Star Trek Movie Coming To DVD/Blu-ray In November w/ High-tech Features

Today more details emerged about the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release for JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Confirming our earlier reports, Paramount has announced there will be three home video sets for Star Trek (2 DVD sets & 1 Blu-ray). All three will be released on November 17th. These releases will include some interesting high-tech features — details below.

Star Trek’s High-Tech Home Video Release
On November 17th, 2009 JJ Abrams Star Trek movie comes home. There will be three different home video releases:

  • 1-disk DVD
  • 2-disk DVD
  • 3-disk Blu-ray

The 2-disk DVD and Blu-ray sets will feature a home video first with "augmented reality" packaging. Using a webcam, you can hold your packaging up to your computer and reveal a 3-D holographic tour of the new USS Enterprise. In May, an early version of this was used to promote the theatrical release of the film by Paramount International (at – see video below).

Another high tech feature for the 2-disk DVD set and the Blu-ray set is providing a digital copy of the film, which you can load onto a computer or mobile device. So far Paramount has only done this for one other film (Love Guru). You can visit to learn more about how this feature works.

More details coming soon
Paramount Home Video will soon be announcing more details on the Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray sets, so look for an update from when that becomes available. You can see our previous story for early details on the Blu-ray special features, which TrekMovie has confirmed is very close to the final version. 

UPDATE: Final Details announced
See our Friday 7/17 story: Complete Details On Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD releases

Paramount is also expected to announce details on the TNG movie Blu-ray set and the TOS Season Two Blu-ray sets at (or before) Comic-Con next weekend.


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They’ll probably sell about a gazillion of these!

Sweet! Can’t wait!

Can’t I just get a 3D hologram of the Enterprise on the DVD?

Awesome, can’t wait to see it again…a few times!

I was sooooo hoping they would give us a digital copy for MP3 players…now my iPod Touch is very happy.

I don’t mind when the digital copies are an entirely separate disc, but I’m sick of the studios treating them like a special feature and devoting “disc 2” space to them. Blecch!

Yeah, I agree with that. I also hate it when some “digital copies” only work on computers and not ipods, etc.

testing 1-2-3? why was my post deleted?

Sounds good so far. The extra digital copy is a nice touch though regardless, but I can’t see how I can get it from my PS3 to my iPod easily. Most bluray owners will have a PS3 or a standalone unit I suspect. Maybe it’s a PSP copy. Maybe I could read the link and find out. :-)

A “3-D holographic tour of the new USS Enterprise”? I suspect it’s only a tour of the sections we saw the film. Please prove me wrong Paramount and give us a FULL tour. Now THAT would be a sweet extra.

Why does it have to come out soo late :)
impatient impatient here

“So far Paramount has only done this for one other film (Love Guru).”

Not true. Para. is doing this even for Watchmen.

Just looked at the Paramount link – my goodness, they aren’t making digital copies very easy. This won’t work for the vast majority of Bluray owners, since it assumes a bluray drive on your Mac (which if I recall, there aren’t any built in?) or on your PC. I suspect there will be a change to the way it works before Trek comes out, or they will just expect people to buy it on DVD too for the digital copy.

And let’s face it, people will be buying it if the slipcover has a different picture of each of the cast anyway, so in the scheme of things this isn’t such a biggie I think… :-)

I suspect a redemption code for iTunes for a digital copy of the movie on each Blueray disk would be the simplest thing, but that messes with the whole “it must be a physical shinydisk” mantra that Big Corporate still clings to.

If they make it too hard, or too obviously a rip off to get the digital copy people have already paid for, then there are always possibilities, as a wise man once said, but the studio will be missing a chance to have people get that warm glow from getting a digital copy through a licenced channel.

This could be quite interesting.

On (In The UK) They have already got Star Trek XI, The Net Generation Movies and Star Trek The Original Series Remastered Season 2 available to pre-order on Blu-Ray all to be released on the 2nd of November.

whoa! everybody duck cuz Anthony is tossing some witty repartee our way! What i hate bout the digital copies is none of them work on my psp and probably never will sigh-thry also should be made to easily tranfer from oc to say ipod and back and psp too oh i already said that haha-so is the webcam packaging thingee a security device only? in other words whats the point of it-also i wonder if paramount will ever release the footage they took of the experience closing? i thought that was going to be put on the new movie dvd as an extra–

My The X-Files: I Want to Believe supposed ‘2-disc set’ had the feature on disc one, the extras on disc two and the digital copy on a third disc. So it could simply be that there’s an unmentioned third disc in the package!

Here is hoping that the full un-cut version of the film, with the Klingon scenes, makes the final mix.

According to Amazon UK and (also UK) the DVD will be out on 2 November. Fingers crossed, eh? :D

Exactly four months from today!

In the words of the great Tom Petty….
“The waiting is the hardest part.”

I still would like to see an extended edition. It seems J.J. cut out some important scenes that would have filled in or explained some stuff. However, I still enjoyed the movie, but the deleted scenes are just SCREAMING to be put back in it seems.

Kind of disappointing that we’ll have to wait until mid-November; I was hoping Trek would go the Iron Man route with an earlier home-video release.

Personally, I’m completely indifferent to the whole digital-copy thing as the process of transferring the license to view the film from one device to another seems to be a pain and the devices you can use are severely limited (no PSP support as far as I’m aware). I own several BluRays with included digital copies and I’ve yet to bother to try even one as I’ve always preferred to wach movies like this on as big a screen as possible. Oh well, if I ever get an Ipod Touch, I’ll give it a whirl.

I just hope all this fanfare about digital copies and “augmented reality” packaging doesn’t mean that Paramount will skimp on the real extras that were previously rumored (ie: deleted scenes, blooper reel, etc.) as those are far far more interesting to me.

Aw, heck. That’s way later than I thought it’d be out. I’ve already been thinking (read: hinting to everyone) that it’d probably be coming out around my birthday. Shoot. ):

Cool special features though. Maybe it’ll be worth extra wait.

@ 13. Trekee

The Dark Knight Blu Ray came with a digital copy on a DVD. That’s probably why the Star Trek Blu Ray will be a three-disc set, two BR discs and the DVD with the digital copy.

*sigh* So much for it being released in time for my birthday…

Oh well, November can’t come soon enough!

(Gonna have to pass the time with Bionicle: The Legend Reborn in the mean time. Which features the voices of Michael Dorn as Mata Nui and Armin Shimerman as Raanu.)

Link should be available again later, when the site’s back online.

I’m buying the 2 disc DVD set for sure. That “Augmented Reality” looks badass, but I don’t have a webcam…

all the way in November? wow………..

@24 et al – Ah, I see – that makes far more sense.

I must go and have a look at my DK set then. I *though* disk 2 was a bit light on features…. :-)

I can’t wait! I signed up on Amazon UK to be notified when the Blu-Ray DVD will be available to pre-order. I am very interested in seeing the deleted scenes and extras.

Star Trek High Tech — it’s all good! :)

I like it that having easily accessible digital copies are finally starting to become more common..

Hmmm there has to be something I can nitpick here..

@ 30. oh yea !

I don’t “get” the digital copy thang. I mean, my HP pc can play HD movies, and ya just simply pop in any dvd and hit play! Can someone explain what’s special about the Dig. copy, that I need/have to have to play the movie ib my pc? The 3D holo stuff is rad! But will it only be avail. for a limited time, and then the website goes dark?

anyone else notice the “A Deck, B Deck, C Deck” usage like it was on Archer’s ship as apposed to deck designations by number…now i cant remember if it was this was in the movie or not.

#33 “Can someone explain what’s special about the Dig. copy”

You don’t need the physical DVD (or Blu-ray disc) to watch the movie. So, if you travel and have a laptop or iphone or other digital video player with a big enough hard drive, you can potentially have a bunch of movies or tv shows in a very compact form.

For example, I will be going on a trip soon and have purchased several shows digital shows through itunes to watch on my iphone during the trip..

The tech exists currently to create digital copies from DVDs but it shouldn’t be necessary as the digital copies are already out there (created by the studios for distribution through itunes, amazon, etc.)…

Bastards! They’ve got me! I’ll buy the BD in november and then in the spring, or whenever they release it, I’ll buy the Director’s Edition.

Well, November is like really late. Why the delay ? Why don’t they just give the people what they want ? Studios keep complaining about piracy, but on the other hand they don’t release their stuff. I don’t get it, they’re ruining their own profit margin. A September or October release would have been sufficient time for the cinemas….. a well… one day they’ll learn the hard way, when the first real online on demand movie studio kills their business.

Why was my post about the DVD/blu-ray special features deleted?

I can’t wait to see the trailers in Hi-Def! Especially the last one!

BONES: “I have no Captain or First Officer to replace.”

KIRK: “Yeah we do”.



The digital copy will simply allow you to play the movie without the need to open the dvd tray and have it spin/decrease life cycle of the said tray/drive.

Other benefits include humming/spinning sound of the disk and the ability to preserve the disk itself from scratches/heat etc.

Also some folks setup a digital archive and hook up their PC to their home theatre projector and access their entire movie collection with the hit of the keyboard/mouse.


They know either way early or late, the fans of the film and fans of cinema will buy it and add it to their collection. Millions of people are waiting to see the cut scenes of baby Spock/Kid Kirk and Nero in prison to the time he escaped, with the famous line, “the wait is over.”

This choice allows them to fully squeeze out every dime from the theatre run and allow for a pre xmas shopping spree.


Well, it’s out of the cinemas here, so there won’t be any more squeezing that way. If they know, that people will buy it now matter what, why not release a dvd with ONLY the movie on it for a lower price 2 months prior and then hit with the Blu-Ray and an SE ? I know a lot of people, who would buy both.

Perhaps they’re going to re-release it during a fall weekend? A last hurrah in the theaters… until 2011.

39 Best. Trailer. Ever.

The Music! The explosions! The Spock/Uhura embrace!

…Kirk… taking the center seat… (heart pings with ecstacy or maybe fried food)

Didn’t mean to nitpick. I just remembered Watchmen since I Pre Ordered it last week or so. Forgot that it is a WB movie. Anyways, Para. “has” released other movies with digital copies. Like School of Rock and Nacho Libre.

So my rumor from back around Tax Day from Germany of November 8th for DVD was not far off.

The big question is this Nov 17th US only or World Wide, then will other places get pre or post date release times like the movie did?

I know time & date vary due to laws and promo points, but think they will ever push for single day release event world wide.

And when will the ST:TM be digitized footage in a Video Game. The new 4 core CPUs can now to real life digital presentation of film quality. All most as good a Cary’s did in the 80’s. And the 8 and 16 core CPU’s are said to multi tasking/sharing ability’s greater than the Cray 1 but not as good as Deep Blue

i hope they push it foward soon like late October cuz i seriously cant wait that long…maybe i can…

I have to wait until November 17th to see my Vulcan hottie!?!?! Oh sadness. The countdown begins!

Yes!! It’s near my birthday, I could so ask for a copy of the 2-disc. This movie pwned! Can’t wait. :)

My son is watching the movie as we speak. It is already out in Iraq. (He works in Baghdad.) He just called to tell us that he is sending us a copy.