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Orci & Kurtzman Exploring Possibilities For New Animated Star Trek + Say Sequel Delay Time Not Wasted August 6, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Animated Trek,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness,TAS , trackback

In a new interview Star Trek co-writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have given an update on a possible new animated Star Trek series, saying they would love to do it if they could. They also talked about how all the time waiting for JJ Abrams to finish Super 8 wasn’t wasted. Details below.


Orci & Kurtzman looking in to doing Animated Star Trek

Back in May TrekMovie asked Bob Orci about the possibility of producing a new animated Star Trek series, like he and Alex Kurtzman had done with Transformers: Prime (which recently picked up two Daytime Emmy Awards). At the time Orci responded by saying they had "talked about it." Now in a SDCC radio interview with the My Geek Time radio show the pair gave an animated update:

Orci: We have asked about [an animated Star Trek series]. We have asked what the rights are and who owns it and what are the possibilities. It is a very early – kind of "is this a possibility?" and we are waiting to hear back. But we would love to do it.

Kurtzman: We just had the experience of doing Transformers: Prime on The Hub. We learned a lot from that experience and it would be cool to do something like that from Trek.

So while it is extremely early, it is encouraging news. With the myriad of Star Trek rights between CBS and Paramount, it will likely be complicated to get such a show off the ground. Hopefully Orci and Kurtzman’s experiences on Star Trek and developing new series such as Hawaii Five-O and Transformers: Prime can be leveraged into a new Star Trek animated series, something TrekMovie.com has been advocating for years. A new live-action Star Trek series could possibly conflict with ongoing Star Trek sequels being product by JJ Abrams over the next few years, however an animated series could compliment what the team are doing and help build a new (younger) like LucasFilm has done with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Tongue-in-cheek behind the scenes video for "Transformers: Prime" featuring Kurtzman and Orci

Sequel delay time not wasted + been thinking sequels since 2006/7

In the same SDCC interview Orci and Kurtzman also talked about the delay of the Star Trek movie and how all the time they were waiting for JJ Abrams to finish Super 8 wasn’t wasted:

Kurtzman: One thing that was really good is that even though there was this pressure of a deadline, I think we all felt so strongly that we had to protect Trek. And so we had the luxury while JJ was making [Super 8] and while we were doing other things to take real time to break the story. And for us story is 90% of it. It was great and we felt the confidence that now to move forward. 

Orci: And some of the ideas for the second one came from when we were talking about the first movie. We never do this because we think it is bad luck to think of the next movie and counting your chips…Every movie needs to stand on its own. Part of the reason we went the Nimoy way and made it an alternate universe is because we knew it would free us and free the franchise from what came before so we couldn’t help ourselves from thinking about sequels.

Of course this new universe also creates possibilities for a new animated series as well. Star Trek hasn’t gone animated since the 1970s, even though many other modern film franchises have animated series.

Clip from Star Trek: The Animated Series "The Time Trap" (1973)



POLL: Want Animated Star Trek from Orci and Kurtzman?

What do you think? Orci and Kurtzman are already working on a new comic book series and assisting with the upcoming Star Trek video game, all expanding their new Star Trek universe. Are you ready to see an animated TV show added to that mix?

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1. Edward Magorium - August 6, 2011


Not to pushed about the idea to be honest.

2. Remington Steele - August 6, 2011

Daycent…I love the animated series, but i hope its not the same animation style as their tranformers show….

3. Marc Henson - August 6, 2011

Hope it’s not gonna be CG. I really am starting to hate CG. I’d rather it look anime than be CG.

4. Alec - August 6, 2011

An Orci/Kurtzman animated series…. It might work? They can’t promise anything? I say: Do it! Do it! Do it! (One too many references, there, perhaps!)

Seriously, this is a relatively cheap way to make Trek episodes that could attract a whole new audience AND help the film series, as a tie-in. It would also be an innovative series: most have been live action; and this could utilise special computer graphics, not just the paper animation from Trek in the 70s or whenever…

5. SoonerDave - August 6, 2011

Admitting I’ll be in the minority here, but animated Trek just doesn’t do squat for me. I’d rather see real, live actors on a real, live set. I always was annoyed at the animated Star Trek because I thought, “geez, if they can get everyone to do a cartoon, why can’t they just get everyone to do the real thing?”

And I always thought the animation looked really, really bad, too.


6. Captain Karl - August 6, 2011

as a cartoonist/artist, I wouldn’t mind going along for the ride to help get a star trek animated series off the ground.

7. Basement Blogger - August 6, 2011

A Star Trek animated series would be great. First, don’t make it for kids. Second, make it one hour long. Hard to explore strange new worlds in twenty two minutes. :-) Third, make it in the prime universe. Yeah, call it Star Trek Prime. Why? William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and George Takei are still alive. Deage them ala Tron: Legacy. They could do the voices.

And one request. I’m curious how good the story D.C. Fontana wrote for the abandoned videogame, Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury. Any chance of producing that? It had the original actors doing the voices. Again check out the trailer for the game with CGI cutscenes below.

Here’s another idea. What about a short live action TV series (I know CBS) or direct to DVD movie featuring Captain Pike? This would be Pike right before he meets Kirk in the bar. You could use Bruce Greenwood as Pike. It would be Pike’s last missions before he’s supposed to retire.

Videogame trailer with cool CGI circa 1998 for Star Trek :Secret of Vulcan Fury.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2 with different recorded prologue by William Shatner

8. NCC-73515 - August 6, 2011

If it’s mostly about effects and action, it would work. Think Star Wars.
But if it’s supposed to be about characters, facial expressions, the subtle reactions of a crew… then there is no alternative to real actors.

9. Browncoat1984 - August 6, 2011

#5 “geez, if they can get everyone to do a cartoon, why can’t they just get everyone to do the real thing” because cartoons are a lot cheaper. And yeah, it was 70’s animation, but the stories weren’t bad.

10. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 6, 2011


Although that idea would bomb like nothing has ever bombed before, I think an animated series tied in to the current Star Trek might find enough viewers to avoid cancellation. It’s still a risky propositon, though. And, obviously, it would have to have some kid appeal.

11. Gabriel Bell - August 6, 2011

Anthony,you should update the above with a link to the greatest Star Trek animation ever: that Klingon Propaganda short from a few years back. So great.


12. Odkin - August 6, 2011

Yes, this is definitely what they should be focusing their time and attention on right now .

I still REALLY don’t understand why someone hasn’t moved forward with “Star Trek: Reanimated”, which I suggest be a simple CGI re-animation of the original TAS dialogue tracks.

They could probably find lots of unused takes and edits, and they should definitely have someone re-record the cheesy alien voices that they had Nichols and Doohan do to save money. And get Koenig in there with new dialogue to replace that alien guy.

By FAR the worst fault of TAS was the unwatchable poor quality Filmation animation. The character designs were OK, but the animation was like watching a PowerPoint slide show.

13. Craiger - August 6, 2011

What if they used this type of animation?


14. Captain Hackett - August 6, 2011

If they go ahead with the new animated Star Trek series, I would like to see the series is based on USS Kelvin. :)

15. Vultan - August 6, 2011

Something in the style of Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series) would be interesting for Trek. Although, Timm’s at Warner Bros…. so I doubt they would be willing to share him with another studio.

Or… maybe something like the upcoming Tron animated series would probably work for Trek, with a combination of CGI and traditional animation.

Tron: Uprising trailer:

16. Karen Brown - August 6, 2011

With DECENT animation (namely, NOT anime, CGI or whatever that intentionally (I hope) horribly drawn stuff) and good story lines, made for adults, and good voice work, I’d enjoy this. If they can’t get the actors, they can do like Clone Wars, feature a different Federation starship, with interactions with the Enterprise, but doing their own missions would be interesting to watch.

17. Karen Brown - August 6, 2011

Because I’m really sick of cartoons and animated series that look like they were drawn by tipsy 5 year olds on an Etch-a-Sketch. At first, sure, could be its own source of humor, or try to distance themselves from the fact that they were making a CARTOON while, well, making a cartoon by looking like they didn’t take it seriously. Now, with every other one done that way, just looks like they’re too lazy or cheap to hire people who can draw.

18. Clinton - August 6, 2011

At best we will get a new Trek movie every 2 to 3 years. Each will only be about 2 hours long and will need to focus on big stories. Hardly enough time to really get to know this version of the universe. An animated series is a way to have many more stories with more personal interplay. Bring it!

19. rm10019 - August 6, 2011

Make it so Orci and Kurtzman, and institute an open submission policy like Michael Piller did and the folks at Strange New Worlds :)

20. chrisfawkes.com - August 6, 2011

I would like an animated series based on the second five year mission after Kirk is demoted to captain and given back the Enterprise at the end of Star Trek 4.

21. Basement Blogger - August 6, 2011

@ 10

Animation is not just for kids. See the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. And certainly The Family Guy, Futurama, and The Simpsons are not just for kids. There’s plenty of adult humor there. Check out the recent direct to DVD, “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.” (2011) Again not just for kids, and in fact if some of the violence in the film happened to humans, it would have been rated “R.”

The technology in animation has advanced quite a bit since 1997. If you check out the cutscenes for Star Trek: Secret of Vuclan Fury, the visuals are pretty good. Spock looks like Spock. And check out McCoy’s expression. And that’s 1997. If you deage the prime characters, they will look young. See Tron: Legacy. Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner were deaged. And it looked amazing. Just because it features the prime characters, doesn’t mean it would bomb. Unless, the argument becomes Trekkers hate the prime characters. And I still believe that science fiction fans still love the prime characters. Regardless, we’re deaging them so the argument that they’re too old doesn’t work here. .

As far as kid appeal, remember this is Star Trek. As Leonard Nimoy likes to say, it works on multiple levels. Adventrue. Uplifting and Provocative. When I was a kid, I liked the adventure parts, and got some of the provocative stuff. Later on when I became a teenager, I got the provocative stuff. Regardless, the adventure elements of Star Trek will always appeal to kids. Remember all the fist fights and space battles in the original series?

22. Richard C. - August 6, 2011

I would love to see this, just so long as it isn’t too geared towards kids. It needs to be something that the entire fan base can enjoy. It also needs to have an interesting plot, memorable characters, and quality animation.

23. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 6, 2011

I voted yes …

…and about “Sequel delay time not wasted” … a big “HMMMMM” …

:-) :-)

24. Sebastian S. - August 6, 2011

How about just finishing the next bloody movie FIRST before we start talking about off-shoots, OK?

25. DJT - August 6, 2011

I don’t see myself racing home from work to watch a cartoon – Star Trek or not.

As opposed to when DS9 was on, back in the day, where I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

26. Chingatchgook - August 6, 2011

With all due respect, this kind of smells of ‘The Clone Wars’. I’m sure that Star Wars fans would have much preferred another movie rather than a cartoon series. As a Trek fan, I would much prefer a new and really good TV series, a cartoon series just doesn’t cut it.

27. Rick Sternbach - August 6, 2011

Hmmm…Trek done by the anime folks who did GITS or the Patlabor movies, directed by Oshii. That would be amazing. Any CG would have to be at least as good as Appleseed or Vexille or the Mass Effect games, or better. The Clone Wars style is a bit too cartoony for me.

28. red dead ryan - August 6, 2011


Hey, if a new animated series were to happen perhaps they’d hire you to design ships and technology for it?

29. C Mosenko - August 6, 2011

A suggestion for a new animated series:

I suggest something different, the USS Kelvin. I think if they did it right, we could get to know the crew of the Kelvin. I thought it would be interesting. Everyone here has a suggestion though.

30. Adam C - August 6, 2011

bring me live action tv series or bring me death!

31. Nano - August 6, 2011

Question what Era would this take place in? I would like to see Star Trek Titan!
If the animation was tailored for young adults and up then yes! Clone Wars lost my interest after only a few episodes. It would be nice also if Trek would except “Fan” contribution!

32. Nano - August 6, 2011

Star Trek in Beowulf fashion would be very interesting!

33. Joe - August 6, 2011

I am all for an animated series. I would most certainly watch it. Maybe it can even help my two great nephews to get into Star Trek which they have never done before and that includes the 2009 movie.

34. TyrannicalFascist - August 6, 2011

Here’s some of my suggestions.Take them as you will, but I’ve grown up in the modern cartoon era (80’s-now), and I’ve picked up on a few of the smart trends.

1. Don’t aim it exclusively at kids. Star Trek’s fanbase is huge, you don’t want to alienate them just to sell toys. The Clone Wars has recently gotten darker and more adult because they discovered this. Shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League were immensely popular because it didn’t treat it’s audience like kids. Kid’s aren’t stupid, and if anything they WANT more adult stories. Even kids’ shows can still be dark and interesting, like Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM version). If your story is good, toys will sell themselves.

2. Have story arcs, or at least an overall main story arc. One of the things that bugged me until recently in The Clone Wars is that the episodes were too random, and didn’t seem to be developing anything in any direction. We already knew what happened to most of the characters, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have interesting developments. At the same time, make sure not to have too many story arcs going unsolved for long. One of the problems with Spider-Man The Animated Series was that almost no story arcs were completed when it was cancelled, after 5 years.

3. I’d hope that any animated Trek would be traditional 2D animation, but if it is CG, then I’d like to see an interesting style that doesn’t scream kids cartoon. Again, the style of Batman: The Animated Series is part of what made it stand out over other shows at the time. The animated series should look distinctive amongst other shows past and present.

4. Don’t settle for all “cartoon voice actors”. Not that there’s anything wrong with the usual cartoon voices, it’s just that traditional actors and cartoon actors have a different way of approaching voice work. Cartoon voice actors tend to create an exaggerated voice for their role, while it would be much better to hire traditional actors based on their existing voice and range. Imagine if all Romulans had to talk in fake exaggerated Irish accents or something. Voice work is something DC animated series and movies has excelled at. Cast the person first, then develop the voice, like with Worf and Odo.

5. Don’t try to be “hip” or “cool”. This will immediately date the series. Make it about the characters, the journey/adventure, and let the characters’ own personalities develop to make them appealing.

6. Probably one of my biggest hopes and suggestions – please, please, please, please use an orchestra for the music. Even if it’s just for the opening and closing credits, this really helps the quality immensely. Again, Batman: The Animated Series is a fantastic example. Synthesized music is okay for background ambiance, but when it’s used for themes it often sounds cheap and forgettable.

Since this is the internet, not everyone will agree with what I’ve posted, but I hope that Orci & Kurtzman and whatever powers may determine this possibility read my suggestions, from someone who has grown up with Star Trek and cartoons his whole life. I would hope the goal of a new Animated Trek would be that it could hold its own with the other series.

35. Dr. Image - August 6, 2011

Kelvin- yes. But NOT animated!

36. rogerachong - August 6, 2011

I just started to watch the old ST Animated series and just saw the episode “Yesteryear”. In this episode spock has to return through the guardian time portal to save himslf as a child from an animal during some Vulcan coming of age ritual. I had to say bingo since it is clear that some of the words that Ben Cross delivered in ST2009 are almost identical to the advice old Spock said to the younger Spock in this episode. In that episode young Spock also got into a fight and was teased by his fellow young vulcans mates. His father Sarek also spoke of the two paths to choose and so on. Clearly Orci and K looked at the animated series and were inspired by it. Nice job of avoiding too close a copying of the text of this episode. A nice strategy to learn from.

37. red dead ryan - August 6, 2011

Any new Trek animated series would have to take place in the new timeline. With Alex and Bob on board, nobody would have to worry about the series contradicting the movies. It would also be a great way to expand the mainstream audience for the movies.

A prime timeline series would just be taking Trek back into the past. It would be a nostalgia trip. We don’t need anymore of those!

38. vantheman77 - August 6, 2011

I think it’s time we get a new Star Trek animated series based on the original series/ movie reboot characters that could compliment the sequels. Interesting point that a live-action Star Trek sequels may conflict with the sequels as they don’t want any mythology clashes.

39. Jim Nightshade - August 6, 2011

Yes-good idea–also have many scifi authors write the stories,part of what made tos so good–animation style is important—i think part traditional part cgi like tron uprising would work the best-like tron the cartoon would be more technical than most other animated shows–whatever timeline used could still do episodes with stories from tos could use original voices in etc–also think its important orci/kurts are involved as stories would need to be modern paced,peppy n cool not dry scifi—

40. Vultan - August 6, 2011

The Kelvin was interesting, but why set an entire series (animated or not) around a ship, a captain, and first officer with an expiration date? We already know what happens to them! Talk about anticlimactic.

New series. New ship. New crew.
And so many possibilities…

41. Hugh Hoyland - August 6, 2011

Now this would really really rock. And its exactly whats needed right now.
Something Trek related on TV that can hold people over in between movies. I have my fingers crossed on this! :]

And Bob keep that live action series in the back of your mind to ;]

42. Richard C. - August 6, 2011

My loss of interest in the Clone Wars was due in part to the animation style used. Obi Wan’s wooden beard is still kinda funny though! XD

43. JOE S HILL - August 6, 2011

As a fan of the original “STAR TREK”,i find the idea of trying to do another
animated version of this classic series,to be a very BAD idea! Filmation
Associates,although not exactly perfect in 1973,achived a major milestone
for the TREK franchise,,as this wonderful,but defunct studio had also moved
further-on years later,with their “FLASH GORDON”pilot film-written by Sam
A Peeples,synonomous with TREK history. Filmation cartoons were not
perfect,,until their FLASH GORDON movie got made,,and it is an ironic
tragedy that Paramount could not have given Filmation the type of money,
to have made a superior STAR TREK cartoon,with that outstanding type of
animation that the studio used on FLASH GORDON years later, today,if an
animated version of STAR TREK is done,it will likely be CGI made-which is
a total cheat! as for the new producers who are currently doing the rebooted
HAWAII FIVE-O,their version seriously stinks!-and the thought of these
“producers” doing STAR TREK material,stinks beyond the farthest star!!

44. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - August 6, 2011

I’ve longed for a new animated series all my life.

45. Sybok's Secret Brother - August 6, 2011

Do it.

46. Hugh Hoyland - August 6, 2011

And a question, did you direct the above clip Bob lol?

47. Buzz Cagney - August 6, 2011

Why not. Unless it creates yet further delays to the movie of course. Oh, sorry, I meant to say further ‘time not wasted’.

48. thegermanmatthias - August 6, 2011

an animated series is a great idea. today it is possible to produce those even in 3D, although the appearance of the “clone wars” characters seems somehow too strange.

the series should be, in my opinion, in the late tng-era. in “countdown” i have seen, bob orci had a few good ideas about what happens e.g. to data /b4. certainly they could create a story around the first timeline : what happened to the next generation after nemesis and after the “nero”-event. so it would be possible to put a version of “countdown” (how it would fit to the movie) into the series!
in my opinion it should be NO series about the new timeline!!! financially thinking: with a tng – series possibly a lot of antagonists of the new movies would come back onboard. fan-view-thinking: it would feel much better if the producers of the new movies would officially “embrace” the TNG – era and would help that era to … i am missing the right words…” rise like the phoenix out of the ashes”. You know what i mean?

49. Buzz Cagney - August 6, 2011

#48 Further TNG timeline stories are just not going to happen. The new fans they have so courted just wouldn’t be interested. And speaking for myself, as an old time fan, neither would I.

50. thegermanmatthias - August 6, 2011

with “3d” i mean “not 2D” ;)

51. thegermanmatthias - August 6, 2011

#49 you would not be interested? wait until you would see it ;)

52. thegermanmatthias - August 6, 2011

i forgot to mention… they could make that series like the vanguard-series! the enterprise not in the midst of everything. just flying by from time to time ;)

53. Buzz Cagney - August 6, 2011

#51 but thats the point, I wouldn’t bother watching it.
TNG era has been done to death. Sorry. Just imo, of course.

54. Andrew - August 6, 2011

I agree that any animated series should take place in the new universe. I’m assuming that it would be too difficult or cost too much for the series to revolve around the Enterprise since you probably couldn’t get all the actors to voice their characters unless the series was really short.

My idea then is to have the series be based on the Vanguard books in the new timeline and the Enterprise guest starring with the movie actors occasionally. The mythology of the books lends itself perfectly to a television series and there are enough characters and ships to focus on to keep it interesting. The mystery of the meta-genome and the Taurus Reach as well as the seedy underworld dealings of the Orions are enough to fill a series. Plus, the Taurus Reach is supposed to be located a ways from Federation space so the series doesn’t have to conflict too much with anything going on in the movies. I think anyone whose read the books would agree it would make a cool series.

55. Thomas - August 7, 2011


If you and Kurtzman have let it be known that you’re interested in the possibility of a series, can we assume that you two might have in idea in mind?

56. Greenberg - August 7, 2011

Leave it alone, boys. Live action or bust!

57. Buzz Cagney - August 7, 2011

#55 I wouldn’t asume that! They’ll be asking us what we’d like to see first- then they’ll be picking up the cheque’s for it!
Nice work……. if you can get it.

58. CmdrR - August 7, 2011

Only if it’s done well, and not just to sell junk to kids and overgrown kids.

By the way, WTF? Transformers vs. Cylons?

59. Dac - August 7, 2011

As an animator, an animated Trek series is a dream of mine.

60. Cervantes - August 7, 2011

Okay, here’s the thing. Personally I’m hoping for some kind of eventual live-action ‘Trek’ series to get greenlit again before too long in the future.

However, I’d also love to see a new animated ‘Trek’ show too, considering some of the potential animated styles available at this point. With decent stories, it could be great. Even if it’s to follow the look and feel of the ‘alternate timeline’ set-up by the ‘TOS’-inspired Trek 2009 reboot.

But in addition to that, what I’d MOST dearly love to see on the Trek ‘animation’ front, is the original ‘animated’ TOS series by ‘Filmation’ remastered with an updated, more dynamic style, but using the original voices etc. as has been previously suggested. Now THAT would be awesome!

There’s no reason we couldn’t get that as well, one day, is there? Wishful thinking I know.

61. Geek_Girl - August 7, 2011

I’ve suggested this before, if you guys want the perfect example of animated TV look no further than Gargoyles. Beautiful animation, fantastic stories and great voice actors – Keith David, Salli Richardson, Brent Spiner and of course Jonathon Frakes to name a few. If you can come up with something half as good as Gargoyles I would be very happy.

62. Christopher Roberts - August 7, 2011

Maybe… if it’s set in the Prime Universe.

Why not take Shatner’s novels Ashes of Eden and The Return, make animated features out of them? He gets to bring back Kirk to life, we get could’ve been films set between Star Trek VI, Generations and First Contact. TOS actors and voice likenesses for those sadly departed in the first. Bill and Leonard alongside TNG actors in the second.

63. Christopher Roberts - August 7, 2011

Star Trek Enterprise “Filmation-style” Season 5



Body scans are nothing new. It’s basically how Art Asylum initially did the figures of Enterprise actors like Scott Bakula and the rest.

The way technology is, they could do that with them or the 2009 cast and just manipulate performances, action etc in computer animation.

64. Jeyl - August 7, 2011

I would like see “Star Trek: Final Frontier” get an off the ground.


65. Frank Fischer - August 7, 2011

Yes, please BRING BACK Star Trek to TV! :-)))) I would prefer a real-life series but a well done and not childish animated series could be interesting to! Definetly good news! :-)))

66. Richard C. - August 7, 2011

They need to do a Robot Chicken Star Trek.

67. Denise de Arman - August 7, 2011

A new animated Trek has unlimited potential for exciting, in-depth storylines, character development and audience emotional investment for children and adults alike. If set in the new alternate universe, it would almost certainly create more interest in the movies produced by the Supreme Court. A no-brainer in popularizing the new ST universe that the new production team has presented to us in the last movie.

Of course, it goes without saying that the storylines, graphics and CGI special effects MUST be top-knotch to cater to the high expectations out there. Great potential for getting more butts in seats for the up-coming movie (whenever it is released).

68. trekker 5 - August 7, 2011

I said yes,any Trek on TV would be awesome,I think they could get it done right. As far as the time not wasted;I should hope not,but,I guess we won’t really know untill the movie comes out in…God only knows when!! :)

69. Bring Back Trek - August 7, 2011

I’d love to see to Trek back on TV but I voted no in this instance since I expect the “Supreme Court” would pretty much deliver a diet of action/adventure stories rather than thoughtful science fiction dramas. I would rather see noted genre authors take the lead in any revival of future Star Trek TV series – animated or not. Please no kiddie Trek. I was 8 years-old when I discovered and fell in love with Star Trek and I did not need to be pandered by juvenile characters and plotlines.

70. Dom - August 7, 2011

Animation’s a no-brainer for Trek. Moreover, they’ve already got the first animated series as raw material which could be redone with modern animation and keep the original actors’ voices, so 22 eps of the run are already sorted!

There’s no limit to what could be done with a cartoon series. Keep the episodes short and well-paced with the occasional multi-episode arc that can be marketed as a standalone movie and most of us will be happy!

71. Kirk, James T. - August 7, 2011

YES!!!!!! Fantastic for kids, fantastic for CBS, fantastic for Star Trek. An animated series not for the OLD fans but for the YOUNG fans Star Trek desperately needs.

If theres going to be anything to get kids into Star Trek and into buying Star Trek toys, and thus making a huge amount of money for Paramount and CBS, it’s getting an exciting, action adventure driven (but with the hidden moral tales Trek is renowned for) animated Star Trek series onto the TV screens.

It’s amazing this hasn’t been done before to be honest but it was also amazing that JJ Abrams movie hadn’t been done before with Star Trek so its better late than never!

Star Wars, Batman, Spider-Man, Transformers all of those big franchises have animated series that continue to add another depth to each franchise and more importantly encouraging a younger audience to get enthused and excited about each. Star Trek NEEDS this like it needed Abrams.

I’d say that CBS own the animated series rights and that it would be shown either on Nickelodeon or The Hub.

With Hasbro doing the toys! Star Trek sorted.

72. Jack - August 7, 2011

Only if it’s great and each episode is truly Trek-worthy. I think doing this well would be really, really tough…

73. Kirk, James T. - August 7, 2011

The thing is…

Star Trek for kids is going to have to be more action orientated – yes I’m sure you were a baby and liked Star Trek – but the majority of Kids want explosions and action.

Leonard Nimoy pointed this out on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan blu-ray special features regarding Trek’s longevity.

He said that Star Trek appealed to kids of the 1960s because it had two levels – on the face of it, it was an action adventure story with cool ships and fist fights with Kirk and some alien, once that kid grew up he or she then began to see something more to the story than just action.

This I think was something Star Trek lost during the Berman years, it didn’t maintain that youth appeal and began to tell straight up adult themed stories with more emphasis on what was at one time a hidden moral amongst action and adventure stories. It became boring for Kids to watch.

So now here we have a chance to change all that to steer Trek back to it’s routs and to try and get this franchise appealing to the kids again. An animated series like Transformers: Prime or Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be great because beyond the action and adventure, you have at the core of each story a moral, especially with Clone Wars.

Its time that the guys doing Trek at the moment understand that whilst it’s important to maintain the relationship between the established fan-base, it’s far more important to the longevity of Star Trek to begin appealing more so to the kids that will eventually grow up and find a whole new aspect of Star Trek that eluded them as kids.

It’s no good listening to the fans who prattle on about Abrams Star Trek not being Star Trek enough or that The Supreme Court will only ever make action adventure Star Trek – these are the fans who’ve seemingly forgotten the very nature of what made Star Trek, Star Trek. Either as a result of growing up with the likes of DS9 or Voyager or just blind ignorance to the basic elements that made Star Trek so appealing and everlasting.

The kids are our future and it’s with the kids that this franchise is going to last another 40 years. Its time for Paramount, CBS, Orci, Abrams, Kurtzman, Lindeloff and Burke to embrace that.

74. Jeff - August 7, 2011

I would also like to see “Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury” made into an animated movie, since they already have all of the voices recorded.

75. Ivory - August 7, 2011

Make it “official Trek” and I would be interested.

76. I'm Dead Jim! - August 7, 2011

Maybe I’m too old but animated Trek holds very little interest to me. It makes me feel like we’re settling on that while we wait for a live action movie every five years `caue god forbid w step on those toes with a live action TV show. I like the JJ Trek but it’s like we’re being held hostage and, by the way, here’s a cartoon you can watch while you wait.

Ugh. Well, I guess it is better than nothing.

77. BringBackKirkPrime - August 7, 2011

73. Yes, Secret of Vulcan Fury would be so amazing with the original cast voices and a great story by D.C. Fontana. Done with modern animation, that would really rock.
While they are at it, they should redo the original animated series with better effects, etc.

78. Christopher Roberts - August 7, 2011

75. I for one would like to see the hostage tape showing proof of life in the old universe…

79. dmduncan - August 7, 2011

I’m all for a Star Trek animated series but I hope they will consider a fresh animation style rather than copying the idea of some other show. It should have a unique look all its own so that the animation itself isn’t a generic template and is cool enough by itself to attract interest.

80. Christopher Roberts - August 7, 2011

77. (additional) forgot smilie, indicating I can be both serious and joke at the same time.

81. Christopher Roberts - August 7, 2011

Can anyone who’s seen Transformers Prime clue me in? The masks indicate it’s set in the Michael Bay continuity. That’s probably the way to predict the way things will go.

82. Christopher Roberts - August 7, 2011

Bob and Alex, could do a lot worse than sound out ideas with Manny Coto. The guy basically came in and improved Enterprise back in 2004/5 and had ideas where he’d have taken the Prime Universe. That show being “implied” to exist both there and in the Abrams Universe, might there not be some crossover way to do an animated series… catering to everybody?

83. Jesustrek - August 7, 2011

Orci si se realiza lo de la serie animada siempre y cuando subas a Guionistas como DC fontana,Manny Coto solo por dar un ejemplo.


84. Korr - August 7, 2011

I vote for an animated CG series but I would it expect to be a way more realistic style than the clone wars even so I have to admit that I very much like the clonewars style but I simply would expect star trek to be different and it’s own way unique.

Don’t want to have a transformers Prime style cause it’s kind of too primitiv for a star trek show. I bet that a lot of people agree at this point.

85. Chadwick - August 7, 2011

I would much rather a new liveaction tv series. Something with some similar elements to BSG, to be in the original universe and in the future beyond Nemesis.

86. Gary Makin - August 7, 2011

Ideally, there should’ve been a new TOS animated series in 2009 or 2010, but better late than never.

Maybe the better episodes of TAS could be remade (or, as suggested, TAS should be reanimated in addition to this).

Have an open submission policy for stories again – doesn’t have to be full teleplays; synopses or treatments would do (and be quicker to sift through).

87. RoyalUsher - August 7, 2011

I’m genuinely enjoying Star Wars The Clone Wars, Transformers Prime, Young Justice and the new ThunderCats on Cartoon Network.

I can’t imagine Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman PASSING UP the opportunity of making an animated Star Trek television show and I hope they’ll push forward with producing an animated Trek series. It’s be a great way to pull the young of this era into Star Trek.

I’m a big Star Trek and Star Wars fan. My only hope is that they won’t make it CGI like Transformers Prime. I hope it’ll be traditionally animated in an anime style like the new ThunderCats series on Cartoon Network.

88. Kev -1 - August 7, 2011

I’d love an animated series if it was Prime Universe, with TOS actors doing voices, and not aimed at kids. Neither is likely. I think this production team should focus on Star Trek 2009s sequel first, though.

89. CaptainDonovin - August 7, 2011

I don’t know, still have never seen TAS but have watched most of Clone Wars. I’d give it a watch.

90. LukasKetner - August 7, 2011

I’m all for an animated series and/or animated features. The animated DC Universe movies that get released every six months or so are top notch. I think they should follow that model.

I’ve wanted animated NuTrek badly enough for a while that I do my own designs in my spare time. Here’s a possible look for Kirk; admittedly this is a little kid-oriented:


91. RAMA - August 7, 2011

Tron Uprising style animation sounds like a good idea….hope it makes it.

92. RPelkey - August 7, 2011

If they do an animated series I would say lets finish of enterprise in the animated series and lead it up to Kirk. there is a lot of time in the last season of Enterprise the was missed to through in the last episode which was the founding of Federation.

93. Jeyl - August 7, 2011

@81: “Can anyone who’s seen Transformers Prime clue me in? The masks indicate it’s set in the Michael Bay continuity. That’s probably the way to predict the way things will go.”

It’s not. The biggest difference being that Arcee is in it and she’s actually one of the competent characters, unlike her three counterparts in Revenge of the Fallen. And you know Bob and Alex are better suited for Television when Arcee in the movie is the only autobot to be killed three times over when compared to their TV series where she’s one of the main reoccurring characters.

I have a feeling if they did an animated take on their Star Trek, Uhura would be the first officer of the Enterprise. That would be quite a step up from her movie depiction where all she does on the Enterprise is listen to nothing.

94. Holger - August 7, 2011

I could convince myself to watch the rebootiverse in animation. In this form, it’s not to be taken too seriously, just like TAS.

95. red dead ryan - August 7, 2011


Why would Uhura suddenly be first officer on the Enterprise in an animated series? She’d still be communications officer, with Spock remaining first officer.

96. AJ - August 7, 2011

TAS’s appeal in its time was the fact that is was able to attract sci-fi writers, some of whom had contributed to TOS. The show, regardless of its simple animation style, was appealing to adults as well, and as a kid, made me put on my thinking cap every Saturday morning.

It’s be nice if that were a part of any new animated series as well.

97. Adolescent Nightmare - August 7, 2011

Yes to an animated series. It could show us what the crew is doing in between movies, and since it’s not live action it would not cheapen the movies or make them less special.

98. Maximus Decimus Meridius - August 7, 2011

Re-animate the 70’s shows with CG.
I read the stories were good but the animation was un watchable.
With today’s CG technology, the show could look almost “live”.
Shatner & Nimoy could still do the voice overs. But time is running out.

99. Jeyl - August 7, 2011

@95. I don’t know, but I like the idea. :)

And what’s the harm in someone else besides Spock being the first officer? It would make Kirk and Spock beaming down on a potentially dangerous planet look less ridiculous by leaving someone with appropriate rank in command of the Enterprise.

100. Pauln6 - August 7, 2011

#34 says it all for me. I was always keen on seeing a second 5-year mission set post TMP because it was the one time that all the characters were posted on the ship at the same time plus they had all those nifty alien crewmembers to play with. I even wrote a cheesey cross-over story on Youtube, called Angels of Acheron, that was founded on a similar premise. There was a lot of story potential there.

They must realise that this new cast is unlikely to want to spend the next 20 years making Star Trek movies (most sign up for three) so mooting an animated show that can have greater longevity is a smart move if the rights issues can be resolved. If they’re keeping an eye on the upcoming comic series, it might point them in the right direction – so anyone who wants this animated thing to get off the ground should seriously consider buying the comic and letting them know what you think.

101. Ahmed Abdo - August 7, 2011

I don’t care much about an animated series, what they should do is to start shooting the movie, like yesterday.

As for future Star Trek project, a live action series is what they should focus on, not this animated series.

With all due respect to Orci and Kurtzman , Paramount should get someone else to work on any future Star Tek TV projects.

102. TyrannicalFascist - August 7, 2011

I also second adapting “Secret of Vulcan Fury”. Maybe it could be a direct-to-dvd movie like what DC has been doing. The voicework is done, and it could be cg or traditional 2D.

103. dmduncan - August 7, 2011

Off topic: Saw The Changeup yesterday, and there’s a Star Trek reference from Ryan Reynolds. I always thought he looked the part of Kirk, and his “Kirk out” line gave me a chill.

104. VZX - August 7, 2011

A new animated series HAS to be about Kirk and crew on the Enterprise. But it should NOT have to follow the new movie canon.

I think it would be cool to get the new movie actors to do the voices, but I know it’s a stretch.

105. Jack - August 7, 2011

88. TOS actors, except McCoy and Scotty… hmmm. They probably couldn’t afford Shatner. I wonder if Nimoy would come out of retirement again for it? Was TAS done when everybody had pretty slim pickings, jobwise?

I wonder, if set in this new universe, if it would be different voice actors, and not the movie guys… like they did with The Clone Wars stuff.

106. C Mosenko - August 7, 2011

The USS Kelvin ould be anti climatic? We know how it ends for them. But we don’t know anything about the crew of the Kelvin. Perhaps the engineer was going to be a ship designer. Who was the person that got sucked out into space? The captain seemed like a good guy. Getting to know the crew would bring new meaning to how it ends. I thought it would be neat to know about them. We then get to learn why the destruction of theKelvin had such a big effect on the time line. Obviously this ship is integral to the history of Star Fleet.

107. Mel - August 7, 2011

I would like to see an animated series. :-)

By the way has JJ Abrams agreed to make the next movie now? The last I heard, he hasn’t made a decision yet.

108. Dr. Cheis - August 7, 2011

If they’re to do an animated Trek, I have only 3 requirements:

1) Don’t hire new voice actors to do old characters.
2) Treat it like it’s cannon from the beginning, and don’t disregard it when you release the next movie.
3) Put it on a network I actually have access to. =D (I really would watch Transformers: Prime, if I could.)

109. 12YearOldTrekker - August 7, 2011

Yes please!!! This’ll be the only reason to watch cartoons on Saturday Mornings (with the exception of Spider-Man, which got canceled :( ).

110. Vultan - August 7, 2011


Then get someone to write a novel about the Kelvin’s backstory.
Don’t waste what precious little space (no pun intended) Trek has on television with another case of bland prequel-itis (The Clone Wars).

111. Excelsior - August 7, 2011

With a different writing team at the helm, this mght be an interesting prospect, but I’ve been consistently underwhelmed by Orci & Kurtzman’s output, so I’m hoping this doesn’t happen – or at least gets postponed until a different creative team (with better story-writing chops) is attached to a potential animated project.

112. Magic_Al - August 7, 2011

How about redoing the Filmation series using the original voice track? The Filmation episodes look like animatic storyboards because their budget could only buy so many hand-drawn cels and they didn’t have computers. New animation, new music, but use the Alexander Courage theme and/or Jerry Goldsmith theme.

113. Thomas - August 7, 2011

I’d watch a new animated series, at least long enough to see if it’s worth hanging with. As for remaking (or re-animating) TAS episodes, that holds no personal interest for me at all, not to mention the likely morass of legal and rights issues that would have to be sorted. It seems it would be honestly easier and more worthwhile, just to launch their own new series.

114. Richard C. - August 7, 2011

Does anybody remember the animated movies they did with Batman, Halo, the Matrix, and Dante’s Inferno?

They should do that with Star Trek.

115. Capt. of the U.S.S. Anduril - August 7, 2011

Give us an animated series based either on the new comics featuring the new crew, OR(and I would like this idea more) the adventures of the commander and crew of the Starship Kelvin.

116. Battle-scarred Sciatica - August 7, 2011

I like the “protect Star Trek” quote.

Good on ya Orci. It is a bit disappointing with the delays and such but I know it will be worth the wait.
As far as I am concerned you have saved my beloved Trek and for that I thank you and all the others involved.

…and on the animated front….were you not a character in the 80’s animated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe….the little floating fella with the pointy hat?????

……..ooooohhh! That was Orco………….related in any way?

I am sure you will do a grand job…..

Avoid CGI if considering an animated series, IMHO.


117. Craiger - August 7, 2011

If they did a new animated series would it be cool to set it on another Enterprise after the E? They could even still have a Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Checkov but they would be their decendents.

118. Jason P Hunt - SciFi4Me.com - August 7, 2011

I wouldn’t be opposed to a new TREK animated, whether it’s anime or Filmation style. But please, for the love of Surak, keep Orci & Co away from it. JJTrek was bad enough.

119. Andrew - August 7, 2011

Oh pretty please make an animated Trek. I would LOVE that!

120. Keachick (rose pinenut) - August 7, 2011

Frankly, all I am interested in right now is getting the sequel filmed and in cinemas. I don’t really care whether another TV or animated Star Trek series get done at this point. Bad Robot have been sidetracked enough already, either by their own choices or by Paramount, which is why the sequel is delayed.

Doing a good full length movie is what is important now. The focus should be on that. TV/animation/whatever series can wait.

I like Hawaii-Five-O. I especially like the interaction between the two main characters and not to mention seeing that awesome scenery… The only problem is that here, TV3 has put the second series in the “graverobber” slot (11.30pm Monday nights) due to poor ratings, even though they acknowledge that the series (the first) does have its fans (already?!). Seriously, it’s one of those wtf moments and those moments are happening far too often…UGH! I don’t know how they come by these so-called ratings. Nobody has ever asked me or anyone I’ve ever known about what they like or don’t like to watch on TV.

Another reason why I couldn’t care squat if they make another Star Trek TV anything – as soon as something gets started, somebody decides to can it or relegate the show to some ungodly hour where few people will get to see, leading to inevitable poor ratings (ie advertising revenue) and cancellation. It is such a crock. Sick of the bs.

121. Pensive's Wetness - August 7, 2011

what i would like, is not to concentrate one hero ship. do stories that cover a wide canvas of of the Star Trek universe. yeah it costs a little more because you have to hire more voice attacking but it’ll keep the material from becoming boring or retread…

122. Spike - August 7, 2011

I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even look at the title….If it has Orci and Kurtzman on it, I’m gonna watch or read it. There is nothing they can’t do. So absolutely a new animated series. Please guys.

123. Capt. of the U.S.S. Anduril - August 7, 2011

@118 GTFO

124. PM1701 - August 7, 2011

>>122 They haven’t been doing a good job on Transformers that much, though. I will be going to watch the third installment but just for the CGI, 3D rendition and Ken Jeong. Wasn’t there a drama series that got canceled too?

If Paramount ever goes for an animated Star Trek, I hope they get a Japanese animation studio to tackle the key animation(like Telecom Animation, they’re great with not-so-anime-like styles. I was really disappointed with what Studio 3C did with Thundercats though…), especially if the stories revolve character-wise. They’re the best with subtlety and expressions.

125. Charla - August 7, 2011

Agree # 122- I’m in!!

And though I am older I still find certain animation, both drawn and computerized, as art that I enjoy looking at while watching and listening to a good story.

126. Bob Tompkins - August 7, 2011

Abtams’ Star Trek movie just shattered into a million pieces for me plotwise. Spock, knowing how supremely dangerous Red Matter is, would never have surrendered to Nero. The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one. He would have done exactly what youngSpock did at the end of the movie, elimionating the threat of Nero, his ship and Red Matter all in one fell swoop.

127. Lukas Ketner - August 7, 2011

Sure, because there’s NO way the Narada would have superior weapons AND a superior tractor beam to keep a ship it just surprised at arms length.

128. Rusty0918 - August 7, 2011

#126 – Yeah, there’s a lot of serious problems with the plot.

As with the animated series, it all depends on how it’s done.

129. Alex Rosenzweig - August 7, 2011

In general, I have no problem at all with an animated series. I enjoyed ST: TAS very much (still do, really), and even the “Starship Farragut” animated episodes were very good. And there’s lots of room for other styles and modes of presentation. I think the medium is a solid one.

That said, I would be hard-pressed to generate any interest whatsoever in an alternate universe Trek, so if it weren’t primeverse, it already loses much of my interest.

130. chrisfawkes.com - August 8, 2011

The holodeck came from the animated series.

Also there was one animated episode where they were looking after an ambassador who looked like a tall yoda and he spoke with his sentences jumbled around. I’m guessing that is where Lucas got the idea for Yoda from.

131. Z3R0B4NG - August 8, 2011

concept from “Rikers in Space”-Sitcom (USS Titan! Voice Overs from Riker, Troi and so on)
+ Comicstyle from Family Guy / Southpark / Simpsons etc.
+ pure comedy aproach
+ CGI Spaceship Scenes

= WIN!

i do NOT want a Clone Wars rip off… one show like that is realy enough. that slot is filled.
Star Trek needs to do something NEW and UNIQUE and stop chasing stupid Hollywood Trends

132. jeffoconnor - August 8, 2011

I’ve always been a student of acting and seeing Trek in animated form will sort of squander that for me.

All the same, it’d be much better than nothing.

133. Dom - August 8, 2011

There are many things I’d like to see experimented with for a cartoon. One fun thing would be to talk nicely to James Cawley’s lot and film the animated shows on the sets with lookalikes, then use CGI to animate the faces of the 60s actors on top of the lookalikes. It would still be called animation, but it would actually be a mysterious hybrid.

Personally, I’d go for a Trek animation from the makers of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, done in that style!

Of course, it’s inevitable most of the voices would be different from the movie’s actors, but a good live action actor doesn’t necessarily make a good voiceover artist. Certainly, I have no issue with the Supernatural anime’s voice work.

Personally, I don’t see any chance of a TV show forthcoming. I have no interest in seeing a different crew – twenty-plus years of other crews simply proved to me that Kirk, Spock and McCoy are the core of what Star Trek is about.

Maybe if the movie series draws to a close after three or four films, a TV show with a new Kirk, Spock and McCoy could be done, but I suspect any attempts by CBS to do live action would result in Paramount decreeing lawyers at dawn!! More likely, we’ll get a rest period of a couple of years and another reboot.

Movie studios have always been happy enough to reboot series, Tarzan being an obvious example, and in terms of studio product, Star Trek is no more special than Batman, The X-Men or Superman!

134. boborci - August 8, 2011

126. so you didn’t like the movie because Spock should’ve done what Spock did?

135. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - August 8, 2011

Hey Bob. I think everything Happned in trek 09 as it should have. Old Spock did what he needed to do and young Spock new the only logicle thing to do was tom ram the red matter into Neros Ship. Great Writting on that. Also. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being super serious on a New Trek Animated. What would you rate your self on that.

136. falcon - August 8, 2011

I gotta say, I like Transformers Prime. For a “kid’s show,” the writing is not bad. The five-part miniseries would make a pretty good movie (but the zombie ‘bots was a bit over the top – hope I didn’t spoil that for anybody :-) ), and the characterizations are pretty intriguing (although Ratchet is a bit annoying – but Jeffrey Combs pulls it off well). The CGI is pretty well done for what has to be a pretty short time-frame for production. Not a big fan of introducing yet another bad guy (although it does give an opportunity for Autobots and Decepticons to possibly work together).

If Trek were done in this fashion, it could provide some new opportunities for story-telling – but human CGI is a lot more complex than robots (which explains why there are really only six in TFP – Jack, Miko, Rafael, Fowler, Silas and Jack’s mom – plus the occasional throwaway human). It could cost quite a bit more, which would limit it in scope (I think TFP is slated for only 21 episodes – boborci, am I right?). Plus TFP is actually more of a product tie-in for TF3, IMNSHO (produced by Hasbro), so Trek might need some sort of co-producer like Art Asylum or QMX to help Paramount fund it.

137. Christopher Roberts - August 8, 2011

I try never to suggest anything lightly where Star Trek I love is concerned. Or that I don’t think has a reasonable chance of being accepted. So no Riker & Troi sit-com from my lips to God’s pointy ears. That would kill the franchise quicker than remaking Nemesis using sock-puppets.

I mean in Star Trek V The Final Frontier, the production was stuck over a idea for a distraction, and somebody idly mentioned that Uhura should do a fan dance…

138. Christopher Roberts - August 8, 2011

Be careful what we wish for. You might get it.

139. Doug - August 8, 2011

I can’t help but feel an animated series would only hurt the franchise at this point… showing a weakness as it’s only beating heart on TV – a darn cartoon.

140. Magic_Al - August 8, 2011

Star Wars is currently just a TV cartoon. A pretty good one too.

141. 'Beach - August 8, 2011

Well, if Spock had done in the beginning what Spock ended up doing at the climax, it would have made for a very short film…heh heh.

Since you say above that you guys are just now only looking into the legal/rights aspects, I won’t speculate or bore you with a ‘wouldn’t x,y, or z be cool if’ speech. I will just say that everything you and Alex have done I have enjoyed immensely. Primarily, it’s because you give you characters life and depth and breadth, and then craft excellent stories around them to which they can and do ‘naturally’ react and with which they can interact, and with one another. No one and nothing seems forced, unlike so many other shows out there.
Unlike some other fans (and/or perhaps detractors) of Trek ’09, I was okay with recasting the Original Characters. I didn’t waste time being offended about something I really couldn’t change anyway, and just enjoyed the ride.
That said, I feel completely certain that you will do the same thing, in regards to your animation venture. You will create fully-realized characters that will react and interact with the animated universe in a way that feels right and true.
And I will watch that. And I will enjoy it.

I think our Trek is in good hands.

don;t know if you ever popped over to the ‘Chat’ thread, but some of those wild stories were mine…! If you happened to catch a riff on ‘A New Hope’ with Trek characters, that was me…

142. John from Cincinnati - August 8, 2011

The original animated Trek was my first introduction, along with the original series in syndication. That one worked because they had the original writers and actors and it wasn’t made to cater to children, they were just making more, good Trek.

143. Pauln6 - August 8, 2011

I think that storytelling in cartoons has come along way since the 70s. The Batman cartoon from the 90s was a good example of entertainment that was great fun for adults as well as children. I’d probably vote for two-part stories though. The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off from Dr Who was a great example of making the franchise more accessible to a younger audience while using the cliffhanger two-parter to very good effect. Modern audiences can cope with ongoing themes in cartoons although there have been lots of examples of shows that go over the top. I think Buffy had the right idea – have a season-long over-arching plot which features in about half the stories and use interesting filler episodes for the remainder. Use supporting crew where appropriate, including more women and a rotating cast of recurring humans and aliens as additions to landing parties and shuttle crews. There were plenty of aliens in the TOS era (Andorians, Arcturians, Betelgeusians, Deltans, K’Normians, Rhaandarites, Saurians, Tellarites, Vulcans, and Zaranites in TMP alone plus Caitians and Edoans from TAS). I’d be more than happy to see a young Will Decker and Ilia featuring in the future. I think the comic will allow them to explore a cartoon format that may allow them to build something very entertaining.

144. Jack - August 8, 2011

126. Wow, hadn’t thought of that before — I guess I thought maybe he was unconscious or generally disoriented for the first few seconds after he came through and got caught in a tractor beam or something… or he was feeling responsible for the destruction of Romulus (which still doesn’t make sense, his responsibility for it) and willingly surrendered…

And, yes, Spock did it eventually, against his better judgement (is following orders and informing the fleet, guaranteeing the destruction of the earth, more logical than warning the earth and attempting an admittedly unlikely intervention?) and after Vulcan had been destroyed.

145. Chadwick - August 8, 2011

I must say, I have been watching the Transformers CG show, and its pretty good. I also enjoy Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Brunt, Shran, etc) voicing Ratchet in the series.

I haven’t really watches a single episode of the Star Trek cartoon series, or read many Star Trek books, I am mainly concerned with the live action. But I am curious to watch the old cartoons. A new Star Trek cartoon from Orci/Kurtzman would undoubtably be solid!

Regardless, above all else I desire the next two movies and a new live action TV series before anything animated.

146. Jack - August 8, 2011

144 (supplemental) If our characters were infallible, what would be the point of telling stories about them?

And, his feeling responsible for the destruction of Romulus makes sense, but it’s still fishy as to why it was up to Spock alone (and I read the comics).

So, yep, the story isn’t perfectly logical and relies on the characters making mistakes and assumptions, having prejudices and acting emotionally. Which is why the movie worked so well, I think.

Oh, and p.s…. Adam Beach for the next Trek. ;)

147. denny cranium - August 8, 2011

An animated Trek would be cool IF:
Story comes first.
Good voice acting
And yes some action and coold shots of the Enterprise.
Looking forward to what happens with the next Trek movie Boborci

148. Adolescent Nightmare - August 8, 2011

I wonder what Pine and Quinto will look like as CG.

149. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2011


Who knows, but I’m sure they will give us an animated performance!

(runs and hides)

150. 'Beach - August 8, 2011


Shame, Harry. That quip was two-dimensional!

151. Jack - August 8, 2011

I’ll totally have to toon in? They’ll have to draw in viewers (on the bridge… in sickbay…)?

Those hurt me more than they hurt you.

152. Canon Schmanon - August 8, 2011

I have never liked an animated series based on a live action series. The Trek Filmation animated series were so poorly animated that I didn’t care if the stories were good. The animation was terrible and the acting was tepid. And I don’t care for the limited, but better, animation in many of today’s animated series. I’d only be interested in this if it was seriously good animation. I don’t settle for junk when it comes to my Star Trek. I’d rather have no Trek, than bad Trek.

153. NCM - August 8, 2011

Yes, but. I’d MUCH rather have a live action Star Trek series back on the air.

154. Canon Schmanon - August 8, 2011

Agreed, NCM.

155. Jack - August 8, 2011

152. Was the acting bad? Like just-reading-directly-off-the-paper bad? I don’t remember. I don’t think I’ve seen any of them since I was a kid. Although I do remember that, even back then, I missed the TOS music.

Maybe if they did a few awesome shorts — a limited run. But I’m still fretting that this will turn out all Matrix Re-loaded — videogames with a promised tie in to the sequel, ARGs, cumbersomely-interactive websites with puzzles and tricks to get content etc.

NCM. What about a really well-done limited, live-action series (like 12 episodes a year) or a miniseries? A great story with a little skin on HBO? I still think it will be a long time before we see Trek as a live-action series again. Hope I’m wrong.

If we did, I’d love for it to have the energy and freshness, visually and storywise, that Trek 09 had. It can be a different freshness, but I’d hate to see us go back to Berman-Braga bland (in sets, effects, characters and stories). Heck, even an early Starfleet/ (not Enterprise) deal with a bit more grit a la BSG and Starship Troopers (complete with the gang showers, hubba hubba) but with a 1940s/50s feel.

156. Bucky - August 8, 2011

I’d be cool with an animated series but it’d be way cooler if they could get the JJ-verse cast to provide the voices like on the original TAS which actually made the whole thing seem more in-continuity.

157. Bucky - August 8, 2011

Yesteryear is one that really benefits from having the TOS cast voices in it. Heck, the last Trek movie even cribbed some lines from it for Sarek’s speech to Spock, I believe.

158. Jason S. - August 8, 2011

I’d only watch this if it was set in the Prime Universe!

159. Adolescent Nightmare - August 8, 2011

I’d only watch it if it’s not.

160. cdp - August 8, 2011

I would watch it no mater what universe it was set in.

161. Canon Schmanon - August 8, 2011

155. Jack – The acting was, shall we say, uninspired. I quickly gave up on it.

162. Minxy - August 8, 2011

They should hire this guy to do it –


Totally. Awesome.

163. Hugh Hoyland - August 8, 2011

I would love to see this happen. In fact it needs to happen. There is a serious Trek vacuum out there right now.

There needs to be something to fill It, and an animated series would do the trick.

make it so Bob! If u can ;)

164. Captain Bryan - August 8, 2011

I’d prefer a full on live action series, but would’nt mind an animated one either. I’m just starved for any new Star Trek!

165. Frank Fischer - August 9, 2011

Would your team also consider doeing a live action Star Trek TV series or are you just interested in doing an animated one?

I (and my wife :-) ) would prefer a live action show because of the character driven shows that are very importrant for Trek and need real flesh and blood actors. But we would be happy with any Star Trek on TV again and also see the nearly unlimited possibilities that animations offer. We really did love your teams work on the last movie and went 8 times together in the cinema to see it. So you can be assured that we are supporting any new idea to bring back Star Trek back to TV! :-)

Thank you for reading!

166. sic - August 9, 2011

I’ve been working on a Trek toon recently. Unfortunately it needs much more time and energy than I have so only a few minutes are finished yet. You can watch part 1 and 2 on youtube.


I’d appreciate any comments.

167. pauln6 - August 9, 2011

Cool! I wish I had that level of skill. I just cartoonised stills from TMP using Gimp2 to make a motion comic.

168. somethoughts - August 9, 2011


Very nicely done :)

169. Hugh Hoyland - August 9, 2011


Not bad! Keep it up.

Now imagine that with a big budget. :]

170. SoonerDave - August 9, 2011

This constant bounce-back between animated, TV, and theatrical Trek points out one critical creative problem I wouldn’t want to face, and that’s taking a franchise specifically designed and written for series television and morphing it to big-screen relevance. The story concepts are fundamentally different.

Movies have to be larger than life. They have to reflect a story that’s arguably the defining moment in the lives of their characters. Yet TV, episodic TV, depends on the week-to-week reliability of the same characters finding new and different ways to tell stories from a common origin – eg brave adventurers seeking new life every week. That’s what would make writing for movies with recurring characters, at least in my own naive way of thinking, so hard. You have to create legitimate drama for the story to be compelling, yet you must have the commonality of the underlying characters each time, meaning the drama is always “capped.”

That’s what made JJ’s reboot so successful. They figured out a way to make the slate blank, and draw in so many new folks. Now they have to step forward in a similarly compelling and credible way. To an extent, they no longer have the shackles of TV constraining them, as this crew is only signed on for a total of two more pictures.

Writing movie stories for a TV show – that’s hard stuff. I can’t imagine trying to do the same thing for multiple venues, eg animated, TV, AND movies, at the same time.

171. Bryan - August 9, 2011

If they want to do animated, do it in the style that Naughty Dog does the Uncharted series cinematics. I don’t want to see cartoony star trek, i want to see somewhat photo realistic.

172. T'Cal - August 9, 2011

If they do it, it must also appeal to kids. They could make a killing in marketing if they do it right. And that would lock in another generation for Trek.

173. boborci - August 9, 2011

After reading all the comments, and thinking further about this, I can report that we will not pursue an animated series.

174. Bucky - August 9, 2011

I don’t think Trekmovie is the best place to play focus group, Bob. They have random people in malls for that.

175. boborci - August 9, 2011


If i agree with you, do we have a paradox?

176. Bucky - August 9, 2011

I am quite confident in your ability to solve paradoxes since, as my friend asked when I showed him Star Trek, “Why didn’t Spock blow up when he met Spock?” and Spock’s subsequent line of “he inferred that universe ending paradoxes would occur” line cleared that right up. Mostly. Then I had to pause it and explain it to him, y’know, but close enough. My buddy’s a Back to the Future fan, takes a while to explain the rules differently.

Anyway, that aside, I heartily vote for y’all to persue an animated series. Don’t want to get non-Trekmovie Trekkies hopes up for nothing. And think of Ralph and Geektime!

177. boborci - August 9, 2011

176.Thanks for explaining things!

178. Bucky - August 9, 2011

To be fair, I was aboot six beers in by the time in the movie when Spock met Spock. I think I got it right. But that was my one small step for Trekkies everywhere basically sitting down a non-Trekkie and showing him the Blu Ray. It worked, he dug it. Beer helps. But beer helps everything.

179. section9 - August 9, 2011

Actually, @boborci, if you want to build a fanbase among young kids, that’s where you need to go.

You have to admit, Lucas was shrewd as all hell by doing Clone Wars. He BUILT a new fan base for SW just as the old one was entering mid-life crisis.

Creating an animated universe around the Abramsverse and its crew could do the same thing.

180. Anthony Pascale - August 9, 2011

Bob remember the squeaky wheel rule, which is very much in place with Star Trek commenters. Look at the poll, the silent majority want it!

181. Sarek66 - August 9, 2011

As others have said, I would love to see taking the 22 animated episodes and reanimating them and expanding them to an hour.Add Walter Koenig back into the mix. Same thing with the video games from the 90s Secret of Vulcan Fury, Judgement Rites and 25th anniversary edition. That is 2 complete seasons right there. Then they can continue and create more episodes with the original cast. Great chance to tell new Star Trek stories. A 2 hour movie every 2-3 years does not cut it with me.Animation is the perfect form for the original actors to play these characters. They can be made to look like they did back in the 60s.Also the perfect tv channel exists for this project, Adult Swim deals with adult animated series, and they do it very well.This is the perfect home for a new Star Trek animated series.Please do it before it is too late.

182. Sarek66 - August 9, 2011

P.S. I would love to see them delve into the 2nd five year mission. That would be perfect.

183. Keachick (rose pinenut) - August 9, 2011

The poll asks: “Watch animated Star Trek series from Orci & Kurtzman? Yes? Maybe? No?”

I answered Yes. If such a series did get made and sold to a network here willing to screen it, then I would want to watch it. However, given all that is happening (or not happening), I still think that doing a TV series (animated and/or other) should not receive any kind of focus right now.

Anyway, if a Star Trek TV series was to be made, I would want it to have the new cast play in it and for it not to be animated. We have not seen nearly enough of the Pine/Quinto/Urban team do their own Kirk/Spock/McCoy triumvirate spiel. Now that could be awesome…

I believe that there is a new Star Trek movie being worked on where those three will be acting together again. Bob, have you heard anything about this? I’m sorry, I am so confused these days…us trekkies, we’s not gettin’ any younger, ya know…:)

184. Techtrekker - August 9, 2011

Ok. I know I’m late in posting here so I apologize if I say something that has already been said, but here goes…

Bob, this would be a great addition to the Star Trek Verse. If there is a chance for this happen, then take it!

Just avoid the following traps:

1. Animation: Please don’t copy an animation style already out there. It needs to be a step above in the quality and have a distinct Star Trek feel. I’ve always thought an animation style based upon the art work of the old TOS books covers adapted by James Blish would be really cool. (The original covers that is)

2. Story: Don’t set it in the movies time frame. A prequel series exploring how the prime universe changed into the alternate universe would be better. In other words, explore the ripple effects from when Nero arrived in the 23rd century.

3. Longevity: Most movie tie-in animation series last only a couple of years at most. See if you can’t fill in the time between movies so that we Trekkies can get our fix and keep our appetite wet.

4. Science Fiction: Keep it science fiction. Don’t play to the lowest common denominator just because it is animation. Keep it smart as well as flashy.

That’s my two cents, for what’s its worth. Best of luck with the new movie!

185. Christopher Roberts - August 10, 2011

In the meantime…

I’d like to see an experiment done where CBS rebrands Star Trek Enterprise and sees how many viewers that gets on one of its main flagships channels, at an hour unprecidented for a 10 year old property.

13 of the best episodes, mostly from Season 4 although some of the earlier ones. North Star has a “Cowboys and Aliens” vibe. Broken Bow still one of the best Star Trek pilots. Regeneration with the Borg in it is underrated.

Completely new opening title sequence, losing the middle of the road pop song.

Outlay to CBS? Basically nothing.

Star Trek Enterprise celebrates its 10th Anniversary this September. Give it another shot.

186. somethoughts - August 10, 2011

Are we there yet? :)

187. Pauln6 - August 10, 2011

Yup – I think we’ve put Bob Orci off! I suppose no new Star Trek is better than new Star Trek that doesn’t please all of the people all of the time :P
I think the project has legs, depending on its execution, although, like Star Wars, it is probably something that could be more fully developed after the movie trilogy is done and after they’ve had a chance to review the reaction to the upcoming comic.

188. Jack - August 10, 2011

Well, in support of TAS, at least — it’s a heck of a good example of how to do animated Trek right. It wasn’t TOS, didn’t feel like it was designed to be a TOS substitute, didn’t change its format to pander to kids (although that had been considered), and was smart. The animation wasn’t bad – at least compared to other TV animation at the time. And I don’t remember the voice acting (other than Arex and M’Ress, maybe) being that bad — it was flatter than TOS, but that was kind of refreshing. Thinking about this clearly, what’s wrong with a well-made, stand-alone series, set in the movie universe (but not necessarily limiting any future possibilities from the movies — so they could do all sorts of things that wouldn’t necessarily be binding to the film series) that is geared to kids as well as Trek fans and animation fans in general. We had comic series and newspaper serials set in the TMP universe that totally didn’t cling to movie continuity, but so what? Same with a lot of the novels.

Plus, they have a whole universe, pending rights, of Trek stories to tell, retell or reimagine (TOS, TAS, novels) — and are pretty much limited only by imagination. Why not tell Trek adventure stories?

Heck, some great animated series are being done right now…

189. Jack - August 10, 2011

Ps… from, alas, wikipedia:

“After the live-action film series, screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman signed to become show runners with Jeff Kline and Duane Capizzi of The Hub’s Transformers cartoon, explaining the TV show would not have the constraints of a two-hour film in delving into the mythology.”

Again, this sounds kind of exciting if applied to Trek. And heck, maybe The Rock is still available. I’m now firmly in favor of an animated series. I know you guys can assemble a team capable of smart, fun, emotional television (Fringe). I know, it’s a cartoon so it won’t be as heavy as live action, but still. But, heck, exciting Trek adventure tales!.

Seriously, how can we be Trek fans and yet not jump at the opportunity to
see more of the Trek universe, where no show has gone before? Because we’re afraid it won’t be done “properly?” yes, I’m more than a little over the top here, but i think this could be pretty great…

190. Flake - August 10, 2011

I have always thought that the best option for animation is a series about the elite Starfleet Academy unit ‘Red Squad’ where only the best cadets get selected and then go off and do all kinds of crazy stuff. See DS9 ‘Valiant’.

It would mean young teen characters and maybe even a child or two in there and therefore it would appeal more to the kids.

Or, of course, you do it about Kirk. Maybe Kirk was in Red Squad?

191. Ceti Alpha 5 - August 10, 2011

Animation grants you alot more freedom than live-action.

If your do it like Clone Wars or Justice League Unlimited and have to same mature/complex themes like any other live-action Trek then DO IT.

192. andy - August 11, 2011

@162: Heheheh Thanks! I wish that the TV business worked like that, but I’ve got about as much a chance of getting hired to do a new Star Trek cartoon as Simon Pegg has of winning a beauty pagent.

Not that he isn’t a beautiful, beautiful man…

193. Frank Fischer - August 12, 2011


Please BRING BACK Star Trek to TV! We are in desperate need for more Trek. Its been now over six years since the last Star Trek TV Adventure…
Your team is the right team to do it! PLEASE! :-)
And I think that any idea that you had for an animated series wozuld also perfectly work for a real-life TV series. Its the world of CGI! :-)))))
By the way: what about to put somehere a Mugato in… Just for fun. :-)))

194. MJ - August 12, 2011


195. Captain Scratch - August 13, 2011

I’d like to see a anime Star Trek series.Let Studio Ghibli give it a shot.Even better would be to let director Koichi Chigira,designer Range Murata and production designer Mahiro Maeda.They did a fantastic job on “Last Exile”.

196. Erin - August 31, 2011

I think this particular producer team is limited to their options here:

If they go ahead with de-aged prime characters, it defeats their purpose of getting people into and hooked on this new Trek ‘verse. I think the only type of series we will get will have to take place in Reboot; otherwise, what has this all been about if we simply go back to TOS? Don’t get me wrong, love the original Trek and always have, but the non-trekkie fanbase for Reboot won’t want to watch a show about a different timeline than the one they are interested in.

197. Trojan - November 18, 2011

CBS owns the prodution rights to Star Trek and Parmount Pictures owns the rights to the Star Trek movie all the way to Star Trek X.


Now we know what CBS and Parmount Pictures owns

As you can see it is not complicated to get a new Star Trek animated seres off the ground.

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