‘Of Gods And Men’ Delayed Until April

‘Of Gods and Men’ is probably the most anticipated fan (or independent) Trek film ever made. Unfortunately those who have been waiting to download it will have a bit longer to wait. Originally the first part of the 3-part miniseries was to premiere in late December, however TrekMovie.com has learned that it has been pushed back to mid April. TrekMovie recently got a heads up on this from inside the OGaM team, apparently the issue isn’t actually Part 1 which is ready to go, but all the effects work needed in the other two parts (especially part 3). The team want to have all 3 parts released closer together, hence the delay. Parts 2 and 3 will be released in May and June respectively.

This film is considered the closest thing that the fan film world has got to ‘the real thing’ due to the number of Trek veterans both behind and in front of the camera (like director Tim Russ and actors Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and Alan Ruck). It is even possible that this film could break the ‘fan film barrier’ and become officially licensed by CBS Paramount. TrekMovie.com will have more on OGaM as it gets closer to release. Expect an announcement of the delay and some more details at the OGaM official site soon.


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I’d rather that they release the whole thing at once instead of trickling out bits and pieces every six to nine months. Take your time, guys…. we’ll be here when you’re ready. :)

I was beginning to wonder what had happened. Thanks for the update.

“It is even possible that this film could break the ‘fan film barrier’ and become officially licensed by CBS Paramount. ”

This is the first I’ve heard of this. Is there any real likelihood of OGaM becoming licensed ?

I’m of two minds about the whole licensing deal: while it’d be great to see something of that quality (wholly produced independent of any motion picture corp, and on practically zero budget) actually get sanctioned by Paramount as franchise canon, it also wouldn’t surprise me to see some studio parasites slap a copyright on it on the eve of it’s release, then try to bugger us @ $4.99 per download to see it. All of the efforts, donations, free support, and sweat equity of the principals could end up in litgation for so long, the damned thing may never see the light of day. If Paramount is wise and they don’t want to anger the gods of Capitalism when Abrams’ STXI is released, they would let it be put out as a (I despise this term in this particular situation) ‘fan’ film for several months, THEN license it. They could let their TOS Remastered team have a crack at it to clean up any rough edges and tweak the FX, then burn it as a diect-to-DVD picture and sell it through the official Trek webstore. Put it in a decent box and fill the bonus DVD with all the little cheapazoid extras, commentaries, and Easter eggs that studios like throwing in to push product out the door. They’d still turn a profit at $12.99 a pop. There’s always the possibility of royalties and other compensation to the original crew that may rear it’s head, but that’s a discussion for another day. I have a ceiling fan to go fix.

These guys gotta get paid. If CBS/Paramount wants to step up and give these guys a seal of approval, that would be extraordinary.

Paramount doesn’t have to “slap a copyright” on this fan film or any other. They ALREADY own the rights to these characters and anything STAR TREK. I’m happy they allow fan films to exist at all, because they don’t have to.

I say this not as a Paramount/CBS apologist, but as a published author who has been pirated and understands the importance of copyright. If these TREK fan film producers/writers/director/actors, etc. ever “graduate” to creating their own characters and situations, that’s when they would own that material every bit as much as Paramount/CBS owns TREK.

In the meantime, these fan films could fill a great void by encouraging and developing the “next generation” (sorry) of filmmakers who could end up being involved in official TREK projects for TV and film and help revitalize them.

Could anyone give me a reason why this film looks good to them? I understand all the production values are great, but the acting and the general plot that has been exposed looks really awful. All this Exeters and New Voyages, they get praise and they look good, but I don’t understand the appeal of something thats acted out by a highschool drama camp and writen by a 12 year old (at least it comes off that way).

I just hope that the final release is better than that awful trailer they’ve got. I just wish they would zoom out, I get dizzy seeing so many extreme closeups of their faces. And the trailer says nothing about the plot. It’s just a bunch of passionate dialogue that doesn’t make any sense.

I just get frustrated watching that trailer.

I appreciate all these fan-made projects, but I sort of have to agree that this new one doesn’t look so great. It’s fun to watch these things, but (especially with new voyages), these basically just become poorly written stories that wink at hardcore fans and nobody else. Basically things like “Hey, look, there’s a Bird of Prey in TOS times,” or “Hey, look, the series Enterprise is meeting up with the movie Enterprise. Rad!” Well, it wasn’t the special effects that made the original series great, and without decent writing, these fan made projects aren’t going to be great.

And this new one seems like it’s one big alternate reality trip, anyway, so I don’t really have any interest in it. It’s great these people can get these things made, especially with some of the authentic actors, but the scripts really need to go through a couple of more drafts. It always seems like such a waste.

Although, to be honest, I do kind of like Exeter. I hate to sound so negative. I know a lot of work goes into these, and it’s true fans who make them. But it’s basically expensive fan fiction.

Couln’t agree more with what DerbyDave said.

To #8, I think Exeter is the closest of the Fan films to the spirit of what you’re talking about. They have their own ship and their own plots. The current unfinished episode excited me because it was something new. They were trying to do a real story, not a vehicle to bring back an original cast member. And it felt more fresh as a result.

But really, I agree with you. Most ST fan films are basically just fan service by and large. They add very little of anything new to the concept of Star Trek. Heck, New Voyages, as good as it is, is pretty unoriginal. Instead of heading their own direction and expanding the universe, they’ve done time travel gimics for their first two episodes and their upcoming one, and a rather weak aging story… mostly to bring back the original series actors in some shoehorned role. The closest they’ve gotten to really doing their own stories is the 10 minute short they did.

I do wish that more fans groups who make these films would have more courage to blaze their own trails and write original, thought provoking stories. To date, note that I have seen really have.

Sure I’ll love to see OGaM when it’s released, but my impression has been much the same as the others… that it has a goofy plot that will mostly only appeal to hard core fans… (of which I am one, something freely admit).

I’m not a fan of Exeter. How long has it been since they released anything? Last I checked, they had 2 parts of episode 2, and that status hasn’t changed in months. You don’t release an episode in pieces if the thing is going to take over a year to finish. I’d rather wait the year and get it all in one shot. Like what New Voyages did.

That said, I did like the first episode of Exeter when I watched it a couple years ago.

Of Gods and Men is doing the right thing. Don’t release part 1, and then make us wait 3 months for parts 2 and 3. Good for them.

As for the films themselves, they get a slack that professional movies will not get because they are indeed fan films. It’s about the effort as much as anything with me. New Voyages keeps getting better, but their first episode, had it been made by Paramount, was godawful. But it had more heart and soul than anything Rick Berman ever made. Even with lesser acting, these people GET IT.

And I think a lot of fan films get it. As a fan who was beyond fed up with Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, and their 500 hours of crap, to see Star Trek made by people that understand Star Trek is an absolute treat.

And to see real Trek actors involved is just plain cool.

I agree with the above remarks. I also think Paramount would be nuts to licence any fan project. One one gets a licence, they will be literally flooded with fan films seeking licencing, most of which will be hideous.

As for professional, straight-to-DVD, official productions . . . yes please!!!

It’s better to get it right than to get it out on time. ;)

I’ll look past the less-than-convincing acting in a fan made Trek project as long as I can see the heart and soul of the people working on it on the screen. That’s why I love New Voyages, Starship Exeter, et al. Yeah, the writing may be tepid, the acting stiff, and the wait between episodes (or parts of episodes) frustrating, but those guys are putting everything they have into those films, and it shows. For me, the passion for their craft outweighs the fact that they aren’t professional film-makers. They’re doing what they can with what they have, and with far fewer dollars than even TOS had.

Yeah, it would be great to see someone really strike out in a new direction on a Trek fan film, and maybe someday soon we will, but for now I’m content to watch what they do and say “yeah, that’s Star Trek.”

Besides that, I’m envious of them for the level of their commitment. Some of the people who chide those guys should try and do what they’ve done. I bet they’d sing a different song afterward.

As for “Of Gods and Men,” I’ll wait and see. Right now, I’m feeling like this isn’t an independent film so much as people from past incarnations of Trek trying to re-live past glories. I hope that isn’t the case, because if it is, the project could do more damage than good to the fan film “industry.”
Like I said, I’ll wait and see.

I was very deeply disappointed by “To Serve All My Days,” and have thus scaled back my expectations for OGAM significantly. The trailer doesn’t raise my hopes at all, but, eh, it could happen.

More relvantly, this delay is definitely a good move. Exeter’s incredibly long inter-part pauses have very nearly done that show in, and it is, from what I’ve seen, head-and-shoulders above every other fan production (including NV). A month between episodes is a reasonable time period; let’s hope they can stick to it.

I agree it’s the best move to delay part 1 if they want to get 2 and 3 coming out close behind it – after the fan reaction to Exeter’s delays no fan film is game to commit themselves to a release date now!

As for those who get their jollies knocking fan films the answer is simple: Don’t download them and watch them. If you’re going to watch them with expectations of box-office professionalism you’d be doing us all a favour since then we won’t have to put up with the whinging.

… of course I take my own advise and take great delight in hitting the delete button when i strike posts like that.

Licensing? That’s going to be interesting to see how they work it. Don’t fret that every kid with a camcorder is going to approach Par for a license – stop me if I’m wrong, but don’t you have to buy them up front with cold cash and then work your ass off to recoup your money? You’re more likely to see big name producers who are making direct to DVD movies right now, pay for the license to play with the Star Trek franchise as they have always wanted.

Or could we see a cooperative venture like a buck-a-download with 95c going to Par?

Or a theatrical license similar to Mike Carano’s 2004 “Spocks Brain” at the Improv?

And that’s without even scratching the surface of merchandising, the Schwartz! There are always options! Thanks for the info, Anthony.

Kirok of L’Stok

Who cares I need info on act Three of The Tressurian Intersection!!!!!!! I demand someone give me an update!!!!……Please??? Seriously Exeter Episode II The Tressurian Intersection features damn near Trek Remastered Effects (the current good effects not the earlier poopey ones) Interesting and all original characters, so far a fun story and a really cool crashed Starship Kongo strewn about an alien landscape. Awesome stuff I have sent them donations in the past and would be happy to pay more if they could do Exeter as their real life jobs, producing episodes on a regular basis. Exeter is faaaaaaaaaaaar better than any of the other fan films without the benefit of B list hollywood celebs or former Trek writers or staff. They do this all on there own with the help of one of this sites very own contributers Dennis Bailey (effects). Exeter rocks and has obviously been blessed by the holiest of holeys Shatner

I really don’t see why Paramount can’t license fan films as they license every other possible media format for same – books, comics, toys, music, video games etc. Internet distribution or direct to DVD released material is the only one left. What would help them in their own productions is a good round of old fashioned competition. Perhaps the suits feel it would dilute potential market for their product. Well I think they’ve diluted it enough themselves. It’s going to take some really radical actions though for a megacorp like Viacom/CBS/Paramount to see fit to change with the times.

Speaking of direct to DVD releases – I had originally thought that TOSR should be done that way but after what I’ve seen these last few months has changed my opinion on that. This has served as much as anything as a shakedown cruise for CBS Digital. Imagine had they release Balance of Terror quality SFX on all the episodes at once on DVD. All the crying in the world would have not changed them and they would be stuck as is. Here we have the unprecedented chance and promise to redo the earlier (pre TTWT) efforts. I really hate watching the episodes with the missing 10 minutes but if it means getting the remastering right…

Yes – the vocal mix on the 2nd season theme is wrong and annoying. The instruments are recorded beautifully and the overall arrangement is great and true to the original but the soprano vocal is mixed too much in the forefront. It needs to be mixed down to blend in like another instrument in the orchestra and not a vocal solo.

#17: Who cares I need info on act Three of The Tressurian Intersection!!!!!!! I demand someone give me an update!!!!……Please???

I’m loathe after all of this time to make predictions about release dates, because I’ve been wrong before. Based on what I know about where we are, my answer would likely be, along with John BigBoote and the rest of the Lectroids: “Real soon!”

Soon as in a matter of weeks.

Let me explain where we are, to the best of my understanding, on prepping the act – you can come to your own conclusions about the likelihood of seeing it sooner or later, based on that, rather than my announcing another hypothetical date.

For my part, I have to render four additional effects shots and a few elements. Another effects person has to deliver two shots that are now pretty close. Then the whole thing needs to have the final sound mixing done. Then it goes up on the Internet.

The major issue that delayed the act for months and months is completely behind us.

So, there you are. Yes, I’ve been told a likely release date (see third paragraph) but it’s not set in stone. As I know more, I’ll try to keep you up-to-date.

Sorry I can’t be more specific.

So far… so good. I am happy with what I have seen so far. I hate to hear so many people complain and gripe about this project or other fan-films based on Star Trek. The fanbase for Star Trek needs to come together not fight amoung themselves. We, the fans, are doing just as much damage to the future of the franchise, IMHO, as Rick Berman and Co. did. We have no right to complain. The people making this film/mini-series are doing this for frree… FOR FREE!!!

I am so deeply sadden when I see so much pointless bickering and fighting within the fanbase of this long enduring franchise. No franchise has inspired the world as much as Star Trek has. It’s the vision of Gene Roddenberry and I feel that we should honor anyone who has the courage to try and keep that vision of a better future alive. Paramount isn’t doing anything with the franchise right now other the newly remastered Star Trek: TOS. The fact that I have had to read over and over how disappointed or unhappy fans are with the current state of the franchise is truly starting to become heartbreaking. I have nothing but praise for the efforts that these fans are doing with this fan-film and others. They are spending money out of their own pockets to make these projects.

None of them are getting financial backing from Paramount/CBS/Viacom. … no! This is something they wanted to do and no one has any right to criticize them for doing the best they can with what they have. I am proud speak up for New Voyages, Hidden Frontier, Exter and all the other fan film projects and series that have been done over the years and for those that will be done in the future. This is a truly amazing moment in the history of this long running franchise. Let us not forget that and let us not forget what many people professional or unprofessional have done. This franchise has always been unique and inspiring.

The future that Star Trek has always gave us hope for begins now and it is up to all of us to create this future. Sure the world is going to hell in a hand basket at the moment but think about what Star Trek has shown us. The future… OUR FUTURE is not made by just those with power but by everyone working together. Otherwise, no one will have a future. I know I have gotten way off track with this rant but hey I understand the importance of this franchise. Paramount may only think of it as cash cow but the fans understand and respect it for what it truly is…. THE POTENTIAL OF HUMANITY AS WHOLE TO REACH FOR THE STARS AND OUR DREAMS WITH ENDLESS HOPE IN OUR HEARTS. We owe Gene Roddenberry and Gene Coon as well as all those visionary people who put their hearts and soul into creating something that will always remind us who we are and what we can become if we truly wish to.

I would really love tosee them a couple of 1 hour “episodes” of Capt Harriman and the crew of the Enterprise B. It would be great to see his character, along with a whole new crew created for the ship. As much as I like seeing so may of the TOS characters guest satr, a web show focusing on Harriman and his crew would be nice.

I for one have been very impressed by the trailer. Looks to me like it will be a time travel/parallel universe combo, based on the uniforms and looks of the ships. They should be smart about this (espcially after making us wait SO LONG!!!!) — and release all 3 epiosodes at one. Any one out there have any idea what the actual plot will be??????????


I truly hope it can and will get finished. It looks great and the story has really drawn me in this time. Without being too nosey, what major issue caused problems? Nothing to do with “legal issues”, I hope. I truly applaud the work on this episode so far and can’t wait to see the rest. This is coming from a person who thinks fan fiction and MOST fan made projects are a usless waste of time. NOT in this case. Best of luck to you and all involved on it.


No legal issues.

I don’t like to discuss specific issues or challenges before folks see part of the show – I don’t want to either prejudice or direct peoples attention toward things that, if properly addressed before release, should not be noticed. In this case, I think the problem has been. ;)

and hear I thought that the fans couldn’t support a franchise. :lol:

Not on a level that will make it worthwhile for Paramount to produce tv shows and movies, no.

We differ.

Go ahead, but it would be nice if you had *some significant evidence* of the massive demand among fans that will produce the hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue that the studio is looking for.

We sitting here discussing low-budget productions that are being distributed to people for free and for which the demonstrated demand is limited.

You’ll never see George Lucas licensing a Star Wars fan movie.Brand equity my boys,brand equity

Quite frankly, after all the debate a few weeks ago on this subject, I finally realized it’s not all that important what you or I think about it. If Paramount targets a wide audience then that’s the way it will be. In the long run the box office will tell, and unless you stand in every line at every theater and ask every patron, “Are you a staunch fan, a mediocre fan, a casual fan or have you ever watched Star Trek?”, you will never know for sure, unless your psychic. :lol: Honestly, unless Abrams has a dynomite script and produces a top notch flick, the whole concept will flop anyway. And if the movie flops more than likely, as Berman stated with Nemesis, the studio will blame the fans anyway. :lol: Over the past several years the producers get the credit when it goes well, we always get the blame if it flops.

I think they should have got the star wreck crew to help them with the graphics