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Official Star Trek Site Updated With Final ‘Dossiers’ + New Info Section + more May 1, 2009

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The official Star Trek site ( has gone through another big update with a lot of new content, including the final four ‘dossiers’, plus a whole bunch of cast/crew info and production notes and a few other things. We break it down below. .


The updates to are:

New Dossiers
The final four dossiers [direct link to dossiers] are for the USS Enterprise, The Narada, The Jellyfish (Spock’s ship) and Nero. Each dossier image is also available as a downloadable wallpaper and has interesting tidbits about the characters.

USS Enterprise




New ‘About’ Section
What was previously called ‘Story’ has now been expanded and is now called About (direct link). It has details on the cast and crew, including some cool photos, like seen below for Leonard Nimoy. There is also a section of production notes, which is the same thing given out to the press, with lots of behind the scenes information.

About page for Nimoy


1. Jordan - May 1, 2009

Very nice. Nimoy!

2. Daniel Chan - May 1, 2009

Wow, these look pretty awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. Hi Syebeme!

3. Robnhud - May 1, 2009


4. Gigastazio - May 1, 2009

Updated music as well!

5. Billman - May 1, 2009

I swear I can hear the Sephiroth theme in the middle of one of those tracks on the official site.

6. lnx - May 1, 2009

Man, 5sh days. Cant fukn wait
Still not convinced about new Enterprise — but I have faith in the franchise

7. Captain Erika Hernandez - May 1, 2009

Man these dossiers look great! I can’t wait for the movie now!

8. FIRST comments are annoying - May 1, 2009

Let me just say, I love the title “Spock Prime.”

9. Fansince9 - May 1, 2009

Very nice, but why isn’t there a dossier for elder Spock?

10. Daniel Broadway - May 1, 2009

This Enterprise is ok, but I still think Gabe Koerner’s and especially Dan Uyeno’s Enterprises are so much better.

This Enterprise looks weak and skinny, whereas the previously mentioned ones look strong and beefy.

11. spiked canon - May 1, 2009

this has been a dream come true. i couldn’t have written a better script for my wish of this franchise. I feel really bad for the old time trekkers that have put their hand up. I hope they lower it soon and join the party of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. section9 - May 1, 2009

The Enterprise is fine, but that is the worst piece of fanboy artwork I have ever seen posted to a major studio website in my life. The perspective is all off. Someone should be horsewhipped.

13. D - May 1, 2009

Did anybody else notice that the Enterprise is listed as being in a test berth?

Makes you wonder if the prototype Constitution was built closer to what the original show was.

14. Daniel Broadway - May 1, 2009

#12, What are you talking about?

That’s a shot from ILM.

15. Christine - May 1, 2009

I like the Enterprise, but it looks strange at that angle. I like the trailer shots best.

And what’s with the weird shots of Sarek? xD;

However, hey, is that new music?! I like!!!!!!!

16. c0mBaTkArL - May 1, 2009

Oooh! New Warp Mode screensaver coming soon in the downloads section. Looks pretty kewl.

17. Capt Alex - May 1, 2009

I feel better and better about this film everyday. And that soundtrack is great (pre-ordered a week ago)! That “To Boldly Go” piece is a very powerful and emotional piece and I have a feeling this’ll bring a tear to the eyes of all Trek fans. If only the camera didn’t shake so much…

18. Alex - May 1, 2009

I can’t wait for May 7th (Argentina release date)

19. AJ - May 1, 2009

What a great source of information. I love the dossiers. Vulcan: “No moons.”

One geek question: Is this the first time “Constitution Class” has been mentioned in reference to filmed canon? Don’t forget, the original dedication plaque in TOS refers to the ship as “Starship Class.”

If you consider the Franz Joseph Blueprints as canon, then Enterprise is Constitution Class, but if you go “by the book,” it’s not. Someone please prove me wrong.

20. FSL - May 1, 2009

The more I listen to the music, the more it feels like a cross between John Williams (Star Wars) / David Arnold (Independence Day). It is actually great, but somehow, doesn’t feel very Trek.

21. LordCheeseCakeBreath - May 1, 2009

As a semi purist Trekker The MUSIC rocks!

The big E looks less than stellar. It still looks a bit goofy to me. Hopefully it will look cooler when in motion!

PS I shot some home movies today. My brother shined a flash light into the lens every 4 seconds. It’s hilarious! I have to post on YouTube so I can show everyone!

22. Capt. of the USS Anduril - May 1, 2009

I wonder when/if the Intel Shipyard site’ll be updated…

I love the dossiers though, I would like to see a 3d model of the E like they have of the Kelvin.

23. Chadwick - May 1, 2009

@ 20. FSL I disagree, only song #1 Star Trek and song #8 sound like star wars. #1 sounds like Luke on tatooine, and #8 sounds like something out of episode 2 in the city district like a the car chase scene. The rest are different enough I don’t relate them to Star Wars they sound like a mix of the TNG movie music and a hint of the 60’s trek music, but song 1 and 8 for sure I can hear John Williams in the background lol.

#1, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15 are great songs, (or at least they sound like they will be)
but the one that takes the cake is song #13 That New Car Smell. In an interview they mentioned that they used a Chinese instrument called a Erhu for the Romulans scenes, but its the same instrument in song 13 and wow does that sound great, the 30 seconds we hear of that song made me misty eyed, the bow being pulled across those strings, and the slight echo when moving from notes, wow, #13 is by far the most superb. Last a trek song made me misty eyed was the opening theme from First Contact. Star Trek has always had beautiful music that touches the soul, and this sound track is no different. Michael Giacchino and the musicians I salute you, this is indeed “Star Trek” music.

24. Gigastazio - May 1, 2009

Remember these good ol’ days?

The comments are especially cute in retrospect.

25. sean - May 1, 2009


Picard called the TOS Enterprise Constitution Class in ‘Relics’.

26. Closettrekker - May 1, 2009

#19— I’m not sure that can be proven wrong, but I do not feel as though it becomes an issue at all unless it is actually depicted up on screen. And even if it is referenced (and it may very well be) on screen at some point, this ‘easter egg’ to fans of the blueprints and the FASA games, etc. can be explained away in the “catch-all” altered timeline—– the original timeline would have the “Starship Class NCC-1701″, while the altered one would claim the “Constitution Class” NCC-1701.

Otherwise, the ‘easter egg’ only exists on an offical movie site, the canonical status of which is questionable, IMO.

27. Rainbucket - May 1, 2009

Even if you’re familiar with Nimoy’s work it’s worth reading the biography they put up for him. Very thorough.

I’m smitten with the music, it’s both new and Star Trekkish at once. It sometimes reminds me of Howard Shore’s LOTR music, but maybe that’s because Eomer’s playing McCoy.

28. Closettrekker - May 1, 2009

#24—-Did he? It’s been years since I’ve seen that one. Well, in that case, this is an existing contradiction. If the “Supreme Court” determined that official canon should consistently defer to the later entry, I think that is a legitimate choice.

29. D - May 1, 2009

#19 – Picard calls refers to the original bridge representation on the Holodeck as belonging to a “Constitution Class”

The schematic in STVI that Scotty is looking at also mentions the 1701-A as being a “Constitution Class”.

There are data displays in TOS itself that refer to the Enterprise as being a “Constitution Class” starship.

And, the dedication plaque of the Defiant as seen on “Enterprise” states she is a “Constitution Class Starship”

So…the simple fact is that the Enterprise 1701 is “supposed” to be, and has long been considered to be a “Constitution Class” starship by the folks at Paramount and the writers. The original dedication plaque is one of those incongruities that happens when a fictional universe goes on for 43 years.

30. AJ - May 1, 2009

If Scotty mentions it in “Relics,” it canonizes it. But the plaque for the Enterprise-A doesn’t mention it either.

31. kmart - May 1, 2009

those are dumbass retcons, the refit is ENTERPRISE class, as intended by designers and reinforced by other designers (deliberately, in TWOK’s simulator sign.)

32. AJ - May 1, 2009

28: Here’s a way to be a pain in the rear:

If Picard or Scotty, in ‘Relics,’ mention that the NCC-1701 is Constitution Class, and the old plaque is in any way visible in the show (shots taken from “This Side of Paradise”), then they are wrong.

If the Defiant is referred to on its plaque as Constitution Class (which it is), then it is the only ship in canon to be so classified.

Go figure.

33. Spockish - May 1, 2009

Does anyone remember that in the first pilot “The Cage” and the first 3 episodes of Star Trek (TOS) the Enterprise was refered to as United Space Ship Enterprise. Ever wonder how it got the title of USS Enterprise and NCC was for Nuclear Constitution Classs because of NCC 1700 USS Constitution. All this info came from one of the two paperback books I got in the mid 70’s about Star Trek and Talks with The Great Bird of the Galaxy as he created the ideas back in 1962 & 63.

34. Go go go... - May 1, 2009

OMG do I hear the original show music as part of credits? I just creamed my pants.

35. The Governator - May 1, 2009

Damn. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I read all the production notes. There is a lot of good stuff to read in there, especially those who like to know the details.

And as I have stated before, I am a musician. And after listening to those soundtrack bits, I am extremely impressed by Giacchino’s score. Absolutely A+ material. Its as catchy and memorable as Star Wars, its as emotionally engaging and awe-inspiring as other previous Trek soundtracks, and its unique, which makes it stand out to the ear, but in a very good way. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

Interesting reading why and how they filmed in the brewery. I have more respect for their choice now than I did before. I also found it interesting that the Kelvin bowels were shot in a power plant from the 30s. Now that made me crack up, simply because they used old environments to portray the future. But yet, I’m extremely impressed with how well it works for the Kelvin. The Kelvin design, from bridge to bowels flows nicely and even in the industrial shots, it still feels amazingly futuristic. As for the Enterprise bowels, I’ll judge when the movie comes out.

36. Mazz Nx01 - May 1, 2009

+1 for mention of Admiral Archer.

37. AJ - May 1, 2009


Go back to the books. “NCC” is referred to outside of canon as an abbreviation for “Naval Construction Contract.”

I sincerely doubt that the ‘N’ stands for ‘nuclear,’ as that technology is considered outdated in TOS’s time (“Balance of Terror”).

38. Closettrekker - May 1, 2009

#30—I think that defering to the later canon entries is appropriate, IMO, and the most consistent way to deal with such things. The precedent to me is always the deference in canon toward the most recent entry with regard to the Star Trek timeline—meaning no one dismisses the retcons of the Original film era with regard to the placement of the original films era within the 23rd Century, eventually within the “late” 23rd Century, and finally, the TOS-era five year mission was pinned down to have ended in 2271 during the Berman era.

But the “refitted” Enterprise being designated “Enterprise-Class” is something I’ve never noticed, however, if TUC suggests that the NCC-1701A is also “Constitution Class”, and the refitted NCC-1701 is “Enterprise Class”, then that isn’t exactly a clear contradiction, yet I still lean toward viewing it as such.

Perhaps the 1701 was the first of the “Constitution Class” ships to get the dynamic refit first depicted in TMP, and therefore became the namesake of the first round of formerly “Constitution Class” vessels to incorporate the new design. But that would suggest that the 1701A is actually a different class of ship, and make the suggestion in TUC that the Enterprise is scheduled to be decommissioned even more ridiculous. I suppose I prefer to view it as a retcon, in which case the later entry (TUC) supercedes the anomaly in TWOK, particularly since it is subsequently reinforced by multiple affirmations.

If I had a vote (which I do not) as to whether “Constitution Class” is canon in both timelines or not—–I would have to say yes.

39. The Last Maquis - May 1, 2009

You know Something that Whole Countdown Story about the Narada Being Borgified Is so Bullsh%T!!
Unless I’m Wrong and There’s a reference to the Borg Tech in the Movie, but I’m Betting these jokers didn’t even Mention that, JJ wouldn’t make such a huge reference like that, He Just wanted the Ship to look different for the sake of different, then Bob and Alex said “ya Know it looks kinda Like something that was Borgified so let’s use that Idea in the Comic, Okay cool” other than that Nero could’ve Stolen a Warbird or a scout ship for that matter and it’s technology would’ve Been superior to anything in from the Past, why the Stupid Misslies n’ crap what happened to the disruptors of the 24th century? god, one shot would do the trick.

40. AJ - May 1, 2009



The original USS Enterprise is “Starship Class” as depicted in writing next to the turbolift. There is a Ballantine Books set of blueprints and a Tech Manual by Franz Joseph which introduce the idea of ‘Constitution Class”, and it has gone from fanon to canon over the years.

Memory Alpha refers to is the Constitution Class, ‘AKA Starship Class, or Class 1 Heavy Cruiser.’ Fine with me.

Dear Bob and Alex, PLEASE put a Dreadnought in. PLEASE!

41. boborci - May 1, 2009

39. AJ – May 1, 2009


42. Jim Nightshade - May 1, 2009

Well when I read the Countdown comic I couldnt help but think of Supermans dad on Krypton as portrayed by Spock—only thing missing maybe a big ole S on his robe haha and general zod being pressed into a floating lp record cover jacket-talk about a fate worse than death-we only use cds and itunes now hehe

43. Edward Duddy - May 1, 2009

#34 talking about the Kelvin bowels being ship at a power plant from the 30s… Any idea how much older the Kelvin is than the Enterprise? I’m assuming 20+ years or so but not sure if it’s been stated.

I agree with you though, it looked great, the shots I saw of the Kelvin. Just enough of those futuristic touches to suspend believe, haha.

44. AJ - May 1, 2009


Why don’t you ask Mr. Orci the next time he’s on the site?

The Romulans in the 24th century had several different types of vessels, but this one is totally different.

I think Bob and Alex reached into the TNG basket of goodies to craft a way to substantially alter Nero’s drill-ship. A conventional Warbird is not capable of destroying a planet in one shot. The altered Narada is, especially if the ride is “pimped” by Borg technology. I doubt it’s referenced in the film.

45. Edward Duddy - May 1, 2009

@ #38 – I thought it was other Romulans that refitted the Narada in the comics? I haven’t read the newest one, so I might be just behind the curve.

46. Jim Nightshade - May 1, 2009

oh yeh the BK glasses are way cool! etched glass great color shots,a clear delta shield and each of 4 characters,even the boxes they come in are awesome! best glasses ever–Other than my many star trek experience glasses & mugs these bk glasses are the best!

47. -A- - May 1, 2009

wow mr spock is very old… i knew he is last film…

48. Jim Nightshade - May 1, 2009

oh yeh anthony,rod roddenberry on his site had a no news news article on the rebuilding of the experience-no construction has even started yet–I knew reopening part of it by may 8 was way too optimistic–any solid info yet?

49. MORN SPEAKS - May 1, 2009

I saw Wolverine, it was okay, but quite frankly “We can clean their chronometers”!!!

50. Jim Nightshade - May 1, 2009

I even have 1 kirk and 1 spock dr pepper glasses from 1976-they were the animates characters–

51. JJ_roddenberry - May 1, 2009

I dunno, maybe they aren’t worried about this, but are present-Spock’s scenes set a considerable length of time after Unification? He looks at least 210.

52. thereare4lights - May 1, 2009

Lithium deposits on Delta Vega? Looks like Nero really did something 4 the Romulans in his 25 years of conspicuous absence.

53. Konar - May 2, 2009

Boborci, I haven’t seen the movie yet but whenever I read a description of the Narada I wonder if you or the designers were influenced at all by the Revelation Space series of books.

Can’t wait to see the movie — thanks a lot for the obvious love you have put into the project!

54. Geodesic - May 2, 2009

boborci– thanks for picking up the Spock-Romulus storyline. That loose thread was left hanging for too long! I guess that was to this film’s advantage though! =)

55. Spock's Spinnaz - May 2, 2009

boborci- I’d like a Red Ryder BB Gun. Also, a Q story as a Star Trek movie. OK, maybe not. But hey, are you going to show your snazzy new movie to the President? I read he’s a Trekkie.

56. mrdavis - May 2, 2009

the main title reminds me somehow of ennio morricone..

57. Valar1 - May 2, 2009

Man, that “14 to boldly go” track on the official website is just killing me. Last week everyone was pissing and moaning about the composer not using the original themes, but here he’s not only using it but he’s improved on it !

58. Harry Doddema - May 2, 2009

Oh my god, I’m going to see this movie tomorrow.

At this point in time, I’ve come to terms with the new design.. the only thing I have significant doubts about is the Budweiserneering idea. Scotty liked his drinks, sure, but to have the heart and lungs of the Enterprise represented by a brewery sounds a bit iffy.

But maybe it works in the movie… very curious about that.

59. Selor - May 2, 2009

@23 Yupp Track 13 is really touching somehow.

60. captain_neill - May 2, 2009


I have only slowly come to accept the new designs BUT I will never like them as much as I love the original designs.

Watching TOS remastered has made me fall in love with the Constituiton class Enterprise again. It looks beautiful. Although I will get use to the new design, it just ain’t as beautiful as the original and refit designs.

Lithium deposits on Delta Vega seems a nice link to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

61. Geoffers - May 2, 2009

12.. oh do shut up and stop TRYING to find fault.. jeez… when will these folks quit and go away!

62. Paulaner - May 2, 2009

I am in love with the soundtrack. Giacchino is an awesome composer.

63. MH - May 2, 2009

I’m really impressed by the level of detail contained within the crew dossiers on the official site. Bones going to Old Miss, Sulu starting a fencing club at the academy, Spock being the Grandmaster of 3-D chess… They really did there homework at both directly and indirectly referencing the TOS.

On another note. I noticed how the write-up for the UFP adheres to the established canon of the Federation being founded by Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites. The one thing that has ALWAYS bothered me about every incarnation of Star Trek is that we NEVER, or hardly ever in most cases, see these other aliens amongst the human ranks on starships. I understand that in the TOS the budget was limited, but that doesn’t excuse the movies(YES, I know some can be seen the the background of TMP), the Next Generation, DS9, and Voyager. Hopefully in this new franchise, we see a lot more of those founding races serving along side of humans aboard the Enterprise. I’ve always been irked by this gross over sight. Lemme know what you guys think…

64. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

Track 14 is awful. Couldn’t have Giacchino left it intact instead of insisting on squeezing his theme EVERYWHERE? It’s dissonant in a purely musical sense – Courage’s fanfare is major scale, Giacchino’s theme is minor. Both themes clash instantly…

65. The Last Maquis - May 2, 2009

at least with Transformers there’s no mistake.
You know it’s going to be a Roller coaster ride, Robots that Transform into things? in Live action? it can only be Ridiculous, but you turn your brain off at the door. what did you think of the Story? “Story??” ,”Really??” “Uh..well, I remember Megan Fox in cutoffs…uh a Jet thing and a Big Tractor thing….” well did you Have Fun?” “F%$in’ Ay!!”

but this is Star Trek, and it’s Going to be the Same kind of ride. I loved that scene in Wrath of Khan where He Ambushes the Enterprise and Yells “WOO HOO!!”

or that court martial Scene in part IV where Kirk asks the UFP President “Why are you talkin’ to me man??”

Or that part In VI When McCoy Beams over to Kronos 1 and Chang just gets up and Stabs him for No reason.

66. Telly1138 - May 2, 2009


Old Spock = Spock Prime. It’s a more flattering character name for Mr. Nimoy than “Old Spock”.

67. Historian John Gil, Starfleet Nutcase who broke the Prime Directive - May 2, 2009

@The Last Maquis. Your attempt at sarcasm is lame dude. Every Star Trek fan is not going to be pleased and those are the ones with their heads in their asses. Star Trek needed an edge and it needed to be relevant again. Voyager, Enterprise (The 4th Season was cool), Insurrection, and Nemisis were the downward sprial that ended Star Trek. Ron Moore said something very interesting. “Star Trek choked on its on continuity” and it did. It tried to do too much. Paramount Executives were trying to milk that cow to death. A time altering reboot is a pretty cool way to do it and respect the continuity before it. People will remember the New Battlestar Galactica before they remember the original one. The Original one was terrible and needed a new start.

I wish everybody would stop with this what Gene Roddenberry would say crap. Gene is dead. Gene sold the franchise. What Gene has to say is irrelavent.

Do you seriously think they can write Batman today the way they did in the 40s? No, so why would anybody want Star Trek in it’s old form. Not saying I didn’t enjoy it but come on, the Original Series had it’s issues. It was by no means perfect but everybody treats it like the holy grail.

You guys are obsessing over little nonsense like little girls. Chill out. Get some popcorn and shut the hell up. What about this and that. Look Orci and Kurtzman are fans. I am sure they have thought through a lot of this. If the timeline has been altered then its a foregone conclusion that most of the future events have been altered as well. They will still meet Khan but it will happen in a different way than Space Seed or the War with the Klingons. Those are inevitable outcomes which are now on divergent paths. I believe Star Trek is headed for a Star Wars like series of flims. It will rock. The Next Gen Continuity has not been erased. There is a 100 year time difference between both series. Relax kids. Its the Next Gen era that causes this timeline to exist. The tech upgrades are a result of Neros Incursion into the timeline. Once he entered the timeline he altered events. He broke the Treaty of Algeron before the Romulans did. George Kirk was not supposed to die on that Ship but his baby boy survived. Do you get it? Inevitbale outcomes on divergent paths. Watch the TNG episdoe parallels. Some of you guys are really crazy. Chill. Zoe Saldana is in the movie. Some of you will never touch a woman that hot. Enjoy it geeks.

68. AJ - May 2, 2009

In the dossiers, the writers should take the chance, and specify the class of the Kelvin, to be consistent with the Enterprise’s entry.

69. Wicketsc - May 2, 2009

67 – Right On

This constant whining and nitpicking is why Star Trek needed a reboot.
Nothing will satisfy people whose lives are so vapid that they sit around and debate the color of lights on a fictional ship in a fictional universe. Get some popcorn and enjoy the movie.

You have May 9th to look forward to. You can officially start whining about the size of the nacelles in the sequel or maybe trying to figure out the combination of the safe in Kirk’s quarters.

70. mntrekfan - May 2, 2009

I just got a little teary eyed when I heard the original series music being played. Gave me goosebumps! I can’t wait to see this movie.

71. Commander K - May 2, 2009

#10 The Enterprise in the movie is as it should be, still images really don’t do it justice

72. Scott - May 2, 2009

Jean Luc, it is not *squeezed* in, just because one is major and one is minor does not mean they can’t go together. There are accidentals. There are modes. There is the minor fact that there are things called relative major and relative minor which *gasp* have relation to each other.

Why dont you leave the music to the experts, k?

73. The future begins...May 7/8th - May 2, 2009

DAMN….ANOTHER CONTINUITY ERROR, ONE THAT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED AWAY…The Enterprise’s top speed is listed as Warp 8…that was its top CRUISING SPEED…its Maximum speed was somewhere in the Warp 9 scale…>:(

74. Charles Trotter - May 2, 2009

Love all the updates, especially the addition of the music and the production notes. For some reason, though, the first three sections of notes end mid-sentence. That needs to be fixed.

75. CaptainRickover - May 2, 2009

# 73
This Enterprise is out the Nero-universe, not the same ship as the original one.

I think the oversized nacelles are too heavy for faster speeds ;)

76. sean - May 2, 2009



Spock is stranded in the past with Nero for nearly 30 years (birth of Kirk, Kirk as an adult). That easily explains his appearance.

77. sean - May 2, 2009


Sorry, but the accepted definition of canon means if Picard or Scotty call the Enterprise Constitution class then that overrides a barely visible dedication plaque. Dialog > set design.

78. Ben - May 2, 2009

Well said #67. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again (to borrow a line). When TMP came out, I’m sure folks had their complaints; when TNG premiered, I’m sure people had their complaints too. And now, it is happening again. Maybe in 50 years, when another Star Trek movie is made, folks will complain again that it violates the events in this movie. Hopefully, we all love Star Trek because of its broader message of acceptance, progress, and hope. Let’s focus on that instead!

79. sean - May 2, 2009


Bob, did you guys read the Invasion saga? With the Furies? For some reason, the Narada reminds me of the description of Fury ships. These massive, almost plant-like space fortresses. Just curious!

80. Scott Gammans - May 2, 2009

Don’t read the production notes if you want to remain spoiler-free… I just accidentally read about how Scotty winds up onboard the Enterprise! GRR.

I have to say, this is the first view of the Enterprise that I actually like. I still think the proportions of the design are a wee bit awkward, but from that particular angle she’s a beauty!

81. Rick Sternbach - May 2, 2009

Soooooo…How big is the Enterprise?

82. AJ - May 2, 2009



In my world, once something is put in writing, it supercedes anything anyone says.

Does your theory mean that Rigel VII is now pronounced “Rye-ghel VII” because Shatner mis-pronounced it in TFF?

I accept the Constitution Class. I just glanced at the plaque a few months ago, and wondered at what point FZ’s class designation entered canon.

83. Trekker chick - May 2, 2009


I DO recall talking to other Trek fans after TNG premiered, and there was considerable derision about the Enterprise-D: the gawd-awful appearance at certain camera angles, the number of ports (windows) relative to the overall surface area, the (LOL, given current complaints) undersized engine nacelles, nevermind some of the interiors or the duty ‘skant’ uniforms or the odd energy-beam effect near the end of E@Farpoint.

84. The Original Spock's Brain - May 2, 2009

25. sean – May 1, 2009
“Picard called the TOS Enterprise Constitution Class in ‘Relics’.”

You are correct, sir.

85. Closettrekker - May 2, 2009

#40—-“The original USS Enterprise is “Starship Class” as depicted in writing next to the turbolift. ”

At least in some episodes of TOS. And the evidence isn’t even limited to the writing next to the turbolift. The dialogue in “Bread And Circuses” suggests that as well.

“There is a Ballantine Books set of blueprints and a Tech Manual by Franz Joseph which introduce the idea of ‘Constitution Class”, and it has gone from fanon to canon over the years.”

Actually, according to Memory Alpha, the name “Constitution Class” was first used on a screen that Scotty is reading outlying the schematics of a phaser bank in the episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”, but was unreadable to a television audience. It was this “inside information” which was the source for the technical manual.

The classification was also popularized in the licensed FASA RPG from the 1980’s, in which the original Enterprise (NCC-1701) was called “Constitution Class”.

The NCC-1701 is called “Constitution Class” in the schematics (also unreadable on screen) depicted in TWOK and TSFS.

The term is openly used to describe it as “Constitution Class” in the dialogue within the TNG episode, “The Naked Now”, and in each instance in which it is canonically referenced thereafter (including TUC, where the name “Constitution Class” can actually be seen in the schematics of the NCC-1701A).

I think that, prior to 1987, there was legitimate question as to the canonical status of the term “Constitution Class” versus the visible use of “Starship Class” in TOS—-but “The Naked Now” and subsequent references have put that issue to bed, IMO.

Probably some TOS purists will cling to “Starship Class”, but I like to defer to the later entry (or entries) where contradictions come up.

86. The Original Spock's Brain - May 2, 2009

#67 John Gill “Some of you guys are really crazy. Chill. Zoe Saldana is in the movie. Some of you will never touch a woman that hot. Enjoy it geeks.”


87. sean - May 2, 2009


Pronunciation is a misleading road, IMO. Everyone says things differently. That’s quite different from someone clearly identifying the ship as Constitution Class, and a background plaque that’s barely visible for the greater part of 79 episodes.

By your definition, we should call him James R Kirk, because a gravestone was visible for nearly 5 minutes that identified him as such. Who cares is Chang identifies him as James Tiberius Kirk, it’s engraved in stone that he’s James R Kirk! ;)

I suppose the question I’m asking is how can background minutiae or what essentially amount to Easter Eggs supersede spoken dialog? That’s a baffling approach to take.

88. Closettrekker - May 2, 2009

#65—” I loved that scene in Wrath of Khan where He Ambushes the Enterprise and Yells “WOO HOO!!”

or that court martial Scene in part IV where Kirk asks the UFP President “Why are you talkin’ to me man??”

How many people do you know who have the same manner about them at age 25 as they do at age 50?

I mean, do you realize that in TWOK and TVH you are talking about a James T. Kirk who is about a quarter century older (and not to mention is the product of a different upbringing to some extent) than the one who asks, “Why are you talking to me, man?” in ST09?

You could have at least found something in the dialogue of TOS, rather than from the mouth of a 50-year old desk-bound Admiral to try and make your point. It wouldn’t get you around the altered timeline angle, but still…

89. Nicholas - May 2, 2009

great stuff!

90. AJ - May 2, 2009


I’m just having fun with this.

I couldn’t care less about these things.

I just want to know what the ‘R’ stands for. Ralph? Ricky? Randy?

My canon radar usually switches on to things like, in TSFS, “The Enterprise is 20 years old,” or the sudden appearance of Vulcan royalty begetting pointy-eared hippies.

91. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

#72 Pardon me, Sir. Forgive me for not being an “expert”, I’m just a stupid music producer. Also, I guess not being an “expert” precludes me having an opinion.

By the way, your relative major/relative minor “technobabble” (sic!) is hardly applicable in this case – Courage’s fanfare is D major (C#), Giacchino’s theme is A minor (C). That’s what’s clashing. The tritone C-F# gives the fanfare almost depressing, if you will, feel, instead of that jolly good ST optimism.

And yes, it is “squeezed”. Giacchino went out of his way to add his theme EVERYWHERE.

92. Closettrekker - May 2, 2009

#90—“…the sudden appearance of Vulcan royalty begetting pointy-eared hippies.”


93. Marv - May 2, 2009

It’s about TIME!

Using an erhu in the music!

Earth in the Future is not based or focused on North America even though the bases are there. China, if still there in the 24th C, will have been there for nearly 6,000 years. It’s about TIME they bring in non-western instruments to show the WHOLE of humanity.

94. AJ - May 2, 2009


Jean-Luc: I was just reading your interesting response to #72, when I looked at your nic’s link to a Trek site in Poland.

i spent three great years there (lived in Wilanow in Warsaw) and have a girlfriend there. I am American myself.

What’s the outlook for Trek in PL? There’s a great infrastructure of cinema multiplexes and IMAXes ( I saw Superman Returns and Matrix 3 in Sadyba). Is there a fanbase?

If you’re not from Poland, sorry.

95. Marv - May 2, 2009

Correction. CHINA will have been there for 6000 years.

96. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

I have just listened to the entire track 15 (End credits) – it’s an outstanding suite (directly connected to track 14) and it begins with the magnificent rendition of Courage’s theme, so rest assured, the so-called “new audience” will hear it, whether they want it or not!

97. n9n3 - May 2, 2009

96: “Jean-Luc”

Where did you get the soundtrack before the release? I’m dying to hear the whole thing

98. n9n3 - May 2, 2009

96: Nevermind, i misread that. I too have heard all of track 15 on youtube.

99. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

#94 AJ

The outlook for Trek in PL? Not good. Not good.

There’s basically no promotion whatsoever, no TV spots, no outdoor ads (maybe except in Warsaw – I myself live in Lodz – big city as well). Coincidentally I have just posted about this on – I spotted two big outdoor ads for “Angels and Demons” – literally 200 meters apart. The only place too see the words “Star Trek” without having to walk into a theater is a poster… on the outer wall of a theater. I believe that’s the only place in the entire city. Even inside a theater you have to look carefully – the poster is not on the main “poster wall” above the cash registers. People in one of the theaters weren’t even sure if they will receive an actual roll. 6 days until the premiere and I still wouldn’t know if and where I can see this in my city. Luckily I’m attending a special press screening on 5.05, so I don’t have to care, but I wouldn’t want to be in other fan’s shoes desperate to see it.

For reasons beyond my comprehension there’s some kind of Trek “allergy” in Poland. Even though Paramount keeps marketing this as “Not your father’s Star Trek” to acquire new audiences and the movie has already been proclaimed the biggest summer hit in US, Polish distributors pretend they are unaware of this. It’s… illogical.

Trek will stay a niche in Poland, unfortunately.

100. Dances With Klingons - May 2, 2009

Has no one understood that the “old” Spock is from a “Prime” universe?

I think, and this is my opinion:


That is what it means by this is not you father’s ST.

Sorry to yell, but this is a new take on the star trek universe and from what I can tell, it’s lines up with OUR reality and not that of the fictional one.

101. Matt Wright - May 2, 2009

Glad a preview of every track on the soundtrack is now available :)

102. sean - May 2, 2009


Sorry AJ, it’s hard to read intent on the internet, and especially here at TM! People ’round these parts lose their minds over pipes in engineering or bar code scanners on the bridge, so you can see where I might have been led astray! =)

103. AJ - May 2, 2009



I know Lodz, having worked for a company that had a factory up the road near Poddebice (just past the new highway after Leczica). I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Piotrkowska St. many times (ugh).

I am surprised that Paramount is ignoring a country of 40m people. I guess you and all you site members will do what it takes to make sure you all see it. It’s not up on Cinema City’s site yet, but I am sure it will just show up there once the prints are released.

Not sure if this is correct, but:

Wszystkego najlepszego!

104. MC1701B - May 2, 2009

67. It’s so entertaining to be “schooled” by someone who wasn’t around in the ’70’s, when there was no new Star Trek. (I base your estimated age on your sight-unseen defense of the film, as well as your assumption that anyone gives a damn what happens to the TNG universe. BTW, no TNG characters appear in this film. Go cry.)

Since you obviously don’t care about the canon or history of Star Trek, my suggestion is that you immediately go out and buy some “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” and “Lost in Space” DVD’s, since the primary distinction between Star Trek and Irwin Allen sci-fi was the attempt to set in a realistic, consistent, scientifically plausible universe, and you’d ratehr just watch something fun.

And my ex-wife is (still) hotter than Zoe Saldana.

105. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

#103 AJ

Small world… Grand Hotel is about 800 meters from where I live. What company was that if I may ask? Don’t tell me… Gallaher?

I don’t think Paramount itself is to blame. I suspect the culprit might be UIP Poland, the distributor. If I’m not mistaken it’s the distributors duty to take care of media/outdoor campaigns and so on (taking local popularity of a franchise into account). I’m strongly considering writing a FORMAL COMPLAINT to Paramount regarding this matter. Star Trek reborn, my a**.

As I mentioned, ST has never really caught on in Poland. TNG cancelled after 5 seasons; DS9 cancelled after 2 (?) seasons; VOY cancelled after 4 seasons. ST:FC and ST:Insurrection were not shown in theaters. Nemesis, however, was. Now this. I bet ST XI will sell poorly, and ST XII will share the fate of ST:FC and ST:Insurrection. Even Watchmen (something that hardly anyone in Poland has ever heard about) had better promotion – outdoor campaigns, midnight screenings. How does that compare to a 40-year-old franchise?

> Not sure if this is correct, but:
> Wszystkego najlepszego!

Almost! ;) Thanks.

106. LostOnNCC1701 - May 2, 2009

The early production notes are incomplete! ARGH!

107. Jerry Copeland - May 2, 2009

Maybe this link will explain why there is no real promotion in Poland. It states where the film will be promoted, besides North America.

But there is the internet! A lot of people are being passed over initially but I would think that with a successful market in the countries listed that it will appear elsewhere as well in due time.

To help fans check out some interesting site check out the links at my ezine, Split/Image

It won’t be long until May 4. Wonder what the first Star Trek kid meals toy is going to be?

108. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

#107 – thanks, but that list concerns mostly the tour. The problem with ST in Poland is that it does not receive a *regular* promotion, much like *any other* movie does/would do. That’s what’s so vexing.

109. AJ - May 2, 2009



Gallaher it is, or was. I opened up the company there, and was General Director from 2003-5. We bought the business from Polski Tyton’.

Did ‘Iron Man’ do well in Poland? That must have gone through UIP Poland as well. And don’t tell me he was popular in Poland before last year.

Looks like you have a grass roots opportunity. You should complain to the distributor as well. Paramount sunk cash into Germany, where the franchise is popular, why not drive a few km east and do the same? Just a few TV spots during “Dancing With the Stars” or “You Can Dance” should do it ;-)

110. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

#109 AJ

No s**t. I applied for a job at Gallaher in 2005 or 2006. I remember hearing about “a boss that doesn’t speak Polish” from a friend that used to work there.

Small world, eh?

111. AJ - May 2, 2009


Jean-Luc: I left Poland at the end of 2004 for Scandinavia, and i actually can get by in spoken Polish (I speak Russian fluently, so I learned quickly). Must have been the guy just after me, who was Spanish.

What position did you apply for? The Department heads in HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales were all Polish.

I really miss Poland. The current financial crisis required that I return home from Europe as I have kids in the US. I have a good, Catholic Polish sweetheart who seems to be waiting for me as if I were at the front. She came to visit at the end of last year.

Poland, to me, was like being in a country of predominantly intelligent people who were sick of being the cradle of European history, and just wanted to get on with their regular lives. The Kaczynski brothers may have set Poland back, but the uniqueness of a large, and fiercely Catholic country finally breaking free of Soviet influence and entering the EU means its problems can’t be sorted in a day or a year.

Anyway, Good to hear from you. Come over to CHAT. I hang out there with some reasonably crazy Trekkers of all types.

112. The Last Maquis - May 2, 2009

Yeah, I actually get and Don’t mind the Altered time line Explanation for why Kirk Is a rebel Kid now because of his fathers Death, That’s One one of the things that makes sense and feels like a real story is in place.

my Beef is in how the Movie with all the “Not your fathers Trek” stuff is marketed. As a trek Fan if the Movie is a Good one then isn’t that enough? they have to bring all the Non Trekker dollars so it can crush everything?

P.S. come on, Khan Yelling Woo Hoo was Hilarious!!!

113. Thomas - May 2, 2009

“I saw Wolverine, it was okay, but quite frankly “We can clean their chronometers!!!'”

That’s the best review I’ve seen for Wolverine thus far.

114. Dr. Image - May 2, 2009

Saw Wolverine and I thought it SUCKED.
“The Last Stand” was FAR better.

ST09 is going to KICK its ass.
Has anyone checked the reviews section of the site? Wow!

#91 – Good musical observation- almost depressing sound- yes. And theme everywhere. Sheesh!
Courage? Where art thou?

115. sean - May 2, 2009


That’s a scary thought, since The Last Stand was god awful!

116. John Sullivan - May 2, 2009

Back to Boredom with the “in case you believe actors are actually IMPORTANT …” I am sorry that so much much effort went into “dossiers” of people too unstable to just be themselves and keep a real job, having to settle on being someone else, and then collecting fame when people confuse them with fictional heroes. Back to someone real, astronauts are headed to space aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis lauches on May 11th, and there will be no stunt doubles.

117. thereare4lights - May 2, 2009

@67 Orci and Kurtzman being fans isn’t necessarily a good thing. The writers of Nemesis were also fans and had no problems retconning the Remans into Star Trek

118. 'Jean-Luc' - May 3, 2009

#114 – Having listened to the entire OST now let me just be perfectly blunt: to say that Giacchino’s new theme is overused would be a terrible UNDERSTATEMENT. If you listen to this album more than once you will go insane!

I am familiar with all theatrical OSTs and neither of the composers (Goldsmith, Horner, Eidelman, McCarthy) had the urge to put their “shiny new theme” into every single track.

The least Giacchino could do is to spare the fanfare. Seriously.

119. 'Jean-Luc' - May 3, 2009

#111 AJ

I applied for a finance-related position back then. I didn’t get the job because I was… overqualified (as I learned from a friend who was good friends with the girl that conducted the recruitment) – they feared I’d give up the job quickly because of getting bored and the need to commute (1 hour ride in one direction).

Unfortunately I do not share your optimism about the Poles. Many of them exhibit typical Polish “devil may care” mentality, which I’m sick and tired of having lived here for three decades. The number of times I had to feel ashamed in front of my friends from abroad… I’d gladly move to a more civilized country if I had the opportunity.

120. afterace - May 3, 2009

So do I Jean Luc :)

121. AJ - May 3, 2009



Yes, Gallaher was beefing up the finance function in Poddebice/Gostkow at the time. It was tough to find people in Lodz who would commute back and forth. It was tough to find anyone, actually. All the blue collar workers were going to the UK & Ireland, and Lodz was incentivizing Western companies like Dell to set up there.

I figured you might say that about the Poles. Many do. I just got lucky in my associations, I guess. And after having spent 10 years in Russia before living in Poland, I found the Poles refreshingly realistic and disciplined, as well as resilient.

122. dep1701 - May 3, 2009

I really would like to find the new image of the Enterprise with the space station that’s behind the inner tray of the soundtrack CD. It’s probably the best looking shot of the new ship I’ve seen, and it’s rather nostalgic, as it’s similar to the publicity still of the Enterprise leaving the spacedock that was published for “Star Trek lll”.

if anyone can find this new publicity still online, I’d love to know where, cause I’d love to use it as a desktop shot.

123. MH - May 3, 2009

I noticed that they’ve altered to colors of the bridge on the official site. Dare I say that I like the more subdued color scheme that they’ve used there. For some reason the absence of the candy apple red floor and almost white bulkheads makes it look a lot better IMO. Hopefully, like with every Trek film before this one, they will tweak the color scheme for the next movie. Opinions? Click on the ‘About” section to see what I mean…

124. Captain Sisko - May 3, 2009

If anybody is familiar with The Legion of Superheroes, DC Comics have three Legion Universes operating at the same time. The concept of this is nothing new. Neros actions create an alternate timeline. It’s a comic book plot device that has been used for quite some time. In the X-Men books it was Age of Apocalypse and after it was over that timeline continued to exist in another universe. Orci and Kurtzman said it was disrespectful to just wipe out the original continuity. It had been around for 40 years so that was understandable. This was a way to start over without being confined to the rules. Star Trek choked on its continuity as Ron Moore said. Original Spock is called ‘Spock Prime’ for a reason. All the nitpicking over petty crap is ridiculous. Enjoy the damn movie and shut up. A lot of people are not going to like it and its cool. They went out of their way to respect the material. They could have put up a middle finger like George Lucas and you know the crazy part people still went to see all the prequels after they got mad at George. The Star Wars Prequels should have been done by someone else. True fans of the classic trilogy. Orci and Kurtzman are fans. Stop Bitching.

125. Ryan - May 3, 2009

Okay this Warp 8 stuff is bull shit, especially for the Jelly fish as that was from the Prime Universe where other ships routinely hit 9.

126. dep1701 - May 3, 2009

Did anyone else notice that the nav lights under the saucer on the Enterprise dossier page ALMOST match up with the multiple screws on the Playmates toy? Kinda cool coincidence.

127. RD - May 3, 2009

I encourage anyone interested in the music of Star Trek to take a listen to OUR OWN JEFF BOND’S PANEL REVEIW OF THE MUSIC OF STAR TREK ON ITUNES.

Not only is this one of the most intelligent detailed discussions of all of the music of Star Trek, it showcases more and different parts of the Giacchino score. For anyone who thinks this new score hung the moon, you’ll be disappointed in the REAL EXPERTS opinion. They rank it pretty low and I totally agree. Even our own Jeff Bond doesn’t give into the sensational hype surrounding the film’s score as he honestly asses it.

Search for Film Score Monthly Podcasts or copy and paste this link:

For anyone who cares, I pretty much rank the scores something like this:

X Nem
IX Ins

128. Dom - May 3, 2009

51. JJ_roddenberry said: ‘I dunno, maybe they aren’t worried about this, but are present-Spock’s scenes set a considerable length of time after Unification? He looks at least 210.’

Well, if we take the approach that Spock was on Romulus for about 19 years after Unification, then spent 28 years in the new film’s timeline, then he’s going to be about 47 years older than when we last saw him!

129. Jan - May 4, 2009

Love the music as well so far

130. WiseFlickGuy - May 5, 2009

Cool post. Just a few days until release. Buzz for Star Trek has been dropping since last week. Losing steam before the opening is not good…

131. GSL - May 5, 2009

127: No, nobody cares. Nobody but posers who are desperate to have the “right” opinion care what “critics” think about, well, anything. Most people actually have the guts to have their own opinions about things, rather than having others tell them what they should think about something.

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