Abrams O Rama

Star Trek XI is certainly not the only iron in the fire for producer JJ Abrams, here are some of the latest news items for our new dear leader…

ABC is launching its 4th Abrams produced show ‘Six Degress’ this Thursday. Vareity says of the show’s Pilot: "cleverly written giving the characters a heady, just-specific-enough mix of mystery, intrigue and charm — the key in each of producer J.J. Abrams’ hits." ‘Six Degrees’ will be one of three Abrams series on ABC this fall, joining ‘Lost’ and ‘What About Brian’.  Abrams has recently cut a multimillion dollar deal with Warner Bros. to develop even more TV shows…spreading yourself a bit thin there JJ…don’t forget about Kirk and Spock!

Trek XI’s only semi-certain castmember Greg Grunberg told the NY Daily News that lifepartner Abrams is a big fan of his new show on NBC, ‘Heroes’. They quote Grunberg as saying "I talk to him (Abrams) every single day…and he said to me, ‘I’m telling you, "Heroes" is going to be a huge hit.’" As they point out, it is a good thing Abrams new show isn’t going up against his pal Grunbergs show.

More good news for Abrams, ComingSoon.net is reporting that Lost The Complete Second Season  debuted at number 1 on the DVD sales charts. That makes it one of two TV shows that have met that goal in their first week (the other being the Chappelle Show). Please JJ don’t go crazy like Dave did!

Abrams first TV home, the WB, went off the air last weekend. To celebrate their own demise and transmorgification with UPN into into ‘the CW’ they ran four of their favorite series pilots. The evenening started off with the pilot to Abrams first show ‘Felicity’, which of course featured a recurring role for Greg Grunberg. UPN who launched with ‘Star Trek Voyager’ and ended with the cancellation of ‘Star Trek Enterprise’ meerly slinked off into the night of dead networks…never to be seen again.  

And finally The Hollywood Reporter talks up Abrams in its Summer Scorecard. HP lists Abrams MI3 as one of Paramount’s ‘High Points’ for the summer season, saying:

Paramount kicked off the season May 5 with the eagerly anticipated "MI:III"– A project that marked (Paramount CEO Brad) Grey’s first offical green light. Pairing Tom Cruise with TV wunderkid JJ Abrams seemed like a surefire bonanza. But as Cruise became an increasingly polarizing figure, American audiences greeted the well-reviewed film iwth a somewhat tepid response. Still the studio deemed the action-heavy sequel a success because of its performance overseas.

…so uh JJ, how is that script for Star Trek XI doing?

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Is it me or does Abrams look like Kurt Russell in that picture.

To me he looks like the love child of Kurt Russell and Ron Rifkin.