you can have a picture. And say ‘My name is Darth Vader. I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan!’

(gratuitous ‘Back to the Future’ tribute)

184. marvin - April 16, 2009

This is what i replied:

“i lost it in that area. i think it fell out of my pocket while i was running. if you could send me a picture, i would be grateful.

thank you”

i am less certain now that he has something to do with this but hey, will try!

anybody else got a response

185. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

Yeah, I got a reply as well. It was actually kinda terse.

“I know just what I wrote. If you can not help then do not reply with idiote comment.”

186. Super Genius - April 16, 2009

I am looking at the AJAX javascript that is generating the message on the site. Perhaps I can tweak it to give a different message.

187. marvin - April 16, 2009

@186 i was looking at that too, but i imagine that its taking them from some file, obviously.

188. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

@186, yeah, tinkered with that myself last night – I think whatever’s being pulled down by the back-end source is the only content it can display…
I modded the page to eliminate the “stopUpdating” (or whatever it was) and it produced nothing new after the two “messages.”

189. NCC-73515 - April 16, 2009

yes, that was me.
there is another comment which was posted at “17h01″…

190. AJ - April 16, 2009

I got a terse message, too.

I wrote “Did you find him?”

And he answered “NO. I put up that post to amuse myself.”

I found nothing. Do you have any useful information for me?

Is this a dead end?

191. running - April 16, 2009

2387-42 equals to 2345. But it has no meaning, I guess.

192. James - April 16, 2009

Hmm… starting to sound like poor Malak0 has nothing to do with this after all! I imagine the next few days are going to be very difficult for him – especially if he’s not a Trekkie! :-)

I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and see what comes up with.

193. marvin - April 16, 2009

@192 yeah i think so too, but still. isnt it al little TOO strange

194. Trekwebmaster - April 16, 2009

Where are all the comments?

195. Trekwebmaster - April 16, 2009

n/m that was wierd…must have been a temporal distortion…sorry for the mix-up!

196. Rick Casey - April 16, 2009

Here is my email exchange… Any suggestions on what to do from here?

Send me a picture svp, if they are the same we can arrange a exchange?

—–E-mail d’origine—–
De :
A :
Envoyé le : Jeudi, 16 Avril 2009 16:39
Sujet : Device

Let me send you a photo of the device. If it matches, will you send it back to me?

197. NCC-73515 - April 16, 2009

Perhaps tomorrow at 6 pm MEST.

198. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

re the mysterious VI:
This ad is popping up here at trekmoviedotcom today…
Is this all a sidebar to ad add for something else?

199. AJ - April 16, 2009

198: Commodore:

Rifftrax are, I think, alternate comedic tracks for existing films (put them on the stereo while you watch the film with volume on Mute). I’ve heard thay are quite funny.

200. Matt - April 16, 2009

Rifftrax is like Mystery Science Theater. In fact, it’s done by many of the same guys.

201. Thomas - April 16, 2009

198. Commodore Redshirt

199. AJ is correct. Rifftrax are downloadable alternative commentaries that riff on the movie being played, in the style (and done by the guys from) MST3K.

202. David_Alexander - April 16, 2009


203. Trekkie88 - April 16, 2009

As a joke I sent this message to the email in french:

I believe that the electronic device that you found is a P.A.D.D., a Personal Access Display Device which is a hand-held computer interface, used as early as the 22nd century and well into the 24th century. From:
It is from Star Trek. I believe that you should direct further inquiries to:

Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA. 90038

Patrick Satta

[Translated using Google Translate]

Je crois que le dispositif électronique que vous avez trouvé est un PADD, un accès personnel du dispositif d’affichage qui est un ordinateur de poche interface, utilisée dès le 22ème siècle et dans la 24ème siècle. De:
C’est à partir de Star Trek. Je crois que vous devez communiquer de plus amples renseignements à:

Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA. 90038

Patrick Satta

[Traduit en utilisant Google Translate]

204. Matt - April 16, 2009

Here’s a crazy coincidence; I went searching for anything Star Trek related about the date February 11 (as in 2387-42) and the only thing I could come up with is that on that date in 1991, TNG episode “Clues” was first aired.

I find that amusingly ironic.

205. NCC-73515 - April 16, 2009

And VI is used for the abducens cranial nerve… it innervates the lateral eye muscle and enables divergent eye movements.

206. Commodore Redshirt - April 16, 2009

Re: 199. AJ , 200. Matt, and 201. Thomas

I know what Rifftrax are, I was thinking the “Mysterious VI” could be a promo for RIFFTRAX and NOT JJ’s Trek…

…but that would be to complex for those guys, right?

207. Greg - April 16, 2009

Carrefour as far as I know is a supermarket chain that in all over Europe. That may help out somehow.

208. AJ - April 16, 2009


Crossed my mind, too, but I I think they would only come in as an announced partner. And they are generally massive super-mall footprints, so central Paris would not work for that brand.

I really hope this guy is pulling our legs!

209. Matt - April 16, 2009

@206 – Commodor Redshirt — Got it. Just misunderstood you. I think this is a way too complex for those guys, but it looks like they got some free advertising out of it. I’d like to see that installment!

Ok… another random thought. Just thinking out loud, er… typing. Whatever.

That crazy story about the guy in Paris running and falling over those chairs, then screaming at people before running off and dropping a strange device. I do not know my Trek episodes (all series) as well as I’m sure some here do, but just now it occurred to me that that *almost* sounds like Bones in ‘The City on the Edge of Forever.’ I remember that he was crazed due to the overdose, but I don’t remember how long that lasted, and I don’t remember if he ended up dropping anything that Edith Keeler would have picked up.

Anyway… just another crazy random thought I thought I’d throw out there.

210. AJ - April 16, 2009


If you a few clicks beyond the intersection down ruede Presles, you’ll find an Embassy compound on the right (The Renault van has dip plates). It is the Cuban Embassy in France.

Embassy of Cuba
16 rue de Presles 75015 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 67 55 35

Our ‘running man’ would have had to run by this building, or from it, and then immediately past the cafe, and crossed RdlF to the Barclay’s Bank.


211. Skeptic - April 16, 2009

210. AJ

I’m not following your point. Presumably he would have had to pass all kinds of other buildings too. What’s so special about the Cuban embassy?

212. Matt - April 16, 2009

To anyone who is able to visit that cafe, would it be possible to ask the people who work there if any such incident occurred? Then we’d know for certain about this ‘Malak0′ person.

213. AJ - April 16, 2009


No real point, I guess. I was scanning other POI right near the intersection, and it’s there at 14-16 rue de Presles. Other buildings seem to be typical blocks of apartments with simple storefronts. Just paying attention.

214. Daoud - April 16, 2009

Captain Robau is from Cuba? I thought that’s what Orci said somewhen way back when.

Maybe that’s why the Cuban Embassy is relevant?

215. Thomas - April 16, 2009

206. Commodore redshirt

Misunderstood you too.

216. Koshzor - April 16, 2009

Guys, it’s Google. Technology of those city photos automaticly makes human faces AND car numbers unreadble. Don’t you think this is strange place for programm bug? I believe this BMW X5 is the key.

279 DDX 75

217. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

Okay, guys…here’s a new bit of info that may lead somewhere.

I happened to go back to the French website with the original story, then happened to go to what appear to be a profile or response page for his username. You can see this here:

What’s interesting is that in the tagline directly beneath “malak0″ ‘s name is this phrase:

“S’il te plaît… dessine-moi un mouton.”

That means “Please…draw me a sheep.”

I just happened to Google that phrase and happened to come across a whole slew of websites that deal with the phrase “Draw me a sheep” that seem tied to ecology-themed busineses, That tell me the “Draw me a sheep” almost certainly isn’t accidental.

This road may go nowhere, but at this point I have no better ideas to pursue right now….take it for what its worth.


218. ...I have touched the sky. - April 16, 2009

Draw me a sheep is a quote from The Little Prince, which was written by a French aviator. Not quite sure it’s a lead?!?!?! Who knows though.

219. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 16, 2009

Well, guys, I still think Malak0 is looking for a particular piece of information in the email or he just tosses back terse, rhetorical answers (or none at all). I’m kinda out of ideas right now, probably overthinking the game at the moment :)

220. MistySteele - April 16, 2009

If it helps:

Decimal Latitude: 48.85326138575864
Decimal Longitude: 2.297086715698242

Latitude: 48 degrees 51 minutes 11.7396 seconds
Longitude: 2 degrees 17 minutes 49.5126 seconds

I’d round to the nearest second, or nearest hundredth.

221. Admiral_BlackCat - April 16, 2009

“When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey.”
~The Little Prince.
Also: “This is only his box. The sheep you asked for is inside.”

222. Admiral_BlackCat - April 16, 2009

Lost Season 5 Episode 4 titled “The Little Prince”
If that’s not a blatant JJ and Co. refrence then I don’t know what is.

223. Brandon LeBlanc - April 16, 2009

Wasn’t the United Federation of Planets based in Paris, France? Seems the “Crossroads of the street of the Federation and Rue de Presles” has something to do with the Federation’s headquarters to me.

224. Charliebob - April 17, 2009

@221 have just sent the lad an email with that in it. Don’t think he’ll respond but ah well.

225. James - April 17, 2009

RE: This ‘sheep’ stuff… curiouser and curiouser…

I suppose it’s possible that it ties into ‘LOST’ – I am told that ‘Cloverfield’ did…

226. 41 - April 17, 2009

That’s the number printed on the posters of the baby blowing out candles in the windows of Barclays at the intersection of Federation and Presles. Note, the same poster is posted on the Federation side and the Presles side (see photos from Super G).

227. AJ - April 17, 2009

223, etc.

The UFP President has an office in Paris, according to Memory Alpha, but UFP was founded in San Francisco. The bald guy who ran it in ST4 was SF-based. ST6 shows the French office.

I tend to scoff at Star Trek depictions of future Paris, as they show shiny skyscrapers next to, or near, the Eiffel Tower. In real life, today, historical central Paris is protected from such construction, and a district at the opposite end of Champs-Elysees from Place de la Concorde (La Defense) was created for skyscraper-type office buildings, complete with a (now) anachronistic futuristic depiction of the Arc of Triumph. There is the Montparnasse tower a bit away from the left bank, which seems to stand out as the only exception.

I love Paris, and this info is useless in our search for the ‘video device.’

228. raveoned - April 17, 2009

Re: “Draw Me A Sheep” – that chapter in The Little Prince, IIRC, starts with a plane crash (LOST). The person awakens to see the prince telling him to draw him a sheep.

It also deals with the box, which could be similar to Abrams’ “Mystery Box” that he purchased and never opened.

229. juli3n - April 17, 2009

Did someone receive an answer by email from Malak0?
I just contacted her…

230. AJ - April 17, 2009


Several of us have received answers. Scroll back in the thread.

It is a man, apparently, as his French verbs have masculine endings in the past tense in the first person.

Professor AJ

231. Admiral_BlackCat - April 17, 2009

6:30 am PT
I emailed yesterday, no response yet. If this person is involved we have to ask the right questions.
Either describe the device or draw a picture or send a picture of what you think it is.
Make a refrence to “The Little Prince”.
Or offer a reward. Or all three.
Or just wait for more clues. :)

232. raveoned - April 17, 2009

I just sent an email, with some references to The Little Prince, LOST and Abrams himself thrown in, kind of like the email Ethan Hunt sent to Job in the first Mission: Impossible (something else conencted with Abrams, albeit not till two movies later).

But, it may work to glean some more information.

We’ll see.

233. subatoi - April 17, 2009

We had the party pics, the binary sites, the empty site, those Japanes-French words, and now Malak0’s posts and mails. Is it usual for an ARG to have so many stages?
And that’s even before we find out what happens today, if somethong will happen. Is it 6PM for Japan (passed already), Paris (soon), or US?

I’d like 2 things:
1. Soon, what I guess Anthony will do anyway, is a concentration of all the replies from that mail.
2. Eventualy, an interview with the man who developed this ARG, to see how the hell they got this twisted idea :)

234. Admiral_BlackCat - April 17, 2009

^”Is it usual for an ARG to have so many stages?”
And waiting is part of it too.
42 Entertainment specializes in this sort of thing.
Ilovebees (an ARG for Halo 2) was one of their successful ARG.
For more info on ARG.

235. AJ - April 17, 2009



Great questions.

Also, do these virals always require such specialization? It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” for computer guys and linguists. I am not the former, but I am the latter for a few languages. This one seems to bring all of us together to solve a puzzle. That’s a great thing.

Does an annoyed French guy fit into the mix, or is this new?

236. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

New clues was passed by! I foudn this and no one else replied about it.

202. David_Alexander – April 16, 2009


I found on the website ( the following towards the bottom of the page. I found it very interesting!

binary: 1010101000 n = 680 : power = 6

Any one want to guess if this is another clue? I am not sure but strange since David_Alexander hasn’t posted anything before or since. BTW … David Alexander is the author of “Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry”. Sounds like a clue to me!

237. James - April 17, 2009

@235: I can’t get the picture of the annoyed French guy out of my mind – and, sadistically, find it incredibly funny!

No, seriously, for his sake, I hope he IS part of this… otherwise he’s effectively being harassed by a load of geeks!

It is 16:20 BST (British Summer Time, same time zone as Paris) – still nothing on

238. James - April 17, 2009


I just tried a translation of 1010101000 to text, but it didn’t come up with anything meaningful – although the links to 680 and 6 (Roman VI) do seem a bit too convenient to be coincidence!

239. Vlasid - April 17, 2009

Got a responce from Asked him for photo – he ansvered “I take photo but have no usb wire. Try to find.”.

Will post if get more info.

240. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 17, 2009

Just got a response from myself: “Tell me what it looks like.”

I have to believe responses here are playing into this in some way :)

You SURE you’re not a player in this, Anthony :)

241. marvin - April 17, 2009

i think we should stop bugging him :P

242. James - April 17, 2009

Update on Le Poste site:

Request for Malak0 to post a picture of the device, and an offer to help find it’s owner, asking for a few more details on what he looked like.

243. Admiral_BlackCat - April 17, 2009

Just got a reply at 8:30am Pacifc Time (3:30pm France?):

You send me a picture then I know it is yours.

Original email:
A :
Envoyé le : Jeudi, 16 Avril 2009 21:40
Sujet : The device you found.

My supervisor dropped a device you are describing. It is very sensitive and has important information on it. Please send a picture to verify it is indeed my supervisor’s device. He says it is worth alot to him and will pay good money as a reward. But I must see a picture of it first before I can discuss any reward. Please do not damage this device, it is very important.

Thank you
Mr. Robau

I hope he’s part of this.

244. Selor - April 17, 2009

Got also an reply to my E-mail:

Captain Robau? C’est qui? PADD?

—–E-mail d’origine—–
De : Patrick Betzin
A :
Envoyé le : Jeudi, 16 Avril 2009 19:40
Sujet : Apparreil

Greetings Captain Robau of the USS Kelvin NCC-0514

I’ve been wondering, is it the device really from another Person or did you lost the PADD yourself?
Or rather can you show me a Picture of the Device for Identification?

Good Day!

245. gatetrek - April 17, 2009

Sounds like the device is a tricorder or something? Someone want to email a picture of one of the tricorder toys and see if that works?

And I’m sure someone has found this already, but the Japanese translatin comes out to: Test, test, test, test. That? Faster than the time I know I’ve, got response?

246. James - April 17, 2009


That sounds like he’s wondering what the hell you’re talking about! ‘C’est qui?’ means ‘who is that?’

247. DS9 Rocks - April 17, 2009

I received a message back from mklvnd as well. It was just question marks: “????” Of course, my original message was just “testing” with “ST” in the subject line, as I was worried this person was not part of the APG. My thought was if this is not part of APG, I don’t want to write a long silly message; if this is part of APG, then surely the replies will be automated to whomever sent anything to this address in the past X number of days.

Since some of the above replies suggest the person is playing into the APG, apparently, it’s neither. I can’t believe the replies are not automated (or do they have programs able to parse text this well?)!

248. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

Does anyone notice that the o100001101100001 site from the original background of the party pics looks different today??? or is it just me?

249. James - April 17, 2009


I translated 2387 into binary (comes out as 01010011) and then into text (comes out as S).

S is another chemical symbol for an element on the Periodic Table – in this case, Sulphur. So that’s 5 elements mentioned so far:
– Calcium, Ca
– Iron, Fe
– Aluminium, Al
– Silicon, Si
– Oxygen, O
– Sulphur, S

I don’t see how they have anything in common, though!

250. raveoned - April 17, 2009

Could this device be what comes as an accessory to the Trek McCoy and Chekov Galaxy line of figures? I’m assuming it’s the movie’s version of the log entry device.

Could this found item be a “logbook” or PADD from the Kelvin or Enterprise?

Anyone have a pic of one from the movie?

251. AJ - April 17, 2009


If the guy hasn’t done a shout-out by now that he’s got nothing to do with Trek, and looking at his stand-offish e-mails (hasn’t told us to go to hell, but requires more information), I think our hopes have improved that this is all part of the plan.

He’s holding us all at bay. Let’s wait!

252. marvin - April 17, 2009

his story is too weird not to be part of the game. still… im just not sure

253. Merzmensch aka kosmopol - April 17, 2009

I’ve also got a reply!

to …
Date 17. April 2009 17:21
Subject Re : Strange Device

I found a ‘device’ (appareil) It is 22cm x 15cm, bleu/black. I have photo but not usb wire. L’appareil, C’est a vous?


What should I answer?

254. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 17, 2009

This guy is part of it. No doubt about it. If he weren’t, he’d either flame us all or ignore what he would see as nutty or meaningless emails.

I’m personally convinced the device is a tricorder.

255. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

When I typed in Google “0100001101100001”, it brought up the website ( but it also brought up ARGonaut. It is a website that had the following on it as a reply to an e-mail sent to MKLVND “I found a ‘device’ (appareil) It is 22cm x 15cm, blue / black. I have photo but not usb wire. I have photo but not usb wire. L’appareil, C’est a vous? L’appareil, C’est a vous?”

Did any one else get this reply?

Also, 0100000101101100 in Google basically brings up the same searches. Ironically, 01001111 brings up an item on (Tiberius Arms Tiberius 8 Pistol Paintball Gun – Black)

Hmmm … just thinking it was strange!

256. marvin - April 17, 2009

the lates post on le is from malak0:

Depuis mon post du 14 avril, je reçois plein d’emails au sujet de l’appareil. Je vais soumettre quelques photos dès que possible. Patientez svp

Since my post of April 14, I receives lots of emails aboutn the device. I shall put some photos as soon as possible. Please wait.

we will know soon enough. my bet is he has nothing to do with it. and that would be dissapointing

257. AJ - April 17, 2009



You are the guy who seems to have posted the link to the carrefour of the two streets in Google.

Tell your friend to pop into a FNAC or something and spend EUR 10 on a cable, or just go to an Internet cafe and post the image.

They also have “WiFi” in France.

258. Rex - April 17, 2009

This probably means nothing, but it seemed mildly unusual, so I thought I’d throw it out there.

I searched for ‘Malak’ on Wikipedia, and under ‘Fictional Characters, someone has added,

“Mr. Mohammad Shahan is the king of Malaks. His Shop Name is S.S Autos at Liaquatabad, Karachi, Pakistan”

Maybe I’m just getting paranoid, but does that ring any bells?

259. ...i have touched the sky - April 17, 2009

Looking at it looks like a picture of the Narada entering the vortex that takes them back in time. Was this not one of the sites that had other clues in it? I now just see the different components of the ship with that weird vortex looking thing.

260. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

Seems like we are waiting for a picture and the big reveal of todays date! Anyone look at what I said from post 248 and check it??? I swear it seems different to me but maybe its just me…

261. Rex - April 17, 2009

Oh, never mind. It hasn’t been updated recently enough. So I was just paranoid. Strange thing to write on a Wikipedia page, nevertheless.

262. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

kosmopol — I have been watching your progress on unfiction as well and have to say I commend you for drawing a sheep and sending it… That thought had crossed my mind earlier as well I just didn’t do it lol…

263. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

I found that “CaFeAlSiO6″ is a chemical composition. But everything written about it is Nonsense to me. Any one know what “Summary: Unusual clinopyroxenes were synthesized in the study of the join CaFeAlSiO6-CaTiAl2O6 in air at I atm. Clinopyroxene solid solution, hibonite solid solution, X-phase, perovskite, and corundum are present, and at subsolidus temperatures the clinopyroxene singlephase field extends up to about 19 wt% CaTiAl2O6. The CaTiAl2O6 component in the clinopyroxene however increases beyond the clinopyroxene single-phase field and attains 23 wt%. These clinopyroxene solid solutions are extremely poor in SiO2 and extremely rich in Al2O3, Fe2O3, and TiO2, and more than half of tetrahedral sites are occupied by AlIV, contravening the aluminium avoidance principle.” means?

264. AJ - April 17, 2009


I may not speak for all, but those “00100100111” sights were about as exciting as, well, they look. The “680” thing was also just out of my, and most, leagues.

But give me geography.

Anything geographical is interesting, what with Google nowadays. Shoot, I was checking the menu at the cafe for clues!

265. Rex - April 17, 2009

Yeah. Those of us who don’t understand the internet are forced to go sniffing after all the red herrings.

Too bad there’s no Google street views of Karachi…

266. Commodore Redshirt - April 17, 2009

I just got a reply to my email:

Oui. C’est a vous?

—–E-mail d’origine—–
De :>
A :
Envoyé le : Jeudi, 16 Avril 2009 19:50
Sujet : lost item

do you still have the device?

267. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

#263 — I am a science teacher and recognize some of the terminology but a good deal of that seems either way above my pay grade or possibly made up mumbo jumbo… Treknobabble so to speak maybe???

268. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

Seems to be discussing the chemical characteristics and composition of a mineral… some research led me to this site…

not a lead.

269. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009


270. Megg - April 17, 2009

Woah. It’s moving fast now!

271. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

HOLY SHIT IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

272. AJ - April 17, 2009

I have one question:

What would be a succesful resolution to all of this? A crap drawing of the Narada seems to have come from the hard work of several due to some French dance pics….

Now we’re drawn to a non-descript intersection in gay Paris…We’ve got a pissed-off French guy and a truckload of beer…

Let’s get him!

273. Rex - April 17, 2009

At 6pm GMT!!!

274. marvin - April 17, 2009


275. AJ - April 17, 2009

Translation, please?

276. Ateban - April 17, 2009

The site is updated.
Many message… lol

277. LtPiper - April 17, 2009

Not live but updated with a lot of stuff.

278. marvin - April 17, 2009

im translating it

279. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

I am trying to translate it now!

280. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

Yeah, some very interesting developments on…

281. Selor - April 17, 2009

Hm… Someones obviously talking about something that didn’t function correctly, a plan or something like that (from the german passages), something about salt… maybe these are passages from the dialogue in the movie…

282. dfinn - April 17, 2009

Wow! Lots of stuff! Neat!

283. Selor - April 17, 2009

Seems like we haven’t got the Chatuser2 (the french one) to the page… so I would say noone solved the puzzle about the mysterious device…

284. AJ - April 17, 2009

#5 must be Uhura?

285. AJ - April 17, 2009


Has anyone solved any puzzles, apart from “680” and links to noisy websites? Those are not goals. I hope there is one.

286. marvin - April 17, 2009

PHPChatUser3: Kloidn*&%$)#mns
PHPChatUser3: *******?
PHPChatUser3: ??????
PHPChatUser3: *^*&!!!!!!!
PHPChatUser4: use the keyboard
PHPChatUser3: Whhat do you think im doing? “Fe ” is that you?
PHPChatUser4: Yes. Who else is?
PHPChatUser3: No one. Its not functioning. Great plan
PHPChatUser4: it was Karnis’ idea
PHPChatUser3: “Fe”‘s idea. and yes he didnt thought it through
PHPChatUser1: Hello?
PHPChatUser4: It seems this is.
PHPChatUser3: are you ok little one?
PHPChatUser1: I think. What, you did not reach it? Me, and I did not feel I had my right. And you did not respond to everyone.
PHPChatUser4: Do not worry. I think it has something left. Good job.
PHPChatUser3: do not lie to him. He is no idiot.
PHPChatUser4: Cállate, Janus.
PHPChatUser1: Where Kahnis? Should not you be here?
PHPChatUser3: “Fe”. Bin ich hier der Einzige, der unsere Decknamen benutzt?
PHPChatUser4: The next is that wrote this site for some reason.
PHPChatUser3: Have your special friend not seen. We are wasting our time here.
PHPChatUser5: Sorry, I’m late. There was a problem.
PHPChatUser4: You okay? Where are you?
PHPChatUser5: Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Glad to talk to everyone.
PHPChatUser3: You do not speak with everyone.
PHPChatUser5: What?
PHPChatUser1: YARAKASHITA you want to me. Encryption not know well. Sorry
PHPChatUser5: No, no.
PHPChatUser1: Maybe I can try once more. Guess what happened to luck.
PHPChatUser5: It’s ok. We’ll figure this out.
PHPChatUser4: I do not think anything will help change that. We should ask someone.
PHPChatUser3: Who exactly because?
PHPChatUser4: I do not know.
PHPChatUser5: Didn’t “Ca” mention someone?
PHPChatUser3: He is not here.
PHPChatUser5: He hasn’t checked in?
PHPChatUser3: What do you think what I said?

more to come

287. Slaynest - April 17, 2009

So many languages… a translator wouldn’t help… i think we need native speaking people in order to translate all acurately

288. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

The periodic elements, “Fe,” etc., are cover names. There are proper names contained within the chat on the php page:


Possibly others.

289. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

The German speaker (user3) is pessimistic about the situation, and complains that he’s the only one who uses the cover names. The Spanish speaker (user4) is less cautious. I don’t know the first thing about understanding PhPChatUser1.

This is very exciting.

290. marvin - April 17, 2009

PHPChatUser4: I am sure that he was arrested.
PHPChatUser1: How can I keep it long? I’m better I went to see one of us? You?
PHPChatUser5: No. “Ca” was right, splitting up gives us our best shot.
PHPChatUser1: it would be difficult to catch us from it?
PHPChatUser5: We’ll worry about that when and if we have to.
PHPChatUser4: We must wait for “Ca” and he will tell us what the next step.
PHPChatUser3: It might already be too late for the next step, perhaps our only chance we have missed! You have no idea what is going on here!
PHPChatUser5: Neither do you!!! Knock it off – I can get to you quickly. We don’t need you to lose control, again.
PHPChatUser4: None of this is helping
PHPChatUser3: slave.
PHPChatUser1: I had better help him?
PHPChatUser3: really funny!
PHPChatUser5: He’ll be fine.
PHPChatUser3: I disappear now, when he did not come. Just as a warning for you. We have tried, it did not work – I have done my duty.
PHPChatUser4: And where are you going exactly?
PHPChatUser3: Let this be my concern.
PHPChatUser5: Just stay out of sight this time. I think we’ve been noticed, we didn’t clean up properly.
PHPChatUser3: Do I now receive orders from you? Just because you’re at the bottom of the salt knew what to do – when I almost lost my arm.
PHPChatUser5: Your problem in the salt is that you gave up too quickly. Maybe if you spent some time figuring out the right trajectory.
PHPChatUser3: This will not help.
PHPChatUser5: Just try. We’ll meet back here in 2.
PHPChatUser3: Yes, yes. I’m away ..
____PHPChatUser3 has disconnected____
PHPChatUser1: I think you see that someone else – just wait.
PHPChatUser5: You sure?
PHPChatUser4: How were they?
PHPChatUser1: different. I went past.
PHPChatUser4: Relax, we all need to relax and think good things and not act like frightened animals. Nobody looks at us in your mind.
PHPChatUser5: I’m working on the magnetic interference. Can you look at the frequency stuff?
PHPChatUser1: Oh, yeah. I can about it. If you research a little.
PHPChatUser5: Good, we need a little more time.
PHPChatUser1: still, I think?
PHPChatUser4: I’ll
PHPChatUser5: You know when to come back?
PHPChatUser1: If you need to get, I will contact as soon as possible. OK?
PHPChatUser5: OK, stay hidden and safe
PHPChatUser1: try hard.
____PHPChatUser1 has disconnected____
PHPChatUser5: It was his very first run.
PHPChatUser4: You should have stopped coming to you
PHPChatUser5: I hate feeling like this. We have to get it right, and fast.
PHPChatUser4: Trajabaré as often it may be that.
PHPChatUser4: Are you still there?
PHPChatUser5: Yes, sorry. I’m here.
PHPChatUser5: Thank you, Candir.
PHPChatUser4: Watch out let me know if you need me.
____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____
____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____

291. Commodore Redshirt - April 17, 2009

only 5 users in the php chat…
one is missing
maybe another element?

connected to VI ?

they will check back in “2”

Days? Hours?

more questions than answers

292. Selor - April 17, 2009

If I think properly maybe these guys are also talking about the french one loosing the device “I think we’ve been noticed, we didn’t clean up properly.”
So, either they are some timetravelers or something like Section 31

293. Commodore Redshirt - April 17, 2009

no french speaker either
guy dropped device in Paris.. running…

294. Ateban - April 17, 2009
5=English (American)


295. raveoned - April 17, 2009

Ya know, at first I wasn’t interested in this whole thing, but its now sucked me in to trying to figure it out!

296. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

I do like the “use the keyboard” from the spanish speaker — totally an homage to STIV. A keyboard — how quaint.

297. dfinn - April 17, 2009

Re/ 295:

Me too — never followed this type of ‘viral’ thread before — but now I’m checking back minute by minute!


298. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

I sent a cryptic message to and I got this response!

My english is OK but i cannot understand your message.

—–E-mail d’origine—–
De : CptnValdez
A :
Envoyé le : Vendredi, 17 Avril 2009 16:41
Sujet : Appareil: Rue de la Fédération et Rue de Presles


My apologizes I do not speak french. My friend lost a similar device while in Paris. I believe you have found the device he lost. This is only his box. The sheep you asked for is inside. The code for the box is 1010101000. I hope this helps. Also, any picture you could send would also help to see if you found the same device.

299. marvin - April 17, 2009

on a first glance:

janus (chat user 3)

candir (chat user 4)

karnis (or kahnis) is fe apparently but there is some confusion here

YARAKASHITA (chat user 1)

“ca” is missing

300. KJ - April 17, 2009

wtf…this makes me nervous…got headache.. :-)

301. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - April 17, 2009

What’s going to happen is that one of these people is going to mysteriously “get” to malak0 first, and we’ll eventually all get emails claiming the device has been returned to its owner and to stop pestering him.

302. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

Has anybody contacted Anthony about this yet?

303. KJ - April 17, 2009

Maybe someone from paris can co to the cuban embassy and ask for malak0 ;)

304. raveoned - April 17, 2009

OK, I had sent an email, saying that I’ve heard he’s in possession of the mystery box, and here is the reply:

Yes- this is has you? The world sends me emails for this device, with offer money also. (this was direct from Here it is in French:

Oui- c’est a vous? Le monde m’envoie des emails pour cet appareil, avec offres d’argent aussi.

305. WarpTube - April 17, 2009

Yeah I emailed Anthony.

306. Jamesintucson - April 17, 2009

OMG this is fun and I got a response:

From: []
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 10:29 AM
To: James Lytle
Subject: Re : Thanks for finding it.

How can I know it is your appareil?

—–E-mail d’origine—–
De : James Lytle
A :
Envoyé le : Jeudi, 16 Avril 2009 23:10
Sujet : Thanks for finding it.
I would appreciate it if I could get the item please. I am not a serial killer. 


307. NCC-73515 - April 17, 2009

malakos = soft… (malacology is the study of mollusks).

308. ncx1701e - April 17, 2009

PHPChatUser1 Test, test, test, test. That? Faster than the time I know I’ve, got response?
____PHPChatUser1 has disconnected____
PHPChatUser2 Carrefour de la Rue de la Fédération et Rue de Presles
____PHPChatUser2 has disconnected____
PHPChatUser3 Kloidn*&%$)#mns
PHPChatUser3 *******?
PHPChatUser3 ??????
PHPChatUser3 *^*&!!!!!!!
PHPChatUser4 Use the keyboard.
PHPChatUser3 What do you think what I do here? “Fe”, bist du das?
PHPChatUser4 Yes Who else is?
PHPChatUser3 Nobody. It does not work. Great plan.
PHPChatUser4 Idea was Karnis.
PHPChatUser3 “Fe’s” idea. And yes, he has not thought about.
PHPChatUser1 Hello?
PHPChatUser4 It appears this is.
PHPChatUser3 Are you OK, kid?
PHPChatUser1 I think. What, you did not reach it? Me, and I did not feel I had my right. And you did not respond to everyone.
PHPChatUser4 Do not worry. I think it has something left. Good job.
PHPChatUser3 Him not to lie. He is no idiot.
PHPChatUser4 Shut up, Janus.
PHPChatUser1 Where Kahnis? Should not you be here?
PHPChatUser3 “Fe”. Am I the only one who uses the pseudonym?
PHPChatUser4 The next is that wrote this site for some reason.
PHPChatUser3 Have your special friend not seen. We are wasting our time here.
PHPChatUser5 Sorry, I’m late. There was a problem.
PHPChatUser4 You okay? Where are you?
PHPChatUser5 Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Glad to talk to everyone.
PHPChatUser3 You speak not with everyone.
PHPChatUser5 What?
PHPChatUser1 I want to be YARAKASHITA. Encryption not know well. Sorry.
PHPChatUser5 No, no.
PHPChatUser1 Maybe I can try once more. Guess what happened to luck.
PHPChatUser5 It’s ok. We’ll figure this out.
PHPChatUser4 I do not think anything will help change that. We should ask someone.
PHPChatUser3 Wen because that?
PHPChatUser4 I do not know.
PHPChatUser5 Didn’t “Ca” mention someone?
PHPChatUser3 He is not here.
PHPChatUser5 He hasn’t checked in?
PHPChatUser3 What do you think what I said?
PHPChatUser4 I am sure that he was arrested.
PHPChatUser1 How can I keep it long? I’m better I went to see one of us? You?
PHPChatUser5 No. “Ca” was right, splitting up gives us our best shot.
PHPChatUser1 It would be difficult to catch us from it?
PHPChatUser5 We’ll worry about that when and if we have to.
PHPChatUser4 We should expect to “Ca” and he will tell us what the next step.
PHPChatUser3 It might already be too late for the next step, perhaps our only chance we have missed! You have no idea what is going on here!
PHPChatUser5 Neither do you!!! Knock it off – I can get to you quickly. We don’t need you to lose control, again.
PHPChatUser4 None of this is helping.
PHPChatUser3 Slave.
PHPChatUser1 I had better help him?
PHPChatUser3 Really funny!
PHPChatUser5 He’ll be fine.
PHPChatUser3 I now disappear if he does not come. Just as a warning for you. We have tried, it did not work – I have done my duty.
PHPChatUser4 And where are you exactly?
PHPChatUser3 Let this be my concern.
PHPChatUser5 Just stay out of sight this time. I think we’ve been noticed, we didn’t clean up properly.
PHPChatUser3 Do I now receive orders from you? Just because you’re at the bottom of the salt knew what to do – when I almost lost my arm.
PHPChatUser5 Your problem in the salt is that you gave up too quickly. Maybe if you spent some time figuring out the right trajectory.
PHPChatUser3 That will not help.
PHPChatUser5 Just try. We’ll meet back here in 2.
PHPChatUser3 Yes, yes. I’m gone.
____PHPChatUser3 has disconnected____
PHPChatUser1 I think you see that someone else – just wait.
PHPChatUser5 You sure?
PHPChatUser4 How were they?
PHPChatUser1 Different. I went past.
PHPChatUser4 Relax, we all need to relax and think good things and not act like frightened animals. Nobody looks at us in your mind.
PHPChatUser5 I’m working on the magnetic interference. Can you look at the frequency stuff?
PHPChatUser1 Oh, yeah. I can about it. If you research a little.
PHPChatUser5 Good, we need a little more time.
PHPChatUser1 Still, I think?
PHPChatUser4 We’ll
PHPChatUser5 You know when to come back?
PHPChatUser1 If you need to get, I will contact as soon as possible. OK?
PHPChatUser5 OK, stay hidden and safe
PHPChatUser1 Try hard.
____PHPChatUser1 has disconnected____
PHPChatUser5 It was his very first run.
PHPChatUser4 You should have stopped coming to you.
PHPChatUser5 I hate feeling like this. We have to get it right, and fast.
PHPChatUser4 Trajabaré as often it may be that.
PHPChatUser4 Are you still there?
PHPChatUser5 Yes, sorry. I’m here.
PHPChatUser5 Thank you, Candir.
PHPChatUser4 Take care let me know if you need me.
____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____
____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____

309. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

This is the best I can do with what is going on so far.

PHPChatUser1 : Japanese – “Yarakashita”
PHPChatUser2: French – “Ca”
PHPChatUser3: German – “Janus”
PHPChatUser4: Spanish – “Candir”
PHPChatUser5: English – UNKNOWN

310. Jamesintucson - April 17, 2009

anyone have measurements of the new star trek props? makes noises tells me it’s a tricorder. Maybe send him an image of a tricorder would help.

311. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

307 — malacology, as in the study of organisms that bear a striking resemblance to the critter from Cloverfield?! The plot thickens. . . ; )

312. raveoned - April 17, 2009

I sent back, with this (reconstructed back from the translation):

I am not the person that had this item at first, nevertheless I know that this is a device with at least the function to communicate through Internet. Not not please to be very prudent with that, and does import for him that to show. The bad person visionary that it could mean the danger for you.

The last couple sentences I wrote from English actually said, “Please be careful with this device and show it to no one. If the wrong person sees it, it could be danger for you.”

This is really cool! I’m getting completely interested in this!

(along with the fear of realizing I have no life!)

BTW, the original account of this device being dropped and found mentions the carrier wearing a hat and not being seen too well. When Star Trek premiered in Austin by surprise, Nimoy appeared on stage wearing a hat and overcoat…

(maybe a clue, maybe not)

313. marvin - April 17, 2009

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

based on addresses and their domains this is what i have so far:

chatuser1 is japanese, he is “si” (jap domain)

chatuser2 is french, he is “ca”, he is missing (eu domain)

chatuser5 is american, he is “o” (com domain)

not 100% certain of this however as there is confusion as to who “fe” or kahnis or karnis is. two elements are left, fe and ai, both eu domains

i belive cht user 3 is janus and chat ser 4 is candir

314. Chingatchkook - April 17, 2009

While it is pretty interesting and I’m kinda curious to know what happens, I’m starting to have my doubts that this is some sort of Star Trek related viral campaign. It just doesn’t feel right.

315. Ateban - April 17, 2009

Yarakashita is not a name.
The line says “I think I messed up. I didn’t understand the code very well. Sorry.”

316. FreddyE - April 17, 2009

About the sound file…some sounds reapear numeros times, some not. Maybe the time codes when a certain sound appears give an IP adress when put together? I tried it with the most obvious….time codes where there is silcence…that way I get:
30 50 25 40 09 (when looking only at seconds)
if I use minutes too I get:

0:30 0:50 1:25 1:40 2:09

Any ideas?

317. Kai3k - April 17, 2009

yesterday i send a mail with a picture of the tricorder in star trek XI and 30 minutes ago i’ve got a short answer: “No picture- no appareil.” – didnt he opened the picture?

318. Daoud - April 17, 2009

Well, I think the is a dead end, because I got this back from him/her:

“Salut- ça va, mais je reçois plein d’emails idiotes comme le votre.”

In English, that’s….

Hello; all’s well, but I’m receiving plenty of idiotic emails like yours.

I’m sorry, but even if this part of the ARG, no sense to calling the potential customers of the movie idiots.

319. FreddyE - April 17, 2009

another thought…there are places in the file where the sound sounds a bit like the sound produced by an acoustic coupler (or a modem with speaker)…maybe there´s actually binary data in the file?

320. raveoned - April 17, 2009

Sounds like music made by the Krell

(sorry, wrong movie!)

321. WarpTube - April 17, 2009

@ 314

What else would it be? The original element sites are definately Star Trek related (links appeared on Star Trek party photos and contain an image of the Narada, as well as sound effects from the film). They point towards this website, which is a very similar IP address and holds a discussion with code words relating back to the elements concerned on the first set of sites. How can it not be?

322. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009


If he/she were a total dead end, then wouldn’t he/she either ignore all of the bizarre e-mails or be a great deal more insulting than using the word “idiote”? I would personally just stick everything in my spam folder and forget about it… I certainly wouldn’t answer virtually all of them.

There’s more to be found here, I’m almost sure of it.

Then again, I suppose it’s possible that we’re all completely on the wrong path, and that somewhere, Bob Orci’s laughter booms as he watches us from the top of his tower.

323. Aaron R. - April 17, 2009

Ca could be the Ca-ptain???? Captain??? Missing?

324. D - April 17, 2009


If the translations I’m reading of the new chat sequences are correct then I believe the 5 (or 6?) chat users are the Narada crew. There is a short convo about being in salt and some breaking their arm. If you have read Countdown then you know that Nero and his men are miners….perhaps they mined salt at some point?

If that’s true then it would be safe to assume that the ‘device’ is a Romulan PADD, tricorder, or communicator. Perhaps someone could email a pic of a Romulan device to Malak0 and see what he says. I’m going to be busy the rest of the day so I can’t really follow up on this, somebody to it for me! :)

Also, I was doing some digging this morning and I found that ‘680’ is DCLXXX in Roman numerals. I tried a lot of different url’s with no luck, I even attached VI to it and nothing but if anyone else has any ideas for that numeral, feel free to do some checking.

Malak0 keeps mentioning pictures of the device. I’m starting to think that there is still another hidden site out there, possibly with a pic of the device….maybe if we find that then Malak0 will give up some more info!

Just a theory!

325. Slaynest - April 17, 2009

PHPChatUser1 : Japanese – “Yarakashita”. He is “Si” – jp domain
PHPChatUser2: French – “Ca”. He is “Ca” – eu domain
PHPChatUser3: German – “Janus”. He is “Al” – eu domain
PHPChatUser4: Spanish – “Candir”. He is “Fe” – eu domain
PHPChatUser5: English – UNKNOWN. He is “O” – com domain

.eu stands for europe… France, Germany and Spain are (obviously) european countries…

326. Selor - April 17, 2009

@325 Maybe try to arrange the elements in the order of theire appearance in the periodic table..

327. raveoned - April 17, 2009

From some quick searching, there is a process to refine Aluminum from Bauxite, and those elements listed are involved at one point or another in the process.

328. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

The item that Malak0 has is a COMMUNICATOR not a tricorder. The communicator is “Blue and black” and Grey. It seems it would be about the same size 22cm(8.6 inches) x 15cm(5.9 inches) open. This would cause the “static” malak0 is talking about.

Just a thought!

329. DS9 Rocks - April 17, 2009

Cout they be arranged in order of the premiere tour? I know they were in France, then Germany. And will be in England Monday, and of course US after that. But, not sure if they were in Japan or Spain.

330. FreddyE - April 17, 2009

I´m giving up…I ran the audio file thru various filters…in different speeds…backward…forward….you name it….I can´t find anything.
Maybe what ever it is went thru a flanger filter….maybe we need to de-flanger it? I don´t have the right software to do that.

331. raveoned - April 17, 2009

…upon further searching, there is some salt content in Bauxite. One resource online that comes up is an author writing about the Bauxite mining regions in Australia.

332. DS9 Rocks - April 17, 2009

One more thought on the premiere dates:

France: May 6
Germany: May 7
Spain: May 8
England: May 8

Now, Japan is on May 29th… but the User from Japan is number 1 in the chat. Roman numeral was 6… Is this telling Japanese fans that they will get the movie on the 6th (i.e., first)?

333. raveoned - April 17, 2009

Could Nero and the crew have been Bauxite miners? Salt occurs in Bauxite deposits, sometimes increasing depending on the level you are mining it.

As for France: “Bauxite was named after the village Les Baux de Provence in southern France, where it was first discovered in 1821 by the geologist Pierre Berthier.”

334. Anthony Pascale - April 17, 2009

335. Chingatchkook - April 17, 2009


I keep thinking back to when the official site ( went on line, with the small glowing dot that lead to That wasn’t obvious but it could be discovered, and there wasn’t much doubt that particular viral site was Trek related.

I suppose that I’m just to the point that I have to step back and look at the big picture. First, the binary sites were all discovered in establishments that have seen a lot of traffic, parties, etc. Who is to say how long ago those binary sites were scribbled on the walls, or by whom? Second, the only definitive evidence thus far seems to be a composite of what appears to be the Narada. In thinking about this last night however, I thought that it could also be a CGI of something else…maybe magnetic flux? Smoke? It looks like what the Narada could be, but it could possibly be something else. Third, the Parisian intersection’s only connection seems to be the ‘Federation’ street. There doesn’t really seem to be anything else there to suggest that it is Trek related, even after more than a week of analyzing those pics and several others. As someone in another posting said, it seems strange that Paramount would engage in a viral marketing campaign while we are so close to the movie’s release. Fourth, the new conversation on doesn’t even sound remotely Trek related. I would have expected to see some small hint today, but nothing. Thus far, I have to say that the only evidence would appear to be a picture of Narada (possibly?), a street in Paris called ‘Federation’ and a website that contains ‘2387’. It just doesn’t sound like much to base a marketing campaign on that is designed to draw in the masses to a blockbuster movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a great deal of time on this puzzle myself and I’m just as curious as everyone else as to what it could all mean. I don’t cast dispersion on anyone here who is looking into this, I’m just starting to have my doubts that it is a Trek related thing. To me, the connections to Star Trek are starting to feel somewhat circumstantial at best. Perhaps it is a viral game of some sort? I’ve never seen one operate before, so I can’t say. My humble opinion…

336. Commodore Redshirt - April 17, 2009

I think the chat group must be Nero and his crew. A Federation crew would not be so chaotic and without discipline.

For example: “PHPChatUser5 Neither do you!!! Knock it off – I can get to you quickly. We don’t need you to lose control, again.”

Another sign this was not a Federation crew is they were NOT using code names, were worried about being discovered, and were questioning who was in charge. They sound desperate and confused.

Also, I’ll come back to the line: “PHPChatUser5 Just try. We’ll meet back here in 2.”

2 what?
Hours? Days? Weeks?

337. Tehalemi - April 17, 2009

hmmm…damn it, something’s got to give with that fench user…

338. aliotsy - April 17, 2009


I don’t think “drawing the masses” is the intent of this ARG, or even most of the advertising for that matter. It’s meant to reaffirm choices or ideas already made — advertising rarely “makes” people do anything. In this case, they’re trying to build excitement among people who are already fans (notice, we’re on a Star Trek site), and hoping our excitement influences others.


I wouldn’t be so fast to say it’s not a Federation crew. Assuming they’ve traveled back in time by accident, panic is understandable. Maybe it’s just me, but I was reading PHPChatUser5 (the “American”) as a young James T. Kirk.

339. Chingatchkook - April 17, 2009

Perhaps you are right with that, and the excitement is definitely there. I would have hoped however that one might spot a Starfleet chevron in the Google pics for example, or seen one of the PHP chat users utter the word ‘Klingon’ or ‘Romulan’. My feeling at this point is that we (including myself) seem to be stretching for some sort of Trek connection, and it is really getting hard to see what that might be. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong as things progress? Maybe. Not like I’ve ever been wrong before though ;-)

340. Chingatchkook - April 17, 2009

#339 ….sorry, there was supposed to be a ‘sarcasm’ tag on my comments, as it pertains to myself. I guess Anthony’s site doesn’t allow such tags. Oops!

341. Selor - April 17, 2009

@339 First rule of Timetraveling: Don’t try to give away to much information about timelinealtering themes over an obviously open comm channel ;)

342. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

I was looking at the message about when they meet back “in 2″. I started to think ..
2am GMT =

7pm Pacific
8pm Mountain
9pm Central
10pm Eastern

We will see how close I am.

343. CptnValdez - April 17, 2009

This was translated and info added by StarTrekkie on another forum.

user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Test, test, test, test. That? Faster than the time I know I’ve, got response?
____user1 – Yarakashita (jp) has disconnected____
user2 Ca (fr) Carrefour de la Rue de la Fédération et Rue de Presles
____user2 Ca (fr) has disconnected____
user3 Janus (de) Kloidn*&%$)#mns
user3 Janus (de) *******?
user3 Janus (de) ??????
user3 Janus (de) *^*&!!!!!!!
user4 Candir (es) Use the keyboard.
user3 Janus (de) What do you think what I do here? “Fe”, bist du das?
user4 Candir (es) Yes Who else is?
user3 Janus (de) Nobody. It does not work. Great plan.
user4 Candir (es) Idea was Karnis.
user3 Janus (de) “Fe’s” idea. And yes, he has not thought about.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Hello?
user4 Candir (es) It appears this is.
user3 Janus (de) Are you OK, kid?
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) I think. What, you did not reach it? Me, and I did not feel I had my right. And you did not respond to everyone.
user4 Candir (es) Do not worry. I think it has something left. Good job.
user3 Janus (de) Him not to lie. He is no idiot.
user4 Candir (es) Shut up, Janus.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Where Kahnis? Should not you be here?
user3 Janus (de) “Fe”. Am I the only one who uses the pseudonym?
user4 Candir (es) The next is that wrote this site for some reason.
user3 Janus (de) Have your special friend not seen. We are wasting our time here.
user5 Unknown (us) Sorry, I’m late. There was a problem.
user4 Candir (es) You okay? Where are you?
user5 Unknown (us) Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Glad to talk to everyone.
user3 Janus (de) You speak not with everyone.
user5 Unknown (us) What?
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) I want to be YARAKASHITA. Encryption not know well. Sorry.
user5 Unknown (us) No, no.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Maybe I can try once more. Guess what happened to luck.
user5 Unknown (us) It’s ok. We’ll figure this out.
user4 Candir (es) I do not think anything will help change that. We should ask someone.
user3 Janus (de) Wen because that?
user4 Candir (es) I do not know.
user5 Unknown (us) Didn’t “Ca” mention someone?
user3 Janus (de) He is not here.
user5 Unknown (us) He hasn’t checked in?
user3 Janus (de) What do you think what I said?
user4 Candir (es) I am sure that he was arrested.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) How can I keep it long? I’m better I went to see one of us? You?
user5 Unknown (us) No. “Ca” was right, splitting up gives us our best shot.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) It would be difficult to catch us from it?
user5 Unknown (us) We’ll worry about that when and if we have to.
user4 Candir (es) We should expect to “Ca” and he will tell us what the next step.
user3 Janus (de) It might already be too late for the next step, perhaps our only chance we have missed! You have no idea what is going on here!
user5 Unknown (us) Neither do you!!! Knock it off – I can get to you quickly. We don’t need you to lose control, again.
user4 Candir (es) None of this is helping.
user3 Janus (de) Slave.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) I had better help him?
user3 Janus (de) Really funny!
user5 Unknown (us) He’ll be fine.
user3 Janus (de) I now disappear if he does not come. Just as a warning for you. We have tried, it did not work – I have done my duty.
user4 Candir (es) And where are you exactly?
user3 Janus (de) Let this be my concern.
user5 Unknown (us) Just stay out of sight this time. I think we’ve been noticed, we didn’t clean up properly.
user3 Janus (de) Do I now receive orders from you? Just because you’re at the bottom of the salt knew what to do – when I almost lost my arm.
user5 Unknown (us) Your problem in the salt is that you gave up too quickly. Maybe if you spent some time figuring out the right trajectory.
user3 Janus (de) That will not help.
user5 Unknown (us) Just try. We’ll meet back here in 2.
user3 Janus (de) Yes, yes. I’m gone.
____user3 Janus (de) has disconnected____
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) I think you see that someone else – just wait.
user5 Unknown (us) You sure?
user4 Candir (es) How were they?
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Different. I went past.
user4 Candir (es) Relax, we all need to relax and think good things and not act like frightened animals. Nobody looks at us in your mind.
user5 Unknown (us) I’m working on the magnetic interference. Can you look at the frequency stuff?
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Oh, yeah. I can about it. If you research a little.
user5 Unknown (us) Good, we need a little more time.
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Still, I think?
user4 Candir (es) We’ll
user5 Unknown (us) You know when to come back?
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) If you need to get, I will contact as soon as possible. OK?
user5 Unknown (us) OK, stay hidden and safe
user1 – Yarakashita (jp) Try hard.
____user1 – Yarakashita (jp) has disconnected____
user5 Unknown (us) It was his very first run.
user4 Candir (es) You should have stopped coming to you.
user5 Unknown (us) I hate feeling like this. We have to get it right, and fast.
user4 Candir (es) Trajabaré as often it may be that.
user4 Candir (es) Are you still there?
user5 Unknown (us) Yes, sorry. I’m here.
user5 Unknown (us) Thank you, Candir.
user4 Candir (es) Take care let me know if you need me.
____user4 Candir (es) has disconnected____
____user5 Unknown (us) has disconnected____

344. David_Alexander - April 17, 2009


345. David_Alexander - April 17, 2009

1001111+1000011.0110010 =>1000011+1000011.1001111

346. David_Alexander - April 17, 2009


347. dfinn - April 17, 2009

Ok –

What happened to this thread — there were more than 200 (300?) comments here — was this a legit crash of the comment system on the Trekmovie site, or was there something else happening?


348. dfinn - April 17, 2009

Ok, so, now I feel like an idiot — they’re all back now…

I’m not losing it, am I?

(on second thought, don’t answer that…)

349. LtPiper - April 17, 2009

344 345 346 clues?

works out to
344 being Al2O3 & Fe3O
345 being o+C.2=>C+C.O
346 being Al2O3 & Fe3C

350. dfinn - April 17, 2009

Al203 == Fused Aluminum Oxide Powder

Fe3O == Iron Monoxide? (a reference to ‘ferrimagnetic materials” is at


351. dfinn - April 17, 2009

Fe3C == Iron Carbide, also referred to as cementite…


352. dfinn - April 17, 2009

So, uhm, other than basic metallurgy, I’m not sure what David_Alexander is getting at…

Any other ideas?

(or is everyone at dinner right now?)

353. LtPiper - April 17, 2009

Well 2am GMT has come and gone must be in two days. We’ll find out Sunday I guess.

354. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 17, 2009

Okay, gang….here’s what I’ve gone through…I think the above might be representations of atomic weights, then some sort of a chemical equation.. Then again, I”m probably completely wrong, but hey…

1001111+1000011.0110010 =>1000011+1000011.1001111

79 + 67.50 => 50+50.79

79 = Au = Gold
67 = Ho = Holmium – which I found has unusual magnetic properties
50 = Sn = Tin

As for the other codes David_Alexander left, about the only thing I find is that they add up to 744 when conveted to decimal. Other than that, they more closely resemble a bitmap character or graphic image of some sort..

* sigh *

355. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 17, 2009


I think I’ve been watching this stuff too much today. Could you please tell me how you got those chemical representations out of those numbers? I’m sure I’m just being dense and not seeing it..

356. Bl00 - April 18, 2009


357. dfinn - April 18, 2009

#356 – I suspect a conversion of Binary to decimal, then translate to ASCII standard?

358. LtPiper - April 18, 2009

355 357

Yep Binary to ASCII.

359. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - April 18, 2009


Now I KNOW I’ve been staring at this stuff too much.

* sigh *

360. CptnValdez - April 18, 2009

I have sort of found some answers in David Alexander’s code which I will repeat here as best as I have figured it out. The first part was Binary to Decimal to ASCII. The rest is Binary to Decimal but nothing leaps out there.

1000001 = 65 = A Al2O3 = Aluminum oxide
1101100 = 108 = l
0110010 = 50 = 2
1001111 = 79 = O
0110011 = 51 = 3
0100000 = 32 =
0100110 = 38 = &
0100000 = 32 =
1000110 = 70 = F Fe3O = Iron (II,III) oxide
1100101 = 101 = e
0110011 = 51 = 3
1001111 = 79 = O

1001111+1000011.0110010 =>1000011+1000011.1001111
79 (O) + 67.50 (C.2) => 67 (C) + 67.79 (C.O) ? Not sure on this one!

1000001 = 65 = A Al2O3 = Aluminum oxide
1101100 = 108 = l
0110010 = 50 = 2
1001111 = 79 = O
0110011 = 51 = 3
0100000 = 32 =
0100110 = 38 = &
0100000 = 32 =
1000110 = 70 = F Fe3C = Iron carbide
1100101 = 101 = e
0110011 = 51 = 3
1000011 = 67 = C

So, for any one who knows the answer, what happen when you combine Al2O3 & Fe3O and then Al2O3 & Fe3C?

The following below is what I haven’t been able to work out.



I hope there is some one smarter than me!

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362. Kai3k - April 20, 2009

new mail from Malak0: Tomorrow we will get a video of the device?!

“Assez, c’est assez. Puisque personne ne réalise à quel point cet appareil est stupéfiant, je vais en faire une vidéo pour vous le montrer. Peut-être que l’un de vous est assez intelligent et mature pour me dire comment le mettre en marche, que je puisse retrouver son vrai propriétaire. Je sais qu’aucun d’entre vous ne l’est puisque vous avez tous cru à ma fausse description de la couleur. Je publierai la vidéo demain ou dans les prochains jours.”

363. Nico (France) - April 21, 2009

It sounds like it, yes, where did you find this message?

Here is a quick tanslation :

Enough is enough, I’m tired of no one believing how crazy this device
is. I am going to make a video to show you people. Maybe one of you
isn’t dumb and immature, and can tell me how to turn it on so I can
track down the owner. I know that none of you is the owner because you
believed my false description of the colour. I’ll get the video up in
the next day or so.

364. Wikibruce » Detecting Star Trek chatter - April 21, 2009

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