TV Guide Interview With Abrams (from last month) Now Online

Last month we reported highlights of a TV Guide interview with Star Trek XI producer JJ Abrams. The full interview is now online at A few websites are picking up this interview as a new, but it is actually the same interview from last month (just now in web form). If you saw the earlier report, then there is no new information. Regardless, it is a good read to get a bit more insight into the man who has Star Trek’s future in his hands. The following are the highlights in easy to digest bullet points:

  • Scifi show influences: Twilight Zone and The Prisoner
  • Favorite: Twilight Zone (fave episode: “Where is Everybody”)
  • Considers Lost to be ‘Scifi’…kept this secret from ABC
  • Will be more involved in Lost Season 3 than Season 2
  • Describes being involved with Trek ‘surreal but wonderful’
  • Fan of Star Trek (Original Series) and Star Trek: The Next Generation, not so much others (DS9, VOY, ENT)
  • Has all DVD’s of all Trek series
  • Would only take Trek if Paramount had ‘open mind’
  • Still wont talk specifics yet
  • In the middle of “breaking the story” (NOTE: at time of interview last month)
  • Wants to start film production sooner rather than later, but not until ready
  • STXI Story ‘honors canon’ but is ‘nothing seen before’
  • Respects Trek fans, has learned a lot from Lost fans
  • Believes Trek endures because of ‘it’s characters and emotional connection’