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Rumor: CBS Moving Forward With Star Trek: TNG In HD Project? May 9, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Rumor,TNG , trackback

The remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD is something that has been talked about ever since CBS gave the original Star Trek series the HD treatment in 2006. Now a new rumor has surfaced that CBS is moving forward on the project. Details below.


Rumor: TNG in HD project moving forward?

The latest news of Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD comes from our friend Bill Hunt at Digital Bits, who has a "Rumor Mill" post which cites sources "hinting that TNG Remastered IS moving forward." According to the report this remastered TNG would first show on Netflix in the fall (in addition to their TNG SD offering) and possibly on EPIX as well. TrekMovie recently reported that Netflix had confirmed that all seven seasons of TNG will begin streaming in July in standard definition, with only the Star Trek original series and Enterprise available in HD.

Digital Bits report also states:

We believe a high-definition film scan of The Next Generation is very likely in the cards for the entire series run, along with the requisite digitally-upgraded effects. Of course, in addition to syndication and streaming, the end result of all this might be a Next Generation: Remastered Blu-ray release down the line.

TrekMovie has not yet been able to confirm this report, however we have previously reported that CBS has been considering a remastered TNG project for years. We first reported on this from Comic Con 2007 when CBS revealed they had done tests on an "upresed" version of TNG. And last Summer CBS’s VP of Consumer Products John Van Citters told TrekMovie confirmed that there were still conversations going on at CBS about TNG-R, but he noted that, at the time, there was no specific plan or budget for the project. It is worth noting that it took CBS two years to remaster all three seasons of original Star Trek, so if a project has started using similar techniques, it is hard to imagine it could deliver all seven seasons of TNG in HD by the fall
of this year.  

Last summer Van Citter stated that there were significant technical issues that made remastering TNG in HD more problematic than remastering the original Star Trek series. One of the main issues is that the special effects for TNG were done in video, and redoing all the effects would be much more expensive than with the TOS Remastered project. Mike Okuda, who was one of the producers for 2006-2008 project to remastered the original Star Trek series, once told TrekMovie a particularly problematic issue is with the USS Enterprise D bridge screen. Unlike the original series, characters often stood or walked in front of the screen and so to swap out new digital effects, they would have to manually rotoscope out all the moving actors. However, last summer CBS’ Van Citers also noted that he was "optimistic" CBS would eventually figure out how to deliver Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD.

Shot from  pilot "Encounter at Farpoint" shows how live action and effects shots are more often intertwined in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" – making it harder to remaster in HD

If the DigitalBits rumor is true, then it could be that CBS has resolved the technical (and financial) issues for TNG-R. TrekMovie asked CBS to respond to this report, but we were told  they have no comment on rumors. We are also awaiting a response from Netflix, but a source at EPIX cast doubt on their being involved as they currently don’t have a deal with CBS and only show movies (not TV shows).

TrekMovie will keep an eye on this potentially very exciting project.


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If Star Trek: The Next Generation were made avaialble in HD would you watch in streaming (on Netflix or, would you buy it on iTunes or plunk down for Blu-ray box sets? Or you happy with TNG in SD.

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1. clinto - May 9, 2011

First……………This is a great idea. Too bad they can’t fix the somewhat lacking scripts that made up a bulk of season 1.

2. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2011

I would so love to see TNG Remastered on Blurey. Would love to see the Best of both worlds Remastered and Yesterdays Enterprise along with so many others. Would be so sweet. Come on CBS. Get on this.

3. Bil Binder - May 9, 2011

I was just thinking about this the other day. The SyFy reruns the last couple weeks have looked… significantly sharper, than in the past. Maybe they’ve been testing upconverts.

Or more likely my memory is faulty.

4. Jake Cannon - May 9, 2011

Hoping this goes forward, but there seem to be significant challenges involved. If it works, I wonder if they’ll also do a dvd release to coincide with blu-ray (like with TOS Remastered).

5. Austin J - May 9, 2011

I would love to see an HD edit.

Put that Blu-Ray player on my PS3 to good work.

6. Tedly - May 9, 2011

All I can say is, I loved TOS-R and I would love a TNG-R. Get rid of all those old model shots and updated everything!! Better looking ships, the whole nine yards. This is what TNG needs!! Please let this be true! I can’t wait.

7. Ensign RedShirt - May 9, 2011

The most fundamental problem with doing TNG in HD is that the entire series was shot on film but mastered on SD videotape, like most series of that era. The original negatives would have to be digitized, and then recut exactly the way they were originally. And all that has to happen before they even think about the FX. It would take years and cost millions. Sounds like a longshot but I’m there if they pull it off!

8. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 9, 2011

The FX in Best of Both World ALWAY bothered me, Especially the final battle.

9. Magic_Al - May 9, 2011

I don’t understand why they’d have to manually rotoscope for viewscreen scenes. Weren’t those scenes filmed in front of a blue screen, and then the effects were added in video? If they work with the camera negative it’s the same as inserting the effect in the first place. The only reason for talking about rotoscoping would be if they’re not going back to the camera negative but plan to up-res the video master and replace effects. That would not be a true HD product.

10. calql8 - May 9, 2011

I’m confused. Do they really need to rotoscope live action scenes with effects? Do they not have the original blue/green screen film shots anymore? If that is the case, then how can the live action parts be converted to HD, since the effects were composited with video?

11. Ensign RedShirt - May 9, 2011

#9 Magic_Al

Good point. The upres they did of the DS9 tribbles episode for the TOS set was atrocious. Those masters didn’t look good in SD, and the upres only amplifies the problems.

12. Platitude - May 9, 2011

The TNG DVD prices have always been too high (a brand new show is 30 bucks and they are still charging 50 or 60 bucks per season for TNG?), so if the trend is the same with the Blu-Rays I don’t think I would buy all the seasons on Blu-Ray. But I absolutely would download my favorites in HD on iTunes. They definitely need the remastering, the quality on the DVDs and on re-runs is pretty poor. I’m a little confused if it really would be that difficult to do, I wonder if its just an excuse. Maybe it would be more difficult than bringing TOS into HD, but it couldn’t be THAT much more difficult.

13. Pointing out the Obvious - May 9, 2011

I would buy it if they would stop price gouging. Box sets of TNG, Voy, and DS9 are still selling for 65-80 bucks a season, while season boxes of other popular sci-fi shows like SG1, Atlantis, BSG are in the 30-40 range.

There is absolutely no reason why the season sets need to be that expensive.

14. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 9, 2011

GREAT! …I love TNG!

:-) :-)

15. Allen Williams - May 9, 2011

PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Allen Williams - May 9, 2011

wait why wouldn’t they go back to the blue screen components in order to insert new hi-res images in the view screen? Surely blue screen removal is easier than cutting out all the actors. On the other hand I would like to see them remove the black cardboard on the science stations in the first 2 seasons.

17. Matt H. - May 9, 2011

#8, i totally agree with you. The story was strong but, the effects could have been better. “Fire all weapons” from both episodes were identical. Plus the Borg cutting beam only shook the ship but, those damn lights never flickered. lol.

18. Jeyl - May 9, 2011

Sure! I’d be on board for this!

19. Bringbacktrekagain! - May 9, 2011

Hey TNG is so deserving of this….I hope it happens, and yeh re-doing special effects for numerous episodes would be a plus.

20. andrewtellis - May 9, 2011

DS9 in HD!

21. Chadwick - May 9, 2011

Yes yes yes, oh god please yes.

To go back and redo all the effects. this will be one of the ultimate tributes to the visual library.

I purchased the TOS series as well as both movie box sets on blu-ray the day they came out. The new effects, clear images (there still are a few rough frames, no big deal) brilliant rich color, watching TOS over again has never been such a treat.

In my opinion DS9, YOV, and ENT do not need the special effect redone they hold up very well. The only thing these three series need are a proper transfer to the HD blu-ray – and digital download – format.

I am surprised Enterprise has no made it to blu-ray yet as it would be the most easy to transfer, and I believe it was the last season which was filmed digital? I want to see the film to digital difference in HD. My eyes can pick up subtle cues.

22. Mel Gibson is a Romulan - May 9, 2011

DS9 in HD! ditto
#20 you read my mind, and beat me to the post.

23. Count - May 9, 2011

I dont get why the live/action comp shots would need rotoscoping unless the original blue screen footage was lost. If it’s still present and the original SFX reel is present too all they need to do is use comping software, even the cheapest home version can pick a colour from a frame and say “swap this colour with that image”.

24. DJT - May 9, 2011

If they are going to do it, I hope they do it right and not try to cut corners.

By that, I mean Full HD from the film negative and not upressed conversions; widescreen from the negative if possible, and good effects not hamstrung by weekly time constraints or basement budgets.

Also, I want to be able to see the difference in HD quality. Why bring up the quality of the material, only to have it available only via streaming, where the quality also depends on the viewers internet connection? So if the consumer has a poor connection, they only get to see a watered down stream comparable to a dvd experience. What would be the point of that? In order to see the quality stream, they would have to upgrade their connection and pay more. Who would do that?

Itunes HD downloads make sense. Blu-rays make sense. Streaming only doesn’t make sense. It would have to be in conjunction with the other pathways to work.

In addition, by upgrading their product, CBS is giving new life to TNG in todays HD world. Because frankly, the new standard *is* high definition. Anything less would be.. uncivilized, as might be said in some old TV advert.

25. Daniel Shock - May 9, 2011

I CANT WAIT! But I want DS9 too!

26. Dennis C - May 9, 2011

calql8 nailed the problem they have likely been having converting this series to high def. The Original Series was shot and edited on film making a transfer to HD a far easier process. TNG, on the other hand, was shot on film but all of the opticals were shot on SD video. The video was then transferred back to film when the masters were created and it was painfully obvious even then that effects looked a bit subpar. Had they actually been shot on film the series would have had a far different look and creating HD masters would have been part of a fairly routine process.. It wasn’t until later seasons that they had finally figured out how to shoot sharp looking visual effects with miniatures on video.

Because the original filmed elements still exist it’s possible that the filmed elements and the elements shot on video may be tackled separately and then made whole again. Assuming this approach is taken this is likely to be a very time consuming and expensive process.

DS9 and Voyager should be an interesting challenge since both started out primarily with miniatures and then moved on to CGI for all visuals (and the effects on both series in later seasons were fantastic). Unaware if the CG was produced in HD or we could be looking at the same situation that plagued the new visuals that were produced for TMP (low res, SD).

A bit of trivia, if you look at GENERATIONS there is one popular stock shot that’s lifted from the first season of TNG. It looks a bit soft compared to the rest of the visuals but it was a relatively simple effect and looks OK.

27. Allen Williams - May 9, 2011

#21 voyager isn’t as bad as ds9, but ds9 has too much CGI rendered in 480 (or about 480) making all the SFX completely worthless to blu-ray. I would estimate at least 30-40% of DS9 SFX footage must be replaced no matter what. Voyager probably on 15%.
Enterprise was done “properly” from day 1 and shouldn’t need any work short of boxing it up and selling it.
With that said I would like to own all 28 season of star trek on blu-ray.

28. John - May 9, 2011

i’d love to see a remasted version of TNG also wouldn’t mind seeing DS9 in HD as well

29. DeShonn Steinblatt - May 9, 2011

They will not redo 7 seasons of fx. No way. They are looking at ways to upres the existing fx.

30. MJ - May 9, 2011

That would be so cool if they did a brand new much more credible looking NG Enterprise with this project. No more of the ridiculous fat guppy with the paint scheme that make it looks like they can’t decide on what silver to use in the 24th century.

31. Richard C. - May 9, 2011

I’ve been wanting TNG in HD for a long time now.. should blu-ray editions be released, I would be quick to buy them. :)

32. Odkin - May 9, 2011

Could they edit out the technobabble, and maybe edit in some DRAMA??

Maybe have the A-story get as much screen time as the B-story?

Maybe not have every crisis resolved in the last 5 minutes with some magic maneuver unrelated to the story?

THAT, I’d pay for.

33. Jeff O'Connor - May 9, 2011

I’d much prefer an HD Deep Space Nine, not only because I like the show more but because those space battles in the second half would be ridiculously awesome in 1080p. (Of course, given how they were rendered, they’d probably be pretty costly.)

Of course… I recognize that TNG is the much more well-known show and I do like it just fine. So maybe after this goes through I can wonder if DS9 will get the same treatment for five years and then happily purchase it when finally it does.

34. Red Dead Ryan - May 9, 2011

“Make it so!”

35. jas_montreal - May 9, 2011

Hell Yes !

36. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2011

Would love to see some remastering of DS9. Would love to see more of the Dominuion War with new Fx.

37. sean - May 9, 2011

I’m up for it if they can remaster ‘Code of Honor’. And by remaster, I mean delete from history.

38. Terran_Guy - May 9, 2011

As a big fan of Next Gen, I’m super excited for this.

I was thinking about getting Netflix when I read they would be putting Trek on it, but now I’m almost certainly going to.

This could mean we could get to see remastered DS9 in a few years :)

39. SciFiMetalGirl - May 9, 2011

Riker looks HUGE in that picture!

40. Christopher Arnold - May 9, 2011

An HD version for ST: TNG isn’t quite necessary as the visual effects and quality in the show are already modern enough for Sci-Fi live-action as it is. No need to re-enhance this classic show. Well, that’s my opinion by the way.

41. Neumann - May 9, 2011

Weren’t they doing something like this with Babylon Five?

If they do this, then I hope… for the love of God, that they make MORE shots so we don’t have the same several passes of the Enterprise in every episode. Maybe some different battle footage for Best of Both Worlds at the VERY least.

42. Mawazi - May 9, 2011

I believe many of the (at least earlier) special effects (read: model) sequences were shot on film, not on video. It was the compositing and editing that took place on video.

If they are going to create entirely new visual effect shots, they should really try to get Gabriel Koerner on the team.

43. General Martok - May 9, 2011


44. sean - May 9, 2011


Really? The visual effects have not aged well at all. Especially from the first 3 or 4 seasons. I’d think a kid watching it now would view it similarly to how kids in the 80s probably viewed the TOS effects.

45. Trekboi - May 9, 2011

If the original film elements are there it can be done just long process- some elements of the effects would have to be re-created but shouldnt be that hard.

If the film is lost & its just the video masters then thats the end of that.

Why don’t they release Ent & the annimated series in high def now to fill the time?

46. Chris_of_ODU - May 9, 2011

#41: There has been heavy talk within the Babylon 5 community to have this done to the series. The episodes were all shot on film (and in 16×9 widescreen). The episodes have all the original non-composite film shots (where effects were added). The “problem” is that WB lost all the effects shots. What their original plan was consisted of them taking the original wireframe digital effects they produced from 1993-1998 and run all the effects though again with higher textures and pixel counts (and in widescreen). Without those original files, the process is “too expensive” for a show that has probably sold nearly a billion dollars on DVD (if the figures of $600 million seasons 1-4 box sets sold way back in 2005-2006 are accurate).

Perhaps if the TNG one is successful, WB could at least make the plunge with doing either “select” episodes (Stargate Atlantis did this with a double-dip “fan” box set exclusive to blu a year or two before the series release was announced) or do some or all of the 6 TV-movies first. I’ll take all I can get here.

#44: I agree with you that the effects themselves probably haven’t aged much, but the models used are pretty phenomenal. If they have the original model shots in film form, they’re all set. They simply need to key in the “effects” and they should be golden.

Of course they’ll need the native film of the live action, this should eliminate any need for rotoscoping since I thought they keyed in all that in post (on video). If they did some kind of rear projection, then yeah, it’ll be more tricky.

47. Tedly - May 9, 2011

In Best of Both Worlds Pt II, there’s the scene where Captain Riker gets the call that the fleet had engaged the Borg. Cut to commercial and it cuts in with the Enterprise D arriving at the debris field at Wolf 359.

What I wanna see, is where that commercial break originally was, I’d like them transition from Riker hearing that the fleet engaged the Borg to a short extended scene where it actually shows the battle. Maybe a minute or so of straight Starship combat. Is that too much to ask for? :)

48. Trekboi - May 9, 2011

This isnt the only show shot like this if there is going to be a future of retro tv on hd the studio’s better get this sorted out & deal with it.

49. Red Dead Ryan - May 9, 2011


We got to see some of the battle during the opening scenes of “Deep Space Nine” premier episode, “Emissary”.

And besides, I think it works better the way it is in “Best Of Both Worlds”, as the audience was following Riker and the Enterprise. It would take the audience out of “being” with the characters.

50. Browncoat1984 - May 9, 2011

Great idea!!! This would be totally awesome. And they should do DS9 and Voyager as well and release Enterprise on Blu ray!

Top five series I would love to have a TOS style remastering in HD:

5: Star Trek Voyager
4: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
3: Stargate SG-1
2: Star Trek The Next Generation
1: Babylon 5 (would rock if they gave it Battelstar Galactica style visuals, imagine B5’s awesome story with BSG’s visual effects!

51. Mark R. Largent - May 9, 2011

This was addressed in the Making of DS9 book that the Reeves-Stevens wrote back at the beginning of DS9.

Here’s the initial explanation:

“Every physical element of Deep Space Nine is shot on film, not videotape. However, that film is just a first step. As soon as it’s printed, it’s sent to Unitel Video, where it is transferred to D2 videotape. Then the film is put into storage and —provided no disasters occur while an episode is in postproduction—it never sees the light of day again.”

This paragraph points to this footnote:

“In the planning stages of The Next Generation, an important decision was made that still affects Deep Space Nine today. The choice Gene Roddenberry and the production team faced was whether to do the visual effects for the new series using film techniques or on video. Video effects were faster and less costly, but only worked on the television screen. Because of video’s low resolution at the time, there would be no final negative print from which film versions of The Next Generation could be edited together for theatrical release in other countries.

Ultimately, the decision was made to go to video, and Deep Space Nine continues that process today. Thus, although the resolution of the visual effects is much higher today than was possible in 1987, there are no final film prints of any episode of either series, and the episodes cannot be rescanned at the higher resolution necessary for high-definition television broadcast in the future.

Theoretically, it would be possible to return to the original raw film and redo all the visual effects at higher resolution, but such a step would be the equivalent of putting the show through the complete postproduction process again. It will be much less expensive to wait for enhancement technology to be developed so the final video versions of Deep Space Nine episodes can be reprocessed rather than being remade.”

So, even back then they knew HD television was coming, but continued to post-produce the show on video.

I love the “enhancement technology” excuse. It’s like they were letting the technobabble bubble over into reality. :-)

52. MJ - May 9, 2011

Again, I’d like to see a complete TNG special effects makeover, and a new and vastly improved 24th century Enterprise design….all in 1080P….and I wan’t this done to DS9 even more.

53. Khan was Framed! - May 9, 2011

This is LONG overdue!!

The first 2-4 seasons need a digital upgrade on the commonly recycled ship exteriors & I bought an HD TV for a reason.

Please release on Blu-Ray ASAP!

It’s ridiculous that one cannot buy any season of any series of Star Trek, other than TOS, on Blu-Ray by now.

54. THX-1138 - May 9, 2011

You’re crazy. Don’t change a thing with the D.

You can fix the FX or redo them or whatever. As long as TNG is getting some love I am happy. All hail TNG!

I just got the entire 7 season 20th anniversary edition for $199.00. Some basic math tells me that comes to under $30 a season. ($28.43)

I would STILL pay for a bluray edition with updated FX.

55. Allen Williams - May 9, 2011

Speaking of WB I wonder if they would ever do Buffy. Shes not nearly as complex as star trek SFX wise. Most of it is pure live action. I can’t imagine that redoing the vampire dustings would be that complicated. About the furthest they ever went was having a live action combined with a CGI reptile creature. That level of complexity wasn’t used that often.

56. Dr. Cheis - May 9, 2011

Goodness, I hope so. Hopefully they can compensate for the increased cost by selling twice as many DVDs and Blu-Rays!

I wonder if they would release the episodes in random order though? It worked much better for TOS than it would for TNG.

57. captain_neill - May 9, 2011

I would definitely be on board for this as they did a great job with TOS.

TNG is a fav so I def would love to see it. I argued at one time TNG did not need the effects update as it was a recent show in comparison to TOS but when released I would def be rebuying it onto blu ray.

And don’t forget it’s YNG’s 25th next year, perhaps this will be the next anniversary treat. Like TOS remastered was for the 40th.

58. captain_neill - May 9, 2011

YNG damn type. I meant TNG

59. Jörg - May 9, 2011

Shamesless plug:

I would soo buy this! I hope the Okudas will be involved again!

60. Bugs_Nixon - May 10, 2011

Bluray, yes – but only if they get the balance right – I cannot accept the practice of producing 25/50 gb discs with only 3 episodes on even if there is bigger data. Use the medium properly.

I vote for small bluray boxed sets per season.

61. Cmdr. Lucius Devlin - May 10, 2011

I’m throwing all my money at the computer screen but nothing is happening!

62. Phobos - May 10, 2011

oh my god! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!
I have been hoping for TNG on Blu for a long time.
I want all the series on Blu

63. The Sisko - May 10, 2011

DS9 in HD and more special effects… pleeeeeeeseeeeeee!!!

64. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 10, 2011

Reboot the series ;)
This way we would have a rebooted TOS as a movie franchise and a rebooted TNG as TV-series ;)

65. Christopher Roberts - May 10, 2011

TNG 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Best of collection?

But if this doesn’t involve the original film elements and simply upressing the video… no thanks. Just putting the DVDs into a blu ray player achieves better results.

And it’s also Enterprise’s 10th Anniversary this year, how about releasing that in HD?

66. jay - May 10, 2011

wow, I always wished that they would do this, but I never thought I would see anything come of it. I hope it goes ahead! and maybe we’ll finally get probert’s enterprise c!

67. captain_neill - May 10, 2011

THis would be a great treat for the 25th Anniversay of TNG.

68. Darren85 - May 10, 2011

This sounds promising, but what I’d like to know is when Enterprise will be get released on Blu-ray? It’s ready to go as far as I’m aware?

69. Luuk1983 - May 10, 2011

I would like to see a blu-ray release with the best (fan selected) episodes in HD. Not every TNG episode would need the high-def treatment, since there are many episodes without many SFX. But gems like best of both worlds, yesterday enterprise and many more are worthy of HD!

70. Bearded Riker - May 10, 2011

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!! That’s all I have to say. I’d buy it on Blu-ray. I loved what they did with TOS and have bought a new season of the remastered TOS for my mother every Christmas. And I think we’d all watch it if it was syndicated too. Why wouldn’t we?!

71. Tedly - May 10, 2011

Still wouldn’t mind a quick cut into the battle of Wolf 359, that’s one thing I think was always missing. Complete with Klingon Warbirds.

72. cleverclogs - May 10, 2011

OH god yes. I bought the entire series on DVD but my god I would buy these on Blu.
I’m not wanting to buy DS9 and Voy on DVD because I WANT so badly to have it on Blu.

73. Pat Gleeson - May 10, 2011

If CBS / Paramount do as good a job as they did for TOS, I’m all over this. @clinto – I agree no amount of HD can over the flaws of the first and most of the second season’s scripts.

74. Shane - May 10, 2011

I really don’t like some of the people here. Some of them are foolish enough to think ST: Enterprise is a great show. And some of them are foolish enough to think copious amounts of cheap CGI is better than a good model shot.

I’d be happiest if we got TNG remastered in HD with all the original effects preserved (the models were filmed – so use ’em). The Enterprise D doesn’t look good in CG.

75. Cervantes - May 10, 2011

Sure, give the dated effects of this particular ‘Trek’ series a spruce-up by all means…but I hope the-powers-that-be manage a less rushed, uneven job than they gave the ‘TOS: Remastered’ series in too many instances, as it could have been much better. If the hinted at ‘widescreen’ version of that ever comes about in future, I hope certain aspects will be improved next time around.

I didn’t know about the fact that WB have ‘lost’ the original effects files for ‘Babylon 5′. How ridiculous. I have good memories of that show from years ago, and that’s a real pity that it’s unlikely to get a straight-forward upgrade in future, now.

76. James T. West (no comma) - May 10, 2011

Dear Paramount

I will purchase a BluRay season set on TNG.


77. Victor Hugo - May 10, 2011

The bulk of stories of season 1 are bolder than you think.

78. A Ferengi - May 10, 2011

I hope they redo the scene in “The Neutral Zone” where Picard talks about how there’s no accumulation of things in the future, followed by a caption popping up saying, “Buy Star Trek Pizza Cutters today!”

79. TheKeeper - May 10, 2011

Not interested, the series wasn’t all that great and I wouldn’t spend money on it. But hey, if your a fan of it with little else to spend your money on, go for it.

80. ST:EXP - May 10, 2011

TNG is one of the greatest TV shows in existence. Forget the Trek fandom.

This would never happen, but I’d love to see TNG outright re-cut and time spent inserting alternate or deleted takes put it to flesh out the episodes and give a fresh perspective.

Then release it as a syndicated series week-by-week across the globe on HD television networks.

“Dear Purists…Modifying the TNG episodes in no way destroys their original form. You still have the original SD episodes on DVD that will exist forever”.

I’d love to see TNG slightly new… different…. new ways of seeing those classic TNG episodes with new footage.

There’s SO much potential. I’d hate to see it wasted. Why store all that footage in the vaults if they never want to re-use it???

TOS HD wasted a huge opportunity by going to all the trouble to update the episodes but sometimes literally not fix errors for “budget reasons”.

ie….. James R. Kirk tombstone…. and the worst of all …. NO WARP EFFECT.

Had they FINALLY put a TOS warp effect in those episodes, it would’ve better validated the continuity of the series.

81. ST:EXP - May 10, 2011


How are you in a hard core Star Trek fan forum and posting that?

Is that REALLY your opinon?

If so, why would you take the time to post on TrekMovie? Because you DON’T like Star Trek and don’t want to see it in new variants???

Or are you just here because you were swept away by Enterprise Season 1 and Season 1 only. :)

82. Damian - May 10, 2011

I have all the series on DVD. Of all the series, The Next Generation does seem to have the poorest resolution. I have progressive scan on my DVD player, and Deep Space Nine and Voyager do seem to have improved resolution. Enterprise is not an issue because they were using better film techniques by then, and filming in HD so the quality of the Enterprise DVD with progressive scan is pretty close to HD already.

However, watching TNG, the progressive scan just does not seem to make a difference. If possible, improving that resolution would be an improvement. Also updated special effects for at least the first 3 to 4 seasons would be a welcome addition. By season 5, the special effects do seem to have improved. I still cringe when I see the moving starfields in seasons 1 and 2. I was glad by the end of season 3, at least they had stopped that.

However HD’ing TNG would be difficult as some have mentioned because of the way they filmed it. It’s ironic that the original series using older techniques actually made it easier to upgrade it to HD. At the end of the day, The Next Generation was a great show and I’ll still watch it, even with the roaming starfields.

83. TheKeeper - May 10, 2011

What does it matter if I am not a fan of TNG? I liked DS9 better and never really had the time to watch Enterprise or Voyager.
No where does it say some one ust like every single thing churned out by the studio with the Star Trek name slapped on it.
Be real dude.

84. NFXstudios - May 10, 2011

I’m sure it has been mentioned in here somewhere already, but I’m seeing some posts about updating the FX as though it were a purely aesthetic choice.

My understanding is that only the original live action shots exist on film and that the original FX film was lost when transfered to video tape. Therefore, the original live action film can be cleaned and scanned and rendered in HD, but the original FX are stuck at +/- 480 resolution.

85. RAMA - May 10, 2011

Extreme awesomeness, I will spend whatever required amount to get this.


86. Niall Johnson - May 10, 2011

I’d hate to lose the shots that were done by ILM for Encounter at Farpoint. Those were far superior to any CGI galaxy class including the D seen in “These are the Voyages..”

On the other hand, I relish the idea of tossing that awful 4 foot model they built and shot for the 3rd season onwards. The 6 footer looked like an actual ship on the screen, while the 4 footer looked like a toy.

87. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 10, 2011

Like Star Trek I have all of the B5 on DVD. I would love to see a remaster of B5 on Blu Rey. Would love to see the Shadow War and War with Earth with new Fx. Would love to see DS9 with new Fx with the war with the klingons and Dominion. Would love to see a Blu Rey Remaster of the Classic BSG.

88. dratikus - May 10, 2011

7 seasons is going to be expensive. So, the originals are not in 4:3 format? I’d love to see them in wide screen

89. ToMaHaKeR - May 10, 2011

If they decide to do it, it will take an amazing amount of time, and by the time they finish it, the interest for it could drop. It’s not THAT much neccessary, nor it ever was with TOS either. They should leave things the way they are, it’s the original that matters. And yes, it will be $$$$$.

90. ToMaHaKeR - May 10, 2011

(by the way, it’s incredible how many people would buy it in these financially harsh times… sure)

91. ensign joe - May 10, 2011

For a second there I thought the headline read that they were going to do a new series.. HD is cool though ;)

Animated Titan FTW!!!

92. Sam - May 10, 2011

If TNG, DS9 and Voyager are to continue to appeal to new generations (no pun intended), transfer to HD is necessary.

93. KevinA Melbourne Australia - May 10, 2011

The bottom line here is PARAMOUNT/CBS will make a mint! Even if they have to rescan in all the original film it would be a relatively simple process today.

Rendering new special effects will cost but there gonna sell a ton of Blu-Rays, DVD’s or what ever. Not to mention reselling to every widescreen TV station in the world who are looking for widescreen “filler” for their extra digital channels.

Come on guys, Make it So!

94. CmdrR - May 10, 2011

Not really necessary. Sorry, I know. $ $ $ !!!

Why not put the same damn money into NEW stories. Titan, or something straight to DVD that’s not Straight to DVD, then to the trash can. C’mon! Can’t there be something between 100M pile of dog squeeze and canceled forever?

95. Nick Cook - May 10, 2011

If this is true, I’ll be more than happy to buy it.

96. ST:EXP - May 10, 2011

#82…. no problem with your premise at all.

Let’s be honest… you didn’t just say that you wouldn’t buy it because TNG was too light for you and you were more into DS9.

You had to throw in the antagonistic comment of “if you have little else to spend your money on”.

You write that knowing you’ll get a rise out of someone, and you did.

I tip my hat to you as you did it in true DS9 provoking fashion……

97. rogue_alice - May 10, 2011

So, TNG was captured on film? Not video tape?

98. captain_neill - May 10, 2011

AS cool as it would I don’t think TNG is in need of full remastering when itcomes to the effects, it is still a recent show in cmparison but I wouldn’t say no after seeing some cool stuff in TOS- R

Of course I wouloldn’t say no to seeing TNG remastered as long as like TOS they don’t detract from the episodes.

Unlike George Lucas at least CBS honours the material.

99. crypter crypter crypter - May 10, 2011

I’d rather be duct-taped to a chair with my eyelids sewn open forced to watch “Plato’s Stepchildren”, The Way to Eden”, The Alternative Factor”, & “Spock’s Brain” over and over and over than watch another frame of standard def TNG with cheapo video SPFX.

100. sean - May 10, 2011


It’s unlikely Buffy will ever be remastered for HD. Joss has said repeatedly that he shot the show for TV, meaning 4:3. The shots were all blocked that way, so if you went back to the original film you’d have microphones and crew members in the wide shots that would have to be edited out.

101. Daniel Shock - May 10, 2011

A lot of the special effects were good. IF the models were really shot on film, one of the big problems is going to be deciding what to replace and what to just transfer from film. If they replace all…they run the risk of redoing something and making it worse… if they pick and choose, then matching quality from shot to shot is going to be tough.

102. JMAN - May 10, 2011

I would absolutely buy an HD remastered TNG.

And #97 – yes, my understanding is that the actors were captured on film – it was just the special effects that were processed on video.

103. Frederick - May 10, 2011

Forget replacing the effects, just remaster the originals in HD and release them. The effects from the show are fine.

104. Frederick - May 10, 2011

And by “fine” I mean acceptable, if it means delaying the releases a long time.

105. Dennis C - May 10, 2011

Mark R. Largent , thanks for the DS9 info. That clarifies what I was throwing out there about TNG. In hindsight (heck, even at the time) producing visual effects on low res video was shortsighted.

Sean, Buffy was shot on film. Aspect ratios are not a factor when transferring film to HD. It would be in high def but presented in its original 1.33:1 (4×3) aspect ratio (like TOS). If TNG, DS9 and Voyager make it to Blu-ray they will also be presented in their original aspect ratios of 1.33:1.

106. freezejeans - May 10, 2011

This could be awesome, just start with season 3 :)

107. Mel - May 10, 2011

It is a waste of money and time. They should rather use the money for a new Star Trek series. Maybe an animated series. Those aren’t very expensive and there wouldn’t be a big conflict with the movies franchise.

108. sean - May 10, 2011


True, but like TNG it was all processed on video. Joss has said ‘No’ repeatedly to the idea of Buffy on Bluray, and given its cult status, it’s doubtful they’d do it. Unless the new movie is really successful, of course.

109. Data476 - May 10, 2011

Would definetely love to get TNG on blu-ray when, and if, it happens! Would probably happen eventually, I’m sure. Paramount are probably thinking of getting it done in time for the 30th anniversary in 2017 – which is realistic and likely in my opinion.


My guess is around AT LEAST £500… I’d better get saving….

110. jonsinfinity - May 10, 2011

I’d love to buy the series on Blu-Ray since I’ve never bought the series on disk but probably won’t be able to afford it. Like everyone else is saying. Why does a series that came out over 20 years ago still cost so much to buy?

You know CBS will stick it to us for the remastered disks. Probably around $100 per season. CBS is milking Star Trek for every little drop they can get out of it. I think that Star Trek to CBS is like the rich uncle that nobody can stand but still keeps treating like their favorite hoping that they will end up in the will.

111. Marcus - May 10, 2011

TGN and DS9 I would buy every season. I sure hope this can be resolved.

112. mastershake - May 10, 2011

This may seem like blasphemy, but Id like to see a vastly tweeked CGI Enterprise. I realize they have to keep the basic shape intact, but damn that is the ugliest ship ever shown on Star Trek. Or at least make the shuttle bay and windows purportionate to the size of the ship, and add some detail. The effects no matter what are dated as hell, some more than others, and could use an overhaul.

113. Dave in RI - May 10, 2011

Am I a bad person for wishing Lost In Space gets the remastered treatment?

114. Flake - May 10, 2011

Up-res from old betamax video tape = epic fail, uber cheap, looks like shit
Re-make from 35mm Film = epic win, ultra expensive, looks fantastic

I hope they make the right choice!

I won’t hold my breath though :/

115. Flake - May 10, 2011

If they up-res then they will end up in the exact same position when they have to make it into 3D and then Ultra HD then Holographic TV etc… future proof it now, scan the film at 4k! Don’t make the same mistake twice!

116. Flake - May 10, 2011

Start with Season 3!

117. RAMA - May 10, 2011

Its a great starship design, don’t know what these weirdos are talking about…but I do think the CGI models that exist for the Ent-D are awesome, and could easily be refined for week to week use in the remastering! One thing people still don’t understand is that the FX HAVE to be redone, its not a question of just transfering it to HD…anyone watching these episodes currently on “HD” channels will seethis easily.

118. RAMA - May 10, 2011

What it could look like:

Aspect ratio:

CGI model:×22/thesearethevoyages202.jpg

Comparison of 480i and 1080p resolution, in terms of size(not res):

119. RAMA - May 10, 2011

115. Exactly, future proof it NOW….do it right

120. RAMA - May 10, 2011

116. There are a lot of good episodes in season one…give it a rest.

121. Sean4000 - May 10, 2011


Not going to happen.

You will never see CBS-D put that much effort/budget into TNG-R. They didn’t even do those shots; not that I’m implying you said that.

122. an2ny - May 10, 2011

I actually love the original effects. Unlike TOS, I wouldn’t say that the update is absolutely necessary. Will I buy it? Most likely.

123. ML31 - May 10, 2011

I’m not so sure this series really NEEDS the upgrade. The effects were already decent since they were 20 years newer than TOS’. The video quality was OK as well. Further, the ratio of good episodes to bad ones in TNG was not very good. They had a handful of grand ones but the bulk of them were below pedestrian at best.

Although, if they can remove Wesley Crusher and Troi from the episodes it could be worth looking into! :)

124. Dac - May 10, 2011

For everyone saying its not necessary – have you LOOKED at your DVD’s of the show?! It’s some of fuzziest, soft focused stuff i’ve ever seen, especially in the earlier series.

And it wasn’t intended to be like that for the most part anyway, episodes were filmed on 35mm film which has a digital equivalent of 4k resolution (or there abouts) but that was then converted down to video for the final edit of an episode, so the original prints are all essentially in a vault somewhere on VHS tapes (yes, I know its not exactly that, but the quality we’re talking about here isnt that much better).

VHS has a digital equivalent of around 333×480 pixels. To put that in perspective, HD begins at 1280×720 pixels and Full HD which this would need to be is 1920×1080 pixels. So basically it is virtually impossible to extrapolate the original VHS master to hd without it being a blurry mess.

I honestly cannot wait for this to come out. The thought of seeing TNG in full hd with brand new FX is essentially like seeing it all over again. I’d bet the naysayers will shut up when they see the difference, it should literally be like going from looking at it through a foggy bathroom window to seeing it right in front of you being shot into your eyes with lasers.

All I have left to say is, I’ve been making Trek meshes in 3D for a long long time – can I please have a shot at working on this? :P

125. Dr. Cheis - May 10, 2011

I’m surprised you still can’t buy Enterprise on Blu-Ray. You don’t even have to remaster that series.

126. jed - May 10, 2011

This is great news!

Would be great if CBS would upgrade The motion Picture DE and TFF too.

Surley it would be less expensive to do them at the same time as the overhaul of TNG, think of the cross marketing potential!!!

127. Flake - May 10, 2011

I think CBS-D did a great job with TOS-Remastered and they have earned their shot at TNG Remastered. Yes we all know it is not going to look as good as the BSG reboot FX and not look as good as the ILM model shots but it will still be a big improvement on what we have got today which is a blurry mess.

Also with seamless branching we might get the original SD shots anyway for the purists.

128. Dac - May 10, 2011

@127. I think TOS remastered looked the way it did because they were trying to keep it in tone with the show and the era in which it was made. With TNG already employing much more detailed models and dynamic lighting, I’d expect nothing short of breathtaking, especially when it comes to episodes like Yesterday’s Enterprise or Best of Both Worlds. I’d bet they’ll keep most of the FX in line with what is seen in the show, but a part of me hopes their let loose in some cases to do what they see fit.

129. Inigo M. - May 10, 2011

OK CBS look at it this way. TNG Remastered… hard to do right? Compared to remastering DS9 AND Voyager (which you WILL do) as well… doesn’t seem so hard now does it. GO! lol

I’m serious…

130. Anon - May 10, 2011

VOY and ENT need to come out on BluRay because they were both shot in HD.

131. Vultan - May 10, 2011

Well, we can look on the bright side of this situation and say, because of the hurtles they’ll need to overcome in bringing TNG into the HD era, that after all these decades Star Trek is still inspiring technical innovations.

Keep on Trekkin’!

132. Smoking Robot - May 10, 2011

After watching one wretched NG movie after another my interest in NG has died. Just like Data. New Trek on tv or forget it.

133. DavidJ - May 10, 2011

As I’m sure others have suggested, there’s no need to convert the entire freakin series.

Just give us the Top 10 or 20 episodes, which are the only ones most of us want to see again anyway.

134. NFXstudios - May 10, 2011

100: Aspect ratio has nothing to do with resolution. 4:3 can be converted to HD and kept in 4:3 ratio just as easily as a show in 16:9 can be converted to HD… assuming that the source footage exists in a format that can be properly scanned in HD.

135. jorDe' - May 10, 2011

I already have all of TNG on DVD abd some on Laser Disc.
What I would love it DS9 in HD.

136. Jorg Sacul - May 10, 2011

So, if it costs a few million bucks, that’s nothing to them as they know the sales will merit it. Plus, it will keep Trek artists working. GO FOR IT!!

137. THX-1138 - May 10, 2011

The first 3 seasons had some very questionable CG. Skin of Evil comes to mind. That oil slick moving around was awful. maybe that would be something that could get the once over. And the ship shots looked so bad. There is definitely room for improvement.

138. sean - May 10, 2011


At the risk of repeating myself: Joss has said no HD for Buffy, and it’s doubtful the studio would go for it unless the new Buffy movie (sans Joss) does really well and sparks renewed interest.

139. sean - May 10, 2011


Voyager was shot the same way TNG and DS9 were, on 35mm film. The trouble is it was still edited on video, so it has the same obstacles to overcome. Given that it is one of the least popular series, I doubt we’ll see a Voyager Remastered project any time soon.

140. Holo J - May 10, 2011

I’d like to see TOS remastered to a better standard first before they move on to TNG. There were so many wasted opportunities with that project, I’d like to see them go back and make it as good as it could be today before going on to TNG and making the same mistakes again.
Don’t get be wrong TOS remastered was a noble effort given the budget and time restrictions the CBS team were given, I just get down at the thought of what it should have been and see it as a wasted opportunity.

141. Chadwick - May 10, 2011

I also hope they release extended or uncut version of the movies. My biggest gripe is all the important info they cut out. Mainly in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered County, they cut out the admirals briefing the President of a rescue plan and at the end when they pull the Klingon mask off. So rather then knowing a starfleet admiral did it, you think a Klingon tries to assassinate the president.

Now with the TOS series nothing was cut out, I hope the same is true of TNG on blu-ray.

I just really want the movies in their uncut entirety.

142. Vultan - May 10, 2011


Uh… those missing scenes in TUC have been in the movie for some time now. To my knowledge, they were only missing in the theatrical cut… and maybe some early VHS and TV versions. But if you buy the ten-movie box set they released several years ago, you’ll see that the missing scenes are definitely there in TUC.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see a cut of TWOK with the missing dialogue scene that establishes Saavik as being half Romulan. Not sure why that was cut. It really added a new dimension to the character—Kirstie Alley’s version anyway.

143. captain_neill - May 10, 2011


I think the the 30th is too far away to think but I think next year being the 25th could be a good year to start. God hard to believe TNG will be 25 next year.

144. Paul - May 10, 2011

yes yes make it so !!!

145. GooseyGander - May 10, 2011

Felt TOS was hit and miss…but unfortunately, many of the new FX were just too cartoony for me…

146. captain_neill - May 10, 2011


I think they did a good job, they were trying to keep faithful to Matt Jeffries and the design and feel of the show.

They did say that the first few were rushed so the Enterprise was rendered and lit better after a few episodes.

147. Aqua - May 10, 2011

I’m glad to doing this – I hope that Enterprise hits blu-ray as well. I can’t see why is hasn’t already as it was HD form the get go.

148. Imrahil - May 10, 2011

I’d probably buy 2-3 seasons on blu (3-4-5, most likely).

149. J.C. England (formerly Another Q) - May 10, 2011

CBS has to make a profit for this to go
through. There is surely enough Trek
fans, but are there enough trek fans that
would pay for this? That’s the question
they’re asking….

150. Allen Williams - May 10, 2011

I was told that all of star trek except for TOS (and all of buffy) was shot behind a special hybrid matte. Meaning that 4:3 and 16:9 versions are both possible and offering unique points of view that the other version doesn’t have. The catch is that some of star trek’s cuts have microphones and booms in the 16:9 part and would need to be digitally removed to make it happen. With that said I would rather buy the 16:9 versions than the 4:3. If paramount/cbs does this right they could sell both. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people buy both.
Even if thats not true for buffy I would glady buy the series in pillar box format on blu-ray.

151. Allen Williams - May 10, 2011

As for models vs CGI, you are forgetting that although TNG doesn’t have a lot there is some CGI. The best examples I can think of are the crystal entity, and the library/archives in the episode masks. None of this can be salvaged for a true 1080p restoration.

Also you seem to forget that star trek 2009 was 100% CGI. This movie used CGI done right. I even saw them say that CGI tech used in enterprise was primative by comparison. If paramount/cbs does this correctly they can make the 6′ model look even more grand and epic and even incorporate some of the good things about the 4′ model. The problem with the 4′ model is that it was too small to use the details they gave it. The 6′ model looks too smooth.

152. Chingatchgook - May 10, 2011

Perhaps this is the CBS way of gauging interest in fan interest for TV style Trek? Perhaps a barometer for a potential new series at some point?

Yes, I’m an optomist….

153. Tony Todd's Tears - May 10, 2011

@ 124
The Mastering Format of TNG was Betacam SP. Which is a far cry from VHS. It has a Resolution of 720×486, and is basically uncompressed analogue video.

There is a HUGE difference even in SD between these 2 formats.

154. Tony Todd's Tears - May 10, 2011


A 35mm Frame unless shot anamorphic is always a 4X3 aspect ratio. In most fils the wide screen is done by cutting out the excess, or shooting with anamorphic lenses. Since Star Trek was shot for 4×3 TV from TOS to Voyager, it would make no sense to shoot anamorphic. So Star Trek was always 4×3. Making it 16×9 would involve removing part of the frame or “Zooming in”. This could be done, but you would loose part of the shot in the 16×9 version, not gain parts that weren’t there.

155. Trekmonk71 - May 10, 2011

Some problem Riker?,
Im just wondering if this is the usual way our missions will go sir?,
Oh no number one,im sure they’ll be in HD!
Lets see whats out there,

156. sean - May 10, 2011


Actually, those scenes are still missing in the new Blurays. TWOK and TUC are the theatrical versions.

157. Wayne71 - May 10, 2011

Hail the Klingons!Set the viewscreen to Hi Def Mr Worf!,
That should get their attention!

158. cd - May 10, 2011

113 – yes.

159. Paulaner - May 11, 2011

TNG = awesome

TNG remastered = epic, like watching a new show

Whatever technique they choose to use, fans will buy this like hell.

160. Tobias Richter - May 11, 2011

I´d love to see TNG again in a sharp picture. That is one of the things that kept me from watching the DVDs. But to redo the FX will be an enormous task – you bascially have to redo effects for 90 movies (if you count every 2 episodes as movies). Granted, there are some stock shots and bottle shows, but even without them, it´ll take months if not years of work. Of course, I´d love to be part of this :)

161. Chris Pike - May 11, 2011

An important production point that has been overlooked here that is another major obstacle…..the picture AND sound edit was done on video also!!! the neg was not spliced and is untouched, so not only have all the VFX have to be redone for HD 2k from scratch, but the picture edit has to be recompiled along, probably, with much of the audio track being remixed from the various tape masters assuming they exist. The only hope is that the EDL exists with all the timecode referenced to the neg (the original neg will certainly exist but without audio). Effectively ALL the post will have to be redone from scratch, a massive undertaking!!

162. captain_neill - May 11, 2011

How long do you think it would take to remaster TNG completely?

163. captain_neill - May 11, 2011


The blu rays were the original theatrical cuts.

Get the DVD special editions that came out between 2002 and 2005, they wil have the extended cuts.

164. weyoun_9 - May 11, 2011

I honestly think they could release these in HD into syndication, season by season on SyFy, with a season pass on iTunes, culminating in a BluRay season release and do really well. I would chime in weekly to see the show again, all new, and as long as they did it right, I’d buy it again.

Plus…and this is kind of hilarious…but if they launched it next year, when they got to “All Good Things…” it’d be great if they reshot the future scenes. Why, you ask? Because the actors would all be the right age. :) I think that’d be really cool.

165. Damian - May 11, 2011

145–I thought they did a good job with the original series remasters. I remember when they announced it I was not totally on board. I am not big on changing prior shows or movies (i.e. colorizing black and white films and so on). But I gave it a shot and was impressed. I remember watching “In a Mirror, Darkly” on Enterprise and thinking it was pretty cool to see an original series ship with new special effects. That opened me up to the possibility (along with DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”) of new special effects.

After watching them, I thought they did and excellent job. One of the things Okuda was trying to do was update the effects while at the same time keeping the original intent of the director. For instance, he thought of changing the phaser effects for “Balance of Terror” to match normal phasers, but after consideration, decided to keep the effect the same because of some of the dialogue and what he thought the director intended.

The only thing I wished they had added was the streaking warp field effect from the later shows and movies. I always liked that effect.

166. RAMA - May 11, 2011

152. Look at the links I posted, you’ll see examples of this, and it still works well…you get more horizontal view.

121. It WILL happen, CBS has too much invested in the franchise not to future proof and upgrade the series. It will easily recoup the cost, guaranteed. The only issue is time, it’ll take 4-5 yrs to do the whole series, and i expect they’ve already started, so the first releases will be a few episodes at a time on netflix, making up a whole season, then onward.

The “upgrade” is not because the FX were BAD guys, its because they do not meet up to the standards of the format. All the people saying “oh yeah fx were needs to be done” just DON’T get it. Now I am sure they can add a greater variety of shots to early episodes, that would be great since they had a limited library of shots, but STNG fx by no means were “bad”.

Also, to those whining about TOS-R…they tailored the FX to something that might have been produced in the 60s. Why can’t you comprehend this?? The FX for STNG-R will likely have FX that look modern for a modern show..likely even better than ENT.

167. karanadon - May 11, 2011

The one thing that really dates a show that they didn’t take care of with TOS-R was the score. The 60s music really dates the show more than anything – if they could have someone awesome rescore TOS-R, you’d almost think it was made in the 80s/90s! Though that’s not to detract from the work they did – it’s an AMAZING job, and I’d love to see them do the same for TNG given their stellar track record!

168. RAMA - May 11, 2011

165. I tend to agree, but some people think the highly identifiable music from TOS needs to stay the same. Its hard to argue with that point. People know a lot of themes used (the fight scene music, Spock’s theme in Amok Time, etc) by heart.

169. karanadon - May 11, 2011

@168 True – I’m not saying change *everything* – because I love the Amok Time music and the music in many other moments…it would just be interesting to tweak it, refresh it whilst still being respectful of the original material :)

170. SciFiGuy - May 11, 2011

#165 I agree In A Mirror Darkly had awesome FX but — to me — those were better FX than what we got in TOS-R most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the new digital matte paintings and Doomsday Machine was a standout but some of the episodes just weren’t up to standard with regard to photorealism. For CGI to work well it must be photorealistic and sadly a lot of TOS-R just isn’t…but, as I say, for me it was a mixed bag.

And the ONLY reason to upgrade DS9s FX would be for resolution concerns. DS9 had the best visuals of ANY Trek. I’m completely happy with my standard def sets…

171. Danpaine - May 11, 2011

I don’t think I’d buy Season One or Two of TNG if they paid me to take them, in any format.

172. captain_neill - May 11, 2011


I think the music of TOS has become iconic in its own right and part of the show as well that I don’t feel it would have been right to change it.

I think the effects being redone were done in a way that kept the shows the way they were but added a freshness to them.

CBS has guranteed that the new kids now on board wil have a better chance of liking TOS.

In A Mirror, Darkly had great effects for the Defiant.

Do people think the warp stretch stars should have been done for TOS-R?

On one hand I would love this but at the same time I liked how they were honouring the original show. The stretched stars is my fav warp effect.

173. Thorny - May 11, 2011

The biggest problem I see for TNG-R is that the first season and a half of TNG… well, let’s just say they weren’t exactly top notch. A lot of fans are going to be waiting for Season 3 and beyond, rather than shelling out what is clearly going to be a minimum of $100 for a TNG-R Season 1 set. CBS could very well see the poor results of TNG-R Season 1 and 2 sales and simply pull the plug before we get to the landmark episodes like Yesterday’s Enterprise. CBS could decide to remaster episodes out of order, like it did with TOS-R, but with seven season vs. three, it will be a longer wait before CBS can try to start making money on season box sets. CBS could try to do “Best of TNG in HD” or some such, with four or eight episodes a set, but would the return justify the investment? I doubt it.

127. Flake… You really thought BSG’s effects looked good? It looked incredibly cheap to me. Even Enterprise looked better, and Enterprise was the nadir of modern Trek effects.

Sean… Buffy’s “Once More, With Feeling” could probably be converted to HD fairly easily, but the upgrade would probably also include better sound, and the less we hear of SMG’s or Nicholas Brendan’s singing voices, the better.

174. captain_neill - May 11, 2011


But amongst the stinkers in the first season there are still a few good ones and I am sure the new effects shots for them would be great.

Do you think the reastered will be done in order this time or out of order like TOS- R for Syndication?

175. weyoun_9 - May 11, 2011

Okay…first off…season one had some clunkers…BUT…think about this.

First, season one introduces Q, Lore, the Ferengi (and Armin Shimmerman…twice), Lwaxana Troi and, of course, the crew of the Enterprise-D. That’s cool enough as it is. Second, there are some GREAT episodes in there as well, including “The Big Goodbye” which won awards, “Conspiracy,” “Where No One Has Gone Before” and “The Battle are just a few of my favorites.

Finally, there are some ep’s that would get SO much better with a redress. “Home Soil,” while kind of poorly acted is a great concept and the effects could really make the alien creatures way cooler. “The Big Goodbye” could actually introduce the Jarada who we never saw because of budget problems. In “The Neutral Zone” we could see the destroyed starbases and have more of a Borg foreshadow and Armus, like him or not, could at least look way cooler transitioning through via CGI.

I could go on, but suffice it to say, “Bringing ‘The Next Generation’ to a new generation” via new effects is a brilliant idea. Using Wesley, product tie-ins and syndication will help parents hook their kids and get them ready for an amazing, brand new Trek series in 2015. :)

176. Lore - May 11, 2011

As long as their giving us a new Enterprise with the upgrade, how about putting a head of hair on Patrick Stewert?

177. Lore - May 11, 2011

#141 The Klingon mask coming off scene has been ommitted in later versions. The reason being it was dubbed “The Scooby Doo” ending. He might as well have said “and I would have gotten away with it to, if it weren’t for you meddelin kids”.

178. Thorbury - May 11, 2011

The only reason I’d watch HD TNG is to get a better look at the skirt+boots combo that Troi has in the first episode. Mmmm, mmm, mmm. Tasty.

179. Damian - May 11, 2011

167–I kind of liked the music from the original series. I understand what you are saying about a tune-up, but it may change too much of the character of the episodes. After all, the set design will alway look as it did, very 60’ish. Updated music may make it seem too anachronistic.

172–The streaking stars would be maybe the only thing I would have changed in the remastered from what was already done. It just would fit in better as you have that effect in all the other shows and from Star Trek VI on. I actually wished they added it to the director’s cut of The Motion Picture also. But Okuda tried very hard to keep the overall visuals consistent with how the original series appeared. Not a huge deal, just something on the old wish list. (I kind of wished Abrams’t team had kept that effect for the new movie also, their effect looks too Star Warsy).

180. Bart - May 11, 2011

Why remaster the entire series? They could just pick the best episodes (like all the double episodes, Qwho, Yesterdays Enterprise, etc) and remaster them in a very good and detailed way.

181. Daniel Shock - May 11, 2011

180 – I imagine the answer to that is for that the series to retain it’s value in syndication, it needs to be complete.

182. sean - May 11, 2011


Awww, I actually love that episode though. And I didn’t think SMG was bad at all. A little nasaly, but that’s just her voice. Plus I loved the way they worked around the fact that Alyson *really* couldn’t sing.

It was shot widescreen, so certainly that one wouldn’t be too difficult. Since it’s such a popular episode (and has been released as a standalone before) I could see them doing it.

183. Jeyl - May 11, 2011

@180: What’s best is an opinion and sets that center around that will no doubt bring in “I would have liked to have seen that episode instead” criticisms. Season sets should get priority, than you can have your “best of” episodes.

184. Duane Boda - May 11, 2011

Saying that CBS has finally resolved the financial issues is laughable.

When has the problem of finances ever been a problem in the past?

That’s akin to saying that the Sahara dessert doesn’t have enough sand.

Has CBS actually mishandled what money they have that its a problem?

No…Or do they actually think that the normal fan – person would believe

that story? They shouldn’t. So…no excuses and get the job done and they

can be certain that any money invested will multiply beyond their dreams.

185. Thorny - May 11, 2011

174… I think they’ll have to remaster TNG in order. It really doesn’t make much sense not to, unless they plan to not remaster the entire series. There are a few good episodes in Season 1 (though I disagree that “The Battle” and WNOHGB are among them) but the season had much more than it share of stinkers, including the abysmal “Justice” and “Code of Honor”.

182… Don’t get me wrong, I love “Once More, With Feeling”, but I love it despite the fact that really no one in the cast except Head and Benson could actually carry a tune.

186. captain_neill - May 11, 2011


The Battle, The Big Goodbye and Conspiracy are episodes I love from the first season.

Justice is an awful episode and Code of Humour is too racist.

To me Encounter at Farpoint is best in it’s first half with Q making his first appearance and putting them on trial. I love this but I think it sags when it gets to the Farpoint mission.

187. Bucky - May 11, 2011

“Only the Lonely” in HD? Sign me up!!

188. Bucky - May 11, 2011

I was so excited for TNG S1 in HD I miswrote the title of the pinnacle of S1 “lonely among us”! What an episode!

189. Steve - May 11, 2011

Don’t know if anyone else said this, but are we really expecting them to do a kick-ass job to all 178 eps? And, do we really need that? Why not just do a “Best of” Blu-Ray box set, with maybe the best and most special-effects heavy episodes, a good 25-30 of them, all done really well, rescanned from the negative and recut, all new effects, 5.1 mix… TOS-HD was a pretty easy job but I still almost wish they had spent more money doing a better job on the CGI for fewer episodes rather than do all 79…

Just a thought.

190. loghaD - May 11, 2011

I’ve been refusing to get the DVD:s because I’ve been hoping they’ll do a re-master. Sign me up for all seven seasons on Blu-Ray!

191. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 11, 2011

well, There is a way to make TNG-HD a must have for star trek fans who already own the dvd versions. When or If paramount rescans all the live action elements, some scenes can be extended, bonus features can include alternate scenes, camera angles, storyboards and bloopers of course. actor/director/producer commentaries. If season 1 conatins these features, I’m sure even the season 1 (dislikers) would be tempted to buy it.

192. SciFiGuy - May 11, 2011

I agree, Steve!

There’s no way they are going to give this remaster the tender loving care it needs — and you’re right — TOS R was inconsistent! They actually should have gone back and fixed THAT (replacing the first CGI enterprise with the second one and fixing other flaws as well. Klingon green blob beams anyone?) remaster before even releasing it on Bluray. TOS-R was clearly rushed. I’d hate to see that happen to TNG too.

If they are going to bother doing these remasters, the owe it to the fans to have these new FX be feature film photorealistic quality — and TOS just wasn’t!

193. THX-1138 - May 11, 2011

It’s probably worth pointing out that one of the primary reasons for remastering TOS was to have something that would be more valuable in syndication. I suspect that is the reasoning behind any go-ahead on TNG.

I don’t know what the state of TOS being run in remastered form in syndication is as it doesn’t air in my area. Perhaps things such as netflix or itunes or whatever it is the kids use to watch the reruns have impacted how that market works. But don’t count on them only doing a “best of” set of TNG remasters. It wouldn’t be cost effective in the long run. They need at least 100 episodes to sell to TV stations. Bluray sales would be gravy.

194. Peter - May 11, 2011

I’ve made the switch to Star Trek TOS Blu Ray and it’s almost like watching the series for the first time. There are nuances and slight facial movements in the actors that are tougher to spot on standard definition. So it couldn’t do anything except make ST:TNG better, since the resolution on the episodes always seemed below par anyway, IMHO.

195. SciFiGuy - May 11, 2011

So — 100+ episodes rushed out like TOS-R just to make it HD?

I’ll pass.

196. T'Cal - May 11, 2011

The improvement from TOS to TOS-R will be greater than the leap from TNG to TNGR. I will look forward to viewing TNG-R on an HD channel but I won’t be replacing my entire collection of DVDs with BDs. I still breal out my TOS, TNG and DS9 DVDs on occasion but TNG is aired at so many different times on so many channels that I don’t have to. That’s why I’ll seek out and DVR TNG-R when it comes out but I won’t buy it.

197. P Technobabble - May 11, 2011

For myself, I wonder how much is enough? Does everything that’s already been released on dvd need to be re-mastered or transformed into HD? It’s obvious that as long as there is a desire for such things, the studios, the networks, etc., will keep supplying them. If someone has already purchased the entire run of TNG on standard dvd, do they really want to shell out even more money to re-purchase TNG on blu-ray? Perhaps buying one or two seasons that had their favorite episodes could be justified. But I’m betting that the entire run of TNG on blu-ray will run between $250-$300. In this cash-strapped society, $250-$300 will barely get you food and gas for a week.

198. Allen Williams - May 11, 2011

Funny I was thinking I would be willing to pay $250 per season if it would get me it in a year. Yes I would buy all 7 seasons. In fact I want to own all 28 seasons of star trek on blu-ray. Not to mention tons of other shows that I would be willing to pay a premium on other shows as well if they would get remastered.

199. SciFiGuy - May 11, 2011

Well, you’re just Mr. Moneybags aren’t ya?

200. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 11, 2011

Bring on some HD

201. cd - May 11, 2011

Yes, the one downside to the TNG HD remaster is that terrible incidental music. Do you think they can convert the music from no definition to high definition?

202. Khan was Framed! - May 11, 2011

Thank you to all who warned of the current Bluray releases being the Theatrical cuts!!!

i will hold off on buying them for now.

Why the hell would I want the theatrical cuts of anything?

If i like it enough to buy it, I probably want more of it too-

Paramount, do you have any idea what being a fan is?

As for TNG remastered, I think there’s been a lot of excuse making here about technical limitations; these studios should have gotten this underway the day Enterprise was cancelled as a means of keeping the franchise
afloat during the hiatus.

Get the led out, this is painfully overdue.

203. Allen Williams - May 11, 2011

Actually I think TOS-R did start right after enterprise. They started releasing it in 2006. Enterprise was canceled in 2005.

204. The 76th Distillation of Blue - May 11, 2011

I dont get why so many of you think that a bluray release of TNG is going to no less 100.00 in stores. TOS remasterd Blurays came out in the 55 to 65 dollar range the first few weeks of release. theres no reason to think that TNG remastered would be any different. seriously sometimes the posts on these boards are as bad as the ones over at aintitcrapnews

205. The 76th Distillation of Blue - May 11, 2011

hate to break it to you sean but if Fox wants to release buffy on BD, there is nothing Joss can do about, he doesnt own the Buffy Franchise Fox does. He went on and on for years that He didnt approve for Buffy to be shown on TV in widescreen and only wanted it viewed in 1:33:1. But that didnt stop fox from airing it 1:75:1 overseas and releasing it on DVD overseas in 1:75:1 either. where HD TVS were much more readily available and in more homes durring buffys initial run. Ultimately its Foxs call not Joss Wheddons.

And those of you claiming there would be no benifit for it to be upgraded to blu ray, your wrong. Buffy was shot on 16mm film it could easily look alot better than it currently does. it amazes me how many people still dont get that film has a much higher resolution that a HD file does to begin with. want proof look no further than the Bluray of Metropolis shot on 16mm film over 80 years ago and fully restored last year looks absolutely beautiful.

206. Amorican - May 11, 2011

While we’re at it, let’s colorize old episodes of The Twilight Zone and add better visual effects. New time travel effects for the Delorean time machine. Autotune our favorite songs of the past. Mick Jagger was never the world’s most best singer, nor Keith the world’s most technical guitarist. Let’s clean up their mistakes!!

I just don’t get this. TNG was meant to be seen in standard definition. The show as available now is the way it was created by the artists at the time. It is a product of that time, and should always be available the way it was originally intended. Do we really want CBS to start George Lucasing Star Trek?

I vote NO!!

207. Amorican - May 11, 2011

While we’re at it, I think we should add a little more upturn in the Mona Lisa’s smile, and make that one character in “The Last Supper” more obviously female so we can be sure it’s actually Mary Magdalene.

The 2000’s are awesome!! We can’t come up with any original art, but we can go back and mess around with somebody else’s artwork, taking giant dumps on all the hard work they put into their final product.

208. utterlee - May 12, 2011

I’ll add my voice to those clamouring for HD TNG. I still struggle to see how they can make it financially viable considering the mammoth resources that will be required to make it happen, but I’d love to see the murky fuzz of the analogue NTSC picture lifted to reveal the 35mm HD pictures in all their glory.

Effects wise, I’d be happy if they could just recomposite the original model passes to recreate the original shots, but I daresay there are loads and loads of video-type effects, phaser beams etc, that will have to be recreated from scratch, plus the early CGI effects in some of the later episodes.

209. Barney - May 12, 2011

I would think like all Star Trek DVDs, they would be vastly overpriced. I haven’t bought the TOS blu rays because they are too expensive, and have no plans to do so until prices reach the level of a 45 year old TV show, and not 3 times too high.

They would do the same thing with TNG.

What might be interesting would be a compilation of the top ten action episodes that had big battles and effects. Definitely that would include BOBW and Yesterday’s Enterprise.

210. rm10019 - May 12, 2011

206/207 – ummm calm down please. And btw, most Trek fans disagree and the rest of the country couldn’t care less.

211. Danpaine - May 12, 2011

There’d be no way I could shell out all that $$ for these seasons. It’s ridiculous money.

Used on Ebay someday, maybe. I still consider the TOS Blu-Rays (even used) to be out of my reach. Perhaps next year on those.

Things like a mortgage and food and gas are a little more important, CBS. Plus, how many times over my life am I going to justify buying the SAME Trek, over and over, no matter how good it looks?

Those who had “best of” box set suggestions, I agree with.

212. Mike b. - May 12, 2011

Oh I want this to happen. tng is very expensive on DVD right now.

213. Amorican - May 12, 2011

210. – I’m calm. I have an opinion that I feel strongly about, and I gave my reasoning. I don’t believe you should mess with artwork like that. It may be a silly TV show, but it’s still a form of artwork. And like all artwork, it is a product of the time it was created.

Also, if you’re going to mess with the visual effects, you should probably mess with the crappy acting and writing from those first few seasons. I wouldn’t do any of that, because my love of Star Trek comes from exactly what I was shown on the screen, warts and all. I see no reason to change that from an artistic point of view. If this happens, it’s all about making money. But when it comes down to it, I’d be more supportive of a TNG reboot with new actors and stories, rather than try to change the past.

I have these on DVD already, so it’s not going to affect me much if they are upgraded to HD with new visual effects. I just really see it as crapping over all the hard work people put into these episodes back in the 80s and 90s. In the canon of motion picture and television arts, the contributions these artists made to TNG will be lost, as the upgraded versions become the standard versions aired/distributed.

214. Allen Williams - May 12, 2011

206 – maybe TNG was meant to be seen in 4:3 (pillar box on modern tv’s), but you are NEVER going to convince me that it isn’t meant to be seen in HD with or without new SFX. Besides it looks like crap on DVD, because the original betamax tapes sat on a shelf too long. DS9 looks light-years better than TNG in production quality simply because it’s tapes weren’t as old during the transfers.

BTW for you purists, not all of the original SFX can be used anyway. Anything in CGI is useless (it was all produced at best in 480p most likely in 480i). Fortunately for you crazy purists, there aren’t many CGI shots in TNG maybe 10% of the SFX shots at the most. DS9 on the other hand will require almost all of seasons 6 and 7 to be made from scratch. Not to mention all of Odo’s morphs. Even VGR didn’t use that much CGI.

215. Allen Williams - May 12, 2011

211 – That’s why I quit buying seasons of star trek on DVD. I only have season 4 of TNG, season 1 of TOS (no longer in my possession after I bought all 3 on blu-ray), ENT season 1, and TAS. Fortunately it wasn’t as difficult with the movies I had all of them except 2009. In fact Star Trek 2009’s trailer is the reason why I upgraded to blu-ray in the first place. I even had to modify the URL to forceably download the 1080p version. apple’s stupid website had the hi-def link wrong. I was so impressed with the quality that I knew I could never justify another DVD purchase again. If it hadn’t been for that I would have all 28 seasons of star trek by now.

216. MJ - May 12, 2011

I just hope with the new effects that we get a true new Enterprise D that looks more like a starship and less like a pregnant guppy. When I first saw the G back in 87, my first thought was, “what were they thinking.” And the chessy different color silver panels that make up the ships skin — like, I am suppose to believe that between the 23rd and 24th centuries that they all of a sudden forgot how to paint a starship properly? All these years, as a Trek fan, the Enterprise D still embarrasses me. V”ger looked better!!!

217. DJT - May 13, 2011

I love the Galaxy class. It was only rivaled by the Constitution class (original and refit). It had that technology unchained design throughout that gave it class.

Bring on the HD.

218. captainkirk - May 13, 2011

If they do this then I hope they have better CGI than TOS-R. And that they replace more, especially all the reused ship designs.

219. Jamesey - May 13, 2011

If they’re scanning the original camera film, they wouldn’t have to rotoscope the characters standing in front of the bridge display, because there would have been a blue screen behind them. They just have to chroma key in a new image. (which could be a challenge if the original source is no longer available).

220. utterlee - May 13, 2011

214 – “Besides it looks like crap on DVD, because the original betamax tapes sat on a shelf too long. DS9 looks light-years better than TNG in production quality simply because it’s tapes weren’t as old during the transfers.”

That’s not actually the case. The first couple of seasons were put together on analogue tape, which meant image quality loss each time it was dubbed from one tape to another for special effects and mixing etc. Later series were put onto digital tape which preserved the “quality”, albeit in rubbishy NTSC Standard Definition.

221. THX-1138 - May 13, 2011


Incorrect statement. Those “panels” are called aztecing. They were first seen on the refit Enterprise in TMP.

222. MJ - May 13, 2011

@221. Sure, but the in TMP the contrast between the panels was not so severe. It looks ridiculous on the D.

223. Allen Williams - May 13, 2011

220 – my mistake, but the point is the image looks like crap. Even if they only remastered it in SD from the original film stock and left the original effects in, it would be a huge improvement.

With that said, I hope they go full out and make the Enterprise’s hull look more like the Sovereign class. Even going as far as adding the flame effects in the bussard collectors. I wouldn’t have complained if the TOS hull looked more like the TMP version in the TOS-R release.

224. MJ - May 13, 2011

@223 “I hope they go full out and make the Enterprise’s hull look more like the Sovereign class. Even going as far as adding the flame effects in the bussard collectors. I wouldn’t have complained if the TOS hull looked more like the TMP version in the TOS-R release.”

Exactly! The Sovereign class design was basically the NG staff telling us that they new Probert had eff-upped the D design, and that they were returning the look of the ship to it roots.

225. Amorican - May 13, 2011

“With that said, I hope they go full out and make the Enterprise’s hull look more like the Sovereign class. ”

Oh for Christ’s sake people, stop!! You’re a bunch of George Lucases, all of you.

226. MJ - May 13, 2011

@225 May God Bless the Unitrd Stapes of Amorica

227. captain_neill - May 14, 2011

If TNG R is going to happen then I would like it to be like TOS R.

That being that the original work is being respected in the new CGI shots.

One of the reasons I was initially against the TOS R project was because I did not want TOS to go the way of the Star Wars special Editions. However, seeing the effects it was clear that they honoured the original. The new effects did not change the stories, they just added a freshness to them.

I am one to hate new effects changing continuity.

228. captain_neill - May 14, 2011


I would never have been in favour of changing the constitution class for TOS R. The original design is iconic and part of canon.

229. MJ - May 14, 2011

@228. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. Regarding canon and the Enterprise D model, if I had been in charge of Paramount in 1987 I would have ordered the Probert D model to have been taken out to the back of the lot and have it shot out of a “cannon” into a brick wall, and then would have ordered Probert to start from scratch.

IMHO is the ugliest ship of any Starfleet ship in Federation history.

230. Chris_of_ODU - May 16, 2011

I’ll just repeat…

There’s no reason to “redo” the physical model effects.

If the original elements exist on Film, all they *SHOULD* do is redo any non-practical effect – phaser beams, torpedoes, Q’s ‘force field’, space clouds, nebulas, planets, stars, going to warp, etc. The Model effects on film would look better than *any* CGI they could come up with, and why reinvent the wheel?

Not redoing these effects (if they exist in HD – via film) would save them both time and a bundle and let them focus on getting the highest quality image quality with newly minted SFX laid on top where it’s necessary.

231. seniffx - May 16, 2011

TNG-DS9-VOY all need to be remastered ! ! !

Voyager is my favorite series of all time, I love the whole crew like family, however pathetic that is?! Lover DS9 also. TNG is my least fave partly due to the 80’s feel of it, got better after season 1 but there was something about the color of the film that I cant put my finger on, everything looked depressing and dark for some reason, unlike DS9 and Voyager which were brighter and shinier.



VOYAGER ON HD ! ! ! ! !

232. Jon - May 16, 2011

DO IT!!!!! PLEASE!!??!!?

233. MJ (daisy chestnut) - May 16, 2011

@230 “There’s no reason to “redo” the physical model effects.”

Except that here is a golden opportunity to make the D look like a real starship instead of the mongoloid duck concept that Probert came up with.

Why not make the Enterprise D something we can all be proud of?

234. Chris_of_ODU - May 16, 2011

@233. There’s zero chance they’ll change the dimensions of the ship one iota. Never going to happen. The “D” is the “D.” You either are getting a “mongoloid duck” physical model or a “mongoloid duck” CGI model.

235. skyjedi - May 19, 2011

Only interested if it comes from the camera negative shot on 35mm. An upscale i won’t buy at any price, i would not even take that for free.

See the badly upscaled trials and tribblelations in 1080i upscaled from a 480P source.

I know Ds9 still, the point stands.

236. TV-Tastic - May 22, 2011

Take this for what it’s worth as I know without providing any specific names that my claims can’t be verified, however, last year, shortly after the Trek Con statement by the CBS rep., I spoke with three very well-known names involved in TNG production, post-production and VFX in an official, albeit off-the record, capacity for my blog about this issue of TNG on Blu-Ray. Here’s what they told me:

The idea of modern Trek in HD is not a new concept at all. It had been theorized and discussed going back to the initial production of TNG season 1. Although the concept of HD TV for a consumer market is a relatively new phenomenon, in the industry it’s not. Even though how it would reach the consumer was unknown at the time, all of the episodes were produced with the idea that whatever form it would take, the original filming elements would be, HD-Ready, as it were, meaning that they didn’t “lock it in” to being only available for SD viewing and wanted to make it easy as possible for those original filming elements to be produced in a future HD product.

That really needs to be pointed out for all of you folks who are suggesting that TNG was never meant to be seen in HD. That’s simply not true. SD was the standard at the time and the show was distributed based on that standard, however, the production folks were a lot more forward-thinking than the “purists” are. All three of my sources agreed that getting those originals 35 mm elements scanned for Blu-Ray release would not be nearly as complicated a process as CBS would like you to believe or as other, industry experts and lay people who weren’t involved in the original production of the series (yet all keep making these matter-of-fact statements about the difficulty of a project like this) like to suggest. Also, consider this: unlike the original 35 mm elements of TOS, TNG used a much more modern and higher quality 35 mm film that didn’t degrade like the TOS originals did and they have been taken care of meticulously over the years. This means that they are going to require a lot less cleaning up than TOS did.

As for the elephant in the room that everyone keeps bringing up, yes, the VFX shots involving miniatures were of course, filmed in 35 mm (which I have confirmed still do exist, by the way) but then composited on SD videotape. This is where the biggest cost will lie, according to everyone. Well, perhaps, but it’s not going to be nearly as expensive as you would be led to believe. Although it is possible to rescan the individual elements and re-composite them in HD, it’s not going to happen. The issue with that is that the technology available for modern VFX and the dramatically lower costs associated with modern CGI as opposed to the late 80’s into the mid-90’s just makes a complete CG replacement of the VFX composite shots far more cost-effective than it would be to re-composite the individual 35 mm miniature photography in HD. Yes, it’s going to cost some bucks but the estimation by some that it’s too expensive is greatly exaggerated. It needs to be kept in mind that although there were far more exterior shots on TNG than TOS, at least half of it was stock footage.

Looking further down the road, it’s even less work for DS9 and VOY as those two series involved far less miniature photography relying heavily on CG. I came to find out that all of the original CGI digital files for DS9 and VOY are not only still in existence but they were all created in HD to begin with. ENT was produced and distributed entirely in HD for all four seasons. The problem with a BD release of ENT is that if CBS released it before its predecessors they would lose their shirts due to the limited popularity of the series. TNG, DS9 and VOY have to be primers before a release of ENT can even be considered.

So, I would suggest that you not believe the exaggerated negative hype regarding the “intense difficulty” of producing a quality BD product of TNG and making it profitable. Star Trek is consistently one of CBS’ most profitable brands and if you haven’t noticed with video releases, it demands a premium price like no other franchise and of course is intensely popular with overseas markets as well as here in the US. For the record, all three of my sources agreed that they would LOVE to see TNG on BD with updated VFX.

As for will it happen anytime soon, we shall see, however any fan against this obviously is speaking from the ignorance of not having HD and BD because it’s pure madness not to want to see TNG in HD if you currently have HD capability and aren’t hooking all of your equipment up with RCA cables.

237. Alex - June 3, 2011

TNG on Blu-Ray could very well push me to buy a Blu-Ray player; VOY and DS9 on Blu-Ray would definitely push me to buy a Blu-Ray player. Just restoring/remastering the footage and releasing it on DVD would likely ensure a purchase from me; I’d buy TNG on iTunes in a heartbeat as well. The only format that I have no interest in is streaming video, which includes Netflix. Hopefully CBS will figure out a way to make TNG-R (and hopefully DS9-R and VOY-R) available outside of Netflix streaming.

238. raffie - June 4, 2011

@236. TV-Tastic: That was a very interesting read and refreshing to have someone that knows what he’s talking about. I would be alot more interested in TNG in High Def than any nu-Trek movie they can come up with,
One thing that would really be the cherry on the cake is that the excess footage on the 35m print left and right would make it possible to have TNG in 16/9 widescreen format, as has been done with ‘Friends’.

239. Fantomex - June 19, 2011


ALL of Enterprise was filmed in HD, not just the fourth season.

I love the idea of TNG being remastered, and hope that it happens.

240. Fantomex - June 19, 2011

@32/Odkin: I’d rather have what we have than what passed for ‘drama’ and ‘characterization’ on overhyped shows like Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, and Firefly, At least they dealt with possible science to come, necessitating the babble that was heard-I’ve heard worse on most legal shows, medical shows, and cop shows (Animated shows even have it-check out any episode of Grossology! )yet NOBODY bitches about what goes on in those shows, because it’s somehow ‘okay’. Well, if it’s okay for Dr. House to go on in exact detail about some medical problem, then we can deal with technobabble on TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise-at least the characters aren’t a bunch of constantly screwed up people drifting from one crisis to another, but naval officers with their act together

241. Thomas Riker - July 2, 2011

ok I love the idea of Star Trek TNG coming to blu-ray, its one of the best shows I’ve seen being that I own all the episodes on dvd costing me $100 a season years ago as a teenager…
now fast forward to the last couple years I’ve watched TNG on Fox at 1am monday- thursday off and on…they broadcast in 720p yes! the picture on my hdtv is as good as i would expect from TNG…so whats the problem CBS? I’ve been watching it in 720p High Definition for years. if theres no commentaries I will be waiting for the price to fall before I purchase any Blu-ray of TNG.

242. John - October 13, 2011

Voyager on blu-ray please! Voyager is my favorite series of all time!

243. Alex Andersson - December 27, 2011

In regards to Babylon 5… Warner Brothers lost all of the digital assets, including 3d models, 3d scenes, animation paths, sequence data… the lot. Not the final renders themselves. Worse of all, it was confirmed by Babylon 5 creator JMD that all of the original Super-35mm bridging shots (live action footage used together with digital FX shots) was destroyed in a fire at a Warner Brothers warehouse and that there are no known 1:1 transfers in existence. This means that any shot that required a 4:3 low resolution effect sequence or composite sequence is now missing.

Rebuilding the digital assets and re-rendering them in high resolution will be an easy yet expensive task, but reshooting the high resolution bridging shots with the original actors as they appeared up to 20 years ago would be downright impossible.

It appears this one is done and dusted. There simply never can be a release of Babylon 5 in any high definition format. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.