Netflix Update: All Star Trek TV Series To Begin Streaming In July

In February we reported that CBS and Netflix had cut a deal to begin streaming a number of CBS series, including all of the Star Trek TV shows. Some CBS shows have begun to appear on streaming, so TrekMovie checked with Netflix get an update on the Star Trek roll-out, see below for exclusive details.  


Netflix streaming every Star Trek series starting in July

The new CBS/Netflix streaming deal has just kicked in and some shows have started showing up on Netflix streaming, including genre shows The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks, but a number of other shows like Frasier, Family Ties, and the various Star Trek shows haven’t yet been made available for streaming. After seeing some Twitter questions about this and getting some emails, TrekMovie checked with Netflix who gave us an exclusive update on their plans for Star Trek.

Firstly Netflix confirmed they will be streaming every episode of every season for all five live-action Star Trek series: the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. TOS, TNG, Voyager and Enterprise will all become available on July 1st. DS9 will launch on October 1st. TOS and Enterprise will be available in HD. The only Trek TV that Netflix will not be streaming is Star Trek: The Animated Series from the 70s, as that show was not included in the CBS deal.

This new deal will make Netflix the first service to offer commercial-free streaming of any Star Trek series. Currently only the original Star Trek series, the animated Star Trek series, and Enterprise are available with ad-supported streaming at, so Netflix will also be the first service to offer any kind of streaming for TNG, DS9 or Voyager. And in the case of TNG, Netflix will be the first digital delivery of any kind as that popular series is still the only Star Trek show not available at iTunes.

The Netflix/CBS licensing deal is for USA only and covers two years with an option to be extended for two additional years. Also the CBS/Netflix deal is not exclusive, so it is possible that in the future we could see Star Trek show up on other streaming services.

You will be able to watch the Star Trek episodes online or with a Netflix-ready TV, XBox360, PS3, Wii or other Netflix-ready device. Netflix streaming is also available on mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 phones so you can have access to every single episode of Star Trek anywhere you go. Streaming-only accounts at Netflix cost $7.99/month, and DVD/Blu-ray+streaming subscriptions start at $9.99/month. More info at

All of Star Trek TV coming to Netflix – take your Trek anywyere


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I assume since TOS is in HD it will be the remasters? I know at some point last year (or maybe it was ’09?) Netflix had season 1 available to stream.

The biggest question is: Will it be available in Canada? I still have yet to be sold on Netflix here. Too many “unavailable” movies and programs.

when will this expire? It seams as though that has been happening alot with Netflix live streaming titles, a movie is available and later on it isn’t available anymore. Be careful Trekkies this maybe is just a way for them to get new subscribers. When you are all on they’ll later pull these gems.


@4 John

Usually Netflix titles are on there for a year starting from when they are first launched. Sometimes it’s longer, but it’s usually a year. And that usually is for movies. There are some TV shows that have been on there for years.


“Captain, shall I open the NETFLIX application?”

“Make it so!”

No Canada.

Definitly no New Zealand then!!!!

Bugger it!

I thought we were one big glorious Roddenberyesque world. All living harmoniously together as one big symbotic beast.


I’ll have stick to my DVD/downloads.

: (

Symbotic = symbiotic.

Perhaps it should have been Sybokic?

This is Good fpr Star Trek. As more and more people see star Trek9 and Trek 12 they may want to see what the fuss is about on Trek and watch the Eps on Netflix and so forth. This is a good thing for Star Trek

Cool. There was no way I was ever going to pay to buy season sets of DS9, VOY or ENT, so this will give me an opportunity to watch ’em.

Oh frak. Well, there goes my summer.

Also coming to the nintendo 3ds in June.


Live streaming and direct digital downloads will replace blu ray in the very near future.

Just got Netflix two weeks ago (and loving it); that’s great! ; )


agreed – I wonder if I can watch each episode of each series chronologically before the end of the summer.

Damn what happened to “early April.” Shame I have to wait until July, but I’m still excited!

@19: yeah, I agree. They said early April. Well it’s early April and now they’ve delayed it until July. Why am I getting the suspicious feeling that come July they’re going to say: we’re delaying it again until November and so forht? And since this deal is for two years, a year and a half (possibly less) if they delay it that long. Here’s hoping they really do roll it out in July. At least I have Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Farscape streaming on netflix to keep me occupied (unless the streaming deal for those show miraculously expire before then, cuz then I’d be peeved).

Netflix’s selection in Canada sucks. I think Canadians should boycott Netflix.

Ah the “downloads will replace physical media” canard surfaces once again. Downloads are undoubtedly our future, but there are a host of issues that have to be resolved first, licensing among them. Netflix streaming, as cool as it is, is a constant moving target as far as content…they are totally at the whim of their licensing agreements. Anyone who was in the middle of a season and has it disappear from the servers because the license has expired knows what I mean.

Also, the quality varies wildly at times…for some people that doesn’t matter much, and that’s fine. But some of us like high quality images on those beautiful HD sets.

All these things will definitely be resolved in the future….but I’m not giving up my Blu Rays and DVD’s yet.

I’m still making my “best of tng” ipad set for myself, however, there will always be 1 or 2 i can enjoy again and again on there, yay!

I’m really bummed that I have to wait a few more months, but hey, at least it’s definitely happening!

If they are going to make us wait this better be new transfers made especially for Netflix and not just BS rips of the DVD’s.

Somewhere there are non interlaced masters, even if they were on Video tape and those better be what we get. If we get a shoddy transfer I’m gonna be very displeased.

Sad Canadian here.

I’d subscribe to Netflix if I could watch ENT and TOS.

Looking forward to The Way to Eden, Spock’s Brain & And the Children Shall Lead in streaming HD & surround sound! YES!!!!

DS9, baby!

Why is DS9 3 fraking months after everything else!!!

Disappointed that it won’t happen in April (as originally stated), but at least it will be ALL episodes and series!

Why the delay for DS9 I wonder. Seems very odd one to single out for delay.

I agree, Netflix in Canada does suck. Definitely not worth the money.

Maybe because DS9 isn’t as good as the other series? (Now ducking for the incoming).

Can’t wait! I’ve got Netflix on my iPad, iPhone Apple TV, and Xbox 360! Lots of ways to watch Trek now! I’ve got DS9 and VOY on DVD, and collecting TNG now. Don’t care for ENT.


Well, then you must have never watched the series through to the end. Like TNG, DS9 improved greatly after season one, going into some dark and unexpected places with the Dominion War. Some have said it strayed too far from Roddenberry’s philosophy, but I say there’s no point in having a philosophy if it’s never tested.

DS9 did this—excellently.

And CBS gives the shaft to Canadians once again.

i already have streaming netflix thru our wii—anyone know if it costs more to put it on another format also? The Nintendo 3ds will have it including 3d movies n trailers so anyone that has netflix on 2 devices does it cost more–


Prepare to be very displeased. The masters for TNG, DS9 & VGR have only ever been on interlaced videotape. That is how they were finished, broadcast and archived. These will almost certainly be more highly compressed versions of what is already available on the DVDs.

Since I bought all of those seasons years ago, I’ve recently re-encoded a hundred of my favorite episodes for my iPad using Handbrake. 34 GB worth! I’ve even combined multi-part episodes into feature-length videos, cutting out all the repetitive main/end credit sequences to save space.

And I’ll tell you what: I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to access them and they won’t disappear suddenly after two years… and AT&T won’t slap me with monthly overage charges to watch them on the go either!


I used to have Netflix on my PS3 and WDTV Live box simultaneously. I only ever paid one monthly fee to Netflix. As far as I’m aware, you can have it on an unlimited number of Netflix capable devices for a single fee. Unless they change their policy.

It is not unlimited I think it is 3 computers and 3 Netflix ready devices in a single year. And you can stream to multiple devices simultaneously. But I bet changes are in coming as the studios realize people are sharing streaming accounts.

Rockin’ good news!!!

Excited about all of the Star Treks! Too bad we have to wait until July. Do you when Frasier starts streaming? Only Cheers seems available now from the list they promoted.

hello – i think this is wonderful news, especially since i’ve only recently discovered science fiction for myself. i’ve heard of star track, of course, but i’ve never seen any of them. it’s the show with dr. spock and light savers, correct?

This will be great opportunity especilly since Paramount Is so
gready when It comes to prices for DVD sets.The only TV sets
I have are the Borg and Alternate reality fan collectives and the 2 very best of original series.

It’s a shame DS9 Is again being treated like a stepchild.It was more successful than Voyager or Enterprise.It was my favorate of the spinoffs/

Damn, my stupid, stupid brain momentarily misread the headline as “All New Star Trek TV To Begin Filming in July”.

And then I realized it didn’t say that at all.



Very close, but they were Life Savers, not light savers. Dr. Spock used to eat them on the bridge.

Pretty awesome. Any idea if the animated series or films will be streaming?

@45: I WISH it said that, I’d go mad with excitement!

Is Canada even a real country?

I believe the original announcement on Star TreK is that all the episodes would be available April and they are – on DVD. I am glad they will be streaming soon as I realy like to save my DVD cue for Movies. It sucks that it will be Oct before DS9 is available, as that is the one series I need to fill in th gaps with, There are whole seasons I missed.