Today Is Mirror Mirror Remastered Day

Kirk, Scotty, Uhura and McCoy are sent into a parallel universe where women show more skin and Vulcans have goatees

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A true fan favorite, Mirror Mirror spawned many copies…but there is nothing like the original. Just a week after debuting the new Enterprise, CBS use this classic episode to give fans yet another.  Keep your eye out for…

  • A ‘battleship’ like Mirror Enterprise based on the pilot Enterprise
  • ISS markings
  • An enhanced agony booth and hand agonizer
  • …and pointy nacelle caps

so what did you think of Mirror Mirror Remastered…and yet another Enterprise

NOTE: There will be a bit of a delay on our usual screenshots, expect them up sometime tomorrow. Until then there are a couple of shots grabbed from the trailer below


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Bring it on!

Looks like there are Empire markings on the engine pylons…or are my eyes deceiving me? Anyway, if you look closely at that shot, it looks like there is something there.


Looks like another fine job color-coordinating the planet model with the planet soundstage.

I love the ‘pilot version’ of the Enterprise as the mirror ship, but I must say that the lighting looks like it is a step back from last week. From the shot posted here, the mirror E looks more model-like and less ship-like. Maybe it will look better in the real episode.

I think that they got it right.

I hope that they do something with the sky on the soundstage…

I hope they make the Halkan Council Leader look like the Control Voice from The Outer Limits. (Maybe a wavy oscilloscope pattern?)

You can tell it’s the “bad”enterprise because it has little daggers sticking out of it’s engine do-hickeys.

yeah i hope they update the planet set, with some clouds, then they could show the storm forming. that would be cool!

“Looks like there are Empire markings on the engine pylons…or are my eyes deceiving me? Anyway, if you look closely at that shot, it looks like there is something there.”

No, cuz the registry says “NCC…” so it should be the regular ship

It would be cool if the planet as seen from space has flashes of lightning indicating the ion storm.

You just can’t beat Spock’ s beard.

I’ve learned not to trust the screen grabs for comparisons.

It appears though there is a metallic paintjob for this Mirror-Enterprise, that would be good in keeping with the more militaristic notion of an Imperial starship Enterprise.

oops they didn’t change it, sorry

If any TOSR staff are reading this…I strongly agree with others on here that the sound stage episodes should be re-done to show clouds and landscape in the distance. I was very disappointed when there was nothing done in “Catspaw” at the end when Korob and Sylvia die. You can easily see the two stage lights behind Kirk!
All in all you guys are doing a great job but please fix the sound stage episodes!

I’ve gotten a pretty good look at that promo in Quicktime. There’s nothing visible yet on the pylon — what you’re seeing above is a blurred window I think. (That would be a good place for the sword emblem though.)

That said, I find it hard to believe that’s a fully rendered shot. Like Dilithium Dan said, the lighting looks off. And the planet looks odd too. Could just be the filtering on the promo though.

While in some ways, I think it’s a neat idea to use the pilot version of the Enterprise as the “Mirror” vessel, I have to wonder if it’s become a limitation as well… I mean, as much as people bitch about the swirling nacelle caps, it seems backwards to have them blood red and dark… I’d actually be for a darker, wicked effect, say the swirling showing through the caps, instead of just opaque. And here’s also hoping that we get some “dagger” across the engineering hull, or somewhere… I guess the larger sensor dish is so they can broadcast the Tantilis feild? ;) Like all the “Mirrored” characters, the Enterprise should be all bearded up. ;)

100% agree with you Spock’s brain post 14

Just watched the Mirror episode, very good, with the exception of a small glitch in our market (Orlando , FL CW 18). Between the time the mirror Checkov’s assasination attempt and Kirk, McCoy and Scotty in the Captains quarters their was footage of the Enterprise traveling at warp speed toward and away from the camera as it looks in the opening credits of the second season.

The funny thing is is that it wasn’t the new CGI model, it was original model footage.

#18: Same thing on the Detroit channel. The remaster team must have missed it.

Here is a link to a new shot in “Mirror Mirror” on×287.jpg

“Mr. Kyle your agonizer please.”

WTF?!? Did they think this crew wouldn’t notice something like that?? Bizarre, especially since there wasn’t even any insert shot of the ship at that point in the episode…

Try this… Click on image gallery.

I just saw “Mirror, Mirror” remastered. Loved the new ISS Enterprise. The use of the “Cage” Enterprise follows TOS’ use of old props and such. The new planet looked great and was consistent with the sky on the surface scenes. I love the new color corrections. Seeing all the bright colors on Melina’s neglige. The new Agony Booth and Agonizer effects were well done as well. I agree that it would have been nice to see some clouds or storminess on the planet. Hopefully it will be there in the dvd release.

I think the “glitch” referred to in 18 and 19 above was a poorly chosen insert to cover up a syndication “for time” edit that just wasn’t gonig to cut well without a brief segue scene. A shame they used one of the ship at warp, as the Enterprise was in orbit around Halka for the entire episode.

I liked the changes overall. I just wish they had gone a little further. Enhanced the brief scene on the surface of Halka with some clouds moving or something, made the giant red thing on the agonizer glow when it activated, and replaced the original tantalus device in Kirk’s quarters with something a little more exotic and alien looking.

So as before, what’s there is good, I just wish there was a tad more.

Good stuff…..what I got to see anyway. If it’s not football, it’s NASCAR running over. Anyway, the one effect I did get to see was the departure of the Enterprise…very nice. The new model continues to shine. Oh yeah, the agony booth was cool as well. I’m not too worried about the “Warping” glitch…just an editing error. I am still finding the over all look of the episodes to be really dark though. I’m watching my local affiliates HD channel over the air on a 37″ Plasma screen and the shadows are almost completely black , losing detail that I could easily see on the DVD’s. The color is gorgeous and vibrant, but this darkness week after week is getting on my nerves. I hope this is a problem with my local stations broadcast and not indicative of the eventual HD DVD releases.

That’s a good question jonboc. I’ve noticed “darkness” as well on some episodes. However, they re-run the previous week’s episode on Saturday. Sometimes when they do that it’s bright as normal, sometimes still dark. Weird….

for those who have seen the remastered episode, did the ISS Enterprise have the Empire markings on it?

It did. U.S.S. became I.S.S. I didn’t see anything else, marking-wise.

its too bad they didnt do something to the hull like in the Enterprise episode where it had been painted and stuff to better recognize the empire version

like torpedo damage marks from an earlier conflict!

re: 18, I just couldn’t believe the sloppyness of splicing in old (non CGI) Enterprise-at-warp footage to cover a scene change. The E was supposed to be in orbit, not at warp! With so much attention to detail elsewhere, this glitch was flabbergasting.

i notice in the alternet universe sulu like girls….

A great episode.
Shatner was sublime and everyone hit it out of the park acting wise. Nimoy shouldve received an emmy for that episode.
But best of all was Nichelle Nichols, what a gorgeous woman!
I wish she wore that uniform all the time.
Didnt Barbara Eden have to cover her navel as Jeannie?
The censors mustve been fans of Trek or Nichelle.
Yeah, I wanted more f/x but CBS isnt going to stray too far thats clear.

I wish theyd add some exterior Enterprise shots with nebulae
and other stellar phenomena in the background.
What would that hurt?

Dang, Roger, you stole my comment. I also thought Nimoy’s performance was award worthy. Shatner and Nichols were great also. Sulu had something to do and looked menacing.
I wish I had better reception, but even on my lousy cable signal, I can see just how much the prints have been cleaned up. Looks great.
I did notice the shot of the Enterprise hurtling through space. That was rather odd.
All in all, a very enjoyable episode. In my top ten — — maybe five.

Loved the shots of the ISS Enterprise and the tweaking of the agonizer and
the booth. The flybys with the warp footage made no sense they were
shown in orbit in an earlier scene. Using the pilot Enterprise with the
pointed warp nacelle’s and the thruster vents on the aft sectiion was very
imaginative. Hopefully the short comings of this episode will be corrected
when it goes to DVD.

Somebody did something stupid with that warp flyby scene :)

Anyhoo, looked great for the most part. They need to fix some of the transporter scenes; the black mattes weren’t fixed in this episode yet they were VERY obvious.

Also, the hand phaser effects didn’t look like they were changed.

One question: I wonder IF anyone else noticed dirt or smudge when they showed the Enterprises viewscreen when the leader of the planet was pleading with the alternate Enterprise? They were quite noticeable and not something I would ever expect to see on a updated and supposedly clean print. Also…when Kirk and Spock had their meeting in the hallway and the background music was rather abrupt and chopped off as if it was really poorly timed – edited? Let me know what you seen and heard on this. Thanks a lot!

a video summary of newly created effects for mirror, mirror is up on youtube

sorry, that last link was wrong here s the correct link
for new effects for mirror, mirror

Thanks joe for posting — Great job

I’m in the minority, here.
I thought the ISS model looked like it was hanging from a string.
I also thought the team missed an oppo to add the Empire’s markings and at the very least, some battle damage! I doubt the ISS Enterprise drifted through the galaxy without a lot of fights.
Not their best effort. Sorry.

Thanks for the FX reel Joe, nice to see everything I missed at the beginning. Although you forgot ro add the shot of the enterprise departing over the top of the planet from the end of the episode. Anyway, it all looks great, sorry I missed it on the big screen.

Once again the CG effects shots were outstanding, especially the tilt over the Enterprise shot, but there was a whole scene at the end of the episode that was cut out. I don’t know if this was necessary to fit in the CG material, or if more commercial time was needed, but it would be nice to see the complete episode with nothing cut out while still keeping the digital effects in.

#33 I think Sulu was used because he would be safe. Everyone had to know back then, You think?
Also I don’t see a link to William Shatner’s funny interview on Check it out.

^45 afaik they’re not cutting live action to make room for effects and in fact sometimes scenes that would contain new effects have been cut and won’t be seen till DVD. They have to take several minutes out of each episode and effects shots only last a few seconds so the cuts have to come from entire live action scenes.

Here’s my mini review:

Overall, I found the updates satisfactory. The planet’s surface is very well done, showing the ION storm as a magenta tinge sweeping across the planet. That same tinge can be seen reflecting off the hull of the Enterprise.

When the other Spock uses the AGONIZER on Mr, Kyle, we are treated to a short burst of electrical bolts, then as the agaonizer is pulled away, we can see a fading patch of energy on Mr. Kyle’s shoulder – nice touch.

However, I take issue the agonizer chamber effect used on Chekhov. I thought this update was not consistent with the either the original effects or the updates so far. The effect seemed too “Next Generation” to me and lacked the lighting bolts that we could see with the hand held agonizer.

And finally, it was mentioned above and I notice it too – these remastered transfers are getting very dark. “Cat’s Paw” was very shadowy and dark and it seemed to be correct given the episode, but “Mirror Mirror” also suffers from very dark shawdows that I cannot detect any detail in – just black. Hopefully, the HD and DVD releases will show more detail in the shadows – but I’m not seeing it here on SD.

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE DOOR!!! OK, I’ve seen this episode maybe a dozen times in my life and NEVER noticed the guy behind the door before. In the scene where McCoy and Scott are knocking out the security guard with a hypo, and Bones opens the door with a button. As it opens you can see a stage hand standing behind the door, probably opening it. How could I have missed that?

Here is a very short clip of the moment –

Oh and the warp insert was the dumbest move ever! Why not just show a quick orbiting shot?

that’s some computer they got on the enterprise.

computer, do you know how a transporter can be used to send someone to a parallel universe?


record procedure.