Paramount Officially Delays Star Trek Sequel – GI Joe Takes 6/29/12 Spot & No New Trek Date Yet |
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Paramount Officially Delays Star Trek Sequel – GI Joe Takes 6/29/12 Spot & No New Trek Date Yet July 28, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Well Paramount has made official what we all knew was coming. The Star Trek sequel has been officially delayed and will not be released on June 29, 2012. Paramount has now put their second G.I. Joe film into that slot, but they have not yet picked the date for the Star Trek sequel. More info below, plus a poll on when you want the sequel to come out.   


GI Joe 2 takes Star Trek’s summer 2012 spot

Today TrekMovie confirmed that Paramount has shuffled their schedule around and put G.I. Joe 2 (now called G.I. Joe: Retaliation) into the June 29, 2012 slot previously occupied by the (still untitled) Star Trek sequel. The G.I. Joe film was previously slated for August 10th. Paramount also made a small change with Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (also co-produced by Star Trek’s JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk), moving it from December 16, 2011 to December 21st. This was to avoid a head to head with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on the 16th.  

Paramount has yet to pick a new release date for the Star Trek sequel which should start shooting in January 2012. TrekMovie sources indicate that a decision has not been made and that it is in the hands of Paramount. The Star Trek team are ready for either of the choices on the table: holiday 2012 or summer 2013. A decision and announcement on that and on JJ Abrams directing should come in August.

As for why the Star Trek sequel has been delayed, much of this has been covered here at TrekMovie for the last few months but the simplest explanation is that in the end JJ Abrams (and his Bad Robot producing partner Bryan Burk) had too much stuff on their plate at once. In early 2010 when Paramount picked the June 29, 2012 release for the Star Trek sequel they had also tasked Abrams and Burk to produce both Super 8 and Mission Impossible IV (with Abrams also directing Super 8) by 2011. However, by the time the writers (Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof) were ready to finish up the Star Trek script to move the film into pre-production earlier this year, Abrams and Burk could not devote the necessary time to Star Trek. So essentially the Star Trek project was put on a very slow burn for the last six months, but it is now back to the front burner for the entire Star Trek team of Abrams, Burk, Lindelof, Orci, and Kurtzman.   

So when could it be?

As noted there are two choices for the Star Trek sequel release with the holiday season of 2012 or summer of 2013. Looking at those times there are a few weekends without a big tentpole in them. Recently Warner Brothers moved the next Superman film (Man of Steel) from December 2012 to Summer 2013, making the holiday 2012 season a bit less competitive.

 Here is how it is shaping up:

Holiday 2012

Summer 2013

POLL: When do you want Star Trek sequel to open?

Of the two choices, which do you prefer. Sooner is great, but summer 2013 would give them more time and potentially be better for box office (although films like Avatar have shown there is plenty of money in the holiday season).

When want Star Trek sequel?

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1. MDSHiPMN - July 28, 2011

Summer 13.

2. scifib5st - July 28, 2011

Well, I guess I will just have to keep sending monthly contibutions to Phase 2 and other Fan Made Star Trek films.

Oh well…

3. Lt. Bailey - July 28, 2011

I knew this would happen.

They should open on 7 Dec 2012. unless I miss my guess, thats around the same date ST TMP opened.

Its a long time to wait and it better be good.

4. BringBackTrek - July 28, 2011

How about Dec. 7, 2012 – 33rd anniversary of ST-TMP?

5. Robman007 - July 28, 2011

Just hope it says away from The Hobbit. Same release, week before/after = no good.

6. CoolPT - July 28, 2011

#2., don’t forget to send some contributions to They are getting ready to start filming several episodes 30 years before James Kirk. Sounds like a great time line to work with.

7. BringBackTrek - July 28, 2011

#4 Indeed, that was the premiere date. I was 14 years-old and it was so cool to finally Star Trek on the big screen. I was so impatient that I had already spoiled myself by reading the novel adaptation which had hit the bookstores a few days before the release.

8. BringBackTrek - July 28, 2011

#3 Indeed, that was the premiere date. I was 14 years-old and it was so cool to finally Star Trek on the big screen. I was so impatient that I had already spoiled myself by reading the novel adaptation which had hit the bookstores a few days before the release.

9. Gibnerd - July 28, 2011

sigh, well, at least it sounds like some talk is going on about finally getting this ST2 ball really rolling. and i agree… keep it far away from The Hobbit.

10. Harry Seldom - July 28, 2011

Grab Memorial Day Weekend! I think we can beat Fast & Furious SIX!

11. pilotfred - July 28, 2011

well if its taken this long to write the script(and not finish it)i think they should make on a start on the next one maybe we will get it in 2016

12. Chelsea - July 28, 2011

Oh please not Summer 13 (that is just so far away!), though I don’t want it up against the Hobbit either…Nov 30 might be all right.

13. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

This reminds me of Homer Simpson hanging onto a demolishion ball. Swinging between a pub called “The Hard Place” and… well, you get the idea.

14. bjdcharlie - July 28, 2011

When I visited the Paramount lot last July, it was a ghosttown. There was only one production filming at the time, Glee.

Star Trek is not a priority.

At this rate, the powers that be are going to have to do yet another reboot with yet a new cast, but by then the appeal of what it once was will be lost, and the reboot will occur in a vacuum of public ambivalence. How sad. How shortsighted.

15. Mirror Jordan - July 28, 2011

Regardless of the movie’s release date, I hope it’s good and that it makes a profit.

16. Charles Trotter - July 28, 2011

I would set it for release on Thanksgiving Wednesday. ’47 Ronin’ will pose little threat to it, and Paramount can move ‘Rise of the Guardians’ to another day (not that it would be a threat, either, but Paramount will not want to open two competing movies on the same day). Also, the ‘Twilight’ fans will have already seen ‘Breaking Dawn,’ so that would have already lost steam by then.

That said, If Paramount is concerned about ’47 Ronin,’ they should schedule ‘Trek’ for Nov. 30. Scheduling it for Dec. 7 would be a grievous mistake as it will get slaughtered the following week by THE HOBBIT. If that’s not good enough, then Summer 2013 it must be, but that’s pushing things. You want to get the sequel out there when the first is still relatively fresh in peoples’ minds. Two or three years is fine, four years may be pushing it.

17. Mel - July 28, 2011

I voted holiday 2012. I don’t want to wait any longer, although it would probably better, if the movie will air in the summer 2013. The competition is weaker then.

18. Adolescent Nightmare - July 28, 2011


That would be illegal.

19. Dustin Cook - July 28, 2011

The gap between the ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is 4 years. The gap between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Untitled Star Trek 2′ will be 4 years.

20. NFXstudios - July 28, 2011


Huh? Is your attention span THAT short?

21. jas_montreal - July 28, 2011

Holiday 2012 will be competitive with The Hobbit, Django(tarantino), James Bond and Twilight.

I expect summer 2013.

22. Terran.Guy93 - July 28, 2011


How are donations illegal?

23. Mel - July 28, 2011

@ 19

Star Trek is not Batman. Batman is the more popular franchise worldwide. And it helped, that one of the main actors died tragically very young shortly before the movie. That increased the attention to the movie quite a lot.

24. Bruce Banner - July 28, 2011

Summer 2013 would be best. Nemesis jinxed a holiday release in my opinion.

25. CmdrR - July 28, 2011

Fast and Furious 6?


I suspect it’ll be Summer 2013. Man, if those Aztec’s are right, I’m gonna be so pissed….

26. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 28, 2011

I voted “Holiday 2012″… but if they really will start filming the sequel in January 2012, it will not happen… probably not until 2013! …

:-( :-)

27. CaptainDonovin - July 28, 2011

I’m pushing for Dec. 7, three days after my 40th b-day.

28. Bill Peters - July 28, 2011

Holiday 2012, am a bit Disappointed by this news, but I figure it will still be out in 2012

29. Polly - July 28, 2011

Aw crap. Well, cant say I didnt see this coming. *sigh*

And yes, I agree, stay away from The Hobbit! Maybe Nov. 30 or maaaybe beside Fast & Furious? I dont know about beside Ironman 3 though. Eeeks.

hmm this doesnt look so good :(

30. Bill Peters - July 28, 2011

how about on the date the TOS on TV for all these years ago?

31. Bill Peters - July 28, 2011

I say Nov 30th and let is swim on its own.

32. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 28, 2011


that makes it four years from the time Kirk Assumes Command

We only get 1 year of the 5 year mission before we see the new crew in the TMP pajamas

33. Jeyl - July 28, 2011

I voted Holiday 2012. I like having Star Trek occur during the winter holidays. The mood felt right.

34. Phil - July 28, 2011

STAR TREK 12 not 2!

35. trekker 5 - July 28, 2011

Youknow,I knew this was coming,but I still feel bad about it!! And when I saw the story I said;”Good God!!” Out loud to the screen. (yeah I know,I’m crazy) Anyway,I beg on my knees that it’s Holiday 2012!! I feel like it’s already been a long time. But,ah me! Sad hours seem long!!

36. Bob Tompkins - July 28, 2011

2013, no doubt in my mind. Thank you Anthony, for finally admitting they [particularly Abrams] has spread himself too thin- too thin in my opinion to be around for the next Trek in 2017 or later. Paramount should have been eagerly awaiting the 3rd installment for Holiday 2013.
With all of the delays, Abrams had better be directing, be that choice for good or ill. Otherwise, everyone here should be asking ‘why the delay?’.

37. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 28, 2011

What ever time Star Trek Comes out they should get started on the 3rd Trek Movie just days after the 2nd one. 3 years + is a long wait between Trek Movies. 2 years is the right amount of time.

38. Chris Hinchley - July 28, 2011

Doesn’t feel like a franchise any more. More of a ‘when we can be arsed’. ;(

39. Tom - July 28, 2011

11 . 30 . 2012

Longer Holiday release this way.

40. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 28, 2011

If they wait till Spring or Summer of 2013 then that would be 4 years. So I think writting the script for Trek 3 right after Trek 2 comes out would be the smart thing to do.

41. Chris Hinchley - July 28, 2011

At this rate they can re-do ‘The Deadly Years’ without make-up….

42. Bob Tompkins - July 28, 2011

I refuse to participate in the poll this time. I wanted it on schedule, actually, a year earlier.
The Batman franchise is a whole ‘nother story as far as franchises go. It was planned as a trilogy and beyond the final installment, nothing is happening. Probably new team, new reboot, new Batman. Trek should be proceeding like clockwork, 2 to 2 1/2 years between films, just like at its peak in the 1980s.
One final dig; if it’s Khan and Khan is a woman, I will not bother seeing it until it hits DVD. That would be just too much. A female villain would be fine, just don’t screw with canon that much….

43. Azrael - July 28, 2011

Where is the Avengers on that list for next summer? So far as I have heard it is coming out before either Iron Man 3 or Thor 2

44. Paul - July 28, 2011

May 31st 2013 is a lock IMO too much competition on the other dates.Star Trek does better commercially when released in the summer months. Winter always has too many quality movies going for the same family audiences but summer tends to only ever have a few mega budget sci-fi movies…….

45. Harry Ballz - July 28, 2011

I predict the movie will open on November 30, 2012.

(please hold your applause)

46. Chris Hinchley - July 28, 2011

If, for example, Iron Man 1 and 2 can be turned around in 2 years, then what kind of non-Trekker loyalty base is going to be hanging around after 3.5 – 4 years?

47. jr - July 28, 2011

This is why JJ should not direct…. he is too popular. Let him move on to other creative insterests.

48. Craiger - July 28, 2011

Oh well I guess no new Trek TV Series until 2020. Imagine the CGI that would be available then.

49. Shannon Nutt - July 28, 2011

Man, if I was Paramount, I would have bumped Mission: Impossible IV to the summer…nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about GI JOE 2.

Dec. 21, 2012 for Star Trek 2. Enough worrying about other films…good movies find audiences…Harry Potter isn’t currently hurting Captain America’s box office.

50. Gorn Free - July 28, 2011

Has to be 30 November 2012… A good 2 week run before the little hobbits.

51. Craiger - July 28, 2011

#49 I never saw the first one but this is why their will be a G.I. Joe 2

52. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

Too bad The Hobbit beat Star Trek to the closest date to 20 – 12 – 2012.

How cool a date would that have been for an advanced screening.

Does quite work with the US dating system though does it?

Releasing too close to a Lord of the Rings movie should be avoided. Cinemas reduce the number of screenings of other films, depending on which has already been fixed as the anticipated favourite don’t they?

53. RichGong - July 28, 2011

Star Trek-Nemesis came out in December 2002…holiday competition from Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, Die Another Day, and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers…based on that alone, pitting Star Trek 2 with The Hobbit 1 in December 2012 would be pretty scary…I say stick with what worked based on Star Trek (2009)…if it’s anything like the thrill-ride of the first movie, which came out in the summer of 2009, even with all that competition, ST2 should be a summer fun popcorn movie…I say go with summer 2013…the extra time should also help in post-production…I don’t mind the wait…

54. Harry Ballz - July 28, 2011


That was my logic as well.

55. rebecca - July 28, 2011

Holiday 2012

56. Phil - July 28, 2011

Hate to say it, but I’d be concerned that Paramount did not provide a new date. That suggests to me that the production team is not nearly as far along as they have said. Further, because they have also taken on new projects that would have fallen in behind Trek 12, it could be a long time before we see the next installment.

57. Craiger - July 28, 2011

#54 Plus its before December 21st 2012. :)

58. Aurore - July 28, 2011

“Paramount has yet to pick a new release date for the Star Trek sequel which should start shooting in January 2012. TrekMovie sources indicate that a decision has not been made and that it is in the hands of Paramount.”

Phil , I remember what you said you thought such a statement could mean, a while back……Do you ?

Me? Why, I’m still looking forward to the “announcement” of course………

59. Aurore - July 28, 2011

Well , you typed what I remembered before I posted my comment…

60. Chadwick - July 28, 2011

I voted holiday 2012 simply because I want to see this movie yesterday. I would hate a postponment until 2013 but again more people go out in the summer a movie theatre is one of those destinations.

If it did come out in 2013, hopefully they could pop the third one out by 2016, in time for the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. That would be AWESOME!!!

61. Squire of Gothos - July 28, 2011

summer 2013. winter 2012 is full already!!!!!!

62. njdss4 - July 28, 2011

Holiday 2012, and not just because it’s sooner. I don’t want Star Trek to release 7 days after Iron Man 3 or 14 days before the next Superman movie in Summer 2013.

Nov 30th is 3 weeks after the Bond movie. Twilight fans are a different demographic than Trek fans, so it doesn’t matter that Twilight is two weeks before Nov 30th. Hobbit is two weeks after Nov 30, so that will be the biggest competition for that entire period of time, imo.

63. jas_montreal - July 28, 2011

@ 14

The time difference between batman begins and dark knight was 3 years.

Star Trek 12 and 11 will have a difference of ~4 years (if they release summer 2013).

I don’t know if that 1 year will reduce Trek’s attractiveness. Star Trek has a new massive game coming for the ps3/pc. They also have TNG being remastered for blu-ray. All they need is more Star Trek marketing and the excitement will be there for 2013. I’m not too worried about that.

64. NuFan - July 28, 2011

Going by what they did with Star Trek 1 if it is winter does that mean they have no faith in it? And if they hold it for summer does that mean that test audiences loved it as much as the first and they want to make the most money?

65. Sebastian S. - July 28, 2011

File this under ‘Not Surprised.’

To quote Khan from Space Seed, “This grows tiresome.”
I know summer 2013 has a two-fold advantage; time to better tweak it, and a better release slot, but I just hope people will still care for, and be as passionate for a ST sequel by then (besides just the faithful).

Overall I sense a bit of apathy about this new franchise, and I’ve no idea why; it made an ocean of money and it did ridiculously well on dvd/bluray. Why does it feel like it’s suddenly everyone’s ‘B’ project??

66. Bill Peters - July 28, 2011

I am wondering if Paramount has any Project in the Fall of 2012 that they might be willing to move to put Star Trek 12 in? I for one hope it is in November of 2012 if they can’t do it any Ealyer.

67. Mel - July 28, 2011

@ 49. Shannon Nutt

“Dec. 21, 2012 for Star Trek 2. Enough worrying about other films…good movies find audiences…Harry Potter isn’t currently hurting Captain America’s box office.”

But Harry Potter VERY probably would have hurt the box office of Captain America outside of the USA. Harry Potter already made over 600 million there. So they air Captain America in a lot of countries later than the USA.

68. Browncoat1984 - July 28, 2011

This is why Star Trek needs to be brought back to the small screen. Things were okay when we knew that there was nothing in the immediate future, but once Trek 2009 came out and was successful now we all wait impatiently to see what they have for the next one. We need SOME form of Trek on the small screen to hold us off until then. Even a 13 episode season of stories would be enough (its enough for us Doctor Who fans apparently!).

Still, I wouldn’t want them to rush it just to satisfy us Trekkies. I want the best movie they could possibly make and if that means a longer wait I’m fine with that, but would it kill them to throw us SOME sort of bone before then?

…okay, I admit Star Trek Online has been doing a good job with their episodes, I played through the Romulan series recently and loved it. And yeah, there’s still some novels coming out, you have new comics set in the JJ verse coming out and that new game was announce, but its not the same as something on the TV or big screen with real actors. Something that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is “100% canon” – STO we’re not quite sure if its canon or not but Paramount made a big deal about the Enterprise-F…and as for the books/comics, right now that’s debatable but until they’re contradicted they’re part of -my- personal canon.

69. NX-17000 - July 28, 2011

I know there’s already something scheduled for the week of May 17th, but It’d be really nice if they chose that spot.

70. Shannon Nutt - July 28, 2011

@67 You make a good point, but Star Trek movies have not traditionally done well outside of the United States…the foreign box office for the last movie was less than have of its domestic take. So any strategy by Parmount on the release date really needs to focus on the U.S. and not the foreign box office.

71. Captain_Z - July 28, 2011

Went and saw all the TNG movies on Christmas….

72. Richard C. - July 28, 2011

This is good, it gives them more time to work on a great movie! :)

73. MvRojo - July 28, 2011

May 2013 makes the most sense at this point. The time period worked out very well for Trek XI since summer vacations and family-related holidays (including Father’s Day) really helped it generate good box office numbers through much of the summer.

There are already a couple big movies coming out in December 2012, plus all the Oscar-bait films, so Trek XII might get lost in the shuffle of priorities, plus less days off to generate a lot of mid-week grosses.

74. crazydaystrom - July 28, 2011

I’d rather sooner than later but what I really want is the best Trek this team can produce. So take your time guys and make it worth the wait.

All most of us need to hold us through the seemingly interminable interregnum -(finally! a chance to use that word! ah)- is a relatively steady stream of new info re: the new film. THAT would soothe and pacify…

and irk and anger, elate and inspire, distress and dismay…

this and that…

Come on, make it so!!!

75. Allen Williams - July 28, 2011

Can you guys PLEASE stop calling it Star Trek 2. Feel free to call it Star Trek 12, Star Trek 2012, or (hopefully not) Star Trek 2013.
We already have a Star Trek 2 and no matter how good or bad this new one will be, Star Trek 2 is and always will be the wrath of khan.

76. the Quickening - July 28, 2011

Overall I sense a bit of apathy about this new franchise, and I’ve no idea why; it made an ocean of money and it did ridiculously well on dvd/bluray. Why does it feel like it’s suddenly everyone’s ‘B’ project??


I’ll repeat your line: To quote Khan from Space Seed, “This grows tiresome.”

As I have stated many times before, TREK movies are an AMERICAN phenomenon, NOT an international one. TREK ’09 made just under 400 million globally. That good box office, but not an ocean of money. It’s not apathy. Most of the blockbusters today make double… triple that worldwide. In terms of box office, TREK ’09 falls more in the area of GI JOE than STAR WARS, 007, BATMAN, LOTR, etc. Replacing TREK with GI JOE 2 makes more sense than TREK fans want to believe.

77. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 28, 2011

I voted Holiday 2012. More time will not necessarily mean a better movie. Once they have the story locked down and one that is inspiring for all to be involved in – production teams, wardrobe…directors, cast – then everything will get done as it should. All this needs to happen sooner.

Give me Star Trek for my birthday and Christmas! Make it a good one! Make it so!

78. KingDaniel - July 28, 2011

Just make it worth the wait.

Or else.

79. NuFan - July 28, 2011

Star Trek 2 is destined for success whenever it is released, but summer seems more profitable.

80. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

75. I completely agree with that. I KHAN’T stop thinking about all that, whether you express the symbol for sequel as II or 2.

Giving the film a title, even one that allows you to leave off the Trek branding would help move away from thinking this is going to be another Wrath of Khan.

The second ever Star Trek movie is such a high benchmark and while aiming for that is ambitious, lessons should be learned from the likes of Nemesis, Generations and even The Search for Spock – the first attempt to repeat that successful formula, because they never quite made it. A big showboating villain, using his own reasons of personal loss as an excuse for murdering and torturing folks. It always comes back to that and it already felt stale with Soran.

Look to other episode styles which never made the jump to the big screen. There are other ways of creating villains, if need be. Guys you root for, because they get the funny lines and could almost be the hero, if it weren’t for a mistaken direction… like being overly ambitious or sticking to their guns on an issue nobody in their right mind agrees with.

81. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - July 28, 2011

STAR TREK – HOLIDAY 08 “This is Not Your Father’s Star Trek !”

Will marketing amend this tag line for the next Trek flick to Grandfather ?

82. Thorny - July 28, 2011

Release it the week after Iron Man 3. Everybody who wants to see IM3 will see it opening weekend, leaving plenty of audience for Trek 2013 the following Friday.

83. Charlie in Colorado - July 28, 2011

December 2012… and I have complete confidence in the Supreme Court to pull it off. Can’t wait!

84. Punkspocker - July 28, 2011

Dude, I’m glad you have confidence, I’m losing it quickly. I wish paramount would release jj from the cheap fuzzy handcuffs. Makes me wonder- why would jj want to ALIENATE the greatest fans in the world!

85. Andrew - July 28, 2011

I vote November 30th 2012. The 47 Ronin Keanu Reeves Samauri Movie smells like a flop or not a huge hit to me. Rise of the Guardians is an animated movie so audiences won’t really overlap. Anyone who wanted to see Bond 23 or Twilight will have seen it already. Two weeks before Hobbit seems like enough time for a healthy gross as well as repeat viewings during the Holidays.

Summer 2013 doesn’t seem as open to me and the competition is a little fiercer. They wouldn’t put it a week after Iron Man 3 because Paramount distributes those films and it would decrease grosses for both. Putting it up against Fast and Furious 6 is also suicide because the whole reason the last Star Trek movie did well was because it drew the same type of audience that likes Fast and Furious. I really believe audiences will still see Fast and Furious because those people don’t go looking for a good movie, they go for the action and car chases.

The rest of the summer 2013 season has movies I’m just not comfortable pitting Star Trek against. So unless the movie is released in August or earlier, like spring or President’s Day, winter 2012 and specifically Nov. 30th seem like the best date.

86. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - July 28, 2011

I say do it thanks giving of 2012

87. Bartender Boyce - July 28, 2011

With the on-going delays we have seen with this project, I have to agree with others that Paramount has for some reason put ST on the back burner, and I have a terrible feeling we are seeing a slow death of this incredible franchise and possibly a “last call”….I really hope I’m wrong and this next film is a big success – whenever they decide to get it out.

88. Chris M - July 28, 2011

I think Christmas 2012 sounds pretty good!! :-)

Only if the movie will be ready in time though, otherwise I am happy to wait until Summer 2013

89. red dead ryan - July 28, 2011

I still say summer 2013. It’ll give them plenty of time to properly market the sequel overseas and also give us more in the way of quality merchandise this time.

90. Chingatchgook - July 28, 2011

I sometimes wonder why Paramount took the time, money and effort to reboot the series. It’s sort of like buying a nice new Porsche, but never driving it. Do they consider the franchise to be that less important than their other projects? I sometimes wonder.

91. MarjaMaya - July 28, 2011

I wish they would open it Nov 30 2012. Actually I wish they had opened it Nov 2011, but ….

And who cares about other movies? I, for one, will probably see both The Hobbit and Star Trek. I will definitely prioritise Star Trek.

I’ve never understood all the fuss about what else is opening at the time, as if moviegoers only attend one movie a month or something. I suppose some do, but the Trek fans will come out for Trek, and the divided fans will either come later to Trek, or later to The Hobbit or whatever else tickles their SF / fantasy fancy.

If Trek’s success is predicated on the HUGEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER then they may as well forget it.

92. Toothless Grishnar Cat - July 28, 2011

Yes, because GI Joe was SUCH an awesome movie that it deserves not only a sequel, but also priority over Trek. This whole thing reeks of studio suit idiocy.

93. ellison's Ire - July 29, 2011

They should do the next two films back-to-back, or else this is going to be yet another series of films that stops after a trilogy… Yet more proof that Star Trek really belongs on the small(er) screen in terms of having time for character development and telling many interesting stories.

It strikes me that nobody at Paramount has really thought through what to do with Star Trek now… They still have the chance to do a one-off TV movie with Shatner & Nimoy which could address Kirk’s return and these two screen heroes teaming up once more for a happy Trek farewell together – they deserve it! But no Paramount just don’t seem aware of the chances/opportunitues they have…

94. VGer23 - July 29, 2011

I must say, I’ve been generally positive since the last movie was released…but this is bad. All of the momentum and excitement from the last film (with the general viewing public) will be long-gone by the time they get this thing on the screen. It amazes me that this was allowed to slip so far.

#92- It has nothing to do with “priority.” If you read the articles on this subject, it’s because the creative team is starting late and the film simply won’t be ready in time.

95. The 76th Distillation of Blue - July 29, 2011

can we have an option saying just kick abrams off the project. on the poll

96. Janice - July 29, 2011

I’m OK with Spring-Summer 2013.
Just don’t rush it.

97. gingerly - July 29, 2011


That’s tough. I would say winter but for the tough competition that is The Hobbit.

Those summer slots are competition free, so far.

… Especially, that second slot.

I want the movie the clean-up at the box-office, especially if it’s good and deserving. :)

The theaters in my area made so much money from Star Trek because it had great staying power.

If that second summer slot stays pretty competition-free for week to come, I say go for that.

98. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - July 29, 2011

I’m saying Fall 2012. If they have to make it Summer 2013…okay…but please make it a GOOD movie? As good as the last one…not like most other sequels–filled with monsters and noise and CG crap that has nothing to do with the plot. (a la Harry Potter.)

Meanwhile, I’m just living off fanfiction novels…

99. Jack - July 29, 2011

Big movies just seem more exciting in the summer.

98. Did you see the more recent Harry Potters? I’d argue that most of the monsters and noise and CG crap have much to do with the plot. It’s about freakin’ wizards.

100. Romanes Eunt Domus - July 29, 2011

Well said 68. We really need Trek back on the small screen. Trek on a regular basis. This amount of wait is rediculous.

I won’t be watching ANY of the other movies associated with this delay.

101. Desstruxion - July 29, 2011

I’d like to see a Tim Burton take on the franchise.

102. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

101. U.S.S. Gotherprise? A Kirk who paints his fingernails black? A Spock who self harms? I bet he really dug those Remans in Nemesis, they were very dark fairytale. Just throw in Helena Bonham Carter in a black wedding dress and make her Janice Lester. Johnny Depp as Khan.

103. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

That said, Tim Burton would’ve been perfect for Deep Space Nine.

104. Sybok - July 29, 2011

Let Frakes reboot the reboot. JJ and the supreme court are not invested in the true Trek fans. Guarantee the whole cast will not be available.

105. Phil - July 29, 2011

@93. This was always going to end at three. Unlike TOS cast and crew, everyone here involved with the reboot has other projects. This movie was delayed for exactly that reason, everyone was working elswhere.

106. Bill Peters - July 29, 2011

#68 and others, the Cast is Contracted to do at least 2 more Trek Movies after 2009 so they will be there, Also Paramount has no rights to TV and CBS is Completely Divorced from Paramount Pictures and really at this time has no interest in putting Star Trek on the Small Screen, CBS has all the rights except for some DVD Sales and Movies to TV Trek.

I Also Don’t believe this is the Death of Trek as some State, it is a fact that the Old days of Trek being the Sole Project of Producers and Writers is done, Rick Berman did that in when he was at the Helm, He Killed Enterprise at the top of it’ Run and Gave us Nemisis which was supposed to keep Trek Alive but almost Killed it by lack luster Box Office Numbers,

We as Fans have to get used to the Idea that Trek is not the End all and Be all for people who will write Trek for us in the Future, that they have to have lives beyond Trek.

107. Bill Peters - July 29, 2011

Also Nick Myer is now an Insider on Trek, and we want people with Fresh Ideas and new Faces, someone of JJ Caliber who is famous for doing things other then Trek is the way the movies are going to go now, it will be more about who can bring something New to Trek not the same people as before.

Star Trek needs new Ideas and New Blood once in a while, and JJ and crew were that new blood.

108. SoonerDave - July 29, 2011

Heck, why not push it back to Summer 2024? Since the obvious equation is that more time inherently makes a better movie, giving the crew that much time ought to promise a movie that isn’t just great, but spontaneously combusts after the opening credits and then transmutes from a film into an ethereal, existential experience spanning time and space for all.

Or not.

Let’s get it done for Christmas season 2012. At least pretend that we care about not waiting four years for the next film.

109. Dr. Cheis - July 29, 2011

I guess I’m glad it isn’t opening right around The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. Too many movies in such a short span of time might make it hard to find friends to go to all of them with.

110. the Quickening - July 29, 2011

#68, 100

The last thing we need is TREK movies running concurrently with a TREK television series. This is one of the few times when TPTB are right and the fans are dead wrong.

111. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 29, 2011

Re: the new release date we assume Paramount is looking for right now. (Can you release more than one movie on the same day?)

There will be 366 days next year, being that it is leap year. Unfortunately, it does seem the 29 February date has been missed. Given that the very earliest release date can’t be until July 2012 (ref. DL), there will still be 184 days to have this movie made and released until the end of the 2012 year.

However, there appears to be some (obscure) reason why all movies have to be released on a *Friday. That gives the studio approximately 24 Fridays to release this movie until the end of the year.

* It appears that in Australia and NZ, new movies get released on a Thursday.

112. Trekboi - July 29, 2011

a sad hateful part of we wished very bad things for them.

I cant believe they got us all excited over the first film then left us abandoned with nothing of the nu universe but a comic adaption.

They got payed- its just a job to them- they don’t care that they have robbed us of a sequel by the time this film comes out it will be the film the third film should have been

The only way to make up for it is write an epic 2part sequel & film both at the same time- releasing them a year apart- but they are too lazy & self-indulged to do that for us- so what can we hope for another film in 4 years so 3 films in 10 years is all we can get?

These “people” are Killing Star Trek- Putting it on hold & depriving us of new material just so no one else gets payed to work on start trek

Just them
it’s all about them

STAR TREK belongs to the fans- the dream is ours not any production crew & there will be others who can actually do the job- guess we will just have to wait till the actors are too old & they “Re-imagine” it again- hopefully paramount wont let it drag out with these “people” like they did in the Berman years

113. Trekboi - July 29, 2011

The star trek films aside from the 2 Star Trek 1’s (Star trek the motion picture & Star Trek 2009) were never prioritised & they always turned & blamed the fans- said we didnt support it- but they never gave it the support other mainstram movies got.

History repeats itself.

Star trek 2009 is proof if given propper mainstream support by the studio Star trek can succeed but the sequel isn’t & wont succeed- it’s too late- it will bomb & they will blame Star trek itself- lame as he is George Lucas had a Plan for Star Wars & he executed it beautifully with it being the main focus of his career.

Star Trek has no centre- no one person, plan or goal & it is helpless with people just picking its bones for the paycheck.

114. Jason - July 30, 2011

summer 2013 is so far away

115. fanfaron - July 30, 2011

Tak to jest jak sie za scenariusz wzieli dwaj parowkarze ktorzy robia procz ST milion innych szmir i ST ich totalnie sczyszcza, a ten mazgaj Abrams z tym swoim “meee meee nie wiem czy bede rezyserowal” to niech tez zjezdza na drzewo z tym swoim Slusho i maszynownia w browarze, co to mialo byc w ogole

Predzej ST Horizon powstanie niz parowkarze zrobia film

116. p'trick - July 31, 2011

no Star Trek sequel would be fine with me. the current TREK-producers are obviously talented, however they are hardly worthy handlers of the franchise. it there were any doubts about this before TREK2009 came out, i think most old-TREK fans now recognize this.

get TREK back on TV where is has successfully thrived. TREK, on the big screen, has so rarely been successful.

and let JJ and the guys move on to their many, many, MANY other efforts.

117. VZX - July 31, 2011

May 10, 2013. I am happy with that date.

In the meantime, there should be an animated series created.

118. thegermanmatthias - July 31, 2011

Again: Of course those guys have an appointment calendar. Of course they know, when STAR TREK will be on the big screen. Of course this is a part of a clever strategy to make us even more belonging to the new movie. And shit, it functions!

119. Curt - August 1, 2011

Four. Years. Between. Movies.


120. HARRISON!!! - August 1, 2011

Whenever it’s ready, and not before; but the sooner the better, none the less…

121. MarjaMaya - August 1, 2011

Star Trek XII will be supported by the fans, including me, who saw Trek XI over and over. I saw that film 10 times in the theatre!

The general action-film public enjoyed this movie — some became fans and went back to view TOS because of it — and the fans especially loved this movie.

The sequel will do well, and will do spectacularly well if it is written with care and produced by people who love Trek.

The actors are all contracted to do at least 2 more movies. In a way I wish they would write, produce and film the remaining two movies back to back, but they may not be able to.

At any rate, I wish the producers, writers, actors and cew all luck and Godspeed!

I really, really hope they will open the movie on 30 Nov 2012. What a grand Thanksgiving treat it will be!

122. symbi - August 2, 2011

Well, I think Star Trek is more of a summer movie, but if it’s holiday 2012 then we get The Hobbit and Trek within a few weeks of each other, which would be too awesome for words!

123. Keachick (rose pinenut) - August 3, 2011

#122 Yes I know. All our birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, best (summer) holidays coming at once. Oh, to catch a breath…

Now don’t be a bad Bad Robot or does someone have to come and tweak your programming to enable you guys to fulfill our ever so humble expectations…

124. Mortos Der Soul Stealer - August 4, 2011

Doesn’t really matter to me since I won’t be giving Paramount any more of my money for NuTrek. They can wait until Christmas (yes, I said CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not “Holiday” for God’s sake!!!!!!!!!! It’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! We live in America! We celebrate Christmas!!!!!!!!!! It’s a national holiday!!!!! Use the frakkin’ word for Heaven’s sake!!!!! It’s not a curse word!!!!) of 3999 for all I care. Now if they want to actually make a prequel showing the origins of the ORIGINAL crew, something that actually respected Star Trek canon and continuity and could fit into the existing Trek universe, I’d go for that in a heartbeat. I really don’t give a flying targ’s booty how some group of alternate universe copies of the original characters met. Why should I? I haven’t been fans of them for over 25 years of my life. They’re nothing to me. The jj-trek universe is like the Mirror Universe for me. Just another side story in the Trek universe that’s easily forgotten.

125. Keachick (rose pinenut) - August 7, 2011

Are you talking to me or what, you crazed person? I, for one, did write Christmas, but it is also holiday time. I live in New Zealand and we call it the Christmas holidays or summer holidays, which for children, usually start approximately a week before Christmas Day and end in the last week of January or first week of February. For high school and tertiary students, the official holiday time is even longer.

For non-Christians, Christmas Day is simply another public holiday along with several other days at that time of the year in both NZ and America, hence the words Holidays. Incidentally, the word “Holiday” meant Holy Day in Old English.

Stop getting your underwear in knots. You could do yourself an injury.

126. ThePhaige - October 1, 2011

In time… its business. My intuition is something about the script isn’t coming together just yet. It will though. I’m glad to see they aren’t forcing things :)

127. Sagian - October 5, 2011

I just hope the good-ole-boys who screwed up the Enterprise series are taking notes and we can get a decent television series rolling again.

128. Dariya - June 18, 2012

Star Trek has been part of my universe since i could spell it. Its sad to see how its being treated ITs literally neglect Since its past all your dates I will pick May 17 2012 is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.