Daniel Craig Wants In To Star Trek?

Well there is another rumor on the internets about an actor wanting in to Trek. This time it is none other than the new James Bond, Daniel Craig. World Entertainment News Network is reporting that Craig is a huge Trekkie, and quotes him as saying "I would love a stint in the (Star Trek) TV Show or in a film. It’s been a secret ambition of mine for years." However before you start screaming ‘Bond is Kirk’, remember that WENN aren’t exactly considered the most trustworthy lot in the industry. They are the same outfit that put out the ‘Cruise in Trek XI’ rumor, which TrekMovie.com quickly debunked as completely made up. We have put out some inquiries on this one as well and will see if we can get it confirmed (not holding our breath).

Not that it would be a bad idea. Craig’s new film ‘Casino Royale’ is the biggest grossing Bond fim ever and it got great reviews. All of which makes those ‘craigisnotbond’ and ‘bondnotblond’ people look pretty silly (remember that before you start actorxisnotkirk.com)

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Maybe he can be an unknown ensign, like Bryan Singer in Trek XI

I mean Trek X

Maybe Clive Owen would make a good Kirk (just joking-alot of people wanted him to be new Bond).

Interesting rumour… and Anthony, I couldn’t agree more with your final statement.

However, mark my words, despite this clear example of an energizing and workable solution to breathing fresh life into an aging franchise, there will be many Trek fans who will denounce the recasting of Kirk and Spock from day 1. And we’ll have to endure it in thread, after thread, after thread, after….

Daniel Craig could be great in Star Trek. Or nearly anything else. He is a fine actor.

Hey, he might make a decent spock. Daniel Craig and Matt damon, sure to be a hit.

I can’t believe anyone has NOT said this yet…

“I’m Kirk, James Kirk…of the starhip Enterprise.”

Bones, make it shaken and not stirred!!!!! LOL

I don’t see Daniel Craig as Kirk. Kirk needs to be an unknown. Not Matt Damon or some other famous guy.

But I could see Craig in a decent role–maybe as a Captain Garrovick. He certainly has the look for such a role.

Yeah-I was teasing about him being Kirk…I couldn’t resist. Garrovick would be a great role for him, as #8 said.

Casino was an example of a totally successful rebooting of a huge, fan loving franchise – and where many fans were strongly against the Bond recasting. If they can redo Trek as (the Brits!) have redone Bond, we’re in for a corker of a film!

Kirk. James Kirk.
Hmm… Daniel Craig probably knows a little Shakespeare and is almost bald. Yep, sign him up.

#7 — D’Oh! You beat me.

What a great time to live! :-)

I think Craig would be great for Trek…but not as Kirk or any of the main cast…

Maybe as a new Captain…on a different starship.


He should be a VILLIAN! The main Villian of the film. Bond VS Bourne… I could dig that!

Yeah, he’d make a great villain.

He could play Picard’s 12th cousin ten times removed to make the few Next Geners happy. Captain Henri Picard of the Starfleet transport USS Pompous specializing in the transport of tea leaves and pan flutes.

re – 18

that actually made me laugh out loud here in the office.


always glad to help my bros

In the above article, he’s stated as saying “I would love a stint in the (Star Trek) TV Show or in a film.”

Does he realize that there is no TV series at the moment? Or does he mean any “future” Trek series?

I smell a spinoff for the gallant Captain Henri Picard vallently traversing the neutral zone to deliver his tea and flutes all the while reciting A Midsummersnight Dream to his Romulan pursuers and getting advice in the middle of combat from his perky ship’s counciler

No need to photoshop him, I found him dressed like Kirk in this picture



What about Tim Allen as “80’s”-Kirk?

Heck, *I’m* a professional actor AND a huge trekkie… and you don’t hear any media outlets picking up on MY lifelong dream of being cast in a Trek project. Where’s my “Jon Baas, wants in on Trek” post? Huh? Huh?

(Note to self…. Perhaps I need to be a little more proactive on the rumor end of things.) …. [chuckle]

Seriously, though, we’re going to hear a lot more ‘so-and-so wants in’ rumors floating around the net in coming months. Take them all with a casual grain of salt. A lot of us actors (like Craig) ARE Trek fans, but until I see actual casting results, …. we’re all just fans.


alright, here’s my photoshop attempt. First time I’ve ever done the whole head on a body thing.


It’s pretty unlikely that someone would be both Bond and Kirk in two separate franchises.Duntcha thank.

#18..perhaps he could play Kirk’s brother Sam… now re-written to be gay and is hitting on Spock. Or maybe Spock’s gay too?

Maybe the giant space ameoba’s is bi….

#26… oh that’s ugly… but better that having The Shat reprise the role.

Re: 26.

That’s a dorky picture, indeed.

#27 Of course that’s far fetched… almost as far fetched as one actor playing a sage elf and an Evil Agent Smith in two hugely successful movie trilogies.

Looking at that photoshopped pic I’d say Craig almost looks like the perfect shoe-in for Spock. They have the exact same nose and lips.

If Ron Moore was writing this, Daniel Craig would make a PERFECT Lt Uhura!

Ummm…how about NO…on Mr. Craig playing Kirk or Spock…that idea is just funny!!!!

OK call me crazy, but while I don’t think he’d be right as Spock, you’ve got me thinking Craig would make a fantastic Romulan! Unfortunately, Romulans are supposed to still be AWOL in the early years of Kirk’s career, but I can dream.

Check out Beauty and the Geek this week! One of the kids is wearing a Nemesis era Starfleet command uniform all through the show. Bravo!

You know, I’m not assuming for a second that he’ll play Kirk. I’m sure he will not, but since it was mentioned above … this would be an appropriate place to mention:

Batman Begins, having an English director casted MANY English actors, who used accents to be American, which is fine, but I must admit I would be upset if that happened for Kirk. Kirk is an AMERICAN ICON, and I would be irritiated if not incredibly dissapointed, if someone that ISN’T American played an American Icon. I don’t know or care about anyone’s political views here, so please don’t take that as prejudice. But is there anyone that agrees with that?

Batman Begins had english actors? Other than alfred and rhaz, who else? I probably couldn’t even tell if they got someone english for kirk

Bruce Wayne was played by an English guy.

Lt. Gordon was played by an English guy.

The Scarecrow was played by an English guy.

I want to say there was others, there may or may not be, but I’m sure about those listed about. I wasn’t dissapointed to find out they were English or anything, but like I said, I’d really like to be sure (since it was brought up in the Daniel Craig article) that Kirk is played by an American because Kirk is such an American icon.

#38, 40 Josh… correct me if I am wrong… but isn’t Shatner Canadian? born in Montreal?


Daniel Craig has about as much business being in a Star Trek film as he does a James Bo..woops.

#41 That’s correct…you’re wrong.

Just kidding! Good call — you got me there. Damn that Shatner, how dare you play an American icon when you’re a closet Canadian how dare you! He’s also a closet jew, had to wait until he got a firm spot on Boston Legal to start letting those little know facts out.

No, I’m completely kidding, I really don’t know what to say to that, and if you knew me you’d know that doesn’t happen often — probably because I’m rarely wrong, but that’s a rant for another day. I guess so far as my preference would go, any argument would be bunk but it’s still a preference none-the-less, I guess it’s really to say: get an actor who has the same chemistry and persona about him off-camera as he does on-camera that’s why I wouldn’t want Daniel Craig (hypothetically and for example) playing a very American character to see he’s nothing like that off camera.

#44 Josh…. convoluted, but I think I understood.

And the “rarely being wrong” thing… I suspect it goes with your given name.

45 Xai…

Craig is a fantastic actor. And a Trek fan to boot? No wonder I liked him as Bond.

Oh, #26, I almost threw up my dinner after seeing that picture.

And what’s this talk about Kirk being played by an AMERICAN actor. Like Josh said above, Shatner is French-Canadian. And of Jewish descent. Very whitebread indeed! Get out of the 20th Century, people!

ha ha ha, I did too.

I really like the one of him as spock though. I’m all for Craig as spock now =)

He really looks pretty darned good as Spock!

One unfortunate dose of reality here:

Craig will be filming Bond 22 while Star Trek XI is going into production. And as it stands, both Trek XI and Bond 22 will be competing in Winter 2008. And I will be seeing both movies, multiple times most likely.