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Thor Actor Joseph Gatt Joins Star Trek Sequel [UPDATED] January 9, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

A new week brings a new bit of Star Trek casting news as we get closer to the start of production on the sequel. And it looks like another British actor is joining the fold with a report that Thor actor Joseph Gatt has been tapped for an unspecified role. [UPDATED: Exclusive statement from actor on being cast in Star Trek film]


UPDATE: Statement from Joseph Gatt

TrekMovie reached out to Mr. Gatt and he gave us the following statement about being cast in the Star Trek sequel via email:

What I can say, is that, I grew up reading Marvel comics, watching Star Trek on TV and in the theaters, and wanting to be Han Solo… so, firstly becoming part of the Marvel universe in "Thor" was amazing… Then, Joining the voice cast of "Star wars: The Old Republic" as a Sith Lord was unbelievable… NOW, becoming part of the Star Trek universe!?!? Just beyond the wildest dreams of a kid from Ladbroke Grove in London! I’m truly blessed and living my dream!

original article

Thor actor Gatt joins Star Trek sequel

First reported by our friends at ScreenRant, TrekMovie has confirmed that British actor Joseph Gatt has been tapped for an unspecified role in the Star Trek sequel. A spokesperson for the actor tells TrekMovie that Gatt will begin shooting some tests this week.

The 37 year-old actor and former model has a career going back to the late 90s. Most recently he has been seen playing a CIA agent on Chuck and playing Grundroth the frost giant in Marvel’s Thor movie. Gatt also has a lot of experience doing voice and motion capture work for video games, including recent titles "Gods of War 3" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

Joseph Gatt in "Thor"

One look at the actor and you can guess he will be playing some kind of imposing character in the Star Trek sequel. If there is any fighting to do, Gatt has some training (see below). And just speculating here, but with his Thor role in mind (see above) it is not hard to imagine that Gatt may have some prosthetics in his future.

Joseph Gatt showing off his fighting chops

British invasion?

Gatt joins a growing list of actors from the UK. Of course the Star Trek film already has Simon Pegg playing Scotty, but the guest cast is filling up with Brits. There is Benedict Cumberbatch (could you get a more English name?) playing the villain. Plus there is Alice Eve and Noel Clarke. So far four of the six new cast members are British. Perhaps JJ Abrams and his casting director April Webster are anglophiles.

The British are coming! – Clarke, Cumberbatch and Eve join Gatt for "Star Trek" sequel


Thanks to Mike for the tip


1. CmdrR - January 9, 2012

Apparently the Enterprise has set course for Bolton. (The palindrome of which, of course, is Notlob.)

Nice 3rd pic, btw.

2. Gibnerd - January 9, 2012

nice! I wonder when we will see our first photo of the crew back in uniform or…. a villain and/or title announcement?

3. jotin - January 9, 2012

Damn, that woman is attractive… but Joseph Gatt looks kinda scary… Will he play a bad guy? This guy says… probably so.

4. CmdrR - January 9, 2012

She’s why this film needs to be in 3-D.

5. Hugh Hoyland - January 9, 2012

#4 could you imagine seeing her two lovely and voluptuous ………eyes in glorious 3D! ;)

6. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2012

Oh no. The British are coming The British are coming. Lol.
Now. Let’s get this complete and get Sir Patrick Stewart in the new trek Movie.

7. Kirk, James T. - January 9, 2012

I think perhaps the amount of brits in this movie is due to the fact that Abrams and Paramount see the potential in getting the lucrative UK market more into Star Trek – hell the UK has far more in common with the US than it does with Europe anyway. Spread the love really!

8. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2012

The Perfect name for Joseph Gott to play in Trek 12 isTrek Movies own and Deceased Del Trame. AKA BND ( British Naval Dude.
Right Bob Orci.

9. SpencerJayK - January 9, 2012

Bad Robot’s campaign to cast relative unknowns seems to be continuing full speed ahead. WTF???

Cumberbach is an amzing actor. I’m excited about the casting…

But Noel Clarke, Nazneen Contractor, Joseph Gatt…who the f$%^ are these people?? Even Peter Weller…I mean I liked ROBOCOP as much as the next guy but does anybody have any clue how many straight to video B movies this guy has done?

What happened to casting people like Christopher Plummer, Alfre Woodard, Eric Bana, Winona Ryder, Tyler Perry, Malcolm McDowell, Kim Cattrall, James Cromwell…

Sorry to be negative. I’m really excited about this movie. I’d just like to see some A list actors in it.

10. Roobydoo - January 9, 2012

Getting a tiny bit of Ted Cassidy vibe from the latest addition.

11. NuFan - January 9, 2012


12. Anthony Thompson - January 9, 2012

It’s all starting to become very real now (despite what Phil says). I’m looking forward to interesting performances from these (to me, anyway) fresh faces. Exciting!

13. Anthony Thompson - January 9, 2012

9. SpencerJayK

I don’t want to see ‘A-list’ stars in the sequel; I want to see A-level acting! Which are often two very different things. I like JJ’s approach.

14. Phil - January 9, 2012

Well, I guess you do need to finish casting the movie before filming starts…

15. Admiral_BlackCat - January 9, 2012

Anthony, you better get used to spelling Cumberbatch correctly. It’s gonna be a long year and a half. Unless Cumberbuch is another new addition. ;)

Also, why all the brits? An alien race that sounds remarkably British?

16. SciFiJunky - January 9, 2012

I could easily see him in some Gorn prosthetics.

17. Kirk's Flying Wig - January 9, 2012

@15 Perhaps a counter to the galaxy of American-sounding aliens? And I doubt the likes of Noel Clarke with be talking in his natural Sarf Lahndan accent in the film.

18. Tanner Waterbury - January 9, 2012

I agree with Commodore Mike on the character named after our old friend BND… I’m sure we’d all be thrilled to hear some mention of a freeman del frame in the dialogue somewhere.

19. Dilithium doublebock - January 9, 2012

Too easy to think this guy’s gonna be a Klingon. I think Cumberbatch is the brains and Gatt is his muscle. Eve should be a hot archaeologist beaming down with Kirk to check out some ancient alien ruins

20. ansing23 - January 9, 2012

Now that we have Mickey will the TARDIS show up on the bridge?

21. HelenW - January 9, 2012

Cumberbatch is as good as Tom Hardy. Yes really. In some ways even more versatile. Hardy isnt that good at comedy for example but Cumebrbatch play play vicious. People should be jumping around with joy that he’s on board. My worries are more to do with budget.

22. SpencerJayK - January 9, 2012

13. Anthony: fair enough.
It’s a perfectly legit approach.

For me, I have flash backs to yearning for Trek to be an A-list franchise again (circa: Insurrection, Nemesis and Enterprise). And now that it is a tentpole franchise for Paramount I wanted to see them take that credibility out for a spin.

I guess my main point is: JJ Abrams has the credibility to cast the best actors AND the biggest stars IN THE WORLD. When Rachel Weisz and Rosario Dawson (and many others, I’m sure) are publicly lobbying for roles in the sequel, I don’t really buy that unknown British actors were the only people who could do the part.

23. N - January 9, 2012

Let’s see, one looks like a snobby rich boy, one will probably wear prosthetics or be motion cap’d, one can’t act for shit and the other is some buxom woman…they could do better.

24. MattR - January 9, 2012

The casting so far lacks huge star power, but honestly, Cumberbatch’s acting makes up for that all by itself. He’s pretty awesome in “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” and I recommend everyone go check it out, and also “Sherlock.”

25. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 9, 2012


I am hoping someone heard me when I wished for a Star Trek full of TOS originals!

I know I am just puttin’ my two cents in here but, I would pay to see a 3+ hour Star Trek sequel many, many times!

26. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 9, 2012


27. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2012

i think the guest stars all look good. They will also help with the overseas market. That can only be a good thing.

28. Scooter - January 9, 2012

He will be Klingon. No doubt.

29. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2012

As #16 said….I can smell Gorn all over this latest cast addition!

30. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2012

23. N “and the other is some buxom woman….they could do better”

I understand, but, personally, hey, you can’t do better than a buxom woman! :>)

31. Killamarshtrek - January 9, 2012

Hi Bob Orci,

If you have any roles left to cast I would like to put myself forward.

I’m eager, I know the subject matter better than anyone I know, I have a keen eye for detail (ask Mike Johnson) and, most importantly, I’m British! Not only that, I’m from the ‘North’ of England (Yorkshire), a part of Britain your casting has yet to touch!

P.S. Benedict Cumberbatch – I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited by a piece of casting news, inspired!

32. Trekman_dave - January 9, 2012

so pleased to see this many Brits in the movie, casting is shaping up nicely. And these guys are NOT unknown actors, what they have been in, they have acted with the highest standards. I for one am very excited about the casting and am very pleased with the director this is going.

33. Drake1701 - January 9, 2012

HELLO Alice!

34. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 9, 2012

Hmmm……..probably a creepy alien…. ??? Gorn??? …. :-) :-)

35. Aurore - January 9, 2012

Joseph Gatt obviously means business…
I love his don’t-mess-with-me stare in the headline picture.

CmdrR, about this third picture… I concur.
Do you think Khan Noonien Singh and Miss Eve could possibly have the… same stylist?

(Revealing cleavage starts at 0:09).


36. N - January 9, 2012

30. As long as she can act and wasn’t just hired for her breast size, which happens a lot in Hollywood.

31. I’d put myself forward too, I’m a British (Midlands) actor but I’m just a humble youtuber for now so probably a bit too unknown :P most Brits who get cast in stuff are all Southeners though… it would nice to see more mainstream British actors who don’t pronounce words like grass as grarse.

32. You cannot ever use “highest standards” relating to noel clarke’s acting, unless you’re criminally insane.

37. CaptainDonovin - January 9, 2012

I like it that the cast is full of relative unknowns, adds a lot of interest as to what the movie will be about.

38. Of Bajor - January 9, 2012

Rule Brittania…….

seriously, unknown actors?…lessknown in the states maybe, but the American market isn’t ever gonna be JJ’s problem. How Trek sells in Europe and the rest of the world is.

Cumberbatch is simply one of the best actors I have seen in many a year, and is A-list in waiting. Also don’t judge Noel Clarke by his work on Doctor Who, check out Kidulthood which he wrote and directed also.

JJ has it spot on, cast people based on their ability to act rather than shoehorning a ‘name’ into the film for the sake of it.

Seeing the likes of Hanks, or Cruise in Trek would be a catastrophe

39. Browncoat1984 - January 9, 2012

#9 both Noel and Nazreen have had roles on major TV shows. Nazreen I haven’t seen her work on 24 because I didn’t watch it, but Noel played a relatively major role on Doctor Who for a few years.

#36 I’m correcting your statement here: As long as she can act and wasn’t just hired for her breast size, which happens a lot in Star Trek.

What’s sad about Trek is they DO hire female actors for their breast size BUT those actors can actually act when given good material! I’ve seen both Jolene and Jeri in roles outside of Star Trek and have enjoyed them.

40. Dave S - January 9, 2012

She has ample nacelles.

41. Chris H. - January 9, 2012

@22: “For me, I have flash backs to yearning for Trek to be an A-list franchise again (circa: Insurrection, Nemesis and Enterprise).”

Um, Trek was far from an A-list franchise at that point. In fact, insofar as the movie business is concerned, Trek never was an A-list franchise (in that you never got A-list actors to appear).

42. AJ - January 9, 2012

I think we can all agree that writing “Benedict Cumberbatch” will become quite tiresome over the next few years.

We should do a “The Shat” treatment now, before things get crazy.

My top 5 names:

1. The ‘Batch (“natch!”)
2. Ben C.
3. Cumby (like Gumby)
4. Benny Baby
5. Fifi Rebozo (already used in Star Trek, but recyclable)

Not sure what they call him at home. Probably “Ben,” or something like that.

43. N - January 9, 2012

clarke can only play a chav, he writes about chavs, for chavs and winds up glorifying chavs. To the same effect s that attack the block abomination.

@38 yeah I see your point there, Star Trek has had some great actors (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto being wonderful additions to that list) and had some great writing too. There’s a sense of timelessness I can watch DS9 and Voyager and struggle to believe I hadn’t even hit double digits when it was made. XI is a good film but doesn’t have that imo.
I’ve seen Jolene and Jeri in other things too, they’re underrated, like a lot of Trek actors are. But then that’s probably the curse of being in a major franchise.

44. Tony Todd's Tears - January 9, 2012

He must have Klingon Blood!

45. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2012

Ok. If he plays a Gorn then here are some possible movie title’s.
Star Trek. Children of the Gorn.
Star Trek. The Gorn Idenity.
Star Trek. The Gorn Problem.
Star Trek. Gorn!.

46. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - January 9, 2012

# 42

I vote for Cumby!

(Has the ring of a right proper British nickname)

47. Silvereyes - January 9, 2012

45 Commodore

You forgot Star Trek: Gorn with the Wind…

48. Chris H. - January 9, 2012

@45: Should be a trilogy:

1: The Gorn Identity
2: The Gorn Conspiracy
3: The Gorn Ultimatum

49. Mike C - January 9, 2012

Star Trek: Gorn on the Fourth of July

50. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2012

#47. D’oh! Missed that one.
#48 D’oh! Good one. Lol.
#49. D’oh!. Beat me to it.

51. Khan was Framed! - January 9, 2012

I hope these folks are good at covering their accents; it was so lame in ST’09 when Sarek was inexplicably Brittish, after being portrayed for years by Mark Lenard with an American accent.

How does the destruction of the Kelvin affect that?

52. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2012

Ok. Star Trek. Day of the Gorn.
Star Trek. Night of the Gorn.
Star Trek. Return of the Gorn.
Star Trek. The Wrath of Gorn.
Star Trek. Land of the Gorn.

53. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2012

Gorn To Be Wild

54. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - January 9, 2012


the West German version of your fourth title:

“Der Gorn des Kahn”

55. Aurore - January 9, 2012

Star Trek : Where No Man Has Gorn Before.
Star Trek : Gorn To The Limit.
Star Trek : To Boldly Gorn.

56. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2012

“Gorn In 60 Seconds”

57. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2012

“Gorn Baby Gorn”

58. captain_neill - January 9, 2012

I don’t entirely like the changes that Abrams made to Trek but will admit he has a good cast lined up.

59. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2012


60. Anthony Pascale - January 9, 2012

just a quick update. I have confirmed the report of Gatt’s casting. Also learned he is doing test shots this week.

61. Phil the Gooner - January 9, 2012

“Boldly Gorn”

62. Craiger - January 9, 2012

That would be cool if he was that Gorn Captain that Kirk went up against in TOS.

63. Aurore - January 9, 2012

Star Trek : Please Captain Not In front Of The Gorn.

( Hey! This is a NEW timeline!!! ).


64. Chris H. - January 9, 2012

#51: that’s a pretty dumb thing to get hung up over. Did you also object that Scotty’s accent went from laughably fake in TOS to real in the new movie?

65. Viking - January 9, 2012

Star Trek: Let There Be Ruk

66. Viking - January 9, 2012

C’mon, who couldn’t see Simon Pegg in a schoolboy outfit, duck-walking across engineering?

67. Boozba - January 9, 2012

im with 13 on this,good acting is always best.

68. PEB - January 9, 2012

well, kirk needs a big klingon to have a knock down drag out fight with….right?

69. Andy Patterson - January 9, 2012

Wow, that chick is something!

70. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 9, 2012

#23 – ” one looks like a snobby, rich boy…”
Let’s see – the only snobbery I am aware of is what is being posted to this site.

What has Benedict Cumberbatch’s personal background (ie having wealthy parents) got to do with his acting ability, and more importantly, for the role he has been cast to play in the Star Trek sequel? Are we supposed to judge actors according to their skill and talent or on their family’s socio-economic status? He could be the Prince of Wales, for all I care, so long as he performs as per the script and according to the director’s instructions!

So, are we going to discriminate against big breasted women in the same way that small breasted women were in the past? Hasn’t anyone learned anything?

Noel Clarke was great as Mickey and Ricky in Dr Who. I’m sure he’ll do fine in Star Trek.

71. DanSouth - January 9, 2012

Carry on Enterprise

72. PEB - January 9, 2012

well said! some of the posts here can be so discouraging, its like some people feel they say some of the most idiotic/disrespectful things just because they’re typing away on a computer or on a phone. everyone has a right to their own oppinion and thats kind of what the comments section is for but its like some people go over the top with it JUST for the sake of being over the top OR just to get a rise out of the common sense people who post here.

73. crazydaystrom - January 9, 2012

OMG! That Alice Eve pic demands attention! And begs the question: Is it possible to be ‘too hot to trek’?

74. Cranston - January 9, 2012

I think it’s pretty clear that Gatt plays Balok.

75. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 9, 2012

I think you can look at Alice Eve in other ways beyond the photo of the article above …

like this:

or here:

anyway she is an attractive actress … and may play an interesting character in the film… :-) :-)

76. Phil - January 9, 2012

Regarding post 60 – Test shooting this week. Possibley on Thurday? That’s the weakest excuse for shooting I’ve heard yet. Shooting screen tests doesn’t count!!!

77. jas_montreal - January 9, 2012

who’s gonna play nurse chapel ?!?!?!?!

78. porthos's bitch - January 9, 2012

Im holping weller plays a badass……..his run on 24a few years back was very impressive

79. Aurore - January 9, 2012

Who’s going to play Number One?
In this timeline, and after all these years, I would love to know her ( “real” ) name.

@The Star Trek Fan Fiction writing Team.

( …Ahem…Hi, Damon…).

I mean, seriously, gentlemen, “Number One”.
What Kind of name is that???!!!


80. chuckunit - January 9, 2012

If you were looking for a classically trained actor to star in “The Life and Times of Michael Berryman'” this would be the man for the job.

81. mike - January 9, 2012


82. VZX - January 9, 2012

All these Brits are probably going to play a group of people from the same place. Genetically altered supermen from an ancient eugenics war, perhaps?

Dang, I hope not.

There is still the chance for Klingons! Qa’pla!

83. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 9, 2012

#76 Surely the test shoots and the real filming can happen simultaneously. Besides, it is not Thursday, 12 January, yet, not even here in NZ. Still Tuesday, 10 January. Joseph Gatt is hardly going to be in all the scenes, so I can’t see a problem.

84. Peter Loader - January 9, 2012

This time around the Trek crew are up against a smorgasbord of villains with a common purpose.

85. VZX - January 9, 2012

79: Aurore: Wasn’t “Number One” just her nickname given by Captain Pike? I’m pretty sure she had a real name.

86. Trekker5 - January 9, 2012

#s55 and others,Aurore,hi! :) Love those titles! Bob should take notes!:) Another British invasion?! Really?! I LOVE The Beatles but this,I’m not sure about yet. All kidding aside,I’m sure they’ll be great! This new dude is hot!! :) Me hoping they show him shirtless in the movie!! :D

87. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2012

As a Trekker who liked Star Trek 2009 but had some problems with it, this cast is impressive. The non-regulars could form their own theater company. Wow.

88. Tanner Waterbury - January 9, 2012

Anyone here a fan of Bruce Gornstein’s “Gorn in the USA!”

89. Mel - January 9, 2012

@ 7. Kirk, James T. – January 9, 2012

“I think perhaps the amount of brits in this movie is due to the fact that Abrams and Paramount see the potential in getting the lucrative UK market more into Star Trek – hell the UK has far more in common with the US than it does with Europe anyway. Spread the love really!”

The last movie did very well in English speaking countries. It underperformed it most other countries in comparison with other big Hollywood movies. There is really no need to promote it even more in the UK!

Grosses in million dollars:

USA / Canada: 258
UK / Ireland / Malta: 35
Germany: 13
Australia: 13
China: 9
France: 7
Japan: 6
South Korea: 6
Russia: 4
Spain: 4
Italy: 3
Mexico: 3

In all other countries they made less than 3 million dollars.

Just look for example at Germany, which contributed the third highest gross. 13 million was still bad. Even Nemesis made 8 million in Germany. 29 movies had a higher gross than Star Trek in Germany in 2009!!! Avatar made 157 million then. The 10th best movie still made 25 million.

90. TrekkerChick - January 9, 2012

“Hard-core Gornography”?

91. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 9, 2012

Interesting stats there. Germany has a population of approx. 82 million people whereas Australia only has a population of approx. 22,800,000, yet the gross figures are the same. I’m sure what the gross takings were for NZ, but I read that it was over $1million. Our population is approx. 4.2million people.

I think they may be trying to get as many of the English speaking countries on board with Star Trek and hope that others will follow. Hopefully the sequel will do better in these other countries also because now many more people in these places hopefully will have by now seen the first Star Trek on DVD and/or television and liked what they saw, enough to venture out to the cinema to see the next film.

The truth is, whether some Americans want to hear this or not, for many outside the US, Star Trek can look like the future US military running around the stars trying to control everything in the same way they try to do so today. It may be a false perception on these people’s part, but it is what it is.

Some posters on this site and others have asked that Star Trek be more “military”. That would be a disaster – trust me, especially if they are looking at getting more overseas audiences on board. Perhaps it might work for Transformers or Avatar, but not for Star Trek – I think it comes back to that wonderful mission statement, “These are the voyages… to seek out new life, new civilizations, to boldly go where no HUMAN has gone before” and Captain Kirk often repeating the great words, “We are on a peaceful mission…”. People want to see those words played out. In fact, more than ever, they NEED to see them played out on a film called Star Trek, if nowhere else. I certainly do! A true challenge indeed!

92. Sebastian S. - January 9, 2012

Very excited about Cumberbatch and Clarke; as for Alice Eve? All I can say is holy smokes! :-o

As for Gatt? I smell henchman…

93. MC1 Doug - January 9, 2012

Star Trek: Gorn Again
Star Trek: Here Today Gorn Tomorrow
Star Trek: Leap of the Gorn
Star Trek: Flight of the Gorn
Star Trek: The Gorn Files
Star Trek: The Gorn Battlefield
Star Trek: The Night of the Gorn

94. Buzz Cagney - January 9, 2012

#7 we even speak a similar language! ;)
As a Brit I don’t know if i’m going to be more likely to see a movie because there are British actors in it though. I just want a great movie.
I suppose the UK is Trek’s biggest market outside the US?

95. Dr. Cheis - January 9, 2012

Wow, I had no idea Grundroth was played by an actor… I thought he was a full CG character. (I mean, obviously a human had to do his voice…)

96. AJ - January 9, 2012

I think Benji Cumberbuns will obviously replace Chris Pine as Kirk:

Scotty: “Well, Jim. We’ve got quite a mystery. What do ya think?”

Kirk: “The crease in her trousers…they were dry-cleaned three days ago on Risa, and you can tell her communicator had lost its charge at 2:35AM! And she had a curry last Wednesday on Fulham Road, and did a dine & dash. Spock! I need a Q-Tip, a half a pack of cigarettes and 36 cases of Guinness immediately! From Ireland! Also, call the Blue Elephant and tell them to hold the lemon grass.”

Spock: “We’re on Cestus III, Captain. That may present some difficulties.”

Pike: “He is a loony, isn’t he? Can you handle him?”

Spock: “Yes. And no, but I’ll manage him.

Pike: “How?”

Spock: “Well, he is right about the Guinness.”


97. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - January 10, 2012

Enough with the secrecy of the roles these people are playing. Letting people know what parts the people you have cast, doesnt spoil the story of the movie. Not wanting to reveal one actor cause you want it as a surprise is one thing but not half a dozen people. tell us allready please.

98. johnbijl - January 10, 2012

I think he’ an observer.

99. Mel - January 10, 2012

@ 91. Keachick

New Zealand: 1.8 million

Star Trek did very well there.

@ 94. Buzz Cagney

“I suppose the UK is Trek’s biggest market outside the US?”

It seems it is at least now. It wasn’t always so. Nemesis made more money in Germany than in the UK. And I think (but am not sure) Insurrection, too.

100. Aurore - January 10, 2012

86. Olivia.

“Me hoping they show him shirtless in the movie!! :D”


I was kidding about him, as a Gorn. Although I do believe he may play an alien creature .

However, too much “makeup” on Mr. Gatt…could distract me from…from……from his……..performance!



101. Aurore - January 10, 2012

85. VZX – January 9, 2012.

Hi, VZX.

I always assumed that Christopher Pike knew Number One’s name*.
But, to my knowledge, it never was revealed (uttered), anywhere.

*Apparently, “Number One” is a “common term applied to the Executive Officer of a ship, particularly in the Royal Navy.”

102. alec - January 10, 2012

I’m a Brit. So I like the home casting. This looks like J to our bad guy K.

We can’t fire!
Why can’t you?
They’ve damaged the photon control and the warp drive…we must withdraw..
We Must!…Enterprise will wait. She’s not going anywhere…

sometime later


103. Trekker5 - January 10, 2012

#100,Aurore,yes,it would distract me too!! And I hate the feeling of being distracted! :)

104. Aurore - January 10, 2012

Star Trek : The Gorn Controversy : Haters Gorn-a Hate.


105. Tiberius Subprime - January 10, 2012

It seems to me that Joseph Gatt will be the muscle and Benedict will be the brains.

106. Nomad - January 10, 2012

#45: How about “Gorn in 60 Seconds”?
Or “Gorn With the Wind”?
Actually I don’t think I want to see that one.

107. Tiberius Subprime - January 10, 2012

Alice is either Kirk’s love interest or Number One for Pike.

108. mr. trek77 - January 10, 2012

what about a danish actors????
Viggo mortensen???
or mads mikkelsen???

Being a dane myself, now that would be great!!!

But again, I like british actors, so that´s great too :-)

But what are your guys opinion on danish actors???

109. Janice - January 10, 2012

Pike and Number One?? Oh My—I’d love to see that but it’s too much to hope for. Number One had such a crush on Pike—-!! I’m just happy seeing Pike in the sequel. I’m assuming he’ll be there but I’ve yet to read any confirmation by the actor. Since they’re beginning to film this week, maybe there will be word soon.

110. Ctrl-Opt-Del - January 10, 2012

@51. Khan was Framed! – January 9, 2012 – “I hope these folks are good at covering their accents; it was so lame in ST’09 when Sarek was inexplicably Brittish, after being portrayed for years by Mark Lenard with an American accent.”

Why would they need to cover their accents? While I’ll agree changing changing Sarek from having a slightly “Alien-y” sounding, but basically American accent to straight-up British made no sense & was somewhat jarring, who’s to say these actors won’t be playing British characters?

Or, aliens who speak with British accents?

Hell, with the precident of unexpected accents set by Jean-Luc Picard they could all be French! XD

111. Johnny Gutts - January 10, 2012

Star Trek: From Horta Eternity

112. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2012

Just because a producer said the story in the sequel will be original and unique doesn’t mean any of the original villains won’t make an appearance.

I’m betting on Anton Koridian and his daughter. Remember, Koridian ended up becoming a stage actor later in life and Cumberbatch and the original actor both have very similar deep voices.

Peter Weller, the “CEO” could be Koridian’s right hand man, the man who suggest to Koridian to kill off all the “undesirables”.

113. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2012

The Tarsus IV Massacre refers to one of the most barbarous acts to take place since the founding of the Federation, and serves as a reminder that humanity may not be as far removed from its violent past as many would like to think.

In 2246 the colony world of Tarsus IV was the site of a severe crop blight. An exotic fungus destroyed most of the food supply, and then-Governor Kodos was faced with a grim calculus: by rationing the food he could save half the 8000 colonists and visitors until resupply, but only if the other half stopped consuming supplies — completely and immediately.

Feeling he had to act quickly and decisively to save the colony (and in the process cutting off other possible options), Kodos and his supporters overthrew the democratic structures of the colony’s government and used his personal theories of eugenics to sort the colonists into two halves — one “more necessary” for survival, one “less necessary”. In an act for which history has dubbed him Kodos the Executioner, Kodos ordered the “less necessary” half be put to death.

“The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV. ”
— from Kodos’ speech to his 4,000 victims.

Look at that last quote, you could infer that could be from any modern CEO in today’s America.

114. DGill - January 10, 2012

It seems like the inspired casting will reinforce the notion that this movie will be a fresh, self-contained story. As much as I love the Star Trek mythos, I really hope the sequel pushes forward and explores new characters and situations. Why fans are holding onto this hope that Khan, Garth of Izar, hell, any well-known character from the original series is beyond me.

115. VZX - January 10, 2012

114: I hope against Khan or Garth.

I would like to see Klingons, though. But the old school non-viking Klingons before they wore lame KISS band costumes. I’m sure Abrams could realy push a fresh and exciting take on them.

116. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2012

because this is Star Trek and not Babylon 5.

Trek has the advantage of 40+ years of mythos to draw from. Why some people see that as a disadvantage is beyond me.

117. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2012

Nero was new, and very boring.

118. Bricklayer - January 10, 2012

Cumberbatch as Balok and Gatt as his on-screen alter ego? I’d love to see the First Federation.

119. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2012

Scotty’s sidekick = a gimmick and a bad one at that.

Spock’s and Uhura’s romance = painful to watch

Len’s flares = need I say more?

Kirk’s mickey mouse hands = really? Star Trek has now devolved from witty barbs between Mccoy and Spock to third rate slapstick? Let’s not forget Scotty going through the water pipe, more third rate slapstick.

What did work IMO:
Scotty’s line “I’m given you all she’s got!” – got the biggest applause in my theater

Spock’s youth scene – taken directly from previous canon

Sarek – good actor in old role. with new interaction between him and Spock

Pike – another good actor in old role

So, you see, the best things that worked were original characters acting in familiar ways but in new situations. A tweak, not an overhaul. The totally new stuff fell flat.

120. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - January 10, 2012



You might have cracked it!

Imagine also unconfirmed casting of Tom Archdeacon as Ensign Spyke
(better known as Lt. Kevin Riley, who had his milk SPIKEd while listening to Uhura sing her comforting song “Beyond Antares”…)

Noel Clarke could then be Thomas Leighton and Nazneen Contractor his wife Martha Leighton!

But who would be Joseph Gatt? Koridian’s muscle maybe?

If it is a revistiing of “The Conscience of the King”, it seems that Weller and Gatt would be underutilized in the roles of advisor and muscle – maybe another subplot?

121. Danpaine - January 10, 2012

119. John from Cincinnati – January 10, 2012

Agreed, John. Very well put.

122. FlyingWok - January 10, 2012

@ #22
I don’t buy that Star Trek needs A-List Hollywood actors to be a prestigious franchise again. In fact, I feel like Star Trek has more prestige associated with it now more than it did with the TOS/TNG movie era! The biggest evidence of that, I would think, is that Paramount is actively throwing money at the production. I’ll never forget Frakes’ lament/envy that he wished that he had half as much money as JJ Trek did to make his movies.

In any case, JJ and crew aren’t exactly casting British nobody actors. Benedict Cumberbatch is the new ‘it’ actor, who’s been steadily winning critical acclaim with his work. I’ve only seen him in Sherlock but he has definitely got some serious artistry and skill in acting.

Noel Clarke is a critically acclaimed independent film writer/actor/producer. They’re smaller productions but there’s been positive critical buzz about his work outside of Doctor Who.

And then there’s Peter Weller. He’s been in some B-movies (and the eternally awesome Robocop), but the man brings a serious level of dedication, intelligence, and craft to his roles. He spent months training with a mime to nail down a movement system for Robocop, and for a character that shows no emotion verbally or on his face, he made the character emotive, and strongly so, through his careful use of body language.

This is not to say that prior Trek movie A-list guest stars weren’t talented and wonderful actors (because they are!) but A-list isn’t always a guarantee of talent/fit for the film. I have a feeling these very strong character actors, some of whom have some serious stage experience, will bring a lot to this movie.

I’m super excited at all this casting news!

One final thing – I don’t mean to be crass but that photo of Alice Eve looks… poorly photoshopped below the neck? She’s already a very attractive woman, why they still feel a need to touch up her photos is beyond me!

123. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - January 10, 2012


Actually, it looks like Tom Archdeacon is confirmed – and he is IRISH!

I’d love to see “The Conscience of the King” retold

Actually, as I think about it, in the very capable hands of AK, DL and RO, Weller and Gatt could be fleshed out as quite nicely as Koridian;s “corporate advisor” and “enforcer”.

124. Buzz Cagney - January 10, 2012

#99 Mel, the Germans think David Hasselhoff is a talented singer too.

125. Vultan - January 10, 2012


Your point, Buzz?
The Hoff IS the second greatest singer and actor of all time, only bested by the legendary talents of Mr. William Shatner.

126. Red Dead Ryan - January 10, 2012

Yeah, but William Shatner at least knows how to properly eat a hamburger!


127. Gabriel Bell - January 10, 2012

Best. Quote. Ever.

Great job, Anthony!

128. CarlG - January 10, 2012

He’s playing Khan’s stunt pecs.

129. Chris Doohan - January 10, 2012

Okay, I look nothing like this guy, but that body!! It’s like looking in a mirror.

130. Phil - January 10, 2012

@91. It’s a fine line between truth and opinion. There are plenty of citizens here who are a bit tired of our allies outsourcing their defense responsibilites.

131. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 10, 2012

#109 I think that Anthony Pascale managed to get confirmation that Bruce Greenwood will actually be in the film playing Pike again. It was mentioned on one of these threads. Am I correct?

It appears that Bruce Greenwood liked the scene(s) that Bob Orci wrote for him. Good man, that Bob Orci! I hope it also involves a beagle.

Come on, Bob – give me/Kirk something nice/good, please – because it is looking like my Captain Pine/Kirk won’t be giving/getting any love this time round. He didn’t have much of a chance in the last movie either…:(

132. Jay - January 10, 2012

#119 Totally disagree. I think the new stuff worked great. Seems the audience and critics agree judging by the financial success of the film (especially considering it was bringing Star Trek back from the dead) and the almost universal critical aclaim the film received.

Would be very surprised if the main villain is a familiar character. Just goes against everything this crew has done so far with Star Trek and their push for originality.

133. Jay - January 10, 2012

Excited film will soon finally begin to roll on this movie.

I asked before, but does anyone remember at what point in production or post prodution – that we found out the villains in 2009 Trek were Romulans? Trying to guage when we might learn who/what the villains are in this movie.

Obviously the reason for secrecy on the roles actors are cast to play is that to do so would reveal alot about the movie that JJ doesn’t want to reveal.

134. Jay - January 10, 2012

#114 I completely agree. I believe this is exactly what will happen. It would make the most sense. My reaction from what JJ, Bob and all have said and the audience they are targeting would indicate that as well. That was basically the whole reason they got involved in bringing back Star Trek in the first place.

They seem to be using the comics as a way to satisfy the hard core Trekkie audience that wants to see previously known stories and characters revisited. Which to me is further indication that they won’t do that with the movie.

I think JJ and crew understand that while passionate, the hard core Trekkie audience is not going to make them the kind of money that they, or the studios, want to see this movie make and they need to do what they believe will sell to the larger audience.

135. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 10, 2012

#91 Really? Yes, it is a “fine line between truth and opinion”. Personally, I think that NZ, being the very small nation that it is, takes defence and protection responsibilities very seriously and always has done. Can’t speak for other allied nations though.

As I said – it is as much about people’s perceptions as it might be about the reality…

I’m sure Anthony Pascale will be giving a warning about getting into politics too much, so I shall leave it at that.

136. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2012

Star Trek. CaliGornafication

137. Bobbygaga - January 10, 2012

All this talk of “unknown actors” is a bit short sighted. The main draw is Kirk, Spock, McCoy et al. I certainly go to see Star Trek in 2009 just to see Eric Bana and Winona Ryder.

138. Simpleton - January 10, 2012

Gorn finger

139. Anthony Thompson - January 10, 2012

119. John from…

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I don’t want no rerun (even on an epic scale)! I hope Bob, JJ &Co. give us something completely new and fresh. The folks on here who talk endlessly of Khan and Gorns, etc. remind me of people who *only* listen to classic rock. 40 years later. That’s pathetic.

140. Mikey - January 10, 2012

Star Trek: Gorn This Way

141. Treklife - January 10, 2012

Tyler Perry is not an “A list” actor.

142. chuckunit - January 10, 2012

Two more:

Star Trek: Gorn to be Wild
Star Trek: Gorn Gone Wild!

143. WhoMeetsTrek - January 10, 2012

Brit Invasion: yup. Next we’ll see Karen Gillan and/or Arthur Darvill from Doctor Who signed up. They SHOULD get Alex Kingesting though. As for A-Listers, ya never know…I’d like to see JJ go after some Buffy/Angel alumni…

144. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 10, 2012

American A-List actors are probably too expensive and won’t necessarily “deliver the goods” any better than less expensive actors well versed in all forms of the dramatic arts, hence the casting of genuine (British) actors.

People like Denzel Washington, as an A-List actor, are doing themselves and the American film industry a disservice by behaving the way he did – re the Unstoppable movie. The Fox studio offered him $16MILLION, but he DEMANDED $20MILLION or he wouldn’t do the movie, after it was a go-ahead… That actor was prepared to compromise the opportunity for work for other actors, including Chris Pine, as well as crew. Denzel Washington was already getting more than the director, but he wanted more. Perhaps JJ Abrams does not want (he certainly doesn’t need it) that kind of greedy, shortsighted shit affecting the production of Star Trek.

I hope that Chris Pine didn’t play the same dirty trick on Paramount.
Chris – you have a home and a nice comfortable life, friends, family, talent and career. Seek reasonable remuneration, which we know is considerable, and allow your work, talent, virtues “buy” what will give you the greatest fulfillment and (self) respect.
Maybe you will read this, maybe not…whatever.

145. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - January 10, 2012

#114, 134, & 139:

Temba, his arms wide.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu at Uruk.

146. HelenW - January 10, 2012

Saw this on twitter from Sherlockolgy site #BenedictCumberbatch’s first stop for #StarTrek is FX House Industrial Light and Magic?

147. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 10, 2012

#144. Keachick …

Something on twitter about CP… if you didn’t see yet…

“@JimStoppaniJim Stoppani @Jon_Sajor except for today when I met with Chris Pine -helping him build muscle for his role as Capt. Kirk in the new Star Trek 2 movie”

I wonder if Captain is building muscle for fighting with Gorn or to be … Shirtless Kirk… or both… it would be great!!!

:-) :-)

148. Viking - January 10, 2012

#129 Chris: put down the single malt and egg nog. The holidays ended a couple of weeks ago. LOL

149. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 10, 2012

#147 I don’t have Twitter.

Why would Chris Pine need to build up more muscle? From the pics I have seen of him in the last few months, he looks more than fine. One set of pictures where he was wearing that lovely blue t-shirt showed how beautifully toned and trim he was and so well proportioned. He has a long lean fine bone structure. A lovely specimen of manhood if there ever was…OK – beginning to melt/drool…

150. Mel - January 11, 2012

@ Buzz Cagney – January 10, 2012

“Mel, the Germans think David Hasselhoff is a talented singer too.”

No, that is really a false myth. His extremely short music career ended two decades ago. No one cares about him anymore. Most younger Germans have no idea, who he is.

And Germany has a bigger population than UK, Ireland and Malta combined, so it is not such a big surprise, if a movie does better in Germany than in the UK.

Star Trek was really popular in Germany some years ago. At least one Star Trek series was airing all the time on a bigger channel. Now only a tiny channel is airing TNG.

151. Disco Justice - January 11, 2012

Nice bit of gender equality in the photos there. Male shots: dressed smartly at some public event or other. Female shot: cleavage-tacular modelling-type picture.

152. rand - January 11, 2012

Awesome actors!
Does anyone know who these beautiful people are playing? I see Alice Eve playing either Carol Marcus or Kirk’s 1st love, Ruth from “Shore Leave”, Noel Clarke playing Richard Daystrom (YAY!!!!!) & Benedict Cumberbach playing either Zephram Cochrane or Fleet Captain Garth of Izar.

But w/ any luck, JJ will be allowed to flex his considerable creative muscle & create his own memorable characters to grace the ongoing beauty that is STAR TREK!

153. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 11, 2012

#151 Huh? Look at the photo of Joseph Gatt – hardly what I would call “dressed smartly at some public event…”. Maybe Kirk is coming up against the Gatt character and doing some Kirk-fu etc, hence all the extra muscle building being done by Chris Pine at the moment (according to a twitter comment). I hope Chris has the Kirk-fu down right. I want to see him Kirk-fu kick an Enterprise corridor wall…:)! What’s not to love about TOS?

154. NCM - January 11, 2012

151. Disco Justice – January 11, 2012:

“Nice bit of gender equality in the photos there. Male shots: dressed smartly at some public event or other. Female shot: cleavage-tacular modelling-type picture.”

Ah, you saw through that, did ya? Couldnt’ help noticing Gatt’s shirtless, but only one of the photos looks like it was taken for the cover of a skin magazine. In pursuit of gender equality and female fan titillation, I think it only reasonable that male crew wear pants as short as Uhura’s skirt. Display those meaty thighs and male curves, fellas! We know you’ve got ’em.

155. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 12, 2012

Males with curves? I hope not. Straight, tall, erect – that’s my man!

156. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 12, 2012

@#155. “Straight, tall, erect – that’s my man!”

Well that certainly is Spock. I’ve made it no secret that if there happens to be any Spock nudity in this next film, you’ll hear no objections from me. ;-)

157. NCM - January 12, 2012

@155 and 156… because how often do we string together a purse parade:)

Males curves, Keachick, don’t you recall all the male angst on this board when the Supe suit was revealed to be too revealing?

Spock/Uhura fan, I’m with you. I’d probably see it in 3D in that case.

158. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 12, 2012

Yes, and that is certainly Captain James Kirk as well. I think you and I should mount a consolidated campaign to have deliciously gratuitous scenes showing the captain and first officer in their natural glorious nakedness, with or without their true loves. It would be best if the captain and first officer were in separate scenes though, or not?

Were there saunas and/or hot mineral pools where one could soak tired weary muscles on the Vulcan planet before it got destroyed? I don’t see why there wouldn’t be and why knowledgeable and logical Vulcans would not frequent them for health reasons.

Is not fictional film somewhat gratuitous by its very nature anyway?

159. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 13, 2012

@#157. ” Spock/Uhura fan, I’m with you. I’d probably see it in 3D in that case.”

Oh, yeah! :-D

And, don’t mind us, boys. Just a little girl talk going on right now. Nothing to be concerned about. ;-)

I don’t care how they show it, Keachick, just as long as it is somewhat plausible and isn’t obviously gratuitous. As a matter of fact, I think they should post ‘test’ pictures and footage on this official Trek news site just so we can be sure that said nudity will work out alright. I volunteer to be the first member of that focus group. ;-)

160. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 13, 2012

#159 – Excellent idea. Yes, I think that we are well qualified to tell them whether the ‘test’ scenes of Kirk and Spock naked will work out alright. They can be assured that such scenes will receive our full and undivided attention…:)

After all, Bob Orci did write that we are consultants. On matters of such importance, consultation with myself and Spock/Uhura Fan is essential. Are you getting this, Bob?

161. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 13, 2012


Oh, I hope so. A girl can dream. :-) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.