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Viral Campaign Directs 1701 ‘Chosen’ Fans To Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Trailer Online Thursday May 1, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The end of the viral campaign has now been fully revealed. The "chosen" 1701 fans who participated are just now getting special packages that direct them to a site for a new 3D trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness (with special 3D glasses to watch it). The trailer goes online on Thursday. See below for pictures of what the "chosen" are getting.


The Chosen 1701 Packages Arriving Today

Back in December the URL for was hidden in the first domestic teaser trailer. That site lay dormant until a week ago when it sprang to life and asked fans to submit photos and videos via Instragram and Vine to be "chosen."  And now the 1701 have been chosen. Today 1701 fans across the USA are starting to ‘You’ve been chosen’ packages via FedEx. Each consists of a card, a ‘1701 edition’ of the teaser poster and some 3D glasses.

Contents of the "You’ve Been Chosen" packages arriving today

The 3D glasses are for the chosen to watch a new 3D trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. The packages direct the chosen 1701 winners to to see the trailer at noon on May 2nd.

Card directing you to site for 3D trailer

Special Star Trek Into Darkness 3D glasses

Detail on limited edition poster

So there you have it. Mystery solved on the whole "Are You The 1701?" thing. Congrats to all the chosen ones. If you weren’t chosen you will still be able to watch the 3D trailer online but you will have to find your own 3D glasses.

Thanks to James, Scott and Randy for sending in the above pictures.


1. Spider1981 - May 1, 2013

I wonder if I will be able to watch it in stereoscopic 3D on my 3DTV or if the only option will be the good old red/blue anaglyph 3D. Hopefully there will be multiple 3D options like on many Youtube vids.

2. LtPiper - May 1, 2013

I got mine!!!!

3. AyanEva - May 1, 2013

I guess I’ll see if I got anything in the mail when I get home from my mini vacation this afternoon! Assuming the neighbors didn’t steal it. :/

4. YankeeWhite - May 1, 2013

Mystery solved indeed. Was seriously looking forward to a full blown ARG experience like last time. But as long as I’m “chosen” I’ll be happy.

5. rubernck21 - May 1, 2013

WOOHOO, I JUST received mine a little bit ago…PLUS I get the free poster by attending the Early Screening on the 15th…YIPPEE!!!

6. BeyondtheTech - May 1, 2013

Don’t know if I was chosen, we’ll see.

Here was my Instagram picture, with Bob Orci giving it a thumbs up.

7. Nony - May 1, 2013

I was expecting the 1701 thing to be a little more…creative. I wonder if they planned something elaborate and then changed their minds.

8. Nony - May 1, 2013

@6 BeyondtheTech

lol, well played. XD

9. kc8jsf - May 1, 2013

I got mine today.

10. SciFiMetalGirl - May 1, 2013

I realize that time is getting close now, but a one week window of opportunity to enter seems pretty slim.

11. Daniel Broadway - May 1, 2013

Any word on if this is a new trailer edit or just one we have seen before?

12. Grand Marshal Skaldak - May 1, 2013

Congrats to those who won, but overall… Pretty lame viral campaign.

13. Mad Mann - May 1, 2013

Lame. But at least they tried.

14. Star Sick: the Original Generation - May 1, 2013

First I made Captain in the Star Trek App, the I get chosen as one of the 1701… happy geek here, lemme tell ya… or as Scotty would say:

“I like this marketing campaign… it’s exciting!”

15. Charla - May 1, 2013

I was one of the chosen! :D I didn’t think it (the campaign) was lame, the poster is a large one, probably would sell for 20.00 or so in stores, and the Star Trek 3-D glasses and a link to the website to watch the 3D trailer. Maybe the 2.00 retail value was a typo? Not sure but it is still nice no matter-

Well worth the time it took to fill out a small form, and it made my day to get a suprise Star Trek collectable delivered to my door, quite honestly!

Hope you get something too, BeyondtheTech- yours was funny!

16. Sunfell - May 1, 2013

I guess I’ll see if I’m on that list when I get home tonight.

17. rubernck21 - May 1, 2013

This is no ordinary poster…Its pretty high quality. the graphics are done in a way that I wonder if they could be used on a backlit cabinet…Kinda like the movie posters you see while walking to the theater.

As for those who thinks its lame…With having to satisfy the cravings of over several million people who love Star Trek, how can anyone’s expectations be fulfilled? I don’t see this happening for Iron Man, Twilight, Hunger Games, or even Star Wars?

18. tribbleorlfl - May 1, 2013

What the pictures don’t do a good job showing is the treatment on the posters themselves. The middle part of the delta is matte while the rest of the poster (the building, the rubble and Harrison) is a glossy, slightly metallic finish. It’s very striking. Because I collect movie posters (and obviously a Trek fan), the prize was right up my alley.

19. Charla - May 1, 2013

Excellent point #17 Rubernck21!

BTW Wanted to send this to Anthony and crew but someone on another thread said the voicemail is full on Trekmovie’s end- Which hopefully means lots more Trek news/info coming (so I will post it here for now)

Anyway if any of you are near Tampa, FL on May 10th it is going to be Star Trek Into Darkness Night at the Tampa Rays vs San Diego Padres game. Oh and you get a pretty cool shirt, too!

20. The Keeper - May 1, 2013

I was also “CHOSEN”

21. lionel - May 1, 2013

Got mine today

22. A. Harrison - May 1, 2013

I received mine today!!!!!

23. AyanEva - May 1, 2013

YES! I’m one of the 1701! Of course I missed the package so they’re re-delivering tomorrow… when I will be at work. Begged my dad to come over tomorrow and wait for the package for me because it needs a signature and no way do I trust my neighbors enough to have FedEx leave it outside at the door or with one of them.

I’m excited for that poster! I was like :D when the Fedex customer service rep confirmed that it was from Paramount. Sadly, I’m working 9am to 9:30pm tomorrow but at least I’ll have a cool prize waiting for me when I do get home!

24. Mad Mann - May 1, 2013

I’m one of the 1701!

And a big thanks to trekmovie for letting use know about it or I would have never signed up!

25. mackspeck - May 1, 2013

I am #THE1701


26. Charles Davenport - May 1, 2013

I am one of the Chosen One “#The1701″ YES! I’m so thrilled!

27. Nebula1701 - May 1, 2013

I got mine as well. :D

28. mackspeck - May 1, 2013

How many Canadian winners are out there?

29. iBidoof - May 1, 2013

I got my package today too – but it was empty, somebody opened up the package, took the poster/3d glasses/etc out and kept the cap. I’m not sure what to do – does anybody know who to contact/report this to?

30. Ashley - May 1, 2013

I received mind today! Thrilled!!!

31. James Sawyer - May 1, 2013

@iBidoof I would say it is possible it popped off in shipping and the contents were lost. Mine was barely on there when I received it, with no tape or anything securing it, so I could see these popping off in shipping with little effort.

32. iBidoof - May 1, 2013

@James Sawyer – Really? I just called FedEx and filed a report saying the contents were missing, they’re going to look into it. Maybe you should to?

It stinks if it really is just the faulty packaging. I wonder if a lot of people are missing their posters. :/

33. SoonerDave - May 1, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Almost missed the FedEx tube propped inside my front door!!

The special edition poster is really, really nice! Thanks, Paramount!

34. Steve-o - May 1, 2013

@29 and @31
I agree. my cap popped off in the leasing office while the office woman walked it to me. i about had a heart attack watching the poster slide on to the ground… luckily no damage done
and the poster is beautiful! glossy and huge! cant wait to frame it. was the best part of my day :)

35. Jeff Stimson - May 1, 2013

Well that explains the empty tube I got from Fedex today. I was wondering what the hell it was supposed to be since I had not ordered anything from this company (American Paper Optics). The Fedex delivery guy took note that one end cap was missing and the tube was empty.

I emailed the company wondering what they are trying to send me and hopefully they will be able to sort this out for me.

36. JSkagnetti - May 1, 2013

Was chosen and got it today. VERY excited! Had fun making those VINE videos too.

37. Adam E - May 1, 2013

I got the package! And I didn’t even submit any pictures!

38. dev* - May 1, 2013

I got my poster which is cool, but I too had an open tube, and it had obviously fallen out. Both sides are a bit torn and bent. Not a huge deal since it was free, and kind of fitting considering the content ( ;o) ), but disappointing nonetheless. But at least I got it, I feel really bad for those who got an empty tube!

39. Stargazer54 - May 1, 2013

Got mine.

End cap missing from the mailing tube but contents intact.

Pretty faulty packaging.

40. mhansen0207 - May 1, 2013

I got it!!!

This isn’t lame at all, this is actually pretty awesome. Don’t know why people are complaining. The poster’s practically theater-quality!

Just made my day. :D

41. Charla - May 1, 2013

Mine was open on one end.too but the contents were okthankfully. Hope those of you who had problems can get them resolved.

42. Sunfell - May 1, 2013

Found mine waiting for me when I got home! The poster is stunning. I’m going to have it framed.

43. Squire of Gothos - May 1, 2013

Mine arrived today! Fantastic and very unexpected!

44. Trekluver - May 1, 2013

Got one as well!

Mr. Pascale, if you’re reading this, is there any indication from Paramount exactly how many packages were sent out? Was it only 1701 packages? More? I’m understandably curious…

45. TREKWEBMASTER - May 1, 2013

Well, I presume that the economical aspirations of those that seek to market products are not in the same purview as those which seek to acquire those same products.

Suffice it to say, “merchandising” of a “film,” as “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” have long-since become cliche and obsolete. You could even say “jaded.”

But perhaps, when the mass-audience mindset realizes the “end-goal” is to capitalize upon their time and money, they’ll expect more of quality and complexity of those which provide any item of entertainment value.

When the inspiration has been lost it is very-much harder to regain or instill in others where cognitive dissonance exists. But I suspect the “odds” are against us and the situation is “grim,” but remember gentlemen and gentlewomen, that “risk,” is our business…

The suspension of disbelief is much harder to accomplish when you know the folks, but also the easiest to rekindle…

Tis logical, Admiral…

46. Joshua - May 1, 2013

Feels good to be loved, got mine today left on my doorstep. Can’t wait for the 15th @8pm, IMAX here I come :)

47. Bob - May 1, 2013

Cool! Got mine, but there was no cap on my poster tube so my glasses had fallen out somewhere en route. Still cool to have! Posted a pic of me in my uniform shirt when I was a kid and me in uniform when I did the Tribbles episode of DS9. Didn’t know I was sitting in the same position until I put the two next to each other.

48. Leenyr - May 1, 2013

Got woken up by a knock on the door and my goldendoodle barking- but I wasn’t angry after I saw the giant tube!!!

49. Charla - May 2, 2013

#45 … blink- – – blink- – – huh?

50. Dougrass - May 2, 2013

Received the package this afternoon. Cool stuff.

51. Dr. Cheis - May 2, 2013

So I guess if we don’t have an Instagram or Twitter, that website is useless to us. =\

52. D for Me - May 2, 2013

I got mine but unforunately I did not receive my 3D glasses with the poster and postcard. I’m kinda bummed about that, but i was chosen as one of the 1701.

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54. DrJamez - May 2, 2013

I just received mine this AM via FedEx! SWEET! I am one of the 1701!!!!

55. tribbleorlfl - May 2, 2013

44. I’m kind of curious on this as well how many people entered the contest? I would assume they only had 1,701 prizes, but did they have that many entries? I haven’t heard of anyone who entered but wasn’t chosen yet.

47. Wow, you were an extra on TnT!?! How’d you get the gig? What was it like? Are you in the final cut?

My entry covered both prompts: Star Trek and the Future. Notice anything on the bottom of my newborn daughter’s foot?

56. Jon - May 2, 2013

I got mine also. The cap was missing but luckily the contents were still there. Unless there were less than 1701 people to sign up I think everyone that signed up got one. I don’t think this was a lame giveaway either. The poster is a very high quality glossy poster. It will go good with my theatrical poster I just got and also the fan sneak poster that I should be getting. I hope Paramount helps out the people that got an empty tube.

57. rubernck21 - May 2, 2013

I guess the people putting the posters/glasses together never thought about putting a couple of pieces of clear packing tape (or staples) to protect the ends. I hope those that did not get everything, or nothing at all get their issues resolved.

58. tromar - May 2, 2013

Based on the number of “winners” on here (I was as well)… It appears there may have been more than 1701 people who received this.

59. Ryan Allen Carrillo - May 2, 2013

I got mine today!!! Yeah!! How did they get my address? So excited.

60. jamesingeneva - May 2, 2013

almost time folks, can’t wait to watch the new 3d trailer!

61. Daniel Broadway - May 2, 2013

I signed up and I don’t think I received anything. So maybe not every one won.

62. jamesingeneva - May 2, 2013

uh, is it working for anyone?

63. tromar - May 2, 2013


64. Adam E - May 2, 2013

Page hasn’t updated for me yet.

65. jamesingeneva - May 2, 2013

lol, evidently scotty f’d up paramounts internal cronometers

66. mackspeck - May 2, 2013

Maybe it’s really going to play at 5:01

67. jamesingeneva - May 2, 2013

they were busy on social media right on time…

68. jamesingeneva - May 2, 2013

well we got to see about 5 more seconds of the movie lol… i found the experience difficult with the paper glasses. I hope the theater versions will be better. All in all though, I know all us fans are going to need to take an aspirin before going into the theater so we don’t die of heart failure lol

69. AyanEva - May 3, 2013

Finally got home to see my prize and one of the end caps DID come off of my poster tube. However, some very wonderful person at Fedex clearly noticed and taped the bottom with the missing end cap so that everything made it to me safely and in perfect condition. Thank goodness! I’m very grateful to the anonymous Fedex employee for doing that!

70. Denny - May 7, 2013

Did anyone who received an empty tube find a contact at Paramount who might be able to send another? I got one as well. The only thing inside was… space.

71. no deposit poker bonuses for us players - May 7, 2013

Inspiring story there. What happened after?

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