Official Star Trek Site Updated With Final ‘Dossiers’ + New Info Section + more

The official Star Trek site ( has gone through another big update with a lot of new content, including the final four ‘dossiers’, plus a whole bunch of cast/crew info and production notes and a few other things. We break it down below. .


The updates to are:

  • Front page redesign with showtime finder, and reviews to links to partners
  • Music clip player (from soundtrack)
  • Photo Gallery & Video page updated with recently released images, commercials and clips (previously covered here at TrekMovie)
  • Update to Download section including announcement of Warp screensaver (coming soon)
  • Update to Dossiers with the last four entries
  • New Games section with links to all the online game and activities
  • New About section to include details on cast, crew and production notes
  • New Partners section

New Dossiers
The final four dossiers [direct link to dossiers] are for the USS Enterprise, The Narada, The Jellyfish (Spock’s ship) and Nero. Each dossier image is also available as a downloadable wallpaper and has interesting tidbits about the characters.

USS Enterprise




New ‘About’ Section
What was previously called ‘Story’ has now been expanded and is now called About (direct link). It has details on the cast and crew, including some cool photos, like seen below for Leonard Nimoy. There is also a section of production notes, which is the same thing given out to the press, with lots of behind the scenes information.

About page for Nimoy

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Very nice. Nimoy!

Wow, these look pretty awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. Hi Syebeme!


Updated music as well!

I swear I can hear the Sephiroth theme in the middle of one of those tracks on the official site.

Man, 5sh days. Cant fukn wait
Still not convinced about new Enterprise — but I have faith in the franchise

Man these dossiers look great! I can’t wait for the movie now!

Let me just say, I love the title “Spock Prime.”

Very nice, but why isn’t there a dossier for elder Spock?

This Enterprise is ok, but I still think Gabe Koerner’s and especially Dan Uyeno’s Enterprises are so much better.

This Enterprise looks weak and skinny, whereas the previously mentioned ones look strong and beefy.

this has been a dream come true. i couldn’t have written a better script for my wish of this franchise. I feel really bad for the old time trekkers that have put their hand up. I hope they lower it soon and join the party of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Enterprise is fine, but that is the worst piece of fanboy artwork I have ever seen posted to a major studio website in my life. The perspective is all off. Someone should be horsewhipped.

Did anybody else notice that the Enterprise is listed as being in a test berth?

Makes you wonder if the prototype Constitution was built closer to what the original show was.

#12, What are you talking about?

That’s a shot from ILM.

I like the Enterprise, but it looks strange at that angle. I like the trailer shots best.

And what’s with the weird shots of Sarek? xD;

However, hey, is that new music?! I like!!!!!!!

Oooh! New Warp Mode screensaver coming soon in the downloads section. Looks pretty kewl.

I feel better and better about this film everyday. And that soundtrack is great (pre-ordered a week ago)! That “To Boldly Go” piece is a very powerful and emotional piece and I have a feeling this’ll bring a tear to the eyes of all Trek fans. If only the camera didn’t shake so much…

I can’t wait for May 7th (Argentina release date)

What a great source of information. I love the dossiers. Vulcan: “No moons.”

One geek question: Is this the first time “Constitution Class” has been mentioned in reference to filmed canon? Don’t forget, the original dedication plaque in TOS refers to the ship as “Starship Class.”

If you consider the Franz Joseph Blueprints as canon, then Enterprise is Constitution Class, but if you go “by the book,” it’s not. Someone please prove me wrong.

The more I listen to the music, the more it feels like a cross between John Williams (Star Wars) / David Arnold (Independence Day). It is actually great, but somehow, doesn’t feel very Trek.

As a semi purist Trekker The MUSIC rocks!

The big E looks less than stellar. It still looks a bit goofy to me. Hopefully it will look cooler when in motion!

PS I shot some home movies today. My brother shined a flash light into the lens every 4 seconds. It’s hilarious! I have to post on YouTube so I can show everyone!

I wonder when/if the Intel Shipyard site’ll be updated…

I love the dossiers though, I would like to see a 3d model of the E like they have of the Kelvin.

@ 20. FSL I disagree, only song #1 Star Trek and song #8 sound like star wars. #1 sounds like Luke on tatooine, and #8 sounds like something out of episode 2 in the city district like a the car chase scene. The rest are different enough I don’t relate them to Star Wars they sound like a mix of the TNG movie music and a hint of the 60’s trek music, but song 1 and 8 for sure I can hear John Williams in the background lol.

#1, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15 are great songs, (or at least they sound like they will be)
but the one that takes the cake is song #13 That New Car Smell. In an interview they mentioned that they used a Chinese instrument called a Erhu for the Romulans scenes, but its the same instrument in song 13 and wow does that sound great, the 30 seconds we hear of that song made me misty eyed, the bow being pulled across those strings, and the slight echo when moving from notes, wow, #13 is by far the most superb. Last a trek song made me misty eyed was the opening theme from First Contact. Star Trek has always had beautiful music that touches the soul, and this sound track is no different. Michael Giacchino and the musicians I salute you, this is indeed “Star Trek” music.

Remember these good ol’ days?

The comments are especially cute in retrospect.


Picard called the TOS Enterprise Constitution Class in ‘Relics’.

#19— I’m not sure that can be proven wrong, but I do not feel as though it becomes an issue at all unless it is actually depicted up on screen. And even if it is referenced (and it may very well be) on screen at some point, this ‘easter egg’ to fans of the blueprints and the FASA games, etc. can be explained away in the “catch-all” altered timeline—– the original timeline would have the “Starship Class NCC-1701”, while the altered one would claim the “Constitution Class” NCC-1701.

Otherwise, the ‘easter egg’ only exists on an offical movie site, the canonical status of which is questionable, IMO.

Even if you’re familiar with Nimoy’s work it’s worth reading the biography they put up for him. Very thorough.

I’m smitten with the music, it’s both new and Star Trekkish at once. It sometimes reminds me of Howard Shore’s LOTR music, but maybe that’s because Eomer’s playing McCoy.

#24—-Did he? It’s been years since I’ve seen that one. Well, in that case, this is an existing contradiction. If the “Supreme Court” determined that official canon should consistently defer to the later entry, I think that is a legitimate choice.

#19 – Picard calls refers to the original bridge representation on the Holodeck as belonging to a “Constitution Class”

The schematic in STVI that Scotty is looking at also mentions the 1701-A as being a “Constitution Class”.

There are data displays in TOS itself that refer to the Enterprise as being a “Constitution Class” starship.

And, the dedication plaque of the Defiant as seen on “Enterprise” states she is a “Constitution Class Starship”

So…the simple fact is that the Enterprise 1701 is “supposed” to be, and has long been considered to be a “Constitution Class” starship by the folks at Paramount and the writers. The original dedication plaque is one of those incongruities that happens when a fictional universe goes on for 43 years.

If Scotty mentions it in “Relics,” it canonizes it. But the plaque for the Enterprise-A doesn’t mention it either.

those are dumbass retcons, the refit is ENTERPRISE class, as intended by designers and reinforced by other designers (deliberately, in TWOK’s simulator sign.)

28: Here’s a way to be a pain in the rear:

If Picard or Scotty, in ‘Relics,’ mention that the NCC-1701 is Constitution Class, and the old plaque is in any way visible in the show (shots taken from “This Side of Paradise”), then they are wrong.

If the Defiant is referred to on its plaque as Constitution Class (which it is), then it is the only ship in canon to be so classified.

Go figure.

Does anyone remember that in the first pilot “The Cage” and the first 3 episodes of Star Trek (TOS) the Enterprise was refered to as United Space Ship Enterprise. Ever wonder how it got the title of USS Enterprise and NCC was for Nuclear Constitution Classs because of NCC 1700 USS Constitution. All this info came from one of the two paperback books I got in the mid 70’s about Star Trek and Talks with The Great Bird of the Galaxy as he created the ideas back in 1962 & 63.

OMG do I hear the original show music as part of credits? I just creamed my pants.

Damn. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I read all the production notes. There is a lot of good stuff to read in there, especially those who like to know the details.

And as I have stated before, I am a musician. And after listening to those soundtrack bits, I am extremely impressed by Giacchino’s score. Absolutely A+ material. Its as catchy and memorable as Star Wars, its as emotionally engaging and awe-inspiring as other previous Trek soundtracks, and its unique, which makes it stand out to the ear, but in a very good way. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

Interesting reading why and how they filmed in the brewery. I have more respect for their choice now than I did before. I also found it interesting that the Kelvin bowels were shot in a power plant from the 30s. Now that made me crack up, simply because they used old environments to portray the future. But yet, I’m extremely impressed with how well it works for the Kelvin. The Kelvin design, from bridge to bowels flows nicely and even in the industrial shots, it still feels amazingly futuristic. As for the Enterprise bowels, I’ll judge when the movie comes out.

+1 for mention of Admiral Archer.


Go back to the books. “NCC” is referred to outside of canon as an abbreviation for “Naval Construction Contract.”

I sincerely doubt that the ‘N’ stands for ‘nuclear,’ as that technology is considered outdated in TOS’s time (“Balance of Terror”).

#30—I think that defering to the later canon entries is appropriate, IMO, and the most consistent way to deal with such things. The precedent to me is always the deference in canon toward the most recent entry with regard to the Star Trek timeline—meaning no one dismisses the retcons of the Original film era with regard to the placement of the original films era within the 23rd Century, eventually within the “late” 23rd Century, and finally, the TOS-era five year mission was pinned down to have ended in 2271 during the Berman era.

But the “refitted” Enterprise being designated “Enterprise-Class” is something I’ve never noticed, however, if TUC suggests that the NCC-1701A is also “Constitution Class”, and the refitted NCC-1701 is “Enterprise Class”, then that isn’t exactly a clear contradiction, yet I still lean toward viewing it as such.

Perhaps the 1701 was the first of the “Constitution Class” ships to get the dynamic refit first depicted in TMP, and therefore became the namesake of the first round of formerly “Constitution Class” vessels to incorporate the new design. But that would suggest that the 1701A is actually a different class of ship, and make the suggestion in TUC that the Enterprise is scheduled to be decommissioned even more ridiculous. I suppose I prefer to view it as a retcon, in which case the later entry (TUC) supercedes the anomaly in TWOK, particularly since it is subsequently reinforced by multiple affirmations.

If I had a vote (which I do not) as to whether “Constitution Class” is canon in both timelines or not—–I would have to say yes.

You know Something that Whole Countdown Story about the Narada Being Borgified Is so Bullsh%T!!
Unless I’m Wrong and There’s a reference to the Borg Tech in the Movie, but I’m Betting these jokers didn’t even Mention that, JJ wouldn’t make such a huge reference like that, He Just wanted the Ship to look different for the sake of different, then Bob and Alex said “ya Know it looks kinda Like something that was Borgified so let’s use that Idea in the Comic, Okay cool” other than that Nero could’ve Stolen a Warbird or a scout ship for that matter and it’s technology would’ve Been superior to anything in from the Past, why the Stupid Misslies n’ crap what happened to the disruptors of the 24th century? god, one shot would do the trick.



The original USS Enterprise is “Starship Class” as depicted in writing next to the turbolift. There is a Ballantine Books set of blueprints and a Tech Manual by Franz Joseph which introduce the idea of ‘Constitution Class”, and it has gone from fanon to canon over the years.

Memory Alpha refers to is the Constitution Class, ‘AKA Starship Class, or Class 1 Heavy Cruiser.’ Fine with me.

Dear Bob and Alex, PLEASE put a Dreadnought in. PLEASE!

39. AJ – May 1, 2009


Well when I read the Countdown comic I couldnt help but think of Supermans dad on Krypton as portrayed by Spock—only thing missing maybe a big ole S on his robe haha and general zod being pressed into a floating lp record cover jacket-talk about a fate worse than death-we only use cds and itunes now hehe

#34 talking about the Kelvin bowels being ship at a power plant from the 30s… Any idea how much older the Kelvin is than the Enterprise? I’m assuming 20+ years or so but not sure if it’s been stated.

I agree with you though, it looked great, the shots I saw of the Kelvin. Just enough of those futuristic touches to suspend believe, haha.


Why don’t you ask Mr. Orci the next time he’s on the site?

The Romulans in the 24th century had several different types of vessels, but this one is totally different.

I think Bob and Alex reached into the TNG basket of goodies to craft a way to substantially alter Nero’s drill-ship. A conventional Warbird is not capable of destroying a planet in one shot. The altered Narada is, especially if the ride is “pimped” by Borg technology. I doubt it’s referenced in the film.

@ #38 – I thought it was other Romulans that refitted the Narada in the comics? I haven’t read the newest one, so I might be just behind the curve.

oh yeh the BK glasses are way cool! etched glass great color shots,a clear delta shield and each of 4 characters,even the boxes they come in are awesome! best glasses ever–Other than my many star trek experience glasses & mugs these bk glasses are the best!

wow mr spock is very old… i knew he is last film…

oh yeh anthony,rod roddenberry on his site had a no news news article on the rebuilding of the experience-no construction has even started yet–I knew reopening part of it by may 8 was way too optimistic–any solid info yet?

I saw Wolverine, it was okay, but quite frankly “We can clean their chronometers”!!!

I even have 1 kirk and 1 spock dr pepper glasses from 1976-they were the animates characters–