New Star Trek Into Darkness International One-Sheet Poster + More Details On UK/Ireland Tues. Tix Sales [UPDATED] |
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New Star Trek Into Darkness International One-Sheet Poster + More Details On UK/Ireland Tues. Tix Sales [UPDATED] April 8, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The international marketing for Star Trek Into Darkness continues to ramp up. Today Paramount released the final one-sheet theater poster for the movie with a new tagline. You can check it out below, we also have more details on UK and Ireland ticket sales starting on Tuesday. [UPDATE: More country variations added]


New International one-sheet Poster – Earth Will Fall

Today Paramount released their international ‘one-sheet’ theater poster. Here is the UK version.

International Star Trek Into Darkness One-sheet Theater poster (click to enlarge)
[Download right click – choose "save link as…"]

As with much of the international marketing for the movie, Into Darkness is being presented as a traditional summer action-movie. This is due to an effort to boost international sales where Star Trek has traditionally under-performed.

UPDATE: More variations

There are also localized versions of this new poster.

Latin America, Iceland and Russia versions of int’l poster

Austria, Finland and Netherlands versions of int’l poster

France, Belgium and Portugal version


Domestic one sheet poster still to come

TrekMovie has confirmed that the final US one-sheet theater poster has not been revealed yet – and it is going to be different than the above international poster. The international marketing is a little ahead because the movie opens in some international markets a week before the domestic opening on May 17th.

More details on UK & Ireland sales starting Tuesday

Yesterday TrekMovie reported Odeon would begin selling Into Darkness tickets on Tuesday morning at 9:05 AM for the UK. According to Paramount tickets will also be available (for both the UK and Ireland) from Odeon, Cineworld, Vue, Empire, Showcase, and Picturehouse cinemas. You can also get tickets at the Paramount Website.

UK Early Ticket Sales promo poster

TrekMovie is still trying to find out ticketing information for other countries, but if you are in one of the countries where Star Trek opens on May 9th, you should check your local theater websites.


POLL: You like the poster?

So are you a fan of the poster? Or not. Sound off below and in the new TrekMovie poll.

Like new International Into Darkness Poster?

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1. Jack - April 8, 2013

Beautiful. And something we’ve never, ever seen in Trek before. That’s a good thing.

2. JRT! - April 8, 2013

BORING poster! Like I said in a different thread,they REALLY need new marketing people.


3. The dude - April 8, 2013


they will probably get better as the movie draws closer, its just to let people know its ther

4. AyanEva - April 8, 2013

If I didn’t know what this was, this poster would make me want to see this film. At the very least I’d stop if I saw it, back up, and then Google for more info. Marketing success!

5. LLAP - April 8, 2013

It’s a really interesting poster, visually, but if you took the text off, you would have no idea it was a Star Trek movie. That’s what makes the other poster more effective, because it incorporates the Starfleet delta into it.

6. I'mPaul - April 8, 2013

No it’s not JRT!. That Briliant. They put the Brit celeb in London and show London burning behind him. It’s the “INTERNATIONAL” poster (for Britain,) to advertise Star Trek in a market historically unfavorable to Star Trek.

7. JRT! - April 8, 2013


I hope so. This is just,meh. But since it’s the international poster,I guess they wanna really push the Brit to the forefront,lol! Let’s hope the US one is better than this.

Yes it is,I’mPaul! lol.


8. Daniel Broadway - April 8, 2013

This poster is boring generic action schlock. Not to mention as a graphic designer/vfx artist, I can’t help but notice they duplicated the same smoke element 3 times in the background.

9. The dude - April 8, 2013


If they could make a poster like this
I would be happy

10. JRT! - April 8, 2013

LOL! Yep,boring. I have to admit my reaction was completely opposite of AyanEva. Does not make me wanna find out more about the movie and epic fail in marketing.

But I’m sure we’ll get something better,at least I hope we do. Looking forward to the movie though.


11. bmar - April 8, 2013

Don’t have any strong opinion about the poster, good or bad, but come on Paramount (or Bad Robot?) graphic designers! Check out the smoke billowing from the buildings – can say “clone and stamp?” What an awful Photoshop job. Looks like something the Iranians or North Koreans would do to cover a botched missile launch.

12. JRT! - April 8, 2013

OH DUDE! Now THAT’s a poster! GEE,why don’t YOU work in marketing for them dude!? THAT I would put on my wall,this one…


13. bmar - April 8, 2013

#8 – Sorry Daniel – didn’t see your post. Talk about cloning…

14. Commodore Adams - April 8, 2013

Boring poster, terrible tagline. I love the poster from the 2009 movie with the Enterprise flying at warp. Star Trek posters should show ships in space. Crew posters are boring, character posters are boring. Ce la vi.

15. JRT! - April 8, 2013

LOL @ 11!

16. JRT! - April 8, 2013

LOL! I like this thread,’tis funny.

17. AyanEva - April 8, 2013

#10- Well if they’re marketing it overseas to a more action-oriented crowd, and I’m pretending that I’m one of these non-Trekkie casual observers, then I think this poster does the trick. It looks like awesomeness and mayhem is happening with Cumberbatch somehow involved and you probably don’t need much more than that, tbh.

18. star trackie - April 8, 2013

These new posters sadly dont even close to the amazing poster featuring the stylized black and white Enterprise from the first movie, yet are much better than the odd black and white individual crewmember posters from the first movie.

Strangley enough, I think one of the best, yet rarely used, promotional picture from the first movie was a great image of Kirk and Spock, artistically lit, on the Kellogs Cornflakes box. Sits on my refrigerator as we speak. Hopefully there are more interesting images from the new movie that have yet to surface.

19. AyanEva - April 8, 2013

#9- I… actually hate that poster. Too many things going on, too many elements, not a clear message. lol Good thing the group of us aren’t a focus group. They’d never figure out what we wanted! LOL

20. The dude - April 8, 2013

Wow! copy and paste smoke. I learned that in my 9th grade Photoshop class. I should work for big companies like paramount

21. cbspock - April 8, 2013

Why is it almost every Trek movie has Earth in it, when they should be exploring the Final Frontier???

22. Pensive's Wetness - April 8, 2013

i like the poster myself (though it would be epic with a -small- Star Fleet ship exploding in mid air, to remind you its ST)…

23. rm10019 - April 8, 2013

Is it just me or did they copy and paste the smoke element…

24. The dude - April 8, 2013

@ 21

William shatner already discovered that for us in Star Trek V, we haven’t dared returned to it hence

25. rm10019 - April 8, 2013


26. Iva - April 8, 2013

It looks like a poster for a generic amateur made action movie on youtube?

27. Tortuga - April 8, 2013

This screams “generic action movie” rather than “Star Trek”. Bleh.

28. Curious Cadet - April 8, 2013

@6. I’mPaul,
“It’s the “INTERNATIONAL” poster (for Britain,) to advertise Star Trek in a market historically unfavorable to Star Trek.”

I don’t believe the UK has been an historically unfavorable market. I believe it’s just the opposite.

Now if its for other countries in the EU and elsewhere that would love to see London burn, then maybe you have something. Just not so sure how strong that is to encourage viewers who aren’t historically interested.

One thing is for sure, it’s CLEAR who the STAR in Star Trek is in this film …

… Hope Chris Pine doesn’t cry about this too …

29. Mad Mann - April 8, 2013

They should just drop the word “Star” from the title. I think “Trek into Darkness” is a perfect title for this movie.

30. JRT! - April 8, 2013

The dude – EXACTLY! Now go and get that job in marketing at Paramount! And show’em that cool poster you posted a link to,lol!

AyanEva – LOL! I KNOW,right!? As an international poster I guess they have to do this kinda thing. Still wouldn’t peak my interest though,it’s too samey,seen it before kinda thing.

star trackie – lol! LOVE that cereal! Such a fun colorful box! Wish they’d bring it back for this movie.

31. Buzz Cagney - April 8, 2013

are we all getting a new poster design each or what?

#26 and #27 have you seen the trailers? Because that will confirm your observations.

32. Planet Pandro - April 8, 2013

I think to everyone who is saying “that doesn’t look like a Star Trek movie poster”, I would say you are correct!
I would also say, that’s probably the point. They are reaching for a much wider audience. I would guess that most of the posters, commercials, marketing materials etc that we will see leading up to the release date won’t look like a Star Trek movie at all in order to reel in more viewers. I think that might the nature of the beast when it comes to advertising Star Trek as a summer tentpole movie. I would respectfully disagree that “whoever is in Paramount Marketing needs to be let go” because we as a fanbase are not in the advertisers’ crosshairs in this instance, and they are zeroing in on the average movie-goin’ joe schmo who is deciding which movie to go see that particular week.
And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that per se. More butts in seats means more ticket revenue means continued Trek adventures and merch.
Im faithful that the content of th film will be stronger than the blitz to promote it. It was back in 09 and I have every expectation it will again.

But yeah that Enterprise-in Warp poster was my fav the last time around too…I just don’t see that sort of image presented for the fans happening this time around

33. The dude - April 8, 2013

@ 27

And generic action movies scream


34. lst&sw - April 8, 2013

This the worst poster ever made!
There is nothing worst then this and nobody can tell me otherwise, you can choose any (ever) and this one tops it as the worst, (look at that smoke, yea just the smoke).

35. The dude - April 8, 2013

I am pretty sure the smoke is just the exact same cloud layered over each other

36. lst&sw - April 8, 2013

Somebody works for Paramount and JJ and thinks we’re stupid…

37. The dude - April 8, 2013

Maybe they should hire fans to the make posters, we could at least actually put some effort in and blow up London to get real smoke. JK

38. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 8, 2013

I said “not really”… I’m not impressed with this poster … lack something, it’s boring!

39. Iva - April 8, 2013

31. Buzz Cagney – April 8, 2013

are we all getting a new poster design each or what?

#26 and #27 have you seen the trailers? Because that will confirm your observations.

I’m trying to suppress the memory. And hoping that everything that happens in the trailers is just a small 10 minute part of the movie and the actual plot and the rest of it is something completely different.

32. Planet Pandro – April 8, 2013

You know you’ve hit the rock bottom when you have to rely on successfully tricking people into seeing your work.

40. Punkspocker - April 8, 2013

I like all the posters so far but I miss the Enterprise. But then, anything with the Cumberlord on it has got my vote!

41. lst&sw - April 8, 2013

That smoke!

42. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

#5. LLAP:

It’s a really interesting poster, visually, but if you took the text off, you would have no idea it was a Star Trek movie.

My thoughts exactly.

#28 Curious Cadet:

One thing is for sure, it’s CLEAR who the STAR in Star Trek is in this film

This, too.

… nothing against BC at all. I’m positive he’s as wonderful as everyone says he is, but call me a bit of a traditionalist… a Star Trek poster ought to have you know, Star Trek regulars on it, in the very least. Novel concept, I know. Apparently we’ve gone beyond debating the virtures of McCoy vs. Uhura being on the poster, now we don’t even get Kirk or Spock. :(

Hey Paramount, you remember Kirk, right? 47-year-old character. Captain. Modeled after Horatio Hornblower. They character Forbes bases it’s five lessons in leadership on? (

Then there is Spock. Vulcan. Exceedingly popular. Voted #3 favorite non-human character of all-time behind only Kermit the Frog and Lassie (

… just thought I’d remind you because you seem to have forgotten them.

43. Classy M - April 8, 2013

#37 – I realise you’re joking but suggesting blowing up a city, even in jest, in in very poor taste.

44. Moputo Jones - April 8, 2013

Uh, is Benedict Cumberbatch in some new post-apocalyptic zombie movie I’ve never heard of?

45. 47 - April 8, 2013

Kirk holding a Beretta, Spock holding a Glock, and Uhura holding a firelock. Great. And a poster that looks like it’s advertising a video game rather than a Star Trek movie.

46. Keachick - April 8, 2013

I don’t really like the poster because it is much the same as the poster already out there.

It is colourless – I know this story is about dark, grey times, but really? Surely, included in the poster could have the Enterprise crashing or something. This is London? – it just looks like any other city anywhere, totally bland. Perhaps that is how it will be in the future. All features that make a place distinctive – like the architecture of Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge and other interesting architectural feats – will no longer exist. Oh, how “exciting”…:(

47. T'Cal - April 8, 2013

They’re going in the right direction. Trekkies will love it and this will likely draw in those who would otherwise be put off by pictures of space, the Enterprise, Kirk, and Spock, and the words “Star Trek.” By having a Brit as the only person in it will help in that market as well.

48. Jemini - April 8, 2013

here if you want to complain about the posters not being “trek” enough or with the “real characters” why don’t you complain about this BC’s fest instead of whining when they include Uhura? At least she’s one of the main characters.

49. Mantastic - April 8, 2013

Cool guys don’t look at explosions.
They turn their heads and they walk awaaayy…

50. Mel - April 8, 2013

The poster looks like a generic war/terrorist movie playing on earth in the present. I usually don’t waste money on these kind of movies in the cinema.

I guess the poster was made to attract people, who dislike scifi movies, movies playing in the future in general and even Star Trek, considering how much bigger the “Into Darkness” part is than the “Star Trek” part. Overall it is practically false advertising.

51. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013

I’m kind of sick of seeing burning skyscrapers/cityscapes on movie posters.

It’s kind of like the designers thought “Gee, you know, 9/11 was a massive tragedy, but there was something fascinating about the smoke and fire blazing out of the Twin Towers. It will make a good marketing tool for our movies!”

Today’s movie posters all seem to be cut from the same cloth. The same cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste crap that is used to sell movies.

52. Planet Pandro - April 8, 2013

39. Iva

Well, rock bottom or no, the point of advertising is to get people to consume the goods/service you produce. Like I said, butts in seats.

And to be honest, I don’t like the official promo posters I’ve seen so far either. They’re derivative of alot of what’s already around and are cribbing waaaaay too much from the Dark Knight or even Marvel movies. But I’m aware that Paramount must have a target demographic in mind and these sorts of images sell to said target demo that saw Dark Knight or whatever Comic Book Movie du jour is out now.

And I’ll hold true to my expectation that the content of the full movie will be much more “trek” than the posters and commercials seem to be. It’s like taking a 4 minute song, extracting about 6 individual notes, re-arranging them, playing them back and people saying: “No, I won’t like that song. Sounds too much like Nickelback” when in fact it’s the Who or Beatles or something.

53. Iva - April 8, 2013

Yup. False advertising. And trying to cash in on Sherlock fans, the way they tried to cash on Heroes fans with Quinto but it didn’t work.

48. Jemini

No actually she is a background character. Getting laid by a main character does not elevate one’s status. Unless you are going to claim the green Orion chick is a main character too because she went down on Kirk?

54. Travis - April 8, 2013

I love the Khan collar on that jacket.

55. Keachick - April 8, 2013

trekkiegal: you have me confused. Who are you talking about – I mean, who are these Kirk and Spock characters? What – are you telling me that they travel in this amazing starship in this TV/film series called Star Trek, as in a TREK among the STARS? I have seen somewhere that this ship not only travels in space, but can also go underwater…This Spock is the first of his kind, a human/vulcan

Instead, we see a picture of a darkly clothed, pasty faced Brit with a determined but mean look on his face surveying a city (London – though how would you know?) in ruins, due to his own handiwork and not a twinkling star or greenery to be seen anywhere…

Could this be an “Oh, my” moment?

56. Angry Future Romulan - April 8, 2013

So London is getting destroyed in both G.I. Joe and Star Trek. Did the Brits do something to piss of SkyDance Productions, or what…?

57. Keachick - April 8, 2013

Uhura is clearly now one of the main characters in this new iteration. What has Uhura’s (or Spock’s) sex life got to do with anything? Clearly, not a lot, if what little has been shown is anything to go by…

Honestly, these sex-obsessed posters. It’s old, very old…

58. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

55 Keachick:

…you have me confused. Who are you talking about – I mean, who are these Kirk and Spock characters?

Right? I mean, I think I wandered onto the wrong site. I thought I was on a Star Trek site, but that can’t be right because Star Trek has these wonderful, iconic characters named Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy (Scotty, Sulu, Chekov)… maybe they’re advertising a new season of Sherlock?

59. wildm - April 8, 2013

bad bad poster …generic action movie poster reminds me max payne style…im missing the 80 trek….thank god i have the original movies plus tos and next gen…

60. Nony - April 8, 2013

Groundbreaking, iconic, clonetooltastic, Cumberfabulous, tears flowing down my face, etc.

61. 47 - April 8, 2013

thumbs down

62. Jack - April 8, 2013

And you see Kirk and Spock on every freaking poster — people already know that Kirk are Spock are in a bloody Trek movie. Again, this is unique for Trek — it sets up the movie, and we’ll see how our characters will handle it.

You need Kirk, Spock, stars and… green (???)?

63. SherlockFangirl - April 8, 2013

what IMAX UK tickets?

64. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013


Dude, we don’t need rehashes of other current movie posters. It would have been nice if we got something new and original.

I’m sorry, but Kirk and Spock are the core of Trek. They should be on the poster. It would be like the main poster for “The Dark Knight” not featuring Batman, or a James Bond movie featuring the bad guy but not 007 himself.

65. KirksLove - April 8, 2013

They don’t made the poster for the Star Trek fandom, they made it for a big Cumberbatch loving audience… A poster of a boring space ship won’t sell tickets, a poster with The Cumberbatch on it will. That’s the point.

66. Paul - April 8, 2013

Terrible poster it should be the crew + pike + enterprise.

67. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

#64 Red Dead Ryan:

I’m sorry, but Kirk and Spock are the core of Trek. They should be on the poster. It would be like the main poster for “The Dark Knight” not featuring Batman, or a James Bond movie featuring the bad guy but not 007 himself.

Excellent examples! What he said! *nods vigorously*

68. Jack - April 8, 2013

The posters aren’t for us. They’re there to reel people into theatres. This depicts, more or less, a scene from the movie — and acts as a pretty great teaser… and a scene we’ve never seen in a Trek movie. We’ve had the device threatening everything, but we haven’t seen this. We haven’t seen terrorism. Yep, the Federation is peaceful, Earth is a paradise, etc. — well, now that’s apparently been fucked. The current Iron Man poster shows the guy apparently dying…

Instead you want the same assortment of floating heads we’ve always seen? This isn’t the 80s. Trek fans might think simply seeing Kirk and Spock in a new adventure is enough — like a family reunion every few years. But ths shows ’em something different. This is the premise of the movie. Starfleet and Earth are fucked. Now hopefully our heroes can fix it. I like it.

Hell, the Nemesis poster showed us the back of Shinzon just standing there.

Dislike that this film features a bad-ass villain, and that it’s dark (at least in the start) — but now you’re complaining about the poster for reflecting what’s in the movie.

If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But this how dare they not show Kirk stuff sounds very, very fannish. So, what are your ideas? 70s/80s floating heads.

69. KirksLove - April 8, 2013

@67: But the main goal is to sell tickets. And Cumberbatch is the biggest star in this movie.

70. Vultan - April 8, 2013

Looks like an epic Die Hard movie. Another Gruber brother out for revenge, I’m guessing.

But where’s Bruce Willis on the poster? He should really be there.

71. Keachick - April 8, 2013

Two out of the three posters (if I am not mistaken) have Harrison overlooking his scene of devastation – his own city, London. It could be hard for someone to think that they could be watching a movie based on anything iconic.

Yes, greenery. I guess I am used to living here in Auckland. Even though we have big buildings, motorways (freeways in the US?) what I see more of is greenery – flora of every kind and description. It is just something that I cannot help notice is missing from these pictures. It is only after watching US made programmes which show views of New York or Boston that I am reminded just how big cities are around the world, but even they are not so devoid of any greenery…

This is the kind of view I am used to seeing – check out the background

72. Keachick - April 8, 2013

trekkiegal – I hope you realize that I was being sarcastic (if that’s the right word). I actually agree with your previous post, in case you thought otherwise.

73. KirksLove - April 8, 2013

@ 62:
And you see Kirk and Spock on every freaking poster — people already know that Kirk are Spock are in a bloody Trek movie. Again, this is unique for Trek — it sets up the movie, and we’ll see how our characters will handle it.

> THIS! At least a few people here aren’t just about negativity and general Abrams hate.

74. Matias47 - April 8, 2013


75. Phil - April 8, 2013

Chris Pine must be in a full blown fit of Benedict envy now. Very very obvious that Paramount really wants the international audience. Good move on their part, too.

76. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

#68 KirksLove:

Not one to be attracted to a movie based on the actors starring within it, so perhaps I’m a not a good mean to your standard deviation, but from this movie goers perspective? It doesn’t matter much that Quinto and Pine aren’t huge stars, Kirk and Spock are (see links I posted above) thus no matter the actors who play them, they deserve to be on the poster.

In addition, if actors are really what sells a film, how do you explain flops using big names? I gave this example before, in another thread, let me use it again… The same year that Bradley Cooper’s “The Hangover” did exceedingly well and Sandra Bullock won the oscar for “The Blind Side” they produced a movie together called “All About Steve” which was considered an epic failure on both actors’ parts (I have no desire to ever see this movie so I can’t vouch for just how bad it was, but I do trust the razzies, which voted it worst of the year). By your logic, since both actors were at the top of their game, it should have sold-out.

77. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

#72. Keachick:

Oh, I know. I was joking back with you, i.e. agreeing with your use of sarcasm and expounding upon it with some of my own. ;)

78. Iva - April 8, 2013

75. Phil – April 8, 2013

Chris Pine must be in a full blown fit of Benedict envy now. Very very obvious that Paramount really wants the international audience. Good move on their part, too.

International audience is far more than Benedict fans…. he is pandering to the British market but that’s all.

79. Kirk - April 8, 2013

I hate it when “fans” complain, but the smoke on that poster really is bad. Maybe it is deliberate? Mabe it’s meant to imply a false flag clue. That it what the suspicion would be if that appeared in a photo in real life. Seems to fit with the themes.

80. Phil - April 8, 2013

@78. And the Asian market, too. Even so, the British influence is fairly wide, so it would be unwise to assume that the reach of the BBC is that limited. Regardless, Trek needs to score with the international market this time around. Everything I’ve read so far is predicting that the North American box office will end be similar to the last movie. So if the franchise is growing this time out it’s the international market driving it…and that makes Cumberbatch the draw for the movie.

81. Trekkiegal63 - April 8, 2013

68. Jack:

Again. You (and a fair number of other posters) seem to think of this as an either/or situation. There’s even a fallacy of logic name for it: false dilemma.

Doesn’t have to be one or the other. Can be both.

However, having said that, the Trekkie dollar (or pound, or yen, or euro) is as important as the non-Trekkie dollar (or pound, or yen, or euro). A good way to keep the audience that did support other hits such as ST4, the second highest box office grossing Trek of all time, is to remind us that this is, in fact, a Trek movie we’re going to see. How do they do that? By putting Kirk and Spock on the poster.

I posted stats from in another thread, but the difference between ST11 and ST4? 14%. ST11 only had a 14% increase in ticket sales if you take into account inflation. Were I in marketing, which I’m not, but if I were, I’d be trying to get new viewers while also hanging on desperately to that 86%.

82. Vultan - April 8, 2013


Sometimes bad Photoshopping is just bad Photoshopping. Look at the top of the smoke plumes at the upper left. Hello, clone tool!

83. Exverlobter - April 8, 2013

I liked the Teaser-Poster better. It reminded me of the Dark Knight Rises.

84. NCC-73515 - April 8, 2013

Munich, Germany:


Double Feature

Tickets on sale since at least a week!

Is anyone here going? :D

85. Aix - April 8, 2013

“Earth will fall” Yikes! How cringe-worthy is that line?!

I still think it’s smart not to focus on the “Trek” in international markets and yeah, It’s dark and destructive enough to hopefully appeal to the casual movie-goer. Also, it’s way better than the one with floating Kirk and Spock!!!

86. Exverlobter - April 8, 2013

People complaining that Kirk and Spock are not on the poster? Well for those there is still the other poster with Kirk Uhura and Spock.
And BTW in the last film there was also an alternative Poster that showed the Golden Gate Bridge and Neros Drill-Beam.
Nothing new.

87. helen - April 8, 2013

Its a poor poster. I was hoping for a good close up of Cumberbatch. The smoke effect is so badly done its laughable. Dont Paramount have much of a pr budget

88. helen - April 8, 2013

One other thing. I think the focus on Cumberbatch is the correct one BUT they really havent focused on him in magazines. Its been all about Pine.

Ive not seen one photoshoot in the UK for Cumberbatch. Just some photos in Japanese magazines. Shouldnt Paramount have got him some magazine covers. For instance the Esquire magazine focused on Pine and then all he does is moan about the franchise.

So the pr strategy has been a mess.

89. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013

Sheesh, some of us want some creativity out of movie posters. The STID posters are generic and uninteresting. Not to mention unoriginal.

No one is suggesting that these posters should be more like the older movies’, only that a new and original design be used.

Yeah, I get that a space motif with Kirk and Spock would be a turn-off for some people, but do you honestly think the absense of those characters will actually get them to see the movie? Uh, no. If those people didn’t care about Kirk and Spock last time, they sure aren’t going to care about “Star Trek Into Darkness” this time.

I agree; putting Benedict Cumberbatch on the poster is a good move. Makes a lot of sense. No disputing that. But Kirk, Spock and Uhura are the heroes of the film.

I mean, why not go further and eliminate the words “Star Trek” altogether?

I get the need to market the film outside of fandom, but there are always going to be folks who just aren’t ever going to be interested, no matter what.

90. KirksLove - April 8, 2013

@88: The PR is just starting now.

91. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 8, 2013

The poster didn’t do anything for me, but that’s OK – I’m not who this poster is aimed at. I watch very few movies at the cinema, but I will always (well always have, so far) come out to watch a Star Trek movie, no matter how it’s promoted. If this poster helps to get people who would not normally watch a Star Trek movie to go and see it, then it’s doing its job.

I just hope – and I’m still quietly confident, by the way – that the movie will be all that I hope to see in a Star Trek movie. I also hope the non-Trek fans are blown away by it too.

92. Classy M - April 8, 2013

@88 – I believe Cumberbatch has been on the cover of both Empire and Total Film already this year. As to the lack of photoshoots for BC: he’s been filming pretty much back-to-back projects for over a year. Very likely there are time constraints.

93. Classy M - April 8, 2013

@55 – Can we stop with the ‘pasty-faced Brit’ comments, please? I’m sure you wouldn’t say ‘Yellow Chinamen’ or ‘Swarthy Italians’ , for instance. I hope not, anyway.

Apart from sounding bigoted it also ignores the fact that a great many Britons today are people of colour: Lenny Henry, Gok Wan, Idris Elba, to name just a few.

Thanks. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning it, but it was bugging me.

94. Keachick - April 8, 2013

Phil – Chris Pine must not be anything…

Besides, nobody has seen the movie yet. What we have seen already is that James Kirk (played by Chris Pine) is clearly a key character and most likely, John Harrison’s biggest adversary.

95. Keachick - April 8, 2013

#88 – Chris Pine moan about the franchise? Huh?

96. Commander K - April 8, 2013

Possibly the worst poster in the franchise? I’d say yes!

Considering the 09 one (the enterprise in warp) was probably one of the best!

The fan made ones are just awesome.

97. mateo - April 8, 2013

So far the posters are definitely, by far, the worst of the franchise. They make me feel embarrassed actually.

98. John Gill - April 8, 2013

Only “Trek feeling” in that poster is the font used.

99. Aix - April 8, 2013

The ‘Batch fans should get off their high horses and realize that even though he is in the poster ( front and center) his name is not on it, still anonymous. The guy could actually be anybody as long as he’s evil, dark and mysterious. Sure, longtime fans of his (count me in) would recognize him but even those who have seen him in Sherlock would not recognize him right away sporting that make-up and pose. For the international crowd (and maybe the US as well), the best sell is still VFX, CGI, action, explosion and action.

100. Phil - April 8, 2013

@93. Don’t know why you continue to cling to the idea that no one has seen the movie yet – it premiers in a couple of weeks, the studio brass has seen it, and it’s been test screened already. Yes, Chris Pine is a main character in the movie, but Cumberbatch is carrying it. Paramount has to play to the strengths and weakness of the cast they have – it’s a problem to put secondary characters who are well known overseas (Pegg, Saldana, Urban) ahead of the characters who are the focus of the franchise, so having a strong bad guy gets you over that hurdle. Like it or not, Pine has not stepped up yet to assume that leading man role, until he does, then he’s a bit of a liability when it comes to marketing a movie to a audience who’s asking ‘who the hell is Chris Pine’.

101. Iva - April 8, 2013

98. Aix – April 8, 2013

If that were the best sell, then the last movie would have been a hit considering it had nothing else but that to offer.

102. Marja - April 8, 2013

#9, Dude, AGREED !!! Something with COLOUR! And STYLE! I’d jigger some elements of that poster you linked to, but it at least looks exciting!

A poster that looks less apocalyptic, more original, and dare I say, more TREK, would be fantastic.

These posters are VERY POOR: I know lots of amateurs who could do a better job hands down. What are they paying these nim-num artists? What is their guidance …?

“Hey, Publicity, make us a poster that doesn’t shout Trek. Make it look gloomy and apocalyptic and boring. Make Cumberbatch with a big frowny face so he’s unrecognisable. Make him look like a generic villain on a landscape that will make sense to almost no one. Help us make this movie A GIANT FAILURE” ???

Every poster I’ve seen so far features schlocky photoshopping – Unprofessional and not a good draw to audience.

Boring, dark, grey grey grey – Not a good draw

The Dark Knight has been DONE, people; don’t ape it – that’s just cheezy.

To anyone who says, “It’s not made for Trekfans,” I say DUH. But it also appears it’s not made for people who are fond of anything except apocalypse movies. Really is there such a great market for such?

I am not just a Trekfan. I am a movie fan. And I tell you, make no doubt; this is an UNAPPEALING POSTER FOR WHAT LOOKS LIKE AN UNAPPEALING PRODUCT.

103. Exverlobter - April 8, 2013

@99. Phil

“who the hell is Chris Pine’.”

The next Jack Ryan!

104. Marja - April 8, 2013

@53, Iva, wrong; Uhura is now one of the main characters. And please don’t use such crude, sexist, dismissive language. It’s insulting to women and insulting to me as a Trek fan.

Haha, #55, #58, Maybe we think we’re going to get Star Trek and we’ll go in and it’ll be JOHN HARRISON: Apocalypse Now

105. Keachick - April 8, 2013

What a preposterous and presumptuous statement to make – that Benedict Cumberbatch is carrying the movie. Who is saying this? Where? What site? What previews?

Me thinks you just troll out comments like that to rattle my cage…what an ass.

106. Jonboc - April 8, 2013

#99 “…and it’s been test screened already”

Orci has stated that there were no test screenings for this movie, nor were there any frornTrek 09.

107. Son of jello - April 8, 2013

Dont be so hard that smoke from lost hasent had a gig for a while. Its a pitty it had to lighten its colour just to get work. I look foward to seeing it in SW7 hopefully back to its natural colour.

108. Iva - April 8, 2013

103. Marja – April 8, 2013

Good for you. Likewise I will be insulted if the two cat-women Kirk will be in bed with in this movie aren’t on the poster and given the main character status over Bones.
Obviously, they both qualify by the same criteria Uhura does.

109. Disinvited - April 8, 2013

#99. Phil – April 8, 2013

While I think the odds of what you contend about it being out of post being true are pretty good, I still remember TMP’s down to the wire editing and I would be far more comfortable declaring it so if we had some of the film boards giving it a rating.

110. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 8, 2013

I just wish someone here, prove to me with numbers that Benedict Cumberbatch is an international star capable of carrying this film … otherwise I may die laughing every time I read that … LOL

;-) :-)

111. MJ - April 8, 2013

@109. He is certainly on the upswing to becoming that. This film will determine the answer to your question. From what I have seen so far, I don’t thing you will be laughing any more come May 16th.

But is there a change that your skepticism might be proven out? Sure, there is chance.

112. zod's ghost - April 8, 2013

@105. Uh the klingon scenes were cut from ST09 after test screenings, this is explained in the commentary on the dvd for those deleted scenes, specifically, the test screening audiences reactions to those scenes were the sole deciding factor in cutting them.

As to the current film, a rough cut has been screened at least once, for a terminally ill fan (who has since died), so enjoy being wrong.

113. MJ - April 8, 2013

@99 ” the studio brass has seen it, and it’s been test screened already”

Say Phil, where did you get this information from? Bob Orci specifically mentioned during discussion on this site about 3 weeks ago that there were no plans for test screenings, and that they also never did test screenings on Trek 2009.

114. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 8, 2013

#110. MJ

After the premiere of the film? Hah … so easy is not it? … because if the movie is a success, it will not only be the responsibility of one guy … everyone involved with the film certainly will deserve credit!

115. MJ - April 8, 2013

@113 Are you drinking?


116. Kitty - April 8, 2013

1) Star Trek

2) Benedict Cumberbatch front and center

Just can’t get any better than that.

117. Jeyl - April 8, 2013


Good. Maybe the next movie we won’t have anything to do with it.

118. Keachick - April 8, 2013

I am sick to death with these negative sexist comments thrown at women shown on this film who may wish to share a bed with a man – Kirk, Spock… In Uhura’s case, it is quite obvious that she is more than a lover but she is also a competent, capable person in her own right, always has been and always will be.

Iva – Stop disrespecting Lt Uhura’s character and women in general. No, she is clearly more of a main character and nobody is comparing her role to that of the two “catwomen” who may share a bed with Kirk. Besides, what the hell do any of us know about these “catwomen” anyway, therefore why are people dismissing/disrespecting Kirk as well as these two women in the manner that many have?

119. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 8, 2013

#114. MJ

I do not … why? are you? … ;-) :-)

What I’m saying is that everyone worked hard to make this movie … this is a film about the crew of the Enterprise … the villain is an accident on the way! … and I know nothing about Benedict Cumberbatch be the guy to inflate the international box office … I certainly know that it will happen in UK … but the world is greater than that!

120. MJ - April 8, 2013

OK. ;-)

121. Sebastian S. - April 8, 2013

Still looks too “Dark Knight” to me.
Maybe the ST publicity guys got a discount coupon for the same artist… ;-D

122. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 8, 2013

You tell them Keachick!.

123. MJ - April 8, 2013

“Maybe the ST publicity guys got a discount coupon for the same artist… ;-D”



124. somejackball - April 8, 2013

the only thing that says Star Trek to me in that poster, are the collar around his overcoat. only because it’s very Khan like! nothing else says Trek at all.. to me anyway.

125. AB - April 8, 2013

I know BC has been the focus of much of the marketing material so far, but in regards to this poster specifically I think people complaining that it shouldn’t just be BC on the poster need to read Anthony’s post again.

He clearly states that this is the UK version (where of course Cumberbatch is a very big star). He also says that the focus of the international marketing is aimed at “international sales where Star Trek has traditionally under-performed” and that they have chosen to make those marketing materials more action-oriented than Trek oriented. Not to mention he adds that the domestic poster will be different. Let’s wait and see if Kirk and Spock and others are included on that poster.

126. Mark - April 8, 2013

@Iva- yea I hate that they feel the need to put Uhura in front of Bones too. It’s because of the Spock/Uhura thing. Whatever. Bones is so much more of an interesting character, but if you complain about Uhura all her crazy fangirls will call you racist or sexist. You can’t and shouldn’t get rid of Uhura, but Kirk/spock/bones is legendary, and your gonna leave bones behind and send Uhura as the third member? Screw that.

127. CmdrR - April 8, 2013

This totally hinges on Cumberbatch.

They could retitle the flick “Sherlock is the Meanie.” Once again, marketing trumps any consideration of this being a Trek film. Destruction is not a Trek theme. There are no indications that the Enterprise shows up. The second poster at least has Kirk/Spock/Uhura (the new alternative to the Sausage Triumverate.)

Ah well.

128. crazydaystrom - April 8, 2013

OK, the poster’s in the vicinity of blah-to-so/so, but I can appreciate the pun. Cumberbatch, television and movie star, is walking towards the viewer. The poster literally depicts a “star trek”.

129. garthOizar - April 8, 2013

out of all the posters thus far for this movie… not one shot of the enterprise.


130. Marja - April 8, 2013

@ 108, I call TROLL. Try to save comments like that for when you’re talking with your fellow male chauvinist pigs. They’re not appropriate to share in mixed company.

Uhura is Spock’s ROMANTIC PARTNER. They have a mutual relationship and have had for over a year [four if you count between movies, but at least a year fictionally speaking].

I don’t count that as a one-night-stand or as whoring. I pity your dates and female co-workers. Please get off Uhura’s case.

131. Anthony Pascale - April 8, 2013

I dont know what it is about this poster that is inspiring people to break out of their civility, but please relax. Everyone its just a poster.

I think some people are going out of their way to take offense at everything and then incite more fauxrage

132. Becca - April 8, 2013

@marja-no need to get so worked up. Your no better calling names. So they aren’t a fan if Uhura? Neither am I, and I’m neither male nor a pig. Take it easy ok?

133. Marja - April 8, 2013

#108, Iva said: 103. Marja – April 8, 2013: Good for you. Likewise I will be insulted if the two cat-women Kirk will be in bed with in this movie aren’t on the poster and given the main character status over Bones.
Obviously, they both qualify by the same criteria Uhura does.

And #126, Mark: @Iva- yea I hate that they feel the need to put Uhura in front of Bones too. It’s because of the Spock/Uhura thing. Whatever. Bones is so much more of an interesting character, but if you complain about Uhura all her crazy fangirls will call you racist or sexist. You can’t and shouldn’t get rid of Uhura, but Kirk/spock/bones is legendary, and your gonna leave bones behind and send Uhura as the third member? Screw that.

Sure, Iva and Mark, call me a “crazy fangirl.” I’m used to plenty of crap from men, having served in the military for 20 years. I DO call you sexist, Iva, and I think it’s justified; you’ve earned it. Review your remark; you compare Uhura, a professional Starfleet officer and romantic partner of Spock, to a one-night stand Kirk has while drunk. REALLY?

Accept several things: Uhura is one of FOUR MAIN CHARACTERS: Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura. She is featured on one unreleased movie poster. I’d like Bones to be on the poster too, but he’s not been on many; take a look at all the TOS-crew movie posters.

Gosh I’m sorry Uhura doesn’t fit into your vision of Trek. But she’s there.

134. Marja - April 8, 2013

@131, Anthony, I honestly can’t apologise for my remarks b/c I feel they are justified; however I regret that it took me long enough to type them that they appeared after your post. I would have tamed them down even more. I usually try to be diplomatic but nasty language and implications deserve to be called out, and I … G-R-R–R-r-r-RR.

135. Ash - April 8, 2013

Marja take a chill pill and stop getting so worked up about other people’s opinion of a FICTIONAL character. Star Trek is adored by so many and not everyone is gonna be cool with drastic changes. Let it go or you’re gonna be miserable for a long time.

136. - April 8, 2013

The poster screams action.

This is going to be great.

137. Iva - April 8, 2013

I don’t understand, the fans on this site are always talking about how it’s great that Uhura has an ongoing affair because it adds to her character development and makes her important to the movie as opposed to her TOS role.

So why are you now protesting the idea of cat-women being main characters too? Why is it great when Uhura does it, but no other female characters are allowed to do the same thing and be main characters?

138. Ash - April 8, 2013

@Iva- try not to work her up anymore. She takes it way too seriously and I’m rather tired of seeing name calling on these boards.

139. TrekMaedMeWonder - April 8, 2013

Poor McCoy. He always gets shafted. Karl needs a better P.R. guy, and J.J. needs to pay better attention to the finer Trek details.

140. Marja, getting steamed. - April 8, 2013

#137, Iva, Uhura is not doing the same thing as the cat-women, for God’s sake. It’s great that Uhura is more important to the movies and not just opening hailing frequencies. It’s great that there is a caring adult relationship between Spock and Uhura. I’m getting the feeling that you don’t like women to be professionals in the spotlight. I’m getting the feeling that you don’t like Uhura, for what reasons, I shall remain silent, b/c I’m trying to be diplomatic and not a ding-dong.

I know it may be hard to believe – or enjoy, in your case – but women are a large part of Star Trek’s audience. You guys have many male characters to relate to; we get one, and you’re all up in arms about it. You’re making yourself look ridiculous.

As far as I’m aware the cat-women [which I don’t think is accurate, BTW, I think they’re of different alien races, more power to Kirk, he’s not a racist] are not slated to be main characters, but “throwaway” female characters. I regret this sort of portrayal of women in Hollywood but it’s a trope like Bruce Willis beating the bad guys single-handed. We women are used to it; that’s why we’re elated to have Uhura becoming a main character instead of a “good little girl” who stays where the big men say she belongs.

141. Iva - April 8, 2013

138. Ash – April 8, 2013

@Iva- try not to work her up anymore. She takes it way too seriously and I’m rather tired of seeing name calling on these boards.

You are right.

@ Anthony, sorry for the mess. I will be taking a break for a few days to let things cool down.

142. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 8, 2013

@137. Iva

Give it a rest. It seems to me you are deliberately trying to inflame some of us here.

Cat-women main characters… If their scene lasts only as long as the one in 2009 featuring Gaila, that does not make them main characters, as you well know. If they do have an ongoing place in the movie and advance the plot points and/or character development of the protagonists in a number of scenes, then they could be considered main characters.

Marcus is likely to be a main character, the cat-women – no. I think your definition of (female) main character is deliberately provocative.

143. Ash - April 8, 2013

@TrekMaedMeWonder-YES!! He really does. He was almost universally considered to be the best reboot character and yet he seems like he is gonna be sidelined. JJ and the writers had better paid attention these last four years, I wanna see some awesome Bones moments in this film. Along with Kirk and Spock. I don’t want it all to be K/S/U

144. K-7 - April 8, 2013

Maybe Iva and Keachick could annihilate each here (like when anti-matter and matting get mixed in a dilithium chamber), thereby saving the Star Trek blogosphere for all eternity.

145. K-7 - April 8, 2013

And the catwomen are obviously just objectivized love toys for bad boy Kirk in this movie when he goes on a bender after getting demoted. They don’t count a legitimate female characters, and I certainly wouldn’t want my mother or sister to think so.

Uhura, on the other hand, is a fully developed character, central to the movie, whom we can all admire.

To the guys here who are continually trashing Uhura, I would say that this obviously says a whole lot more about what kind of person you are than what kind of person Uhura is. Chew on that.

146. Disinvited - April 8, 2013

#144. K-7 – April 8, 2013

Man, I hate it when anti-matter gets stuck on the matting I make my mats out of. Darn near impossible to wash it out. Usually leaves a big hole. ;-)

147. Marja, steamed. - April 8, 2013

#138, Ash, are you saying that Iva’s just here having boyish fun? “Boys will be boys”, eh?

Yes, I do take sexism pretty seriously. I dealt with such for 20 years in the service. I’m tired of seeing sexism displayed and given a casual wave. What, it’s okay because the guys are just havin’ fun?

BTW I am well aware that Uhura’s a fictional character. And I haven’t called names, just behaviors. Please don’t be patronizing of me or to me.

That is all.

148. Ash - April 8, 2013

#147-I’m not defending Iva or anyone. And yes, you are calling names. I’m not the only one to notice. It’s simply trying to be civil on this board, which seems to be an issue. If you saw my post you see that I did tell Iva to stop provoking you, and he/she did. But you act like you have a personal investment in Uhura or the Spock/Uhura relationship, so yea I’ll say maybe you shouldn’t let a complete stranger work you up about a movie. And I’ve seen you be plenty patronizing in some of your posts.

That is all.

I’m done with this one though. I know you won’t like what I had to say, so I’ll just show myself to the door thanks :)

149. zod's ghost - April 8, 2013

@147. I dunno about anyone else but you have totally convinced me thatyou are one of those psychotic feminists who want people to call that thing in the street a personhole cover and watch Late Night with David Letterperson.

150. Phil - April 8, 2013

@103. Yep, and CP needs to step up here. If he doesn’t carry this movie he’s locked into ensemble casts for the rest of his career.

@105. Stuff it, Rose, I’m just restating what is showing up on this very site, You can believe what your want, but the Paramount and Bad Robot guys are doing a decent job taking advantage of the talent they have here. That means leveraging BC when it’s proper to do so, and the rest of the cast as needed. If it ensures that Trek becomes more viable, I can live with Chris Pine having to deal with Michael Keaton syndrome.

Various – We know there were test screening of 2009, Kevin Smith was all over the internet with his take on it…without revealing anything. We know Bryan Burk did several on his foreign press tours. Bottom line is, a studio isn’t sinking hundreds of millions into a movie without taking the temperature of the audience.

@137. Iva, there is nothing to indicate that the kitty ladies are nothing more then background characters at this point. It’s a bit of a stretch to conclude that because they got a couple of minutes of screen time that they are any more major characters then Keenser or Cupcake were in the last movie.

151. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013


Well said on all counts. That matter/anti-matter analogy works to describe Keachick and Iva beautifully. I don’t who is which, but when both show up on the same thread, it turns into a real blast! :-)

I also agree that there is a lot of racist and sexist bigotry going on this thread.

152. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2013


Make like a ghost and disappear, jerk.

153. Aix - April 9, 2013

@101 Iva

You do realize that the last movie’s name is “Star Trek” right? They marketed it as the reboot of the original. This is devastating to say but the mere mention of “Star Trek” is a turn off to a lot of people, you know. Too geeky, too niche, too old-school. We’re fans that’s why we get the hype surrounding it but a casual movie-goer seeing a poster with people wearing pajama-like uniforms in primary colors, no less, is cheesy as hell.

154. Trekkiegal63 - April 9, 2013

Anthony said cool it, and he’s the boss, and I will respect his position but if I may I’d like to make a (hopefully) non-fire fueling history lesson here?

Let’s look at some of the female portrayals of the 1960’s, shall we?

Samantha from Bewitched. While an interesting character, got to love her spirit, she was a housewife and overly content to remain as such. In fact, turned her back on her people to marry a ‘mortal’ – much to her mother’s chagrin.

Morticia Adams. Loved her. Loved her. Also a housewife.

Ozzie and Harriet – lol, housewife x10.

Jeannie – uh, female servant? Kind of hard to describe Jeannie… other than progressively portrayed she was not.

Lily Munster – housewife.

Ginger and Mary Ann – aka the stereotypes. Women should love clothes, and dressing up and some glitter (Ginger). Wholesome girl-next-door who can cook! (Mary Ann).

Are we noticing a clear lack of career choices AND personality types AND depth on display, here? Yes? Good. Just checking.

And then, like a breath of fresh air, Lieutenant (a rank?! OMG, a woman has a rank?!) Uhura. Bless her. Just bless her. A woman in the workforce! Unfortunately, she wasn’t given too much to do…

Here’s the thing, the 60’s was an interesting decade, great music (excellent music even), great progress scientifically and yes, great television but, it was sexist. It was as sexist as the day is long. The sexism was so obvious sexists look back on it and go, ‘man, those were some sexist times’.

There have been 47 years between now and then. Women make up 50% of the workforce. We are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s and officers. What was considered ‘proper’ in the 60’s is misogynistic by today’s standards. I wouldn’t exactly be lauding that kind of historically documented repression by wishing Uhura’s relegation to the shadows remain as such.

Uhura being given more spotlight? About time! That’s progress 47 years in the making. And McCoy can be there, too! There is nothing to say they can’t both have beefed up roles. In fact, I would love that.

(…the only thing I disagree with all of the other wonderful ladies who have done a wonderful job of calling out the rampart misogynistic attitudes on display here today is that I do not agree that placing Uhura in a romance assists in her progression. Woman have been the wife/mothers/girlfriends in the media from the last century well into this one – since the dawning of cinema, in fact – you know what would be nice? A more balanced look on the choices women have in regards to relationships, because yes single people exist and yes some actively choose to remain as such, yet we don’t see that, hardly ever, much like we never used to see woman working out of the house, either. Instead all we see are women paired up, while male protagonists are shown liberally as both in relationships and single).

Be that as it may, it comes down to this… Uhura is a series regular and a respected, wonderful character in her own right. Comparing her to the objectified catwomen (still not liking that spoiler) was not only marginalizing, but also backwards. 47 years backwards to be exact. As such, I would like that new poster much, much better if she were also on it with BC. ;)

155. JRT! - April 9, 2013

Oh well,it’s just a poster,lol! I’ll wait for the US one,hopefully it’ll be better than this one. Luckily it’s not the poster that decides if I wanna see a movie or not. GEE,I would’ve missed a LOT of movies if it was! lol! But I collect movie posters as well,and this one is just not that good. If I saw this at a tube station in London or on the buses,I wouldn’t even give it a glance. That’s why I feel it failed. But of course,it’s meant for non-fans,like a lot of you have already said. Luckly I’m just a casual Trekker,and not a Trekkie,lol,but even if I was just a general movie fan,it wouldn’t pique my interest.

But like I said,it’s just a poster. lol.


156. K-7 - April 9, 2013

@149. “I dunno about anyone else but you have totally convinced me thatyou are one of those psychotic feminists who want people to call that thing in the street a personhole cover and watch Late Night with David Letterperson.”

Well, likewise, you just convinced me that your are a moron.


157. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013

Must be “Idiot Night” at the bar tonight, as a bunch of morons are in full force on this thread.

158. K-7 - April 9, 2013



159. AyanEva - April 9, 2013

All I can think about the comments over the course of the evening is, “Boy, that escalated quickly.” *insert Anchorman macro here* LOL

That’s been running through my head all night.

160. Aix - April 9, 2013

Guys, let’s just watch JJ perform a keyboard solo in “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” in honor of this one-sheet.

161. JRT! - April 9, 2013

Well good thing I ain’t one of the morons,ROFL!


162. JP Saylor - April 9, 2013

I just wish they’d make more Trek on TV. I mean, the movies are fine, but really… ‘Earth will fall’? Where have I heard that before? Oh wait, pretty much every friggin movie. What made Star Trek so cool was that it was a positive look on the future. A future we can actually look forward to. Not one where Earth is in shambles, or constantly consumed in war, or whatever.

I’ll go see this movie, and I’m sure I’ll like it. But I know I won’t like it as Trek. For all those people saying “Trek needs this.” Bull crap. I think you just need to go back to watching Star Wars or something where war is all there is. Star Trek has always been about the exploration of the human condition, and what is in store for us. Not redundant bad guys who threaten the world and have a grim outlook on life mixed in with a bunch of explosions. (Pretty sure I just summed up the last Trek movie and the one coming up)

Just Saying.

163. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2013

please dont make me start deleting and banning. I dont have time for this stuff. Everyone chill pills return to corners etc. The movie will be here soon.

164. Logan - April 9, 2013

A very, very weak poster. Why is the villain in the middle of the attention? Where are the main characters (without guns)? Where is the USS Enterprise? Star Trek is not a Batman movie like The Dark Knight – and I love the Batman Trilogy. Sad. Hope the domestic poster will do it.

165. JRT! - April 9, 2013

LOL Anthony!

Yeah,it’ll be here soon……so we can FINALLY be over and done with it,lol! At this point I don’t care one way or the other,out next month or next year,lol! Look forward to seeing it,but there’s other stuff this summer I look more forward to seeing. Trek is just one of’em.


166. Disinvited - April 9, 2013

#154. Trekkiegal63 – April 9, 2013

The Adams family was wealthy and Morticia Adams had a butler/chauffeur and her husband’s mother acting as a cook. I don’t think that character’s square peg quite fits into the “housewife” category you are trying to jam it into.

If you recall Jeannie’s pilot episode, Nelson didn’t just free her from the bottle he also gave her her freedom as his rescuers showed up; so while there’s a lot to quibble about the way women were written in that series, the Jeannie character chose to aid Nelson and be a part of his life. Eden in several interviews always reminds interviewers of that pilot fact and says she never played her character as the Nelson’s character slave. She’s also said she knows the Nelson character often behaves as if he’s in charge but it’s very clear he isn’t, and she always thought of Jeannie as very liberated. Now, I know there’s lot’s of lines that seem in contradiction of her liberated contention and I don’t really want to open a Jeannie debate on a Trek forum about that, I just wanted you to remind you of some facts about the characters you chose to include in your list.

167. Classy M - April 9, 2013

This tweet from BFI falls into the good news – bad news category:

Due to overwhelming demand for Star Trek @BFI IMAX online booking is currently down. We’re doing all we can to rectify. Do bear with us.

Great that there’s such a demand for tickets. Shame about the server being down though. Let’s hope it’s not down for long.

168. Captain John C Baron - April 9, 2013

32. You’re spot on! It IS the whole idea of the poster not to look like Trek – that’s because outside the US (which the poster’s aimed at) there are plenty or territories where Star Trek isn’t big and doesn’t have a sizable fan base like it does in the States.

164. “Why is the villain in the middle of the attention? Where are the main characters (without guns)? Where is the USS Enterprise?” > See my response to 32!

169. StelArian - April 9, 2013

BFI! 9th of May! GOT THE TICKETS and was NOT easy!

Oh man… I’m crying already!!!!!!!!!!!!

170. helen - April 9, 2013

#109 and #111 Cumberbatch isnt getting the pr focus from Paramount to carry this film. A few posters isnt enough for that!!

171. helen - April 9, 2013

I would say that Paramount must have thought that Pine would become a star like Hemsworth did (even though Hemsworth cant act his way out of a paper bag). But every Pine film over the last few years has bombed. I’d actually say the same of Tom Hardy. He’s a fine actor but does not have box office clout (unless he’s in a batman film).

So Paramount must have known they’d have a hard pr job with this film. I think its unfair to put the box office pressure on Cumberbatch given that they’ve not been able to market him well as his role’s a secrect!!!

172. helen - April 9, 2013

#92 There are shots of cumberbatch and the crew that paramount have not even released properly e.g

A number of Cumberbatch fans have asked paramount online via twitter for full size versions of these but no luck. They seem slow in using the fanbase to help push the film online.

173. Classy M - April 9, 2013

@172 – thanks for the link, Helen, I like that picture.

I’m having a bit of a Galaxy Quest moment though. Where Rickman tells Allen ‘I see you managed to get your shirt off’, Pine is telling Cumberbatch, ‘I see you managed to get your collar up…’

174. Mad Mann - April 9, 2013

Paramount and JJ know that most Star Trek fans will see this movie no matter how it is marketed, therefore they do not have to do anything to reel them in. That’s why they are going out of there way to avoid making this look like a Star Trek movie: to attract the non-genre fans and the international market that views Trek as lame.

I wouldn’t do it, but I guess I don’t like money as much as JJ does.

175. weeharry - April 9, 2013

booked my tickets this morning for the Imax double bill of ST 2009 and STID on the evening of May 8th in Edinburgh.

Ah canny wait!!

176. James Rye - April 9, 2013

I’ve booked too! but it was a massive headache – the Odeon site crashed under the load and then I waited 2hrs on the phone for tickets. The guy on the phone said that I was lucky as their system had just come back online and that they’d been unable to book people in prior to me.

177. Jemini - April 9, 2013

Marja, some posters in this site like to make certain comments well knowing that they will get a reaction.
Replying to them equates as doing what they want you do to, just saying
( btw I stand by the opinion that Iva is boborci or another writer having fun playing the troll LOL /kidding but still..)

178. Annie - April 9, 2013

Cumberbatch is front on center on International posters to give Star Trek a boost outside the US. If you take a look at the 2009 reboot box office figures, you’ll see it did poorly internationally.

The 2009 ST movie only made around 300 million total, which is good but nowhere near Avengers/Dark Knight numbers. Avengers made more in the UK in two weeks of release than ST 2009 did its whole run there, to give you an idea.

179. Colonel West - April 9, 2013

Midnight Wednesday showing at the Dublin Cineworld isn’t Imax which sucks, love a good midnight showing :( booked in for the day after instead.

180. KirksLove - April 9, 2013

Everybody should calm their tits. It’s the international poster, Cumberbatch is a big star in the UK, a big part of the rest of Europa, Australia, Russia, China, Japan… they obviously focus on him in these countries, they would be stupid if they didn’t.

AND: Cumberbatch is a rising Hollywood star; none of the other actors or the Star Trek franchise itself will get critical acclaim. Only Cumberbatch will. He has five majjor films coming out this year, he just signed to the new del Toro film, the critics love him… of course they do PR with him!

181. AJ - April 9, 2013

The poster says “Sherlock Into Darkness” to me. Where’s the guy with the pointy ears?

182. JRT! - April 9, 2013

Whadda ya mean,it wasn’t easy getting tickets!? In London it was SO easy I decided not to buy one yet as I’m gonna read the spoilers on the 23rd first,LOL! It was just as easy getting tickets in London as it was in New York on the 15th,which I DID buy. Maybe it’s something to do with what time of the day you go on the various cinema sites? I didn’t exactly throw myself over the computer at 9.05am,LOL!

Glad you all got tickets though.

Have fun!


183. TheHonestTruth - April 9, 2013

I don’t know why people get hung up over what the poster/Enterprise/film itself looks like.

J.J. Abrams, the cast (with the exception of Simon Pegg and Karl Urban maybe…), the writing team and the studio don’t give a damn about Star Trek. Never have, never will.

They found a half dead franchise (through its producers mismanagement may I add, it deserved to be very much alive) and decided that they would turn it into a cash cow.

Shiny new ship, Star Wars like approach to space, generic action film approach to everything else, and luckily JJ Abrams can, in all fairness, direct actors well. Oh and Trek references just so it becomes kind of ‘kitsch’. Oh and lens flare for ‘edginess’!

The Star Trek that generated a passionate and worldwide fan-base is dead. Its best hopes for revival are a Netflix based series 5 of Enterprise with better scriptwriters and a less static approach to filming. It doesn’t have to be endless static shot/space shot/dialogue/repeat, but neither does it have to be soulless action fodder.

This film isn’t ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, its ‘Into Darkness’. Its loosely based on Trek, Bad Robot paid a lot to use its likeness.

There’s the honest truth. No need to get het up, or irate. Its just a film. If they ever make another true Star Trek movie, cool. If its done well, amazing. But no point expending emotion over it =)

184. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - April 9, 2013

“The Star Trek that generated a passionate and worldwide fan-base is dead. Its best hopes for revival are a Netflix based series 5 of Enterprise.”

That was the part of your post where I stopped getting angry and started laughing instead.

185. K-7 - April 9, 2013


LOL :-))

186. K-7 - April 9, 2013


I especially enjoyed the criticism of the “shiny new ship.” I mean the ship was on it’s first voyage…of course it would be shiny and new. Duh!

Loved the reference as well to basically saying, “why can’t we get back to great Trek like Enterprise”


187. Trekkiegal63 - April 9, 2013

#166. Disinvited:

Now, I like you. You and I were the only ones sticking up for Shatner not too long ago. So don’t take this the wrong way, but I disagree the term ‘housewife’ is only applicable if one isn’t wealthy (to me, housewife means not otherwise employed, stays at home to run the household and raise the children), and I definitely disagree that Jeannie held any power in that dynamic whatsoever (she called him ‘master’ – though I haven’t seen this show in decades the indignant trauma from that still remains).

But I’m not going to argue the point with you. As you wisely point out, this is a Trek forum, not one for the Adams Family or I Dream of Jeannie. We will just have to agree to disagree, as one product of the sixties to another.

So instead I’ll just link you to this NY Times article and leave it at that:

188. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013



Ah, the irony!

“Shiny new ship”. Yeah, that was a big problem for me, too. I was expecting a rusty old barge with pieces of the hull flaking off as it went to warp speed! LOL!

BTW, you should stop eating paint chips. They aren’t the proper cure for an “Idiot Night” hangover. :-)

189. Dave H - April 9, 2013

Post #183 from The Honest Truth is the funniest post I have read since I started participating in this site last Winter.

Absolutely hilarious! That guy or gal should go into stand-up comedy.

190. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#154. Trekkiegal63

Rightly said!

… about the romance between Spock and Uhura, we have not seen the evolution of this, yet! As far as I know Zoe has said in interviews that things are not progressing easy for them!
… I do not know but my guess is that in the end they are just good friends, when she will be focused on career for a while!

191. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013


“Absolutely hilarious! That guy or gal should go into stand-up comedy.”

Yeah, the best part is he/she would sell out the club without effort and not even realize it!

192. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#171. helen

They are not focusing on Cumberbatch, because he is not an international movie star, yet … in fact what they are doing in interviews is justifying the choice of Cumberbach for the role of the villain … such as “he is a terrific actor, with a phenomenal voice and blah, blah, blah” … they are explaining to the media why they did not choose a famous movie star for the role … they are promoting Cumberbatch since he is not known internationally as was Eric Bana!

Regarding Chris Pine he may have not done tremendous international box office, but at least he has done some … This Means War managed over $ 101 million internationally, DVD / Bluray was a success and at this moment the movie is on TV in several countries …

The most ridiculous thing at the moment is “Cumberbitches” trying to discredit the work of other actors to try to inflate Benedict Cumberbatch … maybe after the great success we all hope for STID, Cumberbatch become a movie star … for now he is indeed a promise!

;-) :-)

193. Mel - April 9, 2013

@ 171. helen – April 9, 2013

I would say that Paramount must have thought that Pine would become a star like Hemsworth did (even though Hemsworth cant act his way out of a paper bag). But every Pine film over the last few years has bombed. I’d actually say the same of Tom Hardy. He’s a fine actor but does not have box office clout (unless he’s in a batman film).

“Unstoppable” and “This Means War” haven’t bombed. Their box office numbers weren’t so bad.

194. Phil - April 9, 2013

This Means War and Unstoppable were moderate success on the bottom line. TMW was a small ensemble cast. Unstoppable was a Denzel Washington movie, they could have paired him with Wilson The Soccer Ball and the box office would have been the same. For all the chatter that was going on about CP being the next big thing back in 2009, I’d say he’s been a disappointment. He was supposed to be a headliner by now, carrying the Trek franchise, and he isn’t. I can understand why he’s moody, having been surpassed by BC in STID, and all these expectations are now hinging on Jack Ryan being a spectacular success. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being an employable character actor, it’s kept Shatner employed for a long time now.

195. KirksLove - April 9, 2013


I just say “Sherlock”. Americans just don’t get it. Cumberbatch is a television superstar in 100 ountries besides the US. He doesn’t need “justifying”. He is a thousand times more popular worldwide then Eric Bana ever was or ever will be.

196. Phil - April 9, 2013

@192. Wow, you are really underestimating the reach of the BBC. Just about anywhere in the world that broadcasts in English the BBC supplies programming. Most every celebrity paired reality show (DWTS, American Idol) was developed off of a BBC counterpart. BC may be a television star, but the guys recognition level is really high internationally. CP has done a couple of movies and voice work, domestically, and that’s it. I’m not the only one who has made this observation, he just isn’t that hot of a property. I don’t fault Paramount for playing the hot hand, it’s the right thing to do.

197. KirksLove - April 9, 2013

@192 Dee:

I just say “Sherlock”. Americans just don’t get it. Cumberbatch is a television superstar in 100 ountries besides the US. He doesn’t need “justifying”. He is a thousand times more popular worldwide then Eric Bana ever was or ever will be.
Ask people in Japan or Russia if they know Pine, and then ask them if they know Cumberbatch… you will have no doubt left.

198. sean - April 9, 2013


Most people would disagree with you on Hemsworth. His 11 minutes in Trek 09 were universally praised.

199. zod's ghost - April 9, 2013

@150, 156. If you people can express your opinions so can I, I do not have to leave or disappear, and for the record I was quoting a feminism supporter who believed that many, if not most, feminists take things entirely too far, which is exactly what people here are doing. If you don’t like it too bad, I do not care, because I don’t have to.

200. AyanEva - April 9, 2013

#192 Cumberbatch doesn’t need anyone to inflate his talent. His skill is pretty evident to anyone who’s watched his work and that’s a lot more people than I think you realize. I love Chris Pine but he’s chosen some dud projects over the last four years. He should have been marketable on the level of Zoe Saldana at this point and he’s just not. He alone won’t sell this movie and right now Benedict Cumberbatch has a lot more name recognition and more selling power. Of course nothing is guaranteed so the marketing could still fail but they’ve got a better shot at success with using Benedict for marketing, IMO.

201. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#196. Phil

And since when is that the audience in front a TV assures the box office on international cinema? Prove to me!

202. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

again, definitely!

The most ridiculous thing at the moment is “Cumberbitches” trying to discredit the work of other actors to try to inflate Benedict Cumberbatch … maybe after the great success we all hope for STID, Cumberbatch become a movie star … for now he is indeed a promise!

;-) :-)

203. Mel - April 9, 2013

I don’t think that Cumberbatch is well known in Germany. I think he is best known for Sherlock and so far they have only shown 6 episodes of those in Germany. The first three of those got 3-4 million viewers in 2011. The next three episodes got all less than 3 million viewers in May 2012. They were shown on one of the biggest channels at prime time. Those numbers were a disappointment for the channel. It was also a year ago and probably since then most German haven’t seen anything of him on TV.

I bet that more Germans are familiar with the main actors of NCIS or House or CSI, to just name a few more popular series which were shown on countless days over years.

I can’t say anything about his popularity in other countries though. Maybe in some countries Sherlock was a huge hit and therefore he may be well known there.

204. Phil - April 9, 2013

@201. Hollywood has dragged just about every 70’s TV show to the big screen in the last ten years, with various degrees of success.

Individual performers, you say. Tom Hanks got his start on TV. George Clooney. Leonardo DiCaprio. Will Smith…..shall I continue?

205. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#203. Mel

I like him, too! … but I think that for now he is kind of a “cult myth” … “a movie star” capable of filling the box office? I do not know! We will see, maybe!

;-) :-)

206. KirksLove - April 9, 2013

@201 Dee:
I don’t have to prove it to you. You will see. It’s just a fact. Cumberbatch is more popular than any of the other actors. Just watch the internet. None of the others has that kind of a following worldwide. The Cumberbitches on Twitter or Tumblr will ALL go and see this movie. So his TV stardom will do more for the box office success than your movie actors like Pine without a big following.

Also he is all over the press now with his Assange project, his Turing project, his del Toro project… the movie critics burn for him. All that will do a lot more for the box office success than any of the other Trek faces.

207. Aix - April 9, 2013

Ugh. Again, the guy in the poster could be anybody! If they got Cumberbatch’s name on it, I give you the “international star” argument. But it’s not!!! So yeah, he’s not carrying the film overseas. He’s just in the poster to not make it look like “Star Trek” which, apparently they’re not fond of in those sides of the globe!

We get it. I get it. He’s great. The production team loves him. The cast loves him. The movie is in many ways lucky to get him at this moment in his career. But please don’t make assumptions regarding his “star power” from things you see on the net. Don’t make it overblown. I bet even Cumby himself would dismiss this.

208. KirksLove - April 9, 2013

Of course he would dismiss it. He’s the humblest guy in existence.

209. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#204. Phil

Sorry but you still can not convince me!

I doubt that any of those actors you mentioned have secured the international box office (outside of US) because of TV! They became first movie stars in U.S. … and then became international movie stars! … U.S. normally regulates this business … rarely happens otherwise … why the American box office is considered what defines success!

210. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#206. KirksLove

Alright then!

Do it… all I want is your money at the box office and your tears at the end … LOL

Ok I’m just kidding a little bit!

;-) :-)

211. Classy M - April 9, 2013

@209 – You seem to be forgetting that Cumberbatch, though he is best known for ‘Sherlock’, has also appeared in a number of prestigious films, including Oscar-nominated ‘War Horse’, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’, ‘Atonement’ amongst many others.

But I don’t see why this needs to be an either-or situation as far as Pine and Cumberbatch are concerned. Isn’t it possible to like both? Surely all that matters is that there is an audience for the film, regardless of why they come?

212. Dennis C - April 9, 2013

Note that Spocks ears and hair are more than a little ambiguous. No doubt they went out of their way to male Quinto look as un-Vulcan as possible. As stated earlier, without Star Trek in the title you’d have no idea what this movie was about.

And it reminds me way too much of the Nemesis poster. It’s bland and uninspired.

213. Phil - April 9, 2013

@209. Well, now you are adding conditions that I doubt any entertainer has ever met – taking a television career and immediately turning it into box office success. The people I listed have performed in various media, so what do you accept and what don’t you. Frank Sinatra came out of music and was successful in film as well. There is one problem with your argument – using your own criteria Chris Pine should not be the focus of international PR for the movie, either. He has no TV (or theater or music) background, and frankly hasn’t been that successful as a movie actor, either. Using that criteria, Simon Pegg or Karl Urban (maybe Zoe Saldana) should be the focus of the PR attention internationally….

The US regulates this? Not entirely sure what you mean there. Most business is multinational these days, there isn’t any regulation on that.

214. Keachick - April 9, 2013

I just read this on the IMDb STID message board –

“The bottom line is its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Given that both the BFI and the Odeon servers crashed under the demand for tickets in the UK this morning, I’d say they’re doing something right. Not that I’m attributing those sales to this poster, of course.”

215. AyanEva - April 9, 2013

#214 Sweet! Glad to see high demand. Something is working and that’s what counts. Hope US tickets go on sale soon. I’ve got my IMAX 3D tickets but I’m eager to get my regular tickets purchased too.

216. KirksLove - April 9, 2013



217. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#211. Classy M

No need to say this to me … I never said that any actor of Star Trek is better than Cumberbatch, you will not find it anywhere … on the other hand “Cumberbitches” love to do this, just look around!

218. Keachick - April 9, 2013

Chris Pine has done theatre work. In fact, one character he played was in a play called Farragut North. His portrayal of the main character made the play a big success which encouraged George Clooney to turn the play into a movie and recast Ryan Gosling in the lead part – movie is called Ides of March. Then there was Chris Pine’s take on an Irish character called Padriac in the Lieutenant of Inishmore performed in Los Angeles in 2010 to sold out audiences and great critical acclaim. He has acted in other well-received plays performed on the Los Angeles theatre as well.

Chris Pine’s first paid acting job was a bit part on the television series, ER.

The original assertion was that Benedict Cumberbatch basically carries STID. I queried it, especially given that nobody has seen the movie in its entirety yet (or if they have, they are not allowed to talk about it). Therefore, the assertion is baseless, without foundation.

Star Trek, especially in this film series, is more ensemble in nature, with Kirk (CP) taking the lead. The cast/characters “carry” each other…

As many agree that Benedict Cumberbatch has proven himself to be a fine actor, it is actually a credit to Chris Pine and the other main cast members that BC has been cast playing the main protagonist in this film. I hardly think that Paramount would allow Bad Robot to cast a guest actor who would completely overshadow the other main cast of a film series. That is just plain dumb. It MIGHT be (just speculating, of course) that the reason why Del Toro and the other possibles were not cast as the main protagonist was that they were not good enough for Chris Pine!

I guess, once we all get to see this film in the next few months, that we will all form our own opinions on the basis on what we have actually seen and not based on rumour and ignorance.

219. KirksLove - April 9, 2013

@218: You are funny. Del Toro’s not good enough for Chris Pine? Give me a break.
Abrams did ast Cumberbatch because he as overwhelmed by him.

220. Keachick - April 9, 2013

But isn’t that my point? Going back a bit, I recall JJ Abrams coming into the auditions and being a quite taken (overwhelmed?) by Chris Pine and intuitively knew right away that he was right for the part of Captain James T Kirk.

221. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#213. Phil

I think the best word for that would be “rules” …US rules this business… if a movie goes wrong in the American box office, is considered a failure … no matter if won in international box office … what I consider unfair, by the way!

I think the focus for international promotion should be the film and all the actors … because there is no big movie star in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ able to ensure the international box office… obviously what I call the international box office is not limited at UK … The world is greater than that!

And Star Trek 2009 despite not having made ​​a big international box office got many young fans around the world after that … there is no reason to neglect this fact, these new fans are waiting for the sequel as much as the old trekkies… they will be buying their tickets because of Star Trek!

222. Phil - April 9, 2013

@218. Interesting that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is labeled as promoting ignorance…even though you are frequently wrong with your observations as well. Such hubris…

223. Phil - April 9, 2013

@221. Well, yes, domestic and international definitions will vary depending on the origins of the film. Actually, I’d take exception to your contention that poor American box office defines a film as a success or failure. American filmmakers are thrilled if domestic box office accounts for a third of total revenues. An example of foreign box office driving demand are the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The American box office dropped off substantially for the last two installments, but foreign revenue went through the roof…so, we are getting POTC5.

I’m not disagreeing about Paramount wanting that international market. Like it or not, though, Cumberbatch has emerged as the big star of this installment. It would be foolish of Paramount to ignore that, and to their credit, they haven’t. If that has left Chris Pine with hurt feelings, well, he needs to kick his career out of cruise control and step up. Otherwise, instead of sniping about it, he needs to shut up and cash his check.

224. Betsy - April 9, 2013

#192 Please stop tarring Cumberbatch fans with one person’s comment. On every site I got to that focuses on Cumberbatch noone has a bad word to say about the rest of the cast. Just head to tumblr and you’ll see for yourself. Fans are very supportive of all his films and all his film/tv colleagues. That why his fanbase is growing as its a lovely fanbase to be part of.

The ONLY place where I see negative comments about any of the cast are on here and other star trek sites. I can understand why JJ wants to head to Star Wars. The fanbase of ST seems incredibly negative. I can honestly say of all films I’ve followed the ST fanbase has been the sourest.

Its incredibly unfair to assume that the international box office is relying on Cumberbatch’s appeal. He;s only just started to get bigger roles in films and even Sherlock has only had 6 episodes so lets get real here.

225. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#223. Phil

Well, from my point of view Cumberbitches were able to plant an idea in your head … I’m more difficult, maybe because I look at the things from the moon! ;-)

Regarding CP I think he needs a better work of PR … but if I insist on this subject, I’ll probably be butchered by the wisdom of RDR … of course I’m being ironic now!

;-) :-)

226. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013


Sorry, but I’m definitely talking about some Cumberbitches here, on tumblr, on twitter… there’s many in fact saying this kind of thing… btw, it’s annoying!

Fortunately the best of the fandom of BC is not spreading this crap!

I’m just saying that because I’m tired of this thing now!

227. Keachick - April 9, 2013

Phil – it is you who made a comment about what Chris Pine must be or do. Chris Pine “must” not be or do anything. All he did was make a very human (god forbid) comment about how there were so many more Cumberbatch fans at the Tokyo airport. I even read a while back on another site a Cumberbitch (who am I to say, if that is what these people want to call themselves?) actually admitting that she totally ignored Chris Pine and pushed him, who was standing right next to her, in order to get a glimpse of her man, Cumberbatch.

If it had been me and the situation were reversed, I would have politely acknowledged Benedict Cumberbatch, even if I knew nothing about him, only that he was also appearing in the same movie as the other actor.

People can be so ignorant and rude.

Ignorance is someone lacking in knowledge. We are ALL IGNORANT of all that is contained in STID, since none of us have seen it at this point. Nothing to do with hubris at all.

228. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013

Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is a more in-demand actor than Chris Pine.

Keachick and Dee really need to settle down and stop being so sensitive and refrain from accusing Cumberbatch fans as “Cumberbitches”. That is just dumb, ignorant, and inflammatory.

Seriously, while Chris Pine isn’t (yet) an A-list actor, he is still getting parts in movies, and has the honor of being only the second actor to portray Captain James T. Kirk at the same time being handsomely compensated for it all.

229. Phil - April 9, 2013

@227. Speak for yourself, dear. And in regards to what you would do, go lie to someone who will believe you.

230. Keachick - April 9, 2013

Excuse me, Red Dead Ryan. We did not make up the name Cumberbitches. That is what Cumberbatch fans call themselves. I don’t even like the name and cannot understand why anyone would want to have themselves referred to themselves in that way. Yes, it is dumb, but it seems that these fans have no problem with it. It seems that Benedict Cumberbatch is not that comfortable about it himself, but that is how it is.

231. Phil - April 9, 2013

@225. What Chris Pine needs is a resume. The best PR guy in the world can’t make something out of nothing.

232. rogerachong - April 9, 2013

IMHO JJ Abrams is the biggest star of this film. I believe that his name as director should be on the poster. That will help bring in the international audiences. As long as Bad Robot and JJ Abrams are involved with a movie, I rush to go see it with no doubt in my mind that the movie will begreat. JJ Abrams loves it then I am 100% sure I will love it as well.

I have all the DVDs of Bad Robot movies which include Mission Impossible 3 & 4 also Super 8 and Star Trek. Love them all to death!! I will rush to see SW Ep 7 because of JJ Abrams even if the cast is a bunch of trained monkeys ala the Expendables team.

233. Phil - April 9, 2013

@230. But you have no problem repeating it. Nothing more comforting then a false sense of moral superiority now, is there?

234. Keachick - April 9, 2013

If I was a Cumberbatch fan (who knows, I could become one), I would prefer to be called a Cumberhoney. I don’t mind being referred to (politely) as a Pinenut. Honey and pinenuts are supposed to be healthy and nutritious. One would hope so.

235. K-7 - April 9, 2013

@230 “We did not make up the name Cumberbitches. That is what Cumberbatch fans call themselves. I don’t even like the name and cannot understand why anyone would want to have themselves referred to themselves in that way. ”

“Cumberskanks” will always hold a special place in my heart as the true name for that group. :-))

Anybody got a real topic to discuss here? This discussion is juvenile?

236. Captain_Cohen - April 9, 2013

“By now all of you will have seen what happened in London”

Well, I’ve booked our tickets; last time we did this was 2009 for JJ’s first Trek. We said we’d be back for more and here we are!

One for me (I’m 54), and my big brother’s (who is 58), my nephew (he’s 30) and my 2 Trekkie lads (27 & 13).

ROW B (2 from the front)

12th May 2013

237. Keachick - April 9, 2013

Phil – who’s talking moral superiority? RDR criticized Dee and myself for referring to Cumberbatch fans as Cumberbitches. We were not being rude or being morally superior. We were acknowledging and referring to a group of people who call themselves a certain name.

Bitch is a female dog. It is also a slang word used to describe a human female in a derogatory manner.

Nuts are a food, most of them nutritious. “Nuts” are also slang words describing unbalanced and crazy people or human testicles. I am not sure why “nuts” should have such various meanings/associations, but that’s English for you.

238. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - April 9, 2013

@235. K-7

I suspect you could draw an analogy between we posters on these threads and kids in the back seat of a car on a long road trip. The end is nearly there, but it’s still a few hours away. It’s been a long trip and we’re getting tired and restless. The “are we there yet”s, the “he/she hit me first” and the general increase in tetchiness and sniping are symptomatic of frustration and impatience for it all to be OVER so the end of the trip can be enjoyed. To carry the analogy further, I think Anthony came close to pulling the car over to the side of the road yesterday.

Take deep, slow breaths. We are into the home stretch, people. Hopefully, we will find the end of the trip worthwhile and absolutely amazing.

239. Phil - April 9, 2013

@235. Well, on a different thread there was some conversation on where the franchise is going after this cast finishes it’s contract. So, do we move forward with a new cast playing these characters, bid this cast a fond farewell as they head off on the five year mission, explore the Federation with a different ship and crew, or return to the prime universe?

Yeah, at this point I’m assuming the third movie will be made…

240. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013


Yeah, but you keep repeating the term. Its hypocritical and two-faced to condemn others for it, while using it yourself.

And I noticed several posts where Dee was getting upset at people suggesting that Cumberbatch is in higher demand than Pine, despite the lack of proof that these folks are indeed “Cumberbitches”. Its a term that she took from another site to label others on this thread with.

241. AyanEva - April 9, 2013

Not all of we Cumberbatch fans are Cumberbitches… Just putting that out there.

242. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013


“Not all of we Cumberbatch fans are Cumberbitches… Just putting that out there.”

Well said!!!

Keachick and Dee: Did you get that?

243. Phil - April 9, 2013

@240. And if you like the show, you are a fan. No more, or less then anyone else. Enjoy!

244. Dee - lvs moon surface - April 9, 2013

#239. Red Dead Ryan

If that’s the perception you have of what is happening around … then I can be tranquil … because apparently you’re a little misinformed about a few little things! LOL

And on my other comment .. you are only included with regard to the matter on CP and RP … just that!

And I’m happy if I managed annoy some “Cumberbitches” today … they have annoyed me a lot lately!

btw … James McAvoy thinks “Cumberbatches” is the best name … but this is not my business …

…. and certainly I will not hate Cumberbatch because of some Cumberbitches!

But you’re right I spent too much time on this subject … I do not deserve this!

;-) :-)

245. AyanEva - April 9, 2013

#240 Oh I’ve been a Trekkie for over 25 years and I’ve been visiting this site since like 2008. I just typically lurk. :) I decided to finally participate a bit more. I discovered Benedict though Sherlock within the last year. You can imagine how psyched I am to have my fandoms collide. :D If people wanna stay pressed about Benedict then that’s on them. I’ll still have fun either way!

246. AyanEva - April 9, 2013

Dang. I meant #242 for that last comment. Stupid phone…

247. AB - April 9, 2013


“Not all of we Cumberbatch fans are Cumberbitches… Just putting that out there.”


I think a lot of people don’t get that “Cumberbitches” is actually a fairly divisive term among BC’s fans. A lot of us either prefer not to use it or actively loathe it. Some of his fans do call themselves that, but at this point it’s mostly a flashy name that the media has picked up on and uses ad nauseam.

I’m not really one for cutesy nicknames for fans anyway, but out of the ones to choose from for BC’s fans I personally think “Benaddict” is the least annoying.

248. Red Dead Ryan - April 9, 2013


“But you’re right I spent too much time on this subject … I do not deserve this!”

Except that you started it. And now you’re playing the victim card. Shameful.

249. JRT! - April 10, 2013

The servers crashed in London!? I find that VERY hard to believe. I had no trouble at all,still didn’t buy the ticket though,lol!


250. LizardGirl - April 10, 2013

I don’t think Chris Pine was “complaining” about being less popular than Ben, per se. I believe that comment has been taken out of its original context. Chris Pine is really down to earth and humble himself. He was probably expressing a measure of surprise by the ferociousness of the Cumberbatch fans in Asia. Which is awesome, because Benedict is awesome.

I don’t think Chris has been idle these past four years. But in light of exceedingly harsh comments (Phil!) I can (with much wincing and sighing) see the point.

There hasn’t been a real stand out performance in Chris’s career as of yet (besides ST09). I hear that Rise of the Guardians was fantastic, idk. I enjoyed People Like Us myself but feel that public outlets were only interested because the actor and writer were part of Star Trek. I saw This Means War, and it wasn’t that good imo. It was OK.

Jack Ryan could do something for Chris, if marketed right. But how did Jack Reacher do? or John Carter? I’m not sure Jack Ryan was the best title so that may be an uphill battle.

What Chris Pine should do is play some bad guys for a few movies. Branch off from the golden boy/ good guy personas and stray away from the romantic comedies for a while.

251. LizardGirl - April 10, 2013

Oh and I don’t mind the poster. I think the focus on the villain being such an important part of the cast (being in several posters solo and with main cast) may be very telling. The villain may play a significantly large part in this movie and perhaps the third. I am reminded of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Heath completely eclipsed the rest of the cast in that movie. Will we see a repeat here?

Whatever the case, I’m definitely stoked about this movie, regardless of who’s on the poster. But If it were up to me I’d have that screen shot of the Enterprise crashing into…London? San Fran? on the poster. Or the screen shot of those destroyed Star Ships floating above Earth.

252. Blowmydick Comeherebitch's - April 10, 2013

Well, there could be worse names for his fans…

253. captain_neill - April 10, 2013

The last great Star Trek movie poster was First Contact. But movie posters today in general are not as good as they use to be. I loved the artwork that went into older posters, many of the TOS movies were awesome posters and its a shame photo shopped images dont have the same magic.

Either way this looks to be an exciting movie, my ticket is already booked.

254. Mel - April 10, 2013

# 214. Keachick

That the movie seem to sell well in the UK is not exactly surprising. The last one made $ 35 million there. The next biggest foreign markets were Germany $ 12 mio, Australia $ 12 mio, China $ 8 mio, France $ 7 mio and Japan $ 6 mio. The distance between the UK and other countries was HUGE, especially when you consider, that only Australia has a smaller population.

It seems that Star Trek is just really popular in the UK. From what I heard, Simon Pegg is also really well known there and helped to promote the last movie in his native country.

I really doubt that Cumberbatch is a huge star all over the world. Personally I have never heard of him before he was cast for Star Trek. But I am sure he is really popular in his native country and therefore may give the UK box office another push.

This movie is also in 3D, which should also increase the income.

I am sure, that Into Darkness will make more than $ 35 million in the UK.

255. Soran - April 10, 2013

Has no one thought that this might have something to do with Section 31?

256. Classy M - April 10, 2013

An update on the overwhelming demand for tickets in the UK:

They say the last time there was such an overwhelming demand for tickets was when The Dark Knight Rises was released.

257. Phil - April 10, 2013

@260. No one has said that he’s a huge star all over the world. What’s been said is that he’s the most recognizable member of this cast, and it’s wise for Paramount to be leveraging this.

258. JRT! - April 10, 2013

Overwhelming demand!? ROFL! What a joke! Just to hype it up some more no doubt,lol! They must’ve fixed it by the time I popped in considering buying a ticket. And did Odeon start selling tickets before 9am? The tweets are before 9am. Just curios.

Think I’ll wait and see this in New York on the 15th. The whole movie will be spolied on April 23rd anyways,embargoed or not doesn’t stop spoilers coming out if you WANT them,lol!


259. Phil - April 10, 2013

@250 Jack Ryan is an established character, and playing him didn’t hurt the careers of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck. Pine has Keira Knightly, Kevin Costner, and Kenneth Branagh directing, so there are no excuses if the film underperforms.

One other thought, it looks like Paramount may be leveraging itself if Jack Ryan underperforms. They seem to be moving ahead with Without Remorse, with Kostner and Tom Hardy in lead roles. A nifty way to stay in the Jack Ryan universe, without being tied to Pine.

If Pine wants to ascend to that leading man status he seems to have been pegged for, it won’t hurt for him to actually be in front of the camera from time to time. Just saying what others are thinking here…..except for Rose, of course.

260. Phil - April 10, 2013

Good article on the international promotion of Trek. And before anyone gets their undies in a knot about abandoning the trekkiness of it all, I suspect what they are referring to is all that technobabble and dork life stuff that makes The Big Bang Theory funny but just sucks in a major motion picture…

261. Keachick - April 10, 2013

Dee – this is just Phil shoveling his own *stuff* in our direction either because he is too lazy to bury it or there just ain’t no hole big enough…

I understand that not all Cumberbatch fans wish to be called Cumberbitches, just as there are no doubt some Chris Pine fans who would rather not be called Pinenuts. However, as far as I know, both names were made up by many of the fans themselves, which many newcomers happily identify with, respectively.

Therefore, it is quite in order for other people to refer to these people by the names many have chosen for themselves. While we may not like any particular name (for whatever reason), it is not hypocritical to refer to a group of people by the name they have chosen to give to themselves. In fact, it might be considered disrespectful not to do so.

262. opcode - April 10, 2013

You know, this movie is looking more and more formulaic each time I check. I don’t see a trace of true sci-fi story, it is basically about vengeance (again), and a good portion of the movie happens in Earth. So it seems firmly targeted on the casual summer audience. I will have to say this, I will be happy to see the “supreme court” go and someone else to take over.

263. Red Dead Ryan - April 10, 2013


Except “Pinenuts” isn’t the same as “Cumberbitches”. You gave yourself the term “Pinenut”, which is no way offensive or demeaning. But then you and Dee suggest that people who are huge fans of Benedict Cumberbatch happen to be “Cumberbitches” simply because they might like him better as an actor than Chris Pine.

And judging by you and Dee’s frequent obsessions over Chris Pine, I would suggest you look in the mirror…..

264. Keachick - April 10, 2013

#262 – What’s a true sci-fi story? When writers tried to imagine what 24th century technology might be and give such technologies names in programmes like TNG or Voyager, people complained about how boring and silly all that technobabble talk was. Even when writers do allude to actual, genuine current scientific theory, as they did in Star Trek 09, they get called out. People thought it was not valid etc.

The truth is that we have only seen about two minutes at most of a movie with a running time of 129 minutes. I do not see how you could make such an assessment on so little real information. Non sequitur.

Vengeance (of one kind or another) is why so many countries are armed to the teeth with every kind of destructive weaponry that could annihilate this planet many times over…now, 21st century.

Vengeance is born of Greed, Hatred and Delusion and these chase one another in a never ending circle…what to do?

265. Phil - April 10, 2013

@262. Trek has been science fantasy or space opera for a while now. Enjoy the show.

266. Phil - April 10, 2013

@263. The rationalization for the use of a derogatory term is off the charts. If someone felt compelled to call my wife a similar name I’d have no issue introducing their teeth to the sidewalk. Using her logic, because (African-American) hip-hop artists refer to them selves (on occasion) as n*****s, it’s okay for her to do it, too??? I can’t even say I’d like to see that happen because the end result would be a lengthy hospital recovery…

267. Red Dead Ryan - April 10, 2013

Keachick would make an excellent politician! ;-)

268. Phil - April 10, 2013

Clinton would be proud…..

269. Keachick - April 10, 2013

Really? So you compare people who are fans of Benedict Cumberbatch who refer to themselves as Cumberbitches in the same vein as African-Americans occasionally referring to themselves as n*****s?

History comes into play here, as you should well know. The word n****r was derived from the word negro and the n****r word was a derogatory word used by slave owners to describe the African slaves. These slaves were a seriously oppressed people and even after slavery had been outlawed, the stigma and discrimination can still exist against people of that racial group. This is something that has been ongoing for centuries.

The same situation definitely does NOT apply to Cumberbatch fans who call themselves Cumberbitches.

However, the fact that the word “bitch” is often immediately interpreted as being a derogatory slang word describing a human female is not good, but then again, misogynistic attitudes and overtones seem to abound, even among women. Unfortunately, the slang reference is what I first think of when I see or hear the word used. This is despite the fact that I own a beautiful 6 year old labrador-cross bitch, who is loyal, affectionate, gentle around small children and animals (used to think guinea pigs were puppies, except that they would not grow…) and even tempered. Shadow is one bitch I like to have around me.

To put a positive spin on the term, perhaps a Cumberbitch could have the same characteristics that my canine bitch has – loyalty, affectionate, kind, stable…perhaps that is how the first Cumberbitches saw themselves as being, however, others with less than gracious behaviours have put the name in a bad light.

270. Phil - April 10, 2013

@269. Christ, you just can’t resist the urge to lecture, can you.

I’ll keep it really simple and slow so you understand. Cumberb**ch is a derogatory term. N****r is a derogatory term. Don’t use them. If you do, there will be negative consequences.

On the other hand, I’ll bet you learn better by experience. So go ahead, call someone those names. When you regain consciousness after the person you insulted beats the holy hell out of you then maybe you will figure it out.

271. Red Dead Ryan - April 10, 2013


Funny how you continue to ignore the fact that your good pal Dee was the person who brought “Cumberbitches” into the discussion. And yeah, nice try on the attempt to spin the definition of “bitch” into something positive. No one’s buying it, so stop trying to sell it.

“Cumberbitch” is a derogatory term, you know it, I know it, everyone else here knows it. So stop it already.

272. Keachick - April 11, 2013

Phil and Red Dead Ryan –
CUMBERBITCHES is the title a group of Benedict Cumberbatch fans choose to be known as. You stop it.

I do not need to sell anything.

What’s with the threats, Phil?

I’ve had it with you.


273. Phil - April 11, 2013

@272. You are the one rationalizing the use of derogatory terms here. There are no threats – I’ve basically suggested you put up or shut up. Go find some group of people, be them female fans of BC or blacks, and refer to them, to their faces, how you are speaking of them here, from the safety of your keyboard. If they are as open to your rationalizations it will be your lucky day. If not, it’s a trip to urgent care. You were warned it’s not a good idea.

Here’s your reality check – if someone walks up to my wife and refers to her as a bitch, cumber or otherwise, in my presence, they will be dealing with me. Fortunately, it’s never happened in almost 27 years of marriage. I’m blessed to be associated with high quality people, who seem to know that respect of others is a very good attribute. You are free to practice whatever failings you wish, but is you actually choose to practice stupid, childish and juvenile behavior then the consequences are on you. Keep that in mind when you are writing your next lecture on how superior your moral code is…most everyone who will read that bit of fiction will be mocking your hypocrisy, openly or otherwise….

I’m done…

274. Anthony Pascale - April 11, 2013

Phil, Keachik, Ryan…stop

275. Blowmydick Comeherebitch's - April 11, 2013

Enough with the bad language and juvenile butchering of BC’s name.

276. captain_neill - April 11, 2013

THe poster works but it is not traditional Trek shall we say in its look. No space and no shot of the Enterprise.

As I said earlier film posters in general are not as good as they were in the days when artists like Bob Peak painted them.

First Contact was the last great Trek poster. Insurrection’s at first I thought was a teaser poster but was final one

277. Phil - April 11, 2013

@274. Agreed, it’s pointless now, anyway. Time to let it go, RDR. I’m done…

278. Blowmydick Comeherebitch's - April 11, 2013

Thanks goodness you guys are ready to be more mature about this.

Now I will be able to take you all seriously again.

279. Phil - April 11, 2013

Well, for a bit more in fun speculation – we don’t actually know what happens to John Harrison, but I think a lot of people are assuming he dies, as Trek movies always kill off their villains. What if he doesn’t? Is he back for the third installment? As a headliner? Or does Trek head off in a different direction with a different cast?

Oh, the possibilities? It would be nice if Paramount would outline a bit of vision for this….

280. opcode - April 11, 2013

City on the Edge of Forever, Mirror Mirror, Amok Time, Doomsday Machine were all great sci-fi concepts, just to list a few.
Now we are presented with this Into Darkness movie that is trying to put as much distance between itself and the original series as possible, probably in an effort to attract the average summer movie goer. Check the posters: small Star Trek logo, big Into Darkness, a title that tries hard to associate itself with the Batman movies. No Enterprise, no space, Earth instead. The 3 original characters holding guns and not wearing uniforms. Absolutely nothing that remind us of ST, except for the aforementioned small ST logo.
And yes, I have seen enough trailers and clips to realize this is an action summer movie (in the worst possible sense) and not Star Trek as I know. So my question is, why call this Star Trek? Why don’t create a brand new series instead?
For me this is just a cheap marketing ploy, the same that gives us movies “based” on toys and board games.

281. Keachick - April 11, 2013

Anthony – since you have seen fit to delete my post, would you please delete the highly offensive and inflammatory post of Phil’s at #272. It would be good if you could be fair.

Thank you.

282. Keachick - April 11, 2013

I meant post #273.

283. Phil - April 12, 2013

@276. I’ll submit that a portion of the long time fan base isn’t up for different. The opening some for Enterprise was not the fully produced orchestra piece, and the fans went berserk – judgments on the songs quality aside, it wasn’t what they were expecting. Likewise, it seems that BC is the first villain a Trek movie has had in a long time that isn’t a cartoonish throw-away character, and look at the blowback from some individuals that John Harrison is stealing boy Kirks thunder. As alt. Kirks only qualifications to be captain seem to be that he happened to be at the right place at the right time, having a strong villain who can own JTK could be an interesting direction for the alternate universe to go. That will remain to be seen, of course.

284. Grissy Rod - April 12, 2013

I want to see Bones and Scotty on the poster! They also are part of the universe of Star Trek

285. Aurore - April 12, 2013

I don’t like the poster destined to the North American market (that I just saw on another thread)….which is “good” I suppose, since I won’t see it “here”, apparently…

My favourite poster is the one for Austria… which I won’t see here, either.

And, don’t even get me started on the “French voice” of Mr. Cumberbatch!

…I have about one month to learn German and plan a trip to Germany…or….plan a trip to Great Britain…OR…I will simply have to wait for the DVD of the sequel to come out….


286. Aurore - April 12, 2013

@285. Aurore – April 12, 2013

Enough with the whining!

Start studying…SCHNELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


287. Ken - April 19, 2013

It’s clear from the trailer and marketing that whoever made this film, really, really wanted to make a Batman film. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.