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Complete Details On Star Trek Movie Blu-Ray and DVD Sets July 17, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Over the last few weeks, including yesterday, we have been reporting bits and pieces regarding the home video releases for the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. And finally today, Paramount has sent out the official press release, with all the details on the sets, including the special features. All the details are below.


Star Trek Coming Home
As noted in our previous articles, there will be three home video releases of the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie on November 17th, 2009, but we now have the pricing details (MSRP):


Official Press release


$375 Million Worldwide Sensation Beams Up to a Single and Two-Disc DVD
and Three-Disc Blu-ray November 17, 2009

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (July 17, 2009) – This year audiences thrilled at the triumphant voyage of the Starship Enterprise and her young and vibrant crew in movie theaters across the planet — and on November 17, 2009, the world will go where no one has gone before when STAR TREK debuts as a three-disc Blu-ray with digital copy, two-disc DVD with digital copy and a single-disc DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment.  Bursting with “spectacular action” (Hollywood Reporter) and “pure filmmaking exhilaration” (Rolling Stone) director J.J. Abrams’ sensational reinvention of the “Star Trek” franchise was hailed by critics and embraced by long-time and new fans alike, earning over $375 million at the worldwide box office.  Starring a hot young cast including Chris Pine (Carriers), Zachary Quinto (”Heroes”), Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Karl Urban (The Bourne Supremacy), John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle), Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation) and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), the global smash hit also features seasoned actors such as Eric Bana (Munich), Bruce Greenwood (National Treasure: Book of Secrets), Winona Ryder (Girl, Interrupted) and the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. 

“I cannot wait for fans of Star Trek to check out the home entertainment release of the film.  The behind-the-scenes features on the DVD — and especially the Blu-ray — give a wonderful look at the crazy hard work and incredible fun that went into making this movie,” said J.J. Abrams.  “The cast and crew were truly extraordinary to work with — watching these special features, you’ll see why.  And for people who didn’t catch Star Trek in the theater, I hope they do now, as Paramount has done an exceptional job with this release; the picture and sound quality are both excellent.”

The STAR TREK DVD and Blu-ray will boast out-of-this-world special features to take viewers even further into the new universe of the rousing space adventure.  The two-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray include in-depth explorations of the reimagining of the franchise, the phenomenal cast, the spectacularly real action sequences, the powerful score and the captivating aliens, commentary by J.J. Abrams, the writers and producers, a gag reel and a digital copy of the film.  Additionally, the discs feature compelling deleted scenes that reveal a side story involving Nero with a first-ever look at Abrams’ version of the infamous warrior Klingons.  

The STAR TREK Blu-ray boldly ventures beyond the final frontier with over three hours of sensational bonus footage including branching pods that allow for enhanced exploration, more fascinating features on the starships, planets, props, costumes and sound of STAR TREK, as well as a Starfleet Vessel Simulator and access to the latest NASA news about real-life space exploration via BD-Live.

The two-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray will also offer a home entertainment first: groundbreaking augmented reality technology.  Using a webcam, a Star Trek visual cue will morph into a 3D holographic tour of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the screen, providing a unique immersive and interactive experience. 


The STAR TREK two-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles.  Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

The STAR TREK single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles.  The single-disc DVD includes the commentary, “A New Vision” and the gag reel.



The STAR TREK three-disc Blu-ray is presented in 1080p High Definition with English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital with English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.  Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:


Street date: November 17, 2009
Runtime: 127 minutes
U.S. Rating: PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence and brief suggestive content
Canadian Rating: PG for violence

More Star Trek Home Video News To Come
Next week Paramount should be announcing details on the Star Trek Season Two and the Next Generation Films Blu-ray sets, and possibly more. TrekMovie will have all the info as soon as it is available.

International Note
The above information is for the North American release. TrekMovie will try and provide an update for the international releases, as some details may be different.


1. somethoughts - July 17, 2009

sweet, can’t wait

2. Kent Butabi - July 17, 2009

This might finally make me get a Blu-Ray.

3. somethoughts - July 17, 2009


You know, you are right. I am still using a PS2 for cheap dvds/games, this makes for a great business case to Buy a PS3. JJ if you are reading this, you have to sign a deal with Sony and allow for the PS3 to be bundled with Star Trek blue ray disc.

4. Paulaner - July 17, 2009

I wish the deleted scenes could make their way to an extended edition.

5. Admonisher - July 17, 2009

Tricked-out interactive stuff (like the “Starfleet Vessel Simulator”) is one thing, but I HATE this growing trend of Blu-Ray exclusive features that could have easily been featured on DVD — in this case, a full FIVE interesting-looking featurettes. For those of us (such as myself) without the budget or space to afford sufficiently large televisions, there’s no pressing reason to upgrade to Blu … so they deliberately withhold content in the hopes that THAT gets us to bite. Maybe that’s sound marketing, but it ticks me off. This release will leave a sour taste in my mouth now.

6. somethoughts - July 17, 2009


The file size of the extra content maybe too large for the dvd version, the blu ray has more space capacity and you are maybe right that it is indeed a marketing ploy. But there has to be some pull to differentiate the dvd version and blu ray version other than full 1080p.

7. Harry Ballz - July 17, 2009


I’m in!

8. Paul - July 17, 2009

I don’t want any extras appart the cut scenes so either I pay more for the 2 disc set or buy a HD TV + Player…


9. J_irwin56 - July 17, 2009

November? Jeez what’s with the wait? Oh, and, James Cawley for T.J. Hooker!

10. OneBuckFilms - July 17, 2009

I’m glad to see the score get the A treatment on Disk 2 of the DVD.

And the Digital Copy should be fantastic with headphones on my laptop !!!

Yay !!!

11. TonyD - July 17, 2009

#5 – seeing as the 3-DVD set and the BluRay edition have the same MSRP, this might be an excellent time to get a BluRay player, even if you don’t have a hi-def TV to take advantage of all the features just yet. There are plenty of players that can be had for well under $200 (they all play standard DVDs just fine BTW) and most come with plenty of outputs, so you should have no problem connecting it to a standard-def TV set for now while being future proof for when you finally do take the hi-def plunge.

I’m glad all the previously rumored extras will still be included. I’m planning on a day one BluRay purchase; though November 17 seems so far away right now…

12. Valenti - July 17, 2009

No one can resist the power of the Bloopers. :P

Seriously, can’t wait.

13. LordCheeseCakeBreath - July 17, 2009

Looks like we will need to edit in the deleted material. The Nero lost years was the worst part of the movie. My wife asked me what the heck was he doing for all those years.

14. Unbel1ever - July 17, 2009


I am glad they’re staying out ! I mean Nero doing nothing for 25 years is one thing, but the Klingons having the Narada for 25 years and the Federation still existing is something entirely different.

15. gumtuu - July 17, 2009

As much problem as I had with some plot decisions in the movie, it was still a highly enjoyable experience. I’m really looking forward to this. :)

Star Trek, Clone Wars season 1, and season sets of Farscape. Lots of cool sci-fi coming this winter.

Just wish i had a blue ray. :(

16. jastrek_montreal - July 17, 2009

OH MAN !!!!



17. Chris M - July 17, 2009

AWESOME!!!!!!! :)

Finally we have an official date for the DVD/Blu Ray release! Any chance of an official daily countdown Anthony?

I am seriously considering buying both the 2 disc DVD and 3 disc Blu Ray even though I don’t have a Blu Ray Player, luckily a mate of mine does though!

18. Tahni - July 17, 2009

OMG! I can’t wait for the deleted scenes!

19. Closettrekker - July 17, 2009

#14—“…the Klingons having the Narada for 25 years and the Federation still existing is something entirely different.”

It’s a pretty big assumption on your part that the Klingons actually held the Narada for 25 years. We don’t know at what point the vessel is captured.

As for what they could be able to extract from it and/or make use of—-we don’t know that either.

20. Tara O'Shea - July 17, 2009

I’m confused–does this mean the only way to see the “branching pods” featurettes is to buy a Blu-ray player and get the Blu-ray release? Or are these included on the 2 disc DVD release as well?

21. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - July 17, 2009

I see a Blue Ray purchase coming my way

22. Darren - July 17, 2009

Looks like an almost perfect release. The only thing would have been to seamlessly branch the deleted scenes into the main cut of the movie… but at least we get them as extras anyway :)

23. Tara O'Shea - July 17, 2009

Unfortunately, until they have a Blu-ray player that will also play DivX and PAL and is region-free, I’m probably sticking with my $40 Panasonic, cos half my discs are Region 2 and DivX, and alas, mortgage comes before Blu-ray player…

24. richpit - July 17, 2009

yeah, the deleted scenes sound awesome. I’m not an owner of a blu-ray, so I’ll have to settle for the 2-disc regular DVD.

25. Ryan - July 17, 2009

Upgraded to Blu not too long ago. Glad I did! Looks awesome.

26. Jamer - July 17, 2009

I won’t be buying the TOS movies on Bluray until they “remaster” Star Trek 5. Whats the point buying the original? Those effects wont get any better. They really need to fix that film up!

27. Steven - July 17, 2009

Hmm… that’s interesting, it says the film is rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence and brief suggestive content..

…When the original consensus from the MPAA was PG-13 but for sci-fi action and violence, and brief sexual content…

Did they change it?

28. naHQun - July 17, 2009

I want it on HD DVD.
I really can’t justify buying a BR player for Star Trek after justifying buying a HD player for Star Trek.
But those BR Klingon bonus features sure are tempting.

29. Unbel1ever - July 17, 2009


Well, we’re supposed to believe, that the advancements Starfleet made came from a scan of Narada made by the Kelvin while under attack. On the other hand the Klingon take over the Narada as the deleted scene shows. So it’s save to say they had possesion of the ship at least for a few hours since Nero is in prison. The data detailed scans they could have made there would be enough – no matter if it’s 25 years or just a day.

30. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - July 17, 2009

Well, since my birthday is Nov. 1st, I may have to buy myself a Blu-Ray player. ;-) I can’t wait to own this. At the very least, I will be buying the 2-disc set. :-)

31. Spock - July 17, 2009

I can’t wait to see the Ben Burtt stuff. His WALL E feature was really interesting. I hope he goes into some of the background of the original sound effects from the show, and how he used them as a base for the new ones.

I noticed for the hand phasers he sort of used the Naboo pistol sound effect.

32. OneBuckFilms - July 17, 2009

28 – HD DVD has died. Once your player goes, there will likely not be a new one available.

I myself cannot justify a Blu-Ray, since I am not High-Def yet, and I cannot afford $700+ for a decent 1080P set.

33. HHT - July 17, 2009

I hope the deleted scenes don’t have unfinished special effects,

34. dharmaworkman - July 17, 2009

“Gene Roddenberry’s Vision — J.J. Abrams, Leonard Nimoy, previous Star Trek writers and producers, and scientific consultant Carolyn Porco describe and commend the optimistic and enduring vision of Gene Roddenberry. ”

This is the only feature on the blue-ray that I would want on the 2-disc version…

and I wonder who the “previous Star Trek writers and producers” are they got for this feature? I can’t image in would be Berman or Braga.

35. Darkwing - July 17, 2009

i might just get the blu-ray even though i don’t have a blu-ray player!

36. perrybw - July 17, 2009

Most of the features on the 2-disc DVD are referred to in the Blu-Ray list with the addendum “see description above.” However, “Deleted Scenes” is not mentioned. Are we to assume this is an oversight and the Deleted Scenes are indeed on the Blu-Ray, or are they not included on the Blu-Ray set?

37. 8of12 - July 17, 2009

$39.99 for a 2-disc DVD.
As always, Paramount, you are RIDICULOUS.
Paramount continues to rip off its customers with exhorbitantly highly priced DVDs. Disgusting

38. OneBuckFilms - July 17, 2009

36 – I suspect they will be there.

Personally, I’d be very satisfied with the 2 disk DVD.

I can view the movie in a higher resolution on my Laptop via Digital Copy.

Nice !!!!

39. Jeyl - July 17, 2009

Deleted Scenes: Kirk Apologizes to the Green Girl

J.J. Abrams Commentary- This sequence got deleted because we felt that Kirk apologizing for any reason what so ever would have made him out to be an interesting and potentially likable character. One of the things Star Wars has taught me, which I’m a huge Star Wars fan by the way, is that you don’t have to have your main character have any sense of compassion or respect towards others in order for your movie to be successful. All that was needed for Kirk’s character was that he plays by his own rules and, well, he’s Kirk!

40. Selor Kiith - July 17, 2009

Bloopers? COUNT ME IN!

41. Matt Wright - July 17, 2009

Awesome 3 disc BD edition :)

While I didn’t love the movie, it makes a kick- ass showpiece film and I’m glad to see they’re doing the extras right.

42. Bob Tompkins - July 17, 2009

Got a Blu-Ray drive in my PC, a 50″ LCD monitor hooked up and also streamed to the 55″ in the family room; I am all set to purchase my first Blu-Ray disk.

It won’t be on my Xmas list.

43. K'Plett - July 17, 2009

BLEGH PUH! That is not an honorable Blue RAY Offer

44. ster julie - July 17, 2009

Santa Baby,
put the two-disc set under the tree
for me.
I’ve been an awful good girl,
Santa Baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight!

(Oh, and add a DVD player while you’re at it!)

45. ClassicTrek - July 17, 2009

looks great but what will this retail at in Great Britain?



46. cagmar - July 17, 2009

“Kirk apologizes to Green Girl” — Oh, some class from Kirk cut out? Too bad! And the Kobyashi Maru goes longer? Hm. Interesting twist… but very positive.

I just hope there’s an option to play the movie with the deleted scenes slipped in. It could seriously use a bit of breathing room.

47. Captain Dunsel - July 17, 2009

Can’t wait for the blooper reel when Kirk is in the bar fight and “accidentally” grabs Uhura….wonder how many takes they needed for that? :)

48. Lore - July 17, 2009

I regret that someone told me that he has had a bootleg dvd since the day after the theatrical release of Star Trek. He never bothered to see the movie at the theatre. I have seen it 4 times at the theatre myself. I hate to see bootlegs take away from our beloved franchise, but they exist.

49. Admonisher - July 17, 2009

#6 – Given the quantity of jam-packed DVDs out there that look just fine in SD, I’d have a very hard time buying a “space issue” argument. Not to mention the fact that the company has another, self-serving motive that’s not hard to believe at all…

#11 – For the sake of people who’ve made the switch, I’m grateful that the SRP is so reasonable for Blu-Ray discs — but right now, dropping $200 on a player isn’t in my budget. Not for bonus features. I understand that part of the argument is that I’ll probably have Blu-Ray and a huge TV eventually, so why not invest in the player now and not have to re-buy my favorite films later. But even if that’s valid, I still disapprove of the TACTICS being used to entice me to that choice — that is, DELIBERATELY creating a product that’s not as good as it could be, in the hopes that I’ll dig into my wallet and trade up. It’s the same philosophy behind holding back special features in anticipation of a double- or triple-dip … the way Disney and Lucas hold stuff back for the specific purpose of making you re-buy it later. Again, I understand that on one level that’s arguably good marketing. I still don’t like it.

Anyway, rant over. I’m definitely buying the film one way or another, so they’ve got my money.

50. Dimesdan - July 17, 2009

50th! Cool!

And the details on the none region release are where exactly?

51. Trekman Dave - July 17, 2009

Got Blue Ray just for this and now I cant wait

52. Commodore Lurker - July 17, 2009

Decloaking . . .

Wake me up when they have completely reintegrated the deleted scenes back in the film as Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings. That was true love.
Prove your love JJ.
Until then, frak it.

Recloaking. }:-D>

53. Closettrekker - July 17, 2009

#29—“Well, we’re supposed to believe, that the advancements Starfleet made came from a scan of Narada made by the Kelvin while under attack. On the other hand the Klingon take over the Narada as the deleted scene shows. So it’s (safe) to say they had possesion of the ship at least for a few hours since Nero is in prison. The data detailed scans they could have made there would be enough – no matter if it’s 25 years or just a day.”

Enough for what?

We do not know what advantages the Klingons have been afforded by exposure to such advanced technology, nor do we know what they are even capable of doing with such knowledge.

We do not see the advantages gained by Starfleet until 25 years after its exposure to it. All we know at this point of the Klingons experience with the Narada is that they indeed captured it at some point, and by 2258, Nero had escaped (although we do not know how long before) with his ship and destroyed 47 of theirs.

I think you’re drawing conclusions for which you have very little evidence.

54. Driver - July 17, 2009

I see the price dropping to 34.95 on the day it streets. But the with the 2nd season of TOS and NexGen films also coming in November, well, start saving.

55. Cobalt 1365 - July 17, 2009

The Lord of the Rings launched me into the DVD era, I smell a similar transition with Trek bringing Blu-Ray into my home :-) I love that augmented reality stuff and it’s a pleasant surprise to see that they’ll be including it with the DVD. Cool!

But $30 for the single disk, and $40 for the extended?!?! Good grief. And why is the 3-disk blu-ray the same price as the 2-disk DVD? I don’t understand why we have to pay so much

56. Kevin B. - July 17, 2009


Note those are the MSRPs, but most stores will rarely sell them for those prices. You’ll probably be able to find the 2-disc for $19.99 at Best Buy when they come out.

57. British Naval Dude - July 17, 2009

Awwwwwwk! Whilst I’ll surely get tha’ double D-VD, I am skeptical o’ all these bloody discs! Have ne’er got one single D-VD ta’ play! I mean, me turntable just scracthes tha’ blazes outta ’em… and tha’ wires hookin’ it ta’ me teevee just smoke a lot.

Bring me back them magnetic tapes… Or maybe I should get On-Demand… so then I cans just yell at tha’ screen and me show pops up like “Hey teevee, ‘Gorns Gone Wild in tha’ Outback’- Play now!” and thar’ me show starts, righto?

Be glad ta’ see deleted scenes though. See Nero trade smokes fur’ some toilet Rommie Ale whilst he’s in that Klingy-on prison…


58. tman - July 17, 2009


On a big screen TV mildly compressed discs (around 4GB of files for a 2 hour run time in my opinion still look reasonably good upconverted to 1080p but filling a disc tends to look better still), but frankly if you have alot of extra content discs are cheap so there’s no good reason not to have extras for DVD especially for that price– I paid much less for each of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (with 4 discs each)..

I bought Blu Ray player just because of this movie. For me the logic is that I don’t find Blu Ray vs. DVD to make enough difference that I will go back and replace my DVDs (even Bourne and Bond), though I may occassionally rent the Blu Rays from Netflix. For Blu Ray you just see much more detail (especially in motion– I believe DVD is 480i) in the image that I really want to see Star Trek that way at home.

That said, I would suggest saving up your money and doing research and buying the right player and TV when you can afford it. My guess is that blu rays will continue adding features and dropping prices over the next couple years, money you can earmark for rebuying Star Trek on Blu Ray (and the sequel too).

The other reason to get Blu ray now is some can stream Netflix wirelessly and Netflix has TOS Season 1 for streaming in HD (which is pretty darn cool)!!!!

59. Thorny - July 17, 2009

My bet is that the single dsc DVD price is a misprint and it will actually be $19.95, much more in-line with other recent hit movie releases on DVD, such as last year’s Indy 4..

60. British Naval Dude - July 17, 2009

Deleted Scene 7: Kirk spoons with Admiral Pike to hasten his captainhood.

Deleted Scene 14: Spock’s wig jumps up and does a song and dance routine. His pants buckle and ripple as his merkin tries to do the same. Kirk smiles.

Deleted Scene 16: In a flashback sequence, Red Matter is discovered to be a mere plot device and that Spock actually uses a tachyon pulse and mathematical time mechanics he learned in the ’60s while doing a lot of LDS to create a rift in time by accident rather than chucking the blowing-up star into a black hole and saving, as he puts it, “those Rommie green blooded sons of…” while Joanna Linville (who’s still alive) kisses Nero goodbye as he reveals to his mum that he’s really out to get Spock for never paying child support.

Wit’ scenes like that, I’ll buy a bloody purple-ray D-VD….


61. SHCone - July 17, 2009

Yeah, that pricing is ridiculously steep. I can buy a season of DS9 for that. Maybe 2 if I look in the right places.

62. Seany-Wan - July 17, 2009

I can’t wait to see the trailers in Hi-Def! Especially the last one!

BONES: “I have no Captain or First Officer to replace.”

KIRK: “Yeah we do”.


63. Jeyl - July 17, 2009

^ 62

Oh, god. How about crying with glee after every time a bully sends the wrong student to detention.

64. dmduncan - July 17, 2009

Anybody know what this is about?:

“Dorm Room and Kobayashi Maru (original version)”

Did Bob Orci say what the difference was?

65. Shatner_Fan_Prime - July 17, 2009

#64 … Kirk asks Gaila to help him cheat on the KM.

66. Jason - July 17, 2009

Can’t wait for this. But, really, another 4 months!!! It’s gonna feel even longer. Now, just a question, will the digital copy be for itunes or will they screw us Mac guys over and just do a Windows Media one? Cause, I haven’t seen any digital copies from Paramount, but I know JJ is a fellow Mac guy, so hopefully it’ll be.

67. Closettrekker - July 17, 2009

#63—“Oh, god. How about crying with glee after every time a bully sends the wrong student to detention.”

Lol. What the heck kind of school did you go to?

Were your teachers actually bullies, or did the bullies in the classroom somehow determine which students were punished for misbehavior and in what manner?

I’m afraid you lost me…

68. Closettrekker - July 17, 2009


I think you should do the commentary, BND. Or at least it should be an option!

69. Captain Hackett - July 17, 2009

It will be my most perfect birthday gift ever cuz they are released on my birthday! :D

70. Crewman Darnell - July 17, 2009

(From deleted scenes)
“Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank”

Who is “Johnny”?

71. Anthony Pascale - July 17, 2009

I am seeing a few questions, so i will probably do a follow-up article that tries to answer as many as possible. I know the answer to some and will try and get the rest from Paramount

72. Unbel1ever - July 17, 2009


Johnny is the boy young Kirk passes on the road (intially was meant to be George Kirk).

73. Shatner_Fan_Prime - July 17, 2009

Star Trek (TOS Season 1 and the Motion Picture Collection) is what lead me to switch to Blu Ray. This movie will be a welcome addition to the collection, as will the eagerly anticipated Season 2! The rest of the year’s gonna be fun!

74. Brian Kirsch - July 17, 2009

To those of you worried about the prices listed, that’s only the inflated MSRP. Nobody pays that. You will easily be able to get the single disc for $19.99, the 2-disc for $29.99 at any large retailer (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc) I’m not as familiar with BluRay, since I don’t buy them, I don’t know if those are routinely discounted or not.

75. Crewman Darnell - July 17, 2009

Re: 72


A quick trip to Memory Alpha helped answer my follow-up questions.

I wonder why if Kirk’s brother was ever at one time meant to be featured in the film, why his name was changed to Johnny?

76. Chadwick - July 17, 2009

Personally I fell that all movies should be extended version of the theatrical versions. They cut a movie to shorten it for the theatre and to possibly take out confusing elements but when it comes out to dvd and blu-ray it is then a home movie where people have all the time they want to watch it. Put in all that was meant to be put in for a home movie, don’t release edited editions.

77. P'tooie - July 17, 2009

No cast commentary? LAAAAME. But there’s still time to correct this, Paramount!

78. Trey - July 17, 2009

i dont have blu-ray…..i have a dvd player and a ps2. i play it on the ps2 but i cant decide whether to get the one disc or the two disc DVD. AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! dang!!!

79. Closettrekker - July 17, 2009

#74—They’re usually about 5-10 dollars more than the regular dvd’s.

I’ve only had my bluray player since X-Mas, and I have far too many dvd’s to try and replace all of them with BR—so I just buy the newest movies I want on BR, and have slowly began to replace some of my more frequently viewed favorite dvd’s with BR.

I don’t buy as many movies as I once did, so I have only accumulated about a dozen of them so far.

This one is a BR pickup for sure. My wife thinks she’s getting me that as a stocking stuffer (she mentioned as much)—-but she’s kidding herself. I’m buying that the day it comes out…

80. mdbchud - July 17, 2009

Really want to know that “digital copy” Mac answer. HOPE it’s mac compatible.

81. dmduncan - July 17, 2009

So the deleted scene “Dorm Room and Kobayashi Maru (original version)” is additional material and not an alternate version?

82. Porthos X - July 17, 2009

Note to Anthony: Can you please update this with when the film will be released on iTunes? Thanks

83. Shawn - July 17, 2009

They did the commentary like I asked. Thanks for listening to the suggestion Orci. You’re the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, what’s the SHATNER CONUNDRUM????

84. nobull-23 - July 17, 2009


Any Trailers?

is it the entire Score?

85. OneBuckFilms - July 17, 2009

78 Get the 2 disc.

86. OneBuckFilms - July 17, 2009

84 – Not sure about the trailers, but I suspect the Score portion is a documentary on the score to the movie.

I hope we get an Isolated Score for this one. Hint Hint, Paramount ;-)

87. DavidJ - July 17, 2009

Nice to see they’re actually putting some cool features on this thing!

I’m still bitter at the so-called 2-Disc Special Edition for TDK which had little more than a featurette on it. Glad to see Paramount is treating us a lot better.

88. Quarksbartender - July 17, 2009

cant wait for it should be a pretty complete package


any word on the Star Trek: Experience documentary they shot the last day of the Expereince I was told it might be included in this set but it doesnt look like its going to make it

89. Mustard Shirt - July 17, 2009

Was hoping for a 3 hour version with deleted scenes added in… was that asking too much?

90. Sxottlan - July 17, 2009

Is cover art available yet?

91. Trey - July 17, 2009

#85 thanks but that costs almost $40.00 but imma still get it guess i gotta save up money til Nov. 17.

92. Thorny - July 17, 2009

74. Brian Kirsch… “To those of you worried about the prices listed, that’s only the inflated MSRP. Nobody pays that.”

No, that’s not correct. The MSRP for Indiana Jones IV on DVD Single Disc was $18.99, and some retailers (Wal-Mart) had it a buck or two lower than that..

I’m am willing to bet good money that that “DVD Single Disc” listed as $29.95 is in actuality the Blu-Ray single disc price, and that the MSRP on the DVD single disc will be in the $18-20 range.

93. LOL 40 DOLLARS YEAH RIGHT - July 17, 2009

40 DOLLARS AND NO EXTENDED CUT? I’ll wait for someone to cut the extended version together and then DOWNLOAD IT. How’s THAT Paramount? You’ve burned my wallet time and time again – new franchise, new mindset. Not buying this movie until it’s cut together right.

94. Brian Kirsch - July 17, 2009

You should all know how this works by now, lol. First they give you the 2-disc version, you think you have it all. Then they release the Special Expanded version, and you think you finally have it all. Then they release the Special Expanded Director’s Cut version, and you must have it! Then they release the Very Special Edition Special Expanded Director’s Cut version in the Special Keepsake Package version, and you must have it….

Blame George Lucas for all this sillyness…….

95. Brian Kirsch - July 17, 2009

#92 –

Sorry, but that’s not correct either.

Do a search of Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc. The basic, un-enhanced single disc version has a list price (MSRP) of $19.99, the enhanced single disc at $34.99, and the enhanced two-disc special edition at $39.99. that’s just for the DVD, I don’t include the BluRay prices. (Notice in the article that both the single disc and 2-disc versions of Star Trek are the enhanced mode. Apparently no basic, SD, unenhanced version)

But not to argue, really. My whole point was that MSRP, or list price, is a fictional number. If you pay that much, you’re a fool. i think we both agree there.

96. Norm - July 17, 2009

40 bucks seems like a lot, even for a 2 disc set, imo, but either way i’ll be the first to line up for it!

97. British Naval Dude - July 17, 2009



I could do tha’ D-VD commentary in person… just an additional $19.99 and tha’ cost o’ a plane ticket ta’ where ye’ live… oh, ye’ may need a new couch after I leave… and I will wear Spock’s merkin as long as any pets ye’ have arrrrrrr not aggressive…

Oh, I kidz cuz I loves…


98. Jim Nightshade - July 17, 2009

thanx Quarksbartender dude I have asked that question a couple of times now meself-what do you know bout that experience windows 360 virtual tour cd? I found one on ebay i just got and in the quarks bar/dedicated patrons i am sitting at the bar by the ice machine/borg elevator!I didnt even see a camera that nite-do you have a copy? how were those made and who got the copies? was that mainly for the staff?

99. JimJ - July 17, 2009

I seriously went out yesterday and bought a HDTV and a blu-ray dvd player. One reason: THIS movie!!! Paramount, you’ve got me hooked…hook, line, and sinker!

100. Trip - July 17, 2009

Does anyone know if the 3rd disc of the Blu Ray set is a Blu Ray disc or a standard DVD? I’m asking because I would be concerned that if my computer doesn’t have a Blu Ray drive (which it doesn’t) it wouldn’t be able to read the content (like the digital copy).

101. EMH22 - July 17, 2009

Why don’t they release DVDs in full screen anymore? I have no intention of wasting my money on a new TV when the actual size of widescreen varies from company to company. And I hate those black bars on the movie, it deters from the experience.

102. jefv88 - July 17, 2009

well ive been thinking about getting a ps3 and an hdtv. now i have a deadline lol

103. Jim Nightshade - July 17, 2009

on most hd tvs cant you fit the widescreen image to your hdtv so there are no black bars? You know fill in all the screen area with the movie image?

104. Robert - July 17, 2009

I want the original six movies released seperately on Blu Ray with director’s cuts and extended cuts, and better picture quality than what is available now on Blu Ray!

105. Robert - July 17, 2009

correction: separately

106. Matt Wright - July 17, 2009

101 — That is an incredibly ignorant attitude about film making and the choices the director and cinematographer make.

107. Matt Wright - July 17, 2009

#100 and #80 — The Digital Copy is a standard DVD-ROM disc with the movie as protected WMV or MP4 (iTunes) file for transfer into Windows Media Player or iTunes, depending on what platform and/or what portable media player you use.

Read up here:

108. Bob Tompkins - July 17, 2009

101 is a Luddite.

109. Bob Tompkins - July 17, 2009


Just wait for the Deluxe Edition Director’s Cut in a year or 2, then we get to shell out all over again.

110. Bob Tompkins - July 17, 2009

100 and anyone looking to buy Blu-Ray….
A national retailer advertised a Blu-Ray ROM [read only] drive for under $70 this week. I bought 2 DVDR/RW/ HD-DVD/BluRay same place for under $100 each over a year ago. Can’t find those anymore, but nice to have for TOS Season 1 HD-DVD & they practically gave away Battlestar Galactica Season 1 HD-DVDs last summer along with a lot of other unsold/unsellable HD-DVDs.

It all unfolded like the old BetaMax/VHS wars did long ago, but this time Sony won. And for many reasons Blu-Ray was the superior format, much as BetaMax was. Best man won this time.

Look for Blu-Ray drive & players prices to really take a dive during the Xmas season. Bet you’ll find a standalone player under $100 without much trouble.

111. The Original Spock's Brain - July 17, 2009

Guess I’m getting myself a BR player for Xmas. :-)

112. CarlG - July 17, 2009

Trek bloopers are made of win. I’m down. :D

113. Simon - July 17, 2009

You guys waiting for an “Extended Cut” are going to be waiting a LONG time…how does *forever* sound?

The Theatrical Cut is Abrams’ final cut, the one he was comfortable with and wanted the public to see. If he wanted you to see the deleted footage spliced back in he would have done it and Paramount would have let him, just as they did for “Tropic Thunder” last year. This isn’t “Lord of the Rings” where the cuts were made to avoid people’s bladders from exploding in the theater and then restored to the DVD where you can hit the pause button.

PS #101: So you hate black bars? I hate only seeing HALF the movie on fullscreen, which is what “Star Trek” would be…cropped in HALF. Instead of a shot of “Kirk & Spock” you’d get “rk & Sp”

114. Will_H - July 18, 2009

$40 for a 2-disc DVD set, that’s outrageous. Honestly, most DVD’s I see are half that for the special edition. And some people wonder why people pirate movies off the net. Hell, if I wasnt such a Trekkie there’s no way Id pay that. Sadly I am, so I’ll probably end up, but still, I hope that’s some kinda mistake. They need to realize that outside of Trekkies nobody in their right mind would pay that much for a DVD and its gonna hurt them.

115. The Academic - July 18, 2009

Bloody hell!
Will it ever end?
First the endless waiting for May, now another endless waiting for November…

Still, # 114, you are absolutely right.

116. Wes W. - July 18, 2009

Where is anything about the casting call? And costume tests? I was at both and I was hoping there would be some pics. which were taken of me during the costume tests, I wore the cadet uniform (they were still trying to get it right) and a few of the other various outfits. They took pics. of me and I was hoping they would pop up here. The costumes filled the Edith Head building at Paramount, it was really amazing all the effort that they went into with just costumes. As for the casting call there were thousands. Anthony, any idea who I could contact to find out if they still had my picture in the uniform, now that all that privacy junk is over with, I would love one for my wall!

117. DJT - July 18, 2009

I can’t WAIT for this disc to come out.

118. Trekee - July 18, 2009

It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the world gets the digital copy. I don’t think they’ve been making them available outside the US on other releases I have on Bluray. It could be an iTunes thing if that’s the mechanism for authentication.

The iTunes HD titles have an iPhone compatible copy too though I believe, so that might be the easiest way to get the film in all available formats.

If HDDVD had still been around though, the region free aspect would have made it a moot point if the UK release was crippled. Look forward to finding out what the UK Bluray has. It’d be nice to be wrong.

119. 8 of 12 - July 18, 2009

#114 – AMEN to THAT!!

120. Trekee - July 18, 2009

A quick Google shows that it’s available for pre-order in the UK for a rather wallet friendly £17.98 from WH Smiths. That’s 30% off the RRP.

And it’s all 3 disks including the digital copy – yay!!!

I can’t see many people paying full price tbh, too many deals to be had.

121. Does anyone Know the name of the movie about that video game, if you die in the video game you really die? - July 18, 2009

[…] C&#111mplete Deta&#105ls On Star Trek Movie &#66&#108u-Ray an&#100 DVD Se&#116s … […]

122. Paulaner - July 18, 2009

#29 “Well, we’re supposed to believe, that the advancements Starfleet made came from a scan of Narada made by the Kelvin while under attack”

To be honest, I don’t see such advancements in ST09 compared to TOS. The new Enterprise has a lot of special effects, it’s bigger, but I don’t think it’s capable of doing things that the original Enterprise couldn’t do.

123. captain_neill - July 18, 2009

sounds like a great package

Im getting it on blu ray, although I hated some of the changes Abrams did to my fav show it is still a good fun film.

I cannot wait for season 2 ofTOS on blu ray and the TNG movies as well. Was watchingTMP on blu ray last night and it looked awesome on blu.

124. captain_neill - July 18, 2009

with the TNG movie collection coming out soon at least it will be a complete movie collection

TNG movies are still great

125. Dom - July 18, 2009

I finally made the switch to Blu-ray when Star Trek Remastered showed up in the shops. I knew I wanted to buy it, but I wanted a cleaned up release with the original FX as well. The Blu-ray gives me the option of both and is absolutely wonderful! The season two set is a must-buy for me.

That said, while I will unquestionably buy the new movie on Blu-ray, I’m certain a super-duper ‘Collector’s edition’ with the deleted material reintegrated into the film will likely appear just before the sequel is released.

This is Paramount we’re talking about, after all! ;)

126. old - July 18, 2009

with all of us without a bluray player, buy the bluray and leech the damn thing off the internet.

127. greenappleman7 - July 18, 2009


128. Cyberziggy - July 18, 2009

I just upgraded my entertainment system with a big ass HD TV and a blu-ray player. Specifically in anticipation of the new Trek on blu-ray.

You’re costin’ me lots of money JJ… and I’m ok with it!

129. dmduncan - July 18, 2009

113: “The Theatrical Cut is Abrams’ final cut, the one he was comfortable with and wanted the public to see. If he wanted you to see the deleted footage spliced back in he would have done it and Paramount would have let him, just as they did for “Tropic Thunder” last year. This isn’t “Lord of the Rings” where the cuts were made to avoid people’s bladders from exploding in the theater and then restored to the DVD where you can hit the pause button.”

I still wouldn’t count out an extended version if the fans clamor for one. Because everyone who buys the Bluray will buy it all over again if they make an extended version. Of course they won’t release an extended version right away. No, they’ll wait until DVD sales for Trek ’09 slow down before springing some new version of it that we all HAVE to have.

And if they don’t release an extended version, one (probably several) will end up here anyway:

130. samrock83 - July 18, 2009

Bring on Next Gen Remastered!!

131. Devon - July 18, 2009

#114 – “They need to realize that outside of Trekkies nobody in their right mind would pay that much for a DVD and its gonna hurt them.”

I’m someone said this about the opening weekend numbers before the movie came out.

Honestly, do some of you understand what MSRP means? It’s the suggested retail price by the manufacturer.

132. dmduncan - July 18, 2009

What’s the deal with the same pricing for 3 disc Bluray and 2 disc regular DVD?

That has to be a mistake.

133. dmduncan - July 18, 2009

131: “Honestly, do some of you understand what MSRP means? It’s the suggested retail price by the manufacturer.”

What’s the MSRP for any other typical DVD that sells for $20? Price is fairly standard in the retail chains for new release DVDs with Walmart generally undercutting prices during a brief promotional.

The MSRP for the 5 disc Bluray Bladerunner is $40, and it hovers at the retail outlets around $35, so the Star Trek DVD prices still seem a little high even for MSRP. If they try to sell 1 disc DVDs at higher than typical cost they will sit on the selves until the price comes down to the cost of any other comparable DVD.

Star Trek is gold, but only to fans.

134. Gustavo Valente - July 18, 2009

I wonder when this is going to be released here in Brazil


135. Trip - July 18, 2009

#107 – Thanks, Matt.

136. somethoughts - July 18, 2009


Star Trek DVD or Blu Ray will not only appeal to fans of Star Trek but fans of home theatre cinema. What other way to showcase your 1080p Projector with THX surround sound etc. than the scene in which the enterprise is shown for the first time in space with that epic movie score?

Any movie/home theatre buff will want to push their Blu Ray home theatre setup to the max by plopping in Star Trek 2009, sit back and enoy the wonders of technology and special effects.

137. Closettrekker - July 18, 2009

#81—“So the deleted scene ‘Dorm Room and Kobayashi Maru (original version)’ is additional material and not an alternate version?”

If I’m not mistaken, it is an “extended” version in which Kirk solicits Gaila’s aid in “changing the conditions of the test”. I seem to recall that coming up in one of Bob’s Q&A sessions with us sometime ago.

138. Spockish - July 18, 2009

Guess I’ll be going for the 2 disk DVD, and be spenfing much time over at my friends house with his PS3 and the 3 BD disks he’ll buy or I get him for X-mas so I can use them.

Or if I’m lucky win the Lottery and upgrade my 720p system to 1080p with a Dish VIP 977 Terabyte, Internet streaming Video DVR box, and let my friend stream the BR-DVDs to his PS3. If that happens how many Cyber Buddies will as for the I.P. address to stream Star Trek to them in 1080p.

The Dish VIP 977 expected in Aug-Sept. with Expected 150+ HD channel to watch (currently at 137)

139. Spidermonkey - July 18, 2009

As mentioned by someone above, the only way I’ll buy Star Trek 5 on blueray is if they fix up the poor effects from that film. Spend some of that JJ money and fix it up!

140. Woulfe - July 18, 2009

To all the Luddites that don’t get it…..
Standard TV Screen = SQUARE
All Movie Screens = RECTANGLE
Any questions ?
I’ll continue then….
HD-TV = Small Rectangle
CINEMASCOPE = Large Rectangle
So this means even your fancy pants $346,512 HD-TV will still have black bars on it when they show certain movies that were shot in ‘scope….

141. Trekee - July 18, 2009

I had to go to Amazon to do the conversion to $ but it looks like the 3 disc bluray will be 30% off across the board online in both the US and the UK.

Available on Amazon America just now for pre-order but can I suggest holding off on it until Anthony get’s a click through on this site? Should be the least we can do.

Does $27.99 seem too steep for the best film this Century on a three disc edition with a digital copy? The £17.99 in the UK seems a fair old price to me.

142. Trekee - July 18, 2009

About the cinema scrope debate… the Dark Knight had it’s IMAX scenes in full frame on the bluray and it worked really well but I have no idea what scenes in Trek were IMAX, since the whole film just filled my vision (sat at the front, what can I say?)

But one thing I was wondering was which scenes actually were IMAX… so if JJ does a Chris Nolan on the film, we may see a full frame and widerscreen jump whenever the Narada hoves into view (or it could be the Kirk in bed with the Orion girl for all I know) which is going to hack off BOTH sides of the Black Bars Debating circles if the Dark Knight was anything to go by.

Personally, I trust the director and editor in these matters, so I’m sure it’ll still be awesome. In a good way, as opposed to a Michael Bay way…

143. Quarksbartender - July 18, 2009

Jim Nightshade email me
and I will set you up

144. Trey - July 18, 2009

i hope they push it foward like late October cuz i cant wait that long….WOW……

145. VOODOO - July 18, 2009

$40 for a two disc dvd = RIP OFF

For those of you have not yet made the switch from dvd to Blu-ray the difference is significant. I can’t say enough good things about Blu-ray.

146. Matt Wright - July 18, 2009

142 — None of Star Trek was filmed for IMAX, it was shown in a large format converted from 35mm film to what is called “IMAX Digital” to fill the large screens.

Nolan specifically shot certain scenes with an actual IMAX camera as a little enticement for the IMAX screenings. So The Dark Knight Blu-ray is a mix of standard 35mm film elements and the large format 65mm IMAX camera.

Star Trek did not, nor did Transformers 2. They’re all simply up-converted for IMAX screens.
EDIT: Oops! #148 has more info that Transformers 2 did indeed have a few IMAX scenes ala The Dark Knight.

147. Entertainment Weekly and The NBC Universal Experience | - July 18, 2009

[…] There is finally a release date for the Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray discs: November 17, 2009. For the detailed press release go here. […]

148. aturner - July 18, 2009

146 – Transformers 2 had three scenes filmed with IMAX cameras, the rest was converted. There was actually an article on one of the film-tech web sites (I can’t recall which) and it mentioned how a single VFX frame was taking 72 hours to render as it had to be done in the IMAX resolution.

As for the Star Trek Blu-ray, definitely a day one purchase! Whereas (in my opinion) Paramount’s DVD releases often left a little to be desired, their Blu-ray releases so far have been top notch. One of my reference discs for picture quality is the Transformers BD. The colour rendition and detail is fantastic and I think Star Trek will work very well in the same manner due to the bold colours and impressive scope in the visuals.

As for the shifting aspect ratio debate, I’m a little torn. I always believe a film should be presented as the director intended however I do find the shifting aspect ratio on the Dark Knight BD to be a little distracting. It’s not too bad as the choices where the changes are made are fairly discrete, but it is noticeable. Thankfully it’s something that won’t be of concern on the Star Trek BD.

With any luck Australia will get the same release date as the UK. If so, 3 and a half months to go!

149. Mark Anton - July 18, 2009

I loved the Star Trek movie, but I have to say that the DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. It all sounds a bit expensive for something you’re probably going to watch on TV only a couple of times. I can’t imagine paying $30 for a dvd. I hope that the actual price we see in stores is much less than that. With so much entertainment available out there, who really has time to watch something over and over again? Nothing against the movie. It really was cool, and I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel.

150. dmduncan - July 18, 2009

For those intending to upgrade to Bluray and HDTV: Make SURE you get an HDMI cable to connect the Bluray player to the TV. You can order very good cables online at for a fraction of the price you will find them in stores, because they will otherwise be expensive. You can spend $80 on a Monster Cable HDMI and you will be wasting your money, because the image quality on that $80 cable won’t look any better than on a $12 cable from Parts Express, so don’t be fooled by the expensive HDMI cable scam. Just make sure you get a cable rated for 1080P.

There is a very noticeable difference in how the movie looks on the TV between HDMI and component or composite cables. Playing your regular DVDs on an HDTV on either an upconverting DVD or Bluray player is going to look REALLY crappy without an HDMI cable hookup. Really. You’ll wish you were watching it on your SDTV when you see how bad your DVDs look on an HDTV without an HDMI hookup.

151. Green-Blooded-Bastard - July 18, 2009

Judging from the description of the deleted scenes (which I’m sure isn’t complete here), I will go out on a limb and say that I’m betting leaving some of those scenes on the cutting room floor is what kept this $375m movie from being a $450m movie. Adding 10 minutes of back-story helps with the flow and continuity of a film, and could be what gets a few more people in a few more seats. Just my opinion. You would be surprised at how many people walking out of the movie said something to the effect of “where the hell was Nero hiding for 25 years that he couldn’t be found” and are simply not into Star Trek or comics enough to go to the local bookstore and read it.

On another note, I now have my reason to go get a good Blue-Ray player. There’s no filler here, I need all three disks.

That, and the countdown begins for “Star Trek XII: The Something Something”

152. EFFeX - July 18, 2009

I’m sorry, but $40 for the DVD special edition?

What are they smoking?

153. somethoughts - July 18, 2009


The Kelvin should rammed the Narada and sent it back through the black hole and emerge 25 years later. Would have solved the whole waiting wherever for 25 years to have vengence on Spock and facing Kirk.

JJ wouldn’t have had to make a tough decision on cutting the prison scene that explained the 25 years. The second lightning storm could have been simply Nero/Spock emerging from the black hole roughly at the same time instead of Uhura picking up a distress call from the Klingon armada.

You can have a entire movie/series/books based on those 25 Nero years and also the 3 years of Jim Kirk in star fleet academy, great character development opportunities.

154. Steve - July 18, 2009

Looking forward to this!

155. Anthony Thompson - July 18, 2009

Sweet. I see a Blue-Ray in my future.

156. Devon - July 19, 2009

#138 – I know this is off topic but isn’t the new box supposed to have the SlingBox loaded to it + net capabilities? If so.. SWEET

157. Devon - July 19, 2009

#141 – That is definitely a FAIR price for 3 Discs of Blu-Ray capable material.

Again, the MSRP/List Price is normal.

158. “Star Trek” Set to Stun Fans on Home Video – Playmountain - July 19, 2009

[…] can read Paramount Home Entertainment’s press release in it’s entirety at, but here’s the main meat of it with all the specs: […]

159. Michael - July 19, 2009

3 things. I’ve not yet jumped into the pool and bought a bluray player, but do have a fairly new 32″ HD tv. I did buy the HD TOS-R season one adn HD dvd player. Oh, yea, and Toshiba ONLY Phaser remote..all for a format that dies faster than BetaMAX.
Could CBS have put ALL the produced trek film dvd featurettes on a standard dvd release? Yep. But they’re again screwing with their fan/buyer base. They got many of us to buy TOS seasons 1-3, then again on HD/dvd-remastered…and now on Bluray w/ branching of new opticals or back to orig. FX. Now the film offers a plethera of extras and pod branching on bluray.But standard dvd buyers get 2 discs and 1/3 less than BD buyers. The BD 3 disc is a rip off. 1 disc is just the commentary & Nasa news? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
The 3rd disc is game feebie trials that I cannot, & playstation.
Who cares???????????????????
CBS could have easiliy did a 3 disc or dual disc for standard dvd buyers and put ALL the content on them. There’s no excuse other than greed and forcing yet ANOTHER format down the consumers throats and getting us to rebuy or double buy the same title. And helping the manufacturers sell more BD units, now that the consumers have already bought/own the standard & HD players too. Neither format lists the theatrical or tv trailers does it?
And what’s with these useless digital copies? I bought the film on plays on my dvd player and HD DVD pc player…why do I need( or pay for) another copy? Word of advice folks..wait till Thanksgiving weekend and Amazom dor com will have a blowout of under 100.00 players and most likely their or a combination of the manufactuer as well(like HD did)of free(5-10) titles as part of the sale or mail-in offer! So save you cash till then to switch to BD. Make sure you get a BD player WITH live online feed capabilities, or you just bought a player that doesn’t take advantage of what a BD player can do that a standard dvd player can’t either. Buyer beware of BD players with little to no capabilities to do what a BD player is capable of doing over the older standard dvd players.

160. Kor - July 19, 2009

I just got a blu ray and an HD TV last month. I can’t wait to buy the blu-ray set of the new movie. I’m thinking of selling all my regular 2-disc editions of the earlier movies and getting the blu-ray versions (except TMP because I like the Director’s Edition).

139: The digital copy might be worthless to you and that’s your gig, but i’m sure some people will have a use for it.

And another thing, why shouldn’t Paramount put more stuff on a Blu Ray release then a DVD Release? The goal of a business is to make money. Also, for years, people who had DVDs had far more special features then people who only had VHS Players. Things like documentaries, Trailers/TV Spots, and Widescreen could (and sometimes) were done on VHS Tapes, but it wasn’t as feasable and they didn’t do it. Blu Ray has so much extra space on one disc that they can fit far more stuff then on a DVD.

161. Twitics Movie Reviews - July 19, 2009

Some great user reviews of Star trek at Twitics:

162. Curt - July 19, 2009

$40.00 for the Blu-Ray?


163. Podcast # 236 – “Quantum Leap” – 0907.19 : TREKS in SCI-FI - July 20, 2009

[…] a ton of extra content (depending on the version you get).  You can find out all the details HERE to help you decide which version to purchase.  I also briefly talk about the new film out, […]

164. Robert Gillis - July 20, 2009

No joke, can someone explain what a “branching pod” is — not familiar with that term? Time to buy a blu-ray :)

165. Kim.S - July 21, 2009

I’ve being waiting for this since May 8th..FINALLY!

166. Bully - July 22, 2009

Wow, I’m excited to see this come out, and with a November shipment it’ll make the perfect Christmas gift as well.

Just can’t believe as many fans are whining about the eventual product as they did about the movie. Maybe if J.J. and Paramount staff offered to come over to your home and re-edit the movie to your liking in front of you you’ll be willing to spring for the thirty bucks or so. C’mon, folks, it’s a great movie, but is is only a movie.

167. KingDaniel - July 22, 2009

November 17? That’s ages away!

Sorry to get picky, but is the ‘experience the Enterprise’ tour thingy on the 2-disc DVD as well as the BluRay? The synopsis says yes, the feature list says BR-only.

Also, since the ‘experience the Enterprise’ tour says the ship is 2500’ long (760 meters), and it’s included with the film (on BluRay at least), maybe people will finally man-up and deal with a bigger pretend spaceship at last? Or will you all sit there with a knife, scratching the offending track off the disc while chanting “it’s not canon it’s not canon it’s not canon…”?

168. Torok - August 6, 2009

You can rent that 2-disc set a lot of times for $40. Paramount seems a bit out of touch with the reality of the average consumer’s disposable income.

169. Star Trek Warps to DVD — Showbits - November 17, 2009

[…] several featurettes, and a digital copy of the film you can put on your computer or mobile device. Many more features are exclusive to Blu-ray — which, despite being a higher-capacity format, needs three discs […] is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.